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  1. danzilla3

    Visiting Hours

    Issac felt himself heat up under his mask at the thought of Middy staying in his office, enticing ideas going through his head. The way she sprawled out on the couch in front of him wasn't doing much to help matters. Suddenly he remembered that the last time they had met, they had spent a good bit of time with their hands on the others behind. He had to wonder if this was such a good idea. Not that he minded his old friend crashing with him, but the idea of being tempted by something he couldn't have didn't seem very appealing to him. Still, he was a good friend, so there was only one thing he could say. "Of course, I'd be happy to have you- I mean let you stay here! As long as you don't mind the relative lack of privacy."
  2. danzilla3

    Highway to Hell

    The scout looked up at Zack, "We found Salamander tracks a few miles out! Guvners taking the rest of the scouts to raid the nest, but he told us to come let everyone know back here. 'Scuse me, but I gotta go let Thurgood know." The tracks had led about five miles to the east, to the remains of one of the giant trees that made up the jungle. Upon closer inspection it was clear that the base of the trunk had been hollowed out, and now covered up the entrance to a tunnel. Bones and other detritus left over from an untold amount of animals that had been dragged back to the lair littered the entrance. More than one human skull was present among the piles of bones, most likely the remains of unfortunate travelers or explorers. This was the entire reason that they were building this road; to keep things like this from happening. Sebastian gestured for the scouts to hold and turned to address them, "Alright, here's what we're gonna do. I'm going to go into the nest, kill as many as I can. I want all of you to stand ready out here, and kill any that manage to get past me. Understood?" Once the scouts nodded their affirmations, the Governor drew his sword and descended into the tunnel. The enclosed space was surprisingly dry, but broiling hot nonetheless, though the ground was soaked with some combination of blood and waste. When he had approached the tunnel, the smell had been almost overpowering, but now that he was in the nest, it was almost a physical presence. It was taking quite a bit of self-control to avoid throwing up, but such thoughts were put to the back of his mind when he heard rustling up ahead. He stood his ground for a few moments, listening for more movement when the first Salamander lunged at him. Steel flashed in the closed space, and the creatures head was struck from its shoulders; jaws still snapping as it hit the ground. Once the first one was down, a veritable wave descended upon him, a wall of flesh, claws, and teeth that threatened to consume him. Planting his feet, Sebastian's blade blurred as he whipped it through scything arcs faster than the eye could see. Any Salamander that got within striking distance was quickly sliced to pieces, and soon the horde moving seemed to be trying to move past him while the more feral ones continued their futile assault. The swordsman stood fast, having faith that the scouts behind him would be able to hold back the creatures that escaped him.
  3. danzilla3

    Harsh Treatment.

    Grant nodded, "I'll have my men bring over the documents with the information you seek. I also asked them to prepare a primer on the basic functions of a water treatment plant, just in case you need them. Oh, and there is another scientist I'd like you to meet to discuss the algal bloom. Don't worry, this one is a bit less eccentric than Mr. Graham." As he walked with Thurgood through the facility he suddenly felt as though he was being watched, though strangely it did not provoke any kind of paranoia. It was a familiar sensation, one that he knew he had felt before, but not for some time now. He turned to try and find the source of the feeling, but saw nothing when he did so. For just a moment, he thought he could feel a chill in the air, and suddenly he felt a pang of sadness in his chest. "Reyna..." After a few moments had passed, he shook his head, and continued following Thurgood.
  4. danzilla3

    To Arm, Or Not To Arm

    Grant looked over the documents, "As someone who is intimately familiar with such weaponry, I can say that these weapons seem exceptionally well designed. The expertise of your engineers is obvious just from viewing their designs." Indeed, these weapons seemed to take heavy inspiration from currently available firearms, and incorporate them into their own work. Don't fix what isn't broken as the old saying went, and the Prince was impressed that the creators had felt no need to reinvent the wheel when it came to making their weapons. He now felt better about the deal they were making for the weapons. Of course, he would have bought them anyway, just to facilitate good relations; but knowing they were quality products made it much easier. "I would be happy to purchase all three models, Mr. Ambassador."
  5. danzilla3

