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  1. "He still has another week to present you his two new inventions. Why are we going ahead of time?" "I'd like to see my tinkerer in action. See his work ethic." That was part of the reason Garret wanted to pay a visit to his newly hired employee, truly a minor reason, but it was mostly his interest in the craft of weapon making and designing. Every decision taken to craft a weapon capable of taking down those beasts that could not be hunted with any common sword or bow and arrow...it was a new feat. Especially when the man had to do some hunting of his own to gauge the level of difficulty and much needed preparedness to even hunt one down. That was another reason. He wanted to learn of the man's adventure, before he was able to set out on his own. "Couldn't that have waited until after the first round of weapons?" Peri murmured as she followed behind the taller male, arms crossed over her chest. They walked along the shoreline, the low tide and cool breeze blowing along the loose strands from her braid. "No." Garret answered simply before he turned to look at the petite woman. "Besides, I've come to personally hand him a copy of the contract. It'll be a reassurance that it will meet his hands directly...And Peri, you need time out of the manor. Look at how pale you are!" Peri's brows dipped while a frown settled on her lips, clearly annoyed with his words. Breathing out a huff, she continued her trek forward, until a terrible stench hit her nose. "What is that?" She questioned, her hand coming up as she clamped it over her mouth and nose. Garret paused besides her, the rancid smell hitting him full force. "I presume that's my tinkerer's game. That must be his ship then?" Garret spotted the boat, pushed the girl forward, and made his way closer. He had invested a good portion of his money in providing his tinkerer his desired workshop, while ensuring that he would get something out of it. That's where those inventions came into play. Two properly functioning, and efficient weapons that would help him during his hunt - the goblin's payment. He wondered how far into the inventions for the following week were going. It was exciting to think about, and Garret had high hopes. Walking onto the dock, Garret was a bit more accustomed to these smells, but Peri was having a difficult time. The tiny brunette coughed before gagging then clamped a portion of her sweater over her nose and mouth. It was truly disgusting, and she really regretted coming along though she didn't really have a choice. "Hello! is anyone on board?" Garret shouted, hoping to get the goblin out to meet them.
  2. Hani

    that lost summit [quest]

    Danica was just about to respond to the Captain's question when Tolok directed their attention to the bones beneath their feet. The man had a point, it was a bit unusual how clean the bone was, but she found Isaac's joke to be stranger as she didn't find anything humorous about them becoming piles of bones. The woman figured his sense of humor was different - darker - than hers, and just brushed it off. "These might be of monetary value?" Danica raised a brow, surprised that people would want to examine bones, but perhaps they told a story in themselves of what came out of the portal? Danica turned her line of sight to the direction Isaac was pointing at and sure enough she could vaguely make out a tower, or at least the remnants of one. "Well, isn't this why we are here for," Danica questioned, before a small, excited smile settled on her lips, "I vote yes." This was the first sign of something interesting to come, and the very fact that it was unaccounted for by the Conclave Tel meant that it probably hasn't been explored yet.
  3. Will post soon! I’ve started school again and I’ve been a bit busy.
  4. Nesryn fought the smirk from her lips when the cries coming from the shaman’s stomach reached her ear. “I think your stomach spoke for you loud and clear.” She joked, the faintest of smiles on her lips as she retrieved some eggs, a pan, salt, and some butter. “Do you mind boiling some water?” She questioned as she lit the stove and placed the pan on top. This morning was particularly different from all the rest. It was the commencement of her journey, for one, but having Beris here was different. It wasn’t quiet...or lonely. She had her brother, but she preferred for him not to over exert himself. The shaman was finally giving her the chance to talk to someone else, and his company wasn’t bad.
  5. Nesryn awoke fairly early in the morning, the anticipation and eagerness to get their excursion started had blown away her tiredness. She had peaked into the living room to see the shaman still asleep, so she returned to her room and began to check if she had everything she would need for their travels before she settled on her bed to write her brother a letter detailing vaguely where she would be going, why she had lied and kept it a secret, and who would be helping him in er absence. Once all was said, she brought it with her and set it on the armchair before she glanced to the shaman. "Morning! Did you sleep well?" She questioned as she picked up the mugs they had left last night, then went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.
  6. Nesryn watched as the shaman removed his hand from the wall to reveal an engraving. She raised an eyebrow, ready to ask him about it, when he suggested she get some rest. "No, there's nothing. I'll be going. Have a good rest." She stood up from the chair and made her way to her room.
  7. "Yes, our roles did switch when he got sick." Nesryn nodded with a small frown etched onto her lips. Everything had changed so drastically, but she had done well to get on her feet to make sure they made it through. "I know he doesn't like it, but it can't be helped." Unless, they returned from their endeavor fruitful. "Yes, the quicker the better. My friend from the bakery will be watching over him. I've also informed my neighbor to keep an attentive ear to see if he ever needs anything."
  8. Both siblings were caught on the Shaman's words of technology from another world they could hardly fathom to its full complexity. "That's way different from here..." Balian mused as he took another sip at the tea, before glancing down at the man's hands. He couldn't help but to wonder what was the extent of this his power? "Well, I can't express my gratitude enough, but thank you for helping my sister out. I always tell her to not wander around so late, but she doesn't listen." Balian stated while sending the girl a look, to which she rolled her eyes. "It's late. We should let Beris rest. I'm sure he's tired from his travels." Nesryn stated as she set her cup on a nearby table and went to take her brother's cup. He breathed out a sigh, but complied. He braced his hands against the armrests and pushed himself up, before Nesryn had returned to wrap an arm around him and helped him towards his room. "Have a good night, Beris." Balian stated before they disappeared into his room. After a couple of minutes, Nesryn emerged and she shut the door behind her. "Sorry, he's not aware of our upcoming excursion." She whispered as she took a seat where her brother had been.
  9. Hani

