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    I like role playing with a passion. Especially detailed. Im giving fantasy a try and do have many ideas in what to roleplay for a story. Personal interests however, very much love pandas, disney, tv shows (Orange is the new black, pretty little liars, once upon a time, etc..), reading fantasy novels, comics/manga, pizza, oreos and bouncy castles.

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  1. Belle McSwain, a 20 year old who grew up as a greedy, arrogant and coarse woman . But there's more than this to somebody with her troubled past. Background: She was born unaware of her inhuman form and had grown up in a poor family in a poor town, she lived without worry until she was about 10 years old, but at that point things took a turn for the worst. She lost her brothers in a hurricane and had discovered her true form as a half human and half siren. To her unfortunate fate, she was initiated in a gang. A gang not entirely human or normal. One that formed in the evil realm called hell. Together with a companion she had to survive in a bizarre world. But with her perseverance and fighting skills, she managed to go beyond expectations and escape hell. Literally. This has turned her into the woman she is today. Present: Powerless to change the past, she now works as a travelling gun for hire. By doing so, she hopes to leave the past behind and finally find joys and comforts of life she has never had. Siren/Human form: Not only does she have Beauty to entice men - particularly sailors - to their death, but her form reveals eagle like wings. Large and Red that spreads arm length wide to either side. Her eyes as dark as night surrounding any whites. Sharp razor like fingernails for defense. However, her body remains human like until a single drop of water touches at her skin. Causes her legs to be replaced by a red scaly tail. Teeth exchanging to sharp fangs.
  2. haha awesome, glad you commented :)
  3. Hey guys, Am new here and have no idea how to use sites like these, but i am willing to plan a few story lines based on fantasy obviously. Im fairly detailed and do like a suspenseful, action, mystery and (not to be tacky) romance when necessary roleplays. I am open to ideas and i like creating my own characters. As long as there is no god moding. Thank you for your time reading this! :)
  4. Siren101

    First RP Here

    Hey, Naaz. Im looking for the same thing as you are. If your keen id be more than happy to discuss a storyline with you. Im finding it difficult to find anyone who would be interested so if your still keen, we could totally plan something :)
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