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  1. Venom Signs

    Manon slightly dipped her chin downward, acknowledging the deep bow directed at her from the frost giant, before leveling it. Listening attentively, Manon’s gaze shifted between both males as they spoke, but her attention was mostly directed to the newcomer. Clearly he sought to form an alliance between them, which was quite interesting. Usually, alliances were formed with those who posed a threat just to keep that threat from turning around and biting you in the butt. “You claim to have dreams of our fire, of our God,” Manon knew little to nothing of Constans’ God, she hasn’t even considered his God her God, but she knew that this giant wasn’t aware of such. And if he considered her a paladin, then she would make sure to follow the part. “Care to enlighten on us on what it is that you have seen?” She knew that her question wasn’t one that would be a game changer, but it would help them gather more information as to why this man sought this alliances with them. ”What is the limit to your people lending us their strength? What is it you seek from us in return? I would like to believe that you offer us your aid genuinely and without wanting anything in return, but if an alliance is to work, both parties must be satisfied.”
  2. Cirque de Mensonges

    It was evident to Ezra, as Cora listed off some of the other members and what they were promised, that the Fae built their circus with lies, and false promises. When she ended the list with herself, the male waited for her to voice out what she was promised to receive, but she never finished the sentence. It made Ezra even more curious than he already was, but if she wasn't mentioning it then surely there was a reasoning behind it. Upon her question, Ezra was quick to look away from Coralie as she made her way to settle besides him with the tea. "It's okay." He murmured after a few seconds, and finally moved his hazel colored eyes to meet hers. "I was seeking a sense of purpose," Ezra admitted, but there was one detail he left out. He already felt foolish for falling into this enslavement just because a couple of well used words struck a cord within him, he didn't need for her to know what else had wanted. "Illiana promised me that." He looked to the tea, and held it in his hands. "Thank you." His words were genuine and held a lot of gratitude. He brought the cup to his lips, blew at the surface for a seconds, then took a sip. "What did she promise you?" he questioned quietly as he set the tea back down. "I told you mine, I think it's your turn now."
  3. Cirque de Mensonges

    "They probably reacted that way because they didn't like what you would say." Ezra reasoned, trying to make Cora feel a bit better. Ezra noted the way her hand trembled when she held it out to him, but he firmly took it nonetheless. Once they arrived to Cora's abode, Ezra momentarily paused at the entrance to take in the vibrant colors of the pillows, the blueish smoke from the chandelier, and the tapestry hanging from the walls. It wasn't a sight he was accustom to seeing, but it fit with the circus. He stepped further in, and at her permission to get comfortable, Ezra glanced around and decided to sit on the floor with the pillows. A grunt escaped his lips as he bent down to take a seat, but once he was resting against the pillows he felt his muscles slowly relax. When was the last time he was able to sit down like this? In reality it hadn't been that long, but because he was constantly bustling about trying to please the Fae, well it felt like lifetimes ago. "It's not what I was expecting." He murmured as he watched her from his spot. "I...I didn't think it would be so much work. They promised me something completely different." The male was physically drained. It seemed impossible to him to get up again, but he knew he would have to. The Fae didn't like them being idle and wasting time.
  4. Cirque de Mensonges

    The second that irritating voice met his ears, Ezra furrowed his brows, and the corner of his lips tilted downward into a frown. Harrison. Of course his life had to continuously take turns for the worst. “Listen, Harri-“ Ezra started after he stood up, but never got the opportunity to finish when Coralie, thankfully, intervened Harrison’s goading. This male had been a pain in the ass since the day he joined this damned circus. At first, he would brush it off, but he was exhausted now and his tolerance was dangerously low. The unexpected clap on the back only pushed the male closer to the edge, but he willed himself to remain calm. He wasn’t sure how the Fae would react if he fought another member of the circus, and he did not feel like testing their patience. “Getting him to leave me alone was enough. Thank you, Cora.” Ezra offered the fortune teller a smile, but it was quick to fade. “How’s your night been? Busy?” Looking at the young woman before him, Ezra wondered if she had been reeled in with all those false promises - those lies - like he had. The Fae were very good at hiding the truth, so no doubt she had been.
  5. Cirque de Mensonges

