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  1. BASICS Name: Daniela Martinez Age: 27 Gender: Female Orientation: Heterosexual Marital Status: Single Nationality: Hispanic Call Sign: Patch Occupation: Nurse Practitioner Affiliation: Strategic Homeland Division Skills: Hand-to-hand combat Medical Assistance Problem Solver PHYSICAL PROFILE Voice: Soprano Eyes: Brown Hair: Light Brown/Chin Length/Straight Complexion: Between Fair and Medium Body Type: Athletic Height: 5'5" Weight: 120lb PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE Earned her Bachelor's Degree of Nursing Science in the University of Florida and became an RN. She enrolled in a Master of Science in Nursing and became a Nurse Practitioner. Father served in the U.S. Navy. Speaks Spanish Works well alone, but has no problem functioning efficiently in a team. Willing to take risks if it benefits her and the team. Has a bit of a temper, but does well to control it.
  2. Listening intently to Juliana as he trailed closely behind, Michaelis’ brows creased in frustration once they hit a dense crowd. His lithe build allowed for him to weave his way through people, however he was struggling to keep up. His eyes never left her figure in fear that he would lose her. Michaelis broke through the crowd into the alleyway, spotting the woman a few feet away. He moved into a sprint behind her, his ears barely catching her words before he watched, eyes wide, as she was tackled by the very man who got him involved in this mess. The boy’s legs slowed while his heart pounded erratically in his chest and ears. He stopped. Fear threatening his ability to think clearly. Juliana’s shout came as a shock to Kael, as she was invincible to him, but it was enough to bring him back to reality. He rushed at the man, tackling him off of Juliana. Without a moment of hesitation, he brought his fist down as hard as he could on the male’s jaw, a sting of pain breaking out along his knuckles. “Juliana!” The boy shouted, turning to see if the woman was alright, unknowingly exposing himself to the man.
  3. Quick question, is there a specific age range? Also, What’s the time frame of the SHD taking and training their agents?
  4. Unfortunately, I'm not. But I'm sure there are trailers for the game? I can look at those to get a better idea
  5. Michaelis watched the man, with a sneer, sit up, before Mattias delivered a blow to his face. He came back up spitting blood, but wasn't deterred from voicing out threats. Visibly flinching, Michaelis brows furrowed while a small frown settled on his lips as a harsh kick was delivered to the guy's ribs. Michaelis hardly knew Mattias, but he hadn't seem like the type to participate in such matters, so it was a bit shocking to say the least. When Juliana mentioned him into the mix of questions, the boy tried to appear brave as the bound man looked over to him. Kael lifted his chin slightly, while his eyes narrowed, and he crossed his arms over his chest. He didn't want to appear like some weak street rat, even if that was what he was. At this point, he was just rolling with the punches and going along with everything Juliana was doing. Helping where he could. Suddenly the door burst open behind him, and he turned abruptly to see two city guards. Michaelis' dropped his act of bravery and started to back, nervousness pooling in the pit of his stomach. Thankfully, Juliana was one step ahead and formed a quick lie, and pulled him out of the room, through the store front, and out into the street. "What happened? How did they find us?" Kael questioned as he quickly followed Juliana.
  6. Michaelis stepped into the store, still trying to regain his breathing when Juliana presented him with a choice. He briefly glanced over to the man on the floor, who seemed to be stirring awake, before looking to Juliana. The boy remained silent for half a second before answering, “I’ll stay here.” He was curious to know what was going on, and he wondered if the man specifically chose him to tip off about the event. Or had he just stumbled upon the man at the right time for him? Whatever the case, he wanted to stay. Juliana made it clear that his life could be at risk, but when was it not. If it wasn’t fighting off hunger, then it was fighting off other kids who were on the same boat, or from those he stole from. “I want to know what’s happening.” The boy added as he shifted a bit to get a better look at the man.
  7. Michaelis was fully aware that his time was limited, and once he did get the crowd riled up he would need to disappear out of everyone's sight. This side of town and the people walking amongst it were sketchier, scarier, and possibly even more dangerous than any individual he's encountered in the usual streets he frequented. If he were to get caught then surely that would be it. There was no guarantee that Juliana would come save him, nor would his basic skills aid him in any form of escape. If he even managed to get that far. The boy spotted an overcrowded stand, and as he got closer he noted the shining metal laid out along the worn fabric that covered the table underneath. The vendor was occupied with a customer, negotiating the price of a dagger, so Michaelis remained hidden in the crowd and slowly reached forward towards the table. Normally, he would move at a quicker pace, but his objective was to get noticed, so as his fingertips came in contact with the cool metal, a shout resounded from somewhere besides him. He gripped the handle of the dagger and darted straight into the dense crowd. With the way the volume of the crowd increased, Michaelis knew that they were searching for him, so he zig zagged his way through the sea of people. He bolted straight through an alleyway and rounded the corner of Azalea Street. His high stamina was paying off as sprinted down the street, and spotted Juliana waiting for him. Michaelis came to an abrupt halt besides her when his shoulders hunched forward and he rested his hands on his knees while gasping for air. "So...did you get him?" Kael questioned as he tilted his head to look up at the woman.
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    Akira Suzuki

    Akira Suzuki Age: 15 Gender: Female Species: Human Associations: Owari Clan: The Niwatori Appearance: Akira's lithe build helps her blend in with the farmers and maintain her role as part of the Niwatori hidden. She stands at 5'2". Her hair is an ashy brown color that reaches her mid back when loose, while her eyes are a greyish green. Strengths: Speed High Stamina Ability to blend into a crowd Weaknesses: Not as physically strong, due to her still growing has seasonal allergies likes: Singing Oranges dislikes: Liars
  9. Aaah I see what you’re saying. Okay, I’ll settle with one character. She’ll be in the New Moon rank.
  10. I'll definitely check out each clan and see where I can base my character. I'm busy writing a final paper, but once I finish that I'll jump back in.
