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  1. Gloxie

    Divinity Original Sin 2

    Ooh that game is awesome! I've only played part of the normal campaign though
  2. Gloxie

    Greatest Song that touched your heart?

    I've listened to quite a lot of songs that have made me cry. Though this is more because I love music so much, and less because I relate to the said song. Be it the soul-shaking guitar performance, amazing drumming or perhaps god-like vocals. There is a song which made me cry like a newborn baby, this happened quite a few years ago at this point (Christ, already?). When I think about it now, it sounds a bit ridiculous. Back then I wasn't even mentally stable, but it kind of didn't hit me until I listened to that song. "Bless The Broken Road" by "Rascal Flatts". It's a country song, though not overly so. The reason it made me cry... No, actually it gave me a panic attack, and the reason for that is at that point, it hit me how lonely I really was. No friends at home, nor any at school. I had no one to talk to, and no one to throw my feelings at. No one to play games with and this messed with my head so badly it threw me into a panic attack. It sounds ridiculous for me right now, cause I am in a much better spot. I don't even get "the feels" when I listen to it now. So I would say it's more because of my mental state and not because I listened to that exact song. Could have been any song with a similar theme (that's actually good). A song I do feel more when I listen to is "The Loner" by "Gary Moore", though this depends on how deep into the song I am at that certain moment. This is purely because of how good I think the song is. -Danica
  3. I am going to work on Zeliah, a void dragon. I'm not exactly sure what I want to write though.

    1. Godspell


      Sweet! I have a draconic character in the midst in detailed development in the works now if you wanna take an inspirational gander at what I have, might help. 

    2. Gloxie


      That might spark some inspiration in me perhaps 😄

  4. How was your THANKSGIVING?

    1. Gloxie


      I don't live in the US, we don't have Thanksgiving here.

    2. Higuu


      Oh boy have I got a story for you


      This dude asked me out

      but I'm ace




      my thanksgiving was awkward.


      Also Gloxie that's kinda..

      i was about to say sad but actually whatever thanksgiving for me is just having less school and passing out from food coma and then waking up crying because you can't control your emotions when you wake up in the middle of the day and you're pissed for the rest of the day and oh fuck I'm just complaining now aren't I 

  5. Gloxie

    Now it's a Corpse Party

    She took a look at the new person who suddenly popped up. She sighed as she knew they were followed. She took another look at the rats. Why did he make such a big deal out this? They were just rats. Zinnie could continuously fight for so long that some would classify it as forever. She didn't get tired, she didn't need to sleep, and these creatures were just rats. She could probably fight them all by herself. The reason she didn't go all out on these rats was because of her group. She didn't care that they died, but she didn't want to go ahead and fight alone in this. She needed to know the source of this, she needed to know about this... death. So she could finish her self-created arts. She took a look at the new guy in this group. "If you wanted to join us, you could just say so, no need to follow us in the shadows as if you're trying to hide." She said casually, ignoring his statement about this current situation. It was then a rat jumped at her from behind. Seemingly in her blind spot. Without looking she grabbed the rat's neck, broke it and threw it at the wall. It cracked up massively when the rat got thrown at it. Leaving a massive blood splatter on the wall. "I don't think it's the rats we need to worry about right now, they're just rats. Something else is inside these sewers. It makes my life force chaotic when I try to sense it, it's as if life is warning me about it." She said, looking at the whole group, but speaking to Beris.
  6. Gloxie

    Now it's a Corpse Party (OOC)

    I am back home and will start working on a reply if you all are still in
  7. Gloxie

    Now it's a Corpse Party (OOC)

    So I am soon going back home, just bear with me and I will be available to write pretty much 24/7 almost
  8. Gloxie

    Now it's a Corpse Party (OOC)

    I'm sorry for being so slow, I've been busy lately because I'm traveling to the US alone very soon *Tomorrow in fact*
  9. 2 weeks until I will meet my boyfriend for the first time in person

    1. supernal
    2. Hurttoto


      What if your boyfreind is your twin?


      detects clone army

  10. Finally got a new phone OwO OnePlus 6, I gotta say, it's a very nice phone

  11. I've been feeling much better recently after I quit my work. Of course, I feel bad for quitting my job, I do need money after all. But it was destroying my mental health. I feel much more stable right now, and I want to prepare for next year when I'm going back to study again.

    1. supernal


      I hope this is one of those “opportunities multiply as you seize them” type of deal. Good luck it sounds like the right move for you! 

    2. Gloxie


      I will have much better and more opportunities with a degree such as this. What sucks is that right now, I am very poor, and I can't change this easily. At least here, it's hard to get a job without a degree, and the job I had was a really nice job in terms of what I earned and since I don't have a degree right now.

  12. Gloxie

    Now it's a Corpse Party (OOC)

    Ahem... Gave ya a little extra time to slack 😜 Sorry about that
  13. Gloxie

    Now it's a Corpse Party

    It was wet, it was dirty, and the stench was horrible, filled with death and the smell of feces and rotting corpses. The sound was of rats running around, as well as chewing sounds. Inside this place, life would attract too much attention from Zinnie's interest, so what she did was completely seal any kind of life that appeared on her. This would make it seem she was just a walking corpse that hasn't rotted yet, however she did still have life, it was just so deeply hidden in her that it was practically undetectable with normal means. As she was walking, she would occasionally whisper the words "yang release", what followed after those were mostly nothing, but sometimes a feeling of death could be felt upon her, however whenever it happened, she would quickly look like she was beginning to rot, though this quickly was healed when she removed the effects. She was obviously trying something, and in this place, where death could be felt from everywhere, was the perfect place for it. She looked unsatisfied, like it wasn't going the way she wanted. Though she couldn't do much more at the moment, she had to also focus in front of her, and not forget about behind her. She moved silently to Sanguine and whispered more silent than normal "Beware of behind us." She whispered to him, trying to tell him something, but in a vague manner. She also wasn't too sure about it herself, but she has been feeling strange for a while now. She focused partly in front of her, and behind her. Even as their enemy approached, a red-eyed rat. She closed her eyes for a second, as she did, a green life like fire could be seen on her, if one studied it, one could figure out this fire was actually burning the life inside her. When the fire disappeared, a shockwave came off her, she was now significantly stronger than she let on earlier. She let off a feeling that seemed like she could massacre her way through this place alone. She punched forward in the air, aiming at the rat. A shockwave came off her punch and was rippling through the air, the rat got flung backward because of it, though not too much damage was done to it.