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  1. Hello! I'm currently looking for a partner to do a 1x1 role play. I'm also willing to do a group role play of three. Unfortunately, I don't have any pre-made plots to offer, but I'm hoping that we can come up with a plot together. I usually respond everyday when I get the chance to, sometimes I get busy, but I will put in the effort to reply as often as I can. I give what I get. So if you give me a lengthy post, then I'll attempt to give the same amount back, maybe even more if I feel inspired. I'm mostly used to fxm pairings. Thanks for reading and I do hope that I caught your attention enough to start a role play.
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    Adrian breathed out a sigh and this time didn't attempt to stop the male. "Next time come in through the front like normal people do." Adrian stated before watching the male or a second, making sure that he did make his way to the door. "Por dios, creen que este es el parque para entrar asi nomas..." Adrian grumbled to himself, annoyance clear in his tone. Walking back into the kitchen, he set out to make himself something to eat.
  3. Hello! I like your idea very much, if you're still looking for partners then I'd be willing to rp this.
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    Adrian narrowed his eyes and watched as the male pulled out chocolate, a dagger, and his phone from his sleeve. This guy... When he attempted to walk past him, he immediately stuck his hand out in front of the male's torso and pulled him back. "How did you even get on this island?"
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    Adrian remained silent as the male chuckled, not exactly sure whether he should befriend the guy or just escort him out of his home. He claimed to do magic...How did he even get on the island? Once he started shuffling the cards, Adrian starred for a moment before blinking and lightly shaking his head. "Alright, ya, stop." Adrian reached out to stop the guy from shuffling the cards.
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    Each second that passed as the male continued talking, Adrian found him to be stranger than he had originally thought. If his words weren't enough, his appearance did well to reassure the man's peculiarity. " do magic?" Adrian finally questioned after an air of silence. Was he in some sort of dream? Was he going crazy? "And why were you on the roof?" He questioned with a raised brow.
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    Adrian honestly didn't know what to think of the male given that he just randomly appeared in his apartment. "Mira amigo, I don't know whether to believe you or not...but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt." Slowly, Adrian lowered down the knife until he set it down on the counter besides him. "How did you even get on the roofs?" He questioned while leaning against the door frame of the kitchen.
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    The second a male came into view and screamed out, Adrian narrowed his eyes and kept a tight hold on the knife. "Who are you? And how did you get into my apartment." Adrian questioned while he kept a tense stance. He wasn't sure if this guy was the killer that's been going around.
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    Adrian, thankfully, made it home with no trouble at all. The last thing he needed was some ticket for breaking an unnecessary law or maybe something worse. He dropped his keys on the kitchen counter before heading to the fridge. Adrian wasn't all that hungry, so he figured that yesterday's spaghetti would do. Taking out the plastic container, he placed it in the microwave and let it heat up. Suddenly there was a thud that resounded from the living room, which caused him to freeze. Several thoughts occurred to him all at once. The place was haunted. That, or someone broke in. The news reports had mentioned about people being found dead. So he silently reached for one of the knives on the sink and made his way to the doorway of the kitchen.
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    It was honestly a struggle having to deal with certain restrictions that his "age" brought, but he would rather deal with that than to have to explain why he didn't look like some ninety year old man. Being a werewolf had its perks; slow aging was one of them. At Elspeth's words, the male smirked. "I have my ways to get around." Pocketing his phone he sent one last smile before turning to the front door. "See ya, Elspeth." He waved and was soon in his car heading back to his apartment.
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    "Elspeth..." Adrian repeated, testing the name out on his tongue. "That's a unique name." He had never heard it before, but he found that the name fit her. "Well, it's nice to meet you. You already know my name." He chuckled once more before he stopped leaning against the counter. Looking at the time on the screen on his phone, Adrian silently cursed. He was way past the curfew at this point. "It's way past the curfew, I needa get going, but I'll see you tomorrow."
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    "Ahh, I see. So this is like a part-time job?" Adrian rested his elbows on the counter as he leaned against it. Taking hold of the tickets, he looked them over, checking the date and time of pick-up. He looked up at her when she asked him his question and a chuckle left his lips. "I had a little issue at my job earlier in the week so I'd say about four days ago and it's tomato sauce." Adrian took out his wallet and placed the two tickets in there, before storing it away. "I didn't catch your name..." He stated.
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    When she requested for his name and birth date, Adrian was rather impressed with the discounts they offered their customers. Maybe there was a good chance that he would be coming here more often. "It's A-" Suddenly an orange cat hopped onto the counter and he felt a sense of irritation wash over him. He hated those feline creatures though it probably had to do with the fact that he was a werewolf. He resisted the urge to scare it away and thankyfully, the girl took it away. "It's all good. I'm Adrian Gonzalvo and my birthday is January 12." He answered her before giving her a small smile, then he glanced around the place. "You work here alone?"
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    Watching her count his clothes and place them in an orange bag, Adrian figured that it was too late to take his clothes back, so he allowed for her to add up the total price. Once she voiced out the estimated total, both his brows shot up while he let out a breathe of air. That was way more than what he usually paid for however when she mentioned the fifty percent off, well he was somewhat convinced. "Alright...I'll take that fifty percent off then." He stated with a hint of hesitation. He knew that he couldn't just complain about the price since he still needed to judge their service and just how well they cleaned his clothes. "So, what time would I be able to pick up the other clothes tomorrow?"
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    7.95? Adrian slightly raised a brow, finding it to be a bit pricy. However, he didn't have much of a choice since the usual dry cleaners he went to, well, it change it's service hours after the curfew was sent it and was currently closed. "Yeah, I'd like the quote...The matching pants are also stained and that's about it. Is there anyway I can get the rest of the clothes tomorrow?" Adrian currently had a part-time job in some catering business and they required him to dress professionally. So he needed his clothes as soon as possible.