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Ponkapoag Lake



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In prehistory, before the proper colonization of Terrenus when the people were still simple in make and mind, a meteor struck the land and left a crater 9,500 square miles. Time and nature worked in concert to fill the crater with water through endless seasons of rain and floodwaters and formed what is currently known as Ponkapoag Lake.

Ponkapoag Lake is the largest body of water in Terrenus. The lake isn't very long or wide, but its depth is phenomenal. Inventing submarine technology for the very purpose of finding Ponkapoag's Bottom, the Terran government has gone over 20 miles deep and has yet to reach its goal. Despite this setback, their various expeditions have uncovered artifacts significant for the field of anthropology which provides insight into the history of the area. 

Approximately one mile down, the walls fall away and then come back to form a ledge. On the ledge are homes with porous walls, filled with odd objects. Rangefinder cameras, film negatives, light bulbs and photographs float at this level - and only at this level. 

Another mile down is the second layer. This area has the proper combination of atmospheric pressure and mineral concentration to provide an ecosystem for two types of flora. One is the marine algae known universally as seaweed. The other has no verifiable relation to any known plant species on Valucre. Bits of incongruous material are found in the pods of this plant, which match up in composition to whatever sediment is in the layer beneath it. 

Another mile down is the third layer - folk tales from humanoid divers and sentient amphibian species both describe this area as being 'touched by the stars'. The remnants of the aeons-old meteorite which formed the lake can be found here. This metal was initially discovered 300 years ago but its exact location is a secret whispered among only those who belong to certain families. The pressure of the depth combined with the presence of lethal aquatic creatures provides an unpleasant obstacle to casual divers. A master diver could spend days, even weeks, in the lake before gathering enough of the ore to make a decently sized blade. 


  1. Silence: Miss Blonde with the help of a hired crew and a robot strike force murdered and enslaved a group of gypsies in order to have them harvest the precious metal known as Starmetal for them. Afterwards Miss Blonde ordered the taking of their children in order to keep them in line and not seek vengeance against her or her affiliates.
  2. Constructing a Stronghold: Taen Empire establishes a small defensive stronghold a handful of miles South-West from Ponkapoag Lake. A small town has grown to surround it.
  3. In need of a drink: In caves beneath Ponkapoag Lake, Ruiser comes across a group that has beaten him to an artifact, concluding their excavation of the Chalice of Jason. After much violence and subterfuge, Ruiser manages to take the chalice and escape, but one of them manages to give chase. From Ponkapoag to Tia and then Palgard, the two meet again and again. After speaking with a local prophet to gain an advantage, Ruiser finds that the way to win his battle is through words rather than warfare, and comes to an amiable agreement that allows him to secure the Chalice for himself.
  4. Gaian Academy: The Academy is on an island in the lake called Deepview Island
  5. To Ponkapoag: Due to the involvement of a scientist by the name of Dr. Asa, with the help of a few hired hands, in attempting to study marine life in Ponkapoag Lake, an odd race of aquatic extra-terrestrials awaken and spread out from the lake.

Ponkapoag River

This sinuous waterway cuts a path across the south-east quadrant, ranging from Ponkapoag Lake to the coast where it empties its mouth into the South Sea. Over 3,300 kilometers (2,050 miles) in length, the river has been measured to be nearly 4 kilometers (~2.5 miles) at its widest, with a depth of over 3 kilometers (~2 miles) in some regions. Ponkapoag River gives birth to a series of smaller rivulets, such as Timber Creek, and detours the industrial port-city of Palgard on its way to the coastline.

Many nomadic tribes dwell near this river and claim that it holds mystical properties. Because of this, a wealth of folklore and myths surround it, and have since prehistory. As far-fetched as many of these stories seem, it has not stopped swarms of brave adventurers from flooding the nearby areas, eager in their search of the beasts and treasures sung about in fables and folk tales.


  1. Foolin' with a witch's brew: After following the rumors of Sable's sword, the Sisterhood of Witches and their orcs find the den of the hydra and ensnare the legend's monster for their own purposes. It is now a beast of the coven, though Sable's sword was no where to be found.

Haunted Glen

The haunted glen is quite literally a place where fears take physical form. The glen in its entirety is a fount of ectoplasmic and parametric energy which creates a feedback loop with any sentient psyche in the area to form a bespoke nightmare realm for any hapless trespasser.

These schizophrenic perversions of reality can range from the subtle to the bold. When the shadows move of their own will sometimes it is to haunt the edge of sight, but other times its to cloak a predator, or to become a predator itself. Those with sensitivity to paranormal phenomena will find themselves more specifically targeted and acted on. Seeing the ghost of a loved one tortured for all eternity is a common delusion. In certain hotspots of the glen, the membrane between our realm and what the Gaian orthodoxy refers to as 'the spirit world' is thin. In this area necromancy is boosted; ghosts, poltergeists, revenants and specters of all kind are as well. 



  1. A dire housewarming: House of Choisel, a coven of vampires, establishes it's headquarters in the Haunted Glen.
  2. In spirit: Members of the vigilante group Justice act on information regarding the Ghost Pouch artifact, which leads them to the heart of the Haunted Glen. Once there, Justice infiltrates a spooky mansion, claims the artifact, gets stuck in, and consequently breaks out of, an illusion-loop, and manages to trap the creator of the loop in an oubliette, the location of which is known only to Justice. Justice leaves the Glen with artifact in hand.
  3. Haunted Promenade: The Ghost Pouch, once found in this Glen, has been procured. With the pouch gone, the strange aura of unearthly presence seems lighter. Sightings of spirits have diminished noticeably. Strange occurrences, such as the disappearances of local villagers, have lessened but not stopped completely.
  4. Striking the heart - The Haunted Glen: Armin, with the Rod of Peter the Dark in hand, arrives at the Haunted Glen at nightfall and meets with a demon by the name of Blind-One. Together, they summon an army of undead and make war against bands of possessed gargoyles and, after defeating them, Armin finishes amassing a small army (2,284 unnaturals, including 7 gargoyles and one Iselyrian ombra).
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