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  1. She ran her hand through her hair, leaving his body unsure whether to tense up or relax into her touch; though he seemed to be leaning towards the latter. Maybe he was paying more attention after her attempt to ditch him, or perhaps it was because she was so very close to him, but he found himself noticing little things he hadn't before. For example, the way her eyes roamed over his new appearance; clearly appreciating what she saw. Then there was the way she seemed to flex and inspect the hand she had run through his hair; as though trying to understand some new sensation. Jacob wasn't sure what it all meant; or maybe it was more accurate to say he didn't know if he wanted to acknowledge what it could mean. The prospect both thrilled and frightened him; and this wasn't the time for it anyway. He nods when she tells him of the strange people she spotted in the back of the club, and begins moving through the writhing masses with her. It didn't take long for him to notice how careful Lilium was being to make sure she kept one step ahead of him at all times. Something was growing between them, and it was becoming impossible to deny. Soon the came upon the edge of the crowd, their targets coming into view. Jacob couldn't be sure what motivated his next move; whether it was common sense, or a need to confirm what he's seeing. Reaching out for her hand, he spun her to face him; pulling her so close that he's sure she can hear his heart pounding in his chest. Keeping up the charade, he danced with her; eyes never leaving her gaze. For a few minutes nothing else mattered but this dance, and the beautiful doctor. Eventually the rational part of his brain kicked itself into gear, and he remembered to ask her a question. "Those are the guys, right?"
  2. John was unused to hunting with such primitive equipment; although ironically it didn't get more primitive than chasing down prey on foot before dispatching it by hand. Still, it was a simple task to untangle the net he was handed. He smiled when the woman introduced herself. "John Wilder. Pleasure to meet you." He threw the rope up to the elf as she climbed to get a better view of their surroundings. For his part, John relied on his finely tuned senses to monitor for signs that their elusive targets were nearby. Hearing one off to his side, he lunged, leaving the elf to pull the rope on her Allop by herself. As quick as the creatures were, he almost failed to grab it, but as his hands closed around the creature, he knew he had succeeded. The creature tried to squirm its way out of his grip, but he soothed it as he placed it into one of the provided bags. "Calm now little one," he comforted, hands stroking the small creatures head through the net, "No harm will come to you." By the time he arrived back at the ball, his captured allop seemed to be almost at ease in his gentle grasp. Perhaps it was his recent experience with soothing small children, or maybe he just had a way with animals, but the creature seemed content to remain with him for now. Once he arrived at the ball, he changed into a lovely suit before making his way to the bar.
  3. Grant gave a small smile, and shook the offered hand, "Grant Knight. A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Severos." Requesting a tumbler of whiskey from the waitress, he would take a moment to appraise the man sitting across from him; which also gave Kaige a moment to consider the gravity of the situation. It wasn't often that the Imperial Prince summoned a demon hunter for a meeting in a bar. Not to mention the added tension of being summoned by the son of the woman Kaige was romantically involved with. There was no way that the other man didn't know what this was about; and if he were as clever as Raveena had implied, he'd probably known an encounter like this was coming. First impressions were favorable. Skilled warriors could recognize another of their kind, and Grant could tell that Severos was no stranger to battle. The armor and weapon were obvious giveaways, but there were more subtle signs as well. The way he moved, how he held himself, the way he took in the entirety of the room without visibly looking. Of course, he had also looked into the hunters reputation, and found him highly regarded. Once the drinks arrived, he took a long sip of the amber liquid before breaking the silence. "I'm sure you can guess why you're here; in addition to the job mentioned in the letter of course. But first I want to ask you two questions; what have you heard about me, and more importantly, what do you think of my mother?" The inquiry about himself was a test of sorts that Kaige was meant to fail. Publicly, Grant was a prince, and known to be the head of the Web. Secretly, he had also created his own black ops outfit known as Aphelion; an organization so secretive that not even Raveena knew of its existence. Kaige was the sort of person who would hear rumors of such things, and if he had heard about Aphelion, it meant there was a serious problem.
