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  1. The city of Lunaris; once a bastion of order among the unchecked sprawl of the jungle, was now a vision of hell. From what Sebastian could see, no building had escaped the earthquake (for lack of a better word...) unscathed. The falling debris from the elder trees had done almost as much damage; with entire rows of buildings now crushed under massive fallen branches. As if the debris from the tree itself weren't bad enough, the houses that had fallen from the trees had also landed on top of other buildings; making it impossible to tell were any one structure began or ended. The air was thick with dust, and smoke, and the screams of the dying. Sebastian now walked down a ruined street towards where he had seen Titus descending. All around him there was chaos, as the survivors reacted to the destruction in myriad ways. Some had taken the initiative and were trying to rescue others; forming great lines to pass rubble as they dug out other victims. Others had given in to their more base instincts, and were looting whatever could be taken from the ruined homes and shops. Yet others simply walked the streets; dazed, insensate, unable to process the horror around them. After a bit more walking, the swordsman reached a cross street and was nearly struck by a man running from his left. Turning to see where the man was fleeing from, Sebastian stepped to the side as even more people ran past him; looks of terror on their faces. A few moments later the throng of people began to thin out, until there was only one person left, a little girl desperately screaming and grasping at anyone who passed. Sebastian knew that he needed to get to Titus, and that he could ill afford any distractions. But just the same, he couldn't just leave this child to her fate. He walked over to the child and knelt down, "What's wrong?' The girl looked up at him, a frenzied look in her eye, "Monsters! Monsters, came out of the ground and, and," Sebastian put a hand on the girls shoulder an locked eyes with her, "Calm down. I'm going to help you. Just tell me what's happening." The girl took a deep breath and spoke almost to fast to understand, "Mommy was making lunch, and then the ground shook, and monsters came out of the floor, and my mommy told me to run, but I saw the monsters dragging them away, but nobody would help and-" Sebastian held up a hand to cut her off, "I get it. Can you take me to your house?" The girl nodded and took off back down the street. Sebastian followed behind her, careful to keep his stride short so as not to overtake the child. As they made there way through the ruined street, they were occasionally passed by another panicked civilians. A few minutes after they had set off, a scream ripped through the air. The girl stopped in her tracks at the sound, "Daddy..." Sebastian looked down the street, but couldn't see far through the dust and smoke. He turned to the child and asked, "Can you make your way back to where you found me?" When the girl nodded, he spoke again, "Go back there, find a place to hide. If you don't see me or your parents in thirty minutes, get out of the city. Got it?" The girl nodded again, and took off back the way they had just come. Sebastian made his way towards the source of the scream he had heard only moments ago. Moving quietly, he soon came upon a sort of courtyard. Against all odds, the small fountain in the center was still standing; although right now it seemed to be filled with corpses instead of water. In front of the fountain were a man and a woman cowering from a group of creatures that Sebastian hadn't seen before. Standing at a hair over six feet, the creatures where mostly humanoid in shape. Their skin was red and black, and reminded Sebastian of burn scars. The creatures arms were just a bit longer than a humans, and tipped in wicked looking claws. One of the creatures reached down and grabbed the man helpless before him, hoisting him into the air with one arm. It then took its other hand and put a clawed hand on his shoulder. The creature leaned forward so that it's skeletal looking face was nearly touching the mans. "Scream." The creatures voice was a rough rasp. The man didn't break the creatures gaze, and notably kept his mouth shut. In response, the creature dug it's claws into his shoulder, gouging the flesh and soaking his plain tunic with blood. The man didn't scream, and the blood that began to leak from his mouth told Sebastian that the man was biting his tongue to keep from doing so. After what seemed like an eternity, the creature dropped the poor bastard; who gasped in pain as the woman beside him pulled him close. Sebastian had to plan his next moves carefully. There looked to be about six of the creatures in the courtyard, standing in a loose circle around the fountain. The nearest to him was standing at the entrance to the courtyard, with it's back to him as though standing guard. He couldn't be sure if there were more of the creatures hidden away, but he would just have to go ahead anyway. Sebastian came out of the doorway he had been hiding in and began to move towards the creatures. When he was only twenty feet away he