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  1. Name: Jack Hiedelberg Codename: Hyde/The Jackal Race: Ancient Doppelganger Age: Too damn old (as he would say) Height: Between 5'9 to 6'1 usually Weight: Between 180-230 pounds Physique: Generally in shape Distinguished features: The tell tale of any Doppelganger, Hyde will never, ever, cast a shadow. He also has a mole which will never disappear (although it can be relocated.) Demeanor: Shady at best. Not even his allies know his motives, and his appearance can mask any emotion. In previous situations, Hyde has even been known to ask his companions adversaries what they would offer him to turn on them. This usually results in him double crossing his enemies, telling his "comrades" that they owe him, and continuing on with their days. Hyde has a sick sense of humor, a bad attitude, and knows how to get on people's nerves. It's hard to tell if he honestly has much sanity left, until he gets intoxicated and The Jackal comes out. Then it's time to pray that he regains it.
  2. “There you are big guy! What’s going on?” Jack Hiedelberg asked, approaching a giant marshmallow, roughly between eight to ten feet in size. The lumpy costume made it hard to gauge the beasts height at the moment. The marshmallow mountain man smiled softly, replying with a loud “Hrmm!” The half titan, Gigas, reached his enormous hand out toward Hyde, scooping him up with ease, and bringing him onto his broad shoulders to sit down. Hyde’s feet dangled as he watched the ring. He seemed baffled at the sight before him, a woman almost as big as Gigas, challenging a crowd of men. Her former opponent still in the ring, had said enough about the amazon’s strength. Jack pulled an apple from his coat, taking a bite from it before speaking. “Why don’t you fight?” He asked Gigas, confident in the simpletons strength. Gigas raised a brow toward Hyde’s question, replying with a chuckle and another grunt. “Hurhurhu… Hmmm mmm.” The titan insisted, shaking his head in refusal. Gigas hated violence, and rarely ever fought for any reason other than self defense. As one born from the earth, Gigas loved every living being, aside from the vilest of creatures who proved their disdainful nature time and time again. Hyde barely reacted, his feet still swaying carefree. “C’mon man. I’ve seen you arm wrestle giants. On the way here you pulled our armored vehicle out of a ditch. I mean, you eat stone for nourishment!” Hyde voiced, growing a bit irate at Gigas and his kind hearted interior. Still though, he had said the right thing. 'Eat, Stone.’ Gigas put the words together in his mind. With no surprise, Hyde slid from the Titans shoulder as it stood, teeming with excitement. “Hmmm.. Rock!” Gigas insisted. Hyde shook his head. “Moron…” Gigas responded immediately. “Rock… Rrrooock!” He insisted, rubbing his hands together eagerly. Hyde laughed hysterically for a moment. Gigas hadn’t spoken this much all week. “Now we’re talking!” Hyde snickered, picking up a large brick from the ground. He cocked his arm back and tossed the brick into the crowded ring. Unable to tell what, the brick had struck something with a loud clunk. As the brute would turn to head for his lunch, Hyde would vacate quickly in search of his friends Ronin and DJ. The ground rumbled as Gigas bolted toward the ring, causing the more feeble men inside to make way for the giant marshmallow. Gigas slowed down in confusion, looking around, feeling threatened by the surrounding combatants as he stepped forward. Although he knew it was just a game, his gut churned with an uneasy sensation. Looking around for his target, Gigas spotted the brick near Catherine’s feet. With an idiotic savant, Gigas picked it up, holding it into the air before taking a bite. The sound of the stone turning into dust was truly astounding. More so, was the Titans response as he looked at Catherine. “Rock!” He rejoiced ignorantly, the crowd around them exploding with anticipation. @Robbie Rotten
  3. No, it wasn't you lol. XIII was ragingly linear until disk 3 at which point every character gets every class and you actually get a real party formation. XV is 70% a joke, 10% graphically appealing, and 20% of a combat system I want to see improved upon and given real purpose as apposed to button mashing. I'm still holding out for KH3 but if square butchers it with it's frequent lack of content I'm cutting my loses for good. Either way, the oldies are the goodies, and it feels like square has lost its roots.
