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  1. The Dragon of Datsuzoku

    Ben glanced over at the young woman and muttered, "Deal." The dragon roared and worked its throat for a moment before opening its mouth and spitting a stream of greyish white liquid at Ben and the girl. He rolled to the side, trusting the girl to take care of herself. When the liquid splattered the ground where they had just been, the stone began to sizzle and bubbble; quickly eating a hole the size of a bathtub in the rock. Acid. That wasn't going to make things any easier, but it might provide the duo with an opportunity to attack. The creature could only target one of them with its breath attack at once, which would leave the other free to exploit its divided attention. Without waiting to discuss a plan, Ben charged forward at the beast, hoping the girl would be smart enough to exploit any openings he created. As he charged forward, the dragon spat another ball of acid at Ben; who juked out of the way. The creature roared in fury and reared back to spit another orb of the deadly liquid at the charging man only to roar again as he dodged that attack as well. The creature used its breath again, but this time spat out a sustained stream of the acid, forcing Ben to veer off to the side of the cave to avoid the it. As he was about to hit the wall, he lept up and began to run on the surface; advancing toward the dragon whats more. The dragon followed Ben's path, acid eating away at the cave wall as it closed in on him. When he was almost in position, the dragon was about to overtake him. Acting quickly he threw his ax a stalagmite above the beasts head. The stone protrusion cracked and fell, hitting the dragons head with a barrage of stone and shutting its mouth. Ben took the chance to push off the wall and leap onto the dragons head; punching and clawing at the scaled flesh beneath him. The dragon roared, and began to try to shake him off. Ben held fast, and hoped that the girl came through.
  2. The Heika Went Down to Kaurilia

    Ben wasn't sure who was being tested when the Heika said his code name within earshot of his soldiers, but he suspected that it was all of them. The men for their part seemed wise enough not to question what was going on. The Omagatoki himself simply bowed to his master. "I am honored to hunt at your side, my lord." The rest of the journey to the city passed in uneasy silence, the men now more wary of their surroundings then they had been in the beginning. If a horde of undead had descended upon the group the poor bastards probably would have handled it no problem. But now that hey had been taken off guard by something they never could have anticipated, they were spooked. Not that he could blame them; if he had just been attacked by trees out of nowhere, he wouldn't exactly be eager to go walking in the woods. Once they had reached the city limits, Ben put down the two injured men he had been carrying. Not long after they had arrived, Ben felt something grating against his senses; something that he could not quite explain. Then the smell of undead grew almost overbearing until the undead Dragon appeared, taking flight. Ben had almost gone after him, but then Koji had pulled his trick and went after it, commanding the rest of them to raid the city. As their leader rose into the sky, Ben looked back at the soldiers. "For the Empire!" he bellowed before charging forward.
  3. Tiandi Wushu School of Martial Arts

    Double T's method of attack was straight forward and aggressive, much like the big man himself. The man had mentioned that he had made a career in the underground fight circuit, which made a lot of sense. Though such fights were often vicious, the level of technique among the individual fighters was often quite low; with most of them relying on brute strength and hard won experience to see them through. With his imposing stature and formidable strength, Double T would be like an apex predator in such a setting. But physical strength was only part of the equation when it came to martial arts; with technique being just as important. A lesson that Ren would teach right now. As the big man began to wrap his arms around his body, Ren began to channel his qi into upper body; dramatically increasing his power. He would wait until the young man had drawn him in to the deadly embrace before acting. In that instant he could feel the young mans immense physical power and felt a pang of sympathy for the people T had fought before. But the hold would only last for a moment before Ren explosively contracted the muscles in his upper body. Powered by the infusion of qi, this would have the effect of breaking the hold and pushing Double T back; or even throwing him to the ground if his balance wasn't solid. A gentle smile on his face, Ren gestured for Double T to come back at him.
