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  1. Midnight over Lunaris

    "Oh damn, you've stumbled upon my evil scheme. Now how shall I carry out my nefarious plans for Lunaris? Sebastian's voice was somehow completely deadpan, and yet dripping with sarcasm. Most of the men who had been arguing about the pub's name started snickering, though they tried to keep themselves quiet. One of them wasn't laughing however, but seemed to be seriously thinking over the boy's outrageous accusations. The swordsman sighed inwardly; he supposed some people would believe anything. He turned and started walking again, "Well if you'll excuse me, I'm late for a meeting with the rest of my shadowy cabal. Bye."
  2. Taen HQ

    You nailed it. I just put it on his profile page!
  3. Taen HQ

    That is awesome! Thank you so much! I really like the, "Say your prayers," thing!
  4. Taen HQ

    I'd love a picture of Sebastian.
  5. Midnight over Lunaris

    "You do that." Sebastian started to walk away when he felt a sharp pull on his cloak, and turned to see the boy holding the fringe of it. At this point he'd had more than enough of the boys crap, and he just wanted to head home already. No longer caring who recognized him, he shrugged out of the cloak. If the boy wasn't careful, the sudden lack of resistance would put him on the ground. "And you can keep the cloak."
  6. A New Trade Route? Mk2

    By the time Sebastian emerged from the tunnel, the sun was beginning to set over the vast desert that seemed to stretch on for miles. It had been a long, hard, journey to even reach the tunnel in the first place, so he was glad to finally have arrived. Now all he had to do was make his way to the wolves settlement. But as he looked out on the barren landscape before him, he realized that he had no idea where to even begin. Not sure how to proceed, he decided to make camp for the night. Maybe someone would come along to help.
  7. Midnight over Lunaris

    Sebastian's expression darkened, "What do you know of the Hydra boy? You think you know anything because you had a skirmish with an infant? No. I stared down the real thing, got close enough to feel it's breath, to be covered in its blood. I know better than you ever could how dangerous a creature the hydra can be." Realizing he'd gotten a bit riled up, Sebastian took a deep breath before continuing. "And that's why its still alive. So that we can study it, learn its weaknesses should we ever need to fight one again. Maybe even train it to fight for us. Also, Carolina told me that Morty was interacting with it quite amicably, so no, its not only docile behind wildlight." The swordsman turned to go, "I've discussed this matter all I care to. Goodbye."
  8. Chasing Zengi's Gauntlet [S Class Artifact]

    Jebe snatched the dagger out of the air without looking in Lilith's direction; not wanting to take his eyes off the undead beast. As the necromancer chanted in some arcane language, the Garantah froze with what looked like fear, and allowed Lilith to pierce it with her dagger. Then Ziva stabbed it with her dagger, and whatever spell had held the creature in its sway seemed to have weakened. The Garantah now flailed wildly, caught between two different forces vying for control. Jebe knew that he would never get a better chance than this; so he slung his bow over his shoulder, and charged at the beast. The Garantah blindly lashed out with its tail, and Jebe jumped over it just an instant before he would have been pulverized by the appendage. Some part of the beasts brain seemed to register his movement, and it gained control of itself long enough to swipe at him with its right arm. Once again, Jebe jumped over the attack, this time landing on the beasts outstretched arm. As he prepared to thrust the dagger into the beasts arm, it snarled and its head moved to bite the part of its arm where the archer stood. Jebe jumped back, throwing the dagger as he did so. The weapon buried itself in the same ruined eye he had shot earlier, and its energy flowed into the beast. Landing in a crouch, Jebe waited to see what would happen next.
  9. Midnight over Lunaris

    Anger welled up in Sebastian, though not at the insult the boy had leveled at him; he could care less about that. No, his anger was a result of being face to face with the person who had threatened the lives of two of his friends. The swordsman's eyes began to turn black as he felt the rage boiling up from within him, but he kept himself in check. He took a deep breathe, and then began to speak. "Funny. Way I heard it, the hydra was pretty docile until some idiot provoked it by killing one of the heads."
  10. Taen HQ

    @Chappu There must be some kind of way out of here, said the joker to the thief.
  11. Silver Sky [Taen & Yh'mi Worldrift Event, Part 2]

    The day the silver portal had opened had started much like any other. Sebastian had woken up promptly at eight 'o clock, worked out, showered, eaten breakfast, and had his staff give him his morning briefing. He had been about to start on the days paperwork when all hell started breaking loose in the city below. When he had looked out his window to see what was going on, he had seen the silver tear in the sky, and the enormous mountain that had come through it. But he'd barely had time to process what he was seeing when he heard a crash from the street, and looked down to see a cart had crashed into the side of a building. The citizens of Lunaris were in a state of panic. People were packing their bags as they prepared to leave, looters had already begun to take advantage of the chaos, and there were already a few small fires. Sebastian had quickly rounded up everyone he could and quelled the frenzy before it could go further. It had taken days to get things back to normal, and by then Titus had sent word. At a speech in front of city hall, he had read that statement, and announced his intention to investigate the matter himself. Now he found himself staring at the border between Taen, and a world unknown to him. He looked around him at the group of volunteers who had taken up the call to investigate the disturbance. "Well. I guess the scouts did not exaggerate the ominous atmosphere to this place."
  12. OOC: Silver Sky

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  13. OOC: Silver Sky

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  14. Taen HQ

    60%. Kind of cool.
  15. Midnight over Lunaris

    Sebastian kept his expression neutral as he stared at the young man who had come up behind him. The boy seemed angry, seething with barely contained rage as he stood barely a foot away from the swordsman. His mention of the infant hydra was interesting, as he didn't think most people knew about the creature. Seeing no point in trying to act like he didn't know what the boy was talking about, he spoke calmly. "I suppose so. And who are you?"