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The Realm of the Crystal

  • "A nation comprising the lands around the Holy City of Cosanastre, governing a portion of the landmass known as Tellus Mater. While its territories are small, its situation enables it to prosper as a center for trade. More than 1000 years are marked in the charts of history since her founding, yet many are the armies that have sought to claim her cultural richness and strategic importance."

    Nation of Alterion




Please see Alterion Snap-Shot for a more condensed informational.

Expect Heavy Updates and formatting in the months to come.

Alterion is a nation in Tellus Mater, a continent in the southeast region of Valucre. At approximately 3.7 Million square miles, Alterion is roughly the size of China. It shares Elendaron's southern border via land bridge and is a short airship voyage to Renovatio. Unlike most nations in Valucre, Alterion does not have a single ruling body, but rather possess three city states that regulate, maintain, provide for and protect the populace. The only uniting factor shared by the souls that rule these cities, aside from greed, is their strict adherence to the Masonic Faith. From an outsider's perspective the nation of Alterion is a theocracy with the High Mason as it's ruler, but only the very foolish believe this to be true.

Despite all claims to the contrary, Alterion is an oligarchy. The High Mason has very little power and instead defers all matters of National Security to the Four Companies. Daius Industries, Proteus Enterprises, Aureus Labs and Magnus Corp all play a critical role in the nation and they all scheme to gain the strongest hold over the High Mason, rather that was the case before Magnus Corp fell apart. In a ruthless move to seize control, Daius Industries asserts it's will over the High Mason, threatening to end the struggle for power that has existed since the founding of the nation.

Founded as a theocracy under Riva, the Masonress, Alterion soon fell prey to the iron grip of the Four Merchant Companies, MaGNUS, Proteus, Daius and Aureus.

Note: The leader of Daius Industries, Ocelot Royce, has seized command of the Church and now sits as the High Mason. Through his restructuring policies he now rules Alterion as Prime Minister of Commerce, and has exerted full authority over the remaining city states. With Ocelot Royce now sitting as High Mason and the CEO of Daius Industries, Proteus Enterprises and Aureus Labs, Alterion is fully under the control of the current High Mason. 

Notice: The cities and locations listed below are major locations. Not represented on this list are a number/hundreds, if not thousands of smaller kingdoms, fiefdoms, outlying villages, smaller towns, meadows, etc which users are free to make up and exploit for their own dramatic purposes. The three Major cities are extremely well fortified and overpopulated. Your character or ragtag group of misfits won't be able to do much damage to a major city as a whole, at least not without a great amount of effort. Consider each Major city as Kingdoms of their own right, with all paying tribute to the High Mason.


Cosanastre Region

The Holy Cities

Arkadia Prime Region

The Cities of Tomorrow

Izral Region

The Free Cities


The Celestial Realm

Cosanastre (Proper)










































During the reign of MaGNUS Corp, the Alterian people learned how to manipulate the atmosphere via technologikal and Alchemical means. Alterion receives all four seasons, but is known to have very mild winters, being a land of spring storms and fall rains more than winter and cold. The people believe that the Crystal helps keep the weather in check and this has largely proven to be true. Most hurricanes and storms that build off the coast of Alterion rarely make landfall and those that do, leave few casualties in their wake.

Overall, Alterion can have it’s sweltering days in the summer, but is largely a pleasant and mild locale. It’s snow capped peaks are known for their cold bite, however, and its coasts are known to have creeping tides that can pull an unsuspecting soul out to sea, at times.


Alterion is slightly a mountainous region, with the Kageroth Mountains stretching across it’s center. It is largely a land of forests, plains and meadows, however. Surrounded by water on three sides, it’s coasts and beaches are some of the most romantic locations in all of the known world and also possess some of the most dangerous creatures in its depths.

Flora and Fauna

I intend to leave plant life at the player’s discretion. Having said the only lore I’ve toyed with of note regarding fauna and agriculture thus far is detailed below. Alterion is flush with various types of plants, many of which are used in alchemic concoctions and various other chemicals. As the player, feel free to create your own type of plants and creatures. Notify me of their creation and I’ll add them to the Lore page.