  4. Tiandi Wushu School of Martial Arts

    Ren listened patiently as his new students introduced themselves, shaking his head slightly when So Chan said his bit about students not surviving his teaching. The big man was having a bit of fun at the others expense; he had never taken any students until this point, at least none in Quinlong. The Baxian's past was something of a mystery to the Shangdi; though he had heard whispers that he was a high ranking member of an organization known as The Kitakokou. Information on the group was hard to come by, but none of what he had heard sounded very good. Nevertheless, So Chan had not given him any reason to doubt his intentions, so he had said nothing of it. Pushing those thoughts aside for now, Ren turned his attention to the diverse group of people who had come to seek his tutelage. Trey, or Double T as he called himself, was an interesting young man. The Shangdi had heard stories of Hell's Gate; a tough place to grow up by all accounts. By the sound of things his environment had played a crucial part in shaping him into the man he was today. His words, although not overtly hostile, seemed chosen to let everyone in the group know that he was not someone to be taken lightly. Jinsoku seemed like a man eager to get started, and Ren did not miss the look he gave Trey as the big man introduced himself. His sister on the other hand seemed like she was somewhat reluctant to be here. Truth be told, he hadn't expected anyone quite so young to be among the group of volunteers. Training a child required a different approach to training an adult; but Ren had done so before. Delphine was a hard person to get a read on; though he had noticed her eyeing him suspiciously, like she couldn't believe that he could be the master she sought. Ren understood; he did not bear much resemblance to the image most people held in mind when they thought of martial arts masters. Still, he expected that she would reevaluate her opinion of him very soon. He also hoped the young woman's cold demeanor toward her fellow students would thaw with time. Finally, Mensa Voss seemed to be a highly energetic young man, hardly able to contain himself as the others made their introductions. Once it was finally his turn to speak, he did so with great detail. There was a moment of two where Ren thought he might have to cut the young man off before he was finished. Still, it was nice to have someone so enthusiastic on board. The tidbit that he was also a natural pyromancer was also interesting. Ren smiled, "It is nice to meet you all. Now I shall explain a bit about the school, and how we will proceed from here." "Tiandi Wushu is made up of four distinct schools; Dragon, Tiger, Turtle, and Phoenix. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. Though I will explain in detail about the classes later, right now we are going to have a test." Ren walked to the center of the clearing, "I will spar with you each one at a time. As we spar, I will get a better sense of your strengths and weaknesses so that I may better recommend the school that suits you best. At the same time, I will demonstrate a bit of each style to give you a better idea of what each entails. In the end, while I will recommend the style I think suits you best, the final choice will be left to you. Kotori does not need to participate in this exercise if she does not wish to." Ren smiled amicably, "So who's first?"
  5. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    What do I want? It was a question that Grant had never given much thought to since the day he had found himself stumbling down some city street, not knowing who he was or where he came from. Back then survival had been his only concern; stealing just to eat, and always on the lookout for a warm place to sleep. As his memory had slowly started to come back he had desired to learn more about himself, if only to give some kind of context to the vivid and violent images that flashed through his mind. Eventually he had remembered his wife, or the woman who he thought was his wife anyway. After that, his only goal had been to find a way to reunite with her; but that plan had been thwarted when old enemies he had made during his lost time realized he was alive, and began to pursue him. Then Rowan, then known to Grant as, "The Contact," had offered to keep him and his wife safe as long as he agreed to work for him. He had grudgingly agreed, never losing sight of his desire to see his wife again. Now however, Grant had no idea what he wanted. Learning that his memories of his wife were fabricated forced him to question everything about himself; not sure what parts of his past, his personality, were real. He remembered that when he had worked for Rowan, he had felt disgusted by the way the Beast King treated his people. When the revolt had occurred, he had felt good when he had helped to free Raveena and free the oppressed. In the end, that was the feeling he was holding on to. "I... I want to help people. I may never know how much of myself is real, but I feel good when do good things. Even if that part of me was created by someone else, then it is at least a part that's worth something." Grant looked down, "And maybe, one day... I could find someone I care about as much as I cared about..." The Knight trailed off, not able to get the words out. He walked silently arm in arm with Raveena down the crowded streets. @Deus Ex Aizen
  6. Arcadia's Foundation

    The Enforcers had to practically drag Tanner out of the cavern; the exhaustion of all the alchemy he had done in such a short space of time catching up with him now that he was out of danger. Shaping a material as obstinate as stone took quite a bit of energy; and wasn't really his area of expertise besides. He was mostly about explosions, so he was pretty out of practice when it came to the basics. After this though, he would be sure to include it in his training regimen. The training regimen that he was only thinking creating just now, to keep himself in a bit better shape alchemy wise. If he was going to be a soldier, he would have to be better equipped for this sort of thing. He was still leaning against the cliff catching his breath when a soldier asked him to follow him. Thinking he was about to be given another assignment, he followed the man; only to come face to face with the Raveena herself for the second time in one day. She commended him and another young woman for their bravery before setting off for the place where the city would be built. Marveling at the woman's energy, he grinned, and ran to catch up.
