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  3. I meant Red, lol. I'll fix that now.
  4. I thought it came out well.
  5. Silver walked along after his new owner without saying a word. When he felt someone grab his hand, he looked down to see Red holding onto him and Velvet; a strange look of satisfaction on the redheads face. Soon the trio were led into a sparse room and chained to the metal beds that were to serve as their homes. He didn't bother testing the strength of the rope binding them once he saw Red try to go too far and be yanked to the floor. Once inside, the door to the room was shut; but a slot in the stone was opened and three outfits passed through. The trio were told to change and be ready in five minutes. Red seemed to comply without regard for either of the other two people in the room. Silver, for his part, turned away from the other two as he changed into his new clothing. The new clothes weren't altogether different from the old ones; save for being cleaner, and solid red in color. In exactly five minute; the slab door was opened and Red was taken out. Not long after, the door opened again; and an older man in red robes walked in with two guards. He fixed his gaze on Silver and nodded to the guards; who unclipped him from the bed and shoved him out the door after the old man. Silver followed the old man down a series of twisting corridors. The fighter was fairly certain that part of the reason for the circuitous route was to make it that much harder for any slave who tried to escape to find a way back. Eventually he was led to an open area with rows of seating surrounding a deep pit in the ground. Silver's heart sank when he saw the arena; as he knew what was likely to happen next. Sure enough, he was led to the edge of the pit, and once the lead was taken off; kicked down into it. He managed to roll with the fall and came up facing his trainer. The old man stared back at him for a moment before saying, "Begin the gauntlet." The sound of shifting stone made Silver turn around to see a door open up on the other side of the arena from him. Another slave walked through the entrance; a wild eyed young man who Silver guessed was as new as he was. The blood on the mans hands told him that the other slave had also faced a similar trial earlier. As soon as he lay eyes on Rhys, he let out a crazed shriek and charged. The mans desperation made him an easy opponent to anticipate. When he got close he swung at Silver with a wide hook that he easily ducked; throwing a shot at the wild eyed mans throat as he did. As the man gagged, he came back up and threw a haymaker of his own with his left arm that dropped the other slave to the ground. Silver now stood over the man as he moaned on the floor in front of him. "Finish it." The old mans voice echoed in the small space. Rhys looked up to him and back down at his opponent before shaking his head. "No." The trainer simply stared at his charge for a few moments before shrugging his shoulders, "Continue." The entrance in the ring opened once more; but this time two men walked into the ring. These two were different from the first man; as they both bore the scars of previous conflicts all over their bodies. Both also regarded Silver calmly as they waited for the signal to start. "Begin." With practiced coordination, the two men circled to the right and left of Rhys. Knowing that he would be in trouble if he let them close in on him like that, Rhys charged the man on his left just as he was getting ready to do the same. Rhys' charge caught the man by surprise and the two went to the ground with Rhys on top. As the prone man wrapped his legs around his midsection, Silver threw numerous short, hard shots into the mans ribs; shifting to the mans head when he tried to block. As he raised his left arm for a harder punch, he felt a pair of arms circle under his own and pull him away from the downed man. Left slave got to his feet as Right slave dragged Silver away, and held him in place. Left slave ran up and threw a hard uppercut into Slivers gut, forcing the wind out of him. This went on for a bit, as the Left slave landed multiple blows on his helpless opponent. Eventually though, the man got cocky and reared back to prepare for another blow. Silver took the chance to lash out with a kick to the mans groin, sending him to his knees in time for Silver to follow up with a hard kick to the mans head that knocked him out. Right slave only had time to grunt in surprise before Silver threw his head back into his nose. The man yelped and stumbled back, holding his broken nose as blood poured between his fingers. Silver turned the moment he was let loose, to kneel down and grab the mans ankles. With a hard pull, the other man was on the ground. Silver grabbed his right foot by the ankle and turned the man over onto his stomach. With a twist, Silver broke the mans leg. The maimed man screamed before Silver stomped down on his head, sending him to join his counterpart in unconsciousness. Silver hadn't even begun to catch his breath when the Trainer spoke, "Continue." Some time later Silver found himself on his hands and knees amidst a total of ten men; some of whom were knocked out, some of whom he had incapacitated and now lay moaning on the ground. Blood flowed freely from numerous cuts and injuries all over his body. His torso was covered in the beginnings of large bruiseses, and he was almost certain that most of his ribs were either cracked or broken. The door to the arena opened again, but this time the trainer walked in flanked by two guards. At a gesture from the old man, the two guards went to Silver and hauled him to his feet. "Impressive," said the trainer, "I can't remember the last time a prospect made it through the entire gauntlet." Silver looked up at the man but said nothing. "And you even did it without killing a single one of your opponents. Though I must wonder why you spared them. Would it not have been easier to kill them?" This time Silver could tell the man expected an answer so he spat out a mouth full of blood to the side and spoke, "Maybe. But I'm not going to be your killer. Not now, not ever. If you don't like it, then you might as well just kill me now." The old mans gaze hardened somewhat, but then he chuckled, "We shall see." The trainer waved at the guards who then half dragged, half led him out of the arena. At some point he must have passed out, because when he came to, he was back in the slave barracks, fresh bandages on his wounds. He wasn't sure if he was alone in the room, and didn't have the energy to look before he passed out once again.