drew his sword from its sheath, the rasp of steel on leather ringing through the air like a cry of ecstasy. The nearest creature turned to look at in his direction just in time for the swordsman to behead the creature. Without slowing, he raised the sword above his head and brought it down in a strike that split the next creature lengthwise in two. Two down. Now Sebastian stood with two of the creatures on each side. The creatures let out a enraged shriek before charging at him all at once. In one smooth motion, Sebastian took his left hand from the grip of his sword and drew one of his twin daggers from it's sheath and tossed it in an underhanded throw at the first creature on his right. The blade sunk into the creatures right foot, pinning it, and sending the creature sprawling to the ground. The creature behind it couldn't react in time, and fell on top of its friend. That was when Sebastian thrust his blade downward, skewering the beasts, and twisting the blade for good measure. But the monsters behind him hadn't stopped, and he knew he had only moments to react. Sebastian spun on his heel and turned 180 degrees to face the beasts charging at him, whipping the blade in a horizontal stroke that cleaved both creatures in half. Sebastian waited for a few moments to see if any more of the beasts were coming. When none did, he looked down at his blade. Though the sword was currently coated in black blood, the fluid was quickly disappearing; as though it was evaporating into thin air. Sebastian thrust the blade into the corpse of one of the fallen creatures before moving to help the man and woman he had just saved. "Can you walk?" he asked, extending a hand to the wounded man. The civilian grimaced in pain, but took his hand, and Sebastian hoisted the man to his feet. The man still looked unsteady, and the woman stepped in to help keep him up. "Thank you for your aid," spoke the woman. Sebastian nodded, "What were they doing?" "They took prisoners," the wounded man mumbled, "Tortured them, made them scream to attract others. Fell right for it too..." "You did fine," the woman assured him, "Because of you Sarah got away. I just hope she's okay..." "Is Sarah a little girl about yea high, with brown hair in a ponytail?" the two nodded and Sebastian continued, "She's fine. She's waiting for you up ahead." Relief flooded the faces of the two parents, and they looked to be ready to shower him with their thanks when a wall of sound came from the west. Over the tops of the building, Sebastian could see what looked like the heads of snakes rising into the air. The swordsman looked at the couple and pointed toward the street he had used to get here, "Go, now!" The two did as ordered and made haste away from the small courtyard. Sebastian retrieved his sword from the corpse that it had been draining the blood from. The steel of the sword had now taken on a barely noticeable crimson hue. Sebastian considered sheathing the sword and cancelling the effect, but one look at the giants in the distance made him think better of it. With a sigh, he started jogging in the direction of the serpents.
  2. Som stumbled forward when Mar's patted him on the back. The red man was even stronger than his outward appearance would suggest, mused the pyromancer. He also noted the look of disapproval he was getting from the second of Titus's companions, Kaori he thought his name was. Som didn't particularly care one way or another whether the man liked him, not yet at least. But he did prefer to have friends over enemies, so maybe he would strike up a conversation with the guy later and see what his problem was. When Titus walked, Som followed behind. Upon hearing the archangels question he laughed, "Nah, I ain't even from here. Came to Taen to do a job, and found the place in it's current state of affairs." Som quickened his pace to get slightly in front of Titus, "I was figuring on heading back, when I heard that the ruler of these lands was getting ready to invade the adjacent kingdom for their land and supplies; all just to try to keep his people alive." "I thought that sounded interesting. A war? And a ruler actually looking out for his people? That I had to see for myself. And now that I have, I'd like to join you," Som looked Titus right in the eye, "I won't lie to you. Part of my reason for wanting to help you is because I like to fight. But..." the pyromancer shrugged, "I also like to help the downtrodden from time to time. Keep myself karmically balanced and all that." "So once again, I'd like to join you, and I'm willing to work pro bono. What do you say?"
  3. GK was so startled by the speed with which the man opened the door that he almost pulled his sidearm on him. After all the ambushes he'd survived, any kind of surprise was enough to set him off; and the man in front of him was not the first person he had almost shot on accident. He moved his gun away from his hip and put it to his chest; feeling his heart beat out of control. He turned away from the occupant of the little shack and took a few deep breaths to try to calm himself. When he had calmed down a bit, he turned around, and tried to smile as best he could. "Are you the healer?"
