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  1. Rin was able to gather a little more information about his origin with what he explained. Clearly, his realm wasn’t as welcoming and as accepting as hers. “We care very little of what someone is. I think personality and attitude outweighs that factor.” She commented lightly before they were engulfed in moments of silence. When he finally spoke up again, Rin briefly glanced around her surroundings. “We’re almost there. Just two more miles.” It was still quite early to be at The Trails, since all illegal activity tended to take place after sunset, but she wanted give him a chance to look around. To get a feel of the atmosphere, and a good look at everyone else’s bikes. “I must warn you, some people don’t take lightly to newcomers. Just try not to get into trouble.”
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    @Die Shize @zackrobbman Im really sorry for how long it’s taking me to reply. It’s been difficult to reply since my workload for school practically takes up all of my time. I Don’t think it’s fair for me to make you guys wait so long, and I haven’t been giving it my all into my posts because of the lack of time, so I think I’m going to have to drop. I really enjoy roleplaying with you guys. Your posts are amazing, and I wish I could do more to contribute to the story. Im really sorry.
  3. Clearly Reinhardt’s interest lied within the tinkering aspect of being an inventor, and didn’t go beyond actually using his inventions. If the thick layer of dust that practically exploded from the bike wasn’t an indicator, then she didn’t know what else was. As the bike lifted off the ground and he Drove out of the garage, Rin leaned forward slightly and wrapped her arms around his waist to keep herself steady. So far the bike seemed to be riding smoothly, and she was fairly impressed. Perhaps finding this man had been a blessing, as he seemed to know a great deal about hoverbikes and she had faith that he would make provide her with the best bike. Rin blinked in surprise when she heard his apology. “Do not worry, Rein. I understand. My apologies as well for prying into your past.” Rin knew that sometimes she tended to stick her nose in places where it didn’t belong, but she couldn’t help herself. Her desire to know things outweighed any thought that told her otherwise. “I would like you to know that I meant to bring you no harm. I was just curious to know more about you.”
  4. "Well, if I'm being honest..." That was just it. Was she being honest? Now it was the blonde's turn to be scrutinized by Lenora's piercing blue eyes. The hint of nervousness that tainted the otherwise genuine laugh was troubling. If it was the truth she was speaking, then why the jumpy nerves? Not only that, but the woman's attire wasn't exactly the most appropriate for the harsh weather. The more she observed her, the more unusual she became. Thinking back on it now, Lenora didn't recall ever seeing the girl around town, and her memory never failed her. Perhaps she was from another town? "The peril's of poison, am I right?" "Right..." Lenora stated, doubt hidden in her tone. The girl seemed fine. If she had drank enough to pass out, then surely she would have felt ill? The only reason Lenora could conjure as to why she would be this way was because they were making her nervous, or she was trying to hide something. At the grumble from the woman's stomach and the offer of food, Lenora briefly looked between the two. Normally, she wouldn't find herself dining with a complete stranger - much less two strangers - but, she was rather intrigued to know a bit more about both of them, and she wasn't exactly trusting of the male beside her. "I'm game." "It's quite cold outside. You didn' bring a jacket?" Lenora questioned while looking once more to the woman. It was a simple question, but it would perhaps offer an insight on what she was thinking. It didn't get cold overnight, so she should've known to pack something thicker than the thin fabric of her yellow shirt. "
  5. There were no words Rin could say besides, “I’m sorry.” She hadn’t thought people would try to kill him for being a Dhampir. Well now it made sense why he chose not to reveal anything about himself. It was a way to keep himself safe. Taking a mental note, Rin decided to not question him further about his realm. She would wait for him to mention it. If that moment even presented itself. “Sounds good.” Rin took the goggles and fasted them around her head, before taking a seat behind him on the bike. “Right when you get out of the garage make a left.” Rin instructed as she shifted in the seat, trying to get comfortable.
  6. Rin had to hold onto the sword with both of her hands to keep it from falling to the ground. How could he carry such a long and heavy thing? Thankfully he took it, and she nodded in response. “Your gun is fine, just hide it a bit. Other than that I’d say we’re ready to go.” Rin made her way to his garage and briefly glanced over her shoulder. “Don’t you mean our people? You are, as Amalia mentioned, half human.” Rin found the man quite interesting, but wondered why he didn’t seem so intent on socializing. Did he not acknowledge that human side of him? Did he view it as something irrelevant? She could only wonder what he thought of her. Once in the garage, she swiftly made her way over to the model they were looking at earlie. “Let’s take the Sunder-59. I want to see how she works.”
