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  1. “They attack in packs, be careful and don’t let them surprise you.” This statement caused Josh to laugh for obvious reasons. Thurgood had the right idea, surprise them, strike first; before they could surround the group. KA-POP! Josh rubbed his forehead for the shortest moment before running toward the explosive. “Here we!!” BLLLOOOOF! The explosion cut him off as he disappeared into the brush, which now ceased to exist, leaving ash in it’s place. Joshua was no where to be found. Maybe he was more smoky now than before. The horrific swirling of spirits and energy halted, revealing a group of auras which Smoky picked up on. In an instant, he closed the distance, having reached his groups flank. Within the brush, he rushed forth, three Zkris'kas within sight. One turned suddenly, sensing his approach, and springing forward from it’s hunched position, fazed through the Eidolon. While at a disadvantage, the hard head feared not. He couldn’t use any magic with his right hand, this much he knew. His wounds would introduce entropy into the spell and likely cause him further harm; but his left hand could still conjure, and he was still familiar with Grandian CQC. Then, of course, there was the SMG he had acquired from Aveline. It was extremely volatile from close to mid range, spitting 45. rounds everywhere in an uncontrollable fashion, especially considering that Josh was a novice with the weapon. Fortunately, he had become somewhat accustomed to the severe force of the 45. Rounds, as opposed to the 9mm counterpart he could be using, and Thurgood had made sure to beat into his head that short, controlled bursts were necessary when using a Spectre with 45. ammunition, or really any automatic double action. Knowing enough about pack hunting predators, Josh continued forward, predicting that the other beasts would pounce. As he took his corporeal form once more, Joshua lowered his posture and drug his left hand along the ground, gathering the dirt which began to form a large rock formation around his fist. The second Zkris’ka jumped forward, receiving a nasty uppercut to the stomach, sending it reeling into the clearing where his comrades were. He had assumed that they would deal with it, as it’s ribs must have been fractured by the punch. The third paused for a moment, as if it were clever. The very thought of the maneuver stirred a grimace from the Wraith, and a shameful shake of the head. The predators were planning a joint attack, one from the front, the other from behind. The sound of a twig snapping behind him solidified his thoughts, and he turned suddenly to meet his mark. A sound comparable to mongrel dogs squealing in pain soon became silenced by the unmistakable sound of gunfire. BBBBRRRDAPPP-BRAP-BRAP. A small rustle in the bushes signified the emerging Ghost. He looked at the others with a small smirk before waving his right hand directly across from him. “Incoming.” He explained, jumping back into the group. These Zkris’kas were whelps, the alpha was still abroad. Joshua could almost smell the dominant must within the air. The alpha would likely flee for the moment, and strike again when it had a better advantage. I mean, the problem couldn't end here... Right? Such a tale was never within Joshua's grasp. Everything that could go wrong in his life, usually did. He shot Thurgood a worried look, and nodded at the radar fox, explaining himself without a word. There were predators everywhere in Taen, and the radar fox was a foreign animal. They would line up for miles if they caught her scent, just to try imported cuisine. This was going to be a wild ride. They had to hunt thieves while being hunted by the local species. How fitting, scavenging for scavengers while avoiding becoming the scavenged.
  2. I had plotted a competitive confrontation but honestly, Gigas would benefit EXTREMELY by getting this ring. He uses photosynthesis to create the oxygen needed to grow in size, but having an ever radiant self source of light would allow him to grow in strength indefinitely. By the end of the thread, he will go from 12 ft tall to 16 ft just because his body will be able to withstand the pressure and oxygen levels necessary to withstand the change in his natural state. Perhaps I'll have the rest of my gang pop in and say hi. After all, it wouldn't hurt for them to hold a formal introduction with Malik, assuming that they are all aspirational mercenaries. The raw coin they're raking in will be enough to suffice, and being acquainted with someone else in their field of work is always good. The enemy of my enemy and all that.