  6. @Robbie Rotten, you want to do your scene with @Slank44 before I go?
  7. Erail nodded at Atti before turning to Mal, "And you Malcolm? Do you agree?" Mal frowned, but nodded, "Yes. I agree." The Archbishop clasped his hands together, "Excellent. Down to business then." Erail walked back behind the desk and took a seat before continuing, "Bishop Larsen Becket has been excommunicated from the Order. The Conclave have decreed that you and the vampire are to find, and eliminate him." The mans words echoed in Mal's head, and he rocked back on his feet as though he had been slapped, "What?" Though his words were stern, Erail's reply held a strong note of sympathy, "You heard what I said, Malcolm." The tattooed man seemed dazed, and struggled to find the words to respond, "But...when? Why?" "Not more than 24 hours ago," Said Erail, "I wanted to tell you sooner, but the Conclave thought it best to wait for Renaud to report before informing you." Mal managed to compose himself before asking the big question, "Why?" Erail looked down for a moment, then looked back up at Mal, "Two weeks ago Becket was sent on a mission with four apprentices from the Order. The details are unclear, but we know that at some point he killed the apprentices and severed all ties with the Order." "But he wouldn't...I mean he couldn't..." Mal struggled to find the words before almost whispering, "It doesn't make any sense." "It came as a shock to all of us," Erail said sadly, "But the evidence is irrefutable. One of the victims lived long enough to give an eyewitness account. Besides which, strong traces of his magic were found on the bodies. It was him." There was so much more Mal wanted to know, but instead he asked, "Where do we start looking?" Once more Erail stood up and walked over to Mal, "Seattle. You'll get more details when you arrive," the masked man put both hands on Mal's shoulders, "I'm truly sorry about this Malcolm. But I swear to you; if you do this, both you and the vampire will be free." Mal nodded to the Archbishop; who nodded back before he stepped away, "Now, you best be on your way." Erail snapped his fingers and suddenly Mal and Atti stood in what looked to be a very nice hotel room. The first thing Mal noticed was that there appeared to be only one bed; and he wondered if that was just a coincidence, or if Erail was teasing him a bit. He looked over at Atti, and went to sit on the edge of the bed. "I suppose you want to know a few things. I'll start with the most important," Mal sighed before continuing, "Larsen Becket was my teacher."
  8. Morty: You were an idiot to cut the Hydras head! Sebastian: Fine, whats your plan? Morty: Cut off ALL the heads!
  9. "You're absolutely right," Mal replied, "But for the time being I see no reason why they need to know that. It would simply cause a lot of unneeded friction with the Devils. We whall tell them when the moment is right." Mal unlocked the door to their safehouse and immediately went behind the bar to make sure their other case of banter was still there. A quick peek under the floorboards revealed the case to be safe and sound. Satisfied, Mal put the boards back in place and put the files Gillian had given them on the bar. "For now our next step should be research and reinforcement," he said, "I'm going to read through this intel and see what I can glean about the other gangs in the area; see which ones are most likely to work with us, and play well with our other contacts." Mal looked up at Kilg'hesh, "Meanwhile, I'd like you to see what you can do about improving our security situation around here. I think we can store shipments of BANTER down in the basement, but we'll still need a way to keep this place secure. Sound good to you?"
