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  1. Cwtch

    Adrian's gaze didn't falter as he braced his arm against the counter once she took hold of the ticket. Nor did it change when she indirectly flung his lie at him. The only indication of him acknowledging the meaning of her words was the slight dip of his left eyebrow. So, that's what this stare down is about, he thought, his smirk fading into a neutral expression. It wasn't so much that he was embarrassed for being caught in his lie, but the fact that he would have to come up with some sort of believable explanation for the blood was what worried him. Before he could even utter a single syllable, the older woman he had spotted outside talking to the police, came in. It was then that his gaze snapped over to the woman. There was a resemblance between both of them and he could only assume that she was her mother. A polite smile settled on his lips when she addressed, but just as quick as she had come, she had disappeared behind the wall. Elspeth told him the total amount for the dry cleaning and he reached for his wallet, though paused once he had it in front of him and met her stare once more. "Look, I didn't mean to lie. I just don't like explaining to people that I get chronic nosebleeds." It was such complete bullshit, but what other option did have. Telling her why he had blood on his clothes, would also involve him revealing what he truly was and in an island like this, well, it was best if he kept his existence on the down low. He opened up his wallet, took out a crisp fifty dollar bill, and placed it in her hand. "It usually leads to more questions about my health and all that." His expression was rather serious, hopefully convincing enough to make her believe him.
  2. The Wrong Thief

    The young teen didn't move from his seat, afraid that she would misinterpret his intentions and possibly hold a knife to his throat again. His life had been threatened one too many times tonight, so risking his life once more was not something he wanted to do. Once she placed the dried meat in front of him, Michaelis wasted no time in bringing the food up to his mouth and averting his gaze as she instructed. The sound of clothes ruffling resounded throughout the otherwise silent home, but he didn't dare glance a peak at the woman. It was in his best interest to stay on her good side. However, once he didn't hear anything, the boy shifted his gaze to her in time to see her lift a finger up to her lips, before telling him to follow her. He stashed the meat in the pocket of his worn jacket and rushed to where she was climbing the rope and disappeared into the dark room above. The sound of faint footsteps on the stairs alerted the boy into action. He gripped the rope and climbed up, his palm burning as the rope rubbed against his skin. Bracing his hand on the edge and with a small grunt, he pushed himself up the rest of the way, before whirling around to pull up the rope and trap door. That split second that he closed the door, the front door to her home burst open. Michaelis bit his lip and didn't move, in fear that they would hear the thump of his movements.
  3. The Wrong Thief

    "Kind of..." The boy had never gotten proper training on how to weild a sword, or how to fight in hand-to-hand combat. It's always just been him on the streets, fighting other kids that would try to steal from him or beat him up. "I...don't think I'll win in a fight with someone older." Michaelis admitted as he glanced up at her then back down at his lap. He brought a hand up to his ribs to gently prod around the area the guy had kicked him at, thankfully nothing felt broken so it would probably just bruise. At his question, the male couldn't help himself, "Do you have some bread?" The boy hadn't gotten a chance to eat, and the gala had been where he would have done that if not for the fact that he got dragged out.
  4. Cwtch

    Adrian's brow's furrowed when she mentioned some guy and magic - a topic that shouldn't be uttered so carelessly. But he recalled the guy from yesterday who had trespassed into his home and the way he had dealt the cards. It was magic, no doubt. Noting the way she was staring him down, Adrian's animal instincts to claim dominance arose and he starred her down while his hand reached into his pocket to pull out the ticket she had had handed him yesterday. "Yeaaaah." He drawled out. For a human, her stare sure was intense, but Adrian wasn't one to back down. If anything, he was finding this a bit amusing. Handing over the ticket, a small smirk settled on his lips.
  5. The Wrong Thief

    Michaelis was still hesitant on trusting this woman, but he was far too tired and shaken up to keep his defenses up. So, he leaned back the seat and felt the weight of today's events rest on his shoulders. That was when the pain in his ribs hit him full force and he noticed the dull pain on his wrist from where the men had held on tightly. "I think I'm from here. I was abandoned at an orphanage since I was two." Kael answered as he lowered his gaze down to his hands that still rested on his lap. One of the mistresses had told him about his mother, well, just when she had left him at the orphanage. According to the older woman, he resembled his mother. At the thoughr of such things, the boy frowned but refused to acknowledge the pain he felt. "Well, I like running and I'm fairly good at it." A small smile settled on his lips. His endurance was always tested when he was running from merchants and city guards. "I can also hide really well."
  6. One bad night...