You can read more in the Alterion section of the Bestiary and Race Codex

Despite its vast urban city-scapes, Alterion is quite rich in agriculture. Though, Izral specializes in genetically modifying and distributing produce, Alterion as whole can provide for itself. Alterion's coastal regions, with their sandy, soft soil terrain are ideal for fruit and vegetable growth. Alterion is the largest producer of citrus in the known world and has cross bred a particular hybrid known as the Cosa Blood Orange—named so due to the Crimson color of the orange's pulp.

Alterion does have difficulty cultivating a lasting row crop, however, these crops usually see a boom in production thanks to genetic engineering.

Cities, Provinces, Territories

Alterion is a booming hub of technology, with it’s primary Regions all having access to advanced technology. For a more detailed look at the individual regions and their varying designs please visit the links provided above in the introduction.

Alterion has three massive regions and numerous disparate villages, towns, baronies and lordships around the nation. The three major  regions are population dense and, thanks to advanced technology and spell crystals vary in tone and design.

Outside of the major cities the Alterion wilderness is horrific, wild and unbroken. It is not uncommon for the merchant or fool hardy hunter to venture on their on beyond the protected regions and wind up dead.

Alterion is scattered with ‘unaffiliated cities.’  (disparate villages, towns, baronies and lordships that do not adhere to the Masonic Faith). These small towns and villages have limited to no technology and range from rural, feudal villages, to lower steam punk tech. They’re referred to as ‘unaffiliated’ since they have not sworn fealty to the Masons and, as such, are not always afforded protection from bandits, rebels and monsters.


· Alterion is flush with cultural stemming from a blend of multiple locales and time periods, one such as Victorian London/America and its reliance on corporations during its industrial revolution. As well as Chinese culture due to long periods of trade with the outside world, but its systematic reliance on a caste system and honor bound code of conduct. Alterion was designed to allow players to write whatever they desire without searching various subforums for a specific genre. The City-States allow a rich modern/steam punk/sci fi culture, along with its affiliated cities, while the unaffiliated cities and unconquered realms allow for any other genre ranging from fantasy to cyberrpunk, pending your desire.

A citizen living within one of the mega cities, or an affiliated city, is literate, adequately versed in alchemic theory to make use ofAlterion crystals and technology, is aware of common metaphysical phenomena (ghosts, rituals, telepathy, charms, hexes, etc), and is often capable of using Alchemy (“magic”) as a result of scholarly pursuit and understanding.

A native from one of the unaffiliated towns or unconquered regions is less likely to be literate and have empirical insight into Alchemy and metaphysical phenomena. Instead, their ability to use metaphysica is a result of hereditary traditions and cultural myths. Their understanding of alchemy is intuitive rather than logical, making them more susceptible to charlatans and superstitious fears. But, steeped in tradition and removing empirical observation as an obstacle, more young tend to be able to wield powerful, ancient abilities.

An Alterian from any part of the nation tends to be robust due to exposure to the Crystal’s energy and Masonic religious practices and have a strong fortitude and charisma about them.


The Primary spoken language of Alterion is Alterrin. It can be compared to Chinese and its multiple dialects. It has various dialects (well over 200), but the best known in order of use.

1) Indigenous; the standard dialect, very proper lots of honorifics. Used exclusively by the uppers with other uppers or with those they are showing a high regard for.

2) Lesser; bastardization of the first. very gruff, very urban. 

3) Muhiran dialect, a blend of 1 and the muhiran tongue. Most common amongst the merchant and lower classes.

4) Rosinderian dialect; a blend of 1 and the rosinderian tongue. Most common amongst the uppers and middle class.


Politics & Religion

Political Turmoil and Affiliation ; The Crystal ; Masonism: The Clergy ;  The RebellionAlterion Religion and Mythology

 Politics and religion in Alterion are largely one and the same, with the nations largest religious body, The Masons, also being the dominant political force in the realm. 

The dominant religion of Alterion is Masonism. It is a monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Riva the Masonress as presented in canonical gospels and other writings. Adherents of the Masonic faith are known as Masons.Masonism advocates acceptance of all beings, but not at the cost of its tenants, violence is not encouraged, but accepted as a means of furthering the faith and promoting safety.

