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  1. danzilla3

    Old Wounds (Artifact)

    Not for the first time, Samson felt annoyance rising in his chest, "If you had a damn map, why didn't you say so before now? How long did you intend to wait?" He turned around to face the pair, seeing Saturn pulling all kinds of strange shit out of her backpack, irritation only growing at the sight. At least Lilith had the foresight to send some useful information along with the childish vampire. Privately, he was glad to have more to go on then just the vague knowledge that the armband was somewhere within the vast labyrinth. Still, he wondered if the vampire would have gotten around to mentioning it if Cerin hadn't happened to trigger her memory at that moment. It was clear that someone was going to need to play the minder to the woman, and he was content to let the eyeless woman handle that. "You bastards!" From the direction Cerin had come from, two angry looking men wielding swords were coming down the hill at the group. The apparent leader strode forth and stood just a few feet from Samson, leveling his blade at the undead mans chest. His companion was happy to stand a few feet behind him, sword planted in the frozen ground. "Heard yer voices on the wind! Ya killed Thomas! Ya killed me fucking brother!" Samson had seen and participated in enough situations like this to know where it was headed, and truth be told he didn't mind. Given how annoyed he felt, he was glad to have the opportunity to let off some steam before pushing ahead. He allowed himself a small smile, looking the man right in the eye. "Yes we did," he said, "What are you gonna do about it?" The mans answer was a roar of rage as he raised his sword above his head, aiming to cleave his enemy in two with one mighty swing. Just before he could bring the sword down, Samson's own blade blurred from its position on his shoulder, and there seemed to be a small explosion of snow and ice behind the rearmost man. A second later the first mans arms detached from his body, letting the sword fall behind him. The man himself fell next, the top of his head sliding off as he did. Not long after the second man also fell to the ground, head rolling from his body. Shaking the blood off his blade, Samson returned to his companions, "Right then. You have the map, you take point."
  2. danzilla3

    The Wild Hunt (Semi-Closed)

    John had never cared much for boats, though his dislike didn't extend deep enough to be a true hatred. He was a man who appreciated freedom, and that included the freedom to go where he wished, when he wished. On a ship in the middle of the ocean however, he was very limited in where he could go. By the end of the first day, he had already explored the ship from top to bottom. Some of the hired help had found him a bit annoying, and he'd tried to parlay that into a bit of fighting, but by this point they all knew better. He was crawling up the walls by the time the Mistress had invited him to her cabin. From then on, John had no problem finding ways to keep himself entertained. Besides the obvious R-rated activities, the Thots had managed to scrounge up a deck of cards, allowing them to play a few games. Eventually they had combined the two, which was what they were doing when Blonde sounded the alert for everyone to go to battle stations. In the rush to get to the deck, he had only been able to find his pants and shoes, and showed up shirtless. Despite his usual lack of shame, he always felt a little self conscious when people could see the scars from the Y incision that had been carved into his flesh. Nevertheless, he still had his trademark smile on his face. "So we finally found the big bastard, eh?"
  3. Indefinite hiatus/yeah, probably.
  4. danzilla3

    Wild at Heart

    Unfolding the piece of paper that Hat Man had put on his desk, John gave a nod of understanding and tossed the paper in the garbage. He wondered if the man refused to talk because he was shy, or if he was mute, or just really antisocial. The other two applicants were more straightforward with their answers, for which he was grateful. He didn't mind the strong silent type, but he did prefer that his employees be able to communicate with him. Regardless, it seemed he had two exports and a troubleshooter. Not a bad way to start the recruiting process. "Right then. Now tell me what makes you qualified to do the jobs your applying for. Not just your skills, but things you've done and experienced. Anything that you feel might help your chances, now is the time to share it."
  5. danzilla3

    Old Wounds (Artifact)

    "Be quiet." The words directed at the vampire were spoken with the same tone of quiet exasperation one might use to chastise a misbehaving child. He was increasingly unsure that this partnership was a good idea. Bringing along backup was always a good idea, and vampires were powerful creatures, but this one seemed far to childish to be of any use to him. Jebe would have been a far more useful companion. The two of them knew each other, had worked together before, and were good friends behind. They could have made short work of this job. But Ankou had ordered him to work with the vampire, so he would. Samson looked over his shoulder, but kept walking as he spoke, "I've a few notions of where it might be. If you have a better plan, I'm all ears." While he found the vampire to be somewhat annoying, he still wasn't sure what to make of the eyeless woman. She seemed to appear out of nowhere, in a place that few would ever come to by accident. It was possible that she was a spy, but he didn't think it likely. Ankou and Lilith wouldn't leave alive anyone who could possibly hinder their goals, so whoever told them about the armband was probably dead. Whatever. As long as she didn't get in the way of his objective, Samson didn't care if she tagged along. Besides, she had a dog. He liked dogs.
  6. danzilla3

