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  1. Shikai and Darcoza hadn't stayed still for long after their clash caved in the floor. Dancing among the rubble, the two of them leapt from one wrecked piece of stone to another; blades flashing as they passed by one another. On a technical level, the PRIME was a much better swordsman than The Zombie General; and had no problem inflicting numerous cuts on his body. Shikai however, had the sharper reflexes of the pair, allowing him to dodge and twist out of the way of debilitating strikes. Eventually when the two met, the General's sword shattered under the impact. The two passed by each other once more, and this time Darcoza lunged with intent to kill. But unbeknownst to her, she was playing right into Shikai's hands. As the PRIME flew toward what she assumed to be an unarmed and vulnerable opponent, the Zombie grinned and a black fog surrounded his right hand. An instant later the Legendary Blade Mykur appeared in his hand. With a flick of his wrist, he sent a blade of pressure flying through the air toward Darcoza. The surprised woman moved to dodge, but too late, and the attack cleanly severed her sword arm. Eyes burning with hatred, Darcoza allowed herself to fall down the hole the two had created. Shikai had now doubt that she was still alive, and so he followed her down; ready to finish the fight.
  2. You can't put a price on the joy of having a friend exclaim, "CHECKPOINT!" when he meant to say, "Checkmate!."

    1. supernal


      They were trying to save the game

  3. CURRENT Art by Temari2013 NAME: Shokudo ShikaiIS A(N): Human/ZombieGENDER: MaleAGE: 30MARITAL STATUS: SingleSEXUAL PREFERENCE: PansexualHEIGHT: 6'2 WEIGHT: 180 lbs.ALIGNMENT: Neutral EvilSTATUS: Alive (except when he's not)EYES: Green/Red during Revenant ModeSKIN: Slightly pale/very pale in RMHAIR: Long, black. Much of it falls out in RM, and grows back upon reversion to base state.BODY: Lean muscle, slightly gaunt.OUTFIT: Civilian, mission, maskPERSONALITY: Extrovert, friendly, cheerful, upbeatABILITIES: Zombie and Body Modification NinjutsuPARAPHERNALIA: Mykur, shuriken, explosive tags, wireCURRENT THREAD(S): thread link(s)BIOGRAPHY Shikai's positive disposition belies a traumatic past. Orphaned at the age of five by a bandit attack, young Shikai was taken in by the Madame of a local brothel. From the start it was made clear to the boy that he would be expected to pull his weight if he hoped to stay. At first this took the form of cleaning, cooking, and running errands for The Madame and her prostitutes. Growing up in this environment taught him that to love is to allow oneself to be used, with sex being the ultimate expression of love. On his fourteenth birthday, he was forced to begin selling his body to earn his keep. Unfortunately, Shikai's warped view of love left him feeling as though the people who loved him would always leave. Eventually he killed a customer at the conclusion of their encounter, and fled from the only home he had ever known. Relentlessly pursued by both the authorities as well as The Madame's enforcers, Shikai eventually found refuge in an ancient library. As fate would have it, the library was a repository of information pertaining to an ancient clan of shinobi. Everything from the clan's history, to their fighting styles was contained within that forgotten place. A natural learner, he absorbed as much as he could. When the thugs found him next time, he was ready. In the aftermath of that battle, he had raised his former attackers from the dead, finding that they helped to ease the loneliness he constantly felt. Many years passed, with Shikai gaining a fearsome reputation as a serial killer/assassin. A few years ago he was recruited into The Dead right before the operation in Tia. He has since excelled in the organization, gaining the rank of General and becoming one of their most powerful warriors.PERSONALITY Shikai is a naturally cheerful person, frequently in a good mood that he does his best to share with others. Ever the optimist, he does his best to believe that things will work out for him and his associates. He makes friends easily, and is always willing to help them; whether that entails listening to them vent their frustrations, or accompanying them on dangerous missions. Once his loyalty is earned, he is generally loyal for life. Despite his genuinely cheerful nature, Shikai still suffers from the trauma of his past; even though he claims to have moved past it. Part of his desire for friendship is a craving for affection that was often withheld from him by The Madame. He is terrified of loosing people, and the thought of his friends being hurt inspires equal parts rage and fear inside him. To Shikai, love is someone allowing another person to use them; with the ultimate expression of love being sex. This renders him unable to differentiate physical intimacy from emotional intimacy. Because of this, his history as a prostitute has left him with the impression that everyone he loves leaves him. As a result, he is resistant to physical intimacy for fear of being hurt by