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  1. Kingslayer - The History of Himmelsfestung's Revolution

    Quick question; has the posting order changed again, or is Ezkiel just free to hop in when he gets the chance? Just curious, not trying to disturb shit, lol.
  2. Taen HQ

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  3. Kingslayer - The History of Himmelsfestung's Revolution

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  4. From the moment he had first reported for duty at the dungeon, Grant had been planning how he would get himself and the Countess out of this vile place. The first time he had laid eyes on the place he had felt that task might well be impossible. A fortress in its own right, the dungeon was a mass of stone and steel, with the front gate being one of the most heavily guarded checkpoints he had seen in the city. As far as he knew, no one had ever managed to escape from the place, although it was possible that any such incidents were covered up by the king's cronies. Still, as he had walked in for the first time, he had not been optimistic about his chances of enacting his own prison break. He had therefore been relieved when he had found out that the dungeon was much like the city itself; an impressive facade that failed to hold up as one looked deeper. The facility had been horribly maintained, leaking roofs, rusted doors, and rooms that seemed to have just caved in on themselves were a common sight. If the prisoners weren't kept in a perpetual state of starvation and exhaustion, they probably would have escaped easily. The guards were almost laughably incompetent; more interested in indulging their petty sadism and getting drunk on duty than actually doing their jobs. All of this had upgraded the chances of a successful escape from, "Impossible," to, "Doable," in his mind. But in the end, the entrance that had given him pause when he had arrived was still proving to be a sticking point. Pulling off a prison break would require him to have a lot more equipment than what he had on him while on duty. Unfortunately, the guards searched everyone entering the prison, confiscating any contraband they might find. For a while, he felt like he was at an impasse until he had witnessed a delivery of cleaning supplies. The bestial guards had taken one whiff of the ammonia-laden chemicals and waved them through without checking any further. He knew then how he would smuggle in his gear. The contacts smile had never wavered as he read the list of supplies that Grant had requested; only quirking an eyebrow. When he had finished reading he put the list down on the table in front of him and asked, "Might I ask for what purpose you need this...arsenal?" "Contingency," replied Grant, "If I have to get Raveena out in a hurry, they aren't just going to let me walk out with their most important prisoner. I'll have to fight my way out, and I'll need more than the sword they give me to do it." "You say escape, but with what you've asked for you could occupy the place." "The guards there are mostly hybrids, bred for combat from predatory animals. Even if they do spend most of their time drunk, I'd rather ere on the side of overkill just to be safe." The Contact nodded understandingly, "Fair enough. Though I must ask, why are you planning a prison break in the first place? Those were not your orders." "My orders were to keep the Countess alive at all costs," Grant replied, "And she won't survive in there much longer. To carry out my orders, I may have to get her out of there soon." It had now been almost a week since the first time he had tended to the Countesses wounds, and he had been forced to do so more and more frequently. Fortunately, she was always to out of it to notice him; keeping his cover intact. But as time went on, he knew he would have to get her out soon. Her body wasn't healing like it used to; and even an iron willed woman like her was reaching her breaking point. As he walked to the dungeon, he almost dreaded to think what the guards would have left for him to repair. But as he arrived, he noticed that the prison was abuzz with activity, with guards marching to and fro; manning their posts like they meant it. Grant pulled one of the guards aside and asked, "What happened?" "Didn't you hear? There was a break out earlier! A bunch of prisoners escaped, but we managed to hold on to the Countess. Their gonna execute her in the morning. You better get to your post; we're going on lockdown until dawn!" Grant nodded and walked into the dungeon, but instead of following his usual route to the barracks, he instead made his was to a small storage closet. Once there he looked around until he found a large crate marked with a G. He pulled the crate out, and pried it open and moved the cleaning supplies out of the way to reveal the cache of gear contained within. It didn't take long for him to strip out of his guard clothes and pull on the black body armor contained within. He had been assured that the armor would provide protection from bullets, explosions, teeth, and claws, but he would know for sure soon enough. Once the armor was done, all he had to do was see to his armaments. Inside the crate there was an assortment of grenades and knives that he strapped on, which then left the main event. First their was the assault rifle, the MI-42 Sentinel. The rifle was a fusion of rifle and shotgun, both capable of firing a variety of ammunition types. Finally, there was the revolver, the AS Diamondback; specially reinforced with magic during forging to allow it to fire a more powerful round than the average handgun. Once all his gear was strapped on, there was just one small box left in the crate, which Grant put into a pocket of his armor before moving to the door. For a moment he stood quietly in front of the door, knowing that once he walked out, there was no going back. Taking one last deep breath, he commanded the helmet to slide over his head, and walked out. The walk to the floor the Countess was on was thankfully empty. When he got to the cell, he found it guarded by four Hyena hybrids. The Countess was curled up in one corner of the cell, with about a dozen other prisoners crowded around her. One last look around the corner and he was ready. Grant rounded the corner and whistled sharply, causing all four of the Hybrids to snap their heads towards him. He pulled the trigger on the Diamond back, and blew the head clean off the beast nearest him. With a slight adjustment, he lined up the next guard and put two rounds through his chest. By this point the other two guards had begun to react; one charging him as the other threw his sword end over end at him. He stepped to the side of the sword as he fired, the dodge causing the shot to go wide and hit the charging guard in the shoulder instead of the chest. The Hybrid yelped, but continued forward; tackling him to the ground. Now on top of Grant, the guard snapped at his throat with its powerful jaws, but the mercenary got his arm up in time to intercept it. Though the material kept the fangs from breaking the skin, it could only do so much to protect him from the pressure, and he could feel the bones in his arm crack. If he didn't act fast, he was in serious danger of the creature breaking his arm with its bite. Seeing that his handgun had slid out of his reach, Grant pulled a knife from his belt and started stabbing the guard in the side of the neck and head. Blood poured from the wounds he inflicted, but his attackers grip remained solid. By this time the other guard had circled around, and was trying to decide how best to crush Grant's head without accidentally hitting its comrade. Thinking quickly, he pulled a flashbang grenade from his belt, pulled the pin, and tossed it straight up. He used his helmets interface to make it block out all light and sound, but he still felt the pressure of the blast. When he set the helmet back to normal, he found the guard on top of him had let him go, and his friend was staggering around, clutching at his eyes and howling. Taking the opportunity, Grant lunged for his revolver, then fired off a total of three shots, two to the chest of the standing guard, and one to the head of the one on the ground. Knowing he had no time to catch his breath, Grant got to his feet and walked over to the door of the cage. Not bothering to search the bodies for the key, he grasped the door of the cell firmly, and with one hard pull, yanked it straight off the hinges. Letting the door clatter to the floor, he moved into the cage and walked to the corner. The prisoners looked up at him, expressions a mix of fear and desperate hope. "Let me see her." The prisoners nodded and moved aside to let him through. As he suspected, the Countess was unconscious, and even more battered than she had been the last time he had seen her. He pulled out the small box from earlier and opened it to reveal a syringe, and a vile of glowing blue liquid. As he prepared the syringe, one of the prisoners asked him a question. "What's that?" "This, is Jolt. If it works, it should have an effect on the Countess similar to jump starting a car. She won't be at 100%, but hopefully she'll at least be able to move on her own." Finding a vein in her arm, Grant injected the liquid into the unconscious noble. "At least I hope so..." Once he had finished the injection he stood up and spoke in a commanding tone, "You two, pick her up; carry her until she can walk on her own. The rest of you, stay behind me." The prisoners scrambled to follow his orders, and he could here the sounds of reinforcements coming. Grant unslung the Sentinel and flicked off the safety. "Here we go."
  5. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers (Quest Thread)