Masons are accepting of every faith, creed, ideology and race believing all stem from the Crystal. This also includes Unnaturals and Outsiders provided their existence promotes the greater good. If determined otherwise, Masons eradicate Unnaturals, Outsiders and Xenos with unparalleled righteous fury. The Masons have been warring with a faction of fanatics known as The Rebellion since the founding of the church. 

Alterians believe in an afterlife and in the existence of alternate planes of existence. The Alterion refer to the realm of their Archon's as Valholl  (the hall of heroes). It is considered to be similar to Renovatio's realm of Qua'Xar. Alterion's also recognize the existence of Inferno and utilizes their own version of Heaven's Gate called Xaengri-La for entering and travel between the realms. The celestial plane that encompasses all these realms is referred to as Xaengri-La, as well.


Alterion is unique in that it can fit a multitude of definitions. To the outside world, it’s a Theocracy with the Masons ruling over the people by divine right of the Crystal. Those within the nation itself, Alterion very much appears an Oligarchy, with a select few (Regents, CEOs, Crime Bosses) working together to rule over the populace. To those who fill these shoes, Alterion is known as an Autocracy with the High Mason, Ocelot Royce having absolute authority over the nation, as a whole.

Alterion is composed of three Regions, each the size of a small nation in their own right. All three Regions now operate at the pleasure of the Masons, but have been broken up into different Province's with each Province being ruled by a Regent. As the largest region, Cosanastre is split into the most Province, and is Alterion's capitol city. Each Province's Regent is granted authority over their Province(city/kingdom) and granted the right to rule as they see fit, provided they follow two basic tenants. First, they must continuously pay taxes to the Mason's, for protection both physical and spiritual and second, they must swear fealty to the High Mason. 

Though Ocelot rarely calls upon his Regents, he expects loyalty from all of his citizens. 


The Masons provide an education for every man woman and child at their various temples and chapter houses scattered throughout Alterion. The Uppers often hire tutors for their children and their are private academies and universities available for those who can afford them. There is public education, as funded by the Masons for all children in Alterion, regardless of age or station (though children of the Uppers/the Nobility often receive private schooling to prevent them from mixing with undesirables.) The Masonic Clergy also provide schooling to any who seek knowledge, but reserve the secrets of their Alchemy for those who have earned the privilege.



National Flag

Law and Order

 The Poors SonsThe Justicar

The Masons are the ruling political body of Alterion. They are represented in the Alterion Justice system by two separate, yet equally important groups: The Poor Sons who attempt to stop and apprehend criminals and the Justicar who wage righteous justice on those who have offended the state. Certain members of the Masonic Clergy may pass judgement as well, but the Justicar corps often serve as judge, jury and executioner. It is not uncommon, however, to see a Justicar apprehend criminals.

It’s worth nothing the Masons maintain national oversight, but individual Regents reserve the right to rule their Province/Kingdom as they see fit. The Poor Sons and The Justicar still have authority, but will (almost always) defer to the Regent’s government in matters of the Provincial Courts. 

So essentially, you have the Masonic Courts and the Provincial Courts. 

The same applies for Provincial defense. It’s safe to assume there will always be Poor Sons and Justicar stationed somewhere in all the Province’s but, again, they will (almost always) defer to whoever the Regent places in charge of their Province’s security. 


Foreign relations

Alterion is far from an isolationist nation, but it primarily deals in exports, feeling it can provide for its people. Certain imports are permitted, provided they come through Masonic sanctioned vendors, but overall Alterion prefers to operate as an intermediary, moving what would be their imports to a third party before it touches Alterion soil. It's a poorly kept secret that the Masons and Daius Industries are large supporters of piracy/privateers , particularly Sky Pirates, and pay decent and fair wages to those who provide consistent service. 

