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Hidden Valley


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The Hidden Valley, true to its name, is a perfect enclave. To the south lies the Forgotten Woods, to the north the Wastelands, to the east turbulent stretches of ocean and to the west the infamous Black Range. The Valley is protected on all fronts from intrusion and remains impervious to divination even from skilled practitioners for reasons unknown. Despite being enclosed by dangerous terrain on all sides, it is still possible to see what goes on in the Valley granted that the observer has a high enough vantage.

The Valley has long been rumored to have been one of many playgrounds of Herbie, the infamous scientist-sage, though there is no historical evidence or credible eye-witness testimony to give substance to the hearsay. With that in mind, it is a commonly entertained opinion among magical scholars that Herbie's involvement would explain the anti-divination measures blanketing the Valley as the sage was notorious for prizing his privacy. Along with diviners not being able to peer in, divination magic is completely defunct once inside of the Valley, and methods of recording information aside from simply writing or sketching often times fails.

Edward Brown devised an algorithm to measure and plot cluster decay alongside isometric transmission, allowing properly modified telemetry devices to project possible events going on inside of the Hidden Valley through halo emissions of energy rather than divination. The end result is little more than a rough sketch but, as Edward said, it's "better than going in blind".

The rumored involvement of Herbie the sage is a deus ex machine favored among occultist for the explanation of the strange creatures inhabiting the Hidden Valley. According to eye-witness accounts, the creatures are equally invisible to the naked eye and arcane vision; no one has attempted True Sight inside of the Valley yet, given the spell's strong ties to anti-divination. These creatures show no presence in the astral, ethereal or shadow planes and, as yet, there has been no method for classification of the different types. All that is known about the creatures is that they are terribly strong, extremely quick, and surprisingly intelligent.

Despite being detached from any significant body of water, some eye-witnesses have nonetheless reported a savage waterfall can be found in the valley. Even more curious, the waterfall never seems to stay in the same place.


  1. I'll race you there: Iris Hyacinth (PK03; Dougton) And Theodore Amantis (Physicist; Tian) journey back to the moon and explore the cave system Iris had marked out on her previous expedition. Their trip unearths a lot of information with curious implications, least of all is the suggestion of two distinct forms of alien life and civilization.
  2. Aim for the angels: Iris Hyacinth, PeaceKeeper 003 and guardian of Dougton, builds a spaceship but sorely needs an engine. She asks a friend for help and her friend contracts Catalyst Corporation to build her an engine based on his designs. Iris flies to the moon and back, sowing the seeds for future research and exploits.

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