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Some years after the war between Renovatio and Rosinder, the Renovatian government, and its leader, Exus Prime created an organization designed to bring man to the ocean of stars. In its creation, a Rosinderian unit were blessed with the task of being the first of their nation to trek space. The mission was to escort a Primal entity (HAVEN) into Valucre's atmosphere. HAVEN acts as a self-supporting defensive satellite and space station that watches over Renovatio, and even after the disappearance of its creator, HAVEN remains loyal to the people of Renovatio, mainly the Zodiac Knights.

Intergalactic Bebop

Lodging & Amenities

HAVEN can house millions, and in just seven days, it may house millions more. A masterpiece; HAVEN currently accommodates 12,000,000 Renovatians comfortably with room to spare. Each and every accommodation share the same cozy, fully furnished condominium model which includes: three elegantly decorated bedrooms (a master room and two smaller rooms), a living room, dining room, two bathrooms, and a loaded kitchen with marble islands and top-of-the-line Primal appliances. For diversity, HAVEN presents to its tenants styles to choose from such as: Contemporary, transitional, traditional, and eclectic. Though more importantly, HAVEN's design blesses each and every tenant with an impressive, to-die-for view of Valucre, space and all of its wonders. Less than three blocks from every abode is a space-way (subway) station granting passengers easy access to anywhere in HAVEN, and central location in relation to the main tourist attractions.


A block from the space-way [ tier 1 ] is a mana powered, Megalo-Market with bright neon lights and plenty of shops and casinos to splurge one's hard earned money, spa facilities, public pools, playgrounds, gyms, and five star restaurants, dine-ins, and dives to explore. MEGALO, although gigantic, is more secure than any prison you may find in Valucre, all in order to prevent acts of terrorism or heinous crimes.

Many locations on tier 2 require a pass card to confirm one's age so that they may enter some of the legendary clubs and bars such as the Cosmos. The cyberpunk theme is rather fitting given its location, though what makes this specific place so interesting is the customer service. Courtesans from all over Valucre-- mainly Renovatio --can be found here and only here, though illegal immigration, money laundering, and drug trafficking has given the Cosmos a bad rep as of late as syndicates continue to purchase property within HAVEN.

Stardust, one of the more legit and prosperous companies thrives without fail. Unlike the Comos, Stardust is simply a gentleman's club located on tier 3 where aristocrats and well established Renovatian families dwell. The suburbs of HAVEN, which requires a specific and special pass card that can only be acquired via the HAVEN mainframe.

Final Note: all players are welcomed to setup their own unique locations on any Tier until I establish a way to incorporate VB to purchase property with the help of Valucre's staff.

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