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  1. Iblis gratefully took the glass, and sipped before speaking again. "My dear, one does not try to be interesting, one simply is, or isn't. The fact that I am here talking to you means that to me, you are already more interesting than most. You have ambition, and more than that, the will to see that ambition through. Many possess one of these traits, but to find both in one person is rarer than you might think." The djinn took another sip and continued, "So the end goal of this plague is the revival of this cult you speak of. You plan to twist your victims into willing participants. A cunning plan, I admit. But in my experience, the best way to sway people to your cause is not mind control or other such things, as they can be broken. No, what you must do is figure out what you wish to achieve once you have formed this cult. Then you can rally them to your banner. And this plague... it will be more than just a way to dredge up some followers. It will be proof that you can do what you say you will." Iblis drained his glass and inspected it, "You know, this is really quite delicious."
  2. danzilla3

    A Night To Remember (Open)

    The sudden discharge of energy as Solomon's spell reminded John of the time he had picked up a downed power line as a dare. His muscles contracted, and pain overwhelmed his senses for a few moments, his vision going white as the energy coursed through his body. When the effects began to subside a few seconds later, he found that he had fallen to one knee, and that his nose was bleeding. A dull roar came from his right, and a bullet whizzed past his head, and he looked in the direction it had come to find a bodyguard advancing on him, pointing a handgun at his head. The man had the drop on him, but he had made the mistake of getting too close, and Jack grabbed his wrist, pointing the weapon toward the ceiling and then squeezing. A popping, crunching sound signaled the mans wrist breaking, and the man fell to his knees, where John backhanded him into unconsciousness. Jack didn't have to be told twice, and he charged for the door with Solomon still draped over his shoulder. As he closed in, three more guards appeared in the entryway, each holding a gun. Thinking quickly, John tossed the unconscious wizard at the men, who scrambled to catch their employer before being knocked over and pinned by his weight. Picking the man up again with one hand, he plucked a gun from one of the downed men and went for the stairs. More guards were already on their way down, and he met them with swift, precise gunfire. Soon half a dozen men were sliding down the stairs, and he burst onto the roof. "Where's Orange?"
  3. "No, I am not human. I am what the people of this world would refer to as a djinn. As for your plan..." He smiled, "Of course it will fail! Oh, maybe in one year, maybe in ten, or even ten thousand, but it will fail. You seek to start a never ending plague, but all things in this world are finite. Even in the short few centuries I've spent in this world, I have seen countless ventures, empires, businesses, bloodlines; and all of them thought that theirs would be the exception, that they would be the one that lasts forever. You can probably guess how many of them are still around today." Iblis called a chair over to himself and sat down, "But even though you will fail, you must do it all the same. You see, for however long your plague may last, it will bring out both the best, and worst, of humanity. They will be forced to overcome challenges that they never could have imagined. Ultimately they will come out the other side stronger for their suffering. That is what I seek." The djinn's smile widened, "Yes, you must spread your plague. And I will help you with this plan. And the next, if you prove interesting enough."
  4. "You think it will be so easy?" The jovial voice rang out before the door was fully open, and in walked a man in an immaculate, well tailored suit. A lit cigarette dangled from his lips, and he took a long drag from it before letting it fall to the floor and stomping it out. He exhaled a cloud of smoke that seemed to flow into symbols just vaguely resembled words before drifting into the rafters and dissipating. Without acknowledging Claudette's presence further, he walked to one wall and perused the various artifacts that lined the shelves. After a few moments he picked one up, a leather bound tome, and whistled before turning to face her. "You know, I was there when this was written? I gave the author the idea. He payed quite a price for it... but he felt it was worth it, even on his deathbed." Iblis replaced the book before continuing, "Humans are funny that way. Most will do anything to survive, even if it means sacrificing everything just to buy a few more precious seconds. But every once in a while, you come across one who desires more than just a few more years of life." Now the man grinned, "But I get ahead of myself. Iblis Faust, at your service."
  5. danzilla3

    Branching Out (Wild Hearts)