    The thundering applause didn't reach Ezra's ears as he held his arms high above his head extended outwards. All he heard - all he felt was the roar of his aching muscles. It was as if weights had been chained to his arms and legs, weighing him down, but it was actually the lack of rest. Being a new addition to the circus, the Fae wanted him to practice his act until there wasn't a single flaw. That meant that he would spend practically everyday working out, practicing, and doing chores. There was no time for breaks, at least for him there weren't. He clasped his hands behind his back before taking a deep bow, he held it for a couple of seconds, then stood straight. Forcing a smile to appear on his lips, Ezra turned on his heel and exited the ring. The second he made it behind the tarp, his shoulder hunched inwards while he rested his hands atop his knees trying to catch his breath. He squeezed his eyes shut, and recalled the day he had accepted to be part of this. They had promised him a better life, a better home, a purpose. If he had known that this would be the result, he would have instantly refused to join. Now he was stuck in this circus until the contract expired, which wouldn't be for a long, long time.
  6. "Half the price? Well then, you have a deal." A small grin of appreciation settled on Vienna's soft lips; however, her smile faded, and she was quick to her feet. It seemed Platinum was just as eager as her to find that gem, which raised a hair of suspicion. Perhaps he had a hidden agenda of his own if they found the gem. Or perhaps he just wanted to get a head start if other decided to join the search. It was a bit stress relieving to know that they were, temporarily, the only ones searching for it. Walking alongside Platinum, Vienna looked up at him for a brief moment then looked at the trek ahead of them. "What do you want to know?" She questioned, not exactly sure on what to reveal about herself. As far as she knew, she made no indication of the small ounce of magic that flowed through her veins, and she intended to keep it that way for as long as she can.
  7. Venom Signs

    The man’s yellow-gold orbs rooted Manon to her spot, and she took in his appearance. He was taller than both her and Constans. The garments he wore were completely different to the bright green silks the priest of Church-on-the-Hill wore. Manon, despite hearing that the man was a frost giant, was shocked to hear that he considered her to be Constans’ paladin. She had only reached Constans today. She knew nothing of his faith, or his God. Not only that, but she was still confused about the source of her power, and why it was her that was picked. It seemed Constans aproved of the idea of her being a paladin since he asked her for her opinion on the stranger in front of them. For a brief moment, she eyed the priest then shifted her gaze to the frost giant. This time, however, there was no uncertainty clouding her gaze. “I suppose we should. We wouldn’t want for his trek here to be in vain.” He claimed that he was seeking for peace, yet Manon felt there was much more to that claim.
  8. "For the same reason anyone else who would be looking for it: the possibility of obtaining its power." Vienna answered while she looked at him. It was partly the truth, but he didn't need to know the rest. Besides, what did it matter to him? As long as he got paid for his service that's what mattered right? "I am Vienna. Sadly, I don't have an interesting moniker as yours, so you'll have to settle with that." Platinum. Just like his hair. Perhaps that's where it originated from. Vienna moved her dainty hand into his, and shook his hand. She took the time to take in his build and deemed him as a good choice for a body guard. Hopefully he had underlying skills that went past his appearance. "Perhaps they do not want to waste time on an object that may not even exist." Vienna answered honestly, as her gaze shifted to the counted souls present at the campsite. She caught a pair of emerald jaded eyes observing them from afar, but thought nothing of it for her focus was on the platinum male before her. "I can fend for myself quite well, but it never hurts to have an extra amount of safety." Vienna wasn't sure what would be lurking in the unexplored land, but she was ready to face whatever it was. At least, she thought she was ready. "Ah, we haven't discussed your payment." Vienna mused as she moved her gaze to meet his. "What is your charge?
  9. Venom Signs

