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Traxien Cion


  • Type » Animal (Quadriped)
  • Temperament » Hostile (Creatures that exhibit extreme aggression and senselessly attack or lock onto their targets without breaking pursuit.)
  • Sapience » Constructed
  • Size » 4m avg height; 9m avg length
  • Weight » 4 tonnes
  • Location » Wastelands
  • Environment » Desert
  • Organization » Pack
  • Special Abilities » Magic resistant and ultra-durable carapace
  • Drop Items » Dagger sized claw (1-69%); Armor sized carapace (70-80%); Suujali pup (81-99%)

Suujali are species of wolf-like quadripedals found in the wastelands of Terrenus. They are extremely large and aggressive, which is part of the reason why the travel into the wastelands is prohibited. They range from ten to fifteen tall at the shoulder and typically weigh between one and two tons. Unlike wolves, these creatures have no fur, and their skin is described as being darker than the abyss itself. This makes them almost impossible to see at night, save for their glowing red eyes. Suujali are also said to have the ability to burrow into the ground.

These beasts have three main weapons: their large claws [~five to eight inches in length], a whip like tail, and an almost indestructible carapace that covers their head. Suujali are completely immune to all forms of magic (including psionics) and fire, but are vulnerable when faced with conventional weapons. Due to their strong skin, only weapons derived from Vakar or any of its alloys are useful against the Suujali, at least in the hands of normal men. A large steel blade, if sharp and carrying sufficient momentum, would be able to cleave through the Suujali as if they were any other beast. Their greatest strength in melee lies in their massive size and agility. (Note that magical effects can still harm them, like a summoned rock storm.)

The carapace is the most valuable part of the Suujali, because it retains its magnificent qualities even after the beast is killed [indestructible and immune to magic]. Vakar seems to be the only metal capable of cutting and therefore shaping the carapace. The skin, while durable, does not retain any extraordinary qualities and will also decay if not treated.

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