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Timeline of Ursa Madeum

  1. Veluriyam's time advances at a rate of 1:1 with the real world.
  2. Threads are assumed to take place in-character on the real-world date they are started, unless stated otherwise. Backdated threads are marked with an asterisk.
  3. Thread summaries in the timeline will occasionally be edited for brevity and readability.
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Ursa Madeum Timeline

2019 | 598 WTA | 30 AO

595 WTA (2016-2017)

  • March 7 - Emperor Titus and Taen military leave for Ursa Madeum, planning to invade it to gain resources for Lunaris

596 WTA (2017-2018)

  • September 3 - Led by Emperor Titus, General Mars, and General Som, Taen's military invades and overtakes Ursa Madeum's city of Andelusia. Tyrant-King Damien is killed, and Taen conquers Ursa Madeum.
    • Shortly afterwards, Emperor Titus disappears from public view.
  • November 5 - Emperor Titus' estranged wife Rozharon Paralios returns to Valucre and takes control of the Taen Empire in his absence.
  • December 25 - All major allies of Tyrant-King Damien Gillick are removed from Ursa Madeum. 
  • March 2 - The noble house Uldwar in Ursa Madeum fights for its survival on the island of Misral // House Uldwar is canonized
  • April 2 - Port Mars is constructed in Ursa Madeum. A plot to kill House Uldwar's Partriarch is thwarted and the would-be-assassins are recruited to work for Oscar Uldwar himself.
  • June 9 - In Ursa Madeum, Oscar Uldwar secretly strikes a deal with pirate Copperbeard.
  • June 9 - The Weaver Academy of magic opens on Ursa Madeum's island of Misral.
  • June 10* - After the death of her father, Abigail Karradeen takes leadership of House Karradeen | House Karradeen established

