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  1. danzilla3

    Missionary Positions (Prometheus Initiative)

    @evil @Zashiii Last call!
  2. danzilla3

    Missionary Positions (Prometheus Initiative)

    @evil @Zashiii Just you guys left! Next round starts tomorrow night.
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    Rise of Angels (Factions)

    Seeing the bullet ridden bodies of bandits who had attempted to attack the village in his absence; John was glad he had decided to leave the drow behind to hold the fort. The citizens of Everrun were resilient, and ready to take back their homes from the invaders; but they were not warriors. He wasn't sure how they would have handled a surprise attack on their own; but he suspected it would have ended badly. But that was the whole point of hiring mercenaries; to supplement their ranks with people who were experienced in the business of war. If he had to make a rough estimate, he would say that himself and each of the mercs were worth at least twenty of the bandits. Probably more then that, but he had learned not to overestimate through hard experience. As soon as he was back in the camp proper he called for a head count, and was pleased to see that none of the villagers had come to harm. Nodding to his mercs, he prepared to address the gathered crowd. "Alright. The outposts have been taken care of! It's time to take back your homes!" There was a brief eruption of cheers and applause that John quieted down before continuing. "So here's the plan. One of our mercs will take the bulk of our forces and lead them through the drainage ditch; where they will hold until they get the signal. That signal will be me and the other mercs attacking the front gate. As soon as you hear all hell breaking loose, you come out of that drain and catch em by surprise. Good deal?" John looked to the mercs, "So who wants to do what? Oh, and Challara my dear; do you have any plastic explosive?" @notmuch_23 @ODSTDRAGON
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    Missionary Positions (Prometheus Initiative)

    Sure, why not? With this though, we are full up.
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    Missionary Positions (Prometheus Initiative)

    Oh, one thing. You guys have been amazing about response time, but I do usually do a three day posting time limit in threads I DM. Each round starts with me, and everybody goes once. If you need an extension, or want to be skipped, message me. Keep being awesome!
  6. danzilla3

    The factions are coming OOC

    Having gone back and looked at the thread, I think I can push through with the peeps I got. Gonna have to recruit for part two though... I'll have something up over the weekend @supernal.
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    Stay safe boss.
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    The factions are coming OOC

    I think I may have to drop this. I've lost more than half my players.
  9. If Issac had known just how much administration and administrator was required to do; he probably would have thought about the offer to head up the Hera division of the Prometheus Initiative a bit longer than he had. He wasn't stupid of course; he had known that such a job would entail much more bureaucracy and paperwork than he was used to, but he'd never dreamed it would be like ninety percent of his job! The last week since he had taken the job had been filled with staff meetings, requisition forms, and SO. MANY. SIGNATURES. Issac almost felt like a celebrity with how many times a day he was signing his name on things. Over the weekend he had wised up, and had just made a stamp with his signature on it to spare himself carpel tunnel syndrome. Karilius had promised him throughout the whole thing that all the tedious paper pushing was just to get things rolling, and that soon he would be aloud to create and pursue his own goals for Hera. The alchemist had replied that he had better not be lying, or he might blow up his own office just to alleviate the boredom. The young man had laughed until Issac had shown him the bomb. But come Monday morning, the young man had kept his word; and after one last signature Karilius had turned him loose to start thinking how best spread magic based medicine to all of Terrenus. Freed from his bureaucratic shackles, he had thought long and hard about what his first project would be; and after falling asleep and rolling off the couch in his office, he knew what he wanted to do. Clinics! It made so much sense to him! After all, they already had the resources to help those in need on the continent, so they would be achieving their objective of helping people. Plus, as they developed new medical technology, it would give them a staging point to distribute it! Unfortunately, he knew he couldn't directly manage such clinics and still have time to do his actual job; and thus he had hit upon the idea of hiring people to do that for him! That was why he was now walking into a conference room where the applicants awaited his arrival. He stood at the head of the table and began to speak. "Hello! My name is Issac Graham, Administrator of the Hera division of the Prometheus Initiative. Let's go around the table and have everybody introduce themselves before we begin the interviews?" @Ayden @evil @Scout22 @PurplePanda @carrionjackal @BiggieSmalls
  10. danzilla3

    Missionary Positions (Prometheus Initiative)

