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  1. Grant grinned as he felt the warmth of Delphine's spell flowing through him, "Eventful is good, the uninvited guests are the problem." Activating the MERLIN implant in his body, the prince's body was surrounded by a faint light, and radiated a gentle heat. The pirate vessel was within jumping range, but he would have to be careful. If he pushed off the deck of his ship with too much force he might shatter the deck, or even punch a hole through it. Luckily he had become quite well acquainted with his strength over the years. Gauging the distance between the two ships, he nodded to himself before glancing back to his lover. "Cover me." With that, he jumped into the air; pushing the boat down into the water somewhat. Sailing through the air, he drew his revolver and fired six shots before he landed on the deck of the pirate vessel; scoring three fatal shots, two injuries, and one miss. Nobodies perfect. Plucking a speed loader from his belt, he dodged the attack of a large dark-skinned man with a club as he popped the ammo into his gun and put a bullet into the head of the pirate behind him. The first pirate turned back in time to catch a bullet of his own between the eyes. This process repeated itself four more times, Grant dodging an attack before putting down the attacker with a single bullet. Once his gun had run dry, he used the durable revolver to block and deflect attacks before lashing out with powerful blows of his own. Arrows whistled through the air to strike down enemies encroaching on him, Delphine watching over him like an avenging angel. Eventually one of the pirates got lucky, and knocked the firearm out of his hands with an upward strike before reversing direction for a downward stroke. Grant caught the blade between his hands and then stepped to the side as he levered the man into a throw that sent him flying into the mast with a sickening crunch of bones. Suddenly there was a deep basso bellow from below deck, and the remaining pirates stopped their attack and backed away to form a loose circle around the prince. A number of rough looking men emerged from the lower decks; and large, thudding footsteps shook the ship as something ascended the stairs. The source of those steps turned out to be a gigantic reptilian man, body so thick with muscle it seemed his skin would split. He was carrying a battle axe the size of a small child, and he was stalking toward Grant with menace in his eyes. Grant, prepared himself for battle, but was distracted by the sound of something huge breaching the surface of the water. Turning to look back at his ship, he saw some kind of submersible coming up right beside the craft. Multiple hatches popped open and pirates began swarming out, aiming to board the vessel. "Delphine..."
  2. "That sounds great. It looks like you have this handled." Grant was more than happy with the way things had turned out; an for the first time in months, he felt like the future was bright. He had been unsure about returning to Ursa Madeum, not sure he deserved his position there after Hyperion. Raveena had convinced him otherwise, but he had largely been going through the motions until the proposal for the Roads had crossed his desk. The trade route would lead UM into a new golden age, and Senaria would be a part of it. He would be forever grateful to House Mythal for giving him the opportunity. Even in his most optimistic dreams however, could he have imagined meeting a woman like Delphine. She had awoken a passion that had lain dormant in him after his last lover had disappeared. It felt like she could understand his pain, his burdens, and was happy to share them, as he would hers. He had fallen deeply in love with her today, and he knew the feeling would not fade. The prince took her hands in his and said, "I have to return home now but... I would like to see you again. Perhaps we could exchange letters until our next meeting?"
  3. Grant knew that she was right; and she wasn't the first person to remind him that he was only a man, and not a god. While he was more powerful than most, he was still fallible, and there were still limits to what he could do. Deep down he knew that he had done everything he could to save the city. But somehow when he closed his eyes and saw the faces of those he couldn't protect, it didn't feel like enough. Somehow though, he would have to make it enough. If he didn't, he would never be able to protect anyone the next time. Returning her hand squeeze, the prince looked down at his lover and was reminded once more why he had come to love her so quickly. It wasn't simply that she was beautiful; although only a blind man would deny that she was. Her compassion, her intelligence, her consideration for others all amazed him. A person who had been through the ordeals she had would be well within their rights to withdraw into themselves and never come out. But though she clearly had those feelings, she fought against them; and was a better person for it. "As long as I can protect the people I love," he said, moving his head closer to her, "I'll find a way to live with it." Their lips were practically touching when he heard the ringing of bells, and the shouts and jeers of violent men. Getting to his feet, he looked and saw exactly what he feared he would. "Pirates."