    Of Farewells and Dying Thots

    Patricia hadn't been happy when John decided to attend the Mistresses funeral, especially once he had let her in on the secret he had been keeping, but in the end she had relented. He'd had to assure her repeatedly that he and the supposedly deceased were nothing more than friends, and that their sexual relationship was long over. His lover had still seemed concerned, until he let her in on what he intended to do at the gathering. At that point, she had laughed harder then he had ever seen her laugh before, and gave her enthusiastic permission. Of course, the Mistress knew too, so he was clear on all fronts to have a little fun. When he came into view of the woman digging the hole for the coffin, or whatever would hold the remains to be lowered into, he grinned. He would wait for others to arrive before indulging in his little prank. Smiling, he hoped that the Mistress was watching from somewhere, because he was going to put on one hell of a show!
  6. danzilla3

    Destruction des morts

    "Just wanna be, wanna bewitch you in the moonlight!" Shikai cheerfully hummed the lyrics to his favorite song as he made his way to the Watch Fort, and the Embassy below it. This part of town was where most of the action had taken place, and so there weren't too many people left around; they having had enough sense to get out of dodge. In their place were burning buildings and scattered wreckage, along with the bodies of those who couldn't get out in time. He inspected such corpses as he went to see if any of them were worth turning into Friends, but it was a bust. Most of them were simply too damaged to be useful. "You there, stop!" Down the street to his right, he turned to see a group of five Watchmen coming towards him, swords drawn. He grinned, and with a flick of his wrists, snapped his blades into place before charging them with a maniacal cackle. Though they had seen him coming, the men obviously hadn't expected this turn of events, and by the time they had gotten their guard up, he was upon them. He jumped and hit he center man square in the chest, thrusting his claws deep into his chest. From there he pushed off his first victim and spun as he passed between the two guards next to him, cutting their faces and necks to shreds before landing in a crouch. Rising, he looked over his shoulder at the two remaining men. One survivor looked to the other and shouted, "Look for a Problem Solver! I'll hold him back!" Shikai smiled as the man ran away, letting him disappear from sight before bearing down on the last man standing. The man bellowed a defiant roar, and leveled his sword to charge at his attacker. The Zombie allowed the man to run him right through before impaling the man with his own blades. @amenities
  7. danzilla3

    Reunions Across Space

    John looked down at his lover with a small amount of concern evident on his face. It wasn't uncommon for Patricia to talk in her sleep, and when she did, she often talked of her children. Sometimes it sounded like she was remembering good times; birthdays, and holidays, and time spent together. Most of the time however it was more sorrowful then that; apologies to those no longer there, and tears shed for those she was separated from. While it was sometimes enough to just hold her, when things seemed to be getting too bad, he woke her up before she could wake up screaming. He turned towards her, stroking her hair to get her to awaken from her memories. When she looked at him he smiled and kissed her head. "Bad dreams?"
  8. danzilla3

    Blowing Off Steam

    SUMMARY: After discovering a previously unknown element now known as Vulcanium, Issac Graham has done a great deal of research on it, and is visited by Lord's Grant and Singlance. Once they arrive, he gives them a rundown of what he has learned during his experimentation. Afterwards, he takes the two men down into the labs, where he shows them some potential applications for the new mineral. Thurgood, promises to bring a sample of a mysterious metal for Issac to research. SHORT SUMMARY: Issac Graham explains what he's learned about the mysterious mineral known as Vulcanium. @Alexithymia @Csl
  9. danzilla3

    Blowing Off Steam

    "Ah yes," Issac said, "The byproducts. It seems when Vulcanium reacts with water it leaves behind a powdery substance, similar in composition to soot. Unfortunately, it is mildly caustic, but no more so than some of the more primitive forms of gunpowder. But if this metal you spoke of is as durable as you say, the problems caused by this should be easy to mitigate. And there are other ways to solve such a problem even if that doesn't work." The alchemist clapped his hands, "Well gentlemen, that's all I've got for you today, but I promise I'll have more for you soon!" Grant smiled, "Excellent work so far Mr. Graham. I look forward to seeing what else you and Thurgood come up with." The Prince gestured for Thurgood to follow him, and the two made their way out of the facility."
  10. danzilla3

