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  1. Lauren was beyond confused, however she was shocked to see that he was injured. "H-Hector..." The male moved to block the doorway, separating her from the stranger. She was honestly beyond confused as to what was going on, but from the sound of it, it had to do something with the situation that happened last week. Suddenly the stranger questioned whether she was his lover, which caused for her cheeks to heat up. Lauren glanced around Hector and over to the stranger. "We are just friends...Hector what is going on? And-and you're hourt!" From what she heard, this had something to do with his father. Her eyebrows shot up when she thought about it. The man had to be a vampire and if he was, then he was probably way older that's Hector.
  2. Lauren set the bag of ice on her nightstand, then went to go change into her pajamas. The night had gone pretty well, with the exception of Kaylee who had continuously sent dirty looks. Hector had, surprisingly, gotten along well with Alice and her friends. Half of them had actually gotten drunk, while the others had gotten tipsy. As for Lauren, who had tuned into the designated driver for Alice, didn't drink at all. Slipping on her shorts and over-sized T-shirt, Lauren was about to lay down on her bed, when a muffled bang resounded from the other side of the wall. Her brows furrowed in confusion and for a moment she stood there, before picking up her phone and making her way to the front door of her apartment. Maybe Hector had some issues...Maybe he was still hurt. Opening her apartment door, she walked out and was shocked to see his door still open. What the hell? Rushing over, she was surprised to see Hector kneeling besides some guy. Furrowing her brows, she glanced between the two. Unfortunately, she couldn't see the wound on Hector's leg since he had his back to her. "Who are you?" She questioned as she looked towards the stranger.
  3. "It's all good. I'm still...shocked about what you are, but it'll sink in." Lauren unlocked the door and took a step inside. "Good night." Once she was fully inside, she shut the door behind her and leaned against it. The fact that he was a vampire was hard to believe, but she had witnessed him heal quickly. His broken bone only took about half an hour to an hour to heal. Speaking of healing, she needed to get some ice on her shoulder, so she hurried into the kitchen and got that done.
  4. Lauren was surprised at how easily he stood up, as if he hadn't just fallen down a flight of stairs. To what extent was his power? When he extended out his hand, Lauren took hold of it and stood up. "It's okay. I'm sure it'll heal, not as quick as how you do, but you know..." Lauren lightly chuckled as she glanced up at him before moving to the door. "Come on. I'm so tired and I wanna take this dress off." (it's all good. )
  5. "Well, I figured that if you were really trying to hurt me then you wouldn't have saved me from falling face-first down a flight of stairs." Lauren stated with a smile full of gratitude. "Thank you for that, by the way." If he hadn't done that, then she was more than sure that her shoulder wouldn't be the only thing in pain. Speaking of which, the tender area was throbbing, causing her to grimace. Well, he was fortunate enough to have quicker healing abilities. This bruise would surely be there for a week, maybe longer. "I see." She nodded before drifting off into silence. Now that she knew that he was a vampire, well, she had so many questions. Of course, she didn't want to annoy the male, so she just refrained from voicing them aloud. "You wanna head back to my apartment? Are you hurt anywhere else?"
  6. Lauren leaned back against the wall of the closet, trying to let in the fact that vampires exist, then leaned forward once more. "Wait, have you had any contact with any vampires?" She questioned while she watched him move his arm. It no longer appeared to be broken, it was healing much faster than a human's broken arm. "Ah, well it all makes sense now...I honestly thought you were a bit strange at first, but now that I know what you are, well I understand why you did what you did." Lauren had read her fair share of fictional books about vampires, so she knew the common knowledge about them. "Are you able to control your thirst?"
  7. Lauren's eyebrows shot up when he mentioned that he sawed off his fangs. Didn't he need them to be able to consume blood? As he continued to talk, she found herself rather intrigued and uneasy about the whole subject. If what he was saying was true, then that meant that vampires have been roaming the earth for centuries. How have they kept their whole species hidden? "This is a lot to take in..." The girl lightly chuckled while watching him shake out his arm, then grew serious again. "So...this whole week that you stayed with me, was it because you're a vampire?"
  8. Once Lauren received the response to her question, she remained silent. She didn't want to believe it. This was something you read about in those fictional books. Not something you see in your everyday life. But the proof had appeared right in front of her, when he had materialized out of thin air. "A vampire...Where are your fangs?" She questioned before reaching out and helped him sit up. "How is...even possible?"
