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  1. Are we suggesting names or providing historical commentary?
  2. Am I the only one who thinks Fracture sounds more "14" than Terrenus?
  3. You can, but usernames are almost always inert. Klaxons usually sound at parsing raw HTML, though, and most of these platforms warn you off it even where they offer the ability to enable it. I'm not even sure it working is intentional on their part. Moreover, exploiting the WYSIWYG editor to parse raw HTML (if it has no way to sanitize it) allows me to vandalize a page, hijack it, or do any number of things ranging from annoying to harmful without having to resort to injection and without it even being immediately apparent whose post was responsible. e.g. I could PM members asking for personal information and make it look like a staff member replied to the private thread okaying it, or redirect a thread to a login prompt. It's possible the editor has some built-in protections against this when used normally, but I suspect it doesn't apply to using a third-party tool to "extend its features".
  4. I used to do this on a few boards until I broke a database. I also used a similar method to seize control of one. @supernal @desolate milkshake Triple-check your sanitation.
  5. Tebo

    Feedback - ooc purge

    Fine, take my posts again.
  6. Tebo

    General chat thread

    What bleak furry hell has sprung up in my absence?
  7. Tebo

    General chat thread

    I thought it was great because it sets up as the ultimate anti-fantasy in his coming to a new world and immediately being shunned and worse. He's looked down on, weak, framed, shunned, actively abused at every turn. It's rare that an isekai MC doesn't have at least something handed to them that powers through the challenges of their journey, but Naofumi doesn't even have basic gaming knowledge or respect for his status as a hero. The rise of our hero is more significant for it, and looking back from the latest episode it's crazy to think how far he's come without it feeling rushed or unnatural. The conclusion of the first major conflict arc supports this all the way, rather than leaving us with some hero-endorsed revenge-porn-by-proxy. Anime Naofumi is a case study in complex, real heroes.
  8. Tebo

    General chat thread

    The recurring themes are wishing for the violent rape and murder of female characters, and scoffing at any emotional depth or growth from the main character concerning said desires. The general consensus seems to be that the show would've been better if the main character had sex with all the little girls and forever stayed butthurt over what happens to him and eventually gets some form of sick revenge that only gets better the more unthinkable it is. I won't spoil anything for you but he doesn't roll around in it feeling sorry for himself forever, which is what people would have preferred going by most of the comments.
  9. Tebo

    General chat thread

    I think the show is better than the source, which is an accomplishment in itself. Interesting story, great characterization, balances well with Kenja no Mago which means I don't get isekai'd out on Wednesdays. The main issue with Shield Hero is all the incels in the discussions and having to wade through their garbage every week to discuss the show with someone who isn't human scum.
  10. Tebo

    General chat thread

    The number of Shield Hero fans unwilling to settle for anything less than the violent rape and murder of a woman is small but still disappointing. I expect we'll be hearing about it in anime news soon.
  11. "Real sociopaths" are capable of character development.
  12. It's bad enough when all someone does is react, so not even doing that is basically relegating your character to scene-dressing, something only supported by fixation on your appearance. "I dunno how to feel feelings" is, as justifications go, asinine. You don't know how to throw fireballs either but I don't see that stopping anyone. Google that shit if you must. We all know we aren't master engineers and martial artist and Olympic fencers and wizards and gods, ffs. "Muh trauma leaves me unable to connect with people and grasp the scope of their pain" is about as valid an excuse as "I haven't studied fencing". That's the sort of lazy and/or ignorant tactic that wastes good tools. Not reacting can say something. Maybe you set those events in motion so this horrible tragedy is just the expected outcome of some master plan. Maybe it's your way of showing us that your character is a sociopath. Maybe it's a (heavy-handed, admittedly) way to show that something else is weighing heavier on your character's mind and even such a horrible tragedy can't reach him. Maybe he's drowning in self-pity and despair and has the gall to dismiss such a thing as equal or lesser to his own pain. Maybe he's convinced himself he dunt feel stuffs because he's buckled under the shitty hand he's been dealt. Maybe he isn't human. This is artistry, not the artistic sophistry I see clogging up the works.
  13. I love ignorant grammatical errors. I'm indifferent to accidental grammatical errors. I can't stand willful grammatical errors, or the attempt to portray ignorant ones as such, as an aesthetic. Also, on the more important discussion going on here, cake without frosting is bread. Frosting without cake is some 3AM fridge-light-glistening-off-your-guilty-spoon shit. Bread is good and you can add things other than frosting to it, but scraping all the frosting off your cake because the frosting is thinner in some places than others doesn't turn it into something it isn't.
  14. Y'all can just call me out, I'm at peace with it myself.
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