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  1. From an interest check I wrote 20 days ago but never posted: "Everyone is Zengi. The year is 31 AO. The day is Monday. The sun rises on Fracture. A new day, a new year. You feel like a new person. But wait... you are! You're Zengi. You look to your bed. Your wife is Zengi! You run to the crib. Your baby is a little Zengi! You hear the dry coughing of an animal Zengi at the door: your dog is Zengi, barking at the Zengi-drawn wagons full of Zengis! EVERYONE. IS. ZENGI. "in this roleplay, we will explore important themes like: -What does it mean to be a Zengi? -Are Zengis always bad, or can they be good? -Why do roleplayers project on traditionally masculine figures defined mostly by their power and evil? Why aren't we all a queen? -Can Zengi be a queen, and if so, does she slay?" I'm still tempted, though.
  2. @supernal yo eel. nice ear flaps. and no, i don't care about the transparency or hatchet job on the masking
  3. Fire Emblem. For one, the Wyvern Lord class is OP. In terms of unique design, I'm partial to Grima and the Manaketes in Awakening, though Fae's design in Binding Blade is interesting. Honorable mentions to Dragon Tribe Laguz.
  4. I don't know what you mean specifically by "interact with" and "manipulate", but outside of large-scale events established by board leaders, the answer is generally no. A loci is more like an immutable facet of the setting. That's Noel's hypothesis.
  5. 1. It was a republic ruled by an oligarchy of the mercantile elite. The only two pre-established figures are the Monroes and the Trasimenes, the figureheads at the time being Eustace and Gloria, but aside from them there would have been several other commercial tycoons and industrialists with varying degrees of loyalty to the Desecrators. There wasn't a "main" person. 2. The ones who sided with Odin lived, the ones who didn't died. Can't spell Crusades without sad. 3. Some did, some didn't. There wasn't one main person who went, "We surrender!" 4. I imagine there were some plea deals, agreements for reparations, and a large amount of civil asset forfeiture depending on which merchants survived. Otherwise, Odin established a regency and told them not to make him come back a second time or there wouldn't be a city anymore. 5. Aesthetically speaking, not as industrial or technology-themed in general. Now there's plenty of urban sprawl. 6. Monroe would have been part of the nobility in terms of being the rich elite, but the idea of an aristocracy based around divine mandate to rule through bloodlines was antiquated by then. No new peerage post-Odin. Any land that was left vacant through Crusading would have been seized by the government or surrendered for public use and/or common good rather than awarded to some viscount. 7. Making money.
  6. A giant black snake chilling in the hold of a ship. And then you blew him up.
  7. We have guns. It should be called Gun Planet. Truth in advertising.
  8. Zengi again? I guess if you really think about it, we're all Zengi.
  9. Not really. One of the highest offices in the Empire is occupied by a Kushian. If you're Terran, then you're Terran. There have been human supremacy movements in other countries, but we never hopped on that particular bandwagon.
  10. Just my 2c: Terrenus recently went through its version of the Industrial Revolution about thirty years ago. At the time of the Industrial Revolution, the world population on Earth was approx. 700 million and didn't increase to 1 billion until about half a century later. However, Valucre is not Earth. Earth does not have strong population controls. Valucre has magic, but the magical forces in this world are hostile and arrayed against its people. Valucre has spellcasting and magitech, but it can kill you. Using your washing machine IRL probably won't kill you. If you walk outside of New York City, you will not be eaten. If you walk outside of Hell's Gate, there is something that wants to eat you, can eat you, and would eat you if you weren't a super-powerful player-character that traipses around the world like it's as safe as a gated HOH community. I could talk about endless warfare, recurring ecological disasters, giant death portals, and space alien invasions, but I digress.
  11. Power interactions can be grouped. I'll call the types: suppression, cancellation, and mitigation. Suppression prevents a character from using a power. Cancellation nullifies a power during or after use. Mitigation acknowledges the power as having been used and manages the effects. Power interactions that fall within the suppression-cancellation spectrum are less likely to be mutually affirming, and that's where anti-magic typically lives. The difference between "no u" and "yes, and" is not about bad vs. good writing, nor is it about nobody vs. everybody complaining. It's about acting in the affirmative. Let's say we define mana one way and define ki another way. Anti-magic that affects mana might not affect ki. That sounds reasonable. I use a ki ability, and Carlos uses anti-magic on me. In response, I direct Carlos to my dissertation on the metaphysical differences between power systems, and I tell him I am unaffected. It's certainly rational, and Carlos will be impressed and grateful because this is good writing and not bad writing. I definitely did not "no u" Carlos. Except I'm not considering the pragmatics. In practical terms, Carlos spent time writing that post, and I reduced his narrative impact to zero and justified it with some technobabble. Really, it's like he never posted at all. I'm not saying it's impossible to act in the affirmative in these situations. If you do, then I'll happily lick your candy cane and call you Santa Claus. What I am saying is that I find affirming the other players' characters as cool and effective more important than how good at writing or how logical I am. Anti-phlebotinum and the differences between devil fruits and kundalini martinis aren't all that important.
