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  1. Tanner watched as a ladder appeared out of nowhere on the side of the tower. Luna and the hostage went first, instructing the grenadier to follow after them while Leo brought up the rear. When the first two were down, Tanner looked back at Leo for confirmation, and at the boy's urging, he moved toward the ladder. Then he had an idea. He pulled a special grenade from his belt and handed it to the illusionist. "When your ready to leave, pull the pin and throw it towards the door. It's on a longer fuse than the others, so you'll have about a minute to make sure your not in the room when it blows.' Tanner then clapped the boy on the shoulder and descended the ladder.
  2. Sebastian had been running for about ten minutes when the humanoid creature approached him; speaking first in a language he didn't recognize before switching to the common tongue. The creatures bronze skin, horns, and plant like hair marked it as a Mork'Outh. If the swordsman recalled what he had read correctly; they were a mostly pacifistic species indigenous to Taen. The one talking to him spoke in fractured common; but Sebastian was pretty sure he was getting the general idea. "The bird man and the shadow man are friends of mine," Sebastian said, "I'm trying to reach them, but the streets are crawling with monstrosities" Before Sebastian could say anything more, a great shriek ripped through the air. When the swordsman looked up at the Hydra, he saw one of its heads spray a fountain of blood into the air as Titus pressed his attack. As he watched, the archangel dodged another of the creatures heads, and struck back with a blow that only seemed to enrage the beast. A moment later there was a sound like a great sheet of metal being rent apart. It took Sebastian a moment to realize that the sound wasn't actually a sound in the traditional sense; but was seemingly coming from inside his mind. It was only then that he noticed the sword in his hand trembling with excitement. At first the warrior couldn't figure out where this sudden outburst was coming from. Then he remembered that Titus had wounded the Hydra badly enough to make it bleed. That had to be what the sword was reacting to. Sebastian tried his best to mentally calm his blade as he normally would; but the weapon refused to calm itself. The swordsman could see fleeing citizens brought to their knees by the sound; although he couldn't see at the moment if it was affecting the Mork'Outh. Finally, Sebastian placed the palm of his left hand on the blade, and drew a shallow cut along his palm. As his blood flowed down the blade, the sound began to diminish, an a few moments later it was gone. Sebastian sighed and got back to his feet. He Looked at the Mork'Outh and spoke. "If you can get me to my friends; I'll do whatever I can to stop this."
  3. By tomorrow evening, I will have something up!
  4. Som didn't know who the two recently arrived women were, but Titus seemed to know at least one of them; so he remained quiet as the two women spoke their piece. The pyromancer didn't understand everything they were talking about; but he understood that the women were offering a way to take some of the enemy cities without fighting. While he was always skeptical of such claims; he did understand the sentiment behind them. War was a terrible thing; and though he himself enjoyed a good fight, he understood the impulse of others to try to stop the bloodshed. Soon the group were all following Titus down a dilapidated hallway on the way to the interrogation room. Som didn't know much about architecture; even he could see that the hall had once been well cared for. As they walked he could feel one of the women seemingly appraising him as they walked. In response he looked over and grinned in a hopefully friendly manner. Then he faced forward and followed Titus until they reached the chamber.
  5. Tanner listened to Leo's plan with a tiny bit of amusement. Blow something up huh? Perhaps he and the young man didn't think quite so differently after all. Still, an explosion in such a confined space presented no small degree of risk for the four people in the room. But by the sound of it, there was no better path waiting for them on the other side of the door. The grenadier dropped the stolen sword and unslung his launcher from over his shoulder. As he loaded the gun, he spoke to the others, "Close your eyes, open your mouths, and cover your ears." Tanner snapped the gun up to his shoulder and took aim at the slit in the wall. He exhaled, and pulled the trigger; turning away from the blast immediately after. The round hit it's target with a roar of sound and a bloom of heat. Tanner grunted in pain as debris pelted his back, but otherwise stood firm. A few moments later he turned to see the large hole he had blown in the structure. "Alright kid, there's your exit. What now?"
  6. Rhys listened to the young man's story with equal parts interest and sympathy. When he was finished the ring master didn't say anything; as he felt that any kind of pity or platitude would sound hollow coming from a stranger. There were a few moments of silence afterwards were no one seemed to know what to say. To that end, he figured he might as well get his story out of the way. "Long story short, seventy years ago I found this thing in a ruin," Rhys held up his right arm to show the silver band around his right wrist, "I don't know what it is, or who made it, but I seem to have gained a form of semi-immortality from it. That's about it."
  7. Rhys floated through the air toward the destination written on the black piece of paper that had showed up in his possession with no trace of how it got there. To most, the platform he stood atop would look like a five foot wide disk with a small hole in the center, but it had started out similar in size and shape to the silver wristband he wore on his right arm. But seventy years had given him plenty of time to figure out just how much one could do with the basic shape of a ring. Not that he looked his ninety year age, just another benefit of the artifact that he had come to cal, 'Circus." By the time Rhys arrived at the meet up everybody else had already showed up. They were an interesting looking bunch; a tired looking man with strange eyes, a man dressed like a grim reaper, and a woman holding a blue cat standing next to a tiger. He willed the ring down to the ground and stepped off. The large ring then seemed to break into a thousand pieces of light, and were absorbed back into circus. "Is this the meeting place?"