  3. I've thought about this on a semi logical scale. As a toddler, my Gigas is coated by the earth, which helps him develop the muscle mass needed to withstand the pressure that he will require to sustain a larger form. When he gets bigger, the water from the mud like substance is absorbed and falls off. I've noted that he is actually much more fragile when he forces muscle growth and can develop internal bleeding. As for reaching 40 ft during adulthood, even reaching adulthood for him would take hundreds of years, leaving enough time for his body to adjust day by day. The only thing I can't really account for is the lack of oxygen, therefore I substitute the science fiction setting and credit magic because he's a mystical creature. Titans can be considered elementals in some interpretations, Gigas would be considered an Earth Titan, having innate ability to manipulate the earth. Perhaps he can draw that oxygen directly from the wilderness. He drinks enormous quantities of water and eats raw stone for breakfast, I guess I'll add photosynthesis to the list to work around this. Fitting, because he is currently involved in a quest that awards him a ring that generates light.
  4. I've got a toddler Titan character who is about 12 ft. tall and can grow in size atm to up to 40 ft. Within the later years of his life, he would stand roughly 40 ft. without having to use his giant growth capacity. MP might seem restricting but tbh you could have the godliest character and be okay as long as you portray the situation correctly.
  5. Disposing of carcasses? I can help with that. Josh just lost an arm. He could definitely use some easy absorption opportunity to recover quicker. Also, he still really wants to tried barbequed snek. I can see it now...
  6. A slow nod in agreement with Xila's request was all Gigas responded with as the group began to move forward. Despite his childish demeanor, the big guy was a seasoned veteran in combat. His comrades had lost track of how many times this hard head had pulled through for them. Any one with half of a sound head on their shoulders would steer clear of picking a fight with the mercenary, without accounting for the fact that he could enter a childish rage with enough destructive force to retire a military airship with his bare hands. This was of course, in his current state, and not the mountainous thirty foot brick wall he could become when necessary. As the moon swept darkness across the land, his powerful demeanor would become even more apparent. As they would proceed, Gigas would fall toward the back of the pack, still eclipsing the lunar rays. The moon beams gleaned off of his skin, causing a glimmer comparable to obsidian jewelry to occasionally caress their eyes. As the others would become more accustomed to each other, Gigas would remain silent. Xila and Marrow were discussing their comrades, everyone was warming up to Malik and his company, with the exception of Xila. The Hatter was coming across as soft spoken, something Gigas admired. These were, at least, his views of the situation at hand. As the moon brought nightfall at an unpredictable rate, Gigas remained wide eyed. His kind rarely ever slept, seeming full of energy at every twist and turn that the world had to offer. With little effort he pressed on, his hands behind his head as he hummed an olden tune that his mother had sung to him at one point. While gargantuan, Gigas was surprisingly light on his feet. He didn’t stomp forward ignorantly, nor drag his feet. He did however, pick at the mean wedgie lodged within his rear. He tugged at the elastic like fiber of his attire uncomfortably, grunting as he struggled to free it. His care free lifestyle was admirable at the very least. While even questioned at this moment, the titan could survive in solitude for another hundred years before hitting puberty. This process would cause him to grow scarily in size, and send his hormones into a spiral that this world would surely remember. A shooting star overhead caught his eye, and in amazement; he moaned and pointed towards space. “Ooohhh… Hhmmm!” The wonder in his eyes was amusing, saddening almost; that such an innocent creature was thrown into a cesspool of colliding affairs occurring in a war torn nation during a technological uprising. This was nature’s cruelest truth, that the living had to get their hands dirty in order to adapt. Fortunately, dirt grew by the mounds around Terrenus. The group had barely ventured outward, and still; Gigas could feel something odd amidst the air. Familiar, to a degree, yet he couldn’t place his finger on it. Was he being watched by someone? The titan sneezed once, sighing wearily as the com in his ear came back online. A few whispers occurred, making things more clear to him. While maintaining his ignorant facade, Gigas followed his orders; eying the explosives, relaying information, and never telling his secrets.
