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    Ai Ling

    Name: Ai Ling Age: 22 Gender: Female Race: Human Birthplace: Kuratel, Genesaris Alignment: Good but can be bad when necessary (Anti-Hero) Class: Middle-Class Occupation: Assassin Physiology: Hair: Long and wavy jet-black hair. She often puts it up in messy buns and high ponytails. Eyes: Light purple Skin: Milky white but she can tan easily. Height: 5 ft. 6.71 in./169.45 cm. Weight: 120 lbs./54.43 kg. Build: Banana body type. Athletic build with toned arms. Rectangular shaped body. Small bust size and legs but a big buttocks. Other: A dragon tattoo on her back. Condition: She's healthy and ready to kick butt. Voice: She has a sultry kind of voice. It's a gentle and low voice but when angered, she can be quite loud. Sexuality: Biromantic Lesbian Clothing: She wears a red kimono shirt with yellow trims and pink flowers on it, pants or shorts, and sneakers, boots, and slippers are her favorite kind of footwear. But when she's on the job: She wears a black cloak that has a hood with blood red trims. Underneath that cloak, she wears black leather turtle neck that is a crop top with sleeves. Black pants with a utility belt and dark red knee-high boots. Strengths: *She is very agile and flexible. *Skilled in hand-to-hand combat *Utilizes in weapons and small gadgets *Can be quite seductive Weaknesses: *Since she's human, she is vulnerable to most things *Gets sick easily if around hot weather for too long *Can act before she thinks at times, getting her into trouble Weapon(s): *Bow and Arrows *Daggers Other objects: *Carries a locket with a picture of her family she left behind *Small pouch with faerie dust inside History: Ai Ling was born to farmers in Kuratel. She lived a pretty good childhood, just had to learn how to live off the land since she was four. She learned not only how to grow crops, she also learned how to read and write, which she loved since she could read all kinds of books and learn from them. Ai loved to learn and prove to be tough, living with a big family, seven siblings and all of them are brothers, there was a good reason to toughen up. So, she joined her older brother by two years and enrolled in The Martial Academy. She went there for two years and learned how to defend herself and her family. Ai eventually gained a job where she could earn more money to participate in the four year program to learn more about martial arts. When Ai was seventeen-years-old, she knew that she wanted to explore and find more opportunity than just being a farmer. So, she decided to leave her home and the family she loved so much. She eventually stumbled upon someone, an elderly man, who offered her a chance to train and grant her job. Ai was excited for this opportunity hoping she could prove herself...but...little did she know what this job endured... She soon realized the job she got was being an assassin after her mission in which she killed a warlord's family. But it paid well and it could help her family have enough to eat and buy enough clothes for her parents and brothers. As time went on, Ai gained the title "Dragon Lady", due to her dragon tattoo on her back and her ruthlessness. She is a well-known assassin and offers her service to those who can afford it. What adventures await her? Extra info: *She's good at being seductive to her victims since it doesn't mean anything but she's shy around those she has a crush on *Her favorite food is anything sweet, Red Bean Bun, being her favorite *She is of Chinese and American descent *She loves music and likes to sing and write songs when she has free time
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