  9. Lauren sucked in a breath of air when his eyes suddenly shot open. Recalling the moment he suddenly appeared, she began to wonder just what he was. "I'm okay." Lauren answered as her gaze shifted down to his arm. "I'll help you...just tell me what you are." The girl still felt a hint of fear for the male, but he didn't seem to have any intentions of hurt her, especially when he protected her as best as he could from the fall.
  10. Lauren could hear him rushing after her, which only motivated her to move faster. Unfortunately, luck wasn't on her side and she missed a step causing her to trip. She squeezed her eyes shut and expected to meet the stairs face-first, when she suddenly felt arms wrap around her. They barreled down the stairs and when they finally reached the floor of lobby, Lauren laid there, her breathing erratic. Hector was besides her, unmoving. Slowly sitting up, she winced at the pain her shoulder was in. "Fuck..." Lauren reached up and felt her shoulder, sure enough there was a bump. Her gaze shifted over to Hector, who was unconscious. She had no idea what to do. She knew though, that she couldn't just leave him there. It'll look suspicious, so she glanced around, until she spotted the cleaning supplies closet. Lauren got to her feet and reached down to take hold of his arms, and struggled to drag him over. He was heavier than she anticipated, but she managed to get him inside before shutting the door. "H-Hector..." she caustiosuly called out to the male as she sat besides him.
  11. Reaching the final step, Lauren breathed out a relieved sigh and pulled out her keys from her bag as she walked down the hall. The lights along the wall were rather dim, but that didn't stop her from seeing Hector just appear out of thin air in front her. Stopping dead in her tracks, her lips parted in shock while she furrowed her brows. How? He had materialized out of nothing! That's something you only see in movies. This was real life, unless if she was dreaming. She gave herself a pinch. Nothing. "Oh my god..." She murmured while a sweat broke out on her temple. "How did you do that?" There was unease in her tone and she wondered if she made a break for it, would he follow? Dropping her belongings, save for her keys, Lauren turned on her heel and rushed for the stairs. There was no way that he was human. He was...She had no idea what he was, which only caused for a hint of fear to course through her veins. Rushing down the steps, Lauren held onto the rail, trying real hard to move quickly down the steps without falling.
  12. Hey, I'm interested in the rp.
  13. Lauren didn't fail to notice Kaylee's icy glare, nor did she not note how close she was to Hector. With the way she was touching him, you would think...It was then that Lauren realized the woman believed that she was trying to hit on Hector. She hardly knew the male, and even if she did think that he was attractive, she wouldn't go after him. They spent the rest of their time talking and getting to know each other. It was going pretty well and Hector seemed to be getting along with all of them. However, once it was 2:00 in the morning, Lauren found herself chuckling when Hector led a very drunk Kaylee out of the bar. She hadn't really drank that much that evening since she didn't want to have a hangover for the next day. "How much longer do you want to stay here?" Lauren questioned Alice, as they sat at the bar. The woman chuckled and wrapped an arm around Lauren's shoulders, clearly drunk. "Let's just have a couple more drinks." The next half hour, Lauren spent it lugging Alice to her car and then drove her off to her home, before coming back to Paradise Apartments. She finally was able to park her car in the parking lot and she stepped out before locking it. Lauren made her way into the apartments, before going up the stairs towards the second floor
  14. The rest of the week had passed by uneventfully, though Lauren did grow much more comfortable with Hector and enjoyed the time they spent together when she would return from work. When Friday finally hit, Lauren was a bit upset that he would be returning back to his own apartment, since she had gotten rather use to his company. She was however, excited to meet up with her friend Alice. So here she was, adjusting her dress outside of bar before stepping in. Immediately Alice called her over and she quickly made her trek over, her gaze landing on Hector. Well, this was unexpected. "Uhh...Hello, everyone." She greeted with a polite smile, a hint of nervousness present. Then she glanced at Hector and turned to look at Alice. "We've met each other actually. He lives right next door." Perhaps Hector was meeting one of these girls, though as she looked at each one, she noticed one of the young women, had this sort glare as she looked up at her. She didn't see what the problem was, so she brushed it off. (It's completely fine!)
  15. Lauren reached in the bag right when Hector had and the side of their arms brushed against each other. The girl for a brief second froze then hurried to pull out what remained in the bag. "It's fine." Once they were seated, Lauren served herself some food and glanced up at the male as he asked her a question. "Well, I'm going with my friend, Alice. She invited some other people, but...I've never met them before so I'm not sure who they are." Lauren responded as she picked up her fork and spun it around the chow mein, causing the noodles around the utensil. "I mean, I'm all for meeting new people, I just don't think Midnite Mine is not the appropriate place to do so."