  11. Rin was able to gather a little more information about his origin with what he explained. Clearly, his realm wasn’t as welcoming and as accepting as hers. “We care very little of what someone is. I think personality and attitude outweighs that factor.” She commented lightly before they were engulfed in moments of silence. When he finally spoke up again, Rin briefly glanced around her surroundings. “We’re almost there. Just two more miles.” It was still quite early to be at The Trails, since all illegal activity tended to take place after sunset, but she wanted give him a chance to look around. To get a feel of the atmosphere, and a good look at everyone else’s bikes. “I must warn you, some people don’t take lightly to newcomers. Just try not to get into trouble.”
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    Write with Me

    @Die Shize @zackrobbman Im really sorry for how long it’s taking me to reply. It’s been difficult to reply since my workload for school practically takes up all of my time. I Don’t think it’s fair for me to make you guys wait so long, and I haven’t been giving it my all into my posts because of the lack of time, so I think I’m going to have to drop. I really enjoy roleplaying with you guys. Your posts are amazing, and I wish I could do more to contribute to the story. Im really sorry.
  13. Clearly Reinhardt’s interest lied within the tinkering aspect of being an inventor, and didn’t go beyond actually using his inventions. If the thick layer of dust that practically exploded from the bike wasn’t an indicator, then she didn’t know what else was. As the bike lifted off the ground and he Drove out of the garage, Rin leaned forward slightly and wrapped her arms around his waist to keep herself steady. So far the bike seemed to be riding smoothly, and she was fairly impressed. Perhaps finding this man had been a blessing, as he seemed to know a great deal about hoverbikes and she had faith that he would make provide her with the best bike. Rin blinked in surprise when she heard his apology. “Do not worry, Rein. I understand. My apologies as well for prying into your past.” Rin knew that sometimes she tended to stick her nose in places where it didn’t belong, but she couldn’t help herself. Her desire to know things outweighed any thought that told her otherwise. “I would like you to know that I meant to bring you no harm. I was just curious to know more about you.”
  14. "Well, if I'm being honest..." That was just it. Was she being honest? Now it was the blonde's turn to be scrutinized by Lenora's piercing blue eyes. The hint of nervousness that tainted the otherwise genuine laugh was troubling. If it was the truth she was speaking, then why the jumpy nerves? Not only that, but the woman's attire wasn't exactly the most appropriate for the harsh weather. The more she observed her, the more unusual she became. Thinking back on it now, Lenora didn't recall ever seeing the girl around town, and her memory never failed her. Perhaps she was from another town? "The peril's of poison, am I right?" "Right..." Lenora stated, doubt hidden in her tone. The girl seemed fine. If she had drank enough to pass out, then surely she would have felt ill? The only reason Lenora could conjure as to why she would be this way was because they were making her nervous, or she was trying to hide something. At the grumble from the woman's stomach and the offer of food, Lenora briefly looked between the two. Normally, she wouldn't find herself dining with a complete stranger - much less two strangers - but, she was rather intrigued to know a bit more about both of them, and she wasn't exactly trusting of the male beside her. "I'm game." "It's quite cold outside. You didn' bring a jacket?" Lenora questioned while looking once more to the woman. It was a simple question, but it would perhaps offer an insight on what she was thinking. It didn't get cold overnight, so she should've known to pack something thicker than the thin fabric of her yellow shirt. "
  15. There were no words Rin could say besides, “I’m sorry.” She hadn’t thought people would try to kill him for being a Dhampir. Well now it made sense why he chose not to reveal anything about himself. It was a way to keep himself safe. Taking a mental note, Rin decided to not question him further about his realm. She would wait for him to mention it. If that moment even presented itself. “Sounds good.” Rin took the goggles and fasted them around her head, before taking a seat behind him on the bike. “Right when you get out of the garage make a left.” Rin instructed as she shifted in the seat, trying to get comfortable.
  16. Rin had to hold onto the sword with both of her hands to keep it from falling to the ground. How could he carry such a long and heavy thing? Thankfully he took it, and she nodded in response. “Your gun is fine, just hide it a bit. Other than that I’d say we’re ready to go.” Rin made her way to his garage and briefly glanced over her shoulder. “Don’t you mean our people? You are, as Amalia mentioned, half human.” Rin found the man quite interesting, but wondered why he didn’t seem so intent on socializing. Did he not acknowledge that human side of him? Did he view it as something irrelevant? She could only wonder what he thought of her. Once in the garage, she swiftly made her way over to the model they were looking at earlie. “Let’s take the Sunder-59. I want to see how she works.”
  17. Rin situated herself on a stool next to the kitchen counter, continued eating the remaining crepes while looking at the little things she would note about his home. By the time Rein showed up, the girl had finished all the crepes and was nearly dying of boredom. Her light brown irises traveled from the hat down to the sword and she immediately hopped up from her seat. “I like the outfit, but...I think you should lose the sword.” Rin commented as she pointed towards the weapon. “It won’t exactly make the best first impression with the people out there. It looks like you’re ready for a battle, which is not what we’re there for.” People would surely get the wrong idea, and it’ll only bring trouble. “Here, let me just-“ Rin stepped forward and reached out to help him remove the sword. The girl usually wasn’t one to really worry about overstepping her boundaries, and in this case overstepping in his personal space, so she didn’t think to ask him if she could even aid him in removing it.
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