597 WTA (2018-2019)

  • July 28 - Grant Knight and his family visit their newly built estate in Ursa Madeum | House Senaria established.
  • July 29 - Thurgood Singlance starts paving the dirt roads and Aveline Singlance starts a school to help Ursa Madeum. A malicious rumor is started that Thurgood and Aveline will be granted nobility. Empress Rozharon Parálios grants the siblings nobility | House Singlance established.
  • July 30  - Noble House Hildebrand holds a feast in honor if Ursa Madeum's freedom from the Tyrant-King, but the night ends in tragedy as Lord Hildebrand is found murdered. Amidst family betrayal and schemes, firstborn child Varda ascends as the new Lady of House | House Hildebrand  established.
  • August 1 - House Dali throws a a pre-nuptial celebration to honor the upcoming marriage of Saskia Dali and Anson Mythal and the consequent union of House Dali and House Mythal. | House Dali established.
  • August 2 - Rulers from all over Valucre convene in Andelusia at the invitation of Emperor Titus to discuss an alliance between nations.
    • The Allied Nations of Terrenus is formed. The Treaty of 597 is signed by the Veluriyam Empire, the Norkotian Federation, the Scarlet Empire, Patia/ Marlboro Keep, the Order of the White Knights, and the Order of Force Majeure.
  • August 2 -  Taen's Emperor Titus Demetrius and and Renovatio's Grand Kommadant Primera come to an agreement to establish twin port cities in each others' nations.
  • August 4 - House Uldwar comes to visit House Hildebrand for an important discussion for a new constitution for Ursa Madeum. House Hildebrand agrees to support the constitution in order to preserve their way of life.
  • August 8 - Sir Gerald Ultin, Grand Master of House Uldwar's Dogs of War, is tasked secure oil wells on the island of Misral.On this journey he enlists the help of a Bugbear named Grugga, and both help each other to reach their goals. House Uldwar takes control of several oil wells in Misral, Ursa Madeum.
  • August 12 - Thurgood and Aveline begin construction of the House Singlance manor in Corinth, Ursa Madeum.
    • Manor is completed March 31, seven months later.
  • August 16 - House Uldwar pays a visit to House Singlance to convince them to install a new constitution to Ursa Madeum. During this visit the difference in culture causes a near confrontation between the two houses, with House Singlance stealing the constitution at gunpoint. House Uldwar begins to denounce Singlance, warning the other houses of the newcomers' vulgarity and barbarisms.
  • August 20 - The former seneschal and courier of House Hildebrand returns to Ravenel Manor in Corinth, Ursa Madeum, after a yearlong journey in Terrenus, having recently received news about the death of Strom Hildebrand. He takes up his former position in order to offer his services to the noble family as he is welcomed with open arms.
  • August 21 - Aveline Singlance shows Empress Rozharon the constitution they stole from the Uldwars in Andelusia, Ursa Madeum.
  • August 26 - House Karradeen has signs it's to House Uldwar and its new constitution, moving Oscar Uldwar one step closer towards his goal of enacting a new constitution upon Ursa Madeum.
  • September 2 - House Uldwar expands the city of Port Mars. | House Uldwar's territory expands by 5 square miles.
  • September 2 - Farming House Isidore  is established with House Hildebrand’s support. It is eventually absorbed into the noble house with the marriage of Lady Kalika Isidore and Lord Jasper Hildebrand. | House Hildebrand's territory expands by 10 square miles.
  • September 3 - House Dali rediscovers a vineyard on Biazo Isle.  Ampelos Spiderwalker establishes Tian Faux-ton capabilities between those two points, as well as Tia and Casper (for Floracle business relationship) | House Dali's territory expands by 5 square miles.
  • September 3 - Thurgood and Aveline track down and neutralize a cell of murderous traitors in Andelusia, Ursa Madeum.
  • September 9 -  Lord Uldwar continues expanding his city of Port Mars. | House Uldwar's territory expands by 5 square miles.
  • September 10 - After returning to the Free Marches, the Mythals begin to rework their lost land. | House Mythal's territory expands by 5 square miles.
  • September 11 - The Mythal House reclaims the Emerald Graves, a forest marking the entrance to the Free Marches. 
  • September 14 - Empress Rozharon visits Port Mars to confront House Uldwar about their proposed constitution, bringing a gift to compensate for Singlance's wounding of their men. Oscar Uldwar pledges to give House Singlance one of their estates.
  • September 14 - Empress Rozharon visits Ravenel Manor to meet with Lady Varda of House Hildebrand about her signature on House Uldwar's proposed constitution. The two discuss possible changes to Taen's rule over Ursa Madeum, including establishing equal regions for each noble house and the creation of a council composed of the nobility.