  4. I haven't tried RC. I liked Brave Ex (being a frontier fan.) but it just got easy after I got a few top dog picks. Mobius is just... Ehhh. I see a potential in plot thickening, but the system is just dull Imo. I expect allot from square, which is why the last 7 years are just a bad taste in my mouth.
  5. The plot gets really deep actually. Most of understanding it comes down to reading EVERY little bit of lore. For instance, every Esper is actually a rebirthed villain from previous games. In order to get the depth of what is actually going on in Dalmasca one would have to have read the lore in FF Tactics and Tactics Advanced, as well as two games created years after XII's release (Both Dissidia's) to understand the war of the gods. Understandably, at first glance the direct "Nation's at war" concept could be considered very linear, but it's graphics are spectacular (being an overlooked game, as it was released like 2 months before PS3 hit the shelves.), the combat mechanics were solid once you adjusted (Imo surpassing XV's free flow system.), and it's definitely a game that leaves allot of speculation about other installments. It's not for everyone, but I feel that in terms of the franchise peaking, this was it, especially considering that it had so much content on a single disc. FFXIII was good, aside from it's open world only being disc 3, and it's abrupt ending (However, before the sequels mucked it up, it's plot was very solid.) The real issue I had with XII was the protagonists (Because they each had an average person vibe which is very uncommon in the series. Yet somehow, they just destroy fallen gods and topple armies.)
  6. Save space on your phone, spend 20 bucks and pick up FFXII. My fav by far (although this has been debated thoroughly throughout fanism of the franchise.) Still though, my PS2 file has over 700 hours of play time logged and I'm still unable to complete highest grade monster hunts without preparing. I'm waiting on the PS4 remake. Hella hyped.
  7. Hmm. Any chance I could run a duality play? My main villain would definitely go out of his way here. My main anti-villain would definitely expect him to do so.
  8. @B2BBear You sneak dissin little... No but seriously, I choked on coffee at your last post. Loved the word play. Fantastic.
  9. A loud, vulgar belch disrupted any sense of civil conduct that onlookers could mistake Joshua for having. Combined with the way that he swept the gristle and crumbs from his stiff chin hair using the table cloth affront him, even the foulest of vagabonds might question if he had any concerns regarding his public image. Negative. This was an answer that anyone who knew him had found truthful. A truth which, even while dressed too the nines, he could never hide. While sharp, neither his all maroon attire, fitted finely, or his white silk under shirt, frilled at the collar, could disguise the way he had stuffed his face, nor camouflage the fact that he hadn’t even bothered to roll his sleeves before doing so. Only a moment of elegance, or so he would claim, existed. The moment right before he yet again fed his distasteful pallet, shoveling meat chunks into his maw with his bare hands. At least, at second glance, one could note that he had removed his gloves at some point before hand. The eyes of the otherworldly were always so distinguishable. Empty, lifeless, and piercing, with little concern for the world around them. Joshua himself could recognize at least a single pair like his as he surveyed the scene between handfuls of grub. Still, his void stricken pupils gave the others no sign of acknowledgement. However, it was from behind that his attention was grabbed. A hand mimicking his own crept into his peripheral, and without warning, Joshua reached his left hand backward and heaved the imposters face into the tables edge. ‘PPMFFFF!!!' "Aww.. What the hell!!?!” The twin screamed, climbing from the floor. “Piss off Hyde.” The sly devil replied. “If you reach for my plate again..” Josh interrupted his sentence midway with a mouthful of mashed potatoes, which he then proceeded to slightly spread across the table as he spoke. “I’ll rip your arm off.” The loud mouth warned, acting like a mongrel dog protecting it’s dumpster ridden bone from a groomed poodle. Hyde, disguised as Joshua, rubbed his forehead, hoping it wouldn’t bruise. He shook his head before speaking. “You’re just mad that your mask didn’t work.” He taunted. The Wraith sighed deeply. “I told you already.. I chose to be myself. Besides I doubt that this wordly magic could stabilize with my aetheric aura intact.” “Laaaaame.” Hiedelberg interjected rudely. Josh's right eye twitched, causing Hyde to back away before he caught a bad one. The hothead exploded, standing from his seat and reaching into his coat for the pistol he had smuggled through the guard. “Are you asking for it you wannabe?” The Eidolon questioned. Jack Heidelberg tossed his right hand up, mimicking a gesture he had seen Joshua do countless times. “Cool it clown. I’m gonna go see what the big guy’s doing.” Hyde insisted, leaving the scene in search of one of the duos other companions. As Jack left, Joshua retreated from his weapon, taking his seat once more. The curls of his white hair tensed a bit as he brought his heavy boots onto the table, kicking back for a moment in an attempt to “cool it.” Josh closed his eyes and pushed his tongue against his cheek, breathing deeply for a moment. “Next time… I’m gonna air that ****er out.” He swore softly, still carefree and as unconcerned as ever with anyone other than himself. Aside from Hyde’s crap, and the fact that the catering lacked maple cream pie donuts, Joshua was at peace at the moment, enjoying his reprieve from the mercenary work and constant threat of being swallowed whole by Aetheric Black magic inside his body. Hell, the fun had just began, and with the festivities and such, he was starting to think that he might have a good time after all.