  8. [BASICS] First name: Rhys Surname: Vollerkries Nicknames: Ringleader, Rhys of the Rings. Alignment: Chaotic Good Race: Human Marital Status: Single Gender: Male Age:90 [PHYSICAL] Voice: Tenor Eyes: Green Complexion: Fair Height: 6'0 Weight: 180 Build: Athletic Hair: Short, black, messy. Tattoos/markings: None [MENTAL] Demeanor: Friendly, inquisitive, guarded. Hopes: To find out who made Circus. Fears: How Circus may be changing him. Likes: Books on history, travelling, exploring. Dislikes: People trying to steal Circus. [GEAR] Black trousers, gray waistcoat over a dark blue tunic with the right sleeve cut off at the elbow, canteen. [WEAPONS] Circus Circus is a weapon that normally appears to be a silver band worn on Rhys's wrist. The ring can generate a seemingly infinite amount of other rings of variable shapes and sized. The rings can be used for various purposes; including making restraints, platforms, blades, and so on. The weapon itself has no name as far as anyone knows, so Rhys gave it the name, "Circus," as a pun on the notion of a three ring circus. [STRENGTHS] Proficient in using his rings in all manner of ways, semi-immortality granted by Circus. [WEAKNESSES] Despite the life prolonging effect Circus seems to grant; Rhys is still human, and can die from wounds that would kill a human. [SKILLS] Seasoned explorer, historian, can perform some first aid. [FAMILY] None. Rhys was a young man when he explored a forgotten ruin and found the weapon that he would later name Circus. Out of curiosity, Rhys put the item on, only to find that he could not take it back off. He would later discover that the ring could produce other rings of varying sizes that could be utilized for multiple purposes. Over time it also became clear that something about Circus has dramatically slowed his aging process, as despite being nearly a century old, he still looks like a man in his twenties. Now Rhys is driven to find out more about the artifact that has had such a profound impact on his life.
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  12. Tanner was most of the way up the stairs when he heard Leo's voice telling him to get out. Of course, the bomber hadn't planned out his escape route beforehand; he hadn't anticipated splitting up with the twins, and he had thought he would just leave with them. He thought about it for a moment and decided that this was still the most prudent course of action . Thinking back; he had heard the a woman's shriek just a fem moments before Leo spoke. Reasoning that as he was near the top floor, and he knew the scream had come from above him; that he would try to catch up with them. A few minutes later the mercenary emerged from the stairwell in time to see the pair coming toward him with a third person he assumed to be the hostage. He hoisted the sword over his shoulder and waved to them as he approached. "I hope you have an idea on how to get out of here, because there are entirely too many bandits back the front way."
  13. Aw, I is last
  14. The flier he had read had mentioned something about going after a bunch of, quote, "Leather jacketed shits,". It had however failed to mention the wonderful ambiance of the city that Mal Fortunis now walked through. The mercenary had been in munitions dumps that seemed less likely to blow at the slightest spark than this place. But if there was one thing he had learned in Last Chance, it was that a bunch of criminals running roughshod over the local populace tended to bring the mood down in a city. Mal inwardly shuddered at the thought of the hometown he had been forced to flee. It was a humbling feeling; having to run to an entirely new continent with all that was left of your worldly possessions on your person. He pulled his flask from his jacket and took a sip; just enough to calm the nerves. No sense in getting impaired before what was likely to be a fight. When he arrived at the address on the flier, the door was already open, and he could hear voices coming from inside. He poked his head in and saw two men, a small man who looked to have more clockwork in him than the nearest watch shop, and a dour looking man standing next to a bear. The clockwork man beckoned him to come inside, and he did so. The man said something about a shindig, and Mal grinned. "A shindig huh? Haven't been to one of those in a while. Had to make due with hoedowns in between shennanigans."
  15. Tanner was running towards the main building of the fortress when he saw the door to the structure start to open. He pulled another frag grenade, pulled the pin, and lobbed the explosive through the opening door. A second later the heavy door was blown halfway open by the force of the blast. The mercenary was through the entrance just moments after the explosion; and he turned and began to pull the door closed with all his strength. He managed to get it closed just before the first bandits could get there, and slammed the bar down to block it. Before the bomber could even catch his breath, he was grabbed from behind; one strong arm wrapped around his neck. The unseen assailant dragged Tanner away from the door as another bandit stepped around from behind the first to stand in front of him; sword in hand. The bomber noticed that half the bandits face was covered in blood, and he was covered head to toe in dirt. Tanner deduced that the two men must have survived the blast that had killed everyone else in the room. The sword wielding bandit began to advance, sword raising to strike a killing blow. Tanner leaned back into the man holding him, raised up both feet, and kicked out at the man. The force was sufficient to push the swordsman into the door, and caused the bomber and the bandit to fall to the floor. Though the mans grip loosened, he still managed to retain his grip. The swordsman recovered quickly and moved to stand over the prone men; sword pointed downward at the bombers chest. That was the moment when Tanner let go of the primed flash bang that he had been holding since he had gone to the floor. He opened his mouth and closed his eyes just before the grenade went off with a blinding flash, and a thunderous bang. Tanner's ears rang, and he felt like his head was being pounded by a hammer; but he was still focused enough to feel the grip of the man behind him disappear, and he rolled off him to the right. Though blinded and disoriented by the blast, the swordsman was already to far into his movement to stop; and he plunged his blade into his comrades gut. Before he could recover, Tanner got to his feet, pulled a knife from the swordsman's belt, and plunged it into the mans neck. The man made a few choking gasps before he fell on top of his friend. Tanner took a deep breath, and in the now silent room he could hear shouting coming from upstairs. Knowing that his explosives would be of limited use in such confined spaces. he picked up the dead bandits sword before heading upstairs.