  4. Any of those is great! The thread is just starting.
  5. The suspense is killing me!

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      Gonna try getting to at least one thread tonight! The rest I'll do tomorrow depending on how st. Patties goes lol

  6. Oh, it's good to be back!

  7. Som watched with bated breath as he watched the sapphire flames rise into the sky. Just when he thought that it couldn't get any better, demons started to appear out of the fire, and swarmed toward the encampment. Unfortunately, with all the people in his way he couldn't see what happened after that. He spent a few seconds trying to get a better view before he had an idea. "Hey," he called to the people around him, "If you don't wanna get fried, step back!" The statement garnered him a few odd looks. Slightly irritated, Som called a ball of fire into each hand and yelled out "NOW!" The onlookers suddenly got with the program, and gave him a wide berth. When he was reasonably certain he wouldn't burn anyone, Som pointed his palms toward the ground and the fire in his palms roared into a jet of flame that pushed him skywards. Within seconds he was high enough to see the encampment, and a great deal besides. He excitedly watched the demons make quick work of the soldiers below, though they didn't seem to be interested in killing any of them. The pyromancer whooped and cheered as the creatures did their work. When the next phase came, and the adders came out of the ground, he was bursting with excitement; both figuratively and literally. When it was all over, Som scanned for the caster of the magnificent spell. He found him toward the front of group, standing with a man in gold armor, and another man who seemed to be talking to the armored one. "Found you!" Som laughed, and used another burst of flame from his hands to propel him toward the trio. When he started to descend, he used another jet to slow himself down enough to avoid injury, and landed in a crouch just a few feet from the men. "That was badass! More fire and brimstone then a doomsday cult's Sunday morning sermon!" He said to the red devil looking man. Next he turned to the man in the gold armor, "Your the leader right? Course you are! Guy in the fanciest armor is always in charge! Anyway, I'd like to join up with you guys. You don't even have to pay me! Hell, for this kind of fun, I should probably be paying you!" An almost thoughtful look crossed Som's face and he nodded, "In fact, hold on a sec," he said and started to pat himself down for his coin purse, only then noticing that his left hand was still on fire. "Whoops!" he laughed and shook his hand to put out the flame, "How clumsy of me!"
  8. Last night had been a relatively good one in GK Blackwater's opinion. It was pretty rare these days for him to sleep through the night without the aid of alcohol; but somehow he had managed to go one night without any nightmares. Waking up had been the same as always though; those terrifying few moments after he first woke were he wasn't sure if he was still in control of himself. He hadn't been, "Piloted," in five years; and every expert he had consulted assured him that the multiple surgeries to remove the tech that had been implanted in his head had rendered such control impossible. But it didn't matter. It wasn't just when he woke up that he experienced doubts about his sense of self. There were times when he was absolutely convinced that somebody else was looking through his eyes, listening through his ears. Sometimes when he was speaking, and lost his train of thought, he would wonder if it was because the person choosing his words was still deciding what he should say. When someone made him angry, he wondered if the feelings were his; or if he was being directed to kill some random person for reasons unknown to him. But he had hope that this Edward Spoks could help him. He had read an article in a magazine about a skilled healer. He had managed to find out that the man had set up shop out in the Blue Hills; a strange place for a healer of such renown to operate in his opinion; but if the man could help him he didn't care. GK soon came to the plain building where he was told Spoks was, and knocked on the door.
  9. Som Basil, my pyromancer, is probably my most powerful character in terms of magic. He lacks refinement, but he has enough raw power to make up for that.
  10. Well, well, well, wasn't this turning out to be an interesting day; and against expectations too! Som Basil had traveled to Taen to do what he thought would be a routine job protecting someone, or maybe stealing something. He had long since forgotten. All that mattered was that by the time he had arrived, Taen had been royally fucked by some kind of disaster. Now the survivors were getting ready to invade and conquer one of the adjacent lands just to have enough resources to survive. Or at least that was what he thought the reason was. He probably should have paid more attention when it was being explained. Som walked through the throngs of people towards where it looked like the leader was consulting with someone. But before he could get there, the air suddenly became thick with magical power. In front of him he could see flames, and crimson light. People began to mutter and move away from the disturbance. Through the crowd, he could see what looked like a red devil straight out of a children's book conjuring some kind of flame. Som grinned in sheer ecstatic joy at the sight. There was nothing he loved more than meeting another skilled in the use of flame. As his excitement grew, the air around him began to heat up. Soon, heatwaves shimmered around him. "And here I was just looking to get a mercenary gig!" he laughed, "This is going to be great!" The pyromancer cackled in glee, and as if in response, a nearby sapling burst into flames. Som abruptly stopped laughing and started swearing as he tried to stomp out the fire.