  7. Rin situated herself on a stool next to the kitchen counter, continued eating the remaining crepes while looking at the little things she would note about his home. By the time Rein showed up, the girl had finished all the crepes and was nearly dying of boredom. Her light brown irises traveled from the hat down to the sword and she immediately hopped up from her seat. “I like the outfit, but...I think you should lose the sword.” Rin commented as she pointed towards the weapon. “It won’t exactly make the best first impression with the people out there. It looks like you’re ready for a battle, which is not what we’re there for.” People would surely get the wrong idea, and it’ll only bring trouble. “Here, let me just-“ Rin stepped forward and reached out to help him remove the sword. The girl usually wasn’t one to really worry about overstepping her boundaries, and in this case overstepping in his personal space, so she didn’t think to ask him if she could even aid him in removing it.
  8. Rin had expected a bit of a challenge in getting him to come, but the only form of opposition he seemed to give was a sigh. Well, it just made things easier. Standing up, she took the plate of crepes and followed him into the hallway. “I’ve never smelled a blend of those scents.” Rin jokingly commented then took a bite of the crepe. “Although, I don’t see how the smell of sweat can be appealing. But there’s someone for everything right?”
  9. “Bingo, my dear inventor.” Rin’s smirk morphed into a wide grin before she took another bite of her crepe. “The Trails is where people go to race with their hover bikes. It’s outside of the city in the rural areas. It’s illegal, but you win good money there.” Rin briefly explained as she finally leaned back in her seat and casually ate her crepe. That’s how she had made the money to pay for the parts she had needed to repair her bikes. Of course there was much more than just the racing, but for the time being that wasn’t important. “I think it’s time you step out of your workspace and come with me to the Trails later tonight.” Rin wasn’t sure what his response would be, but she would get him to go. The girl could be quite persistent, and wasn’t easily deterred. “It’ll give you a better idea of what I want if you see it physically, and we can have some fun.” He didn’t seem the type to willingly go out and have fun. As he mentioned earlier, he was an inventor so surely he spent all his time here, tinkering around.
  10. Lenora’s gaze shifted from the bruising eye to the specks and smears of what she could only assume to be blood on the collar of his shirt. The rest of his appearance wasn’t any better. And the gun. It was quite difficult to imagine him inquiring about the young woman’s well being, but Lenora doubted that the girl would choose to cover up for him if he was bothering her. Her attention shifted to the woman who spoke out again. This time it was the woman who she doubted. The way she spoke. She was nervous, but of what? Lenora decided to stick around a bit longer. “Is that what happened? You drank too much?” Lenora has had her fair share of drunken nights, but she never got fully drunk on her own. At least, in a public place she didn’t. She usually came with her friend Sherry.
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    Hey! Yeah, I was working on a post yesterday. Sorry for the delay. I’ll get one out today for sure. The posting order is good.
  12. Rin watched the robot with the faintest of a smile. Unlike her human companion, Amalia made her feel completely welcomed, and she was friendly. She understood Reinhardt to a certain extent. Telling a stranger about your life straight from the get-go wasn't exactly something people were willing to do., but he was from another realm. That was not something you encountered everyday, so it was practically expected of her to inquire about the subject further. Perhaps that's why he was insistent on keeping it under wraps. All the question could get annoying. She shifted her gaze from the robot to Rein, the small smile still on her lips. "Well, it needs to be able to go at high speeds, and be a bit on the smaller side." The brunette thought for a moment before something occurred to her. "Have you ever been to The Trails?" Rin questioned with a small smirk as she rested her forearms on the table and leaned closer to Rein. From here she got a better look at his light forest green eyes and the light dash of freckles. She had to admit, despite his cold demeanor, he was quite an attractive individual.
  13. She was late. That much she knew. Katharina had intended to arrive the morning before the actual departure of their journey to rest and regain her energy. She had already pictured how her day would have gone. Sitting near the fire, returning the much needed warmth to her body, with a cup of tea in hand. A peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. But after slipping on some slippery rocks and breaking her time piece she only had the sunlight to rely on. Which only worked against her, given the small window of daylight during the day. Thankfully she had finally made it to Valjer. Picking up the pace, Katrin's amber irises settled on an inn a few distances away. Perhaps they would have some information on Knox and his whereabouts. A small ounce of dread pooled at the pit of her stomach. What if they had already left? She hoped that wasn't the case. It wasn't long before her leather gloved hands were gripping the door to the inn, and she stepped inside only to be greeted by a group pf people standing near the base of the stairs. Immediately her gaze shifted back and forth as she looked from one individual to the next. This was probably the group she was searching for. Pushing the worn grey hood of her cloak and lowering the scarf that hid half of her visage, Katrin felt the warmth of the building slowly brush against her cheeks. "Am I late to join the party?" The girl questioned as she took a couple of steps closer to the group hoping to catch anyone's attention. "Have any of you seen or heard of Knox..." She fished a slip of paper from her jacket pocket and quickly skimmed through the words, searching for the name. "Knox Hadley?"
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    @Die Shize @zackrobbman Haha Keeps people interested, doesn't it? Anyways, I edited in my post!
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