  10. "Very good," Erail first addressed Mal and Renaud before shifting his attention to Atti, "And while it is kind of you to shoulder the responsibility young lady; I think it is clear that there is blame enough to go around." The masked man got up from behind the desk to stand in front of them, "Please, rise. And deactivate your armor if you would Renaud." Mal and Renaud got to their feet; Mal giving Atti a quick nod to suggest that she should do likewise. Once upright again, the armored man whispered a word and his armor glowed as it began to recede toward his head. He then took off the helmet to reveal the man himself; a tall man who appeared to be in his forties despite the fact that he was only a few years older than Mal. He was stout of build, and his bald head bore more than a few scars of battles past. Now that all present were standing, Erail moved first to Renaud and clapped his shoulder, "Renaud, the zeal with which you preform your duties does you credit; but you have acted far beyond the scope of your orders. The mission you were given was reconnaissance, not assault." The big man looked down, "My apologies, Archbishop." Erail nodded and moved on to Mal, "And you, Malcom, were not entirely honest with the Conclave. When you told us you where evaluating this vampire, you failed to mention that you were allowing her to drink your blood." Mal didn't look away from his superior, "I'm sorry sir. But I thought that-" "That they would likely order you to kill her as a test of loyalty?" Erail finished his sentence with a note of amusement in his voice, "Yes, you are probably right. And while I might personally agree with your decision; it has made things much more...complicated." Mal blinked, "Complicated sir?" "Indeed," the Archbishop moved to look out the window of the office, "For now that the lie has been revealed, the Conclave has ordered a test of loyalty." "If I may ask, what kind of test?" "Originally, they wanted you to do as you feared, and kill the vampire," Erail looked at Atti, "But I convinced them to...modify the test somewhat." "How so?" asked Mal warily. "I'm afraid I can say no more until both you and the lady agree to participate." The words seemed to echo in Mal's head like a clap of thunder. He looked at Atti, his expression a mixture of panic and fear. Erail chuckled, "Don't worry. I simply require her agreement to participate. If you both pass, neither of you will be harmed, you have my word."
  11. Renaud was sent flying into the sky like a silver missile; tumbling head over heels from the force of Atti's kick. It took a great effort from the knight to right himself in the air; seeming to float there, looking down on the vampire and Mal. "Very well, monster!" The armored man then began to fall back towards the ground, picking up speed as he went. Soon it became clear that he wasn't just falling, he was flying toward the pair; intending to crush them both. Once the realization struck, Mal knew that he couldn't let the living projectile hit; the collateral damage would be too great. He wondered why it was that Renaud himself hadn't taken civilian casualties into account; but put it out of his mind. Mal called up a huge amount of energy; his tattoos glowing fiercely as he did so. He crouched down on the ground and then pushed off it so hard that the ground beneath him buckled. Renaud seemed to realize what was happening, but was too late to do anything about it. The two men collided with each other in mid air with such force that the windows in nearby buildings shattered. Mal and Renaud grappled with each other in the air before they pushed away from each other; each landing on the side of a building. The two charged at each other once again; fists raised. That was when things just seemed to...stop. The falling glass and debris stopped falling to float motionless in mid air. Traffic on the streets below stopped, and pedestrians froze in place. It was as if time had ceased to exist. Suddenly Mal, Atti, and Renaud, found themselves in a large, tastefully furnished office. Behind a solid oak desk was a figure clad in an expensive looking suit; the pants, shoes, and jacket black, with a bright red dress shirt and black tie. Most noteworthy was the face concealing mask that he wore. Those who could feel magic would feel an overwhelming pressure exuding from him. Mal himself felt like an ant standing at the feet of an elephant. "Gentlemen," the figures voice was a smooth baritone, "Do I need to remind you of our policy on interpersonal squabbles between brothers?" Both Mal and Renaud both took a knee and bowed their heads before speaking. The former could only hope that Atti felt the gravity of their situation. "No, Archbishop Erail."