    Bang! Lauren felt the world around her stop as she watched the man who had raised her crumble to the floor, as if he were nothing but a mere rag doll. For a moment, she couldn't move, couldn't breathe, couldn't hear. It only took seconds for the shock to come and go, and once it was gone, she felt a pang in her chest. The pain of losing her father hitting her like a slap to the face and the screams of her mother...Lauren's body began to tremble while she watched the scene unfold before her. However, her eyes met the killer's gaze and a chill ran down her spine. He was getting off on this! Lauren's mind screamed at her body to move, to run to her mother's aid as she crawled to her now dead father; however, another shot rang out and the bullet pierced her mother's upper thigh. She was about to step forward, the bat tight in her grip, when the male opened his mouth to speak of her. What was he talking? Lauren's gaze shifted down to her mother, who began to inform her of just what exactly was happening and the pain she felt only intensified. They had plan to sell her off to pay back their debt. Since when had they been planning this? Did they not worry over her safety if they were to hand her over? Did they not worry what would become of her? Did they even love her or view her as their granddaughter - no, their daughter? So many questions flew through her mind, but she never got the opportunity to ask them. The killer brought out some torch and brought it close to the bullet wound on the woman's leg and began to burn her flesh. Immediately, Lauren felt sick to her stomach as the killer carried out his final kill, ending the woman's life in such a sick manner. Pieces of her brain splattered along the walls as well as blood. Her breathing quickened while the her heart beat pounded in her ears as the killer turned towards her and made his way over. No, this could not be happening! Lauren had, on more than one occasion, thought about this scenario. The debt collectors coming to fetch the money that her parents didn't have. But it had all seem to...unreal. Those thoughts had never prepared her for this. Clutching the bat in a tight grip, Lauren, with wide eyes, glanced at the gun then at the man. What were the chances of her actually living? If he needed her as a form of payment then he surely wouldn't kill her. So, the girl decided to take her chances. With as much might as she could, she swung the bat at the stranger's head, hoping to knock him out long enough to escape.
  7. The Wrong Thief

    Michaelis took another sip of the wine, the liquid burning his throat. Drinking wine was a luxury that he had only experienced once in his life. Maybe siding with her wouldn't be so bad. He set the mug on the table before his hands came to rest on his lap. "Well, a couple of days back the man who had tipped me about the gala - he caught me stealing from a merchant." Michaelis started while he glanced up at her then over to the wine. "I...I got scared that he would take me to the police, so I begged that he wouldn't, but he just told me that there would be a gala where I could steal from the rich...The man was tall, tan skin, his hair was dark and reached below his ears...uh - he has a tattoo! I didn't get to see it completely, but it starts on his forearms and goes up his arm. I couldn't really tell what it was."
  8. The Wrong Thief

    Michaelis listened to the woman and remained silent for a moment, taking it in and weighing his options. She did have a point in that aspect. The men would be looking for him to kill him...But why? He was nothing but some homeless kid that had no worth to the world around him, but he did want to live. So, he took the mug full of wine and drank a sip. "Okay, I'll help you."
  9. CWTCH (OOC)

    Hey, sorry! I'll be responding soon!
  10. The Wrong Thief

    Michaelis remained still in his seat while his eyes followed her movements. He didn't trust her, even if she saved him from those bulky guards, she could just as easily dispose of him. That's how it was out on the streets; you used others to come out on top - to survive. What was to guarantee that she didn't end his life like those people who, according to her, would be looking for him? However, if there was some truth to her words...Then maybe staying with her could help keep him alive. "But...why would the same people who hired you send me there?" Michaelis questioned, confusion clear on his visage. Why would the people hire her and then try to get her caught? Did they not want whatever valuable thing they were after? Just what on earth did he get himself into? The boy hesitated to talk about the man who had tipped him. "How do I know you won't kill me after?" The boy's question was nothing but a whisper as he curled more into himself. The last time he had trusted someone willingly and wholeheartedly, resulted in the scar across his temple and a couple more that weren't visible. That event had been enugh for the boy to never trust anyone so easily ever again. "How do I know your not lying to me...?"
  11. The Wrong Thief

