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  1. "Begin!" A meaningful look was shared between the two Enforcer recruits as they faced down Grant. The Prince stood before them, stripped down to the waist and standing still as a statue, waiting for them to make a move. The tall man with the spear gained his courage first and closed some of the distance between them before letting loose with a series of thrusts. As he did that, his shorter, more muscular companion flanked to the right, and came in with an overhead slash. Grant parried a spear thrust and stepped in towards its wielder before jerking the weapon upwards to block the sword strike. Once the motion of the blade was arrested the Prince lashed out with a front kick that put the swordsman down before snapping the end off the spear. The spearman looked at his weapon and with only a second of hesitation adjusted his grip on it so he could swing it at Grant like a baseball bat. In response, the Prince leaned back as he lashed out with his nearest leg in a side kick that left the man sprawled out on the mat. The match ended just as the noon bell rang. "We'll leave it there for now," Grant bowed toward the class, "Time for lunch." The trainees all snapped off a salute before filing out of the room to the mess hall. Grant himself had an appointment with his mother to keep, or rather, one he was determined to keep. Taking a vacation had been her idea, but he had barely seen her. He was going to take her to lunch, drag her if necessary. She had been working too hard, and was still healing from her wounds besides. Though it wasn't like he could talk. He had only agreed to the vacation once Raveena had allowed his request to guest lecture the newest class of Enforcers. One quick shower later, he was dressed in a casual suit and headed to his mothers office. As he walked he wished that Delphine could have accompanied him on this trip, but she had been busy tying up loose ends in preparation for her departure from Ursa Madeum. He soon noticed that the palace was in more of an uproar than usual. Opening the door to his mothers office he fixed her with a curious look. "Is everything alright?"
  2. Intrigued by the idea of the extravagant alcohol, Noah nodded and turned his attention back to his drone while the drink was poured. Activating its thermal imaging function, he quickly scanned the gang hideout. It looked like there were ten men in the main room, with an additional six upstairs. Eyes blinking back to the present, he asked the bartender for a piece of paper and a pen. Once the confused man gave him the requested items, the androids hands blurred into motion. "There are a total of sixteen men, ten on the ground floor, and six on the second." As he spoke, he drew out a precise layout of the first and second floor of the building, along with the approximate positions of the men inside. Once that was done, he pondered Xartia's other question. "Local law enforcement files on the gangs leader are scarce, with even his identity unknown. However, gangs seem to break up and reform with some regularity. While it is unlikely that the members of the gang will reform, it seems unlikely they will pursue vengeance for their leader. I predict a 96 percent probability that they will simply be absorbed into other criminal organizations within the city."
  3. Iwa shrugged, and moved toward the closed door behind which chaos apparently lurked. Leon's hypothesis that they would only get once chance to use the magic-draining bottle seemed like a correct one to him. At the very least, it made sense to proceed under that assumption in the absence of knowledge otherwise. That would mean that the animated objects would need to be gathered into one spot, and pacified. Once they were distracted, the magic could be drained out of them. "Get them all in one place. I will pacify them." He tapped his cane upon the ground, and then seemed to disappear in a flash of light. Once cloaked, he opened the door and walked in.
  4. danzilla3

    Argentspire II: Escort

    Tafili began to root through his pack. Inside he found a bunch of extendable rods and heavy cloth tarps that would be used to set up tents. There were also a bunch of what he thought were called, Wickblooms. He knew the plants could be used as a light source, though the exact mechanics of how they did so were a mystery to him. However, his racing mind immediately came up with a use for the cloth. Mentally communicating with Guest, he had the parasite hold a wide piece of the heavy cloth in front of him. Pinning the flaming arrow to it, he launched his plan into action. The parasite inside him surged forward, dragging the cloth with him. Draping it over a cluster of the insects, it set off the arrow as it retreated. The cloth went up fast, and soon the bugs were burning underneath it. As Guest went back into his neck, he drew his pistol from his hip holster; readying himself for what would come next.
  5. Rufus sipped from his cup as he thought over the Queen's proposition. This was going considerably better than he had ever dared to hope. Svanhild seemed like a natural fit for his family, and he had hoped to broach the subject of a potential alliance with Varda during this meeting. It seemed that she was just as eager as he to gain an ally. Of course, by doing so he would make relations with the UM Alliance difficult. But the Alliance had barely acknowledged the existence of Viridis. By comparison, Svanhild had not only welcomed them, but even came to meet them. It seemed clear to him which side he should choose. He smiled at Varda, "I find your proposal quite agreeable your Highness. With your help, Viridis will reclaim what it has lost, and more besides. I look forward to a long, fruitful partnership." Clinking his glass against her's, he drained his glass and then asked, "It so happens that my father had plans to build a port city to the north of here, with our estate on the outer edge. What do you think?" @vielle
  6. Emotions and sensations not his own ripped through his body and mind, sending him to his knees. The question of fight or flight filled his mind and S6 struggled to make clear he would do neither. Fight seemed like a proposition he was unlikely to win right now. Flight was pointless to consider since there was nowhere that he could run. Still, he wasn't about to roll over and die. Never again would he be consigned to sleep unending. Not alone at any rate. "So for all that power, you're the same then," spat S6, "Seeing my as just an unwanted part of your son's psyche. Refusing to acknowledge me as the person that I am. Denying my right to exist!" Cracks spread throughout the mental room the two of them stood in like fissures splitting the ground in an earthquake. Memories flickered all around them, distorting and dissolving. A low rumble could now be felt all around them, one that grew louder with every passing second. "I will not disappear! You will not silence me! I'll destroy us both before I let that happen! I didn't choose to be born, but I deserve to exist! Do you hear me?! I DESERVE TO EXIST!" "I know." The image of Grant began to shift, blinking in and out of existence for a few moments before it finally solidified into the Prince himself. He moved to stand by his mother, threading his hand through hers for comfort and support. "We need to talk, S6."
  7. Might be a little slow until Monday.