  12. We may need to compartmentalize! The "no u" category can be broad, and there's a taxonomy of "no u"s. Anti-magic is a "no u" in the sense that it asserts a previous post doesn't happen. I would put it in the same "no u" compartment as reversing time to stop someone from doing something. Contrast with flight, a "no u" in a different compartment. Flying around and chanting "neener neener" while no one can do anything about it is similarly "no u" but in a different way. It's true that a lot of powers can fall into this category.
  13. For roleplaying in a general sense, anti-magic does not tend to be dramatically interesting because it falls into the "no u" category of powers. We should be following improv rules and saying "yes, and" instead of "no u" whenever possible. For fantasy terminology, anti-magic is lame in a funny way. It's like calling an insulator anti-electricity. No dude, that's rubber. For roleplaying in the world of Valucre, it's like spending hours of your life to watch MCU films and not see superpowers, except you're spending months of your life to not have fun playing your super wizard. Embrace being a snowflake. For the lore of Valucre, if you follow the laws of magic, then magic happens. Genii loci > someone saying "no u."
  14. Congratulations on becoming administrator of Valucre! Good morning.

  15. ?‬?‬?‬?‬?‬?‬ (DELMAR GRESHAM) Delmar was a promising sophomore in the Urban Studies and Planning program at the HG Central College. He worked a part-time job as waitstaff at the Slipstream Hag's Bar & Grill. His parents are normal, lower-middle class citizens who met at and still work in the hospitality industry. His long-term girlfriend studies civil engineering at the same college. Before he was reported missing, he was seeing a physician for hearing problems, but the doctor could find nothing medically wrong. Both his parents and girlfriend, in their statements to FIST, explained that Delmar had been spending an unusual amount of time on Grumble before his disappearance. His Grumble avatar was the same photo used on his missing person posters. That was over two years ago. Ever since, Delmar has mutely trundled the streets of Hell’s Gate in dirty robes seeming a beggar, but in reality, he is the Rector, a guide for any potential Assessor who seeks to sacrifice at the Narthex. ?‬?‬?‬?‬ ?‬?‬?‬‬?‬?‬?‬ (ASSESSORS OF HASITH) The Assessors of Hasith (Arta Hasith) are members of a mystery religion in Hell’s Gate. Their initiation rite is to offer their ?‬?‬?‬?‬?‬ ?‬?‬?‬ ?‬‬?‬?‬?‬ (Truths and Lies) to Hasith by allowing the Enrele parasite to eat their tongues. Instead of stealing their bodies, Hasith detaches once the initiation rite is complete, and leaves the Assessors tongueless but otherwise intact. According to the Assessors, the Enrele parasites deliver their offerings of Truths and Lies into the ?‬?‬?‬?‬?‬?‬ ?‬?‬w (Mouth of Hasith), where Truths and Lies will become the ‬?‬?‬?‬?‬?‬?‬?‬?‬?‬ (Insolubles) for the ?‬‬?‬?‬?‬?‬ ?‬?‬?‬?‬?‬?‬?‬‬?‬?‬?‬‬?‬?‬?‬ (Final Contradiction). It is only through acts to protect the ?‬?‬?‬?‬?‬ ?‬?‬ ?‬?‬?‬?‬?‬ (March of Tongues) that the Assessors may be rewarded in the ?‬?‬?‬?‬?‬?‬?‬?‬? (‬Pseudomenos) that the world will become. The March of Tongues is the phenomenon that attracts new Assessors, who hear Hasith’s footsteps as the ?‬?‬?‬ ?‬?‬?‬?‬?‬ (Eldspeech), and they are compelled to complete the syllables of unknown words by offering their Truths and Lies at Hasith’s Narthex. ?‬?‬?‬?‬ ?‬?‬ ?‬?‬?‬‬?‬?‬? (GIFTS OF HASITH) As Hasith’s patrons, the Assessors command a repulsive array of occult gifts. As the Rector and most enlightened of All, Delmar is equivalently most gifted of All. Foremost of his gifts, he can assess who has heard the March of Tongues, who has offered their Truths and Lies, and those who serve Hasith unwillingly. Delmar’s other gifts will soon be leveraged against Hasith’s adversaries. ?‬?‬?‬‬?‬?‬?‬ ?‬?‬?‬?‬?‬ ?‬?‬y ?‬?‬?‬ (HASITH SHALL SAY ALL) ?‬?‬?‬ ?‬?‬?‬?‬?‬ ?‬?‬y ?‬?‬?‬‬?‬?‬?‬‬ (ALL SHALL SAY HASITH)
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