    Jack could feel the bloodlust radiating off his partners, and his own bloodlust rising in response; driving him almost to the point of frenzy. The smile on his face had spread so wide that it felt like it would split his face in half. With great effort, he reigned himself in; reasoning that it was too soon in their partnership for his comrades to see him go full-on berserker. But even so, he was more than ready to get to work. He walked to the edge of the waterfall and gave his associates one last glance. "We're going now!" With that, he leaped from the edge of the falls, enjoying the feeling of the wind blowing through his hair as he plummeted down to the village. He steered himself through the air and crashed through the roof of the closest building to the falls on the left side of the river. As he shook the dust off, he took stock of his new surroundings; finding himself in a sort of outdoor patio type set up, complete with a makeshift bar. There were six people on the rooftop; two leaning on the bar, one behind it, two more leaning over the railing looking out over the river, and one more at the far end, leaning against the wall. All of them were armed, most with varying types of blade. They all now turned to stare at him, mouths agape. John's smile widened, "Fellas." The words were barely out of his mouth before the men sprang into action; though to John's eyes even their quickest reactions seemed sluggish; almost to the point of appearing in slow motion. The bartender was reaching under the bar; which suggested a possible firearm, and therefore he became the first target. Seemingly out of nowhere, a knife appeared in Jack's hand, and he whipped it at the bartender, the blade tearing through the man's skull to fly off into the jungle behind him. The threat removed, Jack stepped forward and hit the first man at the bar with an uppercut that practically obliterated the poor bastards head in a spray of blood and bone. The man who had been sitting next to him was stumbling away from his friend's corpse, and so he didn't take the full force of Jack's next punch. The force was still enough to snap his head back at a ninety-degree angle; the upper part of his face completely caved in. Three men down, the ones who had been looking out at the scenery were now charging at him; each with a machete in hand. Jack responded by catching each blade as they were swung at him; then using one leg to lash out and break the men's knees. The pair fell to the ground, and John ripped the blades from their grasp, reversed his grip, and plunged the blades through the throats of his attackers. Jack fixed his gaze on the last man standing, who stood shaking for a moment before charging John with a bellow of rage and fear. John dodged his attack and countered with an over the shoulder throw that put the other man through the floor of the roof. The whole thing had been over in seconds, but Jack wasn't done yet. He jumped down through the hole and found four men surrounding him, weapons drawn. The next minute after that was filled with swift, brutal violence, and from the outside one could hear the screams of pain and fear and the crack of splintering wood. Then a badly mangled body flew threw the wall of the building facing the river. Jack walked to the hole, and looked out to see how his fellows were doing.
  6. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers (Quest Thread)