    Excellent! I'm happy to have you both! The thread will be up later today, just to give any other interested parties time to speak up too.
  11. Pun VERY much intended! Issac Graham, administrator of the Hera branch of the Prometheus Initiative is looking to establish medical clinics throughout Terrenus! But since he can't be everywhere at once (Until the cloning experiments bear fruit) he is looking for people to head up these clinics. Ideal candidates should have a backround in medicine, and good organizational skills! Or just enthusiastic. Hell, we'll settle for just interested. So come on down and see if you have what it takes to be part of an elite group looking to save lives. Because if Issac can become the head of an entire division, that should be evidence enough that our standards aren't that high!
  12. danzilla3

    The Silence Never Changes

    Grant was happier than he had been in a long time; and not simply because he had an attractive woman in his bed. Once he had learned the truth about his, 'wife' he had wondered for a long time if he would ever have the courage to pursue a romantic relationship. Now that he had one, he was surprised how much better it felt than his old memories did. Maybe true romantic feelings were something that couldn't be fully simulated. Either way, he was happy to feel Reyna against his chest as she discussed her desire to find a purpose in life; something that he could certainly relate to. “I may not be for long though. I have to figure out what I’m going to do with my life. First, it was the mercenary thing, now the enforcers, I just don’t know if I’ll ever find anything that suits me.” "You'll find something," he reassured, "Besides, you've only just joined the Enforcers. It might turn out to be what you're looking for." The conversation was interrupted by a knock on his door that sent Reyna bolting from his bed like a startled deer. Though he greatly enjoyed the view his lover provided him while her clothes reformed, he felt himself wishing they could have had at least a few minutes more. He returned her goodbye kiss, then lay back on the bed for a moment as she disappeared through a portal. But he knew someone was waiting, so he threw on a pair of pants and answered the door. A messenger handed him an envelope with an invitation to a party. "Another one..." But even the notion of yet another party to attend couldn't dampen the young man's good mood today. He put the invitation down on the kitchen counter, and proceeded to get ready for work.
  13. danzilla3

    InFAMOUS - Zero Year

    The revelation that the old man was also a conduit was not as much of a comfort as he probably thought it was. Whatever the DUP said, conduits where people; and people are always unpredictable and dangerous superpowers or no. After all, if the old man saw fit to do so he might try to use Remi as a distraction while he got away. Remi had thought the exact same thing; so he knew that it wasn't outside the realm of possibility. Still, he wasn't trying to kill him or turn him in right now, which at least put him a step above the rest of the city. Abruptly the old man stopped talking, and he tensed up for a moment; wondering if an attack was imminent. Then the old man revealed that he knew Remi from the wanted posters the DUP had put up calling him the, 'Fedora Man." He fucking hated that nickname; but the mention reminded Remi of wanted posters he had seen. More than a few of them had the face of the man in front of him on them. "Some of it probably is," Remi replied as the skin around his hands began to form fractals akin to those in crystals. "What about you?" he turned it around, "Shit you've pulled, I'd be doin the world a favor by killing you. If any of it's true that is."
  14. danzilla3

    The Silence Never Changes

    Since the day he had woken up with no recollection of who he was, Grant's life had been a blur of pain, misery, and fear. Recently that had begun to change; but when he remembered the last few years, the bad memories still outweighed the good ones. Despite this, there were still a few moments in his life that he called on for comfort when he felt himself being overwhelmed by the bad memories. The first had been when Rowan and Raveena had accepted him as their son. Now, as Reyna pulled him into a heated kiss, he had no doubt that this night would among the good memories. Reyna took her mouth away from his to engage in some verbal teasing; to which Grant answered with the occasional grunt as he simply kissed her neck and around her jaw. She pushed him gently, and he sat up; enjoying the way she looked at him. When she said that they could make it work, his heart soared. Then, things came down just slightly when she asked him to not tell anyone else about what she was. "I promise." He lowered his hands to meet hers and pulled his shirt up over his head before leaning back down to continue their kiss. Soon he moved down, kissing her neck, and then her collarbone, and then even lower than that... Hours later light streamed through Grant's bedroom window, and he wondered for a moment if he had been dreaming. The notion quickly evaporated when he looked over to see his new lover still in his bed. He pulled her close and kissed the top of her head. "Glad to see your still here." @Frostbinder