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Crystallyns, Tellyns and other Preternaturals

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Generally, Alterians don't believe in 'magic.' Any metaphysical gifts (outside of runic knowledge, alchemy or spell shards) are considered blessings of the Crystals and warrant, at the very least the term Crystallyn—even if used incorrectly.

Crystallyn; A term commonly used to denote an individual who has undergone some measure of crystalline infusion. In most cases, the infusion is as inconsequential as an injection with synthetic liquid crystal. In the case of higher level RioT members and Ocelot Royce it indicates a full submersion in liquid Crystal. The biggest drawback to crystalline infusion is the occasionally debilitating mental strain forced upon the subject. Many RioT recruits burn out and go mad and it's not unheard of for veteran soldiers to snap seemingly without cause.

Ocelot is a rarity amongst all crystallyn in that he communed with the Crystal and physically merged with it before emerging unscathed. All crystallyn can boast advanced physical prowess and many prove to be adept alter/alteria users (alchemists), as well.

This term is often used as a blanket term for anyone blessed with preternatural capabilities.

Tellyn; a person who has eaten a Tellus Seed and gained its powers is known as a Crystallyn, or more specifically a Tellyn. Tellyns are less common than Crystallyn's and generally possess only the metaphysical capabilities yielded by the Tellus Seed.

Althane; a half-breed (hybrid) of a Crystallyn and a Fallen (the Alterion name for the Archons and Seraphim of Tellus Mater.) Althane are exceedingly rare in the modern age, most make their home in Xaengr-La (the spirit realm) and rarely bother with the tribulations of the material world. Still some do find their way out and are sighted every millennia. 


Blessed; A Blessed is an individual born with metaphysical powers. They have undergone no treatment or infusion with Crystal energy, they were merely born with the inmate skill to do what they do. Generally, a Blessed who does not devote his life in service of the Crystal is despised and considered ungrateful. More often than not angry citizens will attempt to kidnap the individual and sell them into service of the Masons.

Capabilities vary for each individual classified within each term, with only one constant; all beings possessing some measure of Crystal energy (please note this may not apply to all Blessed) feel a great measure of discomfort when confronted with Skar energy. Interaction with Skar waves without some means of protection (a physical barrier of some sort) will often result in severe headaches, dizziness, nausea and (with enough exposure) complete and total paralysis until removed from the energy.)

It isn't until one is completely immersed in Skar energy for several seconds that they become immobilized,

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