  7. I've been working 2 jobs atm. My post will be up tomorrow.
  8. Ascension was no easy process, and the very feat of being among the clouds began to take it’s toll on the skyward lad. His ears popped, his body ached, and his nose began to drip from the very pressure, doubling with every few feet, or so it felt. He hadn’t looked back a single time in his life, and now wasn’t the proper time for such humility. Nonetheless, Joshua wondered what awaited those below, knowing little of the results he would create above them. The sudden commanding interference in his mind due to the reappearing presence which now called upon an extra-dimensional weapon caused Joshua to take a corporal form once more. Wide eyed, the soon to be menace turned, facing the ground as gravity once more took it’s toll. “Fucking!!!” CRRRSHEEERR!!.. FWABOOOOOOOMCERSHHHAAA! A bolt of lightning struck him, sending a horrific sensation throughout his body. The sound resounded wildly, signifying those below of the storm’s true potential. The skin peeled from it’s flesh, revealing a grim figure beneath. A hood of regret and anguish, shrouded by power, longing to escape: held at bay by something; now removed. The dark tendrils of magic surviving the bolts wake struggled to regain form, reaching into the most potent source of regeneration, the storm itself. It was during this time that spiritually, Joshua began one of his own personal trials, having to work through the grand corridor of colors in a confused attempt to traverse the halls of dimension. The storm overhead began to thicken, revealing a rift within it’s center, blackening from the corruption which began to take ahold. A single body dangled from it, held in place by long chains which stretched into it’s core. A loud noise bellowed forth, telling of the utter chaos which would ensue. Soon accompanied by a surge of black electricity which shocked it’s host, causing the black blood inside to spill forth. The storm feasted, taking entropy as it’s harbinger. A moment later, hell erupted forth, uncontrollable; unpredictable and destructive. A hailstorm, each shard bringing unknown results. Some pieces exploded on contact, some formed earthen spires forth. Some even, oddly transformed, taking the shape of livestock and predator alike: a cow here, a hen there, perhaps a lion or a bear even. The strangest occurrence was that of which those below suffered. Events began to play out from the past, some of motivation; showing the previous inhabitants a final glimpse of a reminder of the past generation. Some of utter oddity, showing pocketed realms doing the same. Each unique, reaching out individually to everyone within their reach. Without warning, or sudden prediction, all light faded and the destroyer of planets appeared; barreling towards the scene in an unstoppable and hopeless rage. A meteor, large enough to shatter reality itself. The struggle inside was real. Within the halls of dimension and the corridor of colors Joshua fought tirelessly with himself. “You killed her!” A single shape screamed. A crowd of identical forms stood hushed by the statement. The words repeated, thereafter causing the figures to clash, each tearing into the others flesh. Amid a puddle of corpses and entrails a single shape remained, this one birthing a face among the nonsense. “You killed her!” It screamed, the previous sequence repeating in an almost endless cycle. Acceptance eventually became the remaining option, the remaining man embracing his truth. “I… I killed her.” Joshua concluded. “I killed them all.” He admitted. A single door appeared, seemingly there all along. As the man headed towards it, another identity appeared. The faceless man. A brief conversation ensued, one the two had become rather accustomed to. “We are one. You cannot win.” The strange being warned. “Which is why I cannot lose.” Josh agreed. The faceless figure nodded, speaking once more. “I see. So you understand then?” It questioned. Josh paused, pondering the question that he had answered so many times before. The wheels of fate halted, giving his next statement meaning, and truth. “I don’t. But I’m not afraid. This isn’t my world anymore. The shackles of my past have no merit here. I’ll find Liz, and walk my own path.” The deviant insisted, stepping toward the faceless man. “Very well. However, know, that this isn’t over.” The lifeless form approved, fading away as Josh approached the door. “It will never end. I’ll live with my mistakes forever. It’s impossible to change the past.” He confessed, causing the door to swing open, bringing his soul back into his body. The grand Illusion dissipated, returning the visions of the