    Michaelis was momentarily surprised by her words, given that the man hadn't told him that he would come out of there in chains. If anything, he said it would be easy for him to escape. Had he lied? At her question, the teen averted his gaze while he thought about how he had gotten in. "...It was." He murmured while his eyes met hers, despite the fear he felt because of her. "I was just in there for food an' money." Coming from such a poor background the teen relied on stealing what he could; most of the time it would be food. The man who had tipped him about the gala had assured that getting food would be easy and if he had the right skills in pickpocking, then it shouldn't have been that hard to steal money from the nobles. Obviously the kid wasn't an expert, but he was desperate. Looking back at the woman, Michaelis debated whether informing her of the man was a good idea or not, but something inside him told him that she could be trusted. "Why did you help me?"
  12. The Wrong Thief

    At her words, Michaelis immediately clamped his mouth shut. The young teen knew better than to challenge people like her because they were usually never bluffing. Before he knew it, she was leading him away from the crime scene. By the time they reached what he assumed to be her home, Michaelis nearly tripped on the stairs, but thankfully made it without any more scrapes and bruises. It had been only a matter of seconds from the door to the chair she pushed him on and it took him a couple more seconds to regain his composure to focus on the woman. "My name is Michaelis." The teen answered then hesitated to answer her second question. The man who had told him about the gala had given him specific instructions to not even mention that they met or else he would hunt him down and kill him. "I...I can't say. " The boy murmured while his fingers curled around the edges of the chair, his knuckles turning white.
  13. The Wrong Thief

    Michaelis' eyes widened in fear when two gigantic men easily weaved their way through the crowd in his direction. That was when he tried to, with all the strength he could muster, pull his arm away from the noble man; however, it was no use. The kid didn't stand a chance. Before he realized it the two guards had taken hold of him and immediately led him through the crowd as the boy continued to struggle. When they passed through the kitchen doors, the chefs momentarily paused their work to watch as the kid was hauled away. His eyes practically begged them to come to his aid as they darted around and made eye contact. The staff knew better though and turned their cheek the other way. It wasn't long before they dragged him outside into the alleyway, where they shoved him to the ground. He scraped the skin on his exposed arm, causing a stinging sensation to arise. However, that wasn't it. He received a kick to the ribs which caused a pained cry to escape his lips while his hands shot up to shield his upper body from any more blows. It took him a second to realize that the guard weren't attacking him, but being attacked themselves. Michaelis, with wide eyes, watched the woman trip the guard before she pounced on him, much like a cat would to a mouse. Clearly she was skilled and that only brought more fear into the kids bones. Michaelis started to get to his feet, about to make a dash for it when he felt her grab him while holding a blade to his neck. All that was heard was his ragged breathing before she spoke out to him. "Y-yes." His voice wavered, but he remained utterly still, until a sob slipped out. "I-I'm sorry! I wanted to - to get some money." He hoped that she bought into his little act and let him go. Usually people turned away from crying kids, or at least crying kids from the streets.
  14. The Wrong Thief

    Michaelis Rou didn't belong here. Despite his best effort to clean the dirt off his face and arrange his hair to keep it from looking like a wild mess, he still looked like a kid from the slums. And a kid like him couldn't enter such a place where high standing people mingled, but he needed to for two reasons. One, there was sure to be a lot of food here. Two, with such a dense crowd, it would surely make it easy to pickpocket someone and hopefully get some money. So, the thirteen year old searched the crowd for the perfect victim, and immediately spotted an older man talking with a group of people. Surely he would be distracted enough to not notice Michaelis digging through his pocket. He slowly approached, occasionally pausing besides a woman and then moving along with the crowd until he was behind the man. His nimble fingers quickly reached towards the male's back pocket where his wallet rested. He felt the smooth leather at the tip of his fingers - almost smelled the warm bread he could buy with the mans money - but that was as far as he got. Another stronger male appeared besides Michaelis and snatched his hand away with a bone-tight grip, causing the child to yelp in both surprise and pain. "Who let scum like you in here!?" The man, clearly disgusted, shouted; which immediately caught the attention of the man he had been trying to rob and those around him. The child tugged at his arm, desperately trying to get his wrist out of the man's grip while fear ceased him. The rich man only tightened his hold on his wrist, which would surely bruise the tender skin. "Trying to rob at such a young age? Truly a disgrace." Panic rose within the young boy, causing his breathing to deepen and his heartbeat to pound loudly in his ears. His eyes darted around in alarm. There was no way out. Everywhere he looked there were these rich folks starring at him with they snobbish gaze.
  15. One bad night...