Alterion has signed no official treaty's with any foreign body's but remain on good terms with most nations. 


| Terrenus

Alterion holds Terrenus in what regard it's due for its 'World Superpower' status. That being said, Alterion is not overly fond of Terrenus' lax view of invaders in its own territory, nor is it particularly fond of its high non-hume population. Alterion maintains a small amount of trade, for appearance sake, but prefers to remain out of Terrenite affairs. 

| Genesaris 

Alterion does not deal with Genesaris, as a whole. Aside from the vast diverse races and religions, Alterion prefers to deal with some of Genesaris' smaller nations. Alterion's dislike of Genesaris stems more from Xenophobia than anything else. 

| Cold South / Kadia

Alterion is on good terms with the Cold South and considers the nation its closest trading partner aside from Renovatio. In addition to shared values, the two nations are known to fulfill various work contracts for mutual benefit. 

| Rising West --Aelindra City 

Much like the Cold South, Alterion is on good terms with Aelindra City, but the relationship is more tenuous. Whereas the Cold South and Alterion are bound politically, Aelindra and Alterion are bound only by business. Mostly, Alterion waits to see if Aelindra will adopt the Xenophobic values of the Cold South before it will commit more of its resources. 

| Orisia 

As a city run by an unnatural (specifically one not motivated by greed), Orisia is seen as a nation that must be conquered and cleansed. 

| Muhir 

Alterion is on neutral terms with Muhir. Given that both nations pay tribute to Tellus (albeit in different ways), Alterion does not view Muhir as a heretic, merely misguided. As such it maintains regular trade routes with the nation. 

| Renovatio 

Renovatio is Alterion's closest trading partner. As the two largest technological powerhouses of Valucre, Renovatio and Alterion keep a steady peace, but have yet to official declare one another as allies. Recently, each nations premier shinobi clan have formed an alliance and held a joint examination for students, making strides towards a better tomorrow. 

| Rosinder

Prior to its abrupt disappearance, Rosinder was Alterions most frequent antagonist. The highly religious technophobic Kingdom was constantly at odds with Alterion. Despite its vehement stance towards Rosinder Alterion’s view the nation as their honored enemy. To this end they view Elandaron with a great deal of disdain and hatred.

National Defense

 The Royal Alterion MilitaryThe Masonic Imperial Family ; Alterion Mecha

The Nation of Alterion is defended by the Masons, in conjunction with multiple Businesses and Private Military Companies. Much like the King would press his Nobles into service, any PMC or Weapons Manufacturer that wishes to continue doing business in Alterion (or continue living) are required to assist the Masons in all matters of National Defense. Ocelot Royce, as High Mason, serves as Supreme Leader of Alterion and is also its Commander-in-Chief, exercising total authority over the military. Enacting a practice wherein all students must complete military training prior to graduation, Ocelot has raised the number of military participation from 15% to 60%. A majority of the Alterion populace serves the military in one capacity or another. 

The Royal Alterion Military of the Masons is broken down into Multiple Branches:


Sanctum—The High Mason’s personal soldiers. An elite subset within RioT. 


RioT—Genetically modified super soldiers, beholden to the High Mason.


Justicar- Holy Knights of the church.


ARMADA—Heavy Artillery. Maintains and pilots Alterion's massive war machines.


Radicals—Black Ops Intelligence Agency


SEER—Alterion’s version of a Mage Council. Made up of Alchemists and the brightest minds of Alterion.


Poor Sons & Proteus-- Weapon Masters and foot soldiers. The general military of the Masons. 

The  Regents sit on the High Mason’s Council and have a voice in matters of War, but final say is ultimately the High Mason’s.Ocelot's Council consists of his personally appointed Ministers, The Cabinet (Any and all Regents of Alterion, including Cosanastre, Ark Prime and Izral), Military High Command and the Royal Family. 

The Rebellion

The ever present enemy to all Crystal fearing Alterians. To those who serve the Masons they are seen as pirates and terrorists. To those who will not suffer the yolk of Masonic rule they are freedom fighters and revolutionaries.




 Despite dealing heavily in crystals, Alterion currency is known as Notes. A note may be transcribed via alchemic sigil on special alchemic paper (this is the most common form of currency among the populace) but the more tech savvy traders are capable of transferring Notes through specialized alchemic crystals (all managed and monitored by the Masons.) The particular brand of alchemic paper, the specialized and treated ink, and the specialized sigils used are closely guarded secretes of the masons, making counter fitting a nigh impossible task from outside of the organization.

