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  1. Yeah. Multiplayer difficulties are Bronze, Silver, and Gold. I might try a Silver match tonight... but I don't want to pull my hair out on a work night.
  2. ME:A Bronze is way more difficult than ME3 Bronze, which is a difficulty I barely touched. Not used to the keybindings. I keep fat fingering the Cobra missiles.
  3. Yes, @supernal should do it... It looks like the patch removed the ability to differentiate between disallowing direct photo uploads and importing from an image host's URL. Now it's an umbrella setting, and I suppose they made the change since it all goes to the same place in the end. I set it to 500kB for now, but that's subject to change. Please check to see if you can "Import from URL." Thanks.
  4. Hello, are you around at the moment?

  5. A few reckless edits to the database later and Nox's accolades are restored. @supernal@Nox@Tebo
  6. On the bright side, we seem to have moved past the era where organizations are staffed and headed exclusively by centuries old beings who act like 20-somethings.
  7. Welcome to blended learning. Wait until you take a class and realize it's just an online class that requires you to be in the classroom.
  8. It's a good idea to go with. Do it.
  9. All three teams in our department were downsized to the size of one team, and we're budgeting for more work than last year. If that wasn't enough, everyone on my team is new and has no experience.
  10. Terrenus is a theocratic kingdom. The state-sponsored religion is Gaianism, their monarch canonized himself as a saint, his title is Saint-King, and there are various levels of zealotry. I don't think there's a 100% zealot area, but it isn't like you couldn't make one up! The current regime is only 27 years old. The Crusades that freed Terrenus from the Legion of Desecrators actually did "Make Terrenus Great Again." Patriotism has only grown since then because Terrenus' enemies are numerous, endless, and mostly homogeneous. As a player-run group, no. As a background in-character force that exists and can be interacted with, yes. I don't know much about the Dominion, though Hell's Gate is massive and I doubt that everyday life is bogged down by swarms of cultists. Like you won't go cabbage shopping and find the Dominion in your lettuce.
  11. I wanted to create a separate, evolving campaign map for Biazo Isle, factionalize it, and host a war between multiple player-controlled parties—something large and ongoing rather than a single pitched battle that's stripped down to a typical T1 fight with a different coat of paint—anda set of different ground rules. That said, the time investment is too steep based on past experiences. This exactly. At least the War for Dasua Barony was an improvement over its predecessors... I think.
  12. @Tangora998 I will probably post sometime tomorrow if you're still planning on catching up.
  13. Wouldn't surprise me. Substituting "boy" with "girl" was habit at one point. Or maybe you're old. They say memory is the first thing to go.
  14. Does it? Shellos comes from a passionate Facebook fight that involved prolific and passive-aggressive Photoshopping.
  15. I've never been with a woman and I'm doing great.