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  1. Deeply sorry for how long it took to reply! I got pretty busy this week.
  2. “That should do it.” Malcom muttered as he set his tools down on the coffee table before admiring his work. It was then that he focused on who exactly he had patched up. The guy looked rough. Just who exactly was he? What happened that got him in this situation? Making his way to the kitchen, Malcom watched Aspen pour herself a steaming cup of coffee. “You sure it was a good idea to bring a random guy into your apartment?” He questioned as he leaned against the counter. “I let you in here, don’t I?” Aspen answered as she poured creamer into her cup. The girl knew that bringing in strangers was never a good idea, but the way he had thanked her with a smile...It was strange, but she didn’t think he deserved to die that way. And what was with everyone questioning her ability to defend herself? This job required her to learn self-defense along with hand-to-hand combat. Surely they all knew that. Aspen brought her coffee along with her as she returned to the living room just in time to see the male abruptly sit up before collapsing on the couch. She set her coffee aside and was immediately standing besides the couch. “Don’t try to sit up, you’ll mess up the stitches.” Aspen warned as she checked on the fresh stitches. She didn’t think he would be conscious this early on, but it gave her some relief to see him doing alright. “Mac, bring him some painkillers.” Aspen ordered before focusing on the wounded male before her. “Are you alright?”
  3. I did a brief time skip, I hope that was okay? If not just let me know!
  4. It took a second for the male to open his eyes, but when he did, he revealed a beautiful pair of green eyes that matched the color of his hair. Aspen's eyes deepened with worry as he seemed to be struggling to remain conscious. The rustling of his clothes caught her attention as they shifted closer to the wound on the side of his abdomen. It was deep, and bleeding profusely. A puddle of blood was already forming besides him. If he remained unattended any further then he wouldn't make it. "Hello?" She distantly heard her commander's voice from her phone, but she was much more concerned with the dying male's expression and words. Thank you? What was he thankful for? "Hey...don't die on me." Aspen gave his shoulder a shook as he closed his eyes and seemed to drift off. "Shit, shit, shit." The brunette murmured as she ended the call and dialed her friend. "To what do I owe the pleasure?" "Mac, I need your services pronto." "Ohoho...such bold words-" "This is urgent, so hurry up. You have my location, come to me as quick as you can. There's this guy who's on the verge of death." Aspen hung up, and set her phone in her back pocket before moving to cover his wound with her jacket as she applied some pressure. --- Nearly half an hour had gone by when Mac finally started sewing the stranger's wound together. He was still breathing, the only source indicating he was still alive. "Why didn't you just call for an ambulance?" Mac's question broke the silence in Aspen's apartment as his hands steadily sewed through the guy's skin. Aspen watched with a grimace from the armrest of the couch the guy laid on. "You know how long they take. He would've been dead by the time they got there." She murmured as she watched Mac cut the string. The guy was lucky to be passed out. Getting stitches without any numbing medication was painful. "Is he going to be alright?" Aspen questioned quietly as she finally looked away from Malcom's hands to his face. "I think so...He bled out a lot, but with proper rest and care he'll be alright." Aspen looked to the stranger's pale face before she pushed herself off of the couch and made her way to the kitchen. Tonight had been quite eventful, and she was drained both physically and mentally.
  5. I’m completely fine with that idea! It’ll make it trickier for her.
  6. If someone would have told Aspen that her job would subject her to befriending a group of criminals in order to pin them to their crimes, she probably would have reconsidered her options. It definitely would have saved her from the intense amount of guilt weighing down on her conscious. She had been warned to keep her emotions out of the job, and as much as she would tell herself that the friendships she built were nothing but a lie, she still got emotionally attached. It was hard to maintain that barrier when she truly got to see who some of them truly were. "Agent Hayes!" The familiar voice of her commander caused her to turn and face the taller man as he caught up to her. "Do you need a ride back home?" Aspen's gaze settled on his police cruiser, before she looked back up at him. "I appreciate the offer Commander, really, but I'd like to walk home." She didn't dislike the male, but she didn't think she could hold a conversation with him with the whirlwind of thoughts running through her mind. Without really waiting for much of a reply, she turned around and started to make her way down the street away from the crime scene. "Are you sure it's a good idea for you to walk home, alone?" He questioned. Aspen felt irritation creep up along her spine. Was he questioning her ability of defending herself? Was he really asking that when she just spent nearly eight months working for a group of criminals? "I can watch over myself. I wouldn't be here if I couldn't." She stated firmly as she glanced over at him before making her way down the street. Perhaps she was being a bit too comfortable with the way she was addressing him, but it hardly mattered in the moment. All she could feel was the intense amount of guilt weighing down her conscious. She had made a few close friends these past eight months, and to turn them in...She needed this walk to remind herself that she shouldn't feel guilty. She did the right thing. This was her job. After a few minutes of aimlessly walking, she realized she was in a sketchier part of town...though it was oddly quiet. She glanced around as she crossed the street, though did a double take when noticed a body sprawled near the entrance of the alleyway, the orange light faintly illuminating the male. Was he...dead? She carefully looked around, before her hand settled on the gun tucked in the waistband of her pants as she slowly stepped into the alleyway, though she stopped when she noticed what looked to be another body in front of her. Pulling out her phone, she shined the flashlight and felt the breath knock out of her. How many bodies were there? How long ago did this happen? Already dialing her commander, Aspen watched each body, trying to find any source of life. Instantly, her eyes jumped over to a man who had shifted his body slightly. In an instant, she was by his side. "Where are you hurt?"
