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Blue Hills



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The Blue Hills are a massive land, roughly 600 miles from east end to west end and just shy of 450 miles from northern tip to southern end. The plant-life found in this tract of land are identical to plant-life found in the rest of the nation, save for two noticeable factors. The one is that all flora comes in varying shades of blue (we can see that the Blue Hills are aptly named); the leaves of trees are a dark teal, the grass shimmering sapphire, apples are cornflower blue and so on down the line. In the other respect, the presence of noxious, paralyzing gas known to cover the Blue Hills from time to time has nudged the plant-life of generating an array of anti-toxins.

In years past, the windswept moors of the Blue Hills were infested with roving banditry. These groups of brigands and dacoits used the fog-covered, uncultivated hills as shelter from the authorities of nearby Casper. Locals have always warned traders and travelers not to take passage through the Hills unless in heavily armed company, for the raiders are typically well-organized and fearless.

In recent months however, this has changed. Reports have made their way to nearby lowlands indicating the local banditry are engaged in a fierce struggle for survival with an unknown foe. Tales have made their way back to Casper, retold in dingy taverns, of blank-faced men that tirelessly march the hills in statue-like formation, their weapons sorcerous devilry that holds the power to bring down an entire hillock.

While the events drawing foreign interest have passed on and concluded, the distant Empire maintains a contingent of close to one thousand soldiers in the Blue Hills, centered upon the fortress known as Niscotor. A civilization that eschews magic entirely, audacious merchants have begun trading with the Comnenii, some of whose technological advances are considered miraculous.

Some of the more die-hard bandit groups remain, ekeing out a living in their hold-fasts. The boldest of them raid the convoys that snake through lowlands and heath plains on their way to Niscotor. The largest of these bands is a group of sellswords and brigands that call themselves the 'Sons of Sorrow'. Rumored to be led by a sorcerer of considerable power, whose name and appearance remain unknown, they wage a bloody, protracted war with their Imperial neighbors.

  1. To command despair [Taen]: A group of individuals end up in the desert quadrant of Taen. THere they overcome many obstacles and hordes of opposition to eventually come across the Xer Queen and the powerful sword, Heartbane. Lilith lays claim to the artifact and those who accompany her are marked by her as members of her cult.
  2. The Founding: A group of adventurers venture into a poisonous fog in the Blue Hills. They encounter a dangerous and foreign species which push the adventurers to their limits. After an incredibly tough battle, the adventurers come out on top, but not without heavy causalities. Due to the strength of the clashing magics, a myriad of portals open up. All portals are scattered throughout the Blue Hills, reaching from Casper to Ignatz. The pocket dimension can act as a waypoint for interdimensional travelers.
  3. Exceed One's Grasp: A small band of four people belonging to an enigmatic organization known as the Handymen meet in Palgard. Their gathered intelligence puts them on the trail of an artifact in the Blue Hills that will grant its owner super strength. Once in the Blue Hills, they capture a few wayward bandits and interrogate them for information that leads them to the bandit camp most likely to contain the artifact. There the group of four battle against two opposing sides to snatch the artifact in the heat of battle and make their escape.
  4. Raging Inferno, Calming Waves: Rose and Akni go on an expedition to search for an artifact. They find it belongs to a mad man leading a group of savages. After much bloodshed on both sides and the mad man's forces pressing on them, Akni dons the choker and ends things, gaining an artifact and an alter ego simultaneously.
  5. Tearing the veil from grace: A massive storm strikes the Hills. Thereafter, attacks by the Sons of Sorrow have lessened in frequency. Rumors abound of a nameless tyrant that has come into Terrenus using the tempest as a disguise and brought with him 10,000 2,500 (retroactively changed to adhere to fair standards of lore compliance) able warriors, and that he wages war with the Sons of Sorrow.

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