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  1. Open commissions? WHAAAAAA?

    What sort of map are you looking for?
  2. Open commissions? WHAAAAAA?

    https://stgames.deviantart.com/ https://digitiliad.imgur.com/all/ www.valucre.com
  3. So recently I moved to Texas (yay!) and this and that happened (boo!) and I will be moving again in December. In the meantime, in addition to getting a second job, I decided to open up a commission thread and push pixels for dollars. I can do pretty much anything from retouching and rendering to full-blown digital painting. No, I won't draw your OC, but I might paint your setting. Just don't ask me to make you a poster-sized battle depiction for ten bucks. Most small stuff - signatures, profile pictures/covers, quick retouches, easier renders, etc - is five bucks, with larger jobs going up from there at an hourly estimate adjusted for ADD and my pain and suffering, up to 100 dollars for a poster-sized, print-res image. To be clear, I am not currently in any sort of emergency - this is more to stave one off next month. No I won't do this or that for your website/etailer - I mean I will, but this is not for that. This is not for code/dev (I won't ever do any of that) either. And I won't draw your OC. Those are all The Rules, I think. If you just want to help and don't particularly have anything you want at the moment or are wondering how perhaps money could just happen to fall into my hands, there are ways.
  4. A quick review of the Valucre Discord Server

    Praetorian paunch!
  5. I'm getting a tablet

    I guess PM me since something/one had a stroke over my invite link.
  6. I'm getting a tablet

    I got one of the Japanese Intuos variants by XP Pen because I'm a (poor) weeb. I don't have my desktop anymore because 70-pound steel towers and 42-inch TVs don't mix well with airplanes, I guess, and since i was getting a larger hard drive and more RAM for the laptop anyway I figured I might as well. I'll probably get comfortable with it doing painting and shading and other things I've already been doing before jumping into lineart. Even if I never feel comfortable enough with it to draw, there's a lot that can be done with it.
  7. Valucre Discord downsize

    gooby pls
  8. Valucre Discord downsize

    It's all fun and games until someone says it a second time, then it's harassment.
  9. Valucre Discord downsize

    Jet beams don't fuel steel melt.
  10. I'm getting a tablet

    If yesterday's delivery was any indicator, it should arrive in the next four hours. I'm not going to spend 15 minutes fumbling with the packaging. I might post a few pictures of everything, but I plan on diving right into using the damned thing and streaming my pathetic attempts to manually art.
  11. Valucre Discord downsize

    tl;dr the "what have you done for me lately" isolationist approach to solving the problems in chat didn't work and rather than ignoring the perpetually-offended or dealing with wannabe puppet-masters in the community and staff, the "experiment" was ended. tl;dr(tl;dr) Valucre sucks at science.
  12. Anyone intereested in seeing me deflower it?
  13. Valucre Discord downsize

    A bot that wrote my posts for me would be nice.
  14. Valucre Discord downsize

    Let's not get carried away, kids.
  15. I already knew everyone on Valucre before the site was even a twinkle in Carlos's eye. This community has always been big on recycling.