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  1. OOC Services opened at the First Temple at dawn, a couple of hours before the first Symposium began. Cardinal Wolda's sermon was brief and somber, speaking to the cycle of the Triad and how the Wyrm's entropy was necessary but transient, always superseded by renewal and order. After, she instructed the clergy to prepare grief counseling services. No paved roads lead to the Temple, only paths worn by travel and natural passages. Priests were stationed at waypoints to guide travelers through the hills, past prismatic wildflower fields and towering old growth, and to the Symposium: a depression in the ground outside the Temple that formed an open amphitheater under ample cloud cover. Several Peacekeepers were present as guards. A terrace on the Temple roof overlooked the forum, seating: Wolda, Odette, General Brown, and a robed man wearing a featureless white mask. Today's guests were free to seat themselves on the raised stone rows of the amphitheater. Attendants were available to fetch refreshments, or to take lunch orders for the noon break. The Symposium started at 8:30 AM sharp, marked by the deep ring of a bell. A red-haired, red-eyed man dressed in a white button-up shirt tucked into black dress pants and a scarlet tie with a white scorpion design stepped into the center of the amphitheater. A full clipboard, quill, inkwell and a baton floated at his sides. "Hello!" he waved and smiled. "I'm Noel Trasimene, and I'll lead our conversation today. Let's start with introductions: tell me about your fine selves, and what brought you here today. What is it that you want to save the world, your kin, or yourself from? To keep it orderly, whoever has the baton has the floor." Noel looked at the first guest and the baton hovered forth.
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    RNG generator for dice, not random enough?

    It isn't a perfect generator. PHP rand() is pseudorandom (PRNG). While I haven't opened the plugin files, the seed most likely incorporates time(), processid, and uniqid to simulate randomness. My assumption is that they are not being reseeded with every call, resulting in the "clumping" you've experienced.
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    Outreach Team AMA

    It won't be posted anywhere, and if I see it reproduced I will zap it. If you want to create an original set of rules derived from the underlying concepts, then that is your prerogative, but it must be substantially different enough to be considered its own separate work and not a copy.
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    A brief thought on the future of T1

    T1 doesn't provide much in terms of competition, and it's a stretch to characterize it as a game. For one, the victory conditions are indeterminable. Supplementary rules have included conditions such as "death, knock out, or disqualification." How or when those conditions are actually satisfied is up in the air. Contrast with Pokemon and Super Smash Bros. Pokemon faint when they reach 0 HP, and Bros lose when they reach 0 stock. There is no question as to how HP is reduced or when stock is lost. In T1, the answer is unsatisfying: a random stranger on the Internet decides one of those things—death, knock out, or disqualification—happens, whether it's a third-party, an opponent, or yourself. It isn't that there aren't justifications for those decisions, but those justifications are not provided or supported by the rules; they are situational and non-generalizable, based on invisible or spontaneously generated criteria, and highly subjective. Further, the mechanism by which characters act is the turn, but the foundation concepts of action and turn are undefined. "How do I even play the game?" is not answered. Mismatch between players' answers to "What's in a turn?" has resulted in some interesting situations. The question is whether it's worth it to create a system that does provide meaningful competition, and what that could look like. Only hold-backs are player interest and technological limitations.
  5. Do you want to die? Do you want everyone to die? If you answered "No!", then you should probably attend a round-table to discuss surviving the inevitable apocalypse. The Terran Empire is calling on citizens and their allies who have the means and the wits to discuss solutions for problems facing the modern Terran: the Unnatural Dilemma, the Body Snatching Menace, the Genius Loco, and more. Join us at SAD today, or you'll be really sad tomorrow! If there is a tomorrow. SAD will be held at the First Temple in Ignatz. All high-ranking members of the clergy and military will be present to observe the conference. IC Link: Symposium Against Doom. Thread has started and is closed on a case-by-case basis to future attendees. Hi everyone. 😃 I'm looking for characters that might be able to help solve many of the crises facing Terrenus today: diplomats, scientists, engineers, wizards, soldiers, neutral foreign nationals who want to survive, etc. SAD will be a dialogue driven thread. Since dialogue should keep moving, we're going to follow brevity rules (300 word max, 3 day turnaround) and characters should have something to say about the topic on every turn. The Terrenus government will implement sweeping changes based on the points raised at the Symposium. The way I imagine it proceeding: a Terrenus official will open with the 😲dire😲 facts of life in Terrenus, and we'll circle through the round-table to present experiences, theories, thoughts, concerns, questions and most importantly how to deal with it all. Be prepared to be famous or infamous depending on what solutions you suggest. Disclaimer: any hostile or evil creatures that come within 10 miles of Ignatz during SAD will be destroyed. Attendance List: 1. Grubbistch - Elsera Elludoria (Diplomat - Terrenus) 2. Lilium - Capria Belvardi (Diplomat - Terrenus) 3. Ataraxy - Saturn (Reporter) 4. Tenkai Matsumoto - Tenkai (Order of Force Majeure) 5. Deus ex Aizen - Raveena (Regent - Hyperion) 6. supernal - Evelyn DeLamprey (Engineer - Handymen) 7. Paroxysm - Renata (Peace Keeper - Terrenus) 8. Grimmholt - Audric (Count - Grey County)
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    What's your favorite class to play?