past into exile. Not only below, but also above. The meteor faded, and with it, the part of his past he had clung to on his voyage through space and time. Opening his eyes, Joshua visualized only one thing. The Hydra. The beast that was destroying the civilization below. He could feel the chains holding him among the clouds, their clutch loosening, almost freeing him of their grip. They wouldn’t let him go without a final warning. A massive surge of raw chaos, shooting into his hands, surging throughout his body with every second. The magic cracked his skin, causing his black blood to ooze out, and as the chains binding released, the storm thickened. Electricity surged wildly, licking his body, blackening on contact. The shackles around his wrists crumbled, allowing the entropic forces to take shape. The static held Joshua aloft, who now locked his elbows in place as he cocked his arms to his side. He absorbed the storms energies, giving them shape within his palms which expanded dramatically due to the presence of his blood which acted as a catalyst to draw out it’s rawest form. Two black orbs, which cracked sporadically inward with plasma. They tore away at Josh’s skin, beckoning forth more fuel for their development. The pain caused the blood mage to drop the spell in his left hand, sending the orb tumbling incompletely toward the ground. He grabbed at his right arm which continued swelling, pulsating viciously as the orb began to take a funneling shape that enveloped the limb. The world below must have been bombarded with chaotic hail by now, which had fortunately ceased once the storm began to focus it’s force on Joshua. As chaos theories explained, chaos could not be controlled, and even manipulating such power was next to impossible for most mages. However, chaos could be given shape, not by command, but of it’s own will. Joshua had sacrificed his flesh, submitting to it’s will in an offering to request it's power. The entropic state answered his call, now devouring his right arm which began to de-materialize from the wrist. With every inch of skin removed, energy formed, the chaos fusing with the electricity and forming a replacement limb. Scowling in a sadistic fashion, the man curled the limb, the dark fingers balling into a fist. The corruption spread, now past the elbow, and deciding not to get greedy, Josh prepared to strike. In a cheesy fashion, one he would carry with him everywhere he went, he threw a mighty haymaker, flipping forward and extending the arm directly toward the ground. Using a combination of magic technique’s he would later term as “Pressure” and “Static” the spell crafter formed lightning, which he then combined with entropy to launch one of his signature skills “Black bolt”, this time, the first time; on a greater scale. His Grandean tongue formed the words he shouted in his native language. “Gran Bal Bolta!” The energy licked further flesh away, severing his right arm at the shoulder, as it exploded from the skies. Usually, thunder was heard after the lighting had struck. This time, the opposite occurred. The clouds parted from the concussive force of the immense “Boom”, brushing aside anything near the target location, accompanied shortly after by the sight of a gargantuan snake head, comprised of corrupted lightning barreling slowly earthbound. The elemental opened it’s maw, sinking it’s fangs into the Hydra’s back, thereafter releasing an immense jolt. The flash of darkness signifying it’s presence faded, revealing it’s aftermath. In it’s wake, the Hydra mortified, rearing it’s heads in a stiffening shock. A large flash illuminated it’s innards, showing it’s vitals in a display comparable to a fancy lightshow. Beams erupted from it’s crevices, and a crazy man may have sworn that he was at some insane disco show. The white haired wonder stood atop the beast, panting heavily as he held his seared wound. In his last moments of consciousness the joker chuckled before sliding off of the predator, face planting the ground. “Lights out!” Hopefully he had done more good than not. However, there was always the small chance of friendly fire. The entropic force, unpredictable at the least, could have outright chosen to bypass any unintentional targets. Who knew, such magic was wild, and unexplainable by even the greatest minds.
  9. I'm up in UA. My post will be up within an hour.
  10. Tbh it's mainly about having AOE game to try and shithouse kids. That and having a way around shithouse kids. It's not as fun as it sounds unless the other writer is flexible and not being personal (Good luck with that last part though.) and depending on if and when judge calls are necessary.
