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  1. Best done by API and integrated webhooks so the bot isn't overworked.
  2. Tebo

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    April: Congratulations @Ataraxy
  3. Yeah I don't even like, respect, or have any interest in most of the writers on this site and this clique sounds more cringey and boring than the worst ones to spring up here in literally over a decade of the site's existence. Sounds like they did some cool things in spite of themselves, and you know what they say about monkeys and typewriters.
  4. I've never heard of them but it sounds boring af tbh. [edit] That's prolly why I've never heard of them, come to think of it. I prolly did and just forgot because lol
  5. Yeah after I posted that I went and looked for Val and found it at 19, beneath a wall of blue. It is what it is.
  6. Y'all are never going to win these things because the people that run them and a lot of the people who participate aren't burdened with ideas of fair play. It's okay to just be on the board, though. Niche communities that rank higher than Valucre aren't necessarily more appealing to people using the sites to find a place to RP.
  7. Fractal is good enough that I will take it if you don't.
  8. Insofar as it can be referenced by others, yes. No one's going to rush to write it into their Big Book of Actually Happened or anything, but no one's denying it either. The difference between lore and RP is basically that lore is self-written backstory and rp is carried out in topics between (usually) two or more people. The "canon" bit just means it happened in a canon setting (i.e. not Alternative) which is pretty flexible as long as you aren't stepping on any creative toes.
  9. Script tags being removed wholesale is both comforting and disappointing, as it could be used to make some nifty card-type features and tabbed menus for settings and the like. I'll probably regret this, but for now I'm going to endorse it as the major concerns I had were addressed. Let me know if any problems arise so I can tell you I told you so help you shore up the disallowed list.
  10. Are we suggesting names or providing historical commentary?
  11. Am I the only one who thinks Fracture sounds more "14" than Terrenus?
  12. You can, but usernames are almost always inert. Klaxons usually sound at parsing raw HTML, though, and most of these platforms warn you off it even where they offer the ability to enable it. I'm not even sure it working is intentional on their part. Moreover, exploiting the WYSIWYG editor to parse raw HTML (if it has no way to sanitize it) allows me to vandalize a page, hijack it, or do any number of things ranging from annoying to harmful without having to resort to injection and without it even being immediately apparent whose post was responsible. e.g. I could PM members asking for personal information and make it look like a staff member replied to the private thread okaying it, or redirect a thread to a login prompt. It's possible the editor has some built-in protections against this when used normally, but I suspect it doesn't apply to using a third-party tool to "extend its features".
  13. I used to do this on a few boards until I broke a database. I also used a similar method to seize control of one. @supernal @desolate milkshake Triple-check your sanitation.
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