another, "Betrayal."POWERS AND ABILITIES Shikai has trained himself as a shinobi, and as such is an incredibly deadly warrior. He excels in hand-to-hand combat; able to easily fight multiple opponents at once, and keep pace with the most skilled fighters. His physical stats are all firmly in superhuman territory. Like all shinobi, he is able to channel his energy for a variety of purposes both in and out of battle. Proficient with most weapons, he has recently put an emphasis on swordsmanship. Detailed knowledge of the human body also makes him a highly effective medic. He is also a talented singer and musician, with knowledge of multiple instruments. Revenant Jutsu Shitai's main technique, and the basis for most of his other jutsu; which when activated, Shitai gains the abilities of a zombie, enhanced. In this state Shitai cannot be killed by any physical injury that does not harm his brain. In addition, he is able to surpass the normal limits of his body; granting him enhanced speed and strength. He also gains a minor healing factor that can be boosted by consuming living flesh. Funeral March This technique allows Shitai to reanimate the dead by imbuing them with a portion of his chakra. While this technique is active, Shitai controls his, "Friends," through a mental link. The corpses do not regain their personalities and cannot use magic or jutsu, but can still perform physically like they could while alive. This technique can only be activated when Revenant mode is active, but Friends made this way may be controlled even in base form. The corpse must still have an intact brain for this jutsu to work. Contagion A jutsu that allows Shitai to take control over a living person. The jutsu is activated when the user bites their target and injects them with their chakra. From the bite wound the chakra spreads until it reaches the brain, at which point Shitai can control the victim. Though fearsome, this jutsu can be countered a few ways. Those with good chakra control can slow or even halt the spread of Contagion. If a limb is bitten, removing the extremity before the chakra spreads to the brain will stop the jutsu. Finally, a strong willed user can resist the control, or even ignore it entirely. Like Funeral March, Contagion can only be used in Revenant mode. Body Modification A jutsu that allows the user to alter their body in countless ways. Users can increase and decrease their muscle mass, burn fat reserves, kickstart their healing process, and more beyond. PARAPHERNALIAMykur: One of the Lost Blades of Power. Shikai is currently in the process of fully awakening it. Shinobi Tools: Shikai carries a wide variety of equipment into the field. Among these are wire, medical equipment, shurikens, explosive tags, and more.APPEARANCE Shikai is a tall young man with a lean yet toned body. His skin is slightly pale, and his black hair goes down to his shoulders.
  4. He'd taken the stage in a conservative black business suit, white dress shirt underneath with a red tie completing the ensemble. For this occasion he had cut his hair short, dying it the fringes red and leaving a few careless strands falling on his face. The song blaring and thumping in the background hadn't been of Shikai's choosing, but it fit well enough with the aesthetic of The Red Door. Everywhere open space was filled with attractive patrons dancing or crowded around small raised platforms like the one he was on. On these platforms men and women alike danced to the delight of the clientele. Lining the walls were small booths for those seeking a bit of privacy, along with a bar that served more than just alcohol. Neon lights buzzed with lurid heat; illuminating the room in shades of red, purple, and blue. As the opening beats of the song rang out, he undid the buttons of his suit jacket one by one. By the time the music began to pick up, he had taken the garment off entirely and let it drop to the floor. Once the chorus began he tore open the dress shirt to reveal the pale, toned skin underneath. Things went on like this until he stood bare from the waist up; his audience paying him their unwavering attention. It had been his job to scout the club, and from his vantage point he could see just about every corner of the room. Earlier he had reconed the tunnels Phoebe and Ash would take to enter the establishment. Now he was more or less keeping an eye on things. As he unfastened his belt, he hoped the others would be here soon! Amirah sat at her desk, watching the hustle and bustle of the club on her computer with no small degree of satisfaction. Despite the warning of rain, plenty of people had still turned out for their nightly revelry. Creating such a loyal customer base had been no small feat. It had required her to get the best drugs, the hottest dancers, top shelf booze, and DJ's other clubs would kill to have. Seeing her investment pay off made it all worth it. Rising from her desk, she walked to the private elevator in the corner of her office. She would ride it to the top of the building to the VIP era, where she would be meeting with potential investors she hoped to lure in.