    Healer, minion master, or rogue in RPGs. I don't want to do anything myself... and if I have to, I want the option to stop whenever I want by going invisible. 😐
  7. Link to system reference document. There are a few reasons I posted this, mostly because I wanted an alternative to the 1d10 Terrenus Dice System (TDS) that didn't have similar issues. Some of you who are familiar with TTRPGs might recognize it as a simple 2d6±3 system converted to 1d12. We have a 1d12 roll in the dice rolling thread now, by the way. Why an alternative, and why not TDS or any of the other similar dice systems? Reduce excessive randomness. 1d10 has a 10% chance of each roll occurring. 2d6±3 is more reliable and players have more influence on outcomes, though modifiers in 1d12 admittedly have less impact than with 2d6. No damage in increments of decimal points (0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1). Static damage is faster. On a PBP forum, fast-paced and visceral is almost necessary. Narrative choices other than damage. TDS wants to stay super simple, but Roll 12 is still super simple while offering more options. No random fail states. No "You miss and kill yourself! Sad trombone." There is a choice to expose yourself to danger by pressing an advantage, or to impose failure by actively defending yourself. Additionally, the system can be expanded based on interest. For now, I'm keeping it light. Please let me know if you have any feedback. I'm happy to provide examples of how rolls could be represented in narrative or to answer any questions. Thank you in advance.
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    Coconino Marsh

