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  1. At his suggestion on cooking, Lauren nodded with a small smile. "Yeah, go ahead. What do you want to make?" She questioned while glancing over her shoulder at him. Thankfully, it wasn't as awkward as yesterday. She just hoped that while he stayed here, they would get along well because she didn't want to room with some annoying jerk. "Maybe omelettes?" She suggested.
  2. Lauren observed Hector for a moment before shrugging. "Well, you said you would help me out by recommending me to your friend, so I figured I would help you out by letting you stay here." It was a way to give back to him. Hopefully his friends would offer a job, because dealing with annoying customers and rowdy teens was not something she wanted to keep doing. "You're welcome to lay down on the couch if ya want...I know my place is a bit plain but the majority of my stuff is still packed away." The brunette walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. Thankfully, she had brought some groceries. "Do you want some food? I'm not the best cook, but I'm decent.".
  3. After washing her face and fixing her hair into a ponytail, she brushed her teeth then headed back out. He was no longer in her bedroom but the kitchen. She could hear the sound of knocking from next door, which made her wonder exactly he had done to get these people to come after him. "How long do you think they'll be watching your place?"
  4. By the time Hector finished explaining to her what happened, Lauren was still confused. A lot of what he was saying wasn't adding up, since he was leaving out the reason as to why they were after him. " want to stay here while you wait for them to go away?" Lauren wasn't sure how she felt about that. Yeah, he seemed like a pretty cool guy, but she didn't actually know him. What if he was some sort of creep?...He did say he would recommend her to his friends. "Ok, I don't mind. " Lauren shrugged before picking up her phone. 5:49 a.m. She doubted she would be able to go back to sleep, so she headed over to the bathroom. "Well, make yourself at home, I guess. I'm going to use the restroom."
  5. The sound of knocking broke through the quiet atmosphere which was enough to bring the girl back into awareness. Her eyes fluttered open and she stared up at the ceiling, trying to comprehend what was going. She could hear the faint sound of police sirens, which only alerted her further. Sitting up, her gaze landed on a figure that was near her balcony. Immediately she shot out of the bed in a panic. Why was everyone coming into her home? "Who the heck...Hector?" Lauren questioned while her eyebrows furrowed in confusion, but she felt relieved that it was him and not some other stranger. "How did you get in? Why are here?"
  6. Lauren spent the rest of her day unpacking as much as she could, but by the time midnight hit, she was exhausted. Leaving the box that she was currently emptying, the girl changed into her pjs and collapsed on her bed. Thankfully, she wouldn't have to go into work tomorrow until noon.
  7. Hearing his response, Lauren bit her lip as she fought the smile to appear on her lips. "Thank you very much! I'll see you around, Hector." The girl turned on her heel and headed out of his apartment and back into hers. Lauren honestly didn't know what to think of her new neighbor. He wasn't an asshole and he was actually going to help her out, which was something she greatly appreciated. Turning her attention to the boxes that cluttered her entryway, she moved over to the first one and dragged it over to her bedroom, where she opened it up and began to put her clothes in the closet. And so began the horror of having to unpack everything and set it where she wanted.
  8. "I studied Graphic Design. Ah! yes, please! That would be greatly appreciated." Lauren was amazed at just how friendly and helpful Hector was. First, he offered her food and now, he offered to recommend her for a possible job. Could this day just get better? Before she could say anything else, he abruptly stood up and left the room. He far too reliant. "Okay..." Lauren glanced around the place, while eating her food. When she was finished, she stood up and took her plate over to the sink to wash it. Once she placed the plate and fork to dry on the rack, she turned and made her way towards his bedroom. "Uhh...Hector?" She called out to the male.
  9. He had a lot of time? Hector only seemed like a year or two older than her. He must have had everything figured out early on, if he was just able to lounge about. "Well, I currently work at the mall, at this frozen yogurt place." The brunette answered with a hint of embarrassment. Here he was, owning an apartment complex, while she was an employee in the food court of the mall. "I'm trying to find another job that's more in my profession, but so far I've come up short."
