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  1. I guess a person could read whatever they wanted into it if they wanted an excuse to insert themselves.
  2. Honestly, I'd be a tiny bit offended at the ideas you're putting forth, but I'm too busy being offended by your attempts to pass them off as facts or you dicking around in RP the last few years as some kind of research. Since this site is the proud home of a fifteen-member pileup of Depicted: God sprinkling salt on me like He thinks I'm some kind of fucking slug, probably. occurring at least semi-annually, I'm pretty desensitized to the nature of what we'll charitably call information being peddled in this section of the forums. Being offended at the content of the message in this decades-long game of telephone this late in the game would be silly. What's offensive is that you're playing. What's offensive is that you thought a perceived lack of a definitive answer was an opportunity to insert your own ill-formed opinions as runners in a non-existent race for "truth". What's offensive is that when you got called on it you hand-waved the whole thing as subjective. What's specifically offensive with this case is that the details of the argument put forth are almost identical to the last one. This leads me to believe that either you're a sockpuppet for the last guy, there's some echo chamber you're hanging out in where people crouch over a triangle they drew in the dirt and pat themselves on the back for re-inventing the wheel, or (God help us) they're mass-producing this specific brand of ineptitude in a factory somewhere. If it seems like I'm just grinding you into the dirt here, it's just the moral of a cautionary tale for the next one off the line who feels compelled to package their incoherent rambling under a clickbaity title and try to pass it off as understanding. Above all, try to remember that if you don't have experience or insight (pretty much a foregone conclusion at this point) then whatever words you manage to cobble together should end in "?" and not "." or we're probably going to have this chat again.
  3. Do you really need a blow-by-blow? Think carefully before you get excited. I'm not propositioning you.
  4. What the fuck. No. None of this even. No. Just. What the fuck.
  5. I would actually like to hit 49 today so if you guys could stay online that'd be super.
  6. #2. #1 is less than 300 away.
  7. This is making my short list of Best Posts of 2017.
  8. Vote before we scare people away.
  9. No. While much of the continent is covered under a sheet of ice, there's actually a sizeable landmass beneath all that frozen evil.
  10. "One?!" he shouted. "I'll give that motherfucker four reasons."
  11. I'm going to dig Harambe up and beat you to death with his bones.
  12. I don't even RP and I'm jealous.
  13. fwiw, I'm in favor of letting Catz run as regent if there is active RP in this area.