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  1. Ooh how I love being depressed, makes me break my promise with being active here. So much fun yay

  2. Sorry for the really late reply I was on a haikus for the couple of months.

    1. Ubersane


      It's okay, I kinda did the same > u <

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      I guess we're equal then....


      You still interested in the thread?

  3. How are vampires dealt with in the lore?

    So you're saying I can "create" a vampire species of my own for me to use then? Anything I should think about if I am to do this then?
  4. Let's say that a human gets turned into a vampire by a pureblooded vampire (aka. someone born from two vampire parents), what is the difference between the newly turned vampire and the pureblooded vampire? Or does the turned vampire's body change into a "pureblooded" one so to speak? If you haven't figured it out yet from this post > u < I am making a vampire character, but I'm not sure if they will be a turned one or a pureblooded one. I'm not necessarily looking to have her be strong, but I want her to at least have a somewhat decent backstory or something.
  5. The stupid internet hasn't been letting me enter this site... Finally, it worked

  6. Ban the user above you! [GAME]

    Banned for wanting to continue the cycle
  7. Began training for a female voice, this is straining, a lot of water is needed for this, but I won't give up.

  8. Dances randomly

  9. Pictures of Us

    Obligatory selfie incoming
  10. Zinnie

    Not finished; changes might be made Found the picture at https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/569916527823660342/ Zinnie Long ago, there was a human girl. She had an unexpected encounter with a badly wounded demon. This innocent lady attempted to help this demon, but the wounds went too deep. The demon died shortly after this encounter, however, in a last attempt to survive, the demon’s soul ripped itself out of its own body and entered the human’s body. As her body was not capable of hosting two souls, the demon had to make changes to it, though these changed came slowly as to not make the human realize them. As the girl was very pure and innocent, she quickly accepted the demon, not knowing what would happen. Over time they became very good friends, but during this time the two souls slowly fused together, small and small bits of the soul became one. As the demon soul is the stronger one, the human soul turned demonic as it fused, while still being a human soul. This also changed their body, mind, blood, and abilities, turning the human and demon into one being. Becoming neither good nor evil. She'll help both the evil and the good if it means furthering herself. Her skin turned pale white, eyes turned crimson red, hair grew longer and turned black, her head got short black horns. Her voice turned mixed. One could hear two voices at the same time instead of just one. Her aura was a demonic human kind of aura. By sensing this, most would not be able to tell if the aura was of a human or was of a demon, And thus, Zinnie was born. Roaming around, awaiting her new abilities to get formed. Although her soul is fused, it is still unstable and over the course of an unknown amount of years, it will slowly break down and Zinnie will die. She has to find a way to stabilize it.
  11. What's in your speakers, nukka?

    Ooo look, a Spotify link and not a youtube link 'O'
  12. Personally I wish I could commission a drawn picture, but my real life situation doesn't want me to. I just am not able to. PS. Did I write that question correctly? > u <
  13. How to figure out I am okay and stable: If I use text size 11 and font "Lucida Sans Unicode" then I am most likely doing okay.

    If I'm not using it, then the chances are something might be wrong. (I could also just forget, but if I do I usually edit the text afterward to make sure it's the right size and font.)

  14. I'm just not happy with the characters I have created. I am not sure why. Maybe they're not demonic enough. I don't know.

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      You can do it

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      Hopefully you can make something you like soon! It sucks not liking your own characters... :/

    4. Ubersane


      It might also be the roleplays I am in (Or lack of them), but I don't wanna sound mean or rude, so I don't think its that > u <

  15. Seems like I need to join another roleplay, got really quiet for me all of a sudden.

    1. Rin


      I'm always here if you need a nonsensical rambling adventure