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  1. A faint blush crept across her cheeks from his comment. Slowly turning her gaze from the lake to him she smiled sheepishly, walking through the tall grass. Taking a seat next to him under the tree she peeked over at him, tucking her legs into her arms. She played with one of the loops in her stitches that connected her wrist to her fore arm. "There isn't much to know if I'm being honest. Though you seem very intriguing. What do you do for a living if you don't mind me asking?" Two little panda ears slipped out and into view from under her long hair, before she quickly grabbed and lifted her hood, covering them from view. Nibbling at her bottom lip again she returned her hands, playing with that one loop in her stitches again on he wrist.
  2. "I am Hades imprisoned wife, I doubt that needs much more explaining, unless you would like a demonstration of what is above me?" Her small smile slowly shifted into an evil grin, her eyes never wavering from his own. The mere mention of Simone's body dying made her eye twitch with rage. Her heels clapped loudly against the concrete as she swiftly walked towards him. Getting inches from his face she glared, baring her fangs when she spoke. "This body will never parish. Ever." Her voice was low, and very dark when she spoke her threat. Slowly standing straight she turned her back to face him, walking around the car and to the passenger door. Popping it open she glanced over at him, a sincere smile now pasted across her lips. "Are you going to fill the car my 'beloved'." She spat out the word beloved, grinning afterwards before disappearing into the car with a loud click of the door closing.
  3. She watched the anger fill his facial expression before he stood from the edge of the bed and grabbed the little shot of Vodka from the mini-fridge inside the room. Watching him down it in a single chug she chuckled, shaking her head slightly. The sternness in his voice mixed with the way he kept downing bottle after bottle of tiny alcohols made her irritated. Not only was she now starving after mustering up so much power in the fight with Renaud earlier, but she also didn't take her fill from him either. Another kindness she regretted. "If you were just honest with me in the beginning instead of trying to play hero things would have played out differently. But no, don't trust the one-thousand, two hundred and forty-two year old being! " She yelled, ripping the second bottle of alcohol from his hands and downing the rest herself. She sighed after swallowing, enjoying the burn down her throat, before looking down at him, eyes glowing that neon pink. Her features were darker, less human like. She slowly climbed onto his lap, keeping herself lifted a few inches away from him, almost hovering. Throwing the empty bottle into the trash, without looking away, she smiled, combing her fingertips through his hair. "I am a force to be reckoned with...." She whispered, into his ear, inhaling slowly. God he smelt good, her body tingled with excitement, leaving goosebumps across her pale flesh. She closed her eyes, sighing heavily. She climbed off of him, fixing her dress by the hem, and then turning to grab another bottle of alcohol from the fridge. Tossing him a small bottle of Rum she turned her back toward him and towards the bathroom. Reaching back with one arm she grasped the small tear drop shaped zipper connected to her dress and pulled downward, soon after disappearing into the bathroom. "I'll be in the shower. Then I'm going out." She stated so matter of factually behind her it almost felt cold and distant.
  4. She followed while he led the way, her eyes scanning their surroundings slowly. The whole city she had seen so far was fairly empty besides a few stranglers. The buildings and shops all felt eerily dark and quiet, wind tugging at her hair and shirt while they walked. Soon they arrived to the Outskirts when the view of lake finally came to view. Her converse shoes drug through the moist grass, leaving stray strands to stick to them. She took a deep inhale, enjoying the smell of dew and grass fill her nose. "This is beautiful...." She whispered, releasing his hand to take a few steps closer towards the bank. Her shoes shifting and clattering against the thick foliage at the edge.
  5. Now standing in a hotel room with Malcolm by her side she shook her head, rubbing the back of her neck in frustration before she slowly lifted her crimson gaze to meet his icy one. So, Mal was in some sort of Order {Like their hadn't have been millions of those throughout her life time}, He refrained from telling the 'Conclave' their agreement, and now, because of his stupidity, she had to kill a man. 'What in the living hell did I get myself into?' She mused, pushing her sky blue bangs from her eyes, before speaking. "I figured as much, though I don't quite understand why you have to join me. Unless they feel as though you won't keep to your word, which I understand after what just happened back there Mal." She shook her head, sighing heavily in disappointment. "And I thought I was doing something good by sticking to one meal and not multiple. Jesus Christ Malcolm." She inhaled slowly, rubbing her temples with her finger and thumb in small circular motions. Leaning against the bathroom door frame she tucked one foot under the other, crossing her arms across her chest while she stared down at him. Anger clearly across her features. "What is the plan then? You stay here and brood over the loss of your Sensei while I go deal with the problem? Or, is their more to this 'Test Of Loyalty' that I am unaware of?"
  6. "Let's just keep this simple for your little mind. I am Persephone, Goddess of Spring and wife of Hades, Lord of the Underworld. Though not by choice. I'm sealed by a contract to this body, thanks to Simone, for a thousand years before the contract is null in void and I am free to roam the earth again. Though, again, not by choice." She growled out, rubbing the back of her neck in frustration. "I was starving and needed sustenance, hence the mess. Any other questions?" Her tone was snarky and irritated. Her eyes scanned the area, hunting for more prey while she waited for their 'Civilized' conversation to end. She had things to do and places to be, and standing here with a gun pointed at her just made her fingers twitch with rage.