    Lauren breathed out a heavy sigh while rubbing at her eyes, clearly the girl was tired. There were faint dark circles under her eyes, which contrasted with the fairness of her skin. The girl's dark brown hair that reached her lower back, was pulled up in a messy pony-tail. It was obvious that she wasn't exactly having the nicest of times. "You good, Lauren?" Her coworker, Ray, questioned while his attention diverted between removing the skates he had on and the girl's well-being. "Yeah, just sore and a bit tired." Teaching kids how to skate on ice with a thin blade was no joke, especially when they kept falling every couple of seconds. But the job had its perks and it was better than serving food at a fast-food restaurant. "Is this your last shift for the day?" Ray questioned as he set the skates to the side and started to put on his tennis shoes. Lauren nodded with a sense of relief resting on her shoulder. "Yeah, but I gotta be here early tomorrow for the morning class." Lauren adjusted the shoelaces to the skates before standing up and giving the male a small smile. "Well, good night. I'll see you." With a small wave, she went her own way to give the skates back to Andrew before bidding her farewell to her coworkers and making her way home - well, to the bus stop. Thankfully, the bus hadn't taken so long to arrive, and she hurriedly got on, paid her fair, then took a seat closer to the back door. Trying to balance a job and nursing school at the adult school was a bit stressful, but that was something she could deal with. She preferred to deal with that, than the mess her parents were in. They weren't exactly her parents, but her grandparents. After both her biological parents had died in a car accident, her grandparents got custody of her and raised her since she was four, which was why she considered them her parents. Her upbringing was rough, but she made it through with a couple of bumps and scrapes. She often wondered if her life would have been better if her parents had still been there for her. Of course, don't get her wrong. She was grateful that her grandparents had gone out of their way to raise her...but she wasn't blind to the other activities they did in their spare time. She wasn't sure to what extent they were involved in whatever it was, but she knew that it wasn't good. They've had a couple of run-ins with some mafia affiliated people, which scared the shit out of her, but they usually ended with the same result: the creditors spitting out threats and giving them warnings. It often left Lauren wondering when those warnings were going wear out and the creditors would be coming to hurt them or worse, kill them. The bus came to a halt at her stop and she made her way off the bus before quickly making her way to her home. It was about a block away from the bus stop, so it wasn't much of a walk. Suddenly, her phone buzzed in her back pocket and she quickly retrieved it. Hey, you down to hangout tomorrow after work? We can go eat? Lauren stared down at the text from Ray with a raised brow, a bit surprised that he had even messaged her. Would she even have time for that tomorrow? Biting her lip, she decided that she would make time for it. Plus, it would keep her from going home early. Yeah! Any place you wanna go? She held on to her phone while rushing home and it only took five minutes before she found herself stepping inside. "I'm home!" She called t her parents, who were seated in the living room watching Tv. Stepping into her room, she shut the door behind her and collapsed on her bed. She pulled off her shoes, rolled onto her stomach and continued to text Ray about their meet-up for tomorrow. She was honestly excited since she hardly went out with friends. She was usually busy or her friends just never asked her. For about an hour she spent her time texting and going on instagram to keep her entertained, when she began to hear faint voices in the living room. She only shrugged them off, figuring that it was just her mom and dad arguing about some nonsense. It wasn't until she heard a shot that she got up from her bed and made her way to her bedroom door. She picked up the bat that was leaning against her wall, and cracked the door open. She couldn't exactly get a peak at what was going on, making her even more anxious. The weak voice of her father brought her walking out into the living, her fingers wrapped tightly around the bat to the point where her knuckled were white. The sight that greeted was something she wasn't exactly expecting. There was some shady guy starring her father down with a gun in his hand. Lauren felt her stomach drop in fear while her hands began to tremble. "What's - What's going on?" She questioned, her voice wavering while her gaze darted between her father, mother, the guy, and his gun. Had their luck finally ran out? Was he here to kill them all?