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  1. Ankou didn't waste anymore time talking; and started to move further into the vast desert. For hours the group walked yet the scenery remained the same; barren, desolate land stretching for miles in all directions. If he had been relying solely on visual cues to navigate the wasteland then he would have no idea where he was. Truthfully, he still didn't know where he was. But the presence he had sensed upon arrival would grow stronger or weaker depending on which way he went. Using this, he would simply travel in the direction that caused the presence to grow stronger. Given how little there was out here, it seemed a sound strategy. Noon soon came, and the necromancer brought the group to a halt so that they could take a rest. After resting for a few moments on the sand, he hovered into the air to get a better look at their surroundings. To the east, he finally spotted some kind of structure stretching into the sky. From here it was barely a dot on the horizon, but it was something at least. He looked down to call out to his companions, and his blood froze. Emerging from the sand were three skeletons, bones bleached white by time and exposure, emerging from the sand behind his resting comrades. Flying full speed towards them, he shouted a warning. "BEHIND YOU!"
  2. When Iblis found that the stone would not allow him to retract his tendrils, he responded by not trying an further. Instead, he allowed his essence to flow through them; leaving behind an empty, but convincing shell in his place. While the earth magic within the stone peak was strong, the full weight of his power corrupted it. Once the defenses were down, he let a pulse of energy that turned the stone and earth into viscous, black liquid. The outcropping would collapse in on itself as the ground sank further and further in on itself. Now a pit of roiling, inky darkness swirled around the pit. THIS TRIAL IS NOT MINE ALONE The words were spoken with the force of a thousand voices talking at once. From the pit, the darkness surged upwards until it towered over the city in the distance. Now the darkness began to take shape. It's shape was humanoid enough to be familiar, but the swirling shadows that made up its form spoke only of death. Once it had formed. it swung a massive arm at the Hyperion Queen; lightning fast despite its size.
  3. Hey everybody! These are the dino's we will be encountering on this adventure. @supernal can this be moved to the OOC section?
  4. danzilla3

    A Lost World

    "I'll see what I can do," Sebastian promised, "Let's get moving." As the group moved east out of the Wetlands, the air decreased in humidity but gained a slight chill. It would only get colder the closer they got to Sierra Ossa, but it seemed unlikely that there would be any kind of reptiles in the mountains. The buffer zone between the two quadrants didn't have the giant trees of the Moss Forest, but there was quite a bit of vegetation there. Currently Sebastian was looking for the campsite the last witnesses said they had left behind in their panic. He found it under an outcropping of rock; a tent and a hastily dashed fire. "Our most recent witnesses saw the creatures around here," he called out, "Look for clues, but don't stray too far."
  5. Nede. Back when he was a boy he had read about that fabled land in the pages of a book taken from the body of an unfortunate passerby. A land a million acres long, presided over by gods and goddesses who shaped reality simply by being. Nothing lasts forever though, and the Garden eventually fell to ruin. Ankou knew better than most that such stories often contained a kernel of truth. Stories about him for example had spread throughout the world after he had chosen to disappear. But while he would never outright dismiss the legends, he never thought that he would stand on its shores. Yet here he was. Desolation was aptly named, as there was naught but desert as far as the eye could see. The skies were dark, and despite the sandy surroundings, there was a slight chill in the air. Though there seemed to be nothing for miles around, Ankou knew he felt something shift as soon as he had set foot here. The Lord of this place undoubtedly knew he was here. The necromancer had no doubt that the ancient being would act soon enough. "Let's get moving," he said to his companions. @Ataraxy @Thotification @Chemister_Kaane
  6. Som didn't need Sera's help to get out of the way; though he appreciated it nonetheless. For a few moments he simply stood on the sidelines, watching the two companions as they pummeled Montis into the dirt. The ground shook under their assault, and it seemed like this might be the end for the Titan. But something was off. Montis wasn't reacting to the assault of the two women anymore. It seemed like the giant was now nothing more than dead rock. That was when the ground shook in earnest. "It's a decoy!" he called out. He didn't know if the pair had heard him before the ground began to quake in earnest. Now the ground underneath the massive form gave way, and the resulting sinkhole began to swallow up more and more of the valley. A great roar signaled a plume of fire that rose from the pit; and the rock and dirt turned to lava under the immense heat. The pit widened until it was nearly a mile across, and only the gods knew how deep. Then a figure began to emerge from the molten stone. It was ten feet if it was an inch, and it's features were carved into a sinister grin. "Well shit," Som muttered, "Is this you're true form? Or just a last resort?" Either way he called out to the women, "Hey, you guys alright?!"
  7. Everrun is currently in the process of being revamped. We might be able to do a plot like that later, but right now doesn't really work.
  8. You have a good concept! Maybe you're library can create entirely new books based on a visitors desire.
  9. Sebastian sat on the stage and patiently listened to his citizens air their grievances; most of which involved a horde of wild pigs. He was no stranger to the ire of those who showed up to these meetings. This however seemed different. In his time as Governor he had rarely seen the populace as incensed as they were right now. But he supposed it was natural; given the havoc the creatures were wreaking. But he had already been forming a plan before today's meeting, Now he just needed the audience to quiet down long enough for him to lay it out. The swordsman rose to his feet and slammed the tip of his sheathed sword down into the wooden stage. A sound like a gunshot rang out through the room, and the masses quickly grew silent. "I would like to thank you all for coming here to inform us of this problem. We are of course aware of it, and are working on a solution. In fact, our solution just walked through the door. You have the floor Thurgood, Aveline." @notmuch_23
  10. The good news, as Merrick saw it, was that they were dealing with rioters instead of one of the more organized groups running amok, Bad news was that amateurs could be even more dangerous then professionals. If they started panicking there was no telling what kind of stupidity they might get up to. A hostage situation was less than ideal, but they would have to deal with it; and quickly. The longer the situation played out, the more likely it was that the civilians would be coming out of the station in body bags. Kwan was asking for suggestions, so he would offer his appraisal. "I'd recommend breaching from multiple entry points; hit them hard and fast. Specter can provide overwatch; let us know if any of their friends show up, or pick off any runners." He'd used this strategy countless times in the past; with great success. Send your enemy reeling and then throw the knockout punch while their still off balance. It was one of the most basic plays in the business, but the basics are basics because they work.
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