  7. It's all good! ^.^ We all get busy sometimes.
  8. Name: Aspen Hayes Age: 23 Gender: Female Species: Human Backstory: Aspen's father had been her hero growing up. As a criminal investigator, he had told her countless stories of the cases he's solved. With each case closed he had helped families and friends of victims find the peace of mind and closure they needed. She wanted to follow in his footsteps to help others, and while she had joined law enforcement, she ended up on a different path that had her doing trickier and riskier work. Sometimes she would wonder how she ended up in the position she was in, but there were moments where she saw the silver-lining in her job. Personality: Aspen is a strong willed individual, who is always willing to help others. Her family and close friends think she's pretty kind, while her coworkers hardly ever see that side of her. Whenever she's on the clock she tends to remain focused at the task at hand and will do everything in her power to do what she's suppose to. Likes: Plants, chocolate Dislikes: Evil people, hurting others Appearance Hair color: Brown Eye Color: Blue Height: 5'6" Reference:
  9. I'm completely fine with playing the female character! Is it cool if I play the human character?
  10. "He still has another week to present you his two new inventions. Why are we going ahead of time?" "I'd like to see my tinkerer in action. See his work ethic." That was part of the reason Garret wanted to pay a visit to his newly hired employee, truly a minor reason, but it was mostly his interest in the craft of weapon making and designing. Every decision taken to craft a weapon capable of taking down those beasts that could not be hunted with any common sword or bow and arrow...it was a new feat. Especially when the man had to do some hunting of his own to gauge the level of difficulty and much needed preparedness to even hunt one down. That was another reason. He wanted to learn of the man's adventure, before he was able to set out on his own. "Couldn't that have waited until after the first round of weapons?" Peri murmured as she followed behind the taller male, arms crossed over her chest. They walked along the shoreline, the low tide and cool breeze blowing along the loose strands from her braid. "No." Garret answered simply before he turned to look at the petite woman. "Besides, I've come to personally hand him a copy of the contract. It'll be a reassurance that it will meet his hands directly...And Peri, you need time out of the manor. Look at how pale you are!" Peri's brows dipped while a frown settled on her lips, clearly annoyed with his words. Breathing out a huff, she continued her trek forward, until a terrible stench hit her nose. "What is that?" She questioned, her hand coming up as she clamped it over her mouth and nose. Garret paused besides her, the rancid smell hitting him full force. "I presume that's my tinkerer's game. That must be his ship then?" Garret spotted the boat, pushed the girl forward, and made his way closer. He had invested a good portion of his money in providing his tinkerer his desired workshop, while ensuring that he would get something out of it. That's where those inventions came into play. Two properly functioning, and efficient weapons that would help him during his hunt - the goblin's payment. He wondered how far into the inventions for the following week were going. It was exciting to think about, and Garret had high hopes. Walking onto the dock, Garret was a bit more accustomed to these smells, but Peri was having a difficult time. The tiny brunette coughed before gagging then clamped a portion of her sweater over her nose and mouth. It was truly disgusting, and she really regretted coming along though she didn't really have a choice. "Hello! is anyone on board?" Garret shouted, hoping to get the goblin out to meet them.
  11. Hani

    that lost summit [quest]

    Danica was just about to respond to the Captain's question when Tolok directed their attention to the bones beneath their feet. The man had a point, it was a bit unusual how clean the bone was, but she found Isaac's joke to be stranger as she didn't find anything humorous about them becoming piles of bones. The woman figured his sense of humor was different - darker - than hers, and just brushed it off. "These might be of monetary value?" Danica raised a brow, surprised that people would want to examine bones, but perhaps they told a story in themselves of what came out of the portal? Danica turned her line of sight to the direction Isaac was pointing at and sure enough she could vaguely make out a tower, or at least the remnants of one. "Well, isn't this why we are here for," Danica questioned, before a small, excited smile settled on her lips, "I vote yes." This was the first sign of something interesting to come, and the very fact that it was unaccounted for by the Conclave Tel meant that it probably hasn't been explored yet.
  12. Will post soon! I’ve started school again and I’ve been a bit busy.
  13. Nesryn fought the smirk from her lips when the cries coming from the shaman’s stomach reached her ear. “I think your stomach spoke for you loud and clear.” She joked, the faintest of smiles on her lips as she retrieved some eggs, a pan, salt, and some butter. “Do you mind boiling some water?” She questioned as she lit the stove and placed the pan on top. This morning was particularly different from all the rest. It was the commencement of her journey, for one, but having Beris here was different. It wasn’t quiet...or lonely. She had her brother, but she preferred for him not to over exert himself. The shaman was finally giving her the chance to talk to someone else, and his company wasn’t bad.
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