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  1. It is now read only. 🐙
  2. Post order and last IC post edited. Free reign from this point on. Thanks!
  3. I had a regex in there to limit usernames to a-z and numbers, but it's gone. Added it back in.
  4. @The Alexandrian Free reign to eliminate all the Xelken engaging HGA this round, as I don't think I'll be controlling them any further. Thanks!
  5. It sounds like there are two points that need to be cleared up. 1. Are the abominations leaving the slaughterhouse this turn? 2. How exactly would they be throttled? I'm under the impression the NPCs will be duking it out on the firebase, which is like an open lot.
  6. There's no prescribed number of rounds. I dislike narrating combat blow by blow because it tends to be tedious unless the thread is fast paced, which this is not. My preference is to get an idea ahead of time what everyone wants to do and tell them what to incorporate into their posts, or to have them incorporate enemy reactions into their posts as an edit so the next player can riff off each subsequent turn instead of queueing up like it's an old school Final Fantasy game, but it hasn't looked like there's much interest in that level of coordination.
  7. Like @amenities said, I came in with the expectation of a predetermined loss. It's mostly a matter of how much time Marcos has to file for promotion. You know how deadlines for government paperwork are. Appreciate the answers. A lot could happen. Mar'Xel is now a possibility. Already planning the promotion party. OK.
  8. I'm confused about what's happening here. 1. Is the intention here to one-round auto-kill everything? 2. What does "approaching cadre" and "HGA monstrosities" refer to? 3. The roadway with the thrown ultrahawk only has a frost giant on my end. The other parties there are a some clerics, Li'El, and most likely Sethid and Shishi. 4. I don't have a horde or a legion and I'm only in one block, aside from the frost giant.
  9. Where do I apply to be promoted to main villain? The Aspyn City Clerk? 🙏
  10. Speaking long-term, are we moving in any particular direction? 🙏
  11. Cooperation first and foremost. It enhances literally every aspect of roleplay. Naturally, attempting to solicit involvement from uncooperative or unresponsive players is a nightmare and kills enthusiasm. Immersion is important but a distant second, and I don't expect it from freeform roleplay. There has to be consistent internal logic and a commitment by the players to adhere to the shared reality, which is a form of cooperation in itself, and securing that cooperation is hard enough on its own. Competition is basically meaningless to me because without the emotional investment from cooperation and immersion, there's no substance to it. It might be why I sometimes pursue gamification in roleplay. In the absence of other forms of gratification, a game is at least mentally stimulating.
  12. Nick Yee did analysis on Bartle's taxonomy in Motivations of Play in MMORPGs Results from a Factor Analytic Approach. On page 6, he breaks down the original taxonomy into 10 subcomponents, e.g. there are different motivations and distinct modes to Socialize (casual chit-chat, long-term relationships, and teamwork). Gender and age differences are discussed from page 10 onward, and from 14 onward an in depth breakdown on the subcomponents. Not all of it is 1:1 translation into forum roleplay since a lot of the respondents come from MMORPGs, but sections such as "Power brings Recognition" are at least in line with opinions like Sigil Warden's, where the PVP (Killer) aspect is driven by Social motivations.
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