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The Tomes of Andelusia



The Tomes of Andelusia

A compilation of all the lore concerning Ursa Madeum


The Kingdom

| Ursa Madeum: ludum regnorum

| The Veluriyam Empire

| Miscellaneous

___The Nobility

Noble House Reference
Legends of the Noble Houses of Ursa Madeum

| House Uldwar - In Combat we are Whole

| House Mythal - May the Dred Wolf Take You

  • | Miloran Mythal

| House Hildebrand - For Peace and Plenty

| House Dali - Live by the sword, die by the pen

| House Senaria - Our Sun Sets to Rise Again

| House Singlance - Progressing Ursa Madeum whether it wants to or not

| House Karradeen - Wealth is power

| House Tankred - Burning brightly

  • | Albert Tankred

| House Kholin - For honor

  • | Gavin Kholin

___The Aristocracy

| Hildebrand Vassals

| Dermont Family - Even in the darkest of nights, we shall remain ever vigilant

Ilhelm Covenant

Alric Galanos

The Islands



  • | Pirate’s Cove – a city of bandits and pirates, center for smuggling and illegal activities in Ursa Madeum.
  • | Port Thea – House Senaria’s estate and international trade port


  • | Mount Egon – a massive volcano located on the western coast of Misral
  • | Port Mars // estate – the thriving port city that houses House Uldwar’s estate
  • | Tankred Estate – House Tankred’s homestead, castle, and observatory
  • Museum of Global Art and History – A museum founded by House Dali in Qrill






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