  10. “Our enemies march, threatening to defile our sanctity. We must stand strong, knowing that the father in his kingdom is waiting! We must defend these walls with our lives, knowing that he, the father, has opened his gates, welcoming us all into the impenetrable walls of heaven!” Former brother of the faith, Samiel Belline preached. A few of the faith jeered, ensuring that the brother had done his job. It was not through force that he would be fighting this battle in his glorious homelands, but through the hearts of his brethren. Such was the fate of one doing gods work. To inspire mankind, bringing them comfort and peace during these dire times. Of course, by the side of the exarch, and the others who would fight, Sam would stand, bolstering the prayers of those they protected and channeling those prayers into the resonating spirits brave enough to remain vigilant in the face of turmoil. Sam held his right hand into the air, hushing the crowd who had began gathering around the pew set up near the palace gates. He pushed his glasses firmly against his brow, peering into his book of beliefs before speaking softly. “We must pray… Come now. Let us bow our heads and once more affirm our faith.” He suggested. Those of faith bowed their heads, and as the priest began leading the prayer, the voice of his god graced his mind, sending a euphoric sensation through his entire body. This voice overwhelmed Sam’s identity, speaking directly through him as he spoke the words necessary to ease the burdens of his people. As the entity left his body it mentioned a final warning to it’s host, giving him direction in the following time of confusion, fear, and madness. The crowd whispered amongst themselves as the prayer halted, and with a sudden outburst, Sam took action. “Open the gates!!” The guards retorted haphazardly. “By who’s authority!?” A disheartening explosion shook the distance as the sky above began to darken from the endless fiends filing into line above. His following statement was unneeded in persuading the guards. “God’s!!” “Go my brothers and sisters. Go with god speed.” Belline commanded, descending from the podium, taking his large holy text from the stand it rested upon. He began to direct the crowd through the gates, waiting until the palace guards took control of the situation. An officer approached, taking Sam seriously now. “Reverend Belline, your orders?” He asked, showing his faith. “I must depart with haste. Shepard these people and send word to the Exarch that the father is with us. We need the mages on those walls to repel this evil, and any particularly attuned with the air to invoke rain. These blasphemers wish to spread the flames of hell.” Samiel scornfully warned. Sam stuffed his glasses into his pockets, quickly putting his hair into a ponytail and removing his robe, tying it around his waist before crossing his right hand toward his heart, his right side, his stomach, and then his lips. “God speed.” The captain wished well. “God speed.” Belline returned the blessing before heading for the high walls of the palace. It wasn’t long before he had reached the top, yet still, Sam counted every second, praying that the six minutes it had taken to wade through the crowd and up the stairs were forgivable. He could over hear the voices of the men preparing the ballista's as he emerged from the doorway. “Reload the Scorpio's, they are almost upon us! Fifteen meters!!! Ten meters!!! Ei… Caaghh!” A spotter cried, blood spilling as a spear crushed his breastplate. The war cries of the fiends above shook the troops souls, causing a few of them to begin abandoning their posts. Seeing the enemies of Isore approaching, Samiel pulled his tome out, combing the scripture as he ran toward the battle. He began chanting the words he memorized many times over, arriving as the riders flew overhead, dropping their firebombs toward the walls. “And he said unto his children, “Fear not, for I will shield those of benevolent nature.” Sam read, the tome glowing with a serene light. A divine orb erupted, slamming into the jars, causing them to explode, and repelling the flames into the wind. The unit reacted with joy, noticing the sigil of the blue whale on Sam's vest, his family insignia. “A Belline! We are saved!” They acknowledged. For countless generations the Belline family had defended the people of their homeland. Some, like Sam’s grandfather, fought valiantly in the northern army. Some, like his father and brother, who spent their lives hunting monsters and murderers. Perhaps this was why Sam was drawn by the faith, to serve his people through their own beliefs. The sound of a few riders unable to pull back slammed into the sphere, breaking the troops rally. Inspired by Sam’s arrival, they pushed themselves harder. “Reload, on the double. Hold the wall!” They shouted. Sam dropped the shield, preparing to raise it again as the riders fell back briefly. A reinforcement of soldiers arrived, carrying a large quantity of water to combat the flames. This would definitely ease Sam’s burdens. Now he just needed to wait for the mages.