  7. Messenia's Foundation

    The intricacies of runic magic had always eluded Jed; he only really knew enough about it to activate the runes on his swords. But before anything could be built materials needed to be hauled to build sites, and construction was something that he knew a bit about. Once he had retired from the mercenary trade after his marriage, he had taken work where he could find it; often working odd jobs involving physical labor. They had lived like nomads for a long time; travelling from village to village. One day they happened into town at the same time a rampaging demon was tearing the place apart. A feast had been thrown in his honor, and during the festivities he had gotten to talking with the mayor, who revealed to him that the demons were a recurring problem. Jedediah had proposed that he would become their new hunter if they would grant him and Kiani a place in the town. The mayor had agreed, and gifted them a disused estate overlooking town. Their house had started as little more than a small single story house in dire need of some fixing up. A week later the house had been restored to good condition, and both he and Kiani were satisfied with their home. But in the frequent downtime between incidents, he would often feel restless; and he did not fancy spending all his free time in the local tavern. So drawing on his experience, he began to expand on the home. Fifteen years later the simple house had turned into a three story affair, with a guest house, a training room, and a spa for Kiani. When he had decided to leave, he had let the young man inheriting his position move in on the promise that he would look after the property well. Now that experience became useful again as he helped the men and women of Hyperion build their city. He often got awed looks from the younger men as he would lift weights onto his shoulders that would normally take four of them using a cart to move. When he was done with that, he would help lay foundations and erect framework for the buildings that would soon line the streets. In fact, he even helped to lay the streets themselves, placing stone in pre-marked spots. By the time the sun had begun to set, he reckoned that he had been to just about every building in the district. As he wiped the sweat from his brow, he looked around him and reveled in the sight of the city coming to life around him.
  8. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    When Raveena's smile had faded from her face, Grant worried that he had said something that he shouldn't have. He was about to apologize when she began to tell him of the things that were precious to her; and about the things she believed in. As she spoke, the same strength and resolve that he had first glimpsed back in the prison began to show through her normally happy and serene features. She spoke with the conviction of a person who was willing to die for the things she believed in; and had almost done exactly that. The quiet passion in her words kept him silent as he listened; respectful of the fact that she was opening up to him about something deeply personal. Everything she had said fascinated him, but nothing more so than her stated forgiveness or the Butcher King Raz-Nogore. The name still inspired an instinctual revulsion in Grant that had come from witnessing firsthand the way the monster had treated his people. On that mans orders Raveena had been imprisoned, tortured, and very nearly killed. The young Knight had literally killed people he had liked better than the former king. Yet the way Raveena spoke of him indicated a sympathy that he could not fathom; and a regret at being unable to save the tyrant that he understood even less. When she was done, Grant finished his noodles and with a gesture had the old man bring out a small bottle of rice wine and two small cups. After he squared up, he poured the alcohol into the cups and handed one to Raveena while keeping the other for himself. "The fact that you do not see your duty as a choice, the way you wish to save everyone, even those who are beyond salvation, and the love you have for your people. All of that makes you a better ruler than any I know of." Grant held out his cup, "May you never loose your heart" When Raveena clinked her glass against his, he would down the liquid in one go. Then he peeked outside to see that the crowd had thinned out somewhat, and he ducked back in to talk to the Countess. "The way is a bit clearer. We can proceed." @Deus Ex Aizen
