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  1. Is it all an oddity?
    Are we flakes of empty dust
    Spinning on a ball of rust?

    But the light is ours to see
    You had eyes, but sowed them shut
    But that feeling in your gut won't fade

    Is it all a tragedy?
    Are we flashes in a rut
    Going in and out of luck?

    But the answers will not change
    Even when they're covered up
    All these questions in your gut
    Won't fade


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    2. Malintzin


      I didn't choose the flakes of empty dust, the flakes of empty dust chose me. Conditioning intensifies

    3. Ataraxy


      Starset is a dope name/ title. I'm gonna steal that lol

    4. danzilla3


      It's not mine, it's a band, lol

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