    Reflections (PM to join)

    John was moving as soon as he saw Blonde reach for her gun, charging the first man on her right. The goon was far to slow to do anything but stand there dumbstruck as he was cut in two by the crime lords blade. By this point the man standing next to him had been able to reach into his jacket for his weapon, pull it out, and begin to point it at his friends killer. Angling his body to the right, John swung his blade in an upward arc, severing the mans arm. He then turned into a spin as the man stared shocked at his dismembered limb, and took the guys head off. Once he had seen that the Mistress and Lycoris had taken care of the other guards, he turned his attention to the weapon in his hand. It had performed even better than he could have hoped for, slicing through flesh like tissue paper. He hadn't even had to use one of its enhancements to get the job done. A spin of the blade removed the blood from it, and he slung it back over his shoulder. Now it was time to see what Raj had to say for himself.
  7. danzilla3

    Interlude: Seb and Carina

    Sebastian laughed, "Don't worry about it!" Taking her hand, the swordsman pulled himself up, and suddenly found himself very close to Carina; practically right up against her. Her scent was filling his head, making him feel warm, and content. Due to their height difference he found himself gazing down into her eyes, and before he knew it he was leaning closer to her. In what seemed like an instant, his lips were against hers, and for a moment he wondered if he had crossed a line. But after a long moment she began to kiss him back, and after that he wasn't thinking about much at all. Only when he heard whispers from nearby did he look to see an older couple looking at them. Suddenly he realized that they were both drunk, and not in a position for things to go any further than this... no matter how much he might want it to. He broke the kiss, and looked down at Carina, smiling awkwardly. "I'll... see you soon." With that, he stumbled back into his apartment complex, entered his home, and passed out on the couch.
  8. danzilla3

    [BYOB] iron heights and sleepless nights

    A founding member? Hone supposed that meant that there probably wasn't going to be a fight; which was disappointing because it finally seemed like something interesting was going to happen. But then Makaze told him to stand back and watch as he fought the other member! Irritation welled up within the masked man, but he managed to keep from lashing out. Since Makaze had called dibs, it would be rude for him to butt in. Besides, this, "Old Guy," sounded tough, and he only rarely saw his friend and leader go all out in a fight. Perhaps it wouldn't be completely boring. "Right. Ok. But don't take all day. All this inactivity makes my skin itch." Hone sat down on his summoned beast, crossing his legs as he settled in to watch the fight. He probably should have just dismissed the thing, but they tended to get irritable when they were summoned only to be dismissed so quickly.
  9. danzilla3

    Destruction des morts

    The calm before the storm was something that Shikai always relished during an operation like this one. Soon there would be death, carnage; buildings would burn and blood would run in the streets. But though he reveled in chaos and bloodshed, it always fascinated him to see the how things were normally before everything went up in flames. It served as a wonderful reminder that the status quo can be upended at any time, and that peace was as fragile as glass. Tia slept now, but soon it would awake to a nightmare; one in which he had a starring role. Walking down the quiet street with Angel, he received a couple of odd looks from the few people out so late. Probably because of his mask he thought, a skull with the top half covered in bandages. He didn't really mind, since his odd mannerisms tended to make him stand out from a crowd. As he walked a stream of information flowed through his mind, filling his head with images of fire and death. It looked like somebody had the same idea as his group. "Ooh, we've got spicy boys! Not a problem just yet, but probably a good thing to keep an eye on." Soon after receiving the message, they arrived at the control center for the Aidini shaft. Angel had moved fast as thought, and within moments both of the men inside were either dead or disabled. An apparent pragmatist, she moved to drop both bodies down the shaft, but he sprinted up and grabbed the leg of the unconscious man, offering a polite smile. "I'd like to keep this one if you don't mind." As the assassin set to work preparing the faux-ton, he inspected the unconscious man. "Let's see here... ah, just a mild concussion; nothing that would stop him from being useful. Probably could have done something with the other one, but reattaching a severed head is a pain in the ass; and I've sewn mine back on enough times to know!" Before he could make any further observations, a radio on a desk crackled to life. "Aidini Control, check in," there was a brief pause before the voice spoke again, "Aidini, please respond." A plan formed in the Zombies head before the voice had even finished speaking, and he leaned forward and bit the neck of the unconscious guard. The mans eyes snapped open, and he convulsed for a few moments before he became completely still. Then he got up, and walked over to the radio, and picked up the mic. "This is Aidini Control, sorry about that. I stepped out for a piss." Another pause, and then, "10-4 Aidini." Shikai sighed in relief, "That could have been bad." @Aleksei @spacegy4 @Hurttoto @-Lilium-
  10. danzilla3