  9. The sun had begun to rise over the trees in the forest where Yuyi Ren had decided to gather what students he could to lay the foundations of Tiandi Wushu. He had first arrived a week ago, and for the first few days it seemed as though no one would be coming. But then on the fourth day a man had shown up seeking out the tutelage of the Wandering Dragon, as some had come to call him. Ren had greeted the man warmly, invited him to share a modest dinner with him, and then helped him set up his own gear in the camp. As the days had passed, five more had arrived, and he had welcomed them in the same fashion. Until now he had not spoken of martial arts other than to confirm that he was the man they all were seeking. Now, as the sun rose on the eighth day, he gathered the would-be students in a clearing. While he had hoped to draw in more than six people, Ren was still greatly pleased by the turn out. From this seed he would grow the Tiandi Wushu into a force of both learning and aid for the people of Valucre. Assuming of course that the six before him proved themselves worthy of his teaching. Not that he felt that he was in any way above them; he just wanted to make sure they had what it took to stick with the training that would become a part of their lives. So as they gathered before him, he smiled warmly and bowed. "Greetings. My name is Yuyi Ren, Shangdi of the Tiandi Wushu school of martial arts. You have all come to learn under me, and I am eager to teach you. First however, I would know the people who are to be my students. Each of you please tell us your name, and perhaps a little bit about yourselves." @dvsn @Twitterpated @Grim Wolf @Diremast @Laughingmad
  10. [BASICS] First name: YuYi Surname: Ren Nicknames: Wandering Dragon, Envoy of the Four, The Dragons Fangs, The Tigers Claws, The Turtles Shell, The Phoenix's Wings Alignment: Neutral Good Race: Human Marital Status: Widowed Gender: Male Age: ? Role: Shangdi of Tiandi Wushu [PHYSICAL] Voice: Tenor Eyes: Blue Complexion: Fair Height: 6'2 Weight: 190 lbs Build: Athletic Hair: Short, black Tattoos/markings: None [MENTAL] Demeanor: Fatherly, patient, friendly, can be stern at times Hopes: To build Tiandi Wushu into an institution for the betterment of man. Fears: Failing... again. Likes: Training, tea, walks in the woods, reading. Dislikes: People hurting his students, people abusing his teachings [GEAR] Black robes with golden embroidering on the sleeves, black trousers, black shoes, red sash. [WEAPONS] Straight sword worn on back. [STRENGTHS] Enhanced Physical Condition Through decades of intense training Ren has greatly enhanced his physical attributes to levels fat beyond that of an ordinary person. Without utilizing his qi he can lift weights in excess of ten tons, and move faster than the eye can see. His strikes can shatter stone and dent metal, and he can easily jump at least twenty feet into the air. Ren is also incredibly durable, able to take blows that would injure normal people without any ill effect. His stamina is such that he can run flat out for an indefinite period of time without stopping for rest. His reaction time is almost instantaneous, and his senses are all quite powerful. Martial Knowledge Ren is the current Shangdi, the leader of the Tiandi Wushu school of martial arts; and as such he is highly knowledgeable about all four styles that make up the school. Aside from this, he is also familiar with numerous other forms of martial arts and fighting techniques. Over the years he has also made a point to read a great deal about martial philosophy, strategy and tactics. If it has to do with physical combat, Ren most likely knows something about it. Qi Qi is a form of life energy that is possessed by all living things. Through the harnessing of this energy, a person can achieve incredible feats of strength and agility, as well as more arcane abilities. The amount of natural qi that a person is born with varies, and having less does not necessarily make a person weaker. That said, a large qi reserve is considered a boon, and Ren's qi is immense. In addition to being able to manipulate his own qi, Ren has also mastered the art of drawing in qi from external sources. [SKILLS] Tiandi Wushu Ren has mastered all four schools of Tiandi Wushu, including their special techniques. [FAMILY] Wife (Deceased), ? Yuyi Ren arrived in Terrenus a few years ago from places unknown. For a time he traveled the land; helping those in need as he went, and never staying in one place for very long. Word began to spread of a master martial artist, and many began to seek him out for training. Eventually these rumors found their way to Ren, who decided that now was the time to establish Tiandi Wushu once more. As he traveled, he left flyers and posters in towns and villages directing potential students to a point not far from the developing city of Hyperion.
