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  1. The Heika Went Down to Kaurilia

    Finding the dueling dragons wasn't exactly a taxing exercise; one needed only follow the trail of destruction the dueling entities left in their wake to find the creatures. More difficult was the fact that the undead in the area had been drawn to the spectacle, and now littered the path that Benjamin was on. Luckily, most of them were facing away from him and toward the chaos that was unfolding in the ruins ahead. This made it a simple matter to split their skulls from behind as he passed; and even the ones who had turned to look at their oncoming doom were dispatched before they could so much as shamble toward him. Though he was already beginning to catch his breath, but he was still thankful for the sort of break that the distracted beings made for him. The Omagatoki arrived just in time to watch his lord claim dominion over the great beast that had plagued these lands for so long. He had come with the intention to provide what assistance he could to the Heika, but it seemed that his aid was not needed. Benjamin mentally chided himself for thinking that the Heika might require his help. The man was stronger than any that he had ever met; stronger than even himself. He only hoped that his arrogance did not offend his lord. He knelt down where the Heika could see him and reported. "The undead in the town have been subdued my lord. What is thy command?" @Twitterpated
  2. Rise of Angels

    @Tangora998 @Ataraxy @ODSTDRAGON you guys are still up! New round will start Monday.
  3. The Golden Jackal

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  4. Rise of Angels

    Don't worry, I will make sure she gets something to do if nobody else calls her. Ain't leaving anybody out.
  5. Suspicions of High Treason

    The chase had been going on for over just over half an hour, and under normal circumstances Joshua wouldn't care if it went on all day; but today was not a normal day. No, today was the day he had received an encrypted message from member of F.I.S.T. who offered to pay him double his usual rate upon successful completion of the mission. Details on exactly what said mission entailed were non-existent; though the man had seen fit to explain why he would want a PI/bounty hunter working with him. It had been something about being able to trust him because he had no loyalty to F.I.S.T. or any other group. Other than that he'd written something about knowing his history with the White Hats; and how he had demonstrated a certain amount of moral fortitude back then. He'd been polite enough not to mention that all their moral fortitude had gotten them was a slashed throat and a shallow grave. But the money was good; and he didn't mind helping out the good guys now and then, so he agreed. Before that could happen however, he needed to finish up the business he was currently on; a bail jumper by the name of by the name of Igor Bojic. Joshua had tried to play it cool, but he wasn't exactly the most inconspicuous man in the world, and Bajic had spotted him and fled. The man was not in wonderful shape; and the bounty hunter was somewhat impressed that he had managed to run so long. Nevertheless, it was time for this to end; otherwise he risked being late for his meeting. So as he turned a corner after his target, he raised his voice in a tone of authority and addressed him. "Igor Bojic! I have a warrant for your... ah, hell." It seemed Igor hadn't just been blindly running away; and had instead been luring Joshua into an ambush where he had about four friends waiting. Now that he had the bounty hunter outnumbered, Bojic seemed a lot more confident in his chances; grinning ear to ear one of his buddies handed him a metal baseball bat. Joshua sighed, "Last chance Igor. You can walk into the police station with your head held high, or you can be carried in after I beat you and your friends into the dirt. Your call." "Fuck you, Black Hat!" With that witty rejoinder seemingly putting an end to the witty banter; Igor's friends charged at the Revenant more or less in a straight line. Joshua's hands hovered near his guns for just a moment before he decided to do things the old fashioned was. He ducked under the first attackers wild haymaker, delivering a jab into the following mans groin as he went. Rising, he lashed out with a back kick to the back of the first mans leg, sending him to his knees. After delivering the kick, the Revenant fluidly transitioned into a knee strike to the face of the second man; who gone to his knees after the groin strike. Turning back to the first man, he grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him to the ground before delivering a swift stomp to the gut that would put the man out of commission for a bit. One of Igor's remaining friends must have gotten it into his head to attack Joshua while his back was turned, and moved to hit him in the back of the head with his pipe. Before it could connect, a spectral arm grabbed the mans wrist and stopped the strike. As the man stood their, mouth agape, the hand squeezed and the man cried out and sank to his knees. Joshua then delivered a hard side kick to the mans chest, sending him sliding back towards his friends. The remaining man stared at Joshua for a moment before he drew a knife and threw it at the bounty hunter. This time the spectral hand plucked the blade out of the air and rotated a full three hundred sixty degrees around before flinging the weapon back; sinking it into the mans upper thigh. Now only Igor was left, his smug smile having turned into a more fearful expression. "Your turn." Igor sputtered a bit before he turned and tried to climb the fence behind him; to which Joshua responded by tapping his badge and pointing a finger at the man. At this command, a spectral outlaw flew out from the badge and grabbing Igor as he reached the top of the fence. It then dragged the man screaming back to Joshua, who grabbed the criminal by the neck and slammed him against a wall. "Told you this would happen." Twenty minutes later Joshua had dropped off Igor at the prison, collected his prize, and made his way to the Bears Inn just in time. He had given the front desk staff the Teddy Bears regards, and then been directed to the ninth room on the eighth floor of the building. He walked into the room and didn't see anyone, so he figured he must have been the first to arrive. So he took a seat, lit a cigarette, and waited.
  6. Hanami - Flower Festival [OPEN]

