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  1. The sun shined brightly over a devoid world, bringing a moment of solace to it’s children in their remaining moments. For the first time in a century of damnation, the horizon sparkled, a symbol of irony, and an omen of dying days. “It’s beautiful!!..” A young blonde haired lass swore. Tears streamed, from sockets of emerald glory, rolling down the face of an angel. Her stubborn counterpart, however, cursed his gods as he witnessed the destruction of their world. “No… It’s horrid Liz. This power, it wasn’t meant for mankind..” He blasphemed, regretting the careless choices that he had made. “You can’t keep blaming yourself.” Elizabeth retorted, attempting to comfort her dear brother. The immense, overwhelming rumbling shook the planets atmosphere, tearing fissures into the barren hillside where the two embraced fates cruel outcome together. The stalwart brother gritted his teeth, holding back his fear, an overload of contempt causing a grimace to take it’s truest form. “I wished for this Liz… The power to save your life. I made the pact.” He admitted. 'I made the pact. I ushered this world into chaos.’ The burden began taking its toll in full. 'It's to late.’ ‘Futile.’ 'I sold the world.’ The meteor that had blocked out the sun for twelve years grew nearer, deafening the harbinger of entropy entirely now. The very heat itself created by the goliath space rock caused the ground to teem skyward with smoke. The planet wept as smaller fragments of the meteor made first contact, spewing magma which would bleed the planet dry. In their final moments, the siblings peered at each other, Elizabeth smiling as she leaned against her brothers arm. Joshua simply smiled back, his skin beginning to crack from the heat and pressure. It was then that the world around him halted, signifying the presence of his lord. A faceless man, resembling Joshua in remainder, spoke through existence itself. “We made a deal. I kept my end, and you, yours. This world is mine, and your sisters disease was cured, but at what cost?” It asked, an ominously cynical laugh filling the void in unison. The young man stood, welling with rage and remorse. “You tricked me…. You doomed my very existence, and fated my sister’s death onto my hands!” Joshua cursed, taking a step toward the being in preparation to strike. The being held it’s right hand forth, spreading it’s fingers calmly. Joshua scoffed in intense pain, his limbs splitting, revealing the raw entropic energy inside him to pulse outward wildly. “You cannot win.” The dominant figure warned, knowing that his defiant puppet would still resist. “We are one.” It taunted. Like clockwork, the wheel of destiny turned. “I know that.. Which is why I cannot lose.” Joshua explained, clenching his fists tightly. His form began to return, shortly stalwart once more in it’s entirety. The entity before the man laughed once more. “I see. You’ve grown spiritually since last we’ve met.” A battle ensued, endlessly, fruitlessly, always undoing it’s course and beginning again. A mutual understanding formed, eventually thickening the plot. “I see. You’ve grown spiritually since last we’ve met.” The words repeated once more, this time, opposite in origin. The faceless one fell silent, perhaps in disdain. “You understand then? The true power drawn out by these dire straights?” It questioned. “You must form the covenant, and bridge the gap.” Joshua shook his head, tossing his hand aside in anger, barely acknowledging the entity before him. “I’ll save her.” The man swore. Silence. Longevity. Another sinister laugh whipped the tension as the boy returned to his reality. A simple question echoed one last time. “But at what cost?” “Get behind me!!” “What are…” “Damnit Liz just do it!” The sounds barely understandable, only made out through a bond formed in a lifetime of love and pain. The cries inside the loving brother, louder than any given sound, reached deep inside his soul. Through his body, beyond time and space, into a place that held it all together. A place where it would all be torn apart. The origin of creation, and end of all existence. Chaos. He called it forth once more, offering his hand to do it’s bidding in exchange for his sister’s life. In it’s glory, the raw energy answered it’s servants call, beginning to twist the world into a cold, lightless void. The fabric of reality split, as if unraveling a thread, and with the weight of his burdens, the hopeless boy threw a final punch. The blow landed, combating it’s super massive opponent with impossible efficiency, splintering the meteor, and in it’s wake, widening the planar gap. The cords of eternity took hold of it’s meal, pulling everything into an endless pit known by most as the aether. It was as such that the story of one world ended, being wiped from history, it’s entire existence referable to a paradox. It was however, the beginning of one such story, that would shape in it’s memory a shadow of a dream. The dream of a man, condemned to float through eternity until chaos called him forth. It was on one such day in Taen, imperiled, and wrought by turmoil, that the tome of continuity once more formed it’s pretext.
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