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    Continuing Prometheus

    I would take security consultation. I have several characters who would be perfect.
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    LF Quest partner!

    I'm down!
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    Steeped in Moonlight (Artifact)

    Ankou was never sure how to feel around Venus; Lilith's most unquestioningly loyal subject. While he did respect her power and agency compared to lesser thralls, he sometimes wondered if it was wise to allow her so much sentience. Mostly this was because the thrall seemed to hold no small amount of resentment towards him. Perhaps there was enough of a mind there to feel jealous of his position in Lilith's coven. Still, her disdain had never crossed into outright hostility; probably because she was smart enough to know better than to challenge him openly. For now he could put up with her disparaging glances as long as she continued to be useful. The news that the Scythe was on the move was disconcerting, but it just meant they would have to move quickly to achieve their goal. Lilith was already off, telling him not to fall behind. Unfortunately, he hadn't brought a mount, but he didn't really need one either. He clenched his fist, and focused on the ring on his right hand that held a brilliant ruby; which began to glow as he did so. Maria. There was a flash of red light, and then Ankou felt the sorceress spirit flow through him, giving him access to her power and knowledge. For now all he needed was a simple levitation spell. With a thought, he was lifted into the air, and propelled forward; following Ziva and Lilith.
  4. danzilla3

    Here's Johnny! (Quest)

    John looked behind him, and a smile more genuine than his usual one spread across his face, "Anouk! Great to see you again dear girl!" The drug lord and the young woman had met in the town of Everrun, where he had been repaying a debt to some villagers who had been driven out of their town by bandits. Anouk had been one of the people to answer his call for help, and had helped him take down a guard outpost standing in the way of a counterattack. Sadly, once that was done she had disappeared, and John had always wondered what happened to her. He had always assumed that she had been called away on some urgent matter; but he couldn't rule out the possibility she was dead. Seeing her alive was therefore a cause for joy. He gestured for Kil and Thurgood to hang back at the bar, and gestured for Anouk to follow him upstairs. When they were in the hallway outside his room, he turned to face his former comrade. "So. What did you want to talk about?"
  5. danzilla3

    LF Quest partner!

    They were in a faction thread. John was leading a bunch of villagers and volunteers to take back their town from bandits.
  6. danzilla3

    LF Quest partner!

    We have an interest check, but I never made an OOC. If you have questions, I can probably answer them. Also, it would be interesting for Anouk to try to oppose John, He normally deals with problems by killing them, so it would be cool to see how he deals with someone he can't let interfer in his business, but also likes to much to kill.
  7. danzilla3

    LF Quest partner!

    Here ya go! John spread word about this shindig far and wide, if your looking for a reason why Anouk would be there.
  8. danzilla3


    Two buildings leaning on each other sounded like a good idea, but despite the devastation all around them, Virgil just didn't see anything that met the criteria. As things stood, they couldn't just pick a building still standing and fight their way up; as they would surely be followed by the hoard that was slowly but surely following them. But from street level they were flying blind, with few surviving landmarks to guide their way. Getting off the street was wise for any number of reasons, but how could they do so without trapping themselves? No answers were forthcoming, and it was starting to piss him off. A noise to his right alerted him to an undead shambling toward him, arms outstretched, blood and filth dripping from its maw. With a flick of his wrist he decapitated the monstrosity, and that was when he saw it. The building to his right was leaning noticeably toward the street at not quite a forty five degree angle. A quick comparison of the building across from it revealed that it was at least a few stories taller than building on the left. The idea that began to take form in his head was reckless and dangerous; but from his point of view, not any more dangerous then remaining on the street. Drawing his caster gun once again, he pointed it at the leaning building and pulled the trigger. A comet of bright red energy rocketed from the barrel of the gun and slammed into the side of the building. Rubble began to fall from the site of the impact, but for a moment Virgil wasn't sure it would have the desired effect. Then there was a tremendous groaning sound, and the building began to fall toward the street. As the building fell, furniture and debris began to slide out of the windows of the building, threatening to crush the men under a rain of wreckage. "Get inside!" Virgil hoped he could be heard over the sound of the falling building, and sprinted toward the door of the structure. Without slowing down, he rammed through the door and was greeted with a reception desk in front of a flight of stairs. The old soldier slid under the stairwell just as more debris began to rain down. With all the dust in the air he couldn't see any of his friends, so he just had to hope they were alright. And that they knew him well enough not to be too pissed off.
  9. danzilla3

    LF Quest partner!

