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  1. Beauty and the Beast

    “Thank you for understanding Mr. Levin and I apologize for the inconvenience...Yes, thank you.” Jane ended the call and set her phone down on the worn wooden table. For a moment she just stared at it before shoving it away from her with a look of frustration. The device slid across the table until it flew off and clattered on the floor. The young woman weaved her slender fingers through her messy locks of black hair, and tears gathered in her eyes. It had been two weeks since her father's disappearance. Two whole agonizing weeks and not a single sign of him appeared. No phone call. No text. Nothing. She was already concerned for his life and safety, but now she had to worry about the bills and rent. Her job at the burger joint a couple streets down, didn't pay her enough to pay for everything. Her father was obviously the one who made the most money out of them two, so no doubt she needed him here for that reason too. Where could he have gone? Did something happen to him? Jane honestly wasn't sure what to think and she had no idea what to do. She had already gone with the police, but they were no help. She had also gone around her block asking if they had seen her father, but to no avail. It was as if he just magically disappeared off the face of the earth. She felt helpless and lamely enough, all she could think of at the moment were the tears that were threatening to fall from her blue colored eyes. A sob escaped past her lips and the tears finally broke free. Jane’s only family was her father. After her parents had divorced and she was left with her father, he broke all contact with the woman and raised Jane as best as he could. He had never mentioned his own family. Hell, it had always felt like it was just them two and she had been context with that up until now.
  2. A Surprising Encounter

    The vague response Ezra received from the girl did little to nothing to help him trust her, but they've only just met. Following her movements with his eyes, Ezra remained silent for a moment before nodding. "I'll return by noon." Thankfully, she disappeared from sight in mere seconds, which was right when he heard the snap of a twig coming from the direction of where his father had been. Immediately he snapped his gaze down to his hands which jumped up to the button of his pants. He was acting as if he had just finished peeing and was zipping up his pants. "Ezra!" His father's voice broke out once the man stepped into the small area he was in. "What's taking you so damn long?" The older man growled once he spotted his son. "I was just about to head back." Ezra murmured while he reluctantly made his way back. He didn't dare glance in Lila's direction.
  3. A Surprising Encounter

    Ezra's father was a difficult man; always has been. Even his mother had faced hard times with the older male, but her love never wavered. Even in her last breath, it had remained strong and unconditional. She, however, did have the power to rid the man of his stubbornness. Of course, some times were harder than others. Ezra wasn't sure how she had done, and he wasn't sure if he could do the same. "I'm not sure..." He trailed off, trying to think of way to convince his father to stop the massacre of trees. "Hm? Oh, I'm from the north. From Alendale." Ezra answered her questioned with furrowed brows. "And you?" It took him a second to realize that the sound of the axe hitting the wood had stopped. He strained his ears to hear what the old man was up to, but came up short.
  4. A Surprising Encounter

    Ezra, once she gave him her answer, blinked. Half-Nymph? He had only heard tales of such creatures. They had described them all so differently, mostly giving them monstrous forms or beautiful forms that tricked men into their death. "I was just curious." He murmured while he shifted his gaze to the trees behind her, where his father surely stood, hammering away at the trees. He could hear the thunk of the axe hitting the wood. He breathed out a sigh and brought a hand up to rub the back of his neck. "I'll help you, but I won't guarantee that my father will listen to me. He's a stubborn man and he's..." Ezra didn't bother to finish the sentence, figuring that he didn't need to give her too much information, especially when he didn't know her. For all he knew, she could have a hidden agenda. "What's your name?"
  5. A Surprising Encounter

    A living pulse? Ezra was aware the the forest was alive, but not in the way she was describing it. She was making it seem like it was a living, breathing human. She continued to ramble; however, his gaze shifted towards the point of her ears that were protruding through her brown tresses. She wasn't human... Ezra wasn't sure how to proceed after finally understanding why she approached him and talked to him. She wanted them to stop tearing down the trees. The male wanted the same thing, but for two reasons. One, much like her, to conserve the beauty and life of the wildlife. Two, he didn't want to continue his father's business. It just wasn't soemthing he wanted to do, so he didn't need much convincing from the girl's part. "Answer me my question first: what are you?" He questioned. "Clearly your not human since humans don't have pointy ears."
  6. A Surprising Encounter

    Once he was sure that Ezra was paying attention, the older man continued to demonstrate the proper way of swinging the axe and hitting the tree. The man was simply repeating the instructions over and over again so that they remained engraved into his son's mind. For a while this continued on, until Ezra excused himself to go to the restroom. His father wasn't necessarily pleased, but decided that once Ezra came back he would make him start going at it against the tree. Ezra moved through the dense trees, hoping to put enough space between him and his father. He reached down at his pants and was about to unbutton them when a soft, feminine voice called out to him. His eyes widened in alarm and he turned on his heels to see a young woman standing before him; then his brows furrowed while his eyes narrowed. As far as he was concern there wasn't a town nearby. If there was, it was probably miles away. So...Who exactly was she and how did she get here? And she knew his name...Perhaps she had been watching him and his father, which only made him all the more skeptical. "Are you...lost?" Ezra questioned while he looked at her more closely. There wasn't a hint of fear in her eyes and her body language clearly told him that she wasn't lost, but he needed to understand who exactly was she and why she was here.
  7. A Surprising Encounter

