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Welcome to Valucre

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Valucre: An Overview




Valucre differs from most other RP sites in that it has no central story or plot, and by not separating our members into skill levels ("basic/intermediate/advanced") or generic genres ("fantasy/scifi/medieval"). It is a persistent global setting capable of supporting (nearly) any type of idea with dozens of plots of various levels going on at once.

Valucre is a world made up of continents and territories, each major land usually managed by a board leader who is creating artifacts and quests, and approving canon activity. Members are encouraged to create and run with their own plots as much as they're encouraged to take part in what's already there.

An abundance of storylines and major and minor events (both staff and user created) can be found on Valucre. This world is driven by the players and their characters. What you decide to write, the actions you decide to take, can have as much or as little impact on the surrounding world as the effort you choose to put in.


Valucre is a fantasy setting where magic and science have evolved separately but in parallel. This results in areas which vary drastically from one another. In a single nation you can have areas where people use coal and oil, other areas where they use steampunk machines - one area where magic is sacred and divine, and another where it is used for convenience.

The percentage of the global population capable of directly manipulating magical forces or engineering magitechnology is around one-fifth.

There is no unifying magic system in Valucre. Players can use any system or power they like as long as it is compliant with Mild Powers. In the case where a board leader has provided a magic system for their land, this does not invalidate other systems, but make theirs the "preferred" system for the area.


Valucre is twice the radius of Earth and, like Earth, is made up mostly of water. For simplicity's, Valucre has similar seasons, weather, atmosphere, etc.

Every continent or territory favors a major theme, meanwhile participating in the shared world of the other locations. This means that while one location on the planet can be high fantasy (like Orisia or Elendaron), another can employ magitech and airships (like Terrenus and Genesaris), and another still might favor scifi (like Renovatio or Alterion).

Keep in mind that these descriptions are not meant to isolate one setting from another and that your character can travel freely between each location, having to surpass obstacles magical and mundane. Also keep in mind that settings have a general theme but are not restricted to that theme. Considering these continents occupy the same world, expect to see some truly odd and wonderful sights.

To learn more about a location click on the name, and if you have questions visit the Ask Me Anything (AMA) of the location.

Terrenus| AMA | Quests | Artifacts

Terrenus is a sci-fi / fantasy setting, the birthplace of magitech, Gaianism and submarines.

Board Leader: supernal and desolate

Genesaris| AMA | Quests

Genesaris is a high-fantasy with modern elements setting, the birthplace of airships and Altus Arcantium.

Board Leader: The Hummingbird and Acies ab Vesania


Orisia is a traditional fantasy setting run by a vampire queen. It is an island to Genesaris.

Board Leader: Pasion Pasiva

Tellus Mater

Tellus Mater is in the south-east and is made up of several separate territories.

Renovatio| AMA | Quests

Renovatio is highly scifi and is a landmass which floats ~3.7 miles in the air with a port for its airships stationed between the two territories.

Board Leader: Jesus Negro and Aleksei

Alterion| AMA | Quests | Artifacts

Alterion is a staunch blend of sci-fi and science fantasy with a good deal of dark horror for flavor. It is the birthplace of combat alchemy and home to the Crystal—an extra dimensional being worshiped as a god. 

Board Leader: paradigm and Syncopy

Elendaron | AMA

A combination of medieval and fantasy.

Board Leader: Mickey Flash


Not a part of the canon world of Valucre. Alternative is where members can go to host roleplay that wouldn't fit in the world of Valucre. Roleplay that takes place on other planets, on modern-day earth, or that surpass the mild powers limitations of Valucre can be hosted here. Roleplay here must still abide by the code of conduct.

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