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  1. Michaelis looked to the next building with a hint of confusion, before returning his gaze to Juliana as she pointed to herself. Realizing what she meant, Kael sent a single nod before standing up away from the ledge. He turned to the building and eyes the space between. It wasn’t a great distance, but his stomach still churned out of nervousness. Taking off in a sprint, the boy kicked off the ledge and flew across the sky before stumbling onto the roof. He took a moment to catch his breath, before making his way down the building with the drain pipe. Once his feet hit the ground, Michaelis caught up to Juliana who instantly started walking. The boy followed and hadn’t uttered a single syllable. Instead, he constantly looked over his shoulder paranoid that, that man would make a reappearance again. His shoulders were raised up slightly, his body ready to attack if need be, while his eyes shifted around. Up until the man had Juliana pinned below him with a knife dangerously close to her, Kael had felt safe enough with Juliana that he figured nothing would harm them. Now, he felt like he couldn’t let his guard down in the slightest. As they neared their destination and Juliana explained how the place worked, he felt a small sense of relief. At least they wouldn’t be killed or hurt during the night. When the man stepped out, Michaelis took a step back, momentarily frightened by the older man. It wasn’t until he spoke that he realized he must’ve been the owner. “Uh…” The boy started, a bit unsure. He briefly glanced to Juliana who gave him a nod. “We’re seeking refuge from a man who’s trying to kill us.” His explanation was brief due to him not fully understanding why the man was after Juliana, and partly because he wasn’t sure how much to reveal to this man. “He’s mostly interested in Juliana” The boy added as he looked up at the man.
  2. Daniela placed the coordinates into the routing network causing for a bright orange arrow to appear ahead of her. The girl lightly grinned clearly impressed with the efficiency of the technology the SHD had provided. Briefly glancing down at her watch, she couldn’t help but to wonder what other things they added to them. Setting foot on the street, Daniela’s eyes briefly scanned her surroundings before making her way through the streets. Her encounters with civilians were short. They mostly consisted of brief glances then they would scurry along, which was something the girl was fairly surprised and happy about. She had expected much more...violent interactions. - Daniela was less than a block away from the park when a transmission resounded through her earphones. It didn’t come as a surprise that they were already assigned a mission. The city had pretty much gone to shit. Surely there was someone out there reeking havoc bad enough that would call for their attention. Walking through the park, pistol in hand, Daniela spotted three agents standing near a tree. “Patch coming in.” The girl announced her presence through the transmitter, before putting away her weapon as she approached the small group. “Daniela Martinez, Dani or Patch is fine though. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintances .” She spoke to them with a small smile.
  3. Sorry for the delay. A lot of things came up and I’ve been a bit busy, but I will have my post up before the end of today.
  4. KWalking along with the New Moon students, Akira briefly glanced to the crowd of people watching them. Being in the limelight was something she wasn’t use to as she had been taught to blend in with the crowd and not draw attention to herself, but that was something she intended to change here at the dojo. She wanted to be well versed in the fighting style and do something else than protect the crops. She wanted something more thrilling, exciting, new and the dojo seemed to promise that. She was nearing her second month and had learned very quickly just how competitive the atmosphere was, but Akira was no pushover. She vowed to herself that she would work hard to learn. Watching the New Moon Captain, Akira couldn’t help but to feel that the male was being a bit over the top. It did help, however, as form of motivation for her to keep going so she could reach that same level of skill. As they walked through the training grounds, she couldn’t help but to notice the interactions between Ozu and Gin and the strange reaction Gin had. Her brows furrowed as she watched him in confusion, but then noticed he left his kodachi behind. So when she was close enough to it, she picked it up, stepped away from her position, and hurried after the male. “Hey, you dropped this.” Akira called out to him.