    Visiting Hours

    "Wow. That sounds horrible Mid-, er, Linda," Issac replied, "I know what it's like to have to leave your life behind... but as long as your alive, you can always make something better! That's the way I look at it!." Setting the woman down, Issac took in the sight of his old friend, amazed at just how much she had changed over the short time he had known her. When they had first met, Linda Linda had been a shy boy, unsure of himself, yet eager to prove his worth. The second meeting had come with the revelation that Middy had become a woman, who was going by the nom de guerre, the Mistress. Now she had returned once more, with yet another new name; though her appearance was more or less the same. "And I can't believe your settling in Taen! We'll be practically right next door to each other!" he clapped his hands, "Come on, we can talk more in my office." One elevator ride later, Issac and Linda Linda would make the short walk to his office. It was a large room, larger than he really needed, but he supposed that was one o the perks of being the man in charge. He gestured or Linda Linda to sit on the couch, while he took the chair next to it. "This is where I spend my days... and nights sometimes. I even have a bed in here!"
  11. danzilla3

    Chapter 2: Kamikaze (LoD)

    It was a common myth that sharks could smell a drop of blood in the ocean from a mile away, but there was another aspect of their physiology that was even more astounding. A special organ allows sharks to sense the electrical fields surrounding a living beings body from miles away. The dying heartbeats of a mortally wounded sailor falling into the ocean would be as obvious to a shark as a giant neon sign in the dark of night. So if one person would be like a flare, the amount of bodies left behind by the Legion would be like a miniature sun. Athoxhyx had been tracking the Legion for some time now, having encountered a survivor of the Legion clinging to life aboard the wreckage of his ship. He had been beyond help, but had told the Nymerian of what happened before slipping away. While he had no love for humans, the dying mans mentions of hordes of monsters that they had with them had intrigued him. A hunter of beasts by trade, he had decided to follow them in the hopes of finding worthy prey. Though he had been days behind them, Athoxhyx was able to maintain a course while sleeping, and had caught up just as they were breaking through the glacier at Shawnee. When he jumped through the hole, he found that he was only moments behind, coming in behind the army. Several Ice Mongrels took notice of his arrival, and peeled off from the main force to charge him, some still covered in the blood of previous kills. Despite the beasts already charging him, he had already singled out his first hunt, a giant horned creature that stood tall among the smaller monsters. As the Mongrels closed in, six tentacles tipped with razor sharp bone sprang from his back, slicing the approaching beasts to pieces when they got close. Athoxhyx never broke stride as he charged the beast, gathering a bolt of lightening in his right hand while he ran. When he was close, he made a telekineticly assisted leap that put him astride the beast before he loosed the bold at its giant maw. @amenities
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  13. danzilla3

    Child of the Forest

    Grant nodded to Reece in acknowledgement, not bothering to ask how the boy had gotten past his security. It seemed that the being Reyna had planted in the garden was going to be taken care of by him for the time being, which suited the Prince just fine. He would have done anything if Reyna had asked him to, but finding time to take care of a newly reborn forest nymph while negotiating the unfamiliar waters of running an entire empire was daunting. Besides, Reece would take good care of the nymph, he had no doubt of that. "Right then. If that's settled, I'm going back to my room. Care to join me?"
  14. danzilla3

    Blowing Off Steam

    "No promises," Grant said with a grin. "Whatever you want big guy!" Issac pulled out a folder from his coat, "Anyway, I anticipated that you would want that info, so I printed it out beforehand. I'm sure you're eager to make some guns, but I do hope you'll give thought to other applications for Vulcanium as well." The newly discovered mineral had the potential to revolutionize life in Ursa Madeum, and the three men standing in that room were the ones acting as the gatekeepers. That was what Grant was thinking as he watched Issac and Thurgood talk. If they used this new resource right, there was no limit to what they could achieve, as Singlance himself had pointed out.
  15. danzilla3

    the Dead Celebrates.

    Name: Shokudo Shikai/The Zombie Favorites: Snacks - Calaveras del Azucar (Sugar Skulls), dumplings Drinks - Whiskey Scents - Lavender, wood smoke Colors - White, Black, Red, Green Hobbies: Experimentation, Reading, Dancing