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  1. Mana

    Journey Through Time

    Soon Shin had felt a disturbance of some form, it was at the entrance of the kingdom, where he had just come from initially. It seemed something or someone had been following him somehow, though who they were he wasn't sure exactly, as there was not many individuals who could track Shin this well, unless they were family or common enemies that he dealt with in his everyday life. Nonetheless his guard had remained up as he continued walking through the crowded streets of people, soon he turned off into an abandoned alleyway, cloaking himself in the shadows of said area. His dark crimson faded orbs piercing through the darkness watching the people as they made their way through the streets. Appearing to go on about their daily lives like nothing it was going to occur, or rather they knew nothing of what was to come shortly in the not so far off future. If Shin had been correct on his assumption that whoever or whatever was following him was indeed an adversary of some form, then there would be no time to make haste or even second guess his decision by the time they had made their presence openly known to Shin himself. Though he would not only rely on his eyesight for such a situation, he would also rely on the type of magical / energy signature the being who had been following him was giving off, preferring to make sure they were actually a threat of some form to him, or possibly even the others that were in the kingdom walls minding their own business at this point. Within the shadows that he had cloaked himself within, his right hand's digits curled around the hilt of his blade. His eyes soon closing as he envisioned the area around him, focusing, through this state of meditation as one would call it, a powerful ambiance of sorts had begun to flow from his figure naturally. Keeping close to his frame, hugging it tightly in-fact, as the seconds ticked by, he had only hyped himself up for what could be absolutely nothing, or rather maybe something more than he was initially expecting out of this mysterious figure who had decided to follow him this far. However their mistake was exuding their presence of power before they had a chance to catch up to him, despite this factor Shin had been aware that he was being followed for quite some time now. This only being due to the fact that his senses were beyond sensed of the average demon or mage class monk that existed in the contents of other worlds and even universes themselves. The digits which had curled around the hilt of his blade tightly, had begun to slowly un-sheath it, allowing the fine metal to glimmer slightly within the darkness, before ultimately resheathing it fully. The seconds had passed, he stood there in the cloak of darkness awaiting for whoever or whatever was following them to finally make themselves known. Though through all of this, he knew he would be waiting for a little bit, as he had walked rather fast once he entered into the kingdom walls themselves. As such, the distance was vast between them, so they had a lot of ground to cover before they would either pass by him, or somehow discover him using their senses that they were gifted with, which was more than Shin had seen any other individual possess or even emit forth from their figure. Such a rarity of talent was something that was scarce now a days. " Let's see who you are.."
  2. Crunch..Crunch..Crunch..Were the faint sounds of ice being crushed beneath his feet as he traversed the terrains that laid set before him. Shivers ran up and down his spine, chilling the very inner structure of his bones themselves, it had been a long time since he had last traveled through multiple dimensions at a time before landing in one random dimension of his choosing so to speak. Albeit the only real difference between this one and the rest, was the chilling factors that it brought forth with it as there was sure to be many other dilemmas to come with this dimension itself, even the world most importantly that he had randomly landed upon. Though the shift in climate would be very apparent and rapid, as it went from chilling freezing cold to blazing hot within a matter of seconds, not even mere moments, seconds. As with all things the freezing climate had passed, he had survived once more to tell another tale. His snow white unkempt long hair fluttered about in the gentle breeze that coursed throughout the makeshift lands of Lacrimosa itself, various kingdoms along with forests planting themselves throughout the large landscape as it spread far and wide, being vast at that. Shin had been traveling for quite some time now, hoping to soon reach a resting place that was safe enough for a traveler much like himself. His current mission was more so to travel the many dimensions and lands, searching for infinite knowledge and fighting methods. Honing his skills now since he knew that he stood little chance against his aforementioned father, who ultimately would not be named within this instance, but would most certainly be hinted at later on. His foot prints soon fading away in the icy rubble of snow that laid on the ground, with no resounding noise being made as he stepped onto the green light grass. His eyes had scanned the distance for as far and wide as he could go, before his visage had come to it's limit. Halting before much else could truly be seen, the digits of his right hand curling up around the hilt of his blade, which rested on his right hip precariously one might add. It was in these times of new beginnings and new adventures that Shin had found himself at peace the most during, not having too much of a care in the world for what was going on around him. Despite all of his accomplishments thus far, and his goals that were to come in the future, Shin had his sights set on the future that was before him, rather than the one that laid far ahead of him on a much darker and different path than the one that he chose to walk now. His travels soon brought him to a smaller sized kingdom, that was on the outskirts of the main kingdom itself. Surrounding this smaller kingdom by nature of course was forestry that expanded for miles, hiding this kingdom in-fact if one were not careful enough to look directly with their sight rather than a simple glance. The people were buzzing with life and gleam, as they made their respective ways through the crowded streets of this kingdom that was small in size, compared to the actual kingdom that laid miles and miles deep within the valleys and mountains of the beautiful continent itself. His eyes skittering about as the various crowds of people had begun to pass by him, time for all but a second had paused within that instance, though it ended about as quickly as it had begun. He continued on through the village which led into the small-ish kingdom walls, with knights and horses soon galloping through the streets, praising the work of the king, and his valiant efforts to keep the people safe. A joyous occasion, one that Shin would not always be around to see or enjoy much during his time of change and travel, always growing and learning more as he continued on in this journey called ' Life...'
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