  4. House Mythal seemed to have their city planned down to the finest details; and he would have expected no less. When he had first heard the details of the Vigilant Roads plan, he had been impressed by the scope of ambition on display; as well as the level of thought put into it. Mythal was aware that their trade route would never be achieved through their efforts alone. The plan had been designed to include multiple partners, and he had been all to happy to become one of them. "This looks pretty good," he said, "My only remaining concern is the native Thracians. They have agreed to give us stewardship of this land under the stipulation that we will use it to better the lives of all. I trust that you will have no problem dealing with them fairly?"
  5. Eiji hadn't been watching So closely enough to see the exact moment the man disappeared from the room; but there were other ways he noticed. The sudden disappearance of one of the scents and heartbeats from the room was a dead give away. Upon seeing the note on the floor, he allowed himself a small smile. That smile grew ever so slightly when Aegis agreed to join the clan. Now the only holdout was Shi, the enigmatic assassin. It was almost endearing the way he tried to stir things up; but Eiji wasn't so foolish as to see the true meaning behind it. "If the day comes when one of my subordinates can defeat me," he said, a fierce smile on his face, "Then they will have earned the right to rule this clan." A moment passed before he relaxed and spoke again, "As for the order of business, it is simple. I only wish to know whether or not you will join Shokan."
  6. Merrick had been sitting alone in the modest apartment he rented above the small bar in Hell's Kitchen where he worked; the lights off, listening to the sounds of chaos outside. A bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label sat on the kitchen counter in front of him, waiting to be opened. Smoke drifted from the cigarette held between his fingers, the soft glow at the end eerie in the darkness. He had quit smoking years ago, save for special occasions. The end of the civilized world seemed like a good enough reason for him to indulge before he was called to face it. The former Ranger had been wearing his contacts during his waking hours for days; knowing full well what was coming. Ever since Dark Winter, they had been waiting for a situation like this. Waiting and praying, though he had never put much stock in the latter. But he did believe in the old boy scout motto; be prepared. It was part of the reason he had joined the SHD when they had approached him all those years ago. For over a decade now, he had prepared for the crisis he knew would eventually come; even if he could not predict what form it would take. Now as his smart watch pulsed with light and sound, he knew what he had to do. ISAC booted up in no time, and he was soon greeted with the same message that hundreds of others would also be seeing. He listened to the voice of the president and internalized the important details. The Green Poison. Executive Order 51. Restore order and rebuild society by any means necessary. At the very end was a reminder; that the American people were depending on them. Unnecessary. They all knew what their task was. Kruger put out his cigarette in a nearby ashtray before twisting the lid off of the bottle of whiskey; and poured himself two fingers into a plain tumbler. He downed the amber liquid in one gulp, enjoying the burning sensation that trailed down his throat and bloomed in his chest before he got up. As he walked to his bedroom he ordered ISAC to scan for contaminants, silently pleased when the surrounding area came up clean. He opened his walk-in closet and placed his hand on an innocuous section of wall. Pushing in, a lever clicked, and the hidden panel slid away to reveal a safe, which he opened by placing his watch in the center. His gear was simple, but designed for maximum efficiency. Simple, warm clothing, and the latest generation of tactical vest accounted for his attire. A backpack with three days of rations, a small medical kit, a thermal blanket, and water purification tablets and spare ammo. An M4 carbine and an M1911 handgun made up his main armaments, with a few knives and grenades rounding it out. A particulate mask and filters where the last part of his kit. Scanning for frequencies as he got kitted out, and it wasn't long before a slightly panicked sounding voice came over the comm. The poor guy sounded like he'd been roused from sleep, so he didn't take the breach of protocol too seriously. "Callsigns only on the radio. I'll rendezvous with you at the park. Fiver out." With that, he walked out of his apartment, and with one last fond look at the life he had built, left for the Brooklyn Bridge.
