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  1. Incidentally, I like all three cinematic versions of Spiderman. 🕷️ There was a similar issue in DC with the Justice League film, when Zack Snyder was replaced with Joss Whedon. Look up "Snyder cut" if you want some more director drama.
  2. I see Rey as being three different characters. There's Rey in The Force Awakens, Rey in The Last Jedi, and Rey in The Rise of Skywalker. Each version is interesting in her own right, but the directors were too preoccupied with "no u"-ing each other.
  3. Competition is not innately absurd or toxic. However, that behavior is normalized when it is tacitly supported. There was no gamesmanship or sportsmanship in that event. If you still consider it a success for other reasons, then congratulations on your success. 🥂 It's why RPGs usually have a Session 0, where some important questions are asked: "What kind of game/story do you expect this to be?" and "What do you want to get out of it?" I, for one, would appreciate knowing ahead of time whether someone intends to write dry text walls describing blow-by-blow a pistolier fighting an ice wizard. Roleplay, including combat, is made exciting by colorful characters and the drama between and surrounding them.
  4. I'm glad that you were able to turn an unpleasant experience for me into a good opportunity for yourself. For what it's worth, I enjoyed some of the resulting storyline. But I'm going to refresh your memory. Renovatio showed up. My character, along with someone else's, went to go parley. They opened fire with 100,000 tanks that each had eight weapons, described as such: "four of the eight weapons were 360mm Non Elemental Cannons. The other three are shell based, 180mm Cannons that fired napalm tipped rounds. The last weapon was 100mm Dual Gatling guns that fired a splurge of Non Elemental rounds and artillery." I used the RRR as a barrier. They had an issue with it, it wasn't nice, and I capitulated. The other player and I left the thread because no roleplay is better than not-nice roleplay, and you came in to salvage a story from it after the fact. I understand that this was 12 years ago, but it isn't an example of gamesmanship or sportsmanship, and it isn't a success story. They didn't "stop posting" after the magical barrier or their problem with it. In fact, they got exactly what they wanted, and then didn't post anyway.
  5. That's a sanitized version. The RRR concept was created by you beforehand but used in practice by my character, and the opposition went full-on toxic. As per usual, they were given the win and I let them kill my character, and went about my business. They were rewarded for their behavior, and it wasn't the last time it happened.
  6. It's legitimate in the sense that Valucre is an action flick set in a kitchen sink fantasy where anything goes and nothing matters. It's hard to say that players who have characters with technology should go through any extra effort to demonstrate "magical principles" when the actual magic used by wizards or wizard-adjacent characters is neither principled nor judicious. On an immersion level, it takes me out of the story when I read about how someone's Smith & Wesson pistol is ackshually a Sleipner & Medusa handheld crystal thrower (something about roses and names). OK buddy, if you spent half as much time telling me what your character cares about, maybe we'd have a story that's more than pew pew.
  7. I wonder how much of it can be chalked up to the player being self-conscious or the perceived audience being hypercritical. Someone feels like they have to prove their portrayal is valid by becoming an armchair expert on, for instance, pharmaceuticals and ensuring a technical treatise on narcotics accompanies every post, lest they be discovered as a literary fraud and disavowed by the Valucre elites. Excuse me, mister drug lord. I find your description of protease inhibitors incorrect per this peer-reviewed JSTOR article. Can you please shape up your portrayal or ship out?
  8. what do i need to roll to hogtie whits with the rope in boron's bag
  9. sorry for the delay. sleeping turned into not sleeping turned into homework finally turned into posting. 🥂
  10. Due to the denim druid's weird speech tics, Boron couldn't tell whether his name was Dar, Dare, Daren, Darren, Daring, or if he was describing himself as daring. "OK Dar," he replied with his best guess. "It's a pleasure to meet you. That's a cool jacket, where—what are you doing? Hey, I don't mind hugging if you're feeling down, but—ack!" Some of the vial's liquid got in his mouth and tasted like bleach. He turned his head away from Dar and tried to spit it out, then used some clean water to rinse his eyes just in case. Boron stood over the heads and stared. He made multiple vague gestures between Mayu, Lillium, Whits, Matthew, Dar, The Heads, and The Universe, jaw slack and expression perplexed. Then he took a deep breath and let it all go. "Gaia," he started and clasped his hands together, then lowered his head slightly in deference. "Please guide my wonderful friends and I safely down this troubled path. I know I asked you for adventure, but I could really use some wisdom right now." In the next room and on seeing Dar's inflamed face, Boron was glad he rinsed his eyes. They were opening a box. It was thumping. If that wasn't the footsteps of the Wyrm, he didn't know what was. When the spiders attacked his friends, Boron hesitated, but wondered if this was Gaia's test—he had asked for wisdom and She delivered. Last time he refused to hurt an animal, it caused problems for his friends. Now they were in danger. He pulled his weapon out and hammered the black spider Mayu engaged (roll of 7 or .5HP). It was presumably crushed and impaled by the mace's spikes. Spurts of pale blue blood escaped its impaled exoskeleton and pooled underneath it. Boron grimaced. "Sorry."
  11. boron smash (soon™)
  12. It's been a topic of much discussion how the site would have developed differently if the setting were more intimate. City-level and continent-level roleplay invites city-leveling and continent-leveling threats. If everyone had to share the same space and the same canon, instead of kicking it down and then roaming off to the next sub-forum like it ain't no thang, then it might be different. It might not. But like mild powers or the discontinued Star Wars Espresso Chocolate Coffee Mate creamer. . .
  13. boron wants to be the spider(s) friend wtf @ druid didn't you prepare speak with animals today? smh need to get some before i post. late tonight or tomorrow probs
  14. Mm, that's tasty. More of that.
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