    The Wild Hunt (Semi-Closed)

    John had jumped off the Wyverns back just as the spike of yellow energy was starting to emerge. The height from which he fell was not insubstantial, and he felt his bones crack as he landed on his feet a few yards back. Straightening up, he started to walk toward the corpse, bones crunching as he did so. By the time he had reached the body, his injuries had already healed, and he was none the worse for wear. Looking at the massive wound in the beasts chest, he was surprised that Blonde had so much power. He never would have guessed it to look at her. But he still had business to take care of with the corpse. As soon as Lycoris was done retrieving her trophies, he walked over to the dragons head and knelt down. He then began to wrench the teeth out of the creatures head with a pair of pliers. Once he was done, he put the teeth in his pack, and then walked over to the landing airship. As soon as the craft touched down, Nigel came spilling out of the doors, falling to his knees. "You okay Nigel?" The half-orc stayed on the ground panting, but gave a thumbs up, "Still breathing sir!" "Excellent! Now to see if the Thots are in the mood for a bit of... celebration." (Obtained Wyvern teeth)
  11. danzilla3

    Higher Learning (Bronte Academy)

    Ben stood, and bowed gratefully, "Of course, Headmistress. I eagerly await our next meeting." With that, he stood and walked out of the room, not looking over his shoulder as he made his way out of the room. He was fairly certain that the interview had gone well, and that he would likely be hired. The references and history he had created for this identity was airtight. It would stand up to scrutiny, he was sure of that much. The only thing that concerned him was the Headmistress herself. She was obviously far more perceptive then she let on. Ben doubted that she would be able to guess exactly what was off about him, but he did wonder if that sense of wrongness would cause her to turn him away. On a more personal level, he found himself intrigued by Bodice, and the air of sensuality that she so effortlessly cultivated. What most people took great care to hide, she presented for the world to see. Before joining the Omagatoki, he had often lived that way; proudly flaunting his nonhuman attributes. Even though he knew it was critical he keep a professional detachment, he found himself eager to get to know her. He continued to ponder the question as he made his way back to his hotel.
  12. danzilla3

    Desolation (Hell's Gate)

    The Father had not lied when he had said that the Order of Thorns was not for the faint of heart. His training had been a daily regimen of rigorous physical conditioning, combat training, and study of the unnatural, and how best to destroy them. Never had he been more grateful that he had taken the time to get himself into good shape during his time at the orphanage; but even with that preparation the training was still grueling. Many of the recruits who had started with him were gone by the time they were finished. Nobody looked down on them though. The Order was famous for taking only the best, so even being asked to come and train marked a person as exceptional. With the guidance of Father, he had managed to persevere, and graduated at the top of his class. His first taste of battle had only been days afterwards. The Order had been tipped off about a village taken over by a necromancer, who had taken over the city with a small army of undead puppets. When he had first laid eyes on a zombie he had frozen up, all his training forgotten as the abomination advanced on him. Father had been there to aid him, cutting down the unholy thing, and snapping him back to reality. Resolve rekindled, he had joined his brothers in battle, carving a path through the horde. In the end, he would be the one to strike down the necromancer, and then burn his body so he could not return. For a decade, he had traveled all over Terrenus, fighting against evil and the unnatural wherever there was need. His comrades took to calling him the, "Prince of Thorns," as he rose through the ranks of the organization. Eventually he was second only to the Father, and had been the surest choice to replace the man when he retired. From the most horrific of beginnings, he had risen to have everything he ever wanted. But fate had other plans for him. One day he had led a contingent of his brothers to repel a group of abominations from a city in the north of the continent. When they got there, they found that their intelligence had been off, and the, "group," had turned out to be more like an army. They had pushed through the first wave and gotten into the city, though they lost about half of their number in doing so. For the next three days they had fought tooth and nail to repel the invasion, each man scoring kills into the dozens. One by one their number had dwindled until he alone had been left. Still, he held fast, and fought for two more days, driving the remnants of the army into reinforcements from the Order. Unfortunately, the battle had taken its toll, and upon seeing the city was safe, he finally allowed himself to fall. The last thing he had seen was Father running toward him, shouting something he could not hear... He had just begun to ascend the stairs when there was a great crash, and a motorcycle of all things had flown through the front window. For a moment he had just stood there, dumbstruck at this strange turn of events. The sound of movement from upstairs had snapped him out of his stupor, and he rushed to catch the undoubtedly startled man before he could escape. If he could subdue the man and run, this could still be salvaged! Hell, if he could just kill him period, then he would still accomplish his goal, even if it wouldn't be as grand as he had envisioned. As he burst through the bedroom door, he saw a figure disappearing into a closet, and had given chase only to find the thick metal doors of some kind of safe room just as they closed. Pure rage bubbled through his veins, and he let loose a scream of raw fury. He stalked back down the stairs, intending to kill whatever fool had interrupted him. Soon he found the room where the intruder was hiding, and the shadows around the Apostate roiled in fury! "You fool!" he roared, "It was almost over! Now you will take his place!"
  13. danzilla3

