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  1. Just read up on your OC and I find her quite interesting! Simple, but cool! If ya wanna RP, just let me know! 

    1. zackrobbman


      Another reason I like your OC is because she reminds me of a mercenary, your generally skilled combatant. It provides a less complicated avenue of doling out action, as opposed to complicated rituals by mages. Also, one of my OC's is also a pyro! But your OC would probably hate him. XD

  2. Very rough! More may be added/things may be changed as time goes on. Basic Name: Ayanna Coldwater Race: Human Age: 21 Birthplace: In the Cold South of Genesaris. Alignment: Morally Grey. Class: Archer/Hunter Sub-Class: Pyromancer Occupation: None Elements: Fire Weapon: Her long bow, made of a slender branch of the Great Yew around which her tribe lives. At her waist, a dagger made from obsidian as black as midnight, its blade sharp enough to slice through bone. On her back, a quiver full of arrows, each tipped with the same obsidian. The arrows, when shot right, can pierce through even the sturdiest sets of iron armour. Armour: Ayanna wears a tight, black leather shirt with a large hood hanging from its back. Silver and black wolf fur lines the collar of the shirt as well as the entirety of its interior. Her pants are tighter and contain no fur, showing off her powerful legs. The pants are neatly tucked into a pair of brown, doeskin boots. Ayanna’s clothing provides very little protection from weapons but allows her to retain free movement and effectively shields her the harsh winters of her homeland. Personal Hair: Ayanna has long flaxen hair usually done up in a half-bun and braided on top. Eyes: She has deep, violet eyes. Skin: Pale skin, akin to many of the humans that live in the Cold South. Face: Ayanna has a scar across her right eye from a run in she had with a wild boar at a young age. Body: Slim and muscular with slight curves. Height: 5”8 Weight: 142 lbs. Abilities Ayanna is known to be an excellent markswoman. She can easily hit moving targets from 50 feet away and, from closer ranges, her accuracy is deadly. She is also a skilled hand-to-hand fighter as well as with her obsidian dagger, yet she prefers to do the majority of her fighting at long range. Ayanna is also quite proficient in pyromancy. She can conjure large balls of fire as well as firestorms that can destroy a small building. She can also combine this magic with her mastery of the bow and arrow and to create devastating fire arrows that can rip through a human body. This magic is not unlimited, however. Each usage of pyromancy severely weakens Ayanna and overuse of the power can cause her to die. Background Ayanna Coldwater is the daughter of Ivan and Mia Coldwater and is a member of a small group of humans that have banded together in order to survive in the harsh Cold South of Genesaris. This group is known as the Alkatheri and were founded around 150 years ago by Ithril Alkathere. On the eve of her 19th birthday, Ayanna was hunting with her best friend, Jerron. They were trailing a pack of deer when, out of nowhere, they got caught in the cross fire between two mercenary groups. Jerron was severely wounded and taken captive by one of the groups, known as the Silver Shadows. Ayanna followed the group to their base of operations to find that Jerron had been killed. She fell into a deep rage, murdering the entire group of mercenaries with her bow and pyromancy. She returned to her family with the leader of the Silver Shadow’s head. In shock from her incredible display of violence, the council of the Alkatheri decided to send Ayanna away as they were afraid she could harm some members of the group if she flew into a rage. Now, Ayanna travels alone. She hopes to travel to Elendaron where the mystical Eternal Ash Tree, a legend amongst the Alkatheri, stands. In the meantime, she is willing to lend her great combat skills to any adventures or odd jobs in order to make enough coin to keep her stomach full.
  3. Thanks so much for help! I'll be sure to do some reading before I dive into actual roleplaying.
  4. Hey everyone! Just thought I'd try and get into roleplaying. I write solo for pleasure but thought that roleplaying would be a good way to improve my writing skills while also having some fun. If anyone could show me the best way to get acclimated/where I should start posting that would be amazing! ~Piper
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