  10. (That's completely fine.) Lauren was genuinely surprised when he mentioned that he owned the apartment complex. Surely, he must be making some good money if this place belonged to him. Before she could comment about it, he headed towards the kitchen to get the food. Awkwardly, she took a seat at the table and waited for Hector to return. Well, so far, he didn't seem so bad. Once he returned with two plates, the girl felt her mouth water at the sight of food. "Thank you for the food." Lauren stated before picking up the fork and bringing a morsel up to her lips. The flavor of the food exploded in her mouth and she found herself humming in delight. "Wow...You cooked this? It's really good." She quickly reached down with her fork to get some more of the food. She realized that if she didn't slow down then she would end up inhaling the food, so she chewed at a much slower pace and glanced up at him. "Surely, besides owning this place, you have a job as a cook?" Lauren stated as she starred over at the male.
  11. Lauren took notice of his slowness in taking her hand. Was the handshake a bad idea? Whatever the case, he took it nonetheless and things after that turned far too awkward for her liking. She was just about to retreat back to the safety of her home when he invited her for lunch. "Oh um...I'd like to." She offered him another small smile. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to go into a strangers home, but she just wanted for things to be well between them. The last thing she wanted was for her neighbor, Hector, to dislike her and cause conflict between them. Plus, she hadn't eaten breakfast, so she was starving. Stepping into his home, she waited for him to lead the way. "How long have you lived here?" Lauren questioned as she glanced around his home. It was light conversation that would hopefully lessen the awkwardness in the air.
  12. Lauren straightened up when the male finally opened the door. "Hey...I wanted to apologize. I didn't mean to be so rude and aggressive, earlier. I was just surprised that you were in there." A light chuckle left her lips and she reached up to mess with her earring, a habit of hers that showed she was either nervous or embarrassed. "I'm Lauren, by the way." She extended her right hand towards him for a handshake. Great, now he thinks I'm some crazy girl who hits everyone with a broom. Hopefully her apology was enough, especially since she didn't hit or touch him.
  13. Lauren kept her gaze glued to the male as he lifted up his hands in a surrendering gesture. At first she was confuse as to who he was, until he edged around her and mentioned that he would be next door. He was her neighbor...shit. As far as first impressions went, she was more than positive that she just ruined it with the male. In the span of a few seconds, her neighbor disappeared out the door and into his own apartment. She stood there for a moment, starring at her door before quickly setting the broom down and rushing out into the hallway. It was her first day here; she didn't want for tension to arise with her neighbors. Lifting up her hand, she knocked on his door and patiently waited. An apology would surely work. Maybe this would even give her the opportunity to introduce herself.
  14. Lauren slammed the door shut and pulled at the door handle, making sure that her car was actually locked, then made her way back into the apartment complex. She still hadn't gotten her parking permit, so for now she would need to settle with parking her car in the main street. The girl knew that if she really wanted to live on her own, then she couldn't afford to make a simple mistake like the one she just did. It will only result in unwanted problems. With much more ease, Lauren made her way up the stairs and once she reached the second floor, she made her way down the hall. Now, she could finally relax after lugging those boxes around. Lifting her arms up, she stretched her limbs before setting foot into her home. She shut the door, walked into her house, before halting. "Who the heck are you?" The girl's brows furrowed while she starred at the male. Immediately, she took on the defensive. "Why are you in my house?" It was totally justified that she was acting this way against the guy, since he was in her home. As far as she knew, the place was empty before she dashed out. Taking in his appearance, she noticed that he was almost a whole head taller than her. (How tall is he?) If he were to attack her, he would have an advantage, so she did the only thing she could think of. She took the broom in her hands and held it tightly.
  15. Wyvern watched Max curl up, clearly wanting to continue to sleep. The girl decided that maybe a few minutes wouldn't hurt, so she laid back down on the bed and tilted her head slightly to watch the male. "Have you heard anything from the other rebels?" She questioned.