    This picture is open-source and labelled for reuse Once host to a vast river civilization, the Coconino Marsh has shrank considerably since its cultivation over two thousand years ago by a tribe of Terrenus natives who shared its name. The Coconino were a shamanistic society that collaborated with elemental spirits. Many of their stone totems, worn down with age, remain scattered throughout the wetlands, but it's hard to make sense of their aesthetic; their art is sometimes too abstract for undiscerning eyes to recognize as anything other than random patterns, as the Coconino did not anthropomorphize the elements. One of the most famous sites in the Coconino Marsh is the Crocodile Wall. It is thought to have once been the wall of a forum and its surface is painted with frescoes depicting a common coming of age activity for apprentice shamans: wrestling crocodiles that skeletons indicate could grow up to ten meters in length. From these paintings, other artifacts, and a band of archaeologists who practice divination with fervor, a few facts are known about the Coconino: they did not wear clothing, their skin and hair were bone white, their bodies were emaciated from a strict diet and a lack of physical activity due to their intense spiritual proclivities, and they had their eyes removed in an initiation ritual the day before the fated crocodile wrestling was slated to occur. As they are partly responsible for the Peaceful Woods, it is thought they were an egalitarian society, which lacked a material culture. There is little evidence to suggest what happened to the Coconino; there are no signs of mass migration or a battle. They simply left, as did the spirits with which they consorted. Either the Coconino covered their tracks, or time, and possibly the Legion of Desecrators, erased all trace of their fate. They were known, however, to have collaborated with the Shawnee, a sister tribe that still exists around about the Shawnee Glacier. Aforementioned archaeologists, who are part of a Blaurg based group known as HERB (the Historical and Ecological Research Branch), operate a series of small campsites all year round taking measurements, collecting and divining objects, and in general they attempt to preserve the state of Coconino Marsh, the ecosystem in Terrenus with the highest biodiversity and a major source of freshwater. As of late, the marsh has been losing its health due to an insurgence of toxic foreign wildlife. The extinction curve for native species has subsequently risen exponentially, and much of the drinking water provided by the Coconino Creek needs considerable filtration, as waterborne illnesses have proven to be resilient. This leads to compounded distress because the Coconino Marsh is growing; it floods every spring, increasing its territory. Nobody wants a voracious, poisonous bog on their hands. Rumors also indicate that a sahagin Tidemaster has been spotted scouting the area. For what purpose, no one is certain, as contact with the hostile sahagin has always been rare. Canon Church on the Hill - Raid: Coth's first festival is interrupted by a horde of barbarian raiders. Noble heroes rise to defend it, but where was prophet Constans? Away with elf ally Ioreth dealing with a local mystery underground and contending with the further mystery of Constans' dagger-like stomach pains. Eventually Ioreth helps Constans expel an entire snake from his body, and the snake warns that Coth is in trouble. While heroes Nyra and Tirkas defend Coth, the barbarians gain the upper hand. Constans finally arrives and sets things right with a stunning miracle, turning the sun temporarily green, acting by the whim and with the power of his god to extinguish the fires which nearly engulfed Coth. The campaign trail: Joseph Tynes, the Nationalist candidate for Norkotian Chairman, successfully wins the election over his opponents. In a moment of reflection after his victory, Tynes reminisces on the numerous events and actions he took in order to achieve this success. Whispers in the Mountains: As the result of a battle between a triad (a necromancer, a witch, an unknown Limper) and the Kur (an ancient civilization) residents of an ancient city at the peak of Blaurg Mountain, Coconino Marsh floods. The inundation is brief but has still managed to impact the local ecosystem Labyrinth Forest It is argued that the forest itself is alive. Either the forest is alive or the spell that controls it is exceedingly complex, and some find this notion of such intricate and complete spell mastery to be frightening. There is no permanent path in this twisting maze of a forest. There is some legend that says there is a cipher to the forest, some method to the madness that would allow one to crack the proverbial code and trace their way out of the forest's grasp with ease. This cipher is not one that can be logically or intuitively reached. It is guarded and handed down through the generations of a family of Satyrs, the only family alleged to know the secrets of the Labyrinth forest. Another legend has it set down that there is a baleful specter that has decided to make the dead-center of the forest its home. It is said that this specter's malignant presence is what so causes the brittle branches to sway when there is no wind, and is the sole cause of the twisting pathways. Though it is not necessarily impossible to make it out alive, it is nonetheless extremely difficult. Some hapless fools have managed to stumble into the waiting grasp of the Labyrinth forest only to miraculously find their way out not an hour later. Miraculous is the right word to use, as such cases are extraordinarily rare and almost always the product of fortune and mere happenstance. Others have come fully prepared, mind steeled against the insanity to be found here and packs full of useful gear and provision, only to spend the rest of their lives locked behind the trees. This forest is a secret tomb to many. Due to the constantly shifting, ever intricate nature of the Labyrinth Forest, it is also a hot spot for those who have something to hide that they never want found. Canon A dance among the trees: Adventures battle hard against a band of killers known as the Demon Troupe, where they learn the inner strength to over come their inner monsters and win the day. Building the Foundation: After only a few more days, Predator's Keep is on the fast track to completion. The Keep itself is nearly finished, the next day seeing the application of the final polish. Trading outposts and homes are being built, alliances formed, and the Baroness is making sure P.K. continues to grow. Laying Down the Foundation: After a day's preparation and travel, Red Yusuke sent letters in hopes of gaining support and supplies. The current Keep was a crumbling mess but it had enough potential. Red managed to rally nearly 60 people in the first day, over a dozen of them supernatural or vigorous. It was more help in rebuilding the Keep than Psion could hope for and before the day was done the groups were organized and the current Keep was to the ground. The Ring in the Labyrinth: Two friends make their way into the Labyrinth Forest in search of the fabled Ring of Balance. There they discover a bandit encampment, discover that the leader is in possession of the ring, and are forced to fight for their lives. This thread ends with the camp set ablaze, the leader and his followers killed, and one of the two friends walking away with the ring while the other loots the corpses. Coconino Creek Creek is a misnomer. It's more like Coconino Creeks and Rivers Network with Some Ponds and Waterfalls. Nevertheless, the most recent people to discover Coconino Marsh found the wetlands by following a system of humble creeks upstream. Little did they know, all the creeks flow into an expansive river, which in turn feeds into the South Sea. After discovering the remnants of the Coconino tribe, and seeing similar totems found in the Marsh throughout the Creek, HERB (the Historical and Ecological Research Branch) named the whole system after the same people. Coconino Creek flows not only from Coconino Marsh, but from several ponds to the east and southwest, some located in Ignatz. There's also some delightful, humble waterfalls here and there. It connects multiple villages and various towns, as well as the two capital cities of Ignatz and Casper. Since it services so many places, there's always a lot going on, and the otherwise calm creeks are swarmed with merchants, small vessels, fishermen and kids on their swanky little pedal boats. Unfortunately it shares some issues with Coconino Marsh, and some of the water it provides to Terran citizens is tainted. The water filtration industry has been booming for the past two years because of this problem, and HERB is currently investigating the wetlands. A fishermen's myth has it that swimming up and down Coconino Creek is a queer creature, a magical carp with scales of gold. Legend has it that during the Gaian Crusades, people who did not convert threw all of their coin into the Coconino Creek, hoping the spirit of the stream would help them. Out of the depths splashed a golden magic carp, and it granted their wish; as they tried to catch it, Coconino Creek flooded and they were washed into the South Sea, only to wash up in what became Last Chance. If anyone throws away all of their livelihood in the name of repentance and prays for mercy, if their heart is as golden as their words, the magic carp will splash forth and grant their wish. Kinda. Many have tried to selfishly catch the magic carp out of greed, but they are rarely heard from again. Canon Adventure or Bust: An unknown traveler wanders into the Coconino Creek and gives everything he has to the river, joining with the golden carp and removing him from the creek. It is rumored that that man became Blairville's regent in 26 AO, going by the name Induo Katamus.
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    Dice System - Roll 12 feedback