Exchange Rate: A Note may be loaded with any specific type of currency. Given that most of the world trades in precious metals, (ie. Tin Copper SIlver Gold  Platinum, Rhodium, etc) Alterion notes typically reference these. (ie. a 10 Gold Note, exchanges for 10 oz of Gold. ) Alterion's wealth of precious crystals and jewels and its booming alchemical prowess means the nation is usually able to create, trade or (thanks to the booming sky pirate trade) steal almost every known currency. 

Magic and Technology

 Crystallyns, Tellyns and other PreternaturalsTellus Seeds 

Alterion doesn't practice traditional magic, viewing magic unaided by the Crystal as of questionable means.

The closest thing to Mages Alterion has would be the Alchemists. While Alterion does practice traditional alchemy and chemistry, the term has become something of a catch all for abilities granted via the Crystal.Other forms of magic exist and are practiced in secret within, Alterion—but it's not something the populace likes acknowledging.The most common forms of Alchemy (Magic) within Alterion follows and are in order from Common to Exceptional.

Please note: that the order does not dictate supremacy over the other, merely the level of exposure.

Common Knowledge

Alteria/Alterna— Imbued with the power of the Crystal these manufactured crystals come in all shapes and sizes and grant individuals abilities and powers they might not otherwise have, and/or enhance current abilities/powers.

Crystallyn—Crystallyns are individuals infused with the Crystal's power, either by genetic enchantment or by virtue of birth (given that the Crystals power literally infects the land it resides in, it's very common for children to be born with preternatural abilities.) They can be considered something of a demi-god. 

Masonic Alchemy —Just as the Runemaster serves as the jack-of-all-trades for the magical community, so too does the Alchemist serve the psionic/scientific. The alchemist uses scientific knowledge and complex formulae in conjunction with Alchemic symbols to unleash devastating attacks. Just as a Runemaster studies spells and their workings, an alchemist studies the world and it's compounds in order to manipulate it.

There are numerous schools of Alchemy each of which differ in their results, but all operate off of the same principle of equivalent  exchange.

Many practice the basics of Masonic Alchemy, but few can claim to be a master of a specific School.

Tellyn—the term reserved for individuals who have consumed a Tellus Seed and gained supernatural abilities as a result. Considered a lower level demi-god. 

Rare Knowledge

Althane—a race of greater demigods resulting from the breeding of the The Guild with the indigenous people of Alterion. They left Alterion when the Alteri and the Guild fled, but unlike their ancestors have been known to visit the mortal realm from time-to-time. 

 The Guild—a pantheon of gods and goddesses that are descended from the Alteri. They are sometimes referred to as Archons and High Archons by Renovatians and the Altarr, by Alterians. 

The Alteri— The primordial deities spawned from the Crystal during its descent into the Alterion landmass. They were exceptionally powerful beings revered as nature spirits and elementals. They birthed the Altarr, the gods and goddeses of the Guild.

Technology and Setting

From a technological standpoint Alterion is on par, if not a small step ahead of Renovatio—if only in regards to biotechnology.

Alterion is a blend of dark science fantasy and horror. There are certainly modern and futuristic elements, at play. You'll see motor cars, you'll also see horse(and various other creature)drawn carriages. You'll see men in doublets and men in jerkins alongside men in business suits. You'll see a man in a suit of armor. It's common for people to utilize swords and other bladed weaponry as guns (as is the case with most RP) aren't tried and true methods of stopping an attacker. Older sections of certain  Provinces may have archaic temples and castles with vaulted skyscrapers looming over them.

How is Alterion tech affected elsewhere?
Alterion technology operates via crystal energy from synthetic crystals. Unless you are in close proximity to the Crystal or crystal reactors (ie. if you’re not in Alterion and there are no sources of Crystal energynear ) then your power is finite. Alterion tech can usually function in other realms, but since it operates on auxiliary energy it is only as powerful as that land can provide (ieAlterion weapons in Terrenus are bound by that boards limitations, but function normally in Alterion.


