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The Cosanastre Region

  • The largest Region in Alterion and home to the Capital City, Cosanastre. This realm is something akin to Cyberpunk Fantasy. There's very high level tech present throughout the region, but it's tech blended with old world architecture. It's not as sci-fi as Arkadia Prime and not as Fantastical as Izral. 


I will be updating this page with information that you, the players, have created as well. However, given that I am prone to being called away at odd times, I would ask that if you've created something that belongs in the canon please PM me. If I haven't put it up, it's a good chance I've overlooked it...and we don't want that! We want your information, we want your brains--ideas.

"A nation comprising the lands around the city of Cosanastre, governing a portion of the landmass known as Tellus Mater. While its territories are small, its situation enables it to prosper as a center for trade. More than 700 years are marked in the charts of history since her founding, yet many are the armies that have sought to claim her cultural richness and strategic importance."
Nation of Alterion

"Bloodline begun by the second son of House Devla to take up the mantle of rule after High Mason Thorin's passing. The reign of Thorin's direct descendants, House Crystally, drew to a close after 400 years, marking the end of the Crystallyn Alliance, and the beginning of rule by House Devla. Devlan reign continues for nearly seven centuries…"
House Devla | Former High Mason's house--the Devla Line is officially snuffed out. 

Cosanastre, The Holy Realm

The following information refers to the Cosanastre Region. For information on the Capitol City of Alterion please see: Cosanastre Proper, listed below. 

The Cosanastre Region is named after the Regional Capitol it surrounds. 

.Though it it is not the most advanced Region in Alterion, Cosanastre revolutionized the use and application of Crystal energy. Reactors are housed in every Province to ensure clean and efficient energy is pumped throughout the city, at all times. Cosanastre is also responsible for building and maintaining the Reactors that power the other Regions, as well.

Cosanastre is divided into 8 Provinces (listed below). Each Province is large enough to be a mega-city, or small kingdom, in itself and is ruled by a Regent. Each Regent oversees their territory as they see fit, provided they pay taxes and tribute to the High Mason.

One of Cosanastre's Provinces




The Cosanastre Region represents over one-third of Alterion. Although the region is relatively coastal, Cosanastre has a wide geographic spectrum. Its eastern Provinces brush up with the Devla Desert, Northern Provinces lie within mountainous terrain, the dense MaGNUS Forest encroaches to the west and the balmy seas churn to the South. Amidst Cosanastre's heart swamplands and meadows are interspersed between the various hamlets and laketowns that fall within and without the purview of the surrounding Provinces.  


See: For an explanation of Alterion's Climate.

Cosanastre, in relation to its sister Regions, has the most mild climate, by far. Snow is known to fall on its mountaintops, but it is largely a sunny and warm Region with the odd bit of humidity for its more rural swampland territories and an arid heat for those bordering on the desert. Of all the Regions in Alterion (perhaps Valucre) Cosanastre is regarded as the most pleasant to visit, thanks in large part to its beaches and seaside resorts/attractions. Tropical paradise would not be a remiss title for the southern lands, but overall Cosanastre is a place of warmth. 


Cosanastre is home to a wide variety of peoples and is a hot bed of diversity, second  only to Izral. Cosanastre is the Capitol of Alterion and as such the region plays host to the most politically powerful and wealthy denizens. Like any Capital, citizens of all sorts gather, including the less fortunate, all seeking the blessing of the Crystal's light. Tourism and Pilgrimages are common throughout the Cosanastre region. 

Common terms used to refer to people are as follows:

Lessers| Sometimes confused with Travelers, they are the beaten, the downtrodden, the small-folk of Cosanastre. Now-a-days most Lessers live in Lessertown, however, many years ago when the economy was better many of these people lived alongside the merchants and citizens in the sun. Despite being forced to live in the lower city, they handle the work that the average citizen will not (cleaning the sewers, digging ditches) and occasionally handle tasks in the Riversands and Devlasands that even the Nobles are afraid to handle. Typically lessers are darker, due to their time spent in the sun laboring, but with Cosanastre's economy suffering more and more people are beginning to populate Lessertown.

