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  1. For a moment he thought that she had found him out, and his heart nearly stopped. Thankfully it passed, and she led him out into the hall, with Aspen leaving them for a moment to give hushed orders to the servants. He couldn't help but be captivated by the graceful way Varda walked; like mist moving over water. This time however, he had managed to keep himself in the moment enough to hear her ask what he thought of the manor. "Yours is the first noble house besides Lord Knight's that I've had the pleasure of seeing," he replied, "But I grew up around manors like this, and I can say without exaggeration that this is one of the finest I have ever had the pleasure to tour."
  2. SUMMARY: Seeking to advance the THRIVE initiative, Grant Knight and a squad of volunteers go to clear away dead vegetation so that new life may bloom from the leyline his mother had struck a bargain with. At first, all goes well, but soon things take a turn for the worse. The group is set upon by a pack of vegetation monsters seemingly spawned from the pollutants that had been deposited there by the Tyrant King. After fighting off numerous smaller entities, an alpha shows up, but is defeated by the Prince and his allies. The land is now clear of death and decay, and ready to be farmed. SHORT SUMMARY: A mission to cleanup polluted land becomes a fight for survival. @Deus Ex Aizen
  3. Grant grinned at Koryu, "A prince must defend his people after all. You're quite impressive yourself, as are you Madame." Looking out upon the fields, it was clear that any remaining plant creatures were dead or dying now that the big one was gone. With that danger passed, they could now clear the fields in peace. Of course, he would also need to have the corpses examined to find out all he could about the things, but all of that could come later. For now, he was ready to call an end to a hard days work, and go get a drink. He would even invite the others to join them.
  4. The city was burning. It had happened so fast that they were still struggling to learn all the details. The one detail that everybody could agree on was that it had all started with shards of glass, pieces of a mirror it seemed, had fallen from the sky. Soon after, everything had descended into chaos. People who had touched the shards had become psychotically violent; visiting death, torture, and worse, upon anyone they encountered. Though the Enforcers had tried to keep order, but even they were soon compromised by the spreading madness. Eventually they had fallen back to form a perimeter around the Arcadia district, thoroughly screening everyone coming out. But there were still people trapped within the quarantine zone; the elderly, the sick, and the injured. Prince Grant Knight wasn't willing to simply let them die, and had asked for volunteers from both the Enforcers and anyone else willing to go. He had managed to gather a group of about a hundred who weren't needed elsewhere, plus a few others. Now, as they stood in front of a hastily erected checkpoint, he turned to address them. "I want to once again stress that this is a strictly voluntary mission, so now is your chance to walk away, no shame, no guilt." When nobody left, he continued, "Our objective is to get to Arcadia General Hospital. As of one hour ago, we know that there were a number of civilians and Enforcers holed up there. We're gonna get them out; them and anyone else we come across." "We know that the plague was spread by shards of some kind of mirror. I probably don't have to say this, but DO NOT touch any shards you may find. Also, when you come across a civilian, check their eyes. The eyes of those affected by the shards take on a reflective quality. Do not allow anyone to get to the barricade without checking their eyes. Any questions?" Iblis looked out upon the Arcadia district from the rooftop of a palace of a home that had probably once belonged to some rich diplomat or some other such thing. Not that he particularly cared. He was here to do one thing; gain power, and this arrangement was perfect for that. Whenever one of the plague victims died, he would receive a portion of their power. Just from those that had fallen already, he had accrued quite a bit; and was sure to be significantly more powerful by the time this ended. But he was also interested in helping his partner Claudette achieve her goals. As the sun set, and the myriad fires that had been set across the district began to cast eerie shadows over the streets. "Not a bad start, eh?" @Rin @Thotification @THE_BULL @Deus Ex Aizen
  5. Going semi-AFV for a day or so. Will be back in full force Sunday evening.

  6. Okay, so today and Saturday are going to be busy for me, but I promise this will be the last delay! Come Sunday I'll be back with a vengeance!
  7. Real life got in the way for a bit, but I'll have this up tomorrow!
  8. Silas knew that he should have declined. He was now acutely aware of the softness of her skin; of her smile, her gentle, poised manner in general. By now he had figured out that what he was feeling was indeed infatuation with the Lady, and felt all the more foolish for it. Varda was the Lady of a Noble House; placing him beneath her notice in social terms. Even is she did reciprocate, he didn't know if he could still be intimate with another person; physically or emotionally. It suddenly occurred to him that he had been standing there like a fool as he thought things over, staring at Varda; and he could only hope without too much longing in his gaze. He cleared his throat and smiled. "Tea sounds lovely, thank you."
  9. I'll have the thread up later today.
  10. John followed his lover to the bar, audibly snickering when she revealed the name of their target to the group. It reminded him of his early days, when he used to operate under the alias Jack D. Ripper. Following Blonde's lead, he ordered a drink, albeit a smaller one than she had. While he loved her dearly, he sometimes felt that Patricia conducted herself much too seriously, and that learning to lighten up a little wouldn't kill her. But considering the importance of this mission, he understood. Nobody was in the mood to joke around when the lives of their children where on the line. As he went to sip his drink, he glanced at her and gave her his count, "Ten, or at least ten that I can see. They might have plainclothes guards on duty, and there's sure to be more waiting in the wings." Now he watched as Blonde used her abilities to remotely strangle three men in gold masks, which he did with little emotion. He didn't know these men, nor did he care to. Their living or dying meant nothing to him. But there was the mater of trying to stay in disguise, and if this scene dragged on long enough, someone might figure out what was going on. He was trying to decide what he should do when his mission log pinged, and he looked down at it. Smiling, he then draped his arm around his lover. "We seem to have found Mrs. Dick," he whispered, "Leave them for now, they are serving as a wonderful distraction. If they become a problem later, I'll kill them myself. Can't let you have all the fun..."
  11. I'm gonna leave the check up another day, start tomorrow or Wednesday.
  12. "Hmmm... no, nothing out of the ordinary. The flaking is quite normal. Healing should be complete within another week or two. If not, you can, of course call for me." This was the part of the job that he did best; calmly analyzing the problem, and finding solutions to it. All that he had to do was listen to the patient, look at the physical signs, and decide a course of action accordingly. Now the job was done, he stood up, only to be surprised. Varda seemed to be in some kind of distress; her face flushed, and her facial expression concerned. Without thinking, he put a hand to her forehead, feeling for a temperature. "Are you alright milady? You seem a bit feverish."
  13. John was in no way blind to the fact that Cerebri was smitten with their elven coworker, and he found it equal parts amusing and endearing. He certainly wasn't going to stop the man from pursuing the relationship; so long as Eliza was alright with it. Life was too short not to try to seize happiness where one might find it. The crime lord felt a surge of happiness for his subordinate when the elf said yes to his plan. With that settled, John left to take up a position near the lieutenants; close enough to be able to move swiftly once the distraction started, but not close enough to be noticeable. He ordered a drink and waited for Cerebri to make his move.
  14. Nope! As long as everybody keeps to mild powers, we should be golden.
  15. I would also like greater specifics on what an alpha level avatar is capable off.
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