    Sorry for the wait. I had eye surgery. 🤕 It can persist, but whether it does should depend on what the character is actually doing to defend. If an archer is defending by hiding behind a rock, and then she runs out of cover to gank someone the next turn, then she's not really defending anymore. There a couple of potential issues: 1. Complexity. Persisting defense requires bookkeeping. 2. Stacking defense ad infinitum. I provided Ataraxy a number of reasons why I don't think it should be a problem, but I could be wrong.
  10. @Deus Ex Aizen @Paroxysm @Tenkai Matsumoto @Ataraxy Posting?
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    Symposium Against Doom

    @Grubbistch "Communicating with them is like trying to have a conversation with Gaia. There are offertory shrines to the genius loci that you can visit and pray at. Alternatively, I can arrange for a large quantity of drugs and we can try the vision quest method. I hear it's a thrill and a half." @Grimmholt "Yes, the Cedars is an appealing option, and it is within 1,000 kilometers of the Shawnee border. We would need to connect or tether the two somehow, or otherwise deal with the surrounding loci. The nearest benign options are the Forgotten Wood and the Hidden Valley." @supernal "That may ring true. The Cedars we're discussing were planted by us, which suggests that its current genius loci either chose to go there, was born there, or inhabited it ex post facto. It implies that it cannot grow without us planting more. In the same way lesser spirits can be bound, perhaps your suggestion is only a matter of scale and material cost. I will, however, caution that spirits do not like being bound."
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    Symposium Against Doom