    that lost summit [quest]

    Danica heard a tiny handful of stories of those who have explored the areas surrounding the portals and anything that had come out of them. They had encountered minor things, but they did tell her of those occasions where other explorers have come across a creature. It made her wonder if their group of five would suffice if they did happen to encounter an alien creature… Looking up at the captain as he began to briefly explain their mission, before drawing their attention to the devices before them. “Anything we should be warned about? Any rules when we go out there?” Danica questioned while taking a step forward to get a closer look at the tools then began to pick up one of each. The small earpieces were something she was completely unfamiliar with, and she brought the two pieces up before looking up at the captain, awaiting his response.
  10. Sorry for the delay, working on my response now!
  11. Nesryn disappeared back into the kicthen, her ears listening intently to Beris as she served the tea. She returned to the living room and handed a mug to her brother, who thanked her and settled back into the armchair as he looked to Beris. “Here you go.” She gave the shaman his cup before going to get her own and coming back. “Huh, I’ve never encountered someone like you when I worked at the docks.” Balian mused before taking a sip of the tea. “How is the technology in your world?” Balian questioned and Nesryn glanced to the shaman, awaiting his response. Hearing about the existence of another world had captured both of the siblings attention.
  12. Nesryn placed water to boil atop a stove, set out three mugs, before returning to the living room to check on the two. “Ah, we’re not completely sure. All we’ve come to know is that his lungs are not in the best condition.” Nesryn explained, as if on cue Balian began to cough. “Don’t talk about me as if I’m not here.” The male murmured as he composed himself. “And stop fussing over me.” Balian grumbled as he playfully smacked her hands away as she tried to lay a blanket over him. Their roles had reversed. He use to take care of her, but now it was her turn. “So, where are you *cough* from, Beris?” Balian questioned as he looked to the shaman.
  13. Relieved, Nesryn set her knapsack down besides the armchair. “I see...Thank you for helping Nesryn. I’m-“ Her brother seemed to slightly lose that air of caution as another harsh cough left the male’s lips. “Balian, what are you doing up? You should be resting.” The girl rushed to her brothers side to wrap her arm around his torso. “Make yourself comfortable Beris.” Nesryn offered as she motioned to the couch, before glancing up at her brother who tried to shake her off. “No, it’s alright. I feel a little better.” He murmured, but it was a lie. His health had taken a drastic turn in the course of a year and a half, which forced Nesryn to constantly be working and trying to find extra money for the medication her brother needed. Balian hated it, and no matter how much he rested and tried his best to get better he was pretty much left in the same spot. Instead of making his way back to his room, Balian moved forward towards the armchair, and Nesryn didn't hesitate to help him make the trek there. “I’ll brew some tea.” She murmured in slight annoyance before making her way to the kitchen.
  14. Thankfully, the drunk men didn’t seem to take notice of them and she continued her trek forward. “Ah, I see. Then my home it is.” She lightly laughed. It was clear the girl wasn't versed in these type of situations, so whatever advice he had to offer, she was sure to take it into much consideration. It didn’t take long for them to make it to her home. “We’ve arrived.” She said with a small smile as she brought out her keys and unlocked the door. She was surprised to see some candles lit. “Ryn,” A deep voice called out followed by a cough, “Is that you?” A male a couple of years older than Nesryn stepped into the living room. The male was leaning against the wall, but once his gaze settled on Beris, he worked himself to stand up straight while his eyes narrowed slightly. “Who’s this?” He questioned as he looked to his sister. “I...had a run in with some people and he helped me get out of trouble. I offered him to stay the night as a thank you.” She hadn’t told her brother about the expedition she was planning. He wouldn’t allow her to leave. She glanced to Beris and sent him a look, asking him to follow along with her lie.
  15. Listening to Beris’ words, Nesryn’s brows began to crease with worry. “I see...I was planning on us staying at my home, but if they target you then...” She didn't want those that worked for the fence to come knocking at her door. It would jeopardize her brother’s safety, and she would never feel safe again. “I do know another place we could stay at for a low price, but I will need to make a quick stop home before we leave.” She glanced at the man, before turning down another street and her step slightly faltered. There was a group of five men staggering down the street. Bottles of alcohol clear in their hands. Usually, she would avoid these men all together, so she took a step back and began to head in another direction. “I see. Well, my friend’s inn isn't far.”
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