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  1. Gloxie

    Legacy of the Void

    "I know you're there! Come over here and show yourself before I blast you out of the sky! I have a rifle that shoots light energy and I'm not afraid to use it!" Connor growled She let out a giggle, this mortal was an entertaining one. She was trying to see if they noticed her, wouldn't be fun otherwise. She looked at the small creatures around her and picked up one of them, which began shaking with fear. This fleshy creature looked like it had been chewed, eaten and vomited back up, its teeth were also sharper than the average blade. She flew towards the others at great speeds while she pets this ugly creature. "I gotta say, that was a nice performance you two!" She took a glance at Connor and Undir. If they didn't specifically protect against it, they would hear her voice inside their heads, she was using telepathy to speak to them, this was, of course, her preferred method of speech. She looked at their gear, advanced. Not your average everyday suicidal group it seemed. Perhaps they knew something about this place, if they didn't, their greater probably did. She threw the creature she was holding away, it proceeded to run away to what looked like its family. Luna took a look at Connor's rifle, light energy he said? Now that does sound threatening. She smiled at him, not even being close to the ground. "Oh sorry for being so rude you guys. My name is Luna, it's nice to meet you all." She looked back at the cutie Connor as she laid on her back, though still levitating. "I am interested in your guys' topic of void magic. As it happens, I have no idea how I... Well that can be a topic for another time, in any case. I want to know more about this certain topic... So what's the plan chief?"
  2. I am actually writing now, halfway done I think.
  3. I will be writing my post either later today or tomorrow
  4. It's almost 3 am and I am looking at old games...

  5. I'm going to pick up the guitar again, I have been craving to re-learn it for quite a while now.

    1. princeben07


      Ah, a plucker of the strings eh? Good for you!!!!



    2. Gloxie


      I am into drums too, guitar and drums are my favorite instruments 

  6. Gloxie

    Legacy of the Void

    Somewhere in Yh'mi, a girl with a white dress and long black hair was floating behind this guard. This guard had a dull expression and his eyes were glowing red, the same color as the girl's eyes, he also had two holes on his neck which were covered up by a bandage that was bloodied. Luna had no idea how she got to be in this... place. One second she was in her coffin, sealed away deep beneath the earth, the next second she woke up in Yh'mi. How long has she been sealed away? Was she sealed in Yh'mi, or did she somehow get transported here? Her current location was a relatively calm area, though it was eerie and silent, some talk here and there but not a lot. Though with suspicious looks, she got around basically anywhere with the help of the guard. She had heard about this wall and how tight the security was. A week later, screams and clings of steel were heard from the wall. A guard with dead red glowing eyes and a bandage around his neck directly attacked the ones who stood watch while muttering something about a "vampire miss". Though he fell quickly this had drawn enough attention away from Luna, who was currently levitating up and over the wall to the other side. When she got to the ground on the other side of the wall she heard a boom, and her senses went into overdrive. It was in the direction of a village she had heard about. Since she had to go there anyway, she flew full speed towards the sound of the explosion... and flapping? She had a rough idea of what was happening. While she was close, she was also quite a bit far away, she had observed the situation. Originally she planned to just go right past them to the village that she could see pretty well from this distance, she heard the words "void magic" and thus decided to stop and observe the scene, if they looked well enough, they could probably see her red glowing eyes staring right at them, listening to everything they were saying.
  7. Luna's telekinesis can probably be useful for that
  8. Luna will be injured a lot in this because of her incredibly weak body, maybe even a permanent injury, I don't mind that for Luna.
  9. So Luna is ready, even though her sheet isn't, it has the basic stuff
  10. Write a public message on your own feed...

  11. I'm trying to revamp Luna. She's a bit of an old character. Though I made her 3 years ago, my concept of her is even older by quite a few years. So she needs some nice loving ^-^ Screw writer's block though.
  12. So I am rewriting the character I want to use, Luna. I have removed a bit of detail that I originally had for her, but it's gonna be done soon enough. She is mysteriously involved with the void as around 14 500 years ago, she and her family just disappeared, only to reappear in the present, though her family has yet to actually appear. As it's not on her character sheet yet; her body is extremely weak, she can barely stand for long periods of time, so she uses her telekinesis powers to support herself in all kinds of ways, so she has gotten quite good at using it. She also knows how to use telepathy in different ways, it's her preferred way to speak. I'll update her character sheet soon, I'll remove the details about her from this post when I do. ^-^
  13. This is gonna be a first. I'm making a... human character *Gasp*, who is a mage *double gasp*

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