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The Rebellion


The Rebellion

The thorn in the side of the Alterion Government, the Rebellion has subsisted since the existence of Riva the Masonress and despite several crippling defeats has yet to disappear. This is largely due to its chaotic and disorganized nature. There is no one singular leader for the Rebellion, or one Rebel cell that speaks for the whole. Diametrically opposed the mismatched Rebel cells can all agree on only one thing: fuck the Masons. Many Rebels believe the Crystal to be evil, but the majority seek to seize the Crystal from the Masons and use it towards their own ends. There is disparate leadership in the Rebellion, with each cell generally cowing to the strong amongst their ranks. These leaders possess such strength and influence that they live quite literally as though they are emperors, doing mostly as they please. Individually, these souls are considered to be among the most powerful warriors in the world, with devastatingly powerful and versatile abilities, immense physical strength, endurance, and durability, and/or sheer mastery of a particular skill. Powerful beings flock to Izral, whether to serve under these beings, hunt them, or eradicate them from existence, 
Though Rebels may range in morality from remorselessly evil to outstandingly good and their reception by civilians can vary just as widely, they all share one thing in common: they owe no loyalty to any nation, and act as they please with no regard for the Mason's rules.
Note: As with the Hunters and the Masons, there is no one set organization that speaks for the ideology of all Rebels. Some Rebels are monstrous terrorists blowing children up, and raiding villages in the name of freedom. Others maintain orphanages and protect cities and encampments to ensure that people can live out from under the yolk of oppression.  There is no cookie cutter mold to shove you into, your characters are your own. 



As a disparate group of 'freedom fighters' there is no set organization to the Rebellion. It is a cause as old as the Crystal itself and its numbers grow and dwindle day-today. There is no one like mindset within the Rebellion, there is no protocol for existence. One usually joins the Rebellion with a simple declaration. With such disorganization it is impossible to construct a genuine militant order, yet the Rebellion does have several powerful and nigh infinite cells. There is no accurate approximation to the number of cells, but a safe estimationwould number in the thousands, each cell bearing anywhere from two to two thousand members. Amongst the Rebellion its strongest warriors (and those fool hardy enough to claimleadership of such a cause) are called the 12 Kings. Though there are definitely more than 12 of them, they take their name from the monarchies of old. If legend is to be believed, modern alterians are a blend of Muhiran, Renovation and Rosinder refugees who settled and mixed with the native populace. Therefugees eventually did away with the monarchies in favor of a republic, before the Winter King came to power. Many within Izral believe themselves to be of native blood and thus look back to the long dead monarchies with a sense of pride. 


12 Kings

"Are there really only 12 of them?" 

"No, there's more." 

"Then why..." 

"I guess they think it sounds cool?" 

The strongest leaders within the Rebellion, each man maintaining control over a cell large enough to be called aKingdom in its own right. Those whose names are known are considered the Masons Most Wanted and bear a sizeable bounty on their head. 



The Merchant Princes

While there can be no doubt to the Rebellion's tenacity, or the shere size and scope of the Masons, hands down the ruling class within Izral are the Merchant Princes. Royalty only in name these are the movers and shakers that keep money funneling in and out of the city, the kings of commerce. Most trade amongst themselves and with foreign powers, but there are those whosell to the Masons, much to the Rebellions displeasure. And there are those who support the Rebellion, earning a death mark on their heads in the eyes of the Masons. Their pragmatism is their greatest strength each of them leaning as needed in order to maintain power. Collectively they possess more wealth between themselves than the entirety of Alterion combined. This level of opulence is not without cost...the people of Izral suffer whilst these Princes grow fat.  


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