    When Raveena began to tease him about his romantic prospects, Grant was split between being glad that her anxious mood seemed to have passed, and exasperated to be talking about his least favorite subject. It wasn't simply the gossips in Hyperion who cared about his love life; all of his close relationships seemed to have an opinion. His mother indicated now and always that he should find someone to love. Rowan frequently chimed in with the thought that he should just go out and find some lovely young girl to while away a couple of fun nights with. The young Knight simply tried to do his job and not worry about matters of romance; partially because his work did leave him genuinely busy. However, it was impossible to ignore the fact that a great deal of his avoidance of pursuing any kind of personal life was because he was avoiding things he didn't want to face. After the Kingslayer incident, he had met with Rowan at Raveena's request; and during the discussion the Brit had revealed that the wife that Grant had believed he was protecting by working for Rowan did not exist. She had been an implanted memory by the men who had given him his powers; designed to make him more predictable, more obedient. The revelation had almost shattered his mind beyond repair; and it had taken a long while for him to forgive Rowan for using this to control him. But in the aftermath he had been left to question how much of the old life that he remembered was truly real. To get through it he had dedicated himself to his job; working all day, and only returning home to sleep and shower. With great effort, Rowan and Raveena had managed to pull him out of his despair, and now he made time to be with them in his off time. Still, he didn't really have any friends, nor did he really pursue any hobbies. With the exception of his parents and his job, his life was fairly empty. When Raveena finished speaking to him, he looked down at her and smiled, "Of course I would tell you. I would never lie to you." As the pair walked, music could be heard coming from the direction they were walking. Soon they came upon a space between buildings that had been turned into a makeshift dance floor; complete with a small stage for a band. They were transitioning from a high tempo number to a slower one fit for ballroom dancing. Seeing a chance to make his mother smile, he gestured to the floor and then bowed, extending one hand. "May I have this dance?" @Deus Ex Aizen
  7. Fury of the Gods

    "Ooh, shadow powers, how fun!" exclaimed Issac earnestly, "But it's my turn now! Hmm, how should I show off..." The masked man made a show of scratching his chin with his left hand, all the while making the mental connection to the Aether in the shell he was about to fire; changing the substance to suit his will. "How. About. THIS." Issac's right hand blurred to his hip and drew the revolver holstered there faster than the eye could see; training the gun on the crowd of wyverns in an instant. The shot rang out, and the round hit the center most creature in the group square in the chest. But as the creature began to fall, the hole in its sternum began to glow, and an instant later it exploded into a great fireball. Pieces of flying reptile rained down over the group; and when the smoke cleared there where no more of the beasts in the air. Not all of them were dead however; as there were three creatures on the ground, shaking off the blast, and getting ready to go airborne again. "Ah, ah, ah, none of that!" Issac quickly fired three more shots; these aimed at the wings of the creatures. When they hit, they exploded into globs of foam that quickly expanded and hardened; weighing the beasts down and restricting their movement. Having disabled the remaining creatures, he made an 'after you,' gesture to his companions. "Lined em up for ya!"
  8. Rise of Angels (Factions)