  11. Either way you look at it, Hydra's are mythical creatures known to have "immortal" qualities such as the single immortal head which cannot be severed. I'd assume that this head does most of the legwork required in actually breathing or coordinating the other heads.
  12. Yeah, I got sucked into a 16 hour shift today. I'll have my post up when I get off. Y'all can draft around me if you want. I'll hop in wherever. Fml.
  13. My post will be up soon. Sorry for the delay, I've been busy af at work and today was my only day off within the week, most of which I spent sleeping.
  14. Joshua sighed as White rushed pass him. With a quick motion, he vaulted the railing to his side, falling two stories, a guard bellow breaking his fall. He recovered from his drop, grabbing one of his pistols from his waist and aiming it toward the second story staircase. The shackle on his right arm glowed a bright yellow, signifying it’s affinity for air, and a moment later, a fluctuating static orb exploded from the hand cannon. The orb slammed into the wall, releasing a stunning chain of lightning which knocked the guards unconscious as the woman approached, clearing her path. A stream of flames emerged behind him, scorching his back and forcing him to face his foe. With his cover blown, the Eidolon decided to show his true colors. His left arm radiated a bright ethereal light from it’s shackle, attuned to the absence of magic. The stream of fire began separating, dissipating entirely as Joshua held his hand forward. The mage panicked, confused as to why he couldn’t conjure his spells, and a moment later he was dropped onto the floor, setting ablaze as his magic uncontrollably overwhelmed him. “Come on Black! Feel free to lead the way!” Illia shouted, rushing out of the library. Joshua followed closely, falling back once they where both out. Looking down the hall, Josh waved her on. “I’ll catch up.” He promised, gathering energy for a moment. Combining earth and fire, steel, and earth and air, creating magnetism, Joshua pulled the ground from below the libraries entrance, creating a wall which trapped the guards inside, buying the two a bit of extra time. Catching up to White, Joshua rehearsed his course in his mind. 'There's a rooftop exit on the other side of the complex. We need to progress through a courtyard, the students quarters, and the escape should be inside the alchemist hall.’ The phantom thought. Josh noticed Illia struggling with a wound, and refusing to run the risk of her falling behind, he grabbed her hand, pulling off toward an adjacent room. Fishing the keys he had acquired earlier from his pockets, Joshua unlocked the door, pulling the woman inside and shutting the door. He locked it behind them, raising a brow as he leaned against the frame. “Treat your wounds. We need to wait for a while anyway.” He explained. “They'll be posting checkpoints to block us off.” Black confidently assumed. Joshua lit a cigarette, inhaling the smoke as he closed his lifeless eyes. “Okay. So… In about fifteen minutes.” He began, waiting for White to recover. “There are going to be patrols sent to do security checks. They will more than likely be heavily armed, and they will be knocking doors down to find us.” He continued, smoking between sentences to calm his nerves. “They will try and sandwich us between the patrol and the checkpoints. Fortunately, the checkpoints will be thinned out because of this.” He stated, explaining their basic strategy. “I’m going to draw the checkpoints attention, causing the patrol in the area to rush to assist them. At this point, I would suggest that you head for the northern courtyard. I’ll rendezvous with you there.” He suggested. “After we breach the courtyard, we are going to be heading for the students quarters. There will more than likely be a patrol rounding students up to do I.D. checks.” Josh mentioned, fishing a few student I.D. cards from his pockets and holding them toward White. “Once we pass the I.D. check, we need to press toward the alchemy lab, using the fire escape there to reach the roof.” He finished, dropping his cigarette onto the ground, snuffing it with his boot. “If you have questions, I’d suggest you start asking.” He suggested, looking at a golden pocket watch attached to the inside of his coat, noting that there were about ten minutes left until show time.
