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Nu Martyr Province
Nu Martyr · Capital.
Nu Rosinder · City.

Avylon Province
Avylon · Capital.
Nu Damyria · City.

Oo`Xora Province
Oo`Xora · Capital.

La Guardia Province
La Guardia · Capital.
Jeruxalim · City.
Babylon · Babel Tower 
· City.

Space Colonies
HAVEN · Eye of Primus.


World Wonders
Tree of Life.



Cities & Villages







· Long before Renovatio had become a nation governed by Man, the land once dwelled amongst the stars as a cosmic kingdom and was governed by the Celestial Body. Its size and mass once incomprehensible, until happening upon Valucre where only a fraction of Renovatio's glory has been preserved on said planet whereas the rest of the land exists outside of time and space. Now the mobile kingdom casts shadows over Valucre from the sky
                    - Renovatio was originally 6+ million square miles.

· · Climate

During Exus Prime's reign, Man was blessed with the knowledge to forge suitable atmosphere and manipulate the weather via cosmic means. In Exus Prime's absence, Man manufactured heating solutions to combat the wintry conditions at thirty thousand feet in the sky. Seldom does it snow, or rain. During winter, expect the temperature to drop as low as -20(°F) and 30-70(°F) throughout fall, spring, and summer.

· · Topography

Renovatio is a mountainous region, if not the greatest in all of Tellus Mater. On land they say mountains are created by shifting and colliding masses of earth. In Renovatio history, mountains are said to have formed whenever High Fallen Arcs try to force their way out of Hell.

· · Flora and Fauna

Normally I leave the discoveries of plant life to the players who chose Renovatio as a role-play locations. With that being said, the most significant note I can think of to list is that all plants of this region are capable of growing in extremely cold conditions. Here are a few of my creations: Superbiphon & the Tree of Life.Note

· · Cities, Provinces, Territories

You may discover a rural, feudal setting deep in the country of Oo`Xora, void of technological influences, and then you may find many cities, some so large they've developed micro economies. There are four major city-states; each ran by a PRIME, and there are hundreds of towns and villages.


· Renovatio is a cultural superpower stemming from a blend of multiple cultures, one such as Italy and its likeness to the makings of Greco-Roman empires, Religion, and the Renaissance. You may experience something in semblance to the Persian/Middle Eastern culture as well as Japanese culture due to long periods of relative isolationism from the outside world, and it's uncanny resemblance to Edo Japan in certain areas. Renovatio was designed to allow players to settle down and write about pretty much anything they'd like to dabble in without having to search multiple forums/subforums for different genres of rp.

· · Language

You'll come across Latin, Italian, Japanese, and Sumarian speaking individuals throughout Renovatio, but more commonly, a blend of all of the above to put a little spin on things.

· · Religion

Tellus Mater originally was the primary Religion for all of Tellus Mater, for she is the Goddess of the land and creator of all things. As the Tellus aboriginals populated the land, the Gospel of Recreation and the scriptures of Tellus Mater became to two most followed and focal religions in all of Tellus Mater.

· · Education

Those who seek spiritual enlightenent and the knowledge to unlock the secretes of the omniverse would apply to the University overseen by the Zodiac Knights. Though in more rural areas, or advanced cities still caught up in ancient ways educate their populace via trade-- whether it's hunting, bartering, or through the art of war.


· · Primacy

The nation is overseen by the Grand Kommandant, which is very much like a president, for this position represents kingship in its finest. One of this position has say over all, though cannot in any way override the rules marshaled by those before he who created the democratic conjunction.

The Sovereign is similar to that of a vice president, and acts as the Overlord when the Overlord is not present, though their actions are to be reviewed and decided upon prior to being acted out by the Council.

· · Political Parties

The Council; a Renovatian senate that works hard to solve internal and external problems should ever they arise, and strategize on ways to better Renovatio entirely. The Council is made up of three parties: the Republica are those who enforce what’s fitting or appropriate for the citizens of Renovatio in the eyes of the rich. The Neutralia party believes in political and social equality of all Renovatians-- ultimately, for prosperity overall. The Commonwealth represents the minority that mainly consists of foreigners that now call Renovatio home.

· · National Security

Although SOLDAT are seemingly omnipresent throughout Renovatio, it is CUR that oversees National Security alongside with the Overlord and Soveriegn of Renovatio. When decisions need to be made this group will convene a moot amongst themselves to find solutions for the expected and the unexpected.

The Holy Order faction is a group of Knights replacing the legendary Commission. The Holy Order answers only to the Director of CUR and their main objective is to protect the Overlord by assigning a renowned Ucissore or a Zodiac Bravada to protect the Grand Kommandant for months or years at a time.


· Coin is Renovatian currency and comes in the form of coin-shaoed gems such as: diamonds, rubies and emeralds. All of which are roughly the size of quarters and are measured in ounces and pounds when making purchases.

· · Primal Alloy

All that is known about this unearthly creation is that it is an extension of Exus Prime, manipulated to build the foundation of Renovatio. This resource is not available for trade nor available to the public. It is highly durable and its worth is equivalent to platinum.

· · Depleted Primal Alloy

Is a combination of Ferro and small samples of Primal Alloy forged by a Sonic Driver. DPA is a common resource and the equivalent of gold in value.

· · Ferro

In its unrefined state, is a ductile, malleable, silver-white metallic element, scarcely known in a pure condition, but much used in its crude or impure carbon-containing forms for making tools, implements, machinery, a majority of Renovatian weapons, etc. Refined Ferro (graviton x depleted primal x ferro) is a dark-gray or silvery, lustrous, very hard, light, corrosion-resistant, metallic element, second only to the hard to obtain depleted primal alloy. Ferro is said to substantially improve one's psionic abilities.

· · Graviton

Can be found deep within the bowels of Renovatian mountains, and is very expensive and in high demand. Graviton materia ranges in effects and potency, some records explaining how it endows the user with gravity defying abilities, like walking up walls or remaining suspended in the air for seconds longer. Outmoded tech still incorporates Graviton as it is the poor man's resource.

· · Cànapa(hemp)

is a tall, coarse plant, Cannabis sativa, that is native to Renovatio but naturalized or cultivated in many parts of the world and is the source of a valuable fiber as well as medicine in the form of marijuana and hashish. The tough fiber of this plant is mainly used for making rope, fabric, paper, etc. (wearing cànapa clothing strengthens earth zodiaco materia twofold).


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