    John's smile widened as the Lieutenant entered and identified herself; her bearing along with Artemis' reminding him of his days as a soldier. Oh, what a fresh faced young man he had been back in those days he thought; mentally chuckling at how old he sounded. Though he was only thirty years old; there were times when he felt every minute of those three decades weighing on him. For sure he had seen and endured more than many twice his age; and if it weren't for his naturally cheerful disposition he would probably be a horribly depressing person to be around. When Artemis inquired as to what Anouk was doing here with Terrenus in such a state, he cut in. "Whatever the reason for your presence young miss, I shan't look a gift horse in the mouth. You can accompany me to Outpost 1. Artemis, Jenn, you may tackle your chosen outpost together at your whim. Tobias, you and your rainbow haired friend can take the remaining outpost. Challara, you will be our wild card. If one of our teams signals you, you'll come in and raise hell." "As for the leader of the Birds, he's a lovely young man named Andre the Butcher. I've heard tell that he started life as an actual butcher, but moved onto people when he got tired of beef and pork. He isn't hard to spot, always walking around in a blood stained apron, with a belt full of cleavers. You don't need to concern yourself with him. Me and him are going to have a little... talk when this is all over." A nice, long talk somewhere they wouldn't disturb the locals when should things get loud. Something to look forward to there. "So. We all know our jobs. Keep in touch, and good luck." From the refugee camp it wasn't that far of a trek to the first outpost; a group of dilapidated shacks worn down by time and the elements. The thin plumes of smoke raising from the tops of the buildings betrayed the fact that they were not as abandoned as they looked. Two men patrolled down the one road going through the settlement; each going a different direction. Having gotten a lay of the land, John jumped down from the tree he had climbed and addressed the young Lieutenant. "Six buildings, three on each side of the road. Two guards patrolling the streets. No way to know how many of them are in each house. I propose we split things down the middle, I'll take one side of the street, and you take the other. Sound good?" @Radioactive
  9. The Red Dawn of Ursa Madeum [4/4]

    It's almost over. That was the thought that kept running through the ashen haired pyromancers head as he joined Mars in staring down the group of knights that stood mere feet from them. Though these men weren't as decked out as the Black Knights they had faced earlier, these men's armor and weapons were still a cut above those of the conscripts that made up most of their army. If he wasn't mistaken, he could even feel the residual magic of enchantments resting upon their armor; confirming his theory that these were some last guard reserved for only the most dire situations. If it had been a few hours earlier, Som would have simply blown them away, but now... "I'm tired," he said, voicing his thoughts to Mars, "I can't even remember the last time I put this much effort into a fight..." But then he had never been to war before; never seen the chaos of a large scale battle, or listened to the chorus of screams from the dead and dying. Som was no stranger to combat; it often came up in his previous line of work, and he'd fought and won many a duel against skilled opponents. Hell, he enjoyed fighting, loved the adrenaline rush of coming out on top in a fight to the death. Yet at this moment, the thought of more violence simply exhausted him. But at the same time he knew that he didn't want to quit. He knew what he was fighting for; had seen the suffering wrought by the tyrant king. These people deserved to be free. So it was time to finish the job. Som inhaled deeply, trusting Mars to fend off anyone who might try to take advantage of his seeming lapse in concentration. He remembered the lessons his father had given him before his powers had even manifested; to look to his inner fire for true power. As always he felt it before he saw it, the heat washing over him comforting; like a warm blanket on a warm winters day. In his minds eye a great bonfire appeared, huge and roaring. Without hesitation he stepped into it. When his eyes opened, Som's eyes blazed with light; and his hair turned the color of molten steel. Flames poured off his body, radiating such heat that the knights before them had to back away to avoid being burned. Holding both his hands out in front of him, he summoned his power, and a pinprick of flame appeared there. Soon the light grew to become a miniature sun in the palms of his hands. Pouring everything he had into the sphere; the ball grew brighter and hotter. Soon the glow left the pyromancers eyes and hair and he dropped to his knees in exhaustion. He looked up at Mars and gestured to the sphere hanging in the air, "All yours."
  10. Hanami - Flower Festival [OPEN]