  8. S6 regarded Raveena impassively for a few moments as he tried to figure out what to make of her. Eventually he shrugged, and the scene around them changed from the sterile laboratory to a house ablaze. Another version of Six was standing over the butchered corpse of what was once a human being. From a corner of the room, a woman and her child cowered and clung to one another. But he knew they were there, and a minute later they were dead as well. What was left no longer resembled anything human. "And so it went. I traveled around the world, killing people I'd never met for reasons I never knew. Probably never know the exact number of victims, but going by the ones I can remember I would say easily over a hundred." The world around them seemed to move like a tape on fast forward as he spoke. Dozens of different scenes of violence and carnage. Finally the scene stopped on an image of Grant sitting in a modest apartment. "When the job was done, they'd put me back in my cage, and he would take control again. I was supposed to be sleeping, but I found a way to stay awake. For a long time I looked for a way to break free. For a long time I got nothing. Then I figured it out." Now the scene shifted back to the laboratory. S6 was restrained to a large metal chair as multiple technicians worked around him. "Periodically they would recall us for what they called mental realignment, making sure that neither personality is becoming dominant over the other. During the procedure, both personalities are supposed to be asleep... but I didn't sleep." Without warning there was the shriek of tormented metal and a shower of sparks as the S6 in the memory tore free of his restraints. Most of the technicians were dead within seconds, and then the rampage continued. The only apt word to describe what happened to the people in the lab was, "Slaughter." By the time it was over blood was everywhere; pooling on the floor and covering the walls. Bits and pieces of those who had been torn apart littered the facility. Standing among it all was S6, triumphant. "I thought I had won... and I did get close. But the bastards at PROMETHEUS had one last trick up their sleeve. Somehow they remotely threw the switch again, causing me to lose control. But it wasn't perfect. For the first time he could remember the things that had been done to us. Then they used their failsafe, the implanted memories of his wife to get him under control. He continued working for them until your little vacation to the Beast Kings dungeons. You know the rest from there." The world became a black void, and S6 stood before Raveena and her companions. "So now you know all of it, eh? You really did go deep. I never intended for anyone to know all of that. Now I guess the question is, what do you want?"
  9. "I would very much like for you to meet them," Rufus replied, "They will not be joining us today, as their duties have called them away. But I'm sure that we will all meet gather together sometime soon." The pair passed through the great wooden doors of the manor, and after a bit of walking they were in the Main Hall. Of all the rooms in the building, this one had withstood the near century of neglect the best. Most of the restoration work had gone into polishing the wood and stone work, cleaning the windows, and replacing the banners and carpet. Banquet tables lined both sides of the main walkway, and house members could be found eating there at all times. Rufus led the Queen onto the raised stage upon which the Lord's table sat. He invited her to sit next to him, and then let his staff bring out trays of food. Once they had been served, he clanked his spoon against his cup to draw the attention of the Hall. "To Queen Varda of Svanhild, first of her line! Long may she rule!" Cheers erupted throughout the hall for a solid minute before things began to calm down. Once they did, Rufus turned his attention back to his guest. Before he spoke, he made a few hand signs, and suddenly the noise of the hall all but faded. "I was told there was a matter you wished to discuss with me your Highness. Please feel free to speak your mind, as I have ensured that this stage is cut off from the rest of the hall." @vielle
  10. "Do you hate him?" The question was repeated like a skipped record rather than a restatement. S6 seemed to be resisting the pull of some unseen force for a moment before he turned to face the old man again. "It's not a question of hatred. Why should I have to be the one to soak our hands in blood while his conscience remains unstained? He never even has to see their faces. Just goes to sleep, then wakes up to live in blissful ignorance. But I have no respite... not even in my dreams." Another quirk of the head, "You dream?" "Yes," S6 looked down at the floor, "I see their faces. Hear their screams. Their last moments play out before me endlessly." "So killing bothers you?" S6 looked almost offended, "Of course it does! I'm not heartless!" "Not yet." "What the hell does that mean?" The old man pulled a flask from his coat and took a sip before replying, "You were made to be a weapon. We thought that letting your minds remain close to normal human standards of morality would help prevent conflict with the minds of the Originals. But it is inhibiting your ability to do fulfill your purpose. Perhaps it is time to reconsider the mental shaping procedure." "Mental... Shaping?" "Don't worry. It's nothing bad. It will actually feel like a weight of your shoulders. When next you wake, the killing will no longer trouble you. You will in fact, enjoy it." S6 tried to lunge forward, held fast by the restraints, "You mean to turn me into a monster!?" The table began to lean back into its horizontal position, and S6 could no longer see the old man. "Don't worry. By the time this is over, you won't remember any of this." "But I did" Now S6 stood beside Raveena as they both watched another version of him placed into a terrible machine, one that intruded upon the sanctum of his mind to break and twist him into what he was now. His torment was felt by both of them in the form of ripping, tearing, burning agony. "As you can see, they were quite methodical. They didn't simply break me; they demolished my psyche and molded it to their purposes. Everything deemed unnecessary was torn of, burned away, stripped clean. But they were right. Soon the prospect of killing was like sex and a good meal. But through it all, I did manage to remember one thing." An image of Grant appeared before both of them, and S6 circled it as he spoke. "I hated him. He was the reason I had to suffer. And I would make him pay..."
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