    It had been obvious the second she made the claim of wielding fire that Constans was skeptical of her words, so now that the shock was present along his visage, well, Manon was relieved. Unfortunately, she wasn’t granted the opportunity to learn the origins of the green flames that burned around the blade since the voice of a newcomer caught their attention. Manon’s blue eyes shifted to see bright gold eyes looking at Constans, and she wondered just who was this man and why was he here? Glancing back to the flaming blade in her hands, she looked to Constans then to his cot and she dropped it. The flames dispersed before they even touched the fabric of his sheets. “Perhaps I should return at a later time?” Manon questioned as she looked to Constans then to the male in front of them.
  10. Vienna had been at the small campsite for quite a while trying to find a suitable bodyguard that would watch her back throughout her journey, but none of them had seemed like the right person. So she sat on one of the benches, and glanced around at the tiny amount of people here. She had thought there would be much more interest in finding that gem, but perhaps everyone was caught up in their life to worry about a gem that might not even be real. Suddenly her eyes settled on an approaching figure. She allowed for eyes to run along his frame until they settled on the platinum colored hair. Immediately, a sense of interest and curiosity arose within her, and she found herself rising from her seat. Hopefully he would meet her expectations because she was more than ready to begin her journey, especially when there would be others searching the gem. "I take it you're here to offer protection?" Vienna questioned when she finally stood in front of him. "Because you clearly don't look like the type that needs to be guarded." His strong build was one of the first things Vienna required. It wasn't just so she could ogle at his muscles, even though she admitted that muscular men did give a nice view, it was because she really did need someone strong to defend her. She may have her magic, but it wasn't as strong, and it wore out quickly. This was one of the reasons she wanted the gem, to enhance her magic.
  11. Looking for An RP buddy

    I'm interested in hearing what the plots are
  12. Looking for An RP buddy

    Awesome! Do you have any idea you want to role play?
  13. Looking for An RP buddy

    Hey, are you still looking?
  14. Venom Signs

    At the sight of the beautifully crafted blade, Manon sucked in a breath of air, and held it in as she reached out to skim the tip of her fingers along the cool metal. The golden grip had thin intricate swirls going around, while at the pommel a bright ruby gem sparkled with the faint sunlight streaming in through the window. The blonde felt a tug, as if the sword were calling to her. Urging her to take it off the wall. Was he really allowing her to do this? Manon had to force her awe away, and focus on the real task at hand: proving her ability. Her fingers came around the hilt, and she pried it away from the hooks that held it up against the wall. The blade hadn’t been swallowed in flames when she held it. For a moment, she was confused and nervous. What if the flames chose not to come out? As far as she knew, she had no control of them. They only came out when she held a sword. Perhaps she needed to get in a fighting stance, so she stood with her feet shoulder width apart and held the blade to the side above her shoulder as if she were ready to swing it down across his cot. Nothing happened, and Manon felt like a fool. She was about to turn to the priest and explain to him that she wasn’t lying, when suddenly flames burst from the guard of the sword and traveled to the fine point at the end of the blade. This was the biggest she has seen the flames on the blade, and she immediately lowered the sword to keep the blaze from reaching the ceiling of the priests makeshift home. The church was already in ruins, she didn’t need to make it worse. “How do you explain this?” Manon questioned. “Where do they come from?” The blonde just couldn’t understand how they appeared. Constans kept claiming that his God was responsible for this, but-but how!? She hadn’t even known about his God until she met Constans a few minutes ago. Had the God known that she would set out to find Constans? Had it known that she would somehow find her way to him?
  15. Venom Signs

    Manon took notice of his bright green eyes once he pointed at them. They were so green! It made his robes pale in comparison. It was almost as if the flames that would run along the swords she held were right behind his eyes, illuminating them to be a rich shade. Had they really been brown before? The blonde was finding it difficult to believe, but then she remembered the unexplained flames that would ignite on the blades. At his following words, Manon nodded. She was more than willing to demonstrate her ability to the man. He seemed to be her only promise at receiving answers, and well he possessed the same power she did. It made her feel better, since she now knew truly that she wasn’t the only one. It made her feel less alone. “Thank you, sir.” Manon smiled then glanced down at her hands. “Unfortunately, a sword is necessary for me to show you, and I do not have my own.” She stated as her blue irises shifted back up to meet his.