  11. Would participating in one preclude me from participating in another with a different character?
  12. If you still need people I have a character that would be great with this. He was turned into a remote controlled super soldier without his consent, and struggles with PTSD, fragmented memories of his time under control, and has trouble distinguishing himself from the weapon he was made to be.
  13. "Director Graham?" Issac didn't look up from his work as he replied to his wrist mounted companion, "It's just, 'Issac' to you RAD." There was a slight pause before the AI responded, "Apologies. I am still not used to speaking so informally." "Don't worry about it. Now, what's up?" "Mr. Thompson is inquiring about repairs to the air conditioning unit." "Again? Persistent SOB..." muttered Issac. Outpost Grey's Director of Maintenance had been ducking calls from his boss all afternoon; but not because he was trying to shirk his responsibilities. He and Daniel where currently having a disagreement about which of his responsibilities should take priority. Daniel was of the opinion that a malfunctioning climate control unit required his immediate attention. Issac however, thought that maintaining the equipment that safeguarded the lives of everyone in the outpost; like the busted section of the light wall he was currently working on, should come before creature comforts. Not that Issac couldn't understand where Daniel was coming from; but they had already had this argument three times today, and Issac didn't care to make to go over it a fourth time. Part of the problem was that Daniel didn't seem to understand just how thinly the maintenance staff, also known as the Grinders, where spread. The leader of Outpost Grey insisted he only needed one Grinder for the job, and that it wasn't an unreasonable request; which was true. But what he didn't take into account was that with most of the Grinders preparing to reinforce the generator room, all other Grinders where occupied with essential maintenance. If Issac sent one of his men to help with the AC, that would mean that more important tasks weren't being tended to. "Mr. Thompson wishes to remind you that climate control is a necessity in an environment like the Shiddidark Basin. That morale is adversely affected by increased incidents of heat stroke." Issac sighed as he finished replacing the blown fuse in the light he was working on, "Fine. Tell him I'll get on it right after my next meeting." "As you wish Issac." Issac threw a switch, and the light he had been working on flickered back to light. Satisfied that it was working, he started to trek back towards the Maintenance building back in the main compound. People on the street smiled and waved to him as he passed; an occurrence that had finally began to die down recently. He had become something of a minor celebrity in the Outpost after his little misadventure retrieving their reactor core from a Snacker nest. It wasn't that he didn't appreciate the adulation, but it did make him somewhat uncomfortable. Issac didn't see his actions as heroic. He had seen it as his duty, and thus didn't feel that he deserved all the praise he had gotten. After a fifteen minute walk/jog, Issac walked through the doors of the Maintenance building, and boarded the elevator to the second floor where his office was located. To his surprise and delight, he found his girlfriend Lilian Kincaid. The statuesque redhead was sitting in one of the chairs in the foyer outside of his office; but rose to greet him as she saw him step out of the elevator. The two embraced, and Issac went in for a kiss, enjoying the feeling of her lips against his. Issac broke the kiss and leaned down slightly to press his forehead against hers, "Hey there. Didn't think I'd see you until after work." Lilian laughed, "I figured I'd come and surprise you," she said, gesturing to a large bag on the floor where she had been sitting just a moment ago. Issac smiled, "That sounds perfect. I just have to take care of one thing." "Issac?" "Speak of the devil," muttered Issac, "Tell Dan I'm on my way." "Actually sir, Mr. Thompson has asked me to inform you that he has fixed the problem. However, your next appointment is on the way up." Issac was about to tell RAD to give him a bit more warning next time when the elevator opened. He straightened his clothes and turned to greet his appointment. "Hey, I'm Issac Graham. You here for the tunnel job?"
  14. Excellent! Happy to have you!