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  1. I would actually like to hit 49 today so if you guys could stay online that'd be super.
  2. #2. #1 is less than 300 away.
  3. This is making my short list of Best Posts of 2017.
  4. Vote before we scare people away.
  5. No. While much of the continent is covered under a sheet of ice, there's actually a sizeable landmass beneath all that frozen evil.
  6. "One?!" he shouted. "I'll give that motherfucker four reasons."
  7. I'm going to dig Harambe up and beat you to death with his bones.
  8. I don't even RP and I'm jealous.
  9. fwiw, I'm in favor of letting Catz run as regent if there is active RP in this area.
  10. Fucking migraines. Do I do this in my "git gud" blog style or do I repost the attempted-helpful information I basically spammed prior to this tournament?
  11. I was volunteering specifically with the necessity of those edits in mind. I'm not surprised you pulled it off, but I'm impressed that you did it so stealthily and relieved that you actually did it despite the fact that Nox obviously made far less of a fuss about it than I did. I have kind of a knee-jerk reaction to histories being redacted, given my own (lack of) history on the site, so I apologize for probably implying this was some sort of calculated evil on Carlos's part. I mean, we know it was, because who had half the posts on the first page, but now that everything's legit I can be gracious and totally not bag him for stolen glory.
  12. This is clickbait. I'll actually answer any questions anyone has, though, and invite everyone to participate, fact-check, and discuss.
  13. I can't "share a beer" with a person I can't trust on some fundamental level. I assumed your friend meant more-or-less the same. "I could meet amicably over an alcoholic beverage because I didn't find this person's beliefs intolerable."
  14. T2 has existed for over 15 years and has nothing to do with anything you just said. It's not even something you can realistically accomplish on a forum.