Political Climate & Important Events

 Political Turmoil & Affiliations

Alterion has three distinct and powerful political factions at play: The Masons, The Hunters and the Rebellion. These three groups represent the greatest military forces on Alterion, and their relations are very vital to the balance of power and maintaining the Alterion Nation. The three powers exist in a delicate balance of power, not all the details of which are known. It is however known that only the other two organizations are equivalent to the Masons' military might. While there are certainly more than three organization at the end of the day, a player/groups alliance will fall into one of these three Categories.  Heroes have emerged within all three factions, and infighting is common among them, but full out war has been averted for a number of years. 

H I S T O R Y 

Condensed Alterion Timeline

Major Historical Periods

These events are from oldest to most recent.

The Republic of Alterion

Settlers from the Muhir and Rosinder regions, fled their homelands for various reasons and commingled with the native Alterian's, who revered the Crystal as a god. They eventually established a thriving republic, wherein the wealthiest individuals made up a senatorial body, contingent upon election by the people. Dependent upon a patron-client relationship, the republic thrived and spread across Alterian, forming a vast merchant empire. During the Republic's reign a number of slave revolts occurred, leading to what would become the First Rebellion. Claiming the Crystal was not a true Deity but a malevolent entity from another world, the rebellion was subsequently crushed by the republic forces, but not before it destabilized the republic.

Era of the Winter King

The republic attempted to stay strong for a multitude of years, but eventually lost its waning stability to a warlord called The Winter King. The Winter King reigned for a very short decade before being deposed and the republic took control again. Vowing not to repeat it's mistakes, the republic reformed into a genuine merchant Empire with the most prosperous family serving as Emperor. It was during the reign of the Empire that a young woman stepped forward claiming to be the Crystal incarnate, Riva the Masonress.

The Age of Riva and the Rebirth of Rebellion

Riva rose up against the empire and spoke out against the corruption in the senate. Calling for lighter tax on free merchants and stricter regulations on the slave trade, Riva soon made allies within the Merchant Guild and used these contacts to build her army and eventually overthrow the republic/empire. The remnants of the original Empire scattered across Alterion, going on to reform into several rebellious factions that plague the Masons and the Corporations, to this day.

The Masonic Theocracy

Upon seizing control, Riva began the arduous process of building her church, the Cathedral, around the Crystal itself. Riva's design of the monolithic temple and further blueprints for her ideal city were used throughout the years to expand Cosanastre—building the new world atop the ashes of the old.Of all the merchant families and allied organizations that followed her, the four most powerful ruled alongside the young Madonress and eventually spread to found the remaining cities of Alterion.The MaGNUS collective of merchants, the Proteus Company Caravan Guard, The Daius Syndicate of Pirates and the Aureus School of Scholars and learned men—these Titans of industry founded the four ruling companies and oversaw the protection of Riva and her Masons, long after her death.

The Hidden Oligarchy

Riva soon died and her body disappeared, leaving the Corporations to elect a puppet High Mason. For the next several generations Alterion saw the nation ruled by a collective of four corporations—each vying for control of the High Mason, while the people prospered or suffered as the ruling company deemed fitting. Within the last generation MaGNUS Corp gained control and maintained their position, but Alterion was destined to never know peace or stability.

The Royce Conspiracy

MaGNUS fell, under mysterious means, though many believed a young Daius Operative, Ocelot Royce responsible for the act. As was the case, the corporations began their quiet power struggle and Daius rose to the top, their CEO and High King Long Tom Gallin claiming superiority and control of the High Mason. Long Tom was eventually betrayed and replaced by his adoptive son, Ocelot Royce. In a move, as rash as it was daring, Ocelot also assassinated the High Mason and seemingly merged with the Crystal, claiming his actions guided by the deity's divine will.

Resurgence of the Winter King

In an unprecedented move, Ocelot Royce named himself High Mason and CEO of Daius Industries (High King of the Daius Syndicate). In order to secure his power, Ocelot moved against Proteus and Aureus, engaging the rival companies in a successful hostile takeover, adding Proteus Enterprises and Aureus Labs as subsidiaries of Daius Industries. Though the Rebellion remains an ever present threat in Izral, it remains the sole city not officially under Ocelot Royce's purview.

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