  5. He had been away when it happened. For some reason that knowledge filled him with a regret deeper than he had ever known in his long life. Why should it matter if he was there to see his child be born into the world? As one of the people raising it, wouldn't he see plenty of it in the years to come? Logically it didn't make sense, but the contrition he felt would not subside. He could only hope that seeing Claudette and the child safe would help the feeling fade. Emotions were new to him, and he still didn't entirely understand which external stimulus would trigger what emotional response. The battle with the Sun Empress had left an unexpected mark on him it seemed. Whether the effect was permanent remained to be seen; but for now he would have to deal with it as best he could. Practically bursting through the front door, the maid directed him up the stairs of the house to the master bedroom he and Claudette shared. There he would find mother and child, the former holding the latter. Cautious not to disturb anything, he moved to stand beside his lover. "Is it..." he trailed off. @Rin
  6. Adam was a born salesman, and John took a shine to him almost immediately; but it was the hardware he had come for. The great machine was every bit as impressive in person as it had been in the vids he had watched. His heart began to beat a bit faster; the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. It took him a moment to calm himself again; but he somehow managed it. Should things go as he hoped, today would be a memorable day indeed. John made his way over to the table with the food and loaded up a plate with a little bit of everything. He would forgo the alcoholic beverages until after the demonstration; best to keep a clear head for that kind of thing. He sat down in one of the seats and smiled when Adam spoke to him. "Let the games begin!"
  7. "Money is no object to me Mr. Barron. Your price is acceptable. Furthermore, should you do well, you can consider any friend of yours under my protection." Aiden was a kind of world weary that was rare among people decades older than him; and John couldn't help but wonder what the boys life had been like to make him that way. Ultimately though, the question was an idle curiosity compared to his surprise that the boy didn't know him. John wasn't the type to bask in his own reputation, but he knew that he had one; and that most of New Everrun knew it too. John WIlder, former leader of The Wild Hearts gang; a legend for his ruthless nature, and incredible prowess in battle. Oh well. Maybe Aiden didn't read the news. "Should you find yourself in over your head, my personal comm frequency is in that drive. Call me, and I'll come bail you out. Do keep in mind though that this would be an extra favor not included in your reward. You would owe me a favor in turn." Walking to the edge of the building, he stopped and looked back. "And Aiden... I like using outlaws because nobody makes a fuss if I gut them for overstepping their bounds." John walked off the edge, plummeting to ground level in seconds. If Aiden went to look, he would see John wave to him one last time as he got into a waiting car and drove off into the night. @Michael Bloodfang
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    Fade Out

    <Fuck you. We need a fall guy. I got no choice. I'm hitting Henderson then Neon Trails. Got a crew of assholes and a fucking reporter with me. Get ahead of this.> "Fucking asshole," growled Skender as the link was cut off. If Tak had been doing his job, then this shit wouldn't be happening in the first place! Now they were gonna have to sacrifice Henderson at the very least; but a sinking feeling in his gut told him the cost would probably keep rising. The supplier wasn't answering his calls at the moment; which meant that he had to decide how to move forward. When this shit went wrong, he would be the one saddled with the blame. Taking a deep breath, he sat down behind his desk and took a drag of his third cigarette of the hour as he gathered his thoughts. Fucking John Wilder! Okay. Focus. Anyone with a brain could dope out that Tak was heading for Neon Trails. Knowing where the assholes were going to be meant that he could plan ahead accordingly. The best idea he had was to send some heavy badasses to take care of the problem. It wasn't a permanent solution, but it might buy him some time to get in touch with the supplier and work out a solid plan of action. Skender opened up a comm link and to the proprietor of Neon Trails, a bitch named Daisy, and told her to keep the gang there, and to get a message to Tak about what was coming. Once that was done, he called up the emergency number the Supplier had given him in case he needed a higher tier of muscle. Almost immediately, a calm voice came over the link, "Yes?" "Neon Trails. Two guys, sending you photos. Third guy is off limits." "Understood." The link went dead, and Skender leaned back in his chair. With any luck, this would all be over soon. @Twitterpated @Noko @Peach @Malintzin
