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Jesus Negro

The Beacon of Light is approximately 1,170 miles West (2hrs/airship) of the transport city La Gaurdia. Avylon is said to be one of the earliest establishments of civilization, one which the Herald's of Primus favored and shared their ancient knowledge (Zodiac Arts and Spirituality) with. According to the Renovatian Census Bureau, the population of the Avylon province is around 10,000,000 (capital: 1.2 million); 90% of the people being Renovatian and Damiryans as the minority at 10%.

Avylon's design is similar to its fraternal twin, Nu Martyr. Contemporary constructs with hints of Roman appeal and marble compositions— interior and exterior —accentuate Avylon's rare beauty. Clouds mist the gardens in the early mornings and nights, bestowing an ambiance rivaling that of the Essence.

Relative to nearly all of Renovatio, though the winters are extreme, some would even say worse than Nu Martyr. Snow happens to be a problem here as blizzards can be so deadly that it disrupts businesses and the economy for months at a time, forcing natives to resort to their roots and hunt and gather instead of relying on supermarkets and popular trade locations.


The culture here in Avylon is very Spartan-esque. Children are raised to brandish Renovatian blades in the name of Tellus and the All-Father. When the boys and girls mature into men and women, inevitably crave for a beautiful death from a worthy adversary as did their fathers and their fathers before them.

Major Companies & Institutions
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Parks & Recreation

Landmarks & Monuments


Tellus Colosseum rests at the highest point of Mt. Xion acting as the crown of Avylon. This monolithic structure was once a place where sacrificial rituals were carried out on a daily basis in a time long forgotten. Ever since the beginning of man's reign, archaic scriptures revealed the children of Avylon traveling up and down the wintry mountain and surviving the wild as a rite of passage, and later becoming Warriors of Tellus (Zodiac Knight). Now the Colosseum is only used for Olympia related events.


The Temple of Aestus has been often mistaken for a place of righteous worship. There was no commandant concerning adultery in Recreation and so Renovatian lore also depicts Aestus housing enough beautiful women to quench any man's thirst, and Her presence induced an irrepressible sexual desire within all of the women who entered the temple. In modern times, in the deepest chambers within the bowels of this extraterrestrial sanctuary, where only those unified by the stars (married couples) are allowed, fountains spit stardust into a jade reservoirs providing subtle lighting for several open areas-- the Heart of Aestus. It was within the Heart did Aestus bed her first Hume, and the seed she planted after devouring the father had become a champion of Avylon-- like most of her seeds always do. Such has become a ritual amongst Renovatians, and so many couples come to this place to conceive a child blessed by Aestus, which actually seems to happen as often as an orgy. The Heart of Aestus is a giant sauna with seven master rooms, and peppered throughout each room are golden contemporary tables adorned by pyramids of white towels and face cloths. This temple sits on the cheek of Mt. Xion, 5miles west of the Accademia.

Government & National Security

Predecessors: Marcellus, the Wise - Having served Renovatio for nearly two decades as a decorated Holy Order Knight, Marcellus was blessed with the rank PRIME. Soon after Exus Prime's disappearance, Marcellus died of natural causes.

150,000 3rd Class SOLDAT, 20,000 2nd Class SOLDAT, and 100 1st Class SOLDAT uphold the law in Avylon, receiving their orders directly from the Prime SOLDAT.

The Celestial Guard
The idea of this organization became reality, conceived by way of the Enforcement Act passed shortly after the Cialo event. Both air and space are better protected, and has been as safe as it has ever been.

Zodiac Knights
A sacred society of unique Renovatian warriors tasked with protecting their home-front and foreign affairs. There are usually only a handful [~6] of Zodiac Knights watching over cities outside of the capitol.

The Accademia is the largest institute in all of Renovatio and is located at the base of Avylon and still it resides thousands of feet above Reno-sea level. Etched into the side of a mountain allowing only for aerial entry, it also has one of the largest ports outside of La Guardia, suitable to bring in and dispatch students from all over Renovatio.


  • Roads, Expressways & Autobahns. (outside the Capitol)
  • Train stations & Subways.
  • Ports, Piers, & Riverways.
  • Horses & Chariots (in the Capitol)
  • Air stations.

Notable Residents
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