  • September 14 - In an effort to make a name for himself, and to expand Mythal influence; Aurelius the Kadian and Delaney Vulpine the Grand Master of the Order of Seekers set out to dispatch the remnants of the Tyrant King. Ultimately they succeed in their task, and parted ways after reaching the city of Andelusia.
  • September 15 - Empress Rozharon visits House Dali to discuss Ursa Madeum's political future and invites Halisera Dali to a future meeting of the noble house heads.
  • September 17 - Empress Rozharon visits Abigail Karradeen to discuss her signing of House Uldwar's proposed constitution. Abigail raises her concerns about Taen's rule. An anti-pirate campaign with Karradeen and Singlance is discussed and planned, and Rozharon opens the possibility of Karradeen being returned to its former status as a major noble house.
  • September 18 - Empress Rozharon Paralios pays a visit to Milorian Mythal at the Mythal estate. They discuss House Mythal's progress, concerns about the Uldwars, and Mythal's plans to accept vassals.
  • September 23 - House Uldwar shares their knowledge of warfare and war machines with Iyalon Izora of House Hildebrand, who returns to Corinth with the young Eric Uldwar in order for the boy to become a ward of the farming noble house.
  • October 11 - An order of knights quest for glory in a dangerous ruin in the jungle. House Uldwar obtains the True Crown of Ursa Madeum.
  • October 22 -  Arnau Dermont receives word that their request to return House Dermont's noble status has been granted. House Dermont then meets with Evienne Goldcourt from Dali.
  • October 23 - Lady Aspen Hildebrand enlists the help of a woman named Stormbreaker in establishing House Hildebrand's beefly reserve, providing the noble house with said creatures.
  • October 24 - In exchange for training their soldiers, Norkotia gives House Uldwar access to Norkotian manufactured weapons. These weapons shipments are disguised as other goods so as to keep the weapons trading a secret. 
  • October 26 - The leaders of Houses Singlance and Senaria meet to discuss an alliance.
  • October 29 - Grant Knight leads a team of soldiers and mercenaries to take back a water treatment plant held by rebel forces. | House Senaria's territory expands by 5 square miles.
  • October 31 - Issac Graham meets with the newest members of the Senarian Applied Science Sector team in Thraece, Ursa Madeum.
  • November 2 - Lord Grant Knight of House Senaria arrives at the Norkotian embassy in Andelusia to discuss a trade deal with Norkotian Ambassador John Kessler and Duchess Abigail Karradeen of House Karradeen. After exchanging pleasantries, the three enter a relatively brief and successful negotiation, which results in a shipment of arms being sold to House Senaria. Further, long-term trade relations are established between Norkotia and Senaria, with Karradeen acting as the intermediary.
  • November 6 - While drilling for oil, Grant Knight and Thurgood Singlance discover a mysterious mineral they dub Vulcanium.
  • November 8 - Quinton Swan, a businessman of mysterious affluence, visits Ravenel Manor to discuss a business deal with Lady Varda Hildebrand. In the midst of simmering tension, they eventually come to an accord and form a partnership that may yet prove to be fruitful for both sides.
  • November 16 - A meeting between young Evienne Goldcourt, with designs over the empire's fashion landscape- and business man, Quinton Swan leads to a deal and investment.
  • November 16 - A highway between Lunaris and Totenborough is built in Taen.
  • November 18 - Issac Graham explains what he's learned about the mysterious mineral known as Vulcanium that was earlier discovered by Grant Knight and Thurgood Singlance. Vulcanium is canonized.
  • November 23 - A meeting between Norkotian emissaries and House Hildebrand ends in tragedy, as an assassination attempt by mysterious operatives employed by the Dead leaves Grand Executor Joseph Tynes, Lady Varda Hildebrand, and Lord Jasper Hildebrand critically injured in the aftermath.
  • November 25 -  The Ul'Vandiirs, a noble house of Genesarian elves, visit their long-time business associates, the Kholins, but when negotiations break down, new deals and expectations are struck. | House Kholin established
  • November 24 - Iyalon Izora, Lord Protector of House Hildebrand, visits Blackburn to meet with Walter Crowley about the potential resurgence of the Oathsworn. Iyalon reveals House Hildebrand has come into possession of the Oathblade Himei, and convinces Crowley to come out of hiding and accompany him to Ravenel Manor. 
  • December 4 - Linda Linda and Isaac Graham catch up with each other, and deepen their relationship.