    Slavery was one of the things John hated most in this world; to the point that he would go out of his way to kill slavers should the chance present itself. To him, there were few crimes more terrible than taking away another's freedom, depriving them of their agency. He thought it was interesting that her master had bothered to pay her, and that she considered this him purchasing her freedom. Personally he doubted that the man himself thought that way; every slaver he'd ever met had only cared about themselves at the cost of anything and everyone else. It was interesting to know that Eliza had been born into slavery instead of being captured and sold like many were. "Well, if this is your first taste of freedom, I hope it's a good one!" He went back to cleaning for a moment before adding, "Oh, and don't worry. If someone came for you, legally or not, we'd just kill them. Can't have people harassing my employees after all."
  6. danzilla3

    A (Temporary?) Trinity

    SUMMARY: Grant Knight hosts a meeting between the heads of houses Hildebrand and Singlance; hoping to foster good relations between the two. Though initially apprehensive due to the slander done to the Singlance reputation, Varda quickly warms to Thurgood and Aveline. The trio have a productive conversation about how each can help the other. At the end of the meeting, ties between all three houses are stronger than ever. SHORT SUMMARY: A meeting is held between Senaria, Singlance, and Hildebrand. @Csl @Ataraxy
  7. danzilla3

    A (Temporary?) Trinity

    Grant couldn't have been more pleased with the way this meeting had turned out. Though both were major houses, Senaria and Singlance on their own were still a relatively minor force in UM, but with Hildebrand they had a significant foothold. What's more, good relations with another house beside his own would no doubt do wonders for Singlances unfairly tarnished reputation. Politics aside, he also quite like both of the Heads, and was glad that they could all cooperate for the betterment of their people. "Well then," he piped up, "With politics out of the way, shall we have dinner?"
  8. danzilla3

    A Double Edged Sword

    SUMMARY: Sebastian Heiliger has an ominous dream that seems to indicate that his cursed blade is agitated. He wakes up in the enclosure housing the young hydra; who offers no violence to him despite him being in the pit. Calling on Carina Gomez for help, the two enlist the aid of Founder Marik Cayne, who happened to be in the city. Cayne explains that his cursed sword is engaged in a blood feud with the scion of the giant hydra that nearly destroyed Lunaris. To resolve the dispute, Sebastian undergoes an arcane ritual that allows him to confront his blade personally. Eventually he wins, and his cursed blade is turned into the Blade of the Hydra. Sebastian and Marik then spar to test the limits of his new blades power, which ends in a draw. SHORT SUMMARY: Sebastian Heiliger confronts his cursed blade with help from Carina Gomez and Marik Cayne. @Csl @Ataraxy
  9. danzilla3


    Just as Samuel was beginning to wonder if the boredom would kill him before the cold froze him, he heard the howls of wolves on the wind. It was obvious to see that they were on the hunt, and the caravan was to be the main course. Eager for battle, the Knight grasped the hilt of his sword with his right hand, preparing to be attacked from any angle. The first attack came from his right, as a wolf came hurtling through the air at him, a missile of fur and teeth. He ducked, letting the beast fly over him before lashing out with a kick to the jaw of the wolf that had been right behind it. Using the momentum of the kick, he spun to face the other wolf, bringing his blade around to slice the creature in half. Four more wolves came from the right, and Samuel felt the rush of battle surge through his veins. He lightened his sword to almost nothing, and then took off toward the beasts, beginning to spin as he did so. Once he was spinning fast enough he returned the blade to its normal weight. The effect on the wolves was devastating, and he pulverized and shredded his way through the creatures. As the pulped remains of the last one fell to the earth, Samuel increased the weight of the blade, dragging him to a stop.
  10. danzilla3

    A Night To Remember (Open)

