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[Justicar]NPC *

*NOTE Justicar may not be NPCd without direct permission from Alterion staff. If you're interested in joining the Justicar, you're free to do so. Permission is not required to join, only to manipulate NPCs.

Within the The Poor Sons are a group of soldiers known as the Justicar. While Poor Sons serve as the Church's Muscle and general keepers of the peace, the Justicars are their bloodhounds.

A specialized unit within the Poor Sons, the Justicars—sometimes called inquisitors, are employed as a means of controlling the general populace through fear. Given the authority to arrest any they deem a threat on suspicion of crimes against the Masons and the true God, the Justicars had a strong reputation of brutality during the reign of the Old High Mason. They are known to torture confessions out of those they question and are typically reviled as the most ruthless of men.


Justicar recruits typically adorn the standard Poor Sons accoutrements with one small caveat afforded to them: a pristine white cape, cloak or tabard bearing the order's logo. Fully recognized members don the standard dark blue fatigues,upgraded with advanced runic stitching and filigree, embroidered with Alchemic treated threads. It is exceedingly common, at this point in their career, for a Justicar to don a grey, black or white cassock over their uniform.


Despite coming from the ranks of the Poor Sons, the Justicar are some of the finest soldiers in all of Alterion. Gifted with the blessings of the High Mason, the Justicar are a frightening presence to behold on the battlefield. Donned in cassocks and military fatigues, their abilities afford them near unparralled strength and when combined with their understanding of the Crystal and Alterna they are surely something to be feared.


The existence of certain Justicar operatives suggest that the Masons have engaged in genetic engineering and other advanced technologies to fulfill its purpose and to create greater weapons with which to combat its enemies. The Justicar have a sacred duty to do battle with the demons and unnaturals of the realm, as well as to handle heretics and apostates.

The Justicar are a Masonic organization, and see it in their interest to kill Unnaturals because they are naturally evil and are an abomination before the Crystal. That said there have been accounts of Justicar utilizing unnaturals in combat, for the greater good. Unlike the modern day Masons of Arkadia and Izral, most Justicar are vehemently opposed to the Idea of Ecumenism and actively preach that true-believers should only engage in violence against monsters and non-believers.


As the Elite of the Masonic military, Justicar are privy to the most advanced alchemical resources and Alteria, including exclusive access to the best research materials as well as state-of-the-art government laboratories, and are given a sizable research grant each year which can be put to any purpose they desire. Also on the list of perks is an automatic military officer rank equivalent to that of Captain and all the considerable military authority and government influence that comes with it.


In order to be selected as a Justicar, candidates must undergo an extensive examination process involving a written test proving a high level of aptitude in the field, a psychological evaluation to determine whether the candidate is of sound enough mind to serve in such a specialized branch of the military and a practical examination in which the candidate proves to a military board whether or not his or her skills can be used in real world situations.

Upon acceptance into the Justicar program, candidates are awarded a specially printed certificate of achievement marked with a symbolic title decided upon by the High Mason based on both their unique skills as well as their personal and dispositional traits.

Though Justicar are more or less given free license to act as they please within their rank, they must each deliver yearly results in order to maintain their position. This occasionally yields ground breaking discovery in alchemy and alteria use, but more often than not results in a decrease in the demon/Unnatural population.


The Justicar, as 'paladins', are the elite fighting force of the The Masons. They appear wearing long cassocks and Masonic symbols.They are known to fight with a wide variety of weapons, usually as necessitated by the situation. However, most of the members seem to be equipped with pistols as a standard sidearm. The Justicar number some of the finest warriros in Alterion and, unlike any other unit in Alterion, are occassionally charged to take part in the High Mason's Crusade of Purity and are expected to travel to other lands in order to rid the world of unnaturals and demons.

Justicar soldiers possess a wide variety of abilities as well, ranging from members skilled solely in physical combat to Alterna/Alteria Specialists, Alchemists, Psions, etc. Various Crystallyns and Tellyns are called (often forced) to join the Justicar feeling (made to under the belief) that their gifts are direct blessings from the Crystal.


A justicar's equipment varies from person to person, but they are given access to the military's best weaponry, vehicles, spell crystals/Alterna/Alteria and power armor.


High Mason | Ocelot Royce

High Justicar | Marius

High Fist | ---

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