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the Tree of Life.

Jesus Negro



The Tree of Life, or better known as the Orchard, has been around since before a time when Heralds claimed Renovatio their own. It was during an era when Exus Prime practiced the art of Life, Love, and Forgiveness. To this day the Orchard remains, unlike many of his creations that have been dismantled due to their imperfections, for the Tree of Life was perfect, and should Primus ever reenact Revelations, it will remain to help repopulate Renovatio as it has always done. The Orchard bare seeds of various shapes, sizes, and colors for Renovatians to cultivate and or even trade with neighboring nations. These seeds can be harvested manually or found on ones doorstep, having been carried by the currents as if pollen, seeding Renovatio day and night, sowing bountifully so that Renovatians may reap bountifully.
Mela (apple; red family)
Albicocca (apricot; red family)
Bacca (berry; red family)
Pesca (peach; red family)
Pomodoro (tomato; red family)
Zucca (pumpkin; orange family)
Arancione (orange; orange family)
Papaia (papaya; orange family)
Agrume (citrisquid; yellow family)
Medusa (jellyfish; yellow family)
Banana (yellow family)
Melone (melon; green family)
Ananas (pineapple; blue family)
Cantalupo (cantaloupe; blue family)
Uva (bellgrapes; purple family)
Ciliegia (cherry bombs; purple family)
Caramella (sweet moai; purple family)
Mangano (mangolephant; white family)
Pera (pear; white family)
Cipolla (honey onion; orange family)
Carota (spiny carrot; orange family)
Girasole (cornflower; yellow family)
Cabbage (green family)
Dialaurel (green family)
Lettuce (green family)
Squalphin (squash; green family)
Gold Clover (blue family)
Menta (mint blue family)
Basil (blue family)
Piselli (peas; purple family)
Melanzana (eggplant; purple family)
Rapa (turnip; white family)
Agilo (garlicrown; white family)
Patata (potato; white family)
Mushroom (white family)
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