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  1. Taen HQ

    I don't have a discord. Should I?
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    I've fallen silent lately, but I'm not incompetent. I'm willing to be a part of anything atm.
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    And so, from the shadows, a man; nay, a poor soul, walked amongst friends again with only one thing to say. Merry Christmas everyone! Sorry about my unannounced hiatus.
  4. OOC: Silver Sky

    Honestly, you guys don't have to wait for me. It'll just give me more filler for the post. Either way I'll have it up soon. They switched me from 3rd shifts to 2nds and I'm still adjusting. Not used to seeing the sun all day lol.
  5. OOC: Silver Sky

    This is why I haven't posted. Was waiting on the rng feedback.
  6. The fight for Totenborough

    The cataclysmic shaking caught the white haired one off guard, causing him to quickly lose footing. He braced his body, falling onto his right knee and turning his cheek as the monstrous being cleaved through the earth and onto the battlefield. Debris whirred, screeching as it tore from slabs of shattering rock and towards him. Josh brought his right hand up, shielding his face from the dirt which tore forward, peppering him. Fortunately, Max had batted the following shards away. Without delay, he stood, the large clumps of dust tumbling off of his shoulders as he turned around. Pebbles shook loose from his greasy, now almost muddy scalp. An eerie demand burst forth, it's voice stirring a grit from Josh's teeth. It was then that the pot thickened. From the corner of his eye he noticed the appearance of the new formed salamander's. 'The hell?' He pondered, returning his gaze towards the enemy. "What the hell is..." "THRON KHA!!!" Max had shouted, cutting him off. "Damnit!" Josh responded immediately, the sounds of stalagmites shattering bellowed in the distance thereafter. "You leave...." Max warned, causing Josh to scoff and take a readied stance; both his hands held afront his stomach. His palms touched at first, with cold air beginning to form between the cracks. "That thing can't leave..." He argued. He struggled to separate his hands, droplets of water beading from between them as he combated the heat around him. The water joined slowly, beginning to solidify in chunks as frost formed. "I need answers." He explained, but still failed to elaborate more. The cold swept up his arms, reaching towards the sweat that poured out. More frost formed, and he separated his hands, the element now drawing strength, welling in each. Josh waited a moment, watching Max's movement. He wouldn't stand by and do nothing. His first priority was to keep in mind the best interest of the settlers. His secondary goal was to take this thing down. He had only hoped that someone had issued an evacuation at this point, although he was beginning to think that the people around these parts were all cracked pots.
  7. Taen HQ

    I need @Ataraxy to roll for me before I post. Also, I'll have my Toten post up by tonight. Just got done working my Tenth day in a row. Thank God it's over. Now I get time off lol.
  8. Taen HQ

    An amenity?
  9. [Mageside City] An Unorthodox Heist

    Josh watched his front once he spotted Illia, waiting for her to take point on their way out. He aimed his weapon across the room, overhearing the murmuring spreading like wild fire. “That’s the Wraith…” A few sharp students had put together. “Why’s he in Genesaris?” A few pondered. Some of the feint hearted began to cry in fear. Josh gritted his teeth, hating the picture his twins had painted of him. He was a hero to some. The people of Lunaris loved him, having seen him lay his life on the line for them since the moment he arrived in this damned world. Meanwhile, using his identity, War, Death, Strife, and Ruin were murdering people wherever they went. It was no wonder that most people saw him as a terrorist. Yet, it was moments like these that he truly questioned his own motives. “They’re… Terrified..” He spoke softly, being snapped back to reality by White shouting for him to hurry up. Josh rushed down the hall, his boots smacking the floor at a sporadic pace as he narrowly avoided the guards bustling after him. He slammed the heavy door behind him, melting the center together in a makeshift attempt to buy the two time. Josh looked around the room for a moment, not seeing any ladders to lead towards the scaffolding over head. After a moment of observation, he noticed a doorway above, and one below; assuming that they intersected by a stairwell. Still, it was at least three stories up, and the two had little time to wait around. Black pulled Illia's right hand into his left and led onward. “This way..” He explained, now coming face to face with the door. He gave a slight nudge, with the door unfaltering to his distaste. The man shook his head before firing a round into the lock mechanism, a risky move. Fortunately, the door swayed open a bit, the cool air rushing from above as he motioned Illia onward. “Ladies first!..” He joked, hardly capable of keeping his composure as the doorway he had welded shut began to creak loudly. As the two moved upward, he checked the signal of his crook, relieved to find out that his uplink back to MMC's mainframe was once more connected. As the two reached the second door, Josh repeated his previous decision without even bothering to see if it was locked. Once more a door creaked open, revealing the catwalk which swayed a bit; obviously having not been used for some time. “You there Deej!!?!?” “Yessir. You still alive?” “No I’m a phantom you ass!” “I knew that but..” “Can it, is the Red Raven operational?” “Yeah, but I..” “I need an evac at my location!” Josh demanded as he led Illia across the platform. A small window stood across the room, leading towards the fire escape outside which would lead to the roof. Josh assumed that it was unlocked, and waved Illia pass him towards it before turning around. At least seven guards had burst forth and up the staircase after them, all filing onto the catwalk which wavered unsurely now. “Get your ass out of here!” Josh barked at Illia as he throttled the first pursuer, struggling to throw him over the rail. The second enemy almost overwhelmed Black, sending him over the ledge. Instead, the two fell flat on the grated flooring of the platform which caused it to start folding. The guards in the rear paused, starting to back up as the catwalk gave way. With a loud shriek, it snapped, sending the group tumbling, except Illia who had been far enough down the walkway to be on stable footing. Josh had been fortunate enough to grab ahold of something, which now suspended him in place as he attempted to pull himself up, but was unsure of what he had gotten ahold of.
  10. OOC: Silver Sky

