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  1. Taen HQ

    You're lucky man. I only got a 90% eclipse so it only got orange outside here. I wanted total eclipse so I could get a boss selfie.
  2. Taen HQ

    Eclipse. Dope.
  3. Bodies in the swamp

    "Aye, aye. We are looking for able bodied men." Hugo mentioned as Eru mentioned the recruitment posters. "We're hosting a card game in a few days to discuss the plans to set up regular patrols around the city." He added. Hugo pulled a blank piece of paper from the clipboard and nodded. "A missing persons assignment. Aye, let's here it Padre." Hugo agreed, listening to Eru. He was prepared to take down the information at once, as Nico would if he were there. At the moment however, Ignacio was at Mildot speaking with the owners about procuring weapons for them. This missing persons report would help, at the very least getting their names out there.
  4. || The Hunt ||

    The white haired loner crossed his hands behind his head as he kicked up the dust beneath his bare feet and heaved a lonesome sigh. While the others had bothered to group together and make plans, Josh had done exactly as he had mentioned. Distance began to spread between them, and moreso by the second. Within a few minutes the man couldn’t hear anyone, and his mind jumped between a few ideas in the meantime. There had to be Morphers all around the jungle, but he was in pursuit of an advanced group which was capable of thinking and acting on a civil level. This caused an issue, primarily with identifying his targets. Even if he found one of the Morphers he was looking for, they would play dumb. It was a simple ideal, to feign ignorance; and force him to uphold virtue. It would be ill advised to just go around pointing fingers at the natives, especially considering that they might not be able to understand anything about the advancing worlds around them. This was the least of what the others had in mind for any Morpher, or so it seemed. However, he saw a unique opportunity to inquire about the odd feathers found at the crime scene. He still had a strange feeling that they held some significant amount of insight into the sudden increase in intelligence portrayed by the thieves. Either way, the man had an ace up his sleeve. One he knew would lead him to his imposter. As he neared the abandoned encampment across the jungle, his idea was solidified by the unmistakable Zris’ka tracks that ran into it’s center. Imprints neared tightly together suggested that some number of the beasts had layed around together rather recently. A dead giveaway that he was nosing around in the correct direction. The fire pit in the center of the camp had been cold for a few hours, no surprise there, and the ramshackle tents all seemed abandoned. Except for a large pile of junk packed into one of the tents. The sight looked like a junkyard. Everything slopped together like garbage, which it likely was to the thieves. With a brash sigh, the crumb bum started making his way deep into the heap. He pushed aside oddities of many natures. Spell books, shoes, plastic fence pieces, a half eaten donut, something sticky which caused Josh to scoff in surprise. “Where in the hell did they get this junk?” He asked aloud. After rummaging for a rather decent amount of time, he had found what he was looking for; and a bit extra. The man ditched his diaper and quickly redressed himself. His clothes were no where to be found, but the green cargo pants and combat boots he found fitted perfectly. A knuckled set of leather gloves which now nestled around his hands grabbed at the duffle bag that he began stuffing with random junk. After a few minutes he received his loot to make sure he had everything he had wanted. 'Rubber duck, duct tape, cigarette carton, smut magazines, lotion.. Wait no, that’s just weird.’ He thought, ditching the lotion. 'Rooster coffee mug, extra duffle bag, socks, weird arm computer thing…’ He finished, strapping the crook around his wrist. He looked at the last three objects, headphones, hair clippers, and a hand mirror. As he picked up the mirror he examined his face. No scars, but his hair was extremely long and his beard was poking around. He grabbed the clippers with both hands, his left holding the end of the cord and his right flicking the switch. The device hummed with life as Josh fed it power. He quickly shaved the sides of his hair, leaving a bit of thick hair laying flat on the top of his head. He gave his chin a quick go before heading back outside. He intended to look around a bit more but the sight of more Zris’ka tracks drew his attention. He took a look towards the sky, examining the distance in search of the mountains. Surely enough, the tracks headed east. Slinging the straps of the bag around his bare shoulders, he began to follow the tracks. As he went, he only had one thought in mind. 'Why would someone only eat half of this donut? I mean, the other half is delicious!' He delighted, snacking on literal junk food.
  5. Totenborough OOC

    Home is where you make it.
  6. Totenborough OOC

    I posted. Sorry about the delay. I'm sitting at like 30+ hours of overtime. I literally work, sleep, work. Tomorrow is the last day though, thank god.
  7. The fight for Totenborough

    Josh turned to face the gate, looked towards Challara, and then toward Zoran. “Well, if you wanted an advantage; we better improvise.” He concluded, a bit confused as to how they were supposed to take the fight into the tunnels when the threat had been knocking at the front door. Without much time, Josh made a quick decision. Wafts of flame spiraled into his left hand, which he used to light his cigar before resting it between his rugged lips. More flame took shape in his right, and the loud sound of pressurization whistled loudly. Josh looked towards his gunner, raising his eager brow. “You better get a good bead on the gate.” He warned, preparing to let loose. If he was going to be of much use, he’d need to start bombing spells before a melee broke out. Otherwise, someone might get caught the crossfire. Moments passed as he waited for everyone else to take their desired position, the sounds of the gate rattled the air before falling silent. A howl stirred confusion from ahead, and then, the pounding of the entryway doubled. Josh planted his feet firmly, waiting until the door caved in to hurl the pressurized fireballs; which would explode in a spatter of thick, napalm like liquid. To spread the affect around, he’d throw them one by one; allowing him to muster more strength between releasing the energy upon it’s targets. The creaks of warped steel and splintering wood showed how little time remained, and soon after the endless shapes began to ream through the tunnel. The first fireball exploded into the doorway, peppering shrapnel into numerous burning bodies. The smoke began to take shape, only to be swept aside from another exploding tuft of flame. A third ball, and a forth rocked the narrow passage, but still the combatants found ways to press through the onslaught. Josh gritted his teeth and narrowed his brow as he looked towards the others. “Incoming!” He blatantly yelled, as if it wasn’t apparent that the enemy was on their way.
  8. Totenborough OOC

