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Barnstable Coast

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While it does have beaches where the brave may lay out in the sun or go for a swim, most of the Barnstable Coast, a stretch of land between Casper and the Hills of Noddendody is rocky and dangerous. People tend to stay away from the majority of the coast, except the patrols from Casper that are tasked with guarding it from attacks.

An underwater community exists on the border of the Barnstable Coast: the Tidewalker clan of sahagin, hostile to all land dwellers. Especially Gaians. They tend to attack ships traveling to and from Casper once they're far enough away from the harbor to avoid the city's defenses, and they enjoy terrorizing the smaller villages that dot the coast.

The coast is named after the late Bishop Barnstable, once a humble fish farmer, who oversaw the Gaian claim to Casper from the Legion of Desecrators. After the successful battle, Tidewalkers assaulted them and killed nearly all of their wounded. After a long and grueling campaign to claim vengeance for Gaia's fallen, the Terran sahagin population was cut down to miniscule numbers and driven away from land, where they currently reside, though at the valiant expense of Barnstable's life.

A single, peaceful white sand beach does exist on the coast despite the danger near the village of Azureveil. It is sectioned off using aquantium wire netting, an expensive endeavor, and its lifeguards are all retired snipers with well maintained skills and magitech rifles. The beach is paid for and maintained by fishermen who thrive off the peace garnered by those volunteer retirees.

During the first and last week of summer, there's a barmy festival celebrating Azureveil, honoring Barnstable and his men, whereupon everyone dresses up in elaborate sea creature costumes. Between the festivities, there is a fishing derby that offers various prizes.


  • S'vora: Along the southern coastline is the small, walled-off village of S'vora. S'vora is home to the last of an ancient, warmongering republic known as Fortunda. Centuries after the Fortundan era, the native inhabitants are excellent crafstment and tradespeople, known for crafting some of the strongest armor in the region. Though proficient in common Terric dialects, S'vorans most often speak their own tongue of Kromlayat (Kromlan).
  1. The abyss gazes back: Hot on the trail of the Dead-Eye Monocle, the knight errant Cerik and his loyal steed Stormfire venture beneath the ocean. After exploring a sunken ship and some ruins, along with undergoing a series of battles, the duo lay claim to their prize. Taking some time for rest and relaxation, the duo soon return to their seemingly never-ending journey, the winds at their back as they seek their next quest.
  2. Eye Spy: The Dead-Eye Moncole has been lifted from its watery grave.

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