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  1. Vinsue smiled at him. "I am a little hungry but besides that I'm fine." She said before getting up and stretching like a cat. "How are you. I like what you did to the place it looks nice."
  2. when she awoke she was quick to look around and see the work her mate had done. some things like the chairs made it obvious that he had been with the humans for a wile. but the place looked nice and she could think he was planning ahead. she watched as he flied in with a tree and started working with it.
  3. She was tired afterwards and knew it best not to switch to human tell after she had laid the eggs if she had them in her. that would not be certain for a couple of days but smells would tell then. as of now her mate was gathering things to make the cave better. Vinsue went and started arranging rocks into a nest and quickly found herself asleep.
  4. He adjusted his path witch showed he had a place in mind. than he adjusted hers to match and go into the cave. She did not try to doge or go against it. Soon she was gliding towards the cave. it was high in the cliff witch would prove hard for a non flyer to get to witch was what they needed. She landed and crawled inside. she actually liked the cave. it was spacious and well protected. that said there would be a lot of work needed to make a nest. She folded her wings tight to her back and sat down before looking back at Veritas.
  5. He had purposed they find a place safe before continuing witch was smart. than he powered off. she set into a dive to catch speed and pursued him. he was fast and she was no match for his speed now that he had a target in mind. she focused on him and pumped her wings faster. she was gaining speed but still could not catch up. seeing that he could out fly her she started letting herself glide than noticed where he was going and started to climb into the air. she gained height and dived heading for the mountains. she now knew his speed was worth wile but she still had a few tricks. she dove with her wings folded and opened them up in time to flap faster. seeing she was catching up to him she nipped his tail and dived below him. "You are fast ill give you that much. that said where are we going." she transmitted to him.
  6. She was quick to dive after him and spread her wings just before he did. Soon she had past him and started climbing to the clouds again. keeping up was not much of a challenge. speed was only one sky test she half way to the clouds she started hovering and looked at him. "Impress me" She stated as she beat her wings almost completely still in the air.
  7. Seeing the rest a bit hesitant to jump out she let go of her straps and started a full out run as she jumped. she landed in a role and jumped back up. she than looked at the carrier whiting for the next to do the same.
  8. his touch sent a worm fuzzy filling through her. she was quick to switch forms as she was released. she was quick to catch up to him a they started to fly. She looked at his black hide and silver stripe. She smiled as she went into his beat. she turned up and circled him as she climbed higher. she saw his eyes and let the dance flow.
  9. She wanted to be in her true form and wanted to see him in his true form. She had to keep her fillings down but it was becoming hard to do. she needed out of the city and away from any one that may think her a threat. "I know you want to go home but I cant stay. we need to leave the city." she said before taking lead. she hoped that came across with more than she said.
  10. "Our kind are not that common it seams." she said at his statement. "A meal would be nice." she looked started taking in his features. she could not guess why these things where important. she usually would have been less of a judge but something was off. something she had not been through before. she started to fallow him. "Names Vinsue. what is yours if I may ask?"
  11. She looked at the man that appeared to be her age but the smell said he was nearly 3 times that. she had hardly believed that she was so distracted that she had almost ran into the man. had he been what she was looking for? her thoughts had cleared. she stared at him. man he smelled like the two leggeds. "Hi" the only word she could manage before looking about. she than looked back at him.
  12. "thats a good point where still complete strangers and we spent a night together." she growled "thanks for the help but seriously i must leave and you can not come." with that she jumped and spread her wings before flying off. she had left him or she hoped she left him. (OOC. um today will be the last i can reply for a week so stoping the thread soon may be for the better)
  13. She laid down and started to pull the tape off. in the end her old skin came off with a lot of it. She tan started pulling more of it off so that she did not have a random new white spot. "than talk."
  14. "tell that to the gods. they almost always disagree. hell one cursed me so i could fill how humans felt. the curse took forever to remove." she said than pushed him off. she had not had a ridder in years and this was not going to happen. "I told you no outsiders."
  15. "thats funny. but i do not believe in that stuff. I live the best i can now and i know if there is an afterlife that no scelly would get to be in the better of it. we were made to teach and discipline not to be put in the game of living as if your death life depends on it." she looked back at the sky and spread her wings. "now that you have delayed my flight and upset my day i must get going." she was not happy on talking on that subject knowing that the creators have a thing against her kind. if that weren't true life would be a lot easier. too many stories played in her head now. her kind has never been liked and always been feared, hated and hunted. others would be more than dismayed to see one in the better place. she was not ready for death and decided against such thoughts.