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  1. 2 weeks until I will meet my boyfriend for the first time in person

    1. supernal
    2. Hurttoto


      What if your boyfreind is your twin?


      detects clone army

  2. Finally got a new phone OwO OnePlus 6, I gotta say, it's a very nice phone

  3. I've been feeling much better recently after I quit my work. Of course, I feel bad for quitting my job, I do need money after all. But it was destroying my mental health. I feel much more stable right now, and I want to prepare for next year when I'm going back to study again.

    1. supernal


      I hope this is one of those “opportunities multiply as you seize them” type of deal. Good luck it sounds like the right move for you! 

    2. Gloxie


      I will have much better and more opportunities with a degree such as this. What sucks is that right now, I am very poor, and I can't change this easily. At least here, it's hard to get a job without a degree, and the job I had was a really nice job in terms of what I earned and since I don't have a degree right now.

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    Now it's a Corpse Party (OOC)

    Ahem... Gave ya a little extra time to slack 😜 Sorry about that
  5. Gloxie

    Now it's a Corpse Party

    It was wet, it was dirty, and the stench was horrible, filled with death and the smell of feces and rotting corpses. The sound was of rats running around, as well as chewing sounds. Inside this place, life would attract too much attention from Zinnie's interest, so what she did was completely seal any kind of life that appeared on her. This would make it seem she was just a walking corpse that hasn't rotted yet, however she did still have life, it was just so deeply hidden in her that it was practically undetectable with normal means. As she was walking, she would occasionally whisper the words "yang release", what followed after those were mostly nothing, but sometimes a feeling of death could be felt upon her, however whenever it happened, she would quickly look like she was beginning to rot, though this quickly was healed when she removed the effects. She was obviously trying something, and in this place, where death could be felt from everywhere, was the perfect place for it. She looked unsatisfied, like it wasn't going the way she wanted. Though she couldn't do much more at the moment, she had to also focus in front of her, and not forget about behind her. She moved silently to Sanguine and whispered more silent than normal "Beware of behind us." She whispered to him, trying to tell him something, but in a vague manner. She also wasn't too sure about it herself, but she has been feeling strange for a while now. She focused partly in front of her, and behind her. Even as their enemy approached, a red-eyed rat. She closed her eyes for a second, as she did, a green life like fire could be seen on her, if one studied it, one could figure out this fire was actually burning the life inside her. When the fire disappeared, a shockwave came off her, she was now significantly stronger than she let on earlier. She let off a feeling that seemed like she could massacre her way through this place alone. She punched forward in the air, aiming at the rat. A shockwave came off her punch and was rippling through the air, the rat got flung backward because of it, though not too much damage was done to it.
  6. Gloxie

    Now it's a Corpse Party (OOC)

    Didn't totally forget... H-heh
  7. Gloxie

    Now it's a Corpse Party (OOC)

    Errr... I lied, I'll post today OwO
  8. Gloxie

    Now it's a Corpse Party (OOC)

    I am writing my post now, I'll post it later today
  9. So I will quit my work, I am going downwards and had many suicidal thoughts these past 3 weeks, if I continue it will get worse. As important as work is, I live with my mom (Despite being 21). I need to prioritize my mental health over work.

    1. Tyler


      I don't know you at all, but hang in there with whatever you're going through. I'm not really a good person with offering encouragement, given how much of a pessimist I am, but uh... I'll try... to say something... encouraging...


      No work = More time for RP.

      There, that's a positive thought! 😁

    2. nokey


      I'm sorry. I don't know what could've caused you to have these negative thoughts but I hope you feel better soon. No one deserves to feel so bad that they want to end their life, nobody. If you need anyone, I'm here for you, friend.

  10. Gloxie

    Now it's a Corpse Party

    Zinnie took a deep smell. The air was cool, and filled with death. As the air got down her nose and into her lungs, she could feel her life force shivering. To make the air this rotten, something big had to be up. She closed her eyes, and focused her life force. As she could sense life force, she could sense anyone and anything alive, this was difficult in this particular place, where death was so apparent it could scare the very life force inside our bones. The mysterious person, or whatever it is with the raven, suggested to go from underneath, through the sewers. It was the logical choice really. Zinnie would be able to protect herself if it came down to charging in through the front gate, but as well she wouldn't be able to make much progress that way, not with that many guards around. The sewers couldn't be that bad either, a little dirty water and a foul smell is healthy every now and then isn't it? Her party didn't seem like one to back out at something like this. There was only two ways in, one through the front where all the guards and knights were, and another through some strange sewers. The sewers didn't exactly make her happy. She got this strange feeling. Like something anti-life was in there, something that was an enemy to all living beings. This however, was something she had to check out. To her, there was only one way in, and that was through the sewers. "Let's face the dangers of the sewers, I sense something... Interesting inside." Zinnie said with a rather strange voice, as if two girls was speaking at the same time. One innocent and cute sounding, and the other rough and evil sounding. Just before they were making a final decision. She turned around and looked off into the distance. She was feeling something. Something nearby, it put her on edge, however, she couldn't put her finger on what it might be.
  11. Gloxie

    Now it's a Corpse Party (OOC)

    Alrighty, I'll write my post now, posting soon
  12. Gloxie

    Now it's a Corpse Party (OOC)

    So shall I post, or wait until Fennis posts?
  13. Gloxie

    Now it's a Corpse Party

    Off in the distance one could hear footsteps. Following the sound of the raven, Zinnie came walking. She was going on her way to finish some kind of quest, though that wasn't why she came. She came to notice the aura in the air. The rotten smell of death, the evil dark feeling in the air. It was giving her chills. The darkness didn't exactly help the case either. As she came closer, she noticed guards, and someone with a raven seemingly observing. Zinnie took a deep breath, and as she did, the air in the air around her seemingly got more rotten with death, as if the little life that were in the air disappeared. As she let the air out, the air turned lively as if it was alive, and the ground under her turned green with life, this quickly disappeared as well. What was more strange was the feeling that came off Zinnie as she let the air out of her lungs, she practically glowed green of life, standing out like a sore thumb. This was only the life in her though, and the life aura around her quickly dwindled down, so she seemed like a normal mortal. If one actually tried to sense her power, it didn't seem to be there, or rather, the amount of mana she possessed was so unimaginably small, and her small figure didn't seem like a warrior either. Yet the aura around her was not the aura of a weakling. Something was off about her, if one actually tried to figure her out from her aura, they would get two signals, both of which should not be able to cooperate with each other. She looked and gave off the feeling she was a pure demon, her eyes crimson red, horns on her head and pale white skin. Her aura however also contained equal amount of a human feel, as if she was 100% normal human. She looked at the raven, and it's companion, rather it was the other way around. Hoping this meeting would turn peaceful.
  14. Gloxie


    Zinnie's origin has been updated and edited. Zinnie's ability section has been completed pre roleplaying.