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  1. It's so hot this summer

  2. Still being written - Just posted so I remember it! General Name: Elianora Miathana Age: 23 Gender: Female Race: Human...? ELIANORA Book: Body Transformation Art: There are 4 known chapters to this art: Body Transformation - Bloodline Transformation - Affinity Transformation - Special Affinity Transformation. Elianora only has the 3rd chapter, all other chapters has been lost to the ages. Chapter 3: Affinity Transformation This art requires the user to have no talent/affinities to any of the elements, or have their affinities removed. Their body has to be devoid of any elemental energies and through years of tempering through the method described in the Body Transformation Art, they can possess and increase their talents and affinities to all elements, assuming they put in the required training and materials.
  3. I wonder if I should throw myself back in and roleplay again. oWo

    1. Shatter


      That would be a resounding YES.

    2. supernal


      I vote yes 

  4. Hi

    1. princeben07



    2. Gloxie


      How ya been? \o3o/

    3. Shatter
  5. I just got a new keyboard and I am freaking out about how good and amazing it feels to type on. I just wanna write and write and write right now!

    1. supernal


      Mechanical keyboard?

    2. Gloxie


      Yeah, a Ducky One 2 Mini. It's so great to type on, and it takes up quite little space so my desk has way more space now than before

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