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    A 'VERY' Enthusiastic walk

    “For now I’m fine.” Nesryn answered briefly before watching Beris with a small air of amusement. Of course, that small moment was quick to fade when the men, whom she was trying to steer clear of, walked further into the tavern and were getting a little too close to their table. Beris caught her attention, and she shifted her gaze away from the men to look at her employee. “I work in a bakery, but I do odd jobs here and there.” Nesryn spent most of her time during the day tending to customers, and baking bread. While her job there paid her a fair amount, she needed extra money so she would take on random odd jobs here and there. “I know it’s not action filled, but it’s a stable job and I really need the money.” Nesryn glanced to the men who situated themselves three tables away. So far, they hadn’t noticed her presence. As long as it stayed that way, then things would surely go well. (I apologize for he shortness)
  2. Hani

    A 'VERY' Enthusiastic walk

    Nesryn, far before this day, had saved and gathered as much money as she could, and while she had a decent amount she doubted that it would last the whole trip. Hell, she didn’t even know how long this trip would last, nor did she know the price the shaman worked at. So, while it was morally wrong, Nesryn would just turn the other cheek and let the man do what he was doing. Before she could clarify what she wanted to know about Lycans, he slid a shiny white pearl atop the worn wooden table and claimed he would pay for their drink and food. She raised a brow at his following words, and was even tempted to scoot closer to the male just to see what tricks he had up his sleeve. Thankfully, the waitress made an appearance and Nesryn offered the young girl a reassuring smile. This man was surely entertaining. The sudden accent he adopted was quite believable, and the pretty, blonde waitress seemed to not notice it. “I’ll take a chicken pie and some ale.” The brunette ordered before shifting her gaze to her employee, with a slight tilt of her head as if saying ‘your turn’. A group of men stepped into the joint catching Nesryn’s attention. A faint curse slipped past her lips, and she slightly slouched in her seat.
  3. Hani

    A 'VERY' Enthusiastic walk

    Nesryn slid into the booth expecting to see Beris slide into the seat in front of her, but the man had lingered behind. She watched with brows raised as the man stumbled about, occasionally bumping into certain individuals. The brunette couldn’t quite make out what he was saying, due to the loud chatter of those around her, but what she could tell was that he was playing a drunkard. It was quite amusing to watch. When he finally situated himself besides her asking if she could do him a favor she didn’t hesitate to nod. “Is this how our journey’s going to be? You surprising me with something new each hour?” Nesryn questioned with a light chuckle before she held out her hand out, palm up with her fingers wide open, waiting for whatever he had snagged from those quite wealthy patrons. First, he had rendered her speechless with his age, and now he proved himself to be quite the professional pickpocketer. What next? “I do hope you know how to worm your way out of this if things go dry.” Nesryn stated as her gaze briefly shifted to the individuals he had bumped into. It was a waiting game now, just to see who figured out their possessions were missing.
  4. Hani

    A 'VERY' Enthusiastic walk

    Nesryn was shocked to say the least. If it wasn't evident with the way her step slightly faltered, then it was the incredulous expression that ceased her visage as her gaze snapped over to Beris. Her knowledge on Lycans was quite small, so learning that he was nearing his second century was unexpected. She was practically a child compared to his age. All those years of experience, of growth, of acquired intelligence. The male gave her little to no time to digest the revelations as he continued on with the conversation, listing his skills. "Thank you for letting me know. I'm sure your adeptness will serve well in our travels." Nesryn was aware that actions were much more reassuring than words, but Beris didn't appear to be the type to boast about skills he didn't have. There was no doubt in her mind that he was the perfect escort. With him by her side she would surely face no difficulty in finding that gem in the Whispernight Ruins. "Forgive my curiosity, but how does the whole Lycan thing work?" It was completely off topic to the upcoming trip ahead, but Nesryn couldn't help herself. She wanted to know more about it, and surely it would give Beris a moment to gather his bearings given that he did just dock. Surely enough, the rounded the right corner and the tavern was right there. As they neared, Nesryn could make out the chatter of usual patrons and it only grew as they set foot inside the joint. The tavern was quite dim, only illuminated by metal lanterns that contained white, burning candles inside. A waitress passed right before them carrying a tray holding pints of ale. Nesryn, for a brief moment, watched the waitress head over to a both where a couple of men chatted away. The majority of the seats were occupied, but thankfully a couple of tables in the center of the tavern were open. "Oh look! There's a booth open!" Nesryn practically bolted towards the seats before anyone could take it. She preferred them much more than the table situated in the middle. There was much more privacy at a booth.
  5. Hani