  7. danzilla3


    I love shit like this. For example, my character Tanner Lake is an explosives expert; and his name is derived from the explosive tannerite, and the China Lake grenade launcher. Shokudo Shikai, my ninja zombie's name is Japanese for, "Cannibal Corpse." My necromancer Ankou Lethe is named after two gods of death. Pyromancer Som Basil is named after a popular drink in Thailand. I could go on, but I would basically just be listing out my entire character roster 😂
  8. Merrick Kruger statistics Callsign: Fiver Title: Agent Visual Age: 35 Birth Place: Johannesberg, South Africa Race: Caucasian Alignment: Chaotic Good Gender: Male Occupation: Bartender Physiology Hair: Short, black, trimmed beard. Eyes: Brown Height: 6'2 Weight: 180 lbs Voice: Tenor Build: Athletic Condition: Healthy Clothing •Blue jacket, Grey long sleeve shirt, black pants, black boots, grey beanie Skills Expert in Hand-to-Hand Combat Expert Marksman Special Operations Training Inventory Contact Lense Smart Watch M4 Carbine with spotting laser and reflex sight M1911 Pistol Multiple Knives Grenades. Psychological Profile Born in South Africa, but moved to the US with his parents at an early age. Enlisted in the Army right out of high school. Quickly recruited into the Ranger program, and upon completion was assigned to the 3rd Ranger Battalion of the 75th Ranger Regiment. Kruger saw extensive deployment in the Middle East during the War on Terror. Recruited into SHD in 2011, and was a part of the First Wave activated to defend Manhattan. Polite and amicable, Kruger maintains a professional distance from most of his colleagues. Always pragmatic, he will negotiate or fight as the situation dictates. Though preferring to work alone, he has no problem working in groups.
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    Time will tell

    Grant Knight was one of the last to arrive; owing to the fact that he had gotten underway slightly late. The night before had been a trying one; and his sleep had been fraught with nightmares. Fortunately for him, he had a great deal of experience at moving in a hurry, and he had quickly showered, dressed, and departed from the manor. Now he ascends the stage, glad to see that he has been placed between allies and friends. He had worn his sidearm, an enchanted revolver, on the off chance things ended up going in a violent direction. Knowing Aveline, it seemed likely that she had a few weapons tucked away as well. "Aveline," he deliberately omitted the, 'Lady' part for her benefit, "I see you brought your charter. I'm glad. You make many fair proposals. Hopefully the council will give them consideration." Turning to Varda, he bowed, "Lady Hildebrand. I'm glad to see you well. Silas tells me you to have been getting better acquainted these last few months." The last part was accompanied with a knowing, approving smile. As he settled in, he glanced across the table to see the representatives of House Mythal; and among them his lover Delphine. When he caught her eye, he gave her a sly wink, and a warm grin.
  10. The plan had gone off without a hitch, and soon they were the proud owners of the statue; and had attracted the attention of the creepy obsidian man. It wasn't long after that they found themselves in some kind of vehicle that was tailor made to show off how rich its owner was. Cain warned him that Keli was probably going to try to kill him and black when they arrived; which didn't surprise the shinobi at all. Fighting while protecting Black would be difficult, but he was fairly certain that he could do it. As soon as they were through the front door, Shikai was already planning. Keli had barely finished speaking before he slung his arm around Black's shoulder and boisterously dragged him toward the lounge. While they walked, he spoke under his breath so that the man could hear him. "Listen up. These guys are gonna try to kill us in a few minutes. When they do, get behind the bar and take cover. I'll handle them and tell you when it's safe to come out."
  11. That works for me! Although it'll be more like, "until the hydra arrives." LMAO!
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