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Scudder Forests


The woods are named after Cory and Oliver Scudder, two centaur geniuses esteemed for their brilliance in Terrenus something to the tune of half a millennia ago. Cory and Oliver, along with another brilliant mind and mystic of the time known as Herbie, laid the groundwork for magical theory as it stands today, invented the area of arcane telemetry, put magi-tek on its feet and contributed vastly to runic architecture.

Despite these, and many more, achievements the Scudder brothers were regarded with general malcontent and alienation when not among cerebral peers. The racial inequality put into place by King Levas, who had died nearly a hundred years ago, was not yet diluted. Centaurs, despite their Druidic and nature-centric civilizations, were treated as uneducated savages. The most common slurs levied against the Scudder gene pool were "half-breeds", "freaks of nature", and the slightly more subtle and painful "half-baked abomination".

When Herbie the sage takes to the Great Pine Barrens so that he may discover Truth, the Scudder brothers take to increasing bouts of isolation out of the ordinary even for the two of them. Talk begins to circulate the city of Weland. That without Herbie's influence to curb their analytical minds, the brothers lost all sense of a moral compass to guide them along the razor's edge of ethics. That they began experiments of a most blasphemous nature, by all accounts.

It is unclear whether these rumors have any actual foundation or whether they're just racially motivated reactions to already eccentric geniuses exhibiting even odder behavior. Soon thereafter, the Scudders' are fed up with the way their treated and move in to the forest nearest Weland.

Over the passing centuries, their specific centaur family grew large enough that they commandeered the woods directly to the south of the original forest. To comb through these forests long enough is to eventually come across the centaurs of the Scudder line. They are fiercely intelligent, larger than your average centaur and oddly colored, sometimes stripped. They wield weapons that appear primitive but prove to be more than meets the eye.

It's interesting to note that a fair amount of Terrenus was shaped in the same half a century that the Scudders and Herbie existed. This was the same era that the Forbidding Hills were found to be a hidden Necropolis after Herbie posited that "no such area could invoke such black, negative reactions from passerby keen and dim alike without chicanery at play, or a very deep and very foul cause machining the sense".

The Hills of Lost Hearts and the Peaceful Woods were founded in this era as well.


  1. Lightning in the Shadows: The meeting of two lonely souls starts a chain of events that could bring forth a new threat to Valucre, one that may even rival the devastation wrought by Zengi himself.
  2. Earth, Speak: The earth manifests a physical form and, with her newfound allies Morrin and Zalena, they defeat a stone golem possessed by a dark knight's soul. The three found a lapis-vitae (a lifestone) in a garden hidden in a shrine. Worried that the knight's undead army might return, Earth sealed the garden in layers of stone, and set off with her friends to gather those be willing to join their crusade.

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