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  1. what do i need to roll to hogtie whits with the rope in boron's bag
  2. sorry for the delay. sleeping turned into not sleeping turned into homework finally turned into posting. 🥂
  3. Due to the denim druid's weird speech tics, Boron couldn't tell whether his name was Dar, Dare, Daren, Darren, Daring, or if he was describing himself as daring. "OK Dar," he replied with his best guess. "It's a pleasure to meet you. That's a cool jacket, where—what are you doing? Hey, I don't mind hugging if you're feeling down, but—ack!" Some of the vial's liquid got in his mouth and tasted like bleach. He turned his head away from Dar and tried to spit it out, then used some clean water to rinse his eyes just in case. Boron stood over the heads and stared. He made multiple vague gestures between Mayu, Lillium, Whits, Matthew, Dar, The Heads, and The Universe, jaw slack and expression perplexed. Then he took a deep breath and let it all go. "Gaia," he started and clasped his hands together, then lowered his head slightly in deference. "Please guide my wonderful friends and I safely down this troubled path. I know I asked you for adventure, but I could really use some wisdom right now." In the next room and on seeing Dar's inflamed face, Boron was glad he rinsed his eyes. They were opening a box. It was thumping. If that wasn't the footsteps of the Wyrm, he didn't know what was. When the spiders attacked his friends, Boron hesitated, but wondered if this was Gaia's test—he had asked for wisdom and She delivered. Last time he refused to hurt an animal, it caused problems for his friends. Now they were in danger. He pulled his weapon out and hammered the black spider Mayu engaged (roll of 7 or .5HP). It was presumably crushed and impaled by the mace's spikes. Spurts of pale blue blood escaped its impaled exoskeleton and pooled underneath it. Boron grimaced. "Sorry."
  4. boron smash (soon™)
  5. It's been a topic of much discussion how the site would have developed differently if the setting were more intimate. City-level and continent-level roleplay invites city-leveling and continent-leveling threats. If everyone had to share the same space and the same canon, instead of kicking it down and then roaming off to the next sub-forum like it ain't no thang, then it might be different. It might not. But like mild powers or the discontinued Star Wars Espresso Chocolate Coffee Mate creamer. . .
  6. boron wants to be the spider(s) friend wtf @ druid didn't you prepare speak with animals today? smh need to get some before i post. late tonight or tomorrow probs
  7. Mm, that's tasty. More of that.
  8. Justice now recruiting mind-controllers for Greater Good, inquire within. Benefits: red-name entourage.
  9. It's a tough character type to pull off because of player agency. In a way, mind-control can "NPC-ify" the PC. Some thoughts on that archetype: First, almost never roleplay the actual enchantress. PCs who have mind-control abilities have zero reason to expose themselves to risk. Always roleplay minions in any scenario that is dangerous. That said, never roleplaying your character in the flesh might defeat the point, and you would never get to use those abilities on a PC. You could mitigate that to some extent by having them watch their minions through a crystal ball and narrating the occasional voyeurism. Alternatively, use a recurring familiar with a personality. Resuscitate as necessary. Second, find a player for a bodyguard who is a jacked-up megabeast, or alternatively a player who knows how to handle goofy power-characters. Try your luck, but come equipped for disappointment. Third, frontload the character. Communicate in any interest check that your character solves problems with mind-affecting spells and if that's an issue for anyone, then you'd love to talk it out, or you can thank them for their time and don't waste yours. Some players might surprise you, even if most won't. Fourth, find someone who can enforce it, and become that person's right-hand enchantress or play exclusively in that setting. Alternatively, make a setting where MP isn't just lip service yourself. Fifth, be transactional. If someone doesn't recognize mind-affecting abilities, tell them you don't recognize body-affecting abilities. Quid pro quo, baby. Sixth, start a group of enchantresses. Travel in packs. Use the power of your special interest group to peer pressure acceptance of mind-affecting spells. Become known as the "Big Enchant" lobby. Seventh, give up on PvP situations. Go get those NPCs. Even good players become downright bonkers when they enter PvP.
  10. "Forcing" anyone to do anything is asking for an emotional response. Roleplaying a villain PC requires a degree of altruism. Villain PCs should be antagonizing the setting in the hopes that they will eventually be stopped in a climactic confrontation. There are two parts to that: inspiring others to want to stop you, and stoking their believe that they can stop you. If someone has to be forced, then they just aren't a very good player, and forcing a poor player into circumstances that invite poor play is ineffective.
  11. desolate

    Easy meals

    Diced squash and sweet potatoes in a pan with cinnamon sugar butter. Chicken breast in brown sugar, bourbon, and ginger in the oven. Could also simmer in a crock pot.
  12. desolate

    Easy meals

    Gnocchi. Fry in a skillet with olive oil. Add grilled chicken and sauce of choice, such as a light alfredo, carbonara, or pesto.
  13. open it open it open it open it open it open it open it 👏
  14. Facing down a deity's machinations, let alone killing one, is the stuff entire campaigns are made out of. It should be the zenith of a character's arc, not a pit stop on their journey. Even if the deity is more down-to-earth like a Shinto spirit, it was still Ashitaka's entire arc in Princess Mononoke. It's funny that "god-killing" is just a monster hunt. They're apparently animals waiting around for the player character to kill them. How about once one god is defeated, the other ones team up, make the entire world a place of misery and anguish, and point the despairing masses at the player character? Or pull a Zeus. Have kids all over the place. Your divine essence will live on and as you "die," you just laugh because you're not a brain-dead NPC that only exists to prop up some murderhobo. Bonus if all the demigods are competing for your old title.
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