Nobles|The Uppercrust, the proverbial boots waiting to be licked, the Nobles live and breathe High Society life. Despite the economic hardships, many Nobles continue to spend lavish amounts in order to prove that they do not suffer as the common man does. Many Nobles are outright hated by Lessers and vice-versa. Unlike the Merchants, the Nobles wealth come from past military conquests and fees that they levy upon the common folk for using their land. It is rumored that some Nobles own their own Gold Mines. Fair of skin and stiff of neck, the Nobles while pompous are typically the most intelligent and best trained in the Region, due to having access to private tutors and trainers. The Nobles are products of the Corporations and while many believe themselves above the organizations their ancestors had a hand in founding--none can truly escape it's collective grasp.

Merchants| One of the most diverse groups in Cosanastre the merchants vary pending on their skills or the luck that has befallen them. Some rub elbows with the Corporate flock others barely make a living among the Lessers. Their diversity makes it difficult to afford them a concrete description as their views vary pending the class they associate with.

Travelers| Gypsies, Tramps, Thieves, only a step above the Lessers because they move around so much. Travelers tend to keep to themselves and have their own unique culture and code that varies from clan-to-clan and from tribe-to-tribe.  

The Cosanastre Region is primarily made up of Humans, but other races have settled in various provinces and have been known to rise to power. The current census stands at: Human 70%, Elven (various subtypes) 10%, Dwarven 10%, Orcish (various subtypes) 2%, Other 8%.

Major Companies & Institutions
Daius Industries

A weapons manufacturing and technology company. Often referred to as The Daius, Daius Industries, or the Daius Syndicate is the current ruling Corporation in Alterion. Their shadow reaches across all of Alterion and in some cases across all of Valucre. The High Mason, Ocelot Royce, is also the leader of the Daius Syndicate and as such the one name is synonymous with the other. 

Proteus Enterprises 

A motorvehicle and airship design and manufacturing company. Proteus Enterperises, aka Proteus Company, is the primary producer, designer and manufacturer of all heavy artillery, mobile suits, motor vehicles, air craft and water craft in Alterion. Since the rise of Ocelot Royce, Proteus Enterprises is now a subsidiary of Daius Industries. 


A pharmaceuticals corporation, MaGNUS Corp was to the Alterion of yesteryear what Daius Industries is to Alterion today. While the four companies always maintained some semblance of balance, MaGNUS Corp was frequently the company. Several years ago a young Daius Operative dismantled MaGNUS Corp and seized power for himself, that man was Ocelot Royce. MaGNUS is now defunct, but the aftermath of their presence is still felt all throughout Alterion. 

Aureus Labs

A chemical company, Aureus Labs is home to most of Alterion's alchemic breakthroughs.  Since the rise of Ocelot Royce, Proteus Enterprises is now a subsidiary of Daius Industries. 

The dominant religion of Alterion is Masonism. It is a monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Riva the Masonress as presented in canonical gospels and other writings. Adherents of the Masonic faith are known as Masons. It is widely believed amongst the Masons that Riva, a female mason attributed with building the first Cathedral of Cosanastre, Alterion's capital city, was the daughter of the one true God, the Crystal and was birthed purely by its will. Riva claimed on many occasions to know the true name of the Crystal and was reportedly able to perform miracles with the power gained by this knowledge. On the eve of her 35th nameday Riva claimed that she would make the name known to her most trustworthy followers, unfortunately Riva was slain before ever bestowing the Name and power to anyone. Although her body was never recovered her tools remain with the High Mason of the Cathedral.

Roughly 98% of Cosanastre's inhabitants are part of the Masonic faith.

Active: Appearance of Riva the Masonress – Present (need to confirm current TM date with Dre)
Role: Faith Based Organization
Size: An official number of Masons is unknown. 
Headquarters: The Cathedral
Colors: Dark Blue and Black
Commander: The High Mason [Masons], High Fist (Available) [Poor Sons], High Justicar (Available) [Justicars]
Uniform: Military Fatigues, beneath body armor. The armor often donned by Poor Sons varies based on rank and fiscal status. See Poor Sons Lore for more info. 

