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Southern Sea

Song Sprite

Original lore by King, May 10, 2013 | Last revised by Song Sprite, May 22, 2016.

What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark?

It would be like sleep without dreams.

- Werner Herzog

The South Sea

At 32 million square kilometers in area, the South Sea is one of the largest division of Terrenus's bodies of water - the South Sea is the interconnected system of the continent's marine waters, its borders stretching considerable out and down from the mainland itself and is adjacent to the landmasses of Tellus Mater. 

The South Sea is the home of merfolk, the Yuuja, and the E'lvroe Abyss. The E'lvroe Abyss, or the Abyss, is the deepest part of the world's ocean recorded to date. It is located approximately 3000km south of Terrenus. A slot-shaped crevasse along the ocean floor spanning about 2400km from east to west and about 70km north to south at its widest point,  the Abyss reaches a maximum depth of 21.2km. Temperatures here reach well beneath freezing, while the pressure is easily capable of crushing even the most potent of steel.

Just south of the E'lvroe Abyss is the subaquatic megacity of Tethys, home of the Syfae.

Pirates, Sky and Sea

Created at the turn of the century, a mere two years after the Saint-King Odin Haze reclaimed the lands of Terrenus for the people, the Monroe Engine was the first of its kind. Developed by Dr. Augustus Monroe, father of Lord Eustace Monroe, ruler of Hell's Gate, this magnificent device generates enormous amounts of power by converting raw mana into usable mechanical energy. With a proper cooling device installed, and near limitless potential, the power of flight became obtainable by those previously incapable. 

Once sea-bound sailors, who were forced to wager their lives against terrible storms, hurricanes, and the ever-ravenous Yuuja, found reprieve in the skies. Powerful, wealthy merchants were able to lift both their ships and cargo into the clouds, and cross the treacherous oceans free of worry.

However, such a wonderful thing did not remain so. Through black markets and sheer force, treasure-obsessed pirates and other thieving criminals managed to get their hands on this groundbreaking technology. Not only has this broadened their scope of possible victims, but likewise increase their chances of escape (as many standard policing ships still lack Monroe Cores).


  • Death flees on the open sea: A black ship, sporting an army of rage made up of metal murder machines, has escaped the southern coast of Terrenus after visiting ruin on the beaches of Last Chance. The submarine LG-Pretty Lady, captained by Lynkos Ghostbard, gives chase to these enemy combatants and wins the day.
  • Stormy skies: Pirate ship evades capture by Terran military by flying into a storm and awakening the ire of a magical beast inside the maelstrom. This leviathan pursued the pirate vessel out of the storm, and the villains used the creature to distract the vessels pursuing them, fleeing in a manner most cowardly while the brave Terran military engaged the massive creature in pitched battle.
    • Consequence: This has resulted in an enraged leviathan which is attacking air ships and sea vessels on trade routes into and out of the southern sea

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