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  1. I know I've come here and done a lot of the I'm back threads but I think that this time it is actually more serious. This time I am really going to roleplaying here. No holding back type crap like I normally do. Just no... I'm done with that. But I am back! Danihg is back. A lot of things have happened since I was last here from the time I was gone. I had complications happen... last week that involves.... loss. I just hope that I will be able to enjoy myself here.
  2. Okay thanks. Uhm just did not know this was not the right place to be looking in or to be planning an rp thread. That is all.
  3. I said Sci Fan which is a mix between the two. It involves both fantasy and sci fi in one. I... was... rather more hoping to plan out something in here? This thread turned out more... different than I was expecting it to be honest guys. Also... I really am not used to jumping to others... I tend to come up anyone if they show interest and have chatted with for a bit. Usually taking directly from Discord where it is easier for me to feel more open to coming up to anyone. On... forums such as this... I don't know why I find it more difficult to want to contact anyone.
  4. SO... anyone come here and help me with this. I have not been here in so long that I am at a loss at what to even begin with. I've been struggling to come up with anything and if anyone is and would be interested in playing with my characters Danihg, Lurriax and whomever else I may throw in here. A faerie and an ordriey I have here. I honestly hardly know a thing about the lore of Valucre is how new and alienated I feel. Just help me out here with coming and planning something. I am usually in Sci Fan type RPs so this place kinda I feel is difficult to get about as I feel I am just barely learning anything of this place. Majority of my posts are literally just me throwing out chats and non rp... I just... I am just so nervous and scared to show my things here to be honest here. Excuse my writing I know it's terrible.
  5. I had absolutely no idea... and I still... feel so new here because I almost hardly rped here... So... where do I even start if I can't rp here? I'm sorry I feel so lost.
  6. Hiya...... I've never have come in here before even I've been a member for two years... hows' that for some member? XD Though I've been in a few role plays enough that some people will think of me of someone as to start an rp instantly... Not sure why I've never come in here? Also... I really want to jump in or make a thread since I'm still sorta new? Even though I've been around two years.
  7. ........Yeah.... I just am going to be here. I only come here to just get away from the other drama... I just haven't been active here but on other sites yes I am highly active. I just want to feel better that is all... I had other things going on as well and for someone like me who is on the autism spectrum this is just more stressful. I am trying my best to keep myself happier for the most part.
  8. Hi Rin and thanks. I want to start rping again here and as soon as possible at that.
  9. That server in particular was just bad... I had over 7 different people on that server harassing me... I am aware that are bad eggs... But on that server I was shown that I was not welcome there. Knowing that at least three of them were admin and mods... the others were just members. And it wasn't all done separately. It was all at once.
  10. So yay... I'm back... After being harassed once too many times on a server that I was sadly forced to leave. I just couldn't take their bullshit anymore. I was repeatedly removed from their server and not only that I was spit on and offended by an admin. I had absolutely no idea how to even respond to that... The admin said this to me... "I would rather suck on Pennywise's **** than call an ordriey beautiful... I was just... I don't know what to say about that. I don't know why they were being so mean and rude to me. They unfortunately who I call trollers... I just couldn't take it another year with them... Just.... someone make me feel better... please... make me feel welcome here because I am... not feeling too good today because of that. Like... I just want to have fun and rp to keep my mind off of them. Usually my way to comfort myself... is by talking on the Discord server... and now I have almost nobody to talk to on Discord...
  11. Hi... I think I am interested in this. I need to get myself back into RPing since........ I was missing from Val for well... months...
  12. Thing is most of the time I have depression for no reason or that... I have not been able to truly find the causation as to why.. I don't just have depression though I have anxiety attacks here and there especially when bullied. Supernal I do not think I have actually gone to or done anything in tavern on legend but I will check it out.
  13. Danihg Zuhn Bagoon


    Danihg Bagoon & Darkhor Saurguse#6786
  14. Well... it has been months since I've been to Val... I left because the lack of Discord and that I had simply not met the expectations to be in the discord. I was trying my best to make up something to get into the feel and failing at it because of a major writers block and depression. It turned me away and I gave up on Val the moment I was removed which honestly made me feel very discouraged to even want to be around and moved out of my comfort zone. I am not one to jump into any conversation threads. But... here I am... Not even sure where to start...
  15. Yeah I hope they do run smooth and glad to have someone understand me. Thanks and it just seems a lot of people don't understand others who have Austism. And no I do not recall ever coming across to you so this would be first time. To be honest I find it quite a relief to go ahead and apologise and it's much better rather than being someone seen as a bully of sorts.
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