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  1. desolate

    Symposium Against Doom

    "Thank you all for sharing," Noel said, the animated quill transcribing their words. "Valid concerns all, but weighed against what? Notions of threats undefined, until now. Many of you have spoken about body snatchers, genius loci, political dissidents—let's start by defining one of these threats: body snatchers." An attendant handed out pamphlets containing information about the Enrele. Behind Noel, two holographic datasets appeared: charts on the Enrele population by major cities compared against average population, and then divided by known hive minds linked to region of operation by color code. "As you can see, we face a dire pandemic. Between all of the major cities, an estimated 6,310,000 people are taken. Across the rest of Terrenus, our estimates approximate 22,740,000 people are taken, nearly 8% of the Empire's population. If we include animals and other fauna in our calculations, there could be upwards of 113,700,000 Enrele alive right now." Noel took a deep breath. "Hive mind Aleth is projected to reach collective willpower capable of competing with a genius loci for control over natural law by 30 AO. Fortunately, we have observed that hive minds are competing with one another and are not allies. Unfortunately, each generation of Enrele—and they multiply fast—proves insusceptible to methods of detection, including undocumented changes in physical form, previously employed against them. Our only recourse to prevent the eradication of free will on this continent was to use most of our satellites processing an Empire-wide scan." He gazed thoughtfully at the graphs, chin in one hand. "Of course, our data is incomplete. Compromised personnel have been caught attempting to contaminate it, we are unaware of their methods against divination, and with magic being what it is these days... This may be our final chance to mount a defense."
  2. @Ataraxy Hey, jw if you're still planning to join us? I remember you saying your participation was tentative. ❓
  3. Cool, thanks for the update and welcome Tenaki! ㊗️ We'll KISS and say SAD happens 2 weeks after ANT, mirroring the approximate amount of time between when the threads were started. 💋
  4. It's time to dance! The first page has been updated with the IC link: Symposium Against Doom. We're jumping right in, so don't be shy. 💃
  5. Services opened at the First Temple at dawn, a couple of hours before the first Symposium began. Cardinal Wolda's sermon was brief and somber, speaking to the cycle of the Triad and how the Wyrm's entropy was necessary but transient, always superseded by renewal and order. After, she instructed the clergy to prepare grief counseling services. No paved roads lead to the Temple, only paths worn by travel and natural passages. Priests were stationed at waypoints to guide travelers through the hills, past prismatic wildflower fields and towering old growth, and to the Symposium: a depression in the ground outside the Temple that formed an open amphitheater under ample cloud cover. Several Peacekeepers were present as guards. A terrace on the Temple roof overlooked the forum, seating: Wolda, Odette, General Brown, and a robed man wearing a featureless white mask. Today's guests were free to seat themselves on the raised stone rows of the amphitheater. Attendants were available to fetch refreshments, or to take lunch orders for the noon break. The Symposium started at 8:30 AM sharp, marked by the deep ring of a bell. A red-haired, red-eyed man dressed in a white button-up shirt tucked into black dress pants and a scarlet tie with a white scorpion design stepped into the center of the amphitheater. A full clipboard, quill, inkwell and a baton floated at his sides. "Hello!" he waved and smiled. "I'm Noel Trasimene, and I'll lead our conversation today. Let's start with introductions: tell me about your fine selves, and what brought you here today. What is it that you want to save the world, your kin, or yourself from? To keep it orderly, whoever has the baton has the floor." Noel looked at the first guest and the baton hovered forth.
  6. Looking to get this rolling over the weekend. I can't ever seem to get away from work. 👨‍💼
  7. Hmm... 🤔 Of course there's room for you! 👰 And if there weren't, 🦐Evelyn🐛 could fit on a 📌pin📌. Thanks for the RSVP! 🙌 Hey, how do you pronounce Saratxaga? Welcome! 👍 If we fail to save the world, Audric can use some of that 💰 real cash money 💸to fly us all to a new start in Tellus Mater! ✈️
  8. Welcome to the list! And we'll have to earmark some relief funds for supporting the Ashville refugees... let me look at our budget. 🔎 Will they win though? The ⚡shocking facts ⚡ might surprise you! But on the real, the crux of the matter is whether you're joining? 😊 Thanks @supernal for the assist on the Civil War plot. I'll add that the true, legitimate, and totally not fake Terrenus government is less concerned with divisive political entities... until the next new year. Hopefully there's still a world stage left in checks calendar 30 AO! ✊
  9. Everyone likes knights and everyone likes order! Send a rep! ⚔️
  10. Welcome to the list! I see Capria has some experience with holy mandates? There will be plenty of 🔥 holiness 🔥 and a lot of mandating 😏 here!
  11. Not Aramark, that's for sure. 🤢 Food will be prepared by the Ercaniron Chef and his royal cooks! By Gaia, if they don't have it, they'll shoot it or grow it and cook it up! Just make sure to put your order in before 1:00 pm. 🥓 Oh, the Media. I should have added them to threat list. 👀 Come right in, as long as they're willing to weigh in on the topics!
  12. Excellent! Welcome to the list! Now Elsera can say "I was there when Terrenus saved the world." And did I mention lunch is catered? 🍻
  13. Do you want to die? Do you want everyone to die? If you answered "No!", then you should probably attend a round-table to discuss surviving the inevitable apocalypse. The Terran Empire is calling on citizens and their allies who have the means and the wits to discuss solutions for problems facing the modern Terran: the Unnatural Dilemma, the Body Snatching Menace, the Genius Loco, and more. Join us at SAD today, or you'll be really sad tomorrow! If there is a tomorrow. SAD will be held at the First Temple in Ignatz. All high-ranking members of the clergy and military will be present to observe the conference. IC Link: Symposium Against Doom. Thread has started and is closed on a case-by-case basis to future attendees. Hi everyone. 😃 I'm looking for characters that might be able to help solve many of the crises facing Terrenus today: diplomats, scientists, engineers, wizards, soldiers, neutral foreign nationals who want to survive, etc. SAD will be a dialogue driven thread. Since dialogue should keep moving, we're going to follow brevity rules (300 word max, 3 day turnaround) and characters should have something to say about the topic on every turn. The Terrenus government will implement sweeping changes based on the points raised at the Symposium. The way I imagine it proceeding: a Terrenus official will open with the 😲dire😲 facts of life in Terrenus, and we'll circle through the round-table to present experiences, theories, thoughts, concerns, questions and most importantly how to deal with it all. Be prepared to be famous or infamous depending on what solutions you suggest. Disclaimer: any hostile or evil creatures that come within 10 miles of Ignatz during SAD will be destroyed. Attendance List: 1. Grubbistch - Elsera Elludoria (Diplomat - Terrenus) 2. Lilium - Capria Belvardi (Diplomat - Terrenus) 3. Ataraxy - Saturn (Reporter) 4. Tenkai Matsumoto - Tenkai (Order of Force Majeure) 5. Deus ex Aizen - Raveena (Regent - Hyperion) 6. supernal - Evelyn DeLamprey (Engineer - Handymen) 7. Paroxysm - Renata (Peace Keeper - Terrenus) 8. Grimmholt - Audric (Count - Grey County)
  14. desolate

    Serial Killers Wanted

    There are a lot of villains on this site who would make great pieces of artwork. Personally, I think the Abaddon Triumvirate would look fabulous on hooks over your fireplace.