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  1. "thats funny. but i do not believe in that stuff. I live the best i can now and i know if there is an afterlife that no scelly would get to be in the better of it. we were made to teach and discipline not to be put in the game of living as if your death life depends on it." she looked back at the sky and spread her wings. "now that you have delayed my flight and upset my day i must get going." she was not happy on talking on that subject knowing that the creators have a thing against her kind. if that weren't true life would be a lot easier. too many stories played in her head now. her kind has never been liked and always been feared, hated and hunted. others would be more than dismayed to see one in the better place. she was not ready for death and decided against such thoughts.
  2. "That I have no answer. Some say we are reborn other say we just disappear. Honestly I could care less about what happens after death. I could live over 10,000 years and am still quite young. you do you care what happens to us after death? " she asked.
  3. "usually the ones who killed it have a party. wine and fame. those who know its powers use it for smithing or magic. other than that i doubt anyone cares." she said wondering why he had stated the question. if he was attempting to get her to stay he was falling. she was actually starting to get angered.but did not show the emotion.
  4. "your so funny and cute." she said looking back at him. "I'm not part of a play. and once i find my mate we will be together for a while. and dragons are not humans we do not have life mates. we are feared creatures and scarce at that. it is time i play my part in bringing our population back up."
  5. smors. :) i like them as well. quick question do you know if anyone on here plays a male dragon or not?
  6. thats so true. i burn a layer and take it off than burn the next thell there is none left.
  7. i want some. :) i love burnt marshmallows :)
  8. Well vinsue is looking for a mate. Her hormones have started messing with her and she is ready to have an egg or some eggs. she will also need her mate to care for her as the eggs make it hard to hunt and protect herself. she is a dragon and will be picky if anyone is interested. :)
  9. "It's not like that. it's a bit different. It's the time of year that us dragons get together and mate like the birds and bees. and we prefer not to have outsiders come in on this. I'm truthfully not trying to get rid of you." she said the truth but she felt bad at the way he said that. "Please understand there is a calling i can not avoid and you would not understand."
  10. Hearing the count down Vinsue quickly walked to a strap and held on. seeing everyone was either dying with the heat or completely unfazed like with the cold she decided to absorb some of the heat in so that she could use it to radiate later. in turn the inside temperature would steadily drop a few degrees a second tell the room was a counffy temperature. She was quick to take a wider stand so that she would be less likely to fall when the craft took off.
  11. The dragon closed her eyes as she heard a call. it was more of a pull than a sound that humans could hear. she opened her eyes. "I got to go but you can't follow." she said than looked at the sky it was mating season and she had a pull telling her to go to meat the remaining dragons of the land. She was not sure she was ready to incase an egg but she had to at least see.
  12. she lifted her head up after he petted it. she was not a fan of being touched. she than stood up and looked at the sky. she wanted to fly but she did not want to leave the ground. last time she left the ground she broke her wing. she than looked back at the half away man before filling her mouth with smoke and puffing it at him.
  13. She chuckled as she watched him fall onto the ground. than slwly she stood over him then flapped her wings a bit before laying down with her head over top of him.
  14. She looked at him on her back and almost laughed at how sane he looked in his sleep. once the sun rose she got up and stretched in a way that would get him to roll off and hopefully wake up.
  15. Vinsue woke up and carefully got out from under the man before climbing off the rock and walking off a ways. after a bit she turned to her true form and took to the sky looking for something to eat. she was quick to find and eat a dear and then return. she could not switch back tell all the meal digested so she just climbed the rock and layed down with her wings stretched.