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  1. "That's fine with me; as I have no love for it either. But if it will give me the power to protect my family, then I will gladly pay it's price!" An arrow flew toward the former Djinn, who deflected it with a casual flick of his wrist. It seemed Augustus was wise enough to realize that this was not a battle that he could win on his own. Not that it mattered; one more combatant would do little to turn the tide in his favor. Extending one hand, he turned it in a clockwise motion, and suddenly the back of the house reconstructed itself. Then, with a snap of his fingers, the group was teleported to the courtyard of the manor. "I'll have to apologize to the gardeners," he mused, "For the mess that is about to be made."
  2. "This smells like the alley behind the Red Door after it got blown up." "What a terrible thing to say!" Shikai protested with mock outrage. Picking up the cup, he downed the contents in one go before setting the mug back down with melodramatic force. A moment passed, and then his face twisted into a grimace; one hand moving to his stomach. "Ugh. Did I say this cured nausea or caused it?" he wondered. "I'm Sierra, by the way - you picked me up in Raven's Landing." Indeed, the transformation was a truly impressive one. Had he not seen her putting on the disguise, there was a very good chance that he wouldn't be able recognize her; at least not by sight. Though now that he thought about it, even Phoebe's scent had been altered. Shikai would never cease to be amazed by the abilities of his comrades; and no one he had ever met could transform themselves as the First did. "Well Sierra, we better get going. You're going to love my friends!" Most would probably assume that the shinobi was being playfully facetious; and that wasn't entirely untrue, but also wasn't the full story. Phoebe would recognize that he was getting into character; learning to think of her as Sierra first, and her actual self second. Once that was done, he would accompany her as they disembarked the boat, putting his hood up as the cool air hit him. The pair walked down the dock; talking about nothing in particular in the way those comfortable in each others presence did. It wasn't long before he set eyes on Cain, as well as a young woman in a white dress that he didn't recognize, whom he nodded a greeting to as he passed. After the Architect had greeted Phoebe, he moved to embrace the General, who happily returned it. "Good to see you again, fearless leader," he greeted Cain, warmth evident in his voice, "I see you've already met my friend Sierra. She's a fun one; met her in Ravens Landing and we hit it off." Shikai listened to Cain explain the reason why they had gathered at this place; and that they would be headed into The Vortex. Knowing how serious this endeavor would be, he nodded solemnly, but still smiled. "We'll get this done... and then we'll take a real vacation!" "Yo." The shinobi turned, face lighting up when he laid eyes on the Dead Mistress, whom he promptly greeted with a hug. "Good to see you again!"
  3. LOL, I actually mention it because it's possible the good guys could have found out about it. Everybody loves Zengi, and I want a good fight! Also, I support making the above quote canon.
  4. Ankou was an apprentice of Zengi!
  5. Private eyes sounds good! And I don't need character sheets unless you want them. Otherwise, I'm good.
  6. As Riha busied herself with preparing the portal that would transport the crew to their destination; Shikai had amused himself with a game of bloody dagger. His version was a bit different from most; as he didn't start over after pricking his fingers. Instead, he would simply laugh and keep going until he completed the round. When he was done, he would count up the cuts on his hand, subtracting one point for each wound. Then he would heal the minor injuries, and start again. When Riha was ready to attempt the passage, the shinobi put the knife away and gave his full attention to the events unfolding in front of him. He'd seen people open portals before; but it never ceased to fascinate him. Now a glimmering tear in the fabric of space was all that separated the ship and the jungle. The General would let the others go first, and then turn his attention to the Riha's unconscious body. "You're going to hurt your neck doing that," he observed. Hoisting the young woman over his shoulder, he then stepped through the portal. The change was noticeable immediately; and not just because of the switch from vehicle to vegetation. Heat and humidity hit him like a wall, and he was suddenly very glad he'd dressed lightly for this excursion. Suddenly he was aware of the beating of his own heart, the sound of his breathing; and he realized that the jungle around them was completely silent. Shikai hadn't spent much time in jungles, but he knew that such quiet was very odd. Gently setting down Riha, he would gently attempt to rouse her, "Sorry Riha. I know the woods are lovely, dark, and deep, but I need you to get up now."