    Grant was still not used to being fawned over the way his mother did when she greeted him after a long absence. In fact, he wasn't used to anyone making any kind of fuss about his presence at all. Until recently he always went out of his way to never be seen; to arrive and depart with no fanfare. Assassins weren't meant to be in the spotlight after all; it made it rather hard to effectively do the job. But while his job description had only marginally changed from assassin to spy; he was now a well known part of the royal family, his comings and goings the subject of whispers and gossip. Most baffling to him was the speculation on his dating life; as he couldn't understand why anyone would possibly care about that besides those directly involved. Once Raveena was done with her display of motherly affection, the two of them walked arm in arm through the streets, making pleasant conversation as they went. As they walked though, Grant could sense his mothers growing anxiety, though he could not fathom its cause. Still, he respected her instincts, and he started to scan the environment for any possible threats. None were forthcoming, but he couldn't help but feel that something was wrong now; something that he could not understand. At the thought of danger his thought process changed from son to Knight, and he gently stopped his mother and looked at her. "Mother," he said quietly, "Perhaps it would be best if we went back to the ship. Something isn't right." @Deus Ex Aizen
  11. "Sometimes one life ain't enough to take care of all your business." NAME: "Black Hat" Joshua Litchford (He's heard all the jokes, so just don't) IS A(N): Revenant, human GENDER: Male AGE: At least a century old, exact number unknown MARITAL STATUS: Single SEXUAL PREFERENCE: Takes what he can get HEIGHT: 6'2 WEIGHT: 160 lbs ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good STATUS: Active EYES: Amber SKIN: Pale grey HAIR: Long, black, stringy BODY: Gaunt, almost emaciated, but some wiry muscle. OUTFIT: Olive green duster, black dress shirt, red trousers, boots, top hat, all slightly worn PERSONALITY: Cynical, abrasive yet oddly personable, surprisingly easy to talk to ABILITIES: Revenant abilities, expert marksman, quickdraw, martial artist PARAPHERNALIA: Twin magitech revolvers, Sheriff badge, deputy badge CURRENT THREAD(S): thread link(s) BIOGRAPHY BACKSTORY: Joshua was a member of a group of vigilantes called the White Hats; easily identifiable by the white top hats they wore when on duty. They patrolled a cluster of small towns located on the border of the High Desert. One day they responded to a distress call from the outermost settlement; finding only death and carnage when they arrived. Before they even had time to investigate their surroundings; the group found themselves under attack when the corpses littering the town came back to life. The White Hats fought valiantly from sundown til sunup, but were eventually worn down and captured. Once subdued the leader of the attack; an unknown necromancer and his acolytes appeared and offered the members a choice. They could serve the Necromancer as his newest acolytes; or they could be killed and reanimated, but either way they would serve the cult. All seven members of the White Hats refused to serve, and each had their throats cut in turn; with Joshua going last. As his lifeblood drained out of him, he kept his gaze fixed on the Necromancer; eyes burning with hate as he died. In his final moments, his only regret was that he had not lived long enough to kill that man. But as he died, Joshua's wrath echoed through the void at the exact moment that something was listening. Something old and powerful that showed Joshua the Necromancer and his followers going to each of the towns the White Hats had protected. When it was all over, and the dead man was at the peak of his rage; the being offered him a deal. It would resurrect him and allow him his revenge; if he would agree to do a favor for it later. Joshua agreed, and by the next sunset the Necromancer and his cult were dead. Once the fog of rage had subsided, Joshua realized that he had likely made a terrible mistake in agreeing to the Entity's terms. Now he looks for a way to escape the deal he made while dreading the day the Entity calls in its marker. Eventually he came to be known as, "Black Hat," for the hat that he always wore these days. THREAD 1: 1-2 paragraphs describing first thread THREAD 2: 1-2 paragraphs describing second thread. Continue until last completed thread. PERSONALITY TRAITS: Joshua is a friendly, intelligent man; easily able to hold up his end of a conversation. Though he can be somewhat abrasive at times, most people seem to accept this as part of his charm. Being alive only by chance, Joshua tries to live life to the fullest, always eager for new experiences. People wasting or devaluing their lives often makes him upset. After his revival and revenge, Joshua felt he was no longer worthy of the title of White Hat, and therefore died his old hat black; symbolically marking the end of the group. REPUTATION: The White Hats are now only a legend in the lands of Terrenus; tales of a bygone age of hero's. Joshua does not talk unprovoked about his time with the White Hats; although when he does it is clear that he is proud of his time with them. These days he if more famous for his exploits as a bounty hunter. RELATIONSHIPS: Unknown SEXUALITY: Joshua is bisexual. POWERS AND ABILITIES OVERVIEW: His death and resurrection have left Joshua with a number of minor necromantic powers. In addition to these traits, he is also a skilled gunman, and hand to hand combatant. Revenant Powers: Having died and come back to life, Sharif is now considerably harder to kill or injure. Gunshots, stab wounds, burns, and other such injuries barely seem to phase him; although he claims that he does indeed feel pain when injured. While it is unknown exactly what it would take to put him down for good, it is speculated that if he dies again, it will be for good. In addition to his physical toughness, he has a number of other minor abilities; such as the ability to see and sense spirits and undead, near limitless stamina, and even the ability to replace damaged limbs and organs with those taken from other corpses. His most powerful ability however comes from his ability to use the Desperado badge made from him by his teacher. Gunslinger: Even when he was alive, Sharif was a talented marksman and gunfighter. He can draw faster than the normal eye can perceive; and can shoot with incredible precision. PARAPHERNALIA Desperado: Before he left to train with the mysterious man who appeared in that town that day, he gathered up the badges that the his fellow White Hats felt before leaving. Eventually his teacher offered to make him a weapon that would allow their memory to live on through him. To this end, he melted down the individual badges and forged them into one, named Desperado. With this badge, Joshua can summon specters that share the appearance and the ability of his deceased friends to aid him in battle. Troubleshooters: So named because when there's trouble, Joshua uses these twin magitech revolvers to shoot it. The revolvers are specially enchanted to allow Joshua to adjust the force of the bullet from that of a rubber round, all the way to that of a cannon round. APPEARANCE 3+ paragraphs describing how the character looks: what his body is like, what he's wearing, how he holds himself, etc.
  12. Rise of Angels

