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Forgotten Wood


No photos or sketches exist or can exist.

No one knows how old the Forgotten Wood is, where it came from, or how it came into being. The cryptic nature of the Forgotten Wood is not an odd one when put into context of speculation about it. It is important to note, again, that no one actually knows anything concrete about the Wood. All consequent information is intellectually arrived at but is rarely little more than speculation.

Reasons behind the origins of the Wood's mystical fugue are wide-ranging. One rumor is that the Wood was once a secret lair for Zengi the witch-king, who enchanted the Wood so that none could ever find it and so those that did could never speak of it.

Another rumor, and what is regarded as the most likely, is that the Forgotten Wood is the home of the Fairies. 350 years ago the King of Fairies, disgusted by the human disregarded for Nature and all of Her gifts, took his kinfolk into hiding. Contemporary anthropological opinion is that they moved from the vast and plentiful Blue Hills and swept through the area of Moonwood, leaving behind a fragment of their culture that was not ready to fully retreat from the world. Because of the current of their movement, the Forgotten Wood seems like a prime target.

Information from experiments performed in a time before Odin's enlightened reign has been recently recovered, and establish a few critical facts. Prolonged exposure (~3 hours) to the magic in the Wood results in acute amnesia that progressively increases in length and magnitude. In the beginning stages it is bothersome to hold on to little details for long. Then minutes of time start escaping one's grasp and before long the spell-induced amnesia envelopes the rest of the mind. Over the course of a few days, or weeks, a man can end up nothing but a drooling, mindless husk withering away from hunger, unable to glimpse cognizance long enough to remember the food in hand.


Chaos Event - Ooga Booga!: Three lone people band together to wage war upon a growing threat from the undead in a small village. With effort and cunning they resolve and dispose of the problem with some difficulty. Now the people live in complete peace free from the dead to pass.

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