    @Deus Ex Aizen "I'll contact our engineers to begin construction on dams for the country's waterways. There will be checkpoints at every city entry and exit, and I will be petitioning for a travel ban on top of it." @Grubbistch "Fantastic. The military will provide an escort." @Grimmholt "An aerial mobile command center is doable, but it will take time to construct and vet personnel. Once they're chosen, no one else can be allowed on board, nor permitted to approach the craft. If you or anyone else would like to requisition Enrele specimens for study, I can send you a package." @supernal "Do you have genetic samples of these teletypes? If necessary, we can grow them in a lab, or pursue alternative methods of increasing their number. As for finding out what the Enrele care about, we will attempt to gather a significant number for enhanced interrogation. Several professions require licensure, such as medicine or law. We will seize all of these at-risk professionals and their assets. Who evades capture will be illuminating." @-Lilium- "Yes, our strategic directives must be sufficiently protected from corruption, or at least the wrong type of corruption. Organizational restructuring of the military is necessary, and I agree with using a combined arms approach. It may be in our best interest to restrict military personnel to being on-base when off-mission until the crisis is averted." "If that's all on the Enrele, we'll take a short break and move on to discuss the genius loci, a hopefully less gray subject." After a period of 10 minutes, a priest handed out pamphlets on a selection of Terrenus genius loci (cities are conspicuously absent): Genius Loci Dominant Aspect Primary Effects In Expansion Period Threat Level Coconino Marsh Infection Poisonous bog spreads disease and plague Yes High Dark Forest Darkness Illuminance ranges from civil twilight to pitch dark No Low Forbidding Hills Battle All who enter must fight No High Forgotten Wood Memories Absorbs experiences from others Yes Medium Great Pine Barrens Mutation Rapid adaptation and biological intervention Yes Medium Haunted Glen Fear Manifests fear, nexus of Terrenus ectoplasm No Low Hidden Valley Vanishing Optical and visual distortions No Low Hills of Lost Hearts Passion Unstoppable love 💖 No Medium Labyrinthine Forest Space Complex path making, mazes No Low Moonwood Moon Gravitation, madness, lycanthropy No Low Ponkapoag Lake Beacon Guidepost for outsiders and extraterrestrials Yes Medium Shawnee Tundra Stasis Binds mana into a frozen state Yes High Hills of Noddendoddy Regeneration Always returns to original state Cannot None The Cedars Balance Seasonally cycles mana from surrounding loci Cannot None Peaceful Wood Sanctuary Cannot be acted against, nor act against others Cannot None No Man's Land Inspiration Facilitates heightened ideation and low-level suggestion Cannot None "Provided is a curated list of certain landforms that are inhabited by spiritual forces known as genius loci, and these forces are at least in part responsible for the natural laws of our world. For those of you who are not aware of how these forces work, I will provide a brief summary of the process. As you might know, we use technology and spells to manifest our intent in the world using mana. This creative power flows from the spirit world, and enters Terrenus through its genius loci. Mana enters our world with attributes based on the loci from which it emerged, and like our technology and spells, manifests their intent on the land. Additionally, whenever we use our technology or spells, we are increasing the influence of an associated loci on the land. Please see the next page for an illustration." Noel paused to take a sip of water. "A question typically posed after this explanation is this: am I increasing the influence of a loci whenever I use, say, a fire cantrip to cook? The answer is yes, although its contribution to expansion rate is negligible. We determined whether a genius loci is in its expansion period if it grows by at least 1 additional mile every year for three consecutive years, and its threat level based on a combination of factors: how easy it is to avoid? Is it growing? Are its effects detrimental to civilization? Its proximity to civilization? And herein lies our problem: most genius loci grow and overtake others, resulting in society wide changes, and others evidently expire and take societies down with them. Our current assumption is if the Shawnee loci follows a similar trajectory to Elendaron, then Valucre may very well become an ice planet if left unchallenged."
  13. No need to stick to a posting order. If it gets hard to follow we can reassess.
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    Symposium Against Doom

    @Grubbistch "We can certainly improve our outreach. The Empire values the participation of all species. Do you have anyone in mind for the task force to approach, and types of aid they could provide?" @supernal " I would say we're their primary resource, key personnel being the highest commodity, though we can create other resource problems as well. Their host bodies still need food and water. I suppose that brings up a few uncomfortable questions: who can we use to bait them into conflicts with one another, and which resources should we begin making scarce for which populations?" @Paroxysm "When we use chemical agents, we must make sure they cannot be easily reverse engineered. If there is collateral, side effects, or environmental issues caused by any bioweapons, we will have to be satisfied with their permanency. When you say other hostile agents of change, are you implying we create something to fulfill the role of natural predator? I'm also interested to hear more on how we might deploy these agents. Let's say we were to use bioweapons on Martial Town. Where would you start?" @Grimmholt "Yes, we must be prepared for counter-attacks should we engage in open defiance. Our alpha strike, if you will, must be definitive. The Enrele have attempted to sabotage VICTORY in the past, and I have no doubt it's out of necessity. Robotics are not susceptible to their influence, only the biological operators. This brings up a big topic in automation: now that we're facing the end, is it time to start phasing out the people element of the Empire's army? They seem to be the weakest link." @-Lilium- "We do have greater means to track and analyze what people are doing now than ever before. Everyone in Terrenus is connected through the Storage Movement, if not through their own Crook, then through another person's device. Giving VICTORY a backdoor into everyone's personal and possibly bio-metric data should be doable. The question is how to secure this information. Do we stop short of implanting bombs in the heads of key personnel?" @Tenkai Matsumoto "Yes, the parasite can be removed. If it's killed or sedated, it can be surgically removed with risk of brain and spinal injury, but it will not fall off itself. It can be forced to detach by means of incorporeal possession by another entity, such as a ghost, but it will fight and severely injure or kill the host in the process. As to the question of psionics, that is an admittedly underdeveloped part of our military strategy. If we were to budget accordingly, and focus on recruiting and retraining on psychic abilities, is there any insight you might offer on the advantages or disadvantages, or what we should focus on in attacking a group intelligence?"
  15. desolate