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  13. The Raid

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  14. MWSfaHSwfPiHM

    The division of labor thus established, the two groups set off on their way; with the airship team being the biggest of the two. Walking through the ruined streets of Kuratel held the same feeling of eerie silence of any ghost town with the added tension of knowing that they might be swarmed by the undead at any moment. One of Virgil's hands hovered near his mana blade while the other stayed close to his Caster Gun. He knew for a fact that despite what it looked like, they were not alone. The living dead would be packed into every building, waiting for a sound to provoke them into action. Even if the managed to avoid setting any of them off; it was almost inevitable that they would run into one of the many roaming herds of zombies. Once things kicked off, it seemed likely that they would have to fight all the way to the ships. Fighting them off while preparing the ships would be difficult, so he hoped that the things weren't in too bad of shape. Right now though his biggest concern was their traveling companion Orion. The guy did not seem to be holding up well, and given what he had said earlier about containing the curse within him or something, it was making Virgil twitchy. At the first sign that the guy was getting ready to go batty, he would pull his caster gun and put him away before he could do any harm to the rest of the group. He knew that he would feel bad about it later; but in the moment he wouldn't hesitate. The lives of him and his friends came first, and that was all there was to it. Speaking of his friends however, it seemed the majority of them had decided to join the Airship team; much to his delight. It had been years since they had gotten together to properly raise some hell; and he was excited as hell. Making it better was the fact that their little jaunt was to aid their beloved city of Aelindra was the cherry to the whole thing. Letting Orion go ahead, Virgil fell back to walk with his friends, grinning broadly. "Just like old times eh?" he whispered, "Reminds me of that time we had to sneak out of that ball because Alfonso-" His reminiscing was cut short by the Orion guy warning them that he heard the enemy nearby. Indeed, when the conversation stopped, Virgil could also hear the moans and cries of the undead. The cries were coming closer and closer; but he couldn't see any of the bastards coming from in front or behind. As he looked around he felt something wet hit his head, and looked up on reflex to see a corpse standing at the edge of the roof of one of the buildings on either side of the street. With a groan the thing stepped forward and plummeted toward the group. Virgil dodged out of the way in time for the zombie to smash into the pavement; but though the impact shattered most of the bones in the things upper body, it still snapped its jaws at the group. A swift stomp to the head from Virgil quickly ended its movement, and he drew his sword in time to see even more corpses shambling toward the edges of not just one, but every building that lined the street they were on. As corpses flung themselves off the roofs, the group would find themselves dodging ballistic bodies as even more undead filed out of the buildings. Virgil drew his blade and began to slice the creatures apart as they came near; catching some in mid-air. "Yup. Just like old times!"
  15. Rise of Angels

    You are most welcome sir! Here is the link For now just gonna have everyone go once per round. My posts will signify the start of a new round.