    A levee to stop the flow

    For the first time since he had woken from his centuries long slumber, Ankou felt like the man that had been dubbed a Reaper so long ago. An avatar of death, with no living man or woman his equal; that was what he used to be. But these days he was a shadow of his old self most of the time. His power had waned far more than he had anticipated it would, and he was still struggling to recover. Perhaps he should have calculated more carefully before he sealed himself away, but if he was honest he knew why he hadn't. I never wanted to wake up. After centuries of attempting to make his dream of a worldwide necropolis a reality, he had grown to realize the impossibility of that goal. Year after year, he would kill thousands, but he had underestimated the rate of human reproduction. Even if he could kill thousands a day, many times that would be born on the same day. For the longest time he had been determined to carry on, to keep traveling to new cities, new countries, to continue his work. Often he would see the horrible inequality of life, with the rich and powerful living in comfort, and the rest forced to eke out an existence in misery. Through death, he would make all equal, remove all barriers of race, religion, and social standing. But it was never enough, and by the time he had given up, he was ready to sleep forever. That had all changed the day he had first felt Lilith's power, seen her potential, and found a new purpose in life. He wanted to see how far the young woman could go, and help her to accomplish her own goals. No... more than just that. Because he could feel it in her... the same loneliness that he had known in his youth. In those days he had always wished that he had someone, anyone, to make him feel just a little less alone. If he could be that for Lilith, even if she never acknowledged it... Nearing the Peacekeeper, his power finally began to give out, and he collapsed to the ground just a few feet in front of her. The pitch black aura of death that surrounded him began to flicker away, like a dying flame. Soon the aura had entirely faded save for his right arm, and soon even that had dwindled down to his wrist. This was it. He would be defeated by this woman, and she would go to aid her ally. Lilith was powerful, but she would be not match for two Peacekeepers. She would fight until her last breath but inevitably she would die. NO Clenching his hand into a fist, he summoned up the last dregs of energy that he had left, concentrating them around his hand. With one last burst of effort, he lunged at the Peacekeeper, knowing that he would probably fail, but compelled to try anyway.
  14. danzilla3

    Project Destroy Tia

    Team 2!
  15. danzilla3

    Reflections (PM to join)

    John had no problem acting like an intimidating thug, it came as easy to him as breathing. Most people found his perpetual grin a bit unnerving to being with, so he only needed to smile a bit wider, and twirl his weapon around in his hand to get the desired effect. He had dealt with men of Roger's ilk before; all silk suits and sharp smiles until something didn't go how they expected. As the man had just demonstrated, they also didn't like to be talked down to; practically addicted to having other people kiss their ass. Blonde was having none of that, and seeing her put the young man in his place made him... excited. Still, something didn't seem right. Raj was just a bit too on edge, sweating profusely, and fidgeting back and forth. Now that he was looking, John noticed that the man's pupils were dilated, and he breathing was quicker than it should have been. His goon squad were also abnormally tense, and he was starting to wonder what the hell was going on. This was supposed to be a man accustomed to illicit dealings, so why did he seem so anxious? Perhaps it was time to press just a little, and see what happened. "You seem nervous Ral," John drawled, "What are you so stressed about eh?"