    Symposium Against Doom

    "Thank you all for sharing," Noel said, the animated quill transcribing their words. "Valid concerns all, but weighed against what? Notions of threats undefined, until now. Many of you have spoken about body snatchers, genius loci, political dissidents—let's start by defining one of these threats: body snatchers." An attendant handed out pamphlets containing information about the Enrele. Behind Noel, two holographic datasets appeared: charts on the Enrele population by major cities compared against average population, and then divided by known hive minds linked to region of operation by color code. "As you can see, we face a dire pandemic. Between all of the major cities, an estimated 6,310,000 people are taken. Across the rest of Terrenus, our estimates approximate 22,740,000 people are taken, nearly 8% of the Empire's population. If we include animals and other fauna in our calculations, there could be upwards of 113,700,000 Enrele alive right now." Noel took a deep breath. "Hive mind Aleth is projected to reach collective willpower capable of competing with a genius loci for control over natural law by 30 AO. Fortunately, we have observed that hive minds are competing with one another and are not allies. Unfortunately, each generation of Enrele—and they multiply fast—proves insusceptible to methods of detection, including undocumented changes in physical form, previously employed against them. Our only recourse to prevent the eradication of free will on this continent was to use most of our satellites processing an Empire-wide scan." He gazed thoughtfully at the graphs, chin in one hand. "Of course, our data is incomplete. Compromised personnel have been caught attempting to contaminate it, we are unaware of their methods against divination, and with magic being what it is these days... This may be our final chance to mount a defense."
  16. @Ataraxy Hey, jw if you're still planning to join us? I remember you saying your participation was tentative. ❓
  17. Cool, thanks for the update and welcome Tenaki! ㊗️ We'll KISS and say SAD happens 2 weeks after ANT, mirroring the approximate amount of time between when the threads were started. 💋
  18. It's time to dance! The first page has been updated with the IC link: Symposium Against Doom. We're jumping right in, so don't be shy. 💃
  19. Looking to get this rolling over the weekend. I can't ever seem to get away from work. 👨‍💼
  20. Hmm... 🤔 Of course there's room for you! 👰 And if there weren't, 🦐Evelyn🐛 could fit on a 📌pin📌. Thanks for the RSVP! 🙌 Hey, how do you pronounce Saratxaga? Welcome! 👍 If we fail to save the world, Audric can use some of that 💰 real cash money 💸to fly us all to a new start in Tellus Mater! ✈️
  21. Welcome to the list! And we'll have to earmark some relief funds for supporting the Ashville refugees... let me look at our budget. 🔎 Will they win though? The ⚡shocking facts ⚡ might surprise you! But on the real, the crux of the matter is whether you're joining? 😊 Thanks @supernal for the assist on the Civil War plot. I'll add that the true, legitimate, and totally not fake Terrenus government is less concerned with divisive political entities... until the next new year. Hopefully there's still a world stage left in checks calendar 30 AO! ✊
  22. Everyone likes knights and everyone likes order! Send a rep! ⚔️
  23. Welcome to the list! I see Capria has some experience with holy mandates? There will be plenty of 🔥 holiness 🔥 and a lot of mandating 😏 here!
  24. Not Aramark, that's for sure. 🤢 Food will be prepared by the Ercaniron Chef and his royal cooks! By Gaia, if they don't have it, they'll shoot it or grow it and cook it up! Just make sure to put your order in before 1:00 pm. 🥓 Oh, the Media. I should have added them to threat list. 👀 Come right in, as long as they're willing to weigh in on the topics!