Landmarks & Monuments

Each of Alterion's provinces have their own key land marks that are worth visiting and typically play host to some particularly powerful artifacts. 
The only true Region Wide Landmark is: 

Lesser town
Below the Cosanastre Region lies a hidden city, Lessertown. With the constant power struggle between the corporations and shifting of influences many people found themselves forced to move below the street-level over the ages. Initially a means of storage and secret transport for merchants and nobleman, Lessertown is now booming with activity, perhaps more so than Cosanastre proper. Lessertown possesses an intricate series of tunnels that run all through Cosanastre and into almost any city in Alterion. Rumor suggests that Lessertown was once a type of Underdark for the aboriginal Alterians, but this has never been confirmed. Many archaeologists have attempted to delve into Lessertown's origins but few return with concrete information, if they return at all. 

Government & National Security 

An in depth look at the Alterion military is available here. The most noteworthy for the Cosanastre Region are listed below. 


The Cosanastre Region and all of its provinces fall beneath the purview of the High Mason, Ocelot Royce and (arguably) his heir, Viktus Gallin. 

The Poor Sons & Justicar
While the Masons are a collection of Priests and Clergyman they do possess a militant order to defend their faith. The Mason's militaristic order is known as the Poor Sons.
Militant orders of religion have existed at times in history: the Poor Sons are a knightly order comprised of the noble classes and the the common folk. The Poor Sons give up their lands and gold and swear their swords to the High Mason.They bear mallet and chisel shaped crystals in the center of a necklace marking their position. The less favored Poor Sons carry ornate axes and wander the streets of the city, policing and protecting the civilians.

Within the The Poor Sons are a group of soldiers known as the Justicars. While Poor Sons serve as the Church's Muscle, the Justicars are their bloodhounds. A specialized unit within the Poor Sons, the Justicars are employed as a means of controlling the general populace through fear. Given the authority to arrest any they deem a threat on suspicion of crimes against the Masons and the true God, the Justicars had a strong reputation during the reign of the Old High Mason. They are known to torture confessions out of those they question and are typically reviled as the most ruthless of men. They typically adorn the standard Poor Sons accouterments with one small caveat afforded to them: a pristine white cape, cloak or tabard bearing the order's logo.

Daius Syndicate

Founded by one of Riva's supporters, the Diaus Syndicate of Pirates and Assassins rose to prominence alongside the other factions. With the current High Mason having served as Daius Industries CEO and now serving as majority shareholder, the Daius Syndicate and the Masons' interests are one and the same. The Daius Syndicate's operatives are known as Radicals and perform a variety of black ops and espionage on behalf of the High Mason. Daius' elite super soldier program RioT serves as the Masons' heavy hitters with the highest ranked among them serving in Sanctum, the High Mason's personal guard. Daius subsidiaries, Proteus and Aureus are also available if necessary. 

Kuten Syndicate

A powerful family of shinobi and assassins, allied to the Daius and attributed with constructing much of its training regime. The Kuten are rarely involved in matters of state, but can be called in when the situation is dire enough. 

There are a few ways to get around the massive region: If walking all day isn't your cup of tea, automobiles are quite common in Cosanastre. Cosanastre automotives all build their vehicles utilizing a Crystal powered engine, insuring a connection to the Crystal in all things. The engine is powered by a crystalline liquid created by Daius Industries. Most vehicles are long, rounded with large black tires and suicide doors, but the occasional truck is produced, though most are squat and rather boxy.

  Reveal hidden contents


Rail Transportation is also a major means of commute. A Crystal rail runs around and through the city with a stop located on each Province. The locomotive is powered by an Alterna core feeding a Crystal engine.

Air transportation is common for the Uppers. Airships and Cloud cabs, will cart the wealthy from place to place for a hefty fee.


The Masons provide an education for every man woman and child at their various temples and chapter houses scattered throughout Alterion. The Uppers often hire tutors for their children and their are private academies and universities available for those who can afford them. 



The favored sport of Cosanastre is a variation of gladiatorial combat and pit fighting, where contestants battle there way into the depths of a pit, with each level offering new challenges and enemies.

A secondary fascination exists with an up and coming sport know as Karattas, a violent sport with a heavy oval shaped ball. The participants each start at opposing ends of a large circular field with the ball at its center. The primary goal is to first return the ball to your goal and then place it in the other team's goal, before finally returning it to the center.


Cosanastre (Proper)









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