  12. Mal had gotten to his feet and run out into the street to see Atti standing over a prone Renaud. He watched as she placed some kind of black rune on the chest plate of his armor; and listened as the metal began to shrink inward on itself. Renaud screamed, and Mal was surprised that her magic had been potent enough to harm him. Nevertheless, Mal knew what was about to happen. He channeled energy into his feet and surged forward; catching the vampire around the waist and continuing onward. "Get down!" As the pair moved away from the injured knight, the runes on the mans armor blazed like a scarlet sun. Suddenly there was a corona of light; and a wave of heat and force that picked Mal up and flung him and Atti through the front window of an adjacent shop. If they had stayed where they had been, they would have likely been incinerated. Renaud now stood in a glowing crater, his armor reforming itself as they watched. "Magic won't work on that armor," Mal informed Atti, "Stick to physical attacks. And be ready; because he hits like a freight train." He looked at her, "And even if you get the chance don't kill him. Or else we'll be the ones dealing with Erail."
  13. Mal groaned as he pulled himself out of the sheet metal door he had just been flung into. With a small effort of will, he felt his tattoos slide across his body; flaring into a dull glow as he moved to stand beside Atti. He put a hand on her shoulder and spoke in a firm voice. "Hold on a moment." He walked past the enraged vampire to stand mere feet from the armored man, "What are you doing here Renaud? The Conclave agreed to let me handle this." The man, Renaud, scoffed, "You call this handling things? What would have happened if I had not been here to stop you?" Mal's eyes narrowed, "What are you implying?" "Clearly you have fallen under the sway of this creature," replied Renaud, "You can no longer be trusted to do what must be done." "You've got no idea what you're talking about," Mal said coolly. "Then prove it. Stand with me, and let us slay this foul beast!" "Not happening," Mal stated it like an iron clad fact, "I told them I'd handle this my way. Now buzz off, before I get angry." "Do you really think you can defeat me, boy?" growled Renaud. "Maybe, maybe not; but I'm betting I wont have to," Mal replied, "Because I'm guessing Erail doesn't know that your here. All I have to do is keep you busy until he comes to drag your ass back to the conclave." "Not in time to save you, heritic!" The armored man screamed in fury and shoved his right hand forward. The runes on his gauntlet flared into scarlet light and a huge blast of force raced from his hand; plowing a deep trench in the asphalt as it roared towards Mal and Atti. Mal raised his own right hand and let loose with his own blast of force. The two attacks collided with each other; struggling against each other before detonating in a shockwave that would send all three flying. Mal saw Renaud be blown through his storage locker and onto the street before he himself was blown all the way through the unit behind him; and into yet another sheet metal door as he came out the other side.
  14. Mal gently caressed her face, looking into her eyes, "I want to believe I could be more to you then just food..." They stayed like that for a subjective eternity; neither one of them moving an inch. Finally, Mal leaned in and kissed her; just a quick meeting of lips. He was deciding if he wanted to go further when there was a loud banging on the door of the storage unit. With a sigh that was equal parts disappointment and relief, he got up off the floor and walked over to the door. As he went, there was another bang on the door. "Yeah, yeah, I'm coming." But he ended up not needing to open the door; as when he got to it an armored hand punched through the sheet metal and grabbed him by the neck. Suddenly he was pulled through the door and thrown into the door of the unit across from his; leaving a huge dent in the metal. He looked up to see a large figure in what looked like plate metal standing in front of his ruined door. The hand the figure had used to punch through the door was covered in some kind of glowing runes. "Traitor!"
  15. Mal was slightly startled when Atti climbed on top of him; as he had not expected her to sit on his lap when she fed. Her scent was intoxicating, and he nearly jumped at the surprising, though not unpleasant feeling of her tongue on his neck. Without any conscious thought on his par, his hands moved to her hips; and he was pulling her closer to him. H barely noticed when she bit down; only aware of the feeling of her mouth on his neck. He knew he was loosing control; but he couldn't seem to find the will to fight it. When she moaned and ran her hands through his hair, he was all but certain he was about to give in. But somehow he managed to hold on as the vampire drank the blood from his veins. He was beginning to feel dizzy when she leaned back in his lap. When she sighed in contentment, that was the breaking poing. In a surge of motion the two were on the floor, him poised above her, hands on either side of her head. They stayed like that for a moment as his rational mind tried to reassert control. "This is a bad idea," he muttered, "You only want my blood."