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  1. It's been updated. Thanks for pointing it out. ?
  2. This was over four years ago so it's a little fuzzy, but I'll recap and throw some links to you. A tap on the shoulder in a dark alley. It looks like we never reached the drug manufacturing stage. To summarize the summary, a female gnome named Detta had an incurable disease, the White Plague. When she was body-snatched, the Enrele cured her. It was hypothesized that the Enrele-charged White Plague antibodies from a desnatched individual could be leveraged to create an anti-Enrele drug. Both Detta and the specialist treating her were kidnapped/rescued from the hospital she was in and presumably taken to an anti-Enrele black site. While the drug itself wasn't created in-character, the ingredients and patents should be out there and acquirable.
  3. Some information that may be of use: Currently, there are five different kinds of Enrele, one for each hive mind. Hivemind Aleth consists of the originals. They have not adapted or diverged in any meaningful way from the bestiary entry. The most accurate detection method is to pull someone's shirt off and see if there's a big ugly tentacle monster attached to the back, or otherwise use any detection that penetrates clothing. They probably also smell bad until the parasite manages full infection, because nasty creatures tend to be malodorous. This is the hivemind based out of Dougton, where the doomsday clock is ticking. Notably, I believe there is an untested injection-based drug/bio-weapon that was developed from one of Aleth's rescued victims. In Hell's Gate, there's Hasith. It's the first derivation of Aleth and is both less massive and lacking in tentacles. I would say it's similar to a cymothoid isopod, as its modus operandi is to enter through the mouth and replace one of the host's organs. There is a small window of detection during initial infection: trauma around the mouth, esophagus, and GI system; standard medical procedures up until the host organ is fully replaced. The new organ may have the appearance of swelling or inflammation depending on how hard the parasite is pushing the host body. Incidentally, Hasith never replaces the brain. We have the other Enrele types hashed out, but in-character there isn't much in circulation about them. That said, Veth is similar in many ways to Hasith, but Daloth and Gamath are entirely different. Generally speaking, the host consciousness is no longer part of the body once infection is complete. For Aleth and Hesith, they're trapped in a separate mental space that could be described as an astral farm or an incorporeal data center. When attempting spiritual possession of an Aleth victim, one character was able to enter this mental space and pull out the imprisoned/suspended consciousness. That said, it isn't like the process is perfect. Some host consciousnesses fight back, which may result in Enrele that are erratic. In terms of mental illness, the reasoning is sound. Enrele are constantly optimizing their hosts, and are only able to mimic host behavior to the extent that they can act. They aren't all perfect actors, and some of them might suffer from a kind of psychic leakage from host minds that create subconscious warnings for loved ones. As far as Enrele host interactions w/r/t demographic differences, that's dealer's choice. Too many variables for me to comfortably dictate that to someone. Up to you! Exposing an Enrele to psionics or an Eldritch mind may have unintended consequences, but I leave how the actual interaction happens and how beneficial it us up to the players.
  4. Cherished members, Valucre has a limit on the number e-mails it can send you. We would love to send you e-mails all day long, but we are currently hundreds of e-mails in excess of that limit. As of this week, we have disabled e-mail notifications to reserve our e-mail count for registrations. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but please use the website to check for new content on your followed and subscribed items instead. We will update you when this changes. Yours Forever, Valucre Administration
  5. Realistically speaking, a Möbius strip is more likely than a rotund Valucre. But even if Valucre were a simple pancake, it would still have two sides. One side just happens to have butter and maple syrup on it.
  6. Even if the world had negligible thickness, say a distance equal to my commute to work, we would still be able to fit several of Mount Everest inside of a cavernous Terrenus. Considering the depth of oceans and continental crust, there is more than enough room to house several civilizations. The only limitation here is this arbitrary and invented concept of "slimness," which I assure you the dinosauroids living below us are more than happy to have you believe. Let's say the Aligorian Misinformed Department's silly hypothesis is true. All this would mean is that there is an Overside and an Underside (taking page from Evan Dahm's comics).
  7. So am I. We can dream of a day when the truth isn't so vehemently suppressed, but by then it'll be too late. Remember what Eru Ilúvatar did to Arda? The saddest part is that the poor Rounders won't even realize what they've lost when it happens.
  8. I think you're reading too much into the verbiage of "hollow world" here. Are you expecting to find Jupiter down there or something?
  9. Don't be so dramatic. It's just a big cave. Unless there's a second flat world underneath ours, in which case you should be concerned, but Rounders are so flustered by a glorified cavern filled with bearded drunkards and grumpy elves that I doubt they can grasp the idea let alone the threat of more than one flat world. Doomed by rondure anti-intellectualism. What a way for our civilization to meet its end.
  10. Huh? I mean, mountains and oceans exist. What kind of flat did you think I meant? A 2-dimensional plane without any depth or elevation?
  11. Not if the Rounders fill it with concrete so they can continue their contrarian fantasies. They're a menace to society.
  12. It's truly appalling. "Is Valucre flat?" "Yes." Thread over. What is wrong with people?
  13. It may not stop him, but the facts don't align with his assertion of nativity. The Invader-King may have been born on a round world, but that world isn't Valucre because Valucre is flat. For now. Have you ever wondered why an alien would start an earthbending religion? Terraforming! First the Invader-King bends your minds, then your morals, and finally your planet. It all adds up.
  14. Yes, his mother. . . a giant space woman who has been established as a religious figurehead. Nothing fishy about the fellow who coerced an entire nation into the literal worship of aliens. Nothing strange about outlawing naturalized citizenship and forcing us all earn it by paying lip service to Gaia. Just another day in this globose world we live in, right? Wrong! Throw the Rounders over the edge!
  15. Ha! Where's the Invader-King's birth certificate?
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