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Poor Sons

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[Poor Sons]NPC *

*NOTE Poor Sons may be NPCd without direct permission from Alterion staff. If you're interested in joining the Poor Sons, you're free to do so. Permission is not required to join, or to manipulate NPCs.


Active: Appearance of Riva the Masonress – Present (1015 AR)

Headquarters: The Cathedral; Cosanastre

Chapter Houses: Izral; Arkadia Prime; MaGNUS; various other outlying villages.

Colors: Dark Blue and Black

Commander: The High Mason, High Fist Gaelric Betts

Uniform: Military Fatigues, beneath body armor

[The Poor Sons] NPC ✓

While the Masons are a collection of Priests and Clergyman they do possess a militant order to defend their faith and police the cities and their followers. The Mason's militaristic order is known as the Poor Sons.

Militant orders of religion have existed numerous times in history: the Poor Sons are a knightly order comprised of the noble classes and the the common folk. Tracing their roots back to Cosanastre's founding The Poor Sons were nobles, merchants and farmers who gave up their lands and gold and swore their swords to the High Mason. The tradition continues today with those nobles having more than one child swearing that child (or their inheritance) to the Masons. They bear mallet and chisel shaped crystals in the center of a necklace marking their position. The less favored Poor Sons wander the streets of the city, policing and protecting the civilians, while the favored guard the Cathedral, Mason High Command and the nobility.


Typical Poor Son regalia consists of a dark blue uniform, black combat boots and black gloves. Veteran Poor Sons may forego the uniform in favor of a plain clothes look, in order to make detective work a bit easier. All members bear a crystal upon their person carved into the shape of a mallet and chisel, laying across one another.


Hands down the most plentiful of peace keeping units in all of Alterion, the Poor Sons handle general police work and also serve as the High Mason's bodyguards and personal army. Due to this they are not very restrictive about who joins their ranks. Most people see the Poor Sons as an escape from poverty or starvation, while others resign themselves to their fate--refusing to be the High Mason's personal lap dogs (see: Justicar). Still, there is something to be said about serving one's country and the Poor Sons are without a doubt the most loved, by the general populace. Trained in a varitey of combat forms and general detective work, the Poor Sons shouldn't be taken lightly. While they're recruits tend to be pushovers, their veteran members have survived as long as they have for a reason.


The Justicar have a sacred duty to protect the believers of the faith and must be prepared to do battle with the demons and unnaturals of the realm, as well as to handle heretics and apostates. Though, most often Poor Sons report such activity to the Justicar, it is within their authority to act on it.

As the general keepers of the peace, Poor Sons are motivated to protect the people and see wrongdoers brought to justice. Their duties range from general interaction with the various sector militia, to standard police work and defense of the city.

Though every batch of recruits have a few good and bad eggs, the bill of the Poir Sons are just men and women trying to do their job.


As the first line of defense for the Masonic military, Poor Sons are privy to the alchemical resources and Alteria, including access to research materials as well as government laboratories.


In order to be selected as a Poor Son, candidates must undergo a brief examination process involving a meeting with a priest of the Masons. The priest determines if the candidate is of sound mind and spirit.

Upon acceptance the recruit is run through a standard training program to assess physical capabilities, before being issued his equipment in almost every way the Poor Soms are given just enough training to be dangerous, with the final steps of their training falling to experience in the field at the hands of more seasoned soldiers.

Successful recruits are given their crystals upon completion of their first day in the field and the automatic rank of private in the military—unless deemed otherwise by their interviewing priest of superior officers.


Each and every person is put through a basic self-defense and combative course and taught to use the a standard sidearm and assault rifle. Alongside standard disarming tactics, those with an aptitude for it are introduced to blade work and other martial weaponry.

They are given a vast array of technical knowledge and training on how to operate various battle machinery (ie. Battle droids, exoskeletons, ride armor, airships). Every poor son is also afforded classes in critical thinking, psychology and detective work.


A Poor Son's equipment varies from person to person, but they are given access to standard military grade weaponry, vehicles, spell crystals/Alterna/Alteria and power armor.


High Mason | Ocelot Royce

High Fist | Gaelric Betts

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