  7. Everything had been going so well. William talked a good game; as did all cowards when under the impression that they had an advantage over those they sought to dominate. But this made him easy to manipulate; a little booze, some light flirtation, just generally stoking the morons ego. Soon he was eating out of the palm of her hand, all the while thinking he was some kind of genius negotiator; a masterful practitioner of the art of the deal. Amirah's contempt for the drug dealer could fill oceans; but her calm smile and affable demeanor betrayed nothing of her true feelings. Then the doors of the elevator blew outwards with a shriek of tortured metal; narrowly missing the two men standing guard in front of it. Questions swirled in her mind. Who would dare? How did they get past her security? WHO THE FUCK WOULD DARE!? All of these questions were answered when the dust settled, and she saw Phoebe Marshal standing on her roof. Amirah's gaze met the First's, and a savage grin spread across her face at the sight. Fine. If Marshal wanted to come for her; she would be more than happy to oblige her. Calling balls of flame to her hands, she glanced over her shoulder to the large man tending the bar. "Get the lights, won't you?" Nodding, the bartender downed a shot he had been pouring when Phoebe had burst onto the scene. Then he looked skyward and opened his mouth as if to scream. but no sound escaped from his mouth. Instead, an inky black darkness flowed out; rising high into the sky. Soon the darkness surrounded the rooftop in a dome of night; the various lights of the VIP area and the flames of The Phoenix providing illumination. "Well, what are you waiting for?" she shouted to her security, "Kill the bitch!" The shaking of the building told Shikai that the battle had begun as dust and debris rained down on the dance floor. Patrons stampeded toward the exits, leaving the shinobi moving upstream against a human tide to get to the VIP elevator. Once he'd made it, he easily forced open the doors and began bounding upward. When he came to the roof, he jumped out; calling the Legendary Blade Mykur to him and beheading the guard to the right of the elevator with lethal grace. "We'll take the small fry, you get the Bird!" Shikai cackled as he rushed to meet the charge of security goons.
  8. You might want to bring some backup, hoss.
  9. You know I'm in. Ankou is gonna fuck shit up! So... who wants a piece of the Cult's second in command?
  10. "Sounds like a hell of a fight," Mal replied, "Guess it all worked out in the end though." The waiter returned with two plates on which the pair's meal sat. Once the plate was on the table, Mal wasted no time digging into the meat; and found it tender and flavorful. Eating in silence, Mal found himself enjoying Aveline's company. He still wasn't quite sure what she thought of him; the female Singlance was a hard woman to read, but she didn't seem to be looking for an exit. Besides, he had misread her before, so maybe it was best not to read too much into things. Once he had finished his steak, Mal set down his silverware and regarded Aveline. "Best I've had in a while... though I admit, I've been living on fast food for awhile now."
  11. Emile was a man of few words. Many of his comrades mistook his taciturn nature for cold hostility; though none of them had ever complained about his ability to do his job, so he didn't much care. Recently however, he had begun making an effort to become more approachable as he rose through the ranks. If he was going to command men in the field, some degree of interpersonal skill would be required. Still, changing years of ingrained behavior was a difficult thing. In that regard, Bloom was a welcome relief. The young Private had barely spoken since the two had introduced themselves; leaving an amicable silence between the two soldiers. Now he finished his last minute check of his gear, and walked over to stand next to her. "Are you ready?"