  9. Emile had pulled the trigger the moment he heard Michael say, "shoot," and a bullet was flying through the air before the rest of the sentence was spoken. An instant later The Dealer's head was blown clean off his shoulders by the high-speed projectile. Having already switched his scope to thermal, he immediately acquired his next target; one of the guards inside the room with his superior. Thrice more he repeated the process, and a minute later both The Dealer and all four of his guards were dead. "Clear, but they know we're here now. I'll keep them busy while you get the slaves out." Zooming out, Emile could now see multiple guards making their way to the building where Michael was. He picked off two before the rest took the hint and found cover among the ramshackle huts and random boulders that littered the camp.
  10. "Can do, buddy!" The five Friends the General had sent to accompany Black split off from the main fleet to silently make their way to the Southeast corner of the estate. In life they hadn't been all that impressive, but under Shikai's control he was able to bring out the fullest potential of their bodies. Moving like trained shinobi, they were able to easily infiltrate the estate grounds and hold position out of sight of the guards. They would stay hidden until Black gave the signal to attack. "Just give the word, and the fireworks will start!" Shikai himself was wandering through the market district, dressed like your average citizen out for a day of shopping. When chaos broke out, he would be at ground zero, ready to take whatever he pleased from the shops.
  11. I'm down for a party. It would be an interesting scenario to explore.
  12. Li'el did not immediately comment on his leaders declaration that he would save the unfortunate men and women inside that holding room. Personally, he found it somewhat irresponsible to say such things within earshot of others. A little hope could be a dangerous thing. If the doctors were to tell the victims, or even just spread word to other people in their lives, an expectation of salvation might develop. Should they then fail, it would be more devastating to morale than if they had said nothing. Hope could easily lead to despair, and despair was far harder to dispel than it was to inspire hope. But... he wasn't sure Michael would fail. If someone had asked Li if he thought he would ever return to the Gaian faith, he would have chided them for asking such a foolish question. Yet somehow the Peacekeeper had managed to convince him to renew his faith; even if only tentatively. Perhaps helping these people was not impossible. Difficult, unlikely, but not impossible. Folding his arms and leaning against a wall, Li asked, "What's your plan?"
  13. Emile had to restrain himself from flinching away from Major Metireal as he took a seat at the table next to him. As a rule, he shied away from physical contact except for those he was close to; mostly family, but also a few friends and lovers. But he was a professional, and he would control himself and get through the debrief. Taking a moment to consider his superior officers question, he eventually began to speak. "Overwatch turned out to be a vital part of this operation. Without it, the ground team would have been taken by surprise when reinforcements arrived. I would posit that Snipers be sent out on raids like this more often." "The spotter drones continue to be an invaluable asset in the field, but I would also recommend that future recruits continue to be taught how to do things manually. Currently the drones can only process one target at a time, and is slow to switch targets at times." "As for the team I went in with, I have only positive things to say. Captain Hawk and Private Camuel are both consummate professionals, and I would have no reservations working with them again.
  14. Okay... so y'all kind of threw me for a loop by splitting up! I think I understand where everyone is, but just to help me out, would you guys mind telling me where you all are at the end of your lasts posts? I very much appreciate it!
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