  7. {Work I had done years ago for this Charrie!} That charismatic smile and open hand made her stop and think for a moment before placing her frail hand into his own. Yes he was a stranger, and yes she did feel something off about him. Though she was dead and practically indestructible. Hell, most of her could be separated from each other. One weakness was fire. Fire alone cold snuff out her soul, leaving her unable to find a body to reside in. At least, that was what she believed. She never liked fire, even when she was alive. What could a simple man possibly do to her? "That sounds lovely Esben." Her cool hand melted into his own while her other one flicked her cigarette from her grasp and lobbed it into the grass. Stitches ran across her left cheek and eyebrow at an angle, which made them tug at the seams when she smiled. He could clearly see through the pulled holes of the weaved skin, some places showing clear light on the other end. She lowered her gaze, making her black hair fall and hide the left side of her face. Taking her fingers she tucked her hair behind her right ear, looking over at him. "Where to first?"
  8. She rose from the ground just as they did after seeing Mal nod, deciding to chance it and look up from the man's shoes. Her crimson hues slowly scanned and observed the man's attire they called Archbishop Erail until they stopped at his masks features. Directing her gaze over to Renaud while his armor receded into his helm, she perked her right eyebrow, chuckling under her breath when she saw the man behind the armor. His features were worn and sunken unlike Mal's, which only made her more interested in what the Archbishop looked like under that mask. Listening to the way he talked to Renaud made her question the severity of the situation until Renaud tucked tail and apologized. Who was this man and what did she get herself into? "And you, Malcom, were not entirely honest with the Conclave. When you told us you where evaluating this vampire, you failed to mention that you were allowing her to drink your blood." She heard Erail say. She cut her eyes over at him, listening to him try to explain, before reverting back to Erail. 'Oh really now?' She mused quietly, crossing her arms across her chest, with a look of confusion and anger across her face. She saw the panic in Mal's eyes, wondering how bad the test could really be. She had been in worse battles with god's, so this really posed no threat to her, but the way Mal looked at her made her worry. She nodded before replying, returning her gaze to the masked man. "Seeing as how I have no choice, I agree. What am I in store for exactly?"
  9. She listened to the whine of his gun and then the clicks and hums of the explosives in his car activate. She sighed heavily, shaking her head in disbelief, as a small smirk played across her lips. "Oh dear, Whatever shall I do...." She mocked, laughing maliciously as her hand lifted and gripped the end of the pistol. She pulled it closer, pressing it against her chest while pulling him with. Her eyes looked dead into his own while Simone's voice screamed in her head, his words a dull hum in the background. "Persephone! Stop before you push him to far! He will not hesitate, I promise you this. Back the fuck down, now." She decided to ignore the threat and sarcasm, releasing her grip on the end of his pistol. "As you wish." She growled out, rolling her shoulders back slowly while cracking her neck. Lifting her hands up at her sides in retreat she took a few steps back, smirking.
  10. A growl erupted from her throat before her hand was suddenly wrapped around his throat, slowly lifting him up and off of the ground. Her grip grew tighter and tighter the higher she lifted him, nails digging into his flesh. Her crimson eyes bore into his dull ones, face contorted with disgust and hatred. Her voice dripping with venom. "I will do as I please, When I wish, Without your permission. Understand?" She dropped him, watching as he tumbled into a heap at her feet. She could feel the monster start to take over, making her shudder and take a few steps back from him. Her hands trembled, fear wheeling in her chest. She couldn't control this 'side' of her, and she knew it.
  11. She growled when his hand took ahold of the front of her dress and pulled her in front of him. Anger now plastered across her features, no longer looking completely human. Her voice was mixed with another females, though lower and more dominant. "Stop!" 'Look at all of that emotion. Tsk Tsk little girl. Look what you've done...' Persephone's voice rang through her head before her malicious laughter took over her voice. Simone stared back at him, eyes a swirl of colors, before she pushed him off of her with so much force he slammed into the pump behind him. Adjusting her dress she pulled the wrinkles out, grabbing the lace hem and tugging downward. She sighed, pulling her hair up and into a pony tail while it began to grow down her back and fade to a snow white color. Her hues met his own, now the color of crimson. "Now, are you ready to discuss this civilized?" It was no longer Simone, but someone or something else.
  12. They went screaming past the gas station which made her eyes immediately cut at him. Anger took her facial expression before they suddenly softened when she heard him grunt. A soft chuckle slipped from her lips while she shook her head in disbelief. "Always in your head...." She drifted off, opening the passenger door and climbing out when they finally came to a stop. She didn't look up, never glanced at him, and turned her back. Shutting it behind her she walked toward the convenient store, dress and hair swaying in the breeze as her heels clicked off of the concrete. The sound of a bell went off when she slipped inside, silence replacing it for a long while before the sound a screaming and a ruckus rang from within before the sudden splash of red liquid. Silence again. Pure and utter silence that felt like an eternity long before the humming sound of the gas pumps turning on took over. The pump beside him sang when given permission to fill and the same ring of the convenient store door bell echoed, introducing her walking out. Covered in blood.
  13. "Glad you still have your sense of humor." She chuckled half heartedly, staring down at her hands for a long moment before finally lifting her gaze to the windshield. "I'll take care of things if it comes to a fight." She shrugged, closing the passenger door after crossing one leg over the other in the seat. "Now let's go. We don't have time to reminisce, besides, I'm sure we woke other Lycan's with that ruckus of yours." She looked over at him, perking a eyebrow.
  14. Hood Go Crazy - By Tech N9ne, Two Chains, BoB