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  1. What's good, new friend?

    1. unhandy


      Hi!!!! Just trying to get a grasp around the site so I can start rping!!! :~)

  2. Just joined and already posting up a storm? I like your style.

    1. Neoplatinum


      Cheers mate! Haha

      Well this place is great for doing so, so why not? :) After all, it's what we're here for :P

      Have a good one! I'm sure we'll rp sometime :)

  3. Cool character. Do you have any plans for him?

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    2. supernal


      Looking forward to seeing more of that character around.

    3. aesome


      Lol I'll be sure to join in the next day or so. I'm just establishing where I want to jump in or if I want to start my own open thread.

    4. desolate milkshake

      desolate milkshake

      Glad to see you're getting some roleplay going already. Keep it up!

  4. You're flitting around a lot lately. I like it.

    1. Off Topic

      Off Topic

      I could say the same to you--been noticing you pop up nearly every where I look.

      Appreciate the comment, as always. I've been shamelessly lurking many of your old and current threads, by the way.

    2. supernal


      :) my little babies
  5. I fixed the table whitespace in the Terrenus article. Take a look.

  6. Thanks! :D I haven't reached out to Nick or Raze yet since I want to clear up some of my current stories first, but I won't forget about you. Promise.

  7. Good job on the quiz. Enjoy your VB!

  8. I made certain Carlos personally attended to all of your entries!

  9. Good work on the quiz! Enjoy your VB.

  10. Is Taking Atland ever going to progress?

  11. What did you want to talk about?

  12. Good job on the quiz! Hope you're enjoying Valucre. :)

  13. Maybe. I'll post my thoughts in the topic about it.

  14. Have you ever felt like you're being watched?

  15. I don't want that on my profile page!

  16. It looks best on the fixed style. Otherwise, the postbit is too long and I have trouble reading.

  17. Go look at some posts now.

  18. The postbit will at least be the same size as the userbit. If your post is smaller than your avatar, user information and other doodads displayed there, then you'll have empty space. You can pick whether it appears in the post area or in the signature area. There might be template edits to make the userbit horizontal instead of vertical.

  19. So finicky. You're lucky the adjustment only took a few seconds.

  20. I know. Added class-related as a descriptor. Something more like the last four and not like the other community service quests, although we can repurpose those for classes. We might consider requiring teachers create their own as well so students aren't 100% dependent on them.

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