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The Eastern Stronghold





In the face of factions rising in Western Terrenus, the late Emperor Titus spearheaded the construction of a military stronghold. The Eastern Stronghold was constructed a few miles southwest of Ponkapoag Lake, at the intersection of River Sine and Timber Creek. Stronghold would house a significant portion of Veluriyam’s military, serving as the first line of defense against any attacks to Taen and its other territories. Stronghold also functions as a place to house Terran refugees.

After the destruction of the Terran mega-city Tia, hundreds of thousands of displaced citizens were accepted into the safety of the Eastern Stronghold. A small settlement has grown on its eastern edge, though most refugees are encouraged to relocate to other Veluriyam cities as soon as they are able.

After Titus’ death, Empress Rozharon reinforced the Stronghold as a military base for Veluriyam’s military, the Zatrikion.

Stronghold also functions as a joint base for the Allied Nations of Terrenus.

It is the location of Port Moon, a Nehalen airship port that connects to Port Sun in Nu Martyr, Renovatio.


As of 598 WTA, the Eastern Stronghold houses the following military units:

  • 100,000 Zatrikion soldiers
  • 1 airship and 48 knights of the Order of the Force Majeure
  • 4,000 Ar'el of the Hyperion Imperial Army
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