    I'll be posting shortly. I've been called into work for the last 3 days. Fml.
  9. Bodies in the swamp

    Hugo wiped his knife on his kitchen apron, cleaning it and setting it on the counter before staring out the window above the sink of the mess room next to the cellar door. He rested his chin in his right hand, reminiscing about the desert. Any normal man, especially of his age; wouldn’t miss the badlands. Definitely not as much as he did. Hugo, however, was an Alvaro. An heir to a legacy of centuries of riding through the sands. He could recall the trips through the hottest days of the year, when the sandstorms brewed and the locals bustled about; taunting foreigners that seemed afraid. He could almost feel the bandana pressed against his mouth, his glasses on his face like some kind of vigilante as the specks of dirt battered his sore skin. The sounds of his father and Ignacio drinking and cracking jokes. The sight of fire… His sporadic thought was broken by a voice. Hugo snapped to attention, grabbing the knife and getting back to work. He continued dicing the vegetables for soup as he responded to the visitor. “Hola. If you’re here to pay for bail, I’ve got the paperwork on the desk.” Hugo mentioned, heading to the boiling pot and tossing the vegetables in before rounding the corner. He looked at the young man and headed towards the left most room, unlocking it and retrieving the paperwork and a quill before locking the door behind him and motioning towards the other room. “Please Padre, have a seat.” Hugo politely added, entering the room and pulling a chair out at the large wooden table beside the stove. Hugo stirred the delicious content a bit before sitting down himself. “The fee is ten coins upfront. Since there isn't a court, you're just paying for his release.” Hugo stated, finding it odd that the price was so low to free the deviant that he had arrested last night.
  10. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the opening)

    Newly appointed sheriff, Ignacio Alvaro, had heard of the development of the Mil Dot; and had decided to pay a visit on this fine day. As the old Spaniard approached, he could hear the sounds of hammering and loud buzzing power tools. While not able to demand that these people require permits for firearms, businesses, or require them to pay taxes for land; Ignacio could build a relationship with them. The matter of the fact was, that there wasn’t a budget in place for the new law enforcement division. However, he had hoped that the siblings would be willing to work with him to supply his units with weapons to help keep the people safe. This would come with it’s own perks of course. Nothing crooked, but having the law on your side was always a sensible decision. Approaching the foundation which seemed to be coming together nicely, Ignacio cried out politely; the words escaping loudly pass his mustache which bared a few grey hairs amidst the dark thicket of his lips. “Hola!!” Nico shouted, cupping his mouth before repeating. “Hola!” He screamed again, trying to get the attention of someone. He waited patiently, his hands properly resting behind his back, prepared to remove the white cowboy hat atop his head that rested against his elegant ponytail as a show of respect. It was a rather humid day out, and the toned, wrinkled skin on his forearms dampened; glossing his bronze complexion.
  11. Taen HQ

    Naw, we need a pokeball relic. It'd be perfect cause creatures have undergone rigorous evolution to survive.
  12. Pick a Number Valucrians!!!

    Uhh... 9. Duh.
  13. Taen HQ

    Relics huh? Seems fitting. Can't wait to see what you scheme up.
  14. Taen HQ

    @Csl Could you please mention for any questing parties interested in Ante Up to please tag me in the thread in the quest subscript so that there is no confusion that I will be involved as the sheriff?
  15. Two mules for Senor Sebastian

    Quest Summary: After the departure of the former Sheriff from Lunaris, Ignacio and Hugo Alvaro traveled to Lunaris to speak with Sebastian about the position. After requesting to meet with him, Ignacio asked him about the position and provided factual evidence that a man named Montane Gorkova was involved in a black market smuggling ring of weapons and beasts. It was revealed that Montane was responsible for the destruction of a villa in the Velhatien desert by attempting to capture a raging fire elemental, and evidence implied that after hearing of the Hydra appearing in Lunaris; Montane had headed for Taen. The siblings had come in search of him, but also vowed to take up the position of Sheriff. After a few resolved policy discussions and a budget request, the two were left with little except for a property inhabited by the former Sheriff. After heading there, they found a few revealing discoveries that they kept disclosed; and received a strange note signed by one M.G. The next day, Ignacio started putting up posters to fill the positions of deputies. Quest opportunities: Ante Up: The new sheriff has called on any capable inhabitants of Lunaris to fill the roles of deputies. The posters detail the location of the small jail, and gives a time and date to meet him there. He claims to have a plan to help prevent the looting and wild life attacks throughout the city. Will you take up his offer and join his posse, or turn a blind eye to injustice? @Csl @Ataraxy