    A 'VERY' Enthusiastic walk

    The insults thrown at the man’s back we’re not surprising, as people tended to be vulgar, but they did catch Nesryn’s attention. It was easy to identify in the bustling crowd who was an aristocrat and who was just a commoner. If it wasn’t for the jewels and lush fabrics of their clothes, then it was they way they walked about with their chin held high, and a slight sneer on their lips. It was as if being amongst commoners was tainting their soul. Her attention quickly returned to the man as he began to speak once more. With the way he addressed the whole thing it became quite evident to Nesryn that he knew exactly who was requesting to be escorted. At his outstretched hand, the girl lifted her much smaller hand to shake his. "Nesryn." She introduced herself before he could continue on. "Yes! Of course, sounds great." Her tone seemed brighter, along with her expression. "Follow me." Turning on her heel, the brunette made her way off of the dock, her mind on the man behind her. His tone had clearly said that he was accepting the job, which dulled her sour mood. The first phase of her journey was complete: find the escort. Nesryn led the man away from the busy dock to a quieter road. It was still full of life given the store fronts lining the street, but walking and breathing was much easier. "There's a tavern right around the corner. They serve the most delicious chicken pie." Nesryn commented while briefly shifting her eyes to get another look at that man. He had mentioned that he was much older than his appearance, which meant he was not...human? "I don't mean to pry, but how old are you?"
  6. Hani

    A 'VERY' Enthusiastic walk

    Contrary to his words, Nesryn hadn’t lost someone, yet. The brunette’s brows furrowed in suspicion. It boggled her mind that he somehow knew. Just who was this man? At his request, Nesryn felt a sense of hope flutter in her chest. Perhaps he could escort her to the gem. Her gaze shifted from his eyes and slowly traveled downwards, taking in his figure and muscles. Well, he seemed like a much better candidate than the previous man she had talked to in the tavern. “I may know of someone who is in need of an escort.” Nesryn chipped in, hiding the fact that she was the one that needed to be escorted. “They’re trying to find a gem. It’s located in some ruins in some far off kingdom, so it’s quite a journey. Interested?” She questioned as she met his gaze.
  7. Hani

    A 'VERY' Enthusiastic walk

    “Ye only chasin’ a myth, lass.” The older man offered Nesryn an apologetic smile, which only irritated her further. She had spent the last two days scouting the area for anyone willing to escourt her through the forest lands and to the Kingdom of Citra, where ancient ruins lie. It is said that a gem that contains certain powers is hidden amongst those ruins, and she desperately needed it. Or at least the powers it promised. The brunette’s lip parted ready to curse the man for his lack of belief, but paused to check herself. There was no use in fighting with a man who didn’t believe in her cause. “Thank you for your time, sir.” Nesryn said in farewell before making her way out of the tavern. The old wooden floorboards of the deck lightly creaked as she made her way to and down the stairs of the tavern. She breathed out a defeated sigh while observing the heavy crowd before her. Perhaps she would have to make this trek alone. Nesryn moved to take a step forward but abruptly stopped when a man suddenly landed before her. The girl’s hazel eyes widened before narrowing. It seemed this was the last straw. The disappointment, and pent up frustration of the past two days finally broke through the gate. “Excuse you!” Nesryn glared at the back of the stranger’s head. “Why don’t you watch where you land next time. Heavens above you nearly gave me a heart attack.” As if to make it more dramatic, the brunette placed a hand over her chest.
  8. Hey! Are you still looking for a partner?
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    My Characters and RP Ideas

