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  1. I wonder if I could swing more than one promotion out of this...
  2. Once Ren was alone in his room, the first thing he did was locate the bathing area and begin to draw himself a bath. As he disrobed, he caught sight of himself in the full length mirror in a corner of the room. It never ceased to amaze him how little his body reflected his actual age. The toned, athletic physique of his youth had remained unchanged, Even his face was more or less the same as it had been; though that was where his age was most obvious. The streaks of white in his hair had become more pronounced as it had grown out during the trip. He took his time in the bath, letting the warmth soak into his body. Once he was done, he would meditate until he was called by the queen.
  3. Ankou focused on the jade armband; concentrating on the portal in front of him. The resistance of the Demon Lord was almost a physical presence; like trying to move through a pool of quicksand. Still, slowly but surely, the lich was overcoming the Lords efforts to hinder him. It seemed the creature had grown complacent after centuries of going unchallenged. But Ankou was more powerful than he'd ever been. He was ready for this fight, and he would take his enemies throne for himself. With renewed effort, he willed the portal open; and though the Demon Lord struggled mightily against him, he was able to open it fully. He looked to his companions and shouted for them to follow, closing the rift once they were all through. Now they found themselves in a long passageway lined with torches constructed from bone. There seemed only one way to go, so he led the way forward.
  4. Rufus had not in fact spoken since they had departed that morning; but he said nothing to reproach the Jester. He still couldn't quite remember how she had come to be a part of his family. Until recently he had spent much of his time in a haze of inebriation. Still, she had taken the name and followed him. Given how much their numbers had dwindled in recent years, they needed everyone they could get. Kai was a more complicated situation. His attitude was beginning to get on Rufus' nerves; a couple of times making him consider taking the young man aside and reminding him why he was the leader of the house. But he did understand why his cousin was upset. They had pulled him away from his life to put him in a position he had never asked for. Since the same thing had happened to Rufus when his father had made him Head, the frustration the kid was feeling was all to familiar. "Is everything alright father?" A young woman, fourteen years old rode next to Rufus. Her name was Susan, an orphan he had recruited to fulfill the requirements of an ancient law requiring him to have an heir. They had only known each other a few weeks, but they grew closer every day. "Everything's fine." he replied, patting her on the shoulder gently. From up ahead, Rufus saw someone he had never expected to run into all the way out here. "Looks like you need that stuff more than we do. What are you doing all the way out here?"
  5. No reason to dance around it. "My name is Rufus Ignis Viridis, current head of House Viridis; nobility from Ursa Madeum. Me and my family are returning to the islands after decades in exile to reclaim our homeland. As the current Head of the family, our law states that I must have an heir to succeed me should the need arise. The problem is that I don't have any children; nor am I likely to have any in the near future. Luckily, the law states that my heir need not be related to me by blood, which means I can adopt." Rufus leaned forward, "I'm not going to lie to you. While you're quality of life will improve drastically, this is not an invitation to an easy life. You'll be expected to learn a lot; the laws and customs of Ursa Madeum, and the same for House Viridis. There will also be a lot of schooling on sociology, political theory, general history, and more. All that without even mentioning the Druidic Art you'll be expected to learn." "But I'm not asking all this for nothing. If you come with me, you'll have the best life that I can provide for you; which given my means is pretty damn good. And I'll look out for you. Do my best to be a... a parent."
  6. I thought this was gonna be a big quest, but we're just gonna detonate a mind bomb and call it a day?
  7. Mal had done plenty of thieving in his life. Hell, some of his first scores had been taking the wallets of unwary citizens on the streets of Last Chance. From there he had progressed to knocking over convenience store, holding up banks, and one memorable occasion where he had hijacked an airship. Then he had joined the military, become a spy, and specialized in stealing secrets rather than material goods. Unfortunately, he had been good at his job, and had learned things that made him a liability to some people withing the upper echelons of the Fracture Government. All of that had spiraled out of control and eventually led to the present, where he found himself standing on the deck of The Wreck. The boat was an old fishing vessel that had been crudely converted into a warship. Well, "crudely," wasn't quite true. Aphelion's techs had given it plenty of upgrades while being careful to make it look like something a bunch of criminals might be able to throw together. Today he was acting as the Captain of this vessel, and waiting for his first and second mates to arrive. @Chappu @Thotification
  8. The good news is we now qualify for apple bottom jeans, and boots with the fur.
  9. Rufus considered his words carefully before speaking. "I am looking for a child, preferably a teenager. Someone intelligent, studious, a fast learner. One that can handle a bit of responsibility; and even a bit of pressure should the need arise." He wasn't going to pluck some naive child out and raise them until it was time to blindside them with what was expected on them. Before he took anyone, he would make sure they understood the role they would be expected to play. Of course he would do his best to prepare them for it. He would do his best to support them, love them, give them everything he could like he would have for born heir. They would need to understand that he would be learning to be a parent as they were learning to be a Noble.
  10. Everything seemed to happen all at once. Caecilia had been continuing with her theatrics when some kind of scythe like appendage tore through the hull of the vessel. Emile had been standing just to the side of the massive limbs entrance, and was roughly thrown aside as it came through. As he hit the ground, the two sides of the ship were raised out of the water by the weight of the scythe. He began to slide toward the limb, but caught himself on a hole in the floor. He managed to hold on until the limb retracted, and once the two halves of the ship began to lower he scrambled out onto the deck. A creature he had never seen before loomed large above the ship. It looked to him like the result of a cross between a preying mantis and a whale. He didn't take too much time to contemplate what it was however; all that mattered was making sure it didn't kill them. Raising his rifle, he looked through the scope at the creature, looking for some kind of weak point. Most of its body was covered in armor thick enough that he wasn't sure even his armor piercing ammunition could penetrate. The mouth seemed a potential vulnerable point, but it was its limbs that he centered in on. The scything appendages curved inward on a single joint. Upon examination it seemed that joint was more lightly armored than the rest of the body to facilitate movement. Target chosen he took aim, took a deep breath, and pulled the trigger as he exhaled. A loud crack echoed through the air as the round broke the sound barrier and slammed into the joint. There was an explosion of blood and chitin, and the top right limb of the creature fell into the sea. The beast roared in fury and seemed to round on Emile. Undaunted, he ejected the spent casing and chambered another round, ready to fire again.
  11. SUMMARY: After Doctor Hart reveals that there is more to Last Chance's inoculation program than meets the eye, two operatives are dispatched too retrieve her. Privates Emile Gareau and Ramsey Robicheaux set up a meeting outside Hart's place of work. They make contact, but are spotted by the Civilian Defense Force. Forced to abandon their original plan, the two steal a car and escape the scene. Soon after they engage in a brief chase with police before splitting up; with Emile taking Hart. He and the doctor get to a train station and board a train; though they are spotted by two police officers. A fight ensues, during which Emile disables the cops. Afterwards he forces the engineer of the train to skip to the last stop on his route. Upon arrival the pair take a taxi most of the way to the office, though they are forced to make the rest of the journey on foot. In the end Doctor Hart is delivered safely to the offices of the Public Defender. SHORT SUMMARY: Privates Emile Gareau and Ramsey Robicheaux are sent to extract a whistleblower working for the Civilian Defense Force. CONSEQUENCES: - Doctor Hart is delivered safely to the Public Defender. - Two Last Chance police officers are wounded, but not killed. - The CDF are aware that Hart has escaped. OPPORTUNITIES: - The next phase of the whistleblower quest can now be planned. @supernal
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