  12. Jackson had lived in this neighborhood for years, but this was the first time he had walked its streets since the day he'd moved into his penthouse. As soon as he stepped out of the front door, he remembered why. Even with his mask on, he could still feel the thoughts and voices of the citizens of Hells Gate pressing in on him. It was like being trapped in an ever-tightening space; unable to escape as he came closer and closer to being crushed. It took all his self-control to keep from bolting back inside the safety of his home; but he kept walking. Noticing that Pyrrah had stopped walking, he looked to the Hellhoud; her mouth moving, but he couldn't quite make out the words over the hum that threatened to overwhelm him. Still, looking between his bodyguard and the butchers shop, it wasn't too hard to figure out what she wanted. Reaching into his jacket pocket, he produced a credit chip that he handed to Pyrrah with shaking hands. "Go... pick out whatever you like," he practically gasped,
  13. Emile's gaze went from Cadmium, to the spider on the ceiling, to Pettifor standing up to say something, and finally to the giant insectoid creature that snatched her from the ground. As the creature lifted the young woman off the ground, he had retrieved his rifle from where it lay on the ground beside where he was sitting. He suppressed the anger and fear welling up inside him as he watched the wasp jam its stinger into Pettifor's back; and took aim at the creatures upper body. A single pull of the trigger blew a basketball sized hole right between the wings of the Snatch Hawk,; nearly cutting it in half. When the woman hit the floor, he had ejected the spent cartridge before slamming a new one with practiced precision. "Cover me!" he shouted behind him. Darting forward, he dropped his rifle; knowing he wouldn't be able to carry Pettifor and effectively use the weapon at the same time. Sidearm drawn, he made his way to the young woman and got her into a fireman's carry. In a perfect situation he wouldn't be moving an injured person so roughly; but it seemed like the better option to leaving her where she lay. He was most of the way back to the camp when he felt a sharp pain in his right calf, and goes down to one knee. Managing not to drop Pettifor, he set her down and turned to see his attacker. That was when he noticed the strange, fungal growth on the bottom of the dead wasps body; from which a long whip of razor sharp bone now protruded. A glance at his leg confirmed that the wound was deep, but not immediately life threatening. He raised his pistol to fire, but a lash from the Slap Coil sent the sidearm skittering out of reach. Pulling a combat knife from a sheathe on his waist, he tried to put himself between Pettifor and whatever else might be coming down the tunnel.
  14. "I'll be sure to leave a spot on my dance card just for you!" Flirting completed, John turned his attention back to the mech that flipped and tumbled toward him; switching between running and rolling and alternating which set of legs it was running on. Predicting it's movements would be difficult; and John would have to study the machine carefully for a pattern. Not that HECTOR planned on making it easy for him as it opened up with the solar cannons on its top hatch. The governor dodged the searing blasts of light before discerning a narrow window through which he could slip to advance towards the robot. It was only as the mech took aim with its wrist mounted rockets that he realized he'd been lured into a trap. "Clever little bot, aren't you!" Lowering himself into a crouch, he dug into the rocky ground with both hands before flinging twin handfuls of rock and dirt at the oncoming explosives. The cloud of debris collided with about half of the rockets; leaving the rest to slam into the ground around John. If he hadn't already been jumping, he probably would have lost at least one of his limbs. As it was, he emerged from the veil of dust and smoke. His right torso, face, and neck had been badly burned, and he was bleeding from numerous small wounds all over his body; but he didn't seem to care as he fell toward HECTOR's position. The mech rolled to the side as he landed where it had previously sat, and then turned to charge at it. HECTOR was ready as it deployed its twin ATILLA scythes from it's hands and moved to meet the governor head on. John was suddenly on the backfoot; dodging the whirling blades as they came closer and closer. Then he had a thought, and let the mech come closer. Letting the scythes begin to dig into his shoulders, he caught the weapons as before they could cut him into three pieces. With the blades immobilized, he lashed out with a kick toward the robots semi-spherical torso. The RIOTS shield flashed to life between them; preventing the kick from hitting home, but still flinging the mech away; the ATILLA scythes being torn away as it went. Wrenching the scythes from his body, John tossed them to the side and looked up at Michelle to see if he should continue.
  15. "Yeah... I was lucky in some regards." Mal took a long sip from his glass as he pushed memories of his childhood to the side, and tried to think of something else to talk about. Aveline seemed reluctant to talk about her early life, and honestly his own youth was filled with things he didn't want to discuss with a date either. Not sure how to proceed, he decided to reveal a bit more about himself; at least the parts he knew he could safely reveal. "I guess he got his wish in some ways. I joined up with the military; managed to make my way up to Sargent before I... retired to pursue other opportunities." Another sip of whiskey was followed by another question, "What about you? John mentioned something about a hydra?"
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