    Hey! It would be cool to role play with Iridia Foxglove. I think the idea of her getting caught and united with another sprite would be a cool idea.
  10. [COTH: Center of Feast] Oddly enough, Manon found herself seated alone with one of the many guests present: a frost giant. The blonde was of average height for a woman, but when seated besides this man, well she felt like a midget. The top of her head barely reached his elbows, and he took up more than half of the bench with his large frame. The sound of a metal cup clanking against the wooden table directed Manon's attention away from the giant. The beer sloshed over the rim of the cup, before another clank was heard. The frost giant had also received a pint of beer. For a second, they both remained silent and unmoving, until the giant reached over, engulfed the cup with his enormous hand, and gulped the beer down. It took only seconds for him to down the whole thing. Quickly Manon's gaze snapped down to the pint of beer before her when she noted that the frost giant looked at her. It was not so much that his presence was intimidating; she just could not find something to discuss with the male. "Are you not going to drink that?" A deep, gruff voice resounded from her right. "No." She answered a heartbeat later. "Huh...For someone who is being honored as the first paladin of a growing town, I would expect for you to be rejoicing, drinking the night away." Manon finally shifted her body slightly to the right, tilted her chin upwards, and met the the giant's gaze. "I am sure you are aware that there are more ways to rejoice than drinking the night away." Manon snapped in hopes of ending the conversation there, but he only seemed to take it as an invitation to question her further. "I am aware, but you are not even dancing. Heck, I have not even seen you eat the food these people have worked so hard to cook for you." The giant held Manon's gaze, then chuckled as he shook his head. "It's just beer - Wait a minute, have you never drank before?" "Of course I have!" Manon blurted a little too quickly. The giant raised a brow and tilted his head; clearly catching onto her bluff. With a smirk on his lips, he reached out to move the pint of beer closer to the blonde. "Prove it then." If Manon had known that it would lead to this then she would have gladly remained quiet. Silently taking a deep breath, Manon wrapped her dainty fingers around the handle of the cup. Never had she consumed such alcoholic beverage before. Her parents had prohibited her from being near such a thing. "Well?" The giant questioned as he leaned slightly forward, clearly growing impatient. "You know how to drink from a cup, right? You just lift it up to your..." The giant's voice faded, and an amused grin spread across his lips. Manon had began to gulp the beer down. What he not been expecting, however, was for her to down the whole thing. "Look at you! You had me convinced that you did not know how to drink." The man chuckled while giving her shoulder a gentle pat, then turning to order some more beers. Manon wanted to cough so badly, but her pride had her using every ounce of control in her body to stop herself from doing so. She refused to appear inexperienced to the male besides her. Unfortunately, she had not realized that this would lead to, as the giant had simply put it, her drinking the night away.
  11. Hani

