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  1. I guess it's time to write out the character concept I had a while ago.

  2. Yeah it's fine, I'm not qualified to run a thread I don't think, so I'll wait until we're ready for this thread once again ?
  3. Dear Valucre

    I love you all, but that's just between us two so shhhh!

  4. Stares in Norwegian

  5. I wonder what ways Luna could suffer mentally throughout this. To the point of almost losing her sanity, or something else just as severe. Any ways to get that to happen? Edit: I also want her to become stronger due to it, or at least gain something from it.
  6. Music and reading... That's the good stuff!

  7. Gloxie

    Legacy of the Void

    As the sky went dark, and the streets quiet. Luna went deeper and deeper into her meditation. She was trying to comprehend the concept of the void, however she was only able to touch upon the tip of the iceberg, not even that. She could feel some relation between the void and this place, or rather, she had a feeling something between them was related, and deeper than they realized as well. The hours went by, and with no master to point her in a direction, how could she possibly make any progress at all. She had to first find out what the void truly was, but could she alone? If she could only get a single glance, a tiny taste of the void that she could comprehend. And then it was the matter with her current situation. From the information she has gathered, she has been somehow... in some way or another woken up 50 000 years in the future. Time travel wasn't possible, or at least not in the sense she knew. Maybe she was in super deep sleep, or she could have been frozen in place and woken up during the present. There were too many possibilities, which of them were physically possible? As her brain was working, the sun came up. Already morning, a pity, but maybe it was for the best. What was the saying? If you look into the void, the void looks back? She didn't even know what the void was, so perhaps she should thread carefully, though she wouldn't back down. "Are we all ready and suited up? I can't wait to get out of here, though I have a feeling... where we are going isn't any healthier." She had woken up relatively early, so she followed the other party members when they went to the center of the town. "What's our first order of business?"
  8. I'm terribly sorry for taking so long with this post, my brain has been blocked a lot this week, I do have the general outline for the post though so hold tight.
  9. *Continues typing cause I stopped half way through yesterday*

  10. Type type type type

  11. Hey don't worry about it, real life comes first. As for myself, it's a case of procrastination, so I'm fine with the "3 days to post per turn" or any other time limit.
  12. Gloxie

    Legacy of the Void

    "I rather not go outside in a village like this, never know how much that could affect our mental states." She said kinda worryingly. She has had this bad headache ever since coming to this village, and she could feel a presence, something tugging on her mind just a tiny bit.. Because of her strong mental capabilities, should hear tiny, very very low whispers in her mind. So silent that she could not make out what these whispers where, but they were there, and she assumed every traveler was affected by this. "Also keep your mental states in check, this place is scarier than I realized at first. We cannot stay here for long." Luna was afraid. Afraid of this place, if it was a natural thing, or artificial she didn't know, but she wanted out. "So I'll stay in the inn, do some meditation." She didn't plan on sleeping... Or rather, she didn't need to sleep. She could go on for days without feeling any fatigue, though because of her super sensitive mind, all mental abilities affected her way more than the average person, so she wanted to meditate on this for the night. If she was lucky, maybe it could strengthen her mental protection or something, who knows. "If ya'll need something, just holler at me." She said. She didn't actually get in any rooms, she actually went outside and hovered right above the building, with her eyes closed. She was feeling on the power of this city, what was it? What did it do? Sadly she didn't figure anything out at this time, she would have to spend way more time if she wanted that, but she didn't have this time, so instead she worked all night meditating on her mental state, until it was time to leave.
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