  11. Congrats. Can't wait to see how fast it continues to grow.
  12. Oh I see. I'll take point then, even though im just stuck with a post about being in the clouds.
  13. Sir, I'm a bear. I was under the impression that @Robbie Rotten was up but I may have overlooked something. I'll post when I'm off work.
  14. Sir, I'm a bear. I was under the impression that @Robbie Rotten was up but I may have overlooked something. I'll post when I'm off work.
  15. "I was not aware the jungle was filled gas as well? Unless our destination has changed?" A voice interjected, soon introducing itself as Sebil. Josh raised his right brow as he blew more smoke, responding thereafter, the smoke solidifying his rancid breath. “We can’t be too safe, now can we?” The trickster quickly diverted the first question with his own. A feminine voice followed into the conversation now. “And you are? Right. Well, I'm Elizabette. We needed to leave about two hours ago, but its fine. We will just have to make up for the lost time with a quick pace." Josh paused for a moment, unsure of how to respond. Her introduction was only a reminder of his previous failure, but, being respectful, he got his shit together and responded. “Liz huh?” A small chuckle, obviously mustered in a troubled fashion, preceding his lack of introduction. He wouldn’t give them his name, because it was an omen in his own eyes. A third voice joined the party, this one full of life, but weary of alternate motives. Ren spoke of leadership and questioned the group of their ability to coordinate. This was an intelligent inquiry, and frankly, Joshua respected how straight forward the lad was. That was, until he pointed his dagger toward him, at which point Josh laughed hysterically, cupping his gut in an outburst. The laughter was cut short by his next implied question. “You...?” His response was hesitant. After the events having occurred weeks prior, Josh wasn’t completely sure what he could do in Taen. His strength had increased, his reflex in tandem, but it was his manipulation of magic that he truly fretted about. This world was much more connected with the elemental plane than Gran Len. In fact, Joshua was among a handful of living beings that had been capable of altering mystic energy in his world. But here, he could feel it all around him. He felt out of place, more or less, of a higher form, and with every moment that passed he welled with life. “I… Umm.” How was he supposed to explain everything? One does not simply kill their gods, twice in fact, after having traveled backward through time, doomed their homeland, seen it’s end; and hurtled through what he had assumed was time and or space, but definitely space, only to ride in here on a space rock and shake things up, just to explain his capabilities to a child with a toothpick. Joshua dropped his small cigar after having inhaled the last bit of nicotine, snuffing it with his large boot in the assumption that the radar fox would be grateful in a non-literal sense. He exhaled the smoke, ignoring Thurgood as he mentioned a beanbaggin. The very thought sent a shudder up his spine, and churned the worm in his gut. “Check the resume. Don't sweat the technique.” Josh joked, tossing his right hand up, his wrist rudely flinging his hand twice, in a motion meant to brush Ren off. This gesture was followed by him grasping the wounded hand by the wrist, fiddling with it as he shook his head. “Fine. She can have the keys, but I’m not riding shotgun into suicide. Ya dig?” He offered. Josh didn’t like this one bit. Mainly because he no longer followed orders. The last time he was under command, it ended very badly. Not for him of course, but; without remorse, he would be a savage. He regretted the slaughter of his brothers at arms. However, survival was the only option, his biggest weaknesses, and primary strength. A double edged sword which would cut through all ties if necessary. Returning to Liz's question of introduction now, Josh had found a name worthy of describing himself. Cold, with no place among the living. Bound to eternity in the suffering of it's own deeds and the longing for the things it had once loved. An empty shell, lackluster in it's current state, but brilliant in it's own memories: the only thing it had left. It was in this form that he truly viewed himself. Phantasmal, spiteful, without a reasonable existence. "You can call me Ghost." He insisted, waiting for the others to begin forming the plan. Josh was a field agent, that is, would come to be, but even so still, a full blown, natural born man of action. Usually whatever came to mind, came out his mouth, and came to be. That was his script, and, he stuck to it like a thumbtack on an elephants ass.