    @Ataraxy I'm going to need you to roll for me. (Seems like a common thing lol.) So are we just throwing posts in without a strict order? I feel like I'm missing something here.
  11. [Mageside City] An Unorthodox Heist

    Black had left the room, the door silently closing behind him as he began to route the pursuers. The Swift patter of the platoons storming the halls was easy to pick up, and as he had predicted; one by one the empty rooms were breached. Leaving no stones unturned was in their best interest, this much was true. However, the Wraith intended to play these security measures against the guards. The first encounter was a breeze, four guards had breached a classroom, to be met with a surprise during their exit. The thick, black energy licking from the re-opened wound in Joshua’s right hand crackled loudly, snagging the units attention immediately; but still to late. The grimace of the fiend became visible as he held his pistol steady, his left hand squeezing the trigger, causing a blinding flash of light. The guards braced their eyes, struggling to see their attacker and bolster their weapons. Static cling exploded into the room, hurling everything in it’s path towards the side. The entropic storm screamed to life there after, rendering the guards unconscious at once. Blacks menacing voice served as their lullaby, announcing his assault in a tacky fashion. “Bal Bolta!!!!” His Grandian accent resonated the foreign language as the chaotic electricity worked it’s devilry. The next set of guards had already come running, easily distracted by the ruckus; confused by the child of Grandis' war cry. He rushed them, blitzing the first few with the same attack, shortly tearing through the checkpoint and pressing towards the next. His crook hummed to life, the C.O.P installed picking up the comms frequencies around him as he crept onward. “Delta, come in!.... Delta!?.. Delta!!... Shit, we lost Delta.” The panic ensued. “Roger Bravo. This is Alpha. We have nullify units inbound.” “Damn…” Black responded aloud, overhearing their plans. As an Eidolon, the Wraith wasn’t a mage, a wizard, nor a sorcerer. No, he was a living source of magic. Nullification units posed a serious threat to him. If they sealed off his source of mystic energy, his body would weaken severely; breaking itself down, feasting on it’s own essence to survive. Before he could collect his thoughts, the special units had come face to face with him. The sensation of dread weighed his mind for a moment, the pressurized sensation shooting pain through his being as their nullification field overcame him. The black electricity in his hand faded, becoming a pool of dripping black as they spotted him. “Quick, take him before he runs!” One shouted, the rest bolting forward before Josh could regain control of his body; which was still stiffened from the initial blocking of his connection to the Aetheric plane. Snapping back to reality, Black quickly utilized his training from the years he spent in the Grandis military. The first enemy had lurched forward with a stun prod, stabbing into Josh’s gut; jolting the electricity through his body. The Wraith gritted his teeth as he fell onto his left knee. The other guards attempted to topple him, two of them pinning his shoulders onto the ground. Josh threw a kick at the guard wielding the stun prod, the painful crunch of his knee folding inward causing the two on top of him to cringe. The guard screamed in pain, falling flat as Josh began wrestling the guards holding him down. Even with his combat training, they had a clear advantage over him. However, the trickster still had tricks up his sleeves. Not tactics of a warrior, or any sort of magic. No, he unleashed a side of himself that he had become accustomed to far before any of those options had ever presented themselves to him. Those of cowardice and treachery often found ways to survive on the street. He was no different, and so, he fought dirty. “Ahhh my nipple!! I think he bit off my nipple!!!” The first guard agonized, rolling aside as Josh sat up and corked his right thumb. The guard on his left recoiled severely, releasing Josh in pain after he had driven the thumb into his eye. “Live and let live!” Black shouted, cupping his hand and jamming it into the stunned guards throat, causing him to choke as his windpipe closed for a moment. Josh had stood, and was gone faster than any pickpocket or conman. The group of guards licked their wounds and regrouped as quickly as possible, once more broadcasting between each other. “Alpha come in, we have a fire in…. Wing.. No ch… immediate lockdown!” The transmission became chopped. Even so, Josh knew what immediate lockdown was. He had taken longer than needed, and White had improvised. Smoke began fumigating the corridor as the sounds of guards rushing to extinguish the fire grew louder by the minute. Still, Josh managed to slip by them and into the courtyard. To his surprise, at least a dozen guards had gathered, and with the nullify units in tail, he had to hurry. The trickling blood in his hand ignited, blowing through the doors to the students quarters with a black cluster bombing spell. The guards on the other side folded beneath the debris, getting trampled by Black as he came sprinting into the building, countless guards behind him. He had already begun making a backup plan. With the fact that he was a wanted criminal in play, he’d continue playing the villain. As he burst into the room filled with students, he immediately pulled his gun on the guards; using the elements of surprise to his advantage. Energy burst from the barrel, laying a few of them out one by one. A roar escaped the crowd as Josh let another shot off into the air. “Everyone on the ground now!!! The first person to move dies!” He threatened, scanning fervently for White with the few seconds he had left before the guardsman arrived.
  12. Taen HQ