  • December 11 - Thurgood and Grant start digging the shaft for a vulcanium mine. It will take the better part of a year to get down that far though.
  • December 12 - The Madame Linda Linda, Lord Suzy, and Holly team-up to lead the construction of the Silverbush Bank of Lunaris. And it's also a trading center. Lunaris' first bank is established.
  • December 15 - Grant Knight advances the THRIVE initiative. The mission to clean up polluted land becomes a fight for survival. | House Senaria's territory expands by 5 square miles
  • December 19 - Emperor Titus hosts the first Reverie Ball in Andelusia which is attended by people from all over Valucre.
  • December 19 - After the Reverie ball, the Reverie Maze event is held. After five rounds, Luis Uldwar, Iyalon Izora, Serraida Mavajo, and Ilyana Sevryn are the first to exit the maze. Evienne Goldcourt and Rai Paige are awarded consolation prizes as well.
  • December 26 - Prodigal child Holly Sheathe returns to her hometown following the dissolution of the Black Spear cartel. She is pushed into the position of the head of House Sheathe, which is established as a farming house under House Hildebrand.
  • December 27 - The Wild Hearts go looking for a rival dealer in Andelusia.
  • January 11 - The heads of House Senaria and Hildebrand meet for the first time. The two houses strike a trade deal, exchanging Senaria's wine for Hildebrand's farming seeds.
  • January 15 - Iyalon of Hildebrand escorts Crowley to Ravenel Manor, where they meet Aspen and Shirin, and are presented with the Oathblade Himei. Iyalon and Shirin both hear the Oathblade's song, but Shirin is the one who bonds to Oathblade Himei in the end. | Shirin Izora obtains Oathblade Himei
  • January 19 - House Dali builds the Museum of Global Art and History in Misral , and connects it to Andelusia by way of faux-ton. Museum of Global Art and History is established. | House Dali's territory expands by 5 square miles
  • January 21 - Holly and her relatives begin expanding their territory. | House Sheathe's territory expands by 5 square miles
  • January 26 - Holly Sheathe investigates the sudden appearance of a magical drought in her lands and encounters the Oathblade Sunscar. Holly forces the blade to submit to her will and bonds with it, dispelling the intense heat that plagued Holly's land | Holly Sheathe obtains Oathblade Sunscar.
  • January 26 - House Dermot is stripped of its nobility due to the diminishing of their resources, power, and overall influence in Ursa Madeum.
  • February 6 - A meeting is held between House Senaria, Singlance, and Hildebrand.
  • February 13 - Having awakened to her potential in wielding an Oathblade, Shirin Izora proceeds to train herself in the art of war, aided by Walter Crowley, the first of the Oathsworn.
  • February 27 - The coastal village of Rockshore is invaded by a band of nasty pirates known as the Brothers of the Deep, who brutalize the denizens as they use their hamlet as a base to conduct raids. House Karradeen learns about these pirates and dispatches Captain Wallace Ambrose and his Ironborn to destroy the pirates and reclaim the town. Ambrose emerges victorious and the village is saved. Rockshore subsequently becomes a vassal of House Karradeen
  • March 1 - Merida Spidervalley is held captive by a pair of assassins who claim to work for Luis Uldwar.
  • March 2 - Mia Uldwar takes control of Port Mars, and continues her father's legacy of expanding its borders.
  • March 4 - House Dali races to discover the whereabouts of Merida Spidervalley. 
  • March 5 - Lady Varda Hildebrand and Jasper Hildebrand pay a visit to House Senaria, where they receive treatment from their injuries received during the assassination attempt they had narrowly escaped from.
  • March 8 - Lady Varda Hildebrand pays Quinton Swan a courtesy visit as promised, and various circumstances lead to the cure of the poison within her at the cost of her incapacity to wield or be affected by magic. Quinton orders for the search for the culprit of the assassination attempt involving the Hildebrands.
  • March 8 - With the aid of mercenary mages Enid Heks and Arthur Uskglass, Duchess Abigail Karradeen sets out into the wilds of Taen in search of the legendary Soul Speaker. 
  • March 20 - Holly Sheathe, funded by Linda, develops the first Ursa Madeum airship with the help from Lunaris Silverbush Bank. 
  • March 21 - Physician of House Senaria Silas Harriden pays a visit to the Hildebrands, and the seeds of romance and tragedy are sown. 
  • March 26 - Allric Galanos returns to Ilhelm Castle, the forsaken home of the defunct Ilhelm Covenant. Upon arrival he makes multiple visits throughout the structure. Through his visitation he recovers armor and arms while battling the wretched serpent and it's forces whom had settled the castle in the absence of Ilhem Covenant. Upon liberating his former home from dark forces he looks to reform that which has been lost to him.