  11. The chittering roar of rage and grief that brought pause to the rest of the battlefield also caused Grant to freeze in place, blood running cold. It wasn't just the instinctual fear that stopped him, but a strange feeling of familiarity. Somewhere in that formless vocalization there was a voice that he knew he had heard before, but he couldn't seem to place it. As the insectoid creature that seemed to have appeared from nowhere tore the executioner into pieces, an image began to break through his fevered thinking. The image of a man, always smiling, always polite; but all of it false. The image came into focus when the man took a moment to lay the head of the beast it had just slain, and spoke a farewell to the dead woman at his feet. It was the face of the Contact. A thousand questions entered his mind all at once, each vying for his attention like blaring alarms. Why was he here? Why was he mourning the dead Countess? How much had he lied to Grant about? So many questions, but they were all displaced by the rage that came bubbling up within him. He had been lied to. Manipulated. That... that... "BASTARD!!!" Now it was Grant's voice that rang out through the battlefield; just as filled with rage as the Contact's had been moments earlier. He focused his mind on the implant within him, reaching out to it like he never had before. Energy swirled around him as the MERLIN drew in energy from the battlefield around him before flowing into him all at once. Fifty percent! The shimmering glow that surrounded his body dimmed for a moment before doubling in intensity. The next instant he pushed of the ground with earth shattering force to charge at the insect-man that now stalked the battlefield. Any soldier unfortunate enough to be in his path as he ran was tossed aside as he went past. In a matter of seconds he had reached the Contact, who turned to look at him just in time to be slammed into by Grant. The enraged man pushed him across the courtyard, the Contact's heels plowing trenches into the ground as he strained against Grant. Giving up entirely, the insect-man raised one foot into Grant's stomach and fell backward in a sacrifice throw that flung the young man toward one of the courtyard walls. But as he was about to hit, he recovered in mid air and landed on the wall feet first. He pushed off the wall, launching himself at the Contact. The insect-man raised his fist to meet Grant, and their collision shattered the earth beneath them before each was pushed back by the force of the impact. When the dust cleared, both men stood with hideously broken arms which were already in the process of healing; staring each other down with wrath in their eyes. As soon as their flesh was mended, they charged back into battle. @Deus Ex Aizen @The Hound
  12. Tiandi Wushu Wants You! (Martial Arts Adventures)

    Right. So I am about to start writing out the introduction to the thread. I need all of you to comment what your school of choice is going to be. For reference, there are four. Dragon and Tiger you guys already mostly know about, although @dvsn is going to be making some changes to Dragon. The two you don't know about are Turtle, and Phoenix, or Xuanwu, and Zhuque. Turtle will be a mostly defensive style, with an anti-weapon edge. Phoenix will be the most arcane class, but I'll let dvsn give you guys the details. I look forward to writing with you all! @Twitterpated @Grim Wolf @Diremast @Laughingmad @dvsn
  13. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    Grant was silent for a few moments in the wake of that statement; watching the old man and his assistants preparing food for the customers. Finally, he looked over at Raveena and said what he felt needed to be said. "I may have busted you out of that prison, but you were the one who saved your life. There were times when I was watching over you, listening to the things those bastard guards did, when I wanted to just kick the door in and kill them all. Every time I heard you scream, every time I heard them mocking you I wanted to..." Rip them apart. Shatter their bones, and crush their hearts. To stab, and rip, and gouge until... Grant shuddered at the thoughts that ran unbidden through his head as he recalled the time he had spent undercover in that hellhole of a prison. For a moment he thought he could hear S6's low, quiet laughter echoing in his head. A few deep breathes later, he had reminded himself that S6 was gone. He looked back at Raveena and continued. "If you had ever broken down... I wouldn't have been able to stop myself. But you never broke. You kept on defying them through every beating, every whipping, no matter what they threatened or promised. So as long as you wouldn't give up, I couldn't bring myself it stop you. Because I knew what you were trying to achieve." Grant gave a genuine smile, "You saved your own life your highness. Your's and so many others. Almost as soon as he was finished speaking, the old man placed a bowl of noodles in front of him, placing a pair of chopsticks on top. Grant took the chopsticks and pulled them apart before looking back at Raveena. "As for the noodles, their supposed to be exceptionally spicy," He took a few bites and then raised an eyebrow, "Not bad," he said before digging back in.
  14. Tiandi Wushu Wants You! (Martial Arts Adventures)

    A few things came up, and I've been slower than I would like. But I will have the thread up soon! Thank you for bearing with me.