  4. If Cole hadn't been drinking prior to meeting with Spencer Morris there was a very good chance that the encounter would have devolved into violence about ten minutes in. Not that he was drunk, or even really buzzed; but that boilermaker had been enough to take the edge off of talking to the old bastard. Racism and misogyny were an unfortunate fact of life in the States, but Morris took it to a level that would make your average Klan member tell him to tone it down. Blacks, Mexicans, Italians, Asians, the Irish, all of them were frequent targets of the super's verbal abuse. Not that he was above taking their money; though it was well known among the other tenets that he charged anyone who wasn't his preferred flavor of white man extra. Somehow, he was even worse when it came to women. When Cole had first brought Regina onboard, he had done his best to keep her out of Morris' sight; but it was inevitable that they would meet eventually. His heart had sunk like a stone when he'd heard the geezer holler out a lecherous remark towards her. With the patience and grace of a saint, she had managed to remain polite, both then and in every future encounter. Truth be told, he sometimes wished she would lose her cool. Cole sure as hell couldn't blow his top when she kept calm in the face of the disgusting things their super slobbered at her. "Shoulda brought yer partner wit ya boy," Morris croaked from across his desk, "Woulda loved ta get a look at that sweet little ass." Cole gripped the arms of his chair so hard his knuckles were white, "I'll thank you to keep a civil tongue in your mouth when you talk about my partner." "Ah, quit yer bitchin," Morris scoffed, "What's yer problem? Ya sweet on the wop?" The question riled Cole up more than usual because he couldn't be sure if Morris was being insightful, or just an asshole. Just the thought that the old man might be able to see through him like that angered him to an unreasonable degree. He had to count to ten before continuing. "I just need an address," he managed, "Clark Price's secretary. Give it to me and we can be rid of each other." Morris stared at him, faded blue eyes unreadable before he rose from his chair and limp to a filing cabinet. He searched a few drawers before he pulled a manila folder out and sat back down across from Cole; an ugly little smile stretching his lips. "If I give ya this, yer gonna owe me a favor. Ya know that, right?" Cole did, and the thought of being in the super's debt made him want to vomit up everything he'd eaten since the third grade. But short of beating the man and taking it, there was no other way to get that file. As tempting a prospect as that was, he knew it wasn't a viable option. "Fine. What do you want?" "Not yet," Morris grinned, sliding the folder over to Cole, "But don you go forgettin." Unsure he could trust himself to speak, Cole nodded and snatched the file before standing up and storming out of the super's office. Returning to his own office, he walked over to Regina and handed her the file. Morris' remark about his feelings for her echoed in his head, leaving him unable to look her in the eye. "You drive."
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    "Are you kidding? I can't remember the last time I had this much fun!" Issac couldn't remember the last time he and Linda had spent this much uninterrupted time together; and was certain that they'd never had a day out like this before. Prior to this trip, the couple had only been able to spend a scant few days or a week at most with each other before she had to leave again. Of course they kept in touch through messages and the occasional video or voice chat; but it was hard on both of them. Now they could spend as much time together as they wanted; wake up next to each other each day, and fall asleep beside each other every night. Laughing as she poked his cheek, he gave her finger a playful nip before continuing. "I... I never asked you to stay with me before. Not because I didn't want to, but because it would have been unfair to ask you to give up your obligations to be with me. But now you're here, and it feels like I'm living in a dream!"
  6. "You needn't worry," Ren assured her, "We must all start somewhere. I assure you, I will not ask anything of you that I don't think you can handle. Of course, I will also be closely supervising your training." Setting his cup aside, the Shangdi got to his feet and gestured for Lapelle to follow him as he made his way to the center of the courtyard. In the middle of the ground lay a yin-yang symbol carved from white and black marble. Kneeling before the small white circle in the black half of the symbol, he placed his hand upon it and channeled his Ki through the hidden mechanism. The ground rumbled as the black marble began to descend into the earth, forming stairs lit by white lamps embedded in the walls. Leading Lapelle down into the spiraling staircase, the pair would walk for a few minutes before they emerged into a dark room. Once they had exited, the stairs retracted into the ceiling, leaving the master and his new student in complete darkness. "Remain still for just a moment please." Placing his hands together, Ren focused his Ki; causing a brilliant white light to shimmer between his palms. Then he kneeled down and released the gathered energy into lines carved into the floor below. The light spread throughout the room, lighting up four great murals on each wall. On one wall was a depiction of a roaring tiger illuminated in white light. Across from this was a mural of a great turtle, lit up with black light. The left wall showed a fierce dragon soaring through the sky, lit up in blue. The right showed a phoenix, wings spread wide and glowing in purple. "These are the Shi Shen, the four gods who taught the founder of our school the four styles that comprise Tiandi Wushu. Please look at the murals, and then ask me whatever questions you have about the Shen and their styles."
  7. "Waste of fucking breath." About half an hour had passed since the detectives had left their office; giving them the standard warning not to go anywhere, and to call if they remembered anything useful. They'd been split up for their interviews, but Cole suspected that his partner was as unimpressed with the representatives of law enforcement they had dealt with. He'd been paired with a Detective Baker, a man with salt and pepper hair, eyes the color of his dull grey suit, and a demeanor that suggested he was just trying to tolerate the home stretch before retirement. Baker had asked Cole to give his account of what happened, dutifully listening to the veteran and asking for the occasional clarification. It might have been more convincing if the man had been writing any of it down. Once it was done, he'd asked a few questions about his relationship with Pierce, then declared they were finished. Before leaving, Baker had made it very clear that there would be dire consequences for talking to the press. It was the most animated the man had been during the entire interview. Then he'd left, along with his partner, whose name Cole hadn't caught. Now Cole sat behind his desk, drinking from a tumbler of whiskey that he kept in the bottom drawer of his desk for celebrations and disappointments alike. He'd poured Regina a glass as well; figuring she could probably use a drink too. If not, he'd happily down it in her stead. "Didn't even write anything down," he grumbled, "Only thing I can't figure is, are they lazy, or trying to sweep this under the rug for some reason..." He sighed, "Either way, we ain't letting this go. Pierce had a receptionist right? I didn't see her in the office before... well, before."