    THUNK! The sound of the axe hitting the thick tree trunk echoed through the forest. It was in a constant rhythm that the lumberjack swung the axe, but he would occasionally break it to address his son. "When you swing the axe you have to the proper stance, you can't-" At that point Ezra tuned his father out, having already heard all this information more than once already. It was obvious that his father wanted to pass down the business to him, but he wasn't interested doing such a mindless task. All you did was swing an axe repeatedly. His gaze wandered from the older burly man to the forest surrounding them. It was quiet with the exception of the constant chopping of the axe against the trunk. Ezra's mind wandered as he admire the shades of green the leaves provided and whatever sunlight that manages to stream through the canopy only gave the forest an ethereal glow. It was upsetting to know that soon some of these trees wouldn't be standing. "-Ra! Ezra!" The older man growled out once he noticed the distant look in his son's eyes. "Pay attention, damnit!"
  8. Recruit Me!

    Well, what if a man suddenly comes out of the blue into the forest and begins to tear down trees, since his occupation is a lumberjack. That can possibly be where your character resides at. So, she can be outraged, or however you want her to feel, and she tries to stop him? It such a broad idea, but we can change or add more to it.
  9. Recruit Me!

    Alright, so would you like to role play? I have an idea in mind for a possible plot.
  10. Recruit Me!

    Hey! I would like to do a 1 on 1 role play. How much do you write?
  11. The Wrong Thief

    Michaelis spent the following hour trailing behind the woman. The soot-coated shingles occasionally caused his footing to falter, but he would manage to balance himself. He wasn't sure how long they had taken to reach their destination, but the trek had only exhausted the boy further. His ribs, muscles, and fingers ached from walking on the roofs and scaling down a building. His eyelids felt heavy and threatened to close whenever he would let his mind wander. So now that they stood at the doorway of another woman's home, Michaelis's weary gaze observed the new adult figure for a couple of seconds then looked to Juliana as she returned her attention to him. Despite being drained of energy, Kael still had the strength to question whether going in this stranger's home was safe or not. But he figured that she would have killed him by now, so he followed in after her. Glancing around, he noticed the dying embers in the fire place and he longed to hold his cold hands to the warmth of the fire. Hopefully this woman provided them with some blankets or at least something to keep him warm. "Are you sure that we'll be okay here?" He murmured as he looked up at Juliana.
  12. The Wrong Thief

    Once Juliana released her hold on his hand, Michaelis tightly gripped her white blouse and tugged upwards, trying to help her as bet as he could. She pulled herself upon the angled roof before laying there, catching her breath. The young boy's eyes were wide with alarm, already picturing what a terrible outcome this situation would have had if he wouldn't have been able to aid her. His gaze followed her movements as she rolled her shoulder before turning to make her way across the roofs. At her thanks, he merely nodded and began to follow her. Michaelis wasn't sure how to feel about the woman, She had saved him, yet held a blade to his throat. It was contradicting. "Where will we go now?" He questioned, trailing closely behind her. It was strange saying 'we' since the boy usually went solo. Depending on other individuals was not something he liked to do, especially when people tended to turn their backs often.
  13. Cwtch

    Adrian held back a sigh of relief when she believed his lie. It wasn't that he enjoyed lying, but at this point he couldn't afford to be discovered. Taking hold of his change, he quickly stuffed in his pocket and glanced up to see Els backing away. "Wait, I wanted to ask you something." Adrian called out to her, hoping that she wouldn't brush him off. (sorry for the shortness.)
  14. The Banshee of Blue Hill Manor

    The woman was right, the paper seemed far too worn to have been placed recently. However, when she mentioned the brutes who had been there previously he couldn't help but to think that they purposely left them there. "All those 'ruthless louts' only know violence and instincts. Clearly they lack the intelligence and knowledge on how to kill a wraith." Nicolas commented while reaching forward to take the paper in his hand to get a better look. He was aware that they too didn't have any idea on how to kill the wraith, but they didn't appear to be some senseless idiots. Nicolas's gaze shifted from the duo in front of him, to the newcomer and he found her quite interesting. For one, she was clearly young than all of them. Probably somewhere in her mid-teens, but she wielded the confidence of someone older. He wasn't given a chance to dwell on the young girl further, when he noted the woman perched on the bulletin board remove her hood to reveal fair colored hair. His gaze wandered down to the tail that suddenly appeared and next to the sharp claws. Well, she definitely wasn't human. He raised a brow, but otherwise remained physically unruffled. Nicolas's gaze lingered on her form for a couple of seconds before returning to Ridley Chase. What would be the chances of him emerging victorious in a battle against the demon woman? No doubt those claws of hers could cause significant amount of damage if they met their mark. The newcomer wasn't as laxed about the woman's appears as he was, if anything, she went on the defensive. "No need to get defensive. I'm sure if she wanted to kill you then she wouldn't have revealed herself." Nicolas addressed the younger girl, when he noted her hand shift to the weapon she carried.
  15. The Wrong Thief

    Michaelis, heeding her advice, adjusted his footing and held on tighter to the shingle before attempting to pull her up. The young male hadn't bothered to check just how big of a drip it was from the roof to the floor bellow. He didn't even allow himself to dwell on the idea of both of them possible falling to their deaths. Clenching his jaw, the young teen all the strength he could muster to help her get up. Hopefully hose that we're searching for them still hadn't found the trap door, because if they did then they would both be in big trouble.