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  1. Meris was about to respond to the woman's question, but instead was answered by a man, perched to her right on a couch. "Obviously no one of importance." "What're we doing here again?" Meris figured that this man would become a problem, but despite the interruption, he decided to shrug off the remark and answer the girl's question. Adelaida seemed somewhat disinterested with his charm, and obviously had some sort of relationship with the other man, there was no hope of her falling for him, at best, he could earn her trust. She had asked about his rank, this was a relatively simple question, one that he could answer without doubt. "I'm a new recruit here, I assume you are the same?" He said calmly, giving her a half smile, he didn't want to appear suspicious after all. He had taught himself over time how to correctly lie, it's all about the way you speak, and the correct posture that you have to assume to avoid suspicion, time and practice had made him a brilliant liar, although he still had his faults, and if you paid enough attention to what he was saying, it was possible to catch some of them. "I don't recognize your accent?" He decided he would get to know her a little bit, perhaps she would reveal something useful to him? And anyway, it would give her something to ramble on about. In truth, he did not recognize her accent, and was genuinely curious to where she was raised.
  2. I always copy and paste what I write, even this is copied.
  3. These people are not that bad after all... Meris propped himself against one of the walls with his right elbow, he made sure to choose the one furthest away from the others, he needed a moment to think for himself and didn't want anyone interrupting him. Eyeing the strangers up and down, he held the fake smile that he'd kept during the small journey here. He decided it would be better to avoid trivial conversation, after all, he didn't come here just to hear about other people's bullshit. He focused his attention back to his composure, his face was aching from smiling so much, but nonetheless he knew he had to put on a performance, especially if he was going to hide his true intentions. The others in the room seemed harmless, morons who wouldn't stand a chance at figuring out who he truly was, they were probably here their own selfish reasons. Maybe he should get to know one or two? After all, it was better than standing there all day, brooding. Feigning a fake yawn that quickly turned into a real one, he pushed himself upright and headed towards one of the few couches, slumping himself down into the nearest one available. He shifted his gaze between the girl sitting opposite him, and the vending machine that resided to his right, almost hidden in the corner of the room. Here goes absolutely nothing. "Hi there, how are you doing?" he said smoothly, or at least it sounded like that in his head, "Bored yet?". It was obvious that he had a pretty face, and hoped that his charm would cause her to fall for him. He had always enjoyed the company of women, but never really liked them that much, or anyone for that matter, people were cruel, heartless creatures that served only themselves, but that didn't matter, a little conversation couldn't hurt, could it?
  4. Thanks for the like on the getting started article. I hope you found it useful. If you have any feedback on it, I'm all ears, and double hope you've been enjoying the site in the mean time 

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      Ah, I have ^_^. You're a fantastic admin by the way (I've been slightly watching you :P). I might seem a little inactive right now, but I'm gathering information. Basically I'm a lurker who's about to join in with the action. 

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      Different strokes for different folks. As long as you find the site pleasant and engaging, whether you post now, a week from now, or a month from now makes no difference to me. Just looking forward to it either way!

      And thank you very, very much for the stalk-pliment :smirk::detect:

  5. Alright, I've been inactive for a long period of time, using another RP website instead. Anyway I'm back. Where should I go from here?
  6. Well, I've done. Any idea on when the RP is going to start?
  7. Asperix0

    Fast RP.

    Sounds good @Tristwich I'll pm you soon thanks :) I can post incredibly fast when I know that the other person is actively responding.
  8. Asperix0

    Fast RP.

    Alright, I'm bored of signing up for rp's that take light years to start. Please could someone just link me to a RP that's literally about to go active? Please, I think I'm nearly dead of boredom?
  9. Alright I set the basics of the CS down below Let me know if anything needs to be changed.
  10. Asperix0

    Meris Trant

    CS: Character Name: Meris Trant Character Species: Human Character Appearance: Long black hair, white pale skin and green eyes, he has no facial hair (except from eyebrows) and no blemishes on his face. He is quite tall at 6.3FT tall, he has a slender body type and long arms and legs(good for running). Character History: Meris Trant was born in Shrine City, and was sold into a life of slavery, and at only 9 years of age, he was sent to a military recruitment camp in Shrine City. Meris stayed at the camp until he was 17, during his time at the camp he was taught various military skills, and at the age of 18, killed his first 'man' with a spear. Character Wealth: Low wealth Character Side: Empire Character Gender: Male Character Personality: Meris Trant appears to be emotionless, although he is actually the opposite, he is kind and easy to anger. He hates those that prey on the weak and dreams of one day becoming a commander of a large force. He has a unnatural fear of water, hates demons with a passion. Hates family figures. Character gifts/abilities/talents: Excellent with a spear, fast and agile. Adequate swordsmanship. Character Paraphernalia: Head: Iron helmet (no face protection, only head protection, weak points include cranium and back of the neck) Neck: A small wooden necklace, a cross (I'm not religious). Torso: A thick wooly undershirt (brown) and a large iron chest plate (the only thing of considerable value) engraved. Legs: Thick leather trousers(Dark brown). Arms: Covered by breastplate and undershirt. Feet: Ragged leather boots. Accessories: NONE. Extra: NONE. If anything needs changing just let me know. Detail will be slowly added through RP (For which I shall add here).
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