    The Wrong Thief

    Michaelis’s light brown eyes shifted between both male and female, but mostly lingered on Juliana. This woman was clearly expierenced with her line of work. It shown with way she assessed the situation and planned accordingly. Not to mention, all these safe places she would turn to. He could not help but wonder if this was something she grew up doing. Had she gone through what he had gone through? Or had her life been much better than his? Such question would surely not leave his mouth anytime soon. Simply because it was not the appropriate time, nor was it his business. The focus suddenly shifted to him, and Michaelis paused as he took in what they were implying. Looking away from them, he took in the dense crowd of people moving about the market. This crowd was much shadier than the crowds he usually found himself in, which made him hesitate, but he knew that they would need that distraction. “One chaotic diversion coming up.” Michaelis took a deep breath and took a step forward, then paused. He looked up at Juliana and opened his mouth, then shut it, then opened it again. “Please do not leave me.” His words came out low in volume. He feared that once she caught the man they were targeting, she would leave him here. Alone. In the street. Forgotten. He may not have much trust in the woman, but she has done much more for him than anyone else has.
  12. "...the forgotten ones, the discarded ones." Constans words struck a cord deep within her heart, and they dangerously tip-toed along the border of uncharted territory that marked her vulnerability, her pain, and her past. With the right push, they would spring to life. The blonde, however, would not allow for such thing. Instead, she poured her focus on the crowd before them. Wrinkles marking aged faces. Rough callouses on the palm of their hands. Tired eyes. These were people whose life consisted of physical labor, which was the complete opposite of the luxurious life people in Blairville had. Instead of farming tools, they had pencils and books. Their hands never had to endure the strain of toil. Manon's gaze shifted to Constans then to the elves he had requested to meet with. It was clear that he intended to make his people grow not just in strength, but in intellect. Once Constans announced her as the paladin of the church and held out the sword, Manon, without any hesitance, firmly gripped the handle of the sword. She paused. Protecting these people and the church was something she vowed to do until her very last breath. It was no longer a question on whether this was the right path. She was prepared to take on any task, and go against anyone who posed a threat to the people of COTH. So, with a firm decision in mind, Manon raised the sword high above her head. As if on cue, green flames started at the base of the sword and descended upwards towards the tip of the blade. The warmth of the flames against her hand were no longer foreign to her. It was something concrete that she knew would be constant in her life. In a way, it provided a sense of reassurance. The blade igniting into flames seemed to mark the official start of the feast, and Manon, albeit nervous, was excited to partake in the nights activities, and to familiarize herself with the people of COTH.
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    Looking for a Motivation

    Hey! Is there still room for one more? I would like to start a role play with you, let me know if you're interested. :)
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    Venom Signs

    Manon's blue irises watched the priest's expression change before questioning whether she had the ability to see things. The slight dip of her brows was enough of an indication to know that she had never experienced such ability, and she wasn't given much of an opportunity to wrap her mind around the idea when he mentioned elves. The excitement that formed along Constans visage gave the male a whole new appearance. He was suddenly much more younger, much more alive, and something about the way he wore that boyish grin...Manon felt warmth pool along her cheeks, tinting them a light shade of red, and thankfully the priest was much to engrossed at greeting his new guest that he hurried to exit the library. Standing besides Constans, Manon took in the appearance of the elves as they made their trek up the hill. The detailed tattoos. The piercings. The silver and grey hair atop of their heads. They were an intriguing pair with an edge to their appearance. They dipped their heads in greeting, and Manon did the same in response. She opted to remain silent as Constans guided them to the top of the hill, where he narrated the event that took place right at the church. The blonde was unfamiliar with the priest's agenda. Having only just appeared this very day, she had little time to acquaint herself with the new environment and the male besides her. She could only assume that he requested their presence so they could aid him in organizing the scriptures, so when he mentioned that the they would be his form of payment she was momentarily shocked and confused. Her gaze immediately snapped to the man as he explained the true reason he sought an audience with them. Constans, much like herself, was searching for guidance. Of course, the guidance he sought was much different from hers. Draug accepted his request, then glanced down at the bustling crowd working on the finishing touches. She too looked at the people, while he named two of his associates who would serve as tutors for the people of Church-on-the-Hill. Constans intended to build a strong group of followers. It took Manon a second to realize the female was addressing her, but when she did, she looked to the wolfhound for a brief second then met her gaze. Recognizing that her silence could have been mistaken for an unwelcoming gesture, Manon offered her a light smile while easing her tense shoulders. "No, not at all."
  15. Hani

    The Wrong Thief

    Michaelis followed closely behind the two through the dense crowds, and as they reached the edge of the market district he could feel the shift in the air. These type of areas had him constantly glancing over his shoulder. Suddenly, Mathias took cover and he was quick to follow suit; however, he moved closer to the edge of the building. He took a small step outward, looked in the direction the male had instructed, before casually returning back to his hidden position. Michaelis looked up to Juliana. "That's him. He the one who tipped me about the event." The young teen wasn't sure how Juliana and Mathias were going to approach the man, but he just hoped that none of it went wrong.