    The village the drug runners were using as their base of operations was a few hours walk from Lunaris that entailed heading south until they hit the river and then moving west until they reached a waterfall that was past the current edge of the map. The falls descended about thirty feet into a small clearing, the wooden structures of the settlement not far from the falls. Buildings had been erected on each side of the river, with multiple bridges connecting the two sides. John had no idea how long ago the place had been built, but the fact that it was still standing was a testament to the skill of its architects. He briefly wondered what it must have been like for those people; pulled into another dimension, and forced to find a way to survive. It must have been terrifying. Now as he stood atop the falls and looked down on the city, watching its new tenants as they moved to and fro, he wondered in those people would approve of what he intended to use their home to do. After a moments thought, he decided that it was irrelevant, and went back to scouting. The others would doubtless be looking from their vantage point on the falls, making their own calculations, and forming plans of their own. There hadn't been much conversation on the way from the city, so it would almost be comforting to hear human voices again. He called the group together to come up with a plan. "Right. So I counted about thirty people spread all throughout the village. When I was here earlier, they were still bringing the product in, but I can't see it now. Chances are its probably in one of the buildings, but who knows which one." "The way I see it, we now have two options. We can take our time and try to do things quietly. Or..." his smile widened, "We can just kick down the doors and clean house. I personally lean towards the latter, but I'll go with the will of the people."
  7. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers

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  8. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers OOC

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  9. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers OOC

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  10. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers (Quest Thread)

    John appreciated Kil's initiative, and replied, "Ah, yes. Our base of operations will be the village that we're about to raid. Once we burn the corpses and hose the blood off the walls anyway." His gaze next turned to Thurgood, as the man made his threat. John wasn't really intimidated; once you've been vivisected while your still awake to feel it, all other threats of pain and death loose their impact. But he understood why the drow had made the threat. At the outset of any partnership, it has to be made clear that you will not be fucked with, and what the consequences of any potential fuckery would be. It was simply good business. "We split the take after. Only fair to make that decision once we know what we've got. As for gear...I have what I need for this particular operation. Rest assured that you will be compensated fairly for any contribution you make to our burgeoning organization." Next he listened to Xylex's offer, and nodded, "That's fine with me, on the condition that you understand that I do not work for you, but with you." John looked over the room, "If there are no other questions, then I would suggest we disperse for the evening. Make any preparations you need to make, and be ready to meet back here at dawn." He hoisted his bottle of rum into the air as a toast, "I look forward to working with you all!"
  11. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers OOC

  12. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers OOC

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  13. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers (Quest Thread)

    John actually had no idea who this Farenhide guy was, and therefore was glad that he had only wanted to know everyone's name. This was really his first foray into the more organized side of the criminal underworld, so he wasn't really familiar with any of the big players in Terrenus. That had been part of the reason he had come to Lunaris; it was new enough that there was no established hierarchy to work around. But the fact that Farenhide thought that his name did the talking for him told John he was arrogant. The fact that he was absolutely comfortable in a room full of dangerous strangers told him that he could probably back some of it up. When the drow, Thurgood, had mentioned that he owned a gun store, Johns normal smile had widened just a bit. A partner with those kinds of connections could prove invaluable in any future endeavors in the region. He also appreciated the mans laid back demeanor, and enjoyed the smell of wood smoke that came off of him. He also caught a whiff of what smelled like pure methanol from his sports bottle, and wondered if that could possibly taste good. Finally, there was Kilg'hesh, or Kil, as he had asked to be called. His introduction had been the briefest, and therefore John wasn't entirely sure what to make of him. But he was large, and strong, and armed to the teeth, and those were qualities that he was looking for, so it worked out. When everybody else had been served, John pulled a bottle of rum from underneath the bar, removed the cork, and took a long swig before he began. "Right. So no point in dancing around it; I intend to set up a criminal enterprise in this fine city. Gonna start with drugs, then move into other markets as opportunities present themselves. I can't do all that alone, so I need partners; which is where you lot come in. You guys work with me and we start making money, we'll split it nice and even. After that, no matter how large the organization grows, we the Founders will always be the ones on top." "But first we have to get started, and I have a plan for that. I caught wind of a bunch of drug dealers working for...someone or other, I forget, making plans to come and sell their product in Lunaris. Curious, I followed them through the portal, and watched them set up shop in some ruins a few miles outside the city. They've already got plenty of product stockpiled, and they've got the supplies to make more. My plan is to relieve them of their stock, and then evict them from the grounds." John spread his hands, "So. Questions, comments? Whose in?"
  14. Taen HQ

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