    "Sounds like a plan." John planted a kiss on his lovers neck before peeling off to assess his options for getting to the wizard with delusions of grandeur. At this point there was no way that he was going to get to the man without being seen, and the rent-a-thugs would no doubt alert their master as he made his way through them. He would have to move quickly, and with great force if he hoped to take the man off guard. With this in mind, he moved as far to the other side of the room as he could, and crouched down as though he meant to retrieve a dropped item. From there he took a sprinters stance, and took off hard enough to crack the tile floor beneath him. Anything in between him and his target was roughly pushed aside, people and furniture included. When he had reached the halfway point, where there were no more civilians to get in his way, he poured on the speed, footsteps leaving imprints in the floor. He plowed through the guards standing watch in front of Solomon, and skidded to a stop right in front of the confused young man. The wizard opened his mouth, but John grabbed him by the throat and squeezed. "Shhh. You've said enough." Solomon struggled for a few seconds before going limp in John's grasp, and was then thrown over the crime lords shoulder. As security began to close in, he jumped back the way he had just come, leaving the guards scrambling to follow. He looked at Blonde. "Ready when you are!"
  11. danzilla3

    [Military] Catching wolves

    Emile nodded at the mans suggestion, and got up, slinging his rifle over his shoulder as he did so. He still wasn't entirely sure why he had been given this assignment, as it seemed to be more of a FIST op than anything else, but he wasn't complaining. After all, this thing involved a dead cop, and an angry crime family, so maybe command just wanted an extra pair of eyes on the situation. Thankfully his upbringing had hammered into him that a soldier needn't always understand his orders, only carry them out. It occurred to him that he hadn't introduced himself yet, so he snapped off a salute before doing so. "Private Emile Gareau, Sniper, Operations Division."
  12. Due to family drama, I am dead tired. I will resume posting tomorrow. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes. 

  13. danzilla3

    A Night To Remember (Open)

    Jack had only a passing familiarity with magic, he'd never had any particular aptitude for the arcane arts, and preferred to use his wits and his fists to overcome obstacles. Still, just because he couldn't use it, didn't mean he knew nothing about it, and since he had met Blonde. It occurred to him that if Solomon knew they were there, and what their intentions were, he wouldn't waste time preparing a spell to deal with them. After all, why would he pay to have all the muscle around if he wasn't going to have them do their jobs? No, his gut told him that the man was preparing for something else, and if he was, it gave him an idea. "I think he's preparing for something," he whispered to Blonde, "And magic being as volatile as it often is, there will be a moment where a slip up could be catastrophic for the caster. I say we wait for that moment, then catch him by the balls."
  14. danzilla3

    From Nothing We Start; To Ash We End

    Iblis grinned widely at the spectacle that played out before him, one that he had seen play out a thousand times before this day. To be sure Lilith was more powerful, and more interesting, than most of those he had watched, she still played the role of the temptress. While the temptation itself often varied, there were always people who offered to grant the desires of those weaker than themselves. More often than not, the offer was accepted, heedless of what consequences might come. The interesting part was finding the one who would resist. It seemed he would not be finding any such person here today. At Lilith's insistence, he snapped his fingers and teleported them back into the city; as well as teleporting himself into the air above Everrun. For a moment he felt a pang of sadness at the thought that it would all be gone soon. But he quickly dismissed the feeling. Death was only tragic when it held no meaning, and the deaths of the citizens of Everrun would not be meaningless.
  15. danzilla3

    A Double Edged Sword

    The clashing of the attacks resulted in a blast of light and force, and Sebastian felt himself being blown through the wall of the building, and then several others before he crashed through the roof of a smaller building. He felt like he had been hit by a train, and it was impossible to pinpoint any one injury amongst the chorus of pain that was ringing out all over his body. Moving only intensified the pain, so he decided to just lay still for a while, looking up at the clouded noon sky. Rain was beginning to fall, and the cool water felt good on his battered body. He hoped that Carina was okay, and not too pissed off over the state they'd left the building in. Maybe he'd wait until repairs were finished before asking her out... As he lay in the rain, he became aware of a stirring probing into his thoughts, tinged with concern. He looked over to his right to see his sword laying next to him and smiled before laying his head back down. "I'm alright. Just give me a moment." Footsteps echoed in the building, and he looked over to see a door open and a confused looking citizen gawking at the scene before him. "Don't worry," Sebastian said, "The repairs are on me."