  8. By now it barely phased him. Grant's childhood, at least the parts that he could recall, were marked by long periods of his fathers absence; broken up by short periods of his presence. Eventually Rowan disappeared for so long that his son had set out to find him; a journey that had changed the course of his life. Years later parent and child would meet again, and Grant would gain a mother in addition to regaining a father. Unfortunately, some things never changed, and that included Rowan's proclivity for disappearing for long stretches without warning. This most recent return was promised to be the last, with the King Consort promising to spend more time at home to figure out his new powers; along with playing a greater hand in raising Grant's younger siblings. Foolishly, the Prince had allowed himself to hope that maybe this time would be different. Maybe they could be a family again. Once again his hopes had turned out to be wishful thinking when his mother informed him that Rowan had left in order to better understand the new power that he wielded. Emotional scar tissue accumulated over his thirty-three years dulled his own pain at the news. No, he was more concerned about James and Surya; though both had so far taken the news admirably well. Still, he knew that it hurt to have a parent leave, and he made sure to talk with them often to make sure they were getting along okay. Lencio and Gillium were doing well too, but he wasn't sure how close they had been to Rowan. Now he was stepping into the role of father in addition to older brother, and he wasn't sure the newest mantle would ever feel like it fit. Raveena herself bore this latest departure with all the grace and dignity one might expect from an Empress; though he knew that it hurt her in ways she did not show. Sometimes Grant felt like a failure as her adopted son; never able to give her the love and comfort that she had given him so many times. He knew there were burdens that she could not share with him. Things that were beyond his capability to aid her with. Still, he tried to do what he could to make life even a little bit easier for her. Naturally once he'd heard about the new man in her life, he felt the need to know more about the man. Kaige Severos was famed as a demon hunter of peerless skill; and the rumors asserted that he was the newest of his mothers lovers. Grant had known about the later before even the tabloids, and had waited to see how things would develop before taking any action. Now that the two had grown quite close, the Prince had decided it was time for him to meet Kaige, and take his own measure of the man. To facilitate this, Grant had contacted the man with a job, and told the hunter to meet him at a bar just outside the warehouse district. Now he sat at a table in the rear of the room, waiting for Kaige to appear. @The Hummingbird @Malintzin
  9. Do you still believe in all the things That you stood by before? I hope they're on the front lines Or at home keeping score Do you care to be the layer of the bricks that seal your fate Or would you rather be the architect Of what we might create?
  10. Aden had done his part, so all that was left was watching Michelle seal the deal with much the same kind of elegant wordplay and subtle flattery that Phoebe often employed. He thought the two of them would probably get along; although it was possible that they might be too similar, and end up in a struggle for dominance. That particular mental image held his minds eye for just a moment before he shoed it away and focused on the meeting as it approached its end. It seemed it had been a successful outing, and he hadn't even had to kill anyone! When Michelle mentioned the man in the Oni mask, Aden's eyebrow quirked up in surprise. He hadn't planned on mentioning the stranger, and had been curious as to whether or not the women would. Then he stood up, and bowed to their host. He spoke once more before leaving the room. "Thank you for seeing us. May our paths cross again one day."
  11. The boy's appetite was voracious, and for a moment Shikai was taken back to himself during his teenage years; back when he still worked at the brothel. One of the few good things about that wretched place was that food was plentiful for the workers. It was a business calculation of course; emaciated shells were less attractive to potential clients; plus, it served as an incentive for the prostitutes to behave, lest it be taken away from them. Everything had worked like that in that hell. Any luxury granted was never for the happiness or wellbeing of the workers; but for the profit of the pimps. Baths were allowed because no one wanted to sleep with a dirty, foul-smelling prostitute. Clean clothes were given to them so they would look more enticing to the John's. If the bastards could have made more money by keeping them starved and filthy, they would have done so without a second thought. Shaking his head to dispel the unpleasant thoughts, he ate with his student in companionable silence. No words needed to be spoken; the presence of another person was enough to alleviate the loneliness that often accompanied mealtimes. When Ash was done, he inquired about a place to sleep. "That couch folds out," he offered, "Spare bedding in the closet too. Feel free to spend the night!"
  12. Ben regarded the foul-mouthed little girl for a moment before barking out a laugh. He glanced at Bodice and gestured toward Leila, amusement evident from the way his black eyes sparkled. "Look at this one! Barely out of training pants, and she already has more balls than half the men in this school!" Truthfully, the girl reminded him a bit of himself when he was that age. Back then he'd already been stronger than most grown men, despite having the physical stature of a twelve-year old boy. Leila was obviously smarter than most of the adults around her, and he would have bet money that it bought her about as little respect from those adults as his superior strength had earned him. Society didn't care about merit. Appearance was everything; and if you were under a certain age, it didn't matter if you could outperform everyone else. You were just a child, and children were to be seen and not heard. The giant man strode forward to tower over the girl before turning back to the Headmistress. "This one's on my squad," he grinned down at the girl, "She can be the brains, and I'll provide the muscle."
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