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  1. Attoria

    Blood Debts

    "Why do lair's always have to be in dark and foreboding places? Why can't they just be in a normal house? Hell, I'd even take a basement over this place." Her shoulder shuddered. Not much frightened her, but dark, damp, and eerily silent places where one of many things that made her skin crawl. Her hand raised, rubbing the raising flesh across her forearm down. Tucking her free arm through his own she pulled him in close, enjoying the heat radiating off of his body and warming her own cool one. "Mal.......Promise me we will make it through this? I don't want to parish in a wet hole, especially over someone I don't know after I finally found some happiness in life....." Her crimson hues slowly lifted from the ground beneath her feet and up to his own glowing gaze. Concern, fear, and something hidden was plastered across her facial features. Her grip on his arm snug as a faint smile played across her pale pink lips.
  2. Welcome! Welcome! I look forward to reading a few of your works. I'm sure @supernal will fill you in very soon! In the mean time! I would love to converse idea's if you'd like. PM me and we can discuss possible stories. :}
  3. Welcome! I would love to start a story with you! PM me so we can discuss ideas!
  4. With both men in tow behind her she quickly led them through the catacombs to an elevator. After pressing the little silver button she glanced back at the two of them with a small smile. Her eyes scanned their facial expressions, reading their emotions like pages from a book. Her grey hues began to glow slightly as a small white line ran across them over and over again like a heart rate monitor. Her brain storing a memory. "You aren't a bother at all. Besides, you two saved my life and you both look like you could use some TLC." A halfhearted chuckle slipped from her lips as the elevator doors slid open with the sound of a ring. When they finally walked off of the lift she pulled the lab coat tighter around her shoulders, lowering her gaze to the floor. Even though most of the employee's were strange in there own way or not, she never felt comfortable around others. Call is social anxiety or a mere dislike of people. Either way, she kept to herself most of the time. The same thick black oil began to drip and glide down her flayed back and legs, making small stains on the floor as they walked. Focusing on the ground she reached back and swiped some black from the back of her right leg, hoping to keep it from landing on the floor any further. Moving the oil like substance between her fingertips she realized it felt like sand was mixed within it. Slipping past and through the front door's she inhaled slowly, enjoying the smell of fresh air instead of the sink of demons. She shivered when she felt the sun hit her cheeks and the wind blow her long orange locks. It felt good to be outside. Really good. When the sun's light reached the oil on her hands it changed color, turning into a blood red and then sliding up her arm and under the lab coat. "W-What the?!" She involuntarily screamed, throwing the lap coat off, and frisking her own body furiously. The once black ooze, now a deep red, slithered and pooled, creating a web like net across the open wounds on her back and legs. The web filled in, morphed, and slowly began to darken back to a black color after it slipped back into her body just before recreating her bare skin. She curled her arms around her chest, keeping her shirt from blowing around enough to expose anything, before she looked over at them speechless.
  5. Attoria

    Blood Debts

    She shook her head at Erail, chuckling inwardly. "The mission so important that I can't go pick out my own outfit?" She asked Erail with a small, playful smirk across her lips. She noticed his gaze went to the food she had made for Mal, watching the recognition light in it eyes. "Thank's to you, yes." She stated so matter of factually it almost made her feel bad with the way her tone came out before Mal walked out in his new outfit. "Like you can kick some major ass." She commented, laughing as she took the clothing Erail created out of thin air. "Let me change, and then we can go get Sarah's soul." Gathering the clothes in her arms she disappeared into Amanda's bedroom, slipping out of her torn dress and into the cargo pants, boots, and work shirt. Appearing in the kitchen moment's later she glanced between the two of them, shaking her head a little. "Not very attractive, though conservative and practical. Thank you Erail."
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    Raven {Attoria} Lee Massacre.

    Such a promiscuous little thing she is.

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    Lucinda Paige. 

  8. Attoria

    Blood Debts

    A battle suit for Mal? She mused, smiling a little in amusement as she watched him leave to go change. She stayed silent for a brief second before responding with a genuine smile across her lips. "So much better. Thank you..." She drifted off, enjoying the sensation of his blood coursing through her veins as her eyes glazed across the veins in her arms. "Though, I do still need to run one errand. Change of clothes. Practical one's at that." She chuckled, pulling at the hem of her torn black dress, knowing a simple pair of shoes, jeans, and shirt would do just fine.
  9. Attoria

    Blood Debts

    She couldn't help but let a sigh slip from her lips. He was right, as much as she wanted to refuse, it was something she needed. She needed that extra boost in power and rejuvenation if she was going to succeed in saving Beckett's daughter ,Sarah, soul. Shaking her head she leaned, grabbing the pack of blood. Finally tearing her gaze from the liquid within to Erail's she chuckled, looking at him with a raised eyebrow. "Sure. After." She smirked before focusing back on the liquid. She couldn't help it. The power alone was intoxicating, let alone the mere feel of it in her grasp. She opened her mouth slowly, piercing the bag with two elongated canine's. Her eyes drifted shut as the blood pooled into her mouth, enveloping her taste buds with a flavor like no other. Honeysuckles. That was what it reminded her of. Within seconds the bag was drained, crumpled, and her body literally glowing an opalescent shade of silver. Her pink iris's pulsing with her heart beat as she rose her gaze from the empty bag in her hand to the two men in front of her.
  10. Attoria

    Blood Debts

    The room fell still, the sounds of birds chirping outside stopped, and she instantly knew what was happening. Erail. Her mouth fell at the mention of him listening before the sudden dark pink color filled her cheeks, making her face almost look human. Her hues immediately switched to the color yellow, pure embarrassment spread across her facial features. "Y-You were listening Erail?!" She exclaimed, looking down at the floor before she heard a sound of something landing on the counter. She rose her gaze slowly, already knowing what she was going to see. Blood. She shook her head, taking a few steps away from the counter and around the bar. "I can't possible accept that Erail. Really. I appreciate the offer, but you shouldn't have. Trust me it is not a good idea." Her now fierce pink iris's were glued to the red liquid in the bag, her teeth clenched. She could sense the power within it's cells, smell the sweet flavor of iron and something....sweet.
  11. Attoria

    Blood Debts

    The mere thought of going back to Erail's Library made the small ball of stress forming in her chest to ease and lessen slightly. "That sounds lovely..." She drifted off, putting her empty glass of orange juice in the dishwasher. Her crimson hues glazed across the palms of her hands. She felt weak, torn, and confused. She needed to feed and food wasn't going to be enough sustenance to withstand a fight against a powerful necromancer. Even with Mal's help. She looked over at him from her peripherals before she let a faint smile take over, turning to face him fully. She leaned back against the counter, using the palms of her hands to brace most of her weight. "I'll need to run a few errands before we go. Do you mind cleaning the kitchen while I'm out?" She asked, lowering her gaze as her hues slowly started to glow that neon pink color at the center, slowly covering the crimson.
  12. Attoria

    Blood Debts

    She couldn't help but giggle at his reaction when he took his first bite. The way his hair was disheveled, his eyes puffy from just waking up from sleep, and the warmth of his lips on her cool forehead made a genuine smile spread across her pale pink lips. "Your welcome." She sat down across the table from him, taking small sips of her orange juice, though she didn't eat. Instead, she used the prongs of her fork to lift chucks of chocolate chips from her waffles, fidgeting with her food. She couldn't help but remember what they had to do today. Just the thought made her shoulders slump forward and her inside twist.
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