  15. Joshua’s punchline got cut short by Aveline's voice, making him grit his teeth, primarily from being tossed like a ragdoll into a wood chipper, partially by being out voiced. Under his breath, he refused his hormonal urge. “What a b****.” He cursed. Without warning, a severe pain shot through his body, causing him to black out for a moment. He came too at an unexpected sight. Another Mork’Outh was standing from his body, and whatever she had done had aroused the endosymbiont's within his cells, causing them to work much faster than normal. So much so, that the exosymbiont that formed his innards clawed outward, small black thread like protrusions jutting from area’s she had focused on in hunger for the magic. His stomach growled loudly as he began to stand from the pile of glass which now slowly un-lodged itself from his rear. Looking toward the Mork’Outh that had aided him, the eidolon picked a few pieces of glass from the back of his neck, creating a wretched sound as his black blood stretched, still clinging to the fragment. “Thanks…” He gratified, still distant, and very confused as to why she was getting into the large metallic box on wheels. Turning his attention once more toward Aveline, silent for a moment. He gritted his teeth again. Classic. “FORECAST!!!! YOU BUTCHERED IT!!! THE F***IN PUNCHLINE WAS FORECAST!” The loud mouth shouted, assuming that she was making a joke to “steal his thunder.” about his head being “in the clouds.” He couldn’t put his finger on it, but there was something about Aveline that rubbed him the wrong way. Perhaps it was an underlying similarity, one that only the gods would tell tales of someday. Calming down a bit, and trying to avoid a left hook from the obviously strong willed woman he had shouted at, Joshua quickly changed his tune. “The bush baby is right. Sitting around here does us little good.” He admitted, referencing his agreement with Atvia. 'Speaking of which….’ He blasphemously thought, leaning against the vehicle, his head poking inside. “Where’s Tavias?” The wraith asked, nonchalant as if he actually knew him. “He needs our help right?” The dunce re-iterated, remembering what the Mork’Outh he had met earlier had told him. Without waiting for an answer, Joshua smacked the rooftop, climbing atop in preparation for departure. An odd seating arrangement, one that would later become accustomed to him, refusing to climb inside of a vehicle, rather, choosing to ride atop it to prevent movement restraints. This would be the point where he would usually prefer a motorcycle, but in a tale told of a man who had yet to ride one, this would suffice. So he sat, his feet dangling as he waited, learning later as he used electromagnetism to cling ahold, that this was no buggy ride through the countryside. Before they departed, Joshua fiddled with his right hand, anxious to fill it. “Any chance I could get a weapon?” He asked for security. In the distance, the Hydra seemed to be observing it’s prey, taking a breather, or perhaps, plotting. This was typical of a creature that had come to the realization that it was vulnerable. Unfortunately, this feeling often made predators more deadly. Fortunately, the same could be said for the prey. As the beast plotted, so did the prey, both trying to survive, but neither knowing the outcome. Another sudden flash of lightning, accompanied by thunder, broke Joshua’s distant thought. 'If I get a decent conductor and draw the storms ether with my own…’ He pondered, causing his gut to churn again. 'I bet it would be delicious!' He drooled over the thought of the tender Hydra meat, cooked from the inside. Brushing the inner fat kid aside, he started wondering where he could find a metallic object that would be big enough to penetrate the beast and allow him to focus the charge. Once inside the body, a bolt of lightning would do the trick, especially if the conductor could make contact with an artery, even slightly. At the very least, it would deliver an astounding shock too the nervous system. He placed his hand on his head in thought, shortly after causing a light bulb to turn on somewhere in his dark mind. “That’s it..” He murmured aloud.