    Okay, I'll set it up when I get off of work.
  13. Taen HQ

    Sounds good. You can go ahead and set up a thread. If not, I can set one up.
  14. One Man's Trash (Open Quest)

    Restless wasn't the correct word to describe the stubborn goat that had worked hard through the night. Stubborn, was definitely closer than any. As the sun's rose on the following day, the white haired one set off to find a hunter among the Mork'Outh; one possessing knowledge of carnivorous domestic beasts native to the land. It had taken him a while, especially amid his pitiful stereotypical assumption that any Mork'Outh he had met was a hunter. Alas, within two hours of the sun's rising he gave up, heading back towards his mountains of meat and segments of space stone. "You.. Attracting Zris'ka." A weathered Mork'Outh warned, obviously doing his best to communicate with Josh as he approached. The gnarled hero raised a brow, letting the statement sink in, and still failing to understand. "No, I'm cleaning up this mess.." He answered, thinking that the warning was a question. The old hunter shook his head and pointed towards the rotting meat. "No... Zris'ka come... Uhmm.. Eat. Kill more. Eat more." He explained, a bit more clarification amidst the words. Josh nodded, understanding now. All of the raw meat would draw a predators attention, an obvious situation which he hadn't taken into perspective. Thinking for a moment, Josh grew curious about the Zris'ka. "Then let them have it." He suggested. The hunter nodded, glad to hear that the white haired wonder was understanding their unspoken conversation; one which was preparing to unfold little by little. "Set trap... And we.. Steal." The hunter paused. "No. We.. Take Zris'ka. Then no kill Lunaris. Help Lunaris." The hunter explained, proposing that they bait the Zris'ka and trap them. Josh knew all too well what he had meant, and was glad to be of use. "Gather more hunters, and set the traps. I'll be here." Josh waved him off. The hunter clapped his hands and nodded, bonding with the Eidolon; respecting his desire to work with the natives to further progress. "Good, we take." The hunter agreed, being on his way to find more help. Josh went back to work with a smile, now preparing to finish the cleanup of the first head entirely; when there it was again. The unmistakable sound of the chainsaws.
  15. Bodies in the swamp

    Hugo shook his head and crossed his arms in concern after Eru had helped shed some light on the situation. 'The swamp?' He questioned, wondering what sorts of wonders or horrors lurked within. Most people knew little about the region, least of all the two newest residents. It was no wonder why, or how promises of treasure could lead a weary dreamer astray. "An inn?" He asked, knowing that Eru probably knew what he was going to say next. "Looks like we've got a lead. We should speak with this man Padre." Hugo suggested. It was getting late, and Ignacio had finally rolled through the door; causing his nephew to breath a sigh of relief. "Tio.. I thought you went missing." Hugo began to explain. Ignacio set a bag of groceries on the counter and shook his head in confusion. "Missing? So you've already heard then?" Nico asked, already ahead of the learning curve. Ignacio looked towards Eru, bowing once and introducing himself. "Nico Alvaro, at your service." He politely revealed. "Aye, Uncle Ignacio, meet Eru. Eru, this is my tio." Hugo chimed in. "Eru brought the first report, and wanted to help us keep the peace." Hugo explained. "I see. I'm glad to see that the youth still cares about society." Ignacio joked. "It's nice to meet you." Nico greeted, holding his hand towards the lad.