  5. Michaelis stumbled away from Vaughn as Juliana lunged for him. Righting himself, Kael watched the woman pound the heel of her palm into the man’s wrist until he released the weapon. The second he saw blood ooze from the man’s hand and drip onto the ground, he decided to take off. I need to get up to the roofs, the boy thought as he briefly glanced up at the building they stood next to. There was no way to get up there, so he did as Juliana had instructed and stuck to walls of the buildings as he made his way further down the street. Turning into the next alley, the boy spotted a couple of crates stacked underneath a window where he swiftly climbed up boxes. He placed his left foot on the window sill while reaching up to grip the small edge of the window frame. He bounced on his right foot before bringing both of his feet to rest on the window sill. Thankfully, there were some crevices in the bricks where he placed his fingertips and front of his feet. Tightly gripping the edge of the roof, Michaelis felt sweat break out on his forehead and back. His fingers ached, and we’re practically shaking as he held on for dear life. If he were to fall from this height, he wouldn’t die, but there was no guarantee he wouldn’t break a bone or sprain something. He rather not risk it, so with all the strength and agility he could muster, the boy scaled up the wall and onto the roof. His body begged him to rest, and he almost gave in, until he realized that he wouldn’t be safe until he got to the undertaker’s. He got to his feet and took off in a run as he jumped onto a roof that was about three feet higher than the one he was currently on. He made his way to the edge and glanced down at the bustling street below. Catching sight of the familiar shade of hair, the boy shouted out to her. “Juliana! Up here!”
  6. Daniela breathed out a heavy sigh while she glanced out at the surprisingly empty street below. These past few days she hadn't bothered to leave the premises of her home, already knowing the chaos that awaited outside. Besides, winter wasn’t exactly her cup of tea. She preferred warmer temperatures and sunny days. Laying down on the worn leather couch, she shut her eyes, getting ready for a nap when a ping followed by an orange flashing light called for her attention. Dani opened her eyes while bringing her wrist up to her face. The brunette had known that this moment would come. Now that it was actually here...well, she didn’t know how she felt about it yet. She pressed on the watch that started up her contact lenses and the message that every other agent received. “This is it, huh?” She murmured while orange light encompassed her surroundings - the system scanning for any threats and agents. It took a second for Daniela to get up from the couch and make her way over to her bedroom where she took out all the gear and arms that the SHD has given her once she had completed her training. As she was placing a black beanie over her head the voice of agent Davis Kwan resounded through the earpiece before another string of voices answered. “Patch here. Be there in a few.” Daniela spoke though the comms before taking a seat to pull on her boots. She double knotted the laces, stood up, pulled on her jacket, and picked up a small silver cross necklace from her nightstand. Growing up, every Sunday, she and her family would always go to church, but as she got older she just...stopped. The necklace had been a gift from her grandparents as a reminder. She never wore it, but always kept it on her nightstand. Looking at it now, she decided to unclasp the small chain and placed it around her neck, before tucking it under her shirt. It wasn’t long before Daniela made her way out of her home and to the Brooklyn Bridge Park.
  7. BASICS Name: Daniela Martinez Age: 27 Gender: Female Orientation: Heterosexual Marital Status: Single Nationality: Hispanic Call Sign: Patch Occupation: Nurse Practitioner Affiliation: Strategic Homeland Division Skills: Hand-to-hand combat Medical Assistance Problem Solver PHYSICAL PROFILE Voice: Soprano Eyes: Brown Hair: Light Brown/Chin Length/Straight Complexion: Between Fair and Medium Body Type: Athletic Height: 5'5" Weight: 120lb PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE Earned her Bachelor's Degree of Nursing Science in the University of Florida and became an RN. She enrolled in a Master of Science in Nursing and became a Nurse Practitioner. Father served in the U.S. Navy. Speaks Spanish Works well alone, but has no problem functioning efficiently in a team. Willing to take risks if it benefits her and the team. Has a bit of a temper, but does well to control it.
  8. Listening intently to Juliana as he trailed closely behind, Michaelis’ brows creased in frustration once they hit a dense crowd. His lithe build allowed for him to weave his way through people, however he was struggling to keep up. His eyes never left her figure in fear that he would lose her. Michaelis broke through the crowd into the alleyway, spotting the woman a few feet away. He moved into a sprint behind her, his ears barely catching her words before he watched, eyes wide, as she was tackled by the very man who got him involved in this mess. The boy’s legs slowed while his heart pounded erratically in his chest and ears. He stopped. Fear threatening his ability to think clearly. Juliana’s shout came as a shock to Kael, as she was invincible to him, but it was enough to bring him back to reality. He rushed at the man, tackling him off of Juliana. Without a moment of hesitation, he brought his fist down as hard as he could on the male’s jaw, a sting of pain breaking out along his knuckles. “Juliana!” The boy shouted, turning to see if the woman was alright, unknowingly exposing himself to the man.
  9. Quick question, is there a specific age range? Also, What’s the time frame of the SHD taking and training their agents?
  10. Unfortunately, I'm not. But I'm sure there are trailers for the game? I can look at those to get a better idea
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