  • March 26 - Holly Sheathe and her farmer-soldiers armed with their newly created arms and armament took flight and began clearing land for the Sheathe's to reclaim. Later on, they managed to reclaim a few acres of flat land and a valley surrounded by hills which might be useful for mining later.
  • March 27 - Empress Rozharon travels to the heart of Mount Egon. Using wildlight magic, cells from Titus, and her own powers, she creates two sons: the twins, Pallas and Lenore.
  • March 28 - Ampelos Dali arranges to meet with two members of the family to continue expanding business operations. He meets with the Casper Shipping Company and establishes a corporate partnership. | House Dali's territory expands by 10 square miles.
  • March 29 - Twin sons of Rozharon Pallas and Lenore visit House Sheathe to investigate rumors of military buildup. They are given a tour by Lady Holly Sheath, wielder of the Oathblade Sunscar.
  • March 31 - Thurgood and Aveline throw a party to celebrate the completion of their manor, adopt Vivian and Nadia, gain a prospect, as well as meet Pallas and Lenore
  • April 2 - House Karradeen purchases a section of land near Gold Harbor and sets about leveling a mountaintop in order to build an airstrip. After several setbacks, some negative and some positive, House Karradeen and a contingent of Norkotian builders manage to complete construction after several months of grueling work. Grand Executor Joseph Tynes becomes the first passenger to arrive by plane at the brand new airport.
  • April 3 - Iyalon Izora of House Hildebrand leads his men to rid his home region of its slave master, ultimately freeing the land of corrupt influence. The area and its fields are taken under the protection of House Hildebrand. | House Hildebrand's territory expands by 5 square miles.
  • April 21 - Thurgood and Aveline discovered "their" river split, and then discovered beautiful limestone and marble.
  • May 1 - Nairne Hildebrand visits the members of the Chamelis family and helps unearth the lost art of fleuromancy. House Penderyn is reestablished as a branch house under the noble House Hildebrand.
  • May 8 - Dr. Silas Harriden and Lady Varda Hildebrand investigate a strange structure in the middle of a field. They uncover an Oathblade, which Silas becomes the wielder of.
  • May 12 - Oscar Uldwar returns from his strange exile, bringing with him a new threat to Ursa Madeum.
  • May 16 - Esme Hildebrand and her Lady pay a diplomatic visit to House Karradeen. During the meeting, they secure aid for a sea journey to Casper, and acquires safe passage for lost nonhuman clans. | House Kinclaith is reestablished as a branch house of Hildebrand.
  • May 17* - Empress Rozharon Paralios tracks down Walter Crowley and strikes a deal, agreeing to pardoning his crimes under the Tyrant King in return for bringing back the Oathsworn and a few favors for the Veluriyam Empire.
  • May 19 - Emperor Titus Demetrius falls ill to a deadly angel virus. 12 hours after contracting the virus, Titus passes away, ending his agony. 
    • Teresa Demetrius contracts the same virus but mysteriously vanishes before the Imperial doctors could help her. 
  • May 28 - Grant Knight and Delphine Mythal meet to discuss the city of Ylia. A romance begins between the two.
  • May 28 - Mia Uldwar attempts to cap Mount Egon, causing an angered volcano elemental to attack and the volcano to erupt. The elemental is killed by a few Oathblade wielders. The island of Misral suffers from the damage.
  • June 7 - Oscar Uldwar is arrested by Pallas and Lenore and brought back to Andelusia.
  • June 10 - A meeting of Veluriyam's Empress and the Ursa Madeum nobility sets the foundations for the island's future. Milorian Mythal is elected King, serving as the chairman of a council composed of representatives chosen by the nobility. House Hildebrand becomes a separatist Queendom under the leadership of Varda Hildebrand.
  • June 20 - Jasper Hildebrand and Merel Hildebrand oversee the birth of a new city along the shoreline south of Port Thea, as per their agreement with the Senarian presence on the island. The City of Vanora is established on the coasts of Thraece.

598 WTA (2019-2020)

  • July 10 - Halisera Dali enlists the services of the Naho Raiders to clear Dali property near Vanora of hostile fauna. | House Dali's territory expands by 10 square miles.
  • July 21 - Jasper Hildebrand meets with the Lady Sheathe to arrange for the purchase of land that would serve as an expansive venture on behalf of House Penderyn. Villa Meliae, the ancestral estate of the Penderyns, is initially rebuilt and is on its way to full restoration under the guiding hand of the Chamelis family.
  • October 15 - Rufus Viridis leads his family to reclaim their ancestral home.
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