    I too would hear what you got in mind! Also, since you were in a thread with my character John Wilder before you left, you might feel free to stop in on the party he's having in Taen!
  10. danzilla3

    Barbarian Beatdown (Trial of the Runesword)

    Ben shook Xahlafael's hand, "Ben." Not long after the young man had introduced himself, the young anthro cat that had been watching his table for a while chose that moment to saunter over. The woman hadn't done a bad job of concealing herself, but she had a few things working against her. One, her species wasn't exactly common around these parts, and two, Ben had been doing this a long time. He had chosen this table because it allowed him the best view of the entire room; and anyone coming or going. But ultimately it didn't matter. As long as both of these people could hold their own in a fight, that was all he cared about. He gestured for them both to sit, and only began to speak when they were both seated. "I'll get right down to it. There's some barbarians menacing a Runestone mine not far from here. We are going to retake the place, and fend off the inevitable counter attack. My prize will be a Runestone sword. As for you two, you'll be well compensated for your troubles. Besides your pay, if you happen to see a chunk of Runestone or something that catches your eye... well, just be subtle about it alright?" Ben spread his hands, "So do we have a deal?"
  11. danzilla3

    Suspicions of High Treason

    The paperwork on display was considerable, but even it failed to do justice to the scope of the corruption that the files indicated. All governments had some corruption, and any that said different were even more corrupt than the others. But this... this was something special. Usually the goal of any group of bent government officials was simply to line their own pockets with the taxpayers money. But these guys were engaged in witness tampering, bribery, resale of confiscated drugs and weapons. All of it seemed to point to a goal of overthrowing the Terrenus Federal Government. Joshua didn't take much interest in politics; but something like this would have repercussions for everyone in the nation, from the very top, all the way to the lowest citizen. It was something that couldn't be allowed. When he looked up from the file it seemed that they had moved onto discussing the first target that they were going to hit. Security seemed pretty solid, which made sense considering how much FIST brass was going to be in attendance. Joshua was impressed at how much raw data the detective had managed to gather on this. Now other members of the group were beginning to sound off with ideas for infiltration. "Maybe we don't need to go that far," replied Joshua, picking up a piece of paper and pointing to a FIST official who would be attending the meeting, "You see this guy? Head of his security detail's an old friend of mine. Owes me his life. I call in a favor, and we can have ears in that room no problem."
  12. danzilla3

    High Treason in Terrenus [Civil War]

    I'll post tonight!
  13. Som whooped loudly as he flew through the air; propelled by twin jets of flame from his feet that, while he used smaller jets from his hands to stabilize himself. Ever since the Red Dawn he had made it a point to work on his flying skills so that he could increase his mobility, and gain a new angle to attack enemies from. How devastatingly effective it would have been if he could have swooped down on the Tyrant King's soldiers, raining fire down on them from on high? It had taken a while to transform his jet assisted jumps into anything resembling flight, but through lots of practice and plenty of crashes, he had finally managed, and he loved it. It could be argued his landings could still use a bit of work though. As he soared through the sky, he looked down at the thousand or so men as they marched towards the stronghold they would be fixing up. With the war in UM having ended so recently, he had been surprised when Titus had ordered them to mobilize again so soon. As he understood it, the Archangel was concerned that with a civil war on, and no real leadership in the Blue area, it would be easy for someone like the recently deceased King Damien to take control. Som didn't disagree, and had volunteered to go with the force to help things along. He was a General after all, and where the army went, he would follow. Descending toward the head of the column, Som cut his flames and came to a mostly graceful landing besides Artemis and Teresa; quickly transitioning into an ambling stride. He zipped up the black vest he wore; and grinned amicably. "First an Emperor, now an Empress. Seems like I just keep running into royalty these days."
  14. danzilla3

    Steeped in Moonlight (Artifact)

    Ankou sat silently as Lilith explained what would need to be done to retrieve the Scythe, and let him in a bit on her grand plan. Whatever it was seemed to involve spreading her disease into Ignatz. Given how nasty the trial version had been, he could only imagine what the perfected version would look like. Of course, if the Scythe was really as powerful as she said it was, he would be able to come up with a disease far more deadly than the plague currently spreading could ever be. The older necromancer was already toying with ideas in his head; and he had several promising ones already. The only problem was that the artifact was located in an unknown church in a city full of them. Ignatz was one of the most religious cities on the continent, and there were houses of worship practically on every corner. Given Lilith's preferred method of attaining her goals, they would draw quite a bit of attention to themselves as soon as they began the search. He wasn't worried to much about the city guards, but such a brazen attack would draw the attention of Peacekeepers in no time. Of course, once he found the Scythe, he would be the equal of any Peachekeeper, or at least damn close. Provided they moved quickly and didn't let themselves get bogged down fighting the locals, there was no reason the plan couldn't work. He looked up at Lilith, "Then it would appear we are Ignatz bound."
  15. danzilla3

    Beating Down Barbarians for Fun and Profit (Umbra)

    Last call for this round of posting.