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  1. Well four people died in one of our biggest theme parks on a fairly tame family ride. pretty horrific, thought it may have made the news internationally but guess not.
  2. So bit of an experiment, anyone hear about our rollercoaster deaths over here?
  3. Lol ikr but I am and it sucks, can't even have a cuppa tea.
  4. So that weekend was alright, now I'm sick so party on a monday! also living alone < sharehouse I can only assume it's a share house deal going on.
  5. I'm going to assume some form of explosion, but reality so probably sparks and acid everywhere. Sounds neat though!
  6. Yeah that doesn't sound great, so weeks are your respite?
  7. Oh that kind of full house, dw I had a crazy cheap share house in uni and we didn't understand proper screening, ended up living with a meth head and prostitute for the better part of a year. Interesting stories but not exactly a great experience.
  8. Sounds like some great fun, planning on having a bit of a sesh at mine over the weekend, should be good.
  9. So what's going on for everyone? Ready for the weekend? Playing Shadowrun with mates right now.
  10. Don't jinx it guys, it could happen... Other week saw a guy hit on a motorbike right after discussing with mate whether he should buy a bike. Luckily he walked it off and was in front of a hospital at the time. Lucky it wasn't a lot worse though!
  11. Silvio dragged a nearby and comfortably mossy log to their camp site, he lay it down near the site as both a watch post and resting place as they ate. Before he could produce some of the food they brought along that could be eaten without a fire two massive bangs sounded from the forest as he saw that Mal and Payne were running towards the sounds. Concerned that the misfortune had struck the outside of the peaceful forest he offered Nidelia a piggyback ride over to the site where they found Oksana surrounded by mincemeat a little ways from their own entry portal. Ah it seems we are together again, letting Nidelia down to care for Oksanas wounds. Once back at their camp site Silvio distributed small amounts of food from his bag, mostly meats and bread as he expected to forage for fresh fruits and vegetables but he was far too exhausted after such a day. "Perhaps we should discuss watches now and locations later, also these tents look amazing." Crawling into one of the empty tents and falling asleep immediately.
  12. (Taking unbracketed text as IC if that's ok) Silvio shrugged before turning to the group, "I didn't explain the biology of you guys before we crossed into this region, but the trees told me this was the safest place for us." Silvio then turned to Dorhys but still openly discussing with the group. "Now we are here it would be a chance to see what the world makes of you, and don't worry about making it in, if it doesn't grant you entry we will simply find somewhere else to camp." He brought the friendliest smile possible for his grizzled face as he began to ywan. "Somewhere nearby either way, I could use a sleep and I must rest before we open another portal, plus we should discuss properly where we should be going to solve our friends issue." With that Silvio turned and strolled towards the Peaceful Woods.
  13. Hmm well it's a decent test to see what the world/magic thinks she is. regardless if we aren't allowed into the peace then we can camp on the outskirts and discuss our next location. So magical faraway tree time, anyplace anyone wants to go?
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