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  1. danzilla3

    dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same

    With his newly risen helpers, it was a simple matter to have them and some of the other Paragons round up the survivors of the initial attack. Men and women were taken to a staging area right outside what used to be city hall, while the children were evacuated from the battlefield and taken into the Cults care. Soon there were hundreds of people standing in front of the old building, forced to kneel in submission. Now he moved to stand on the stairs leading to the hall, making sure everybody could see him. This would be the first time he had really tested his stones power, so it would be interesting to see what happened next. Ankou lifted his left hand above his head, and the mind stone began to glow a vibrant golden yellow. The Paragons had been warned to avert their gazes, and the reanimated were immune to the stones power. When they glimpsed the stone, the prisoners eyes came to hold the same glow as the one the stone was giving off. The crying and hushed whispers that had filled the air now quieted, leaving the area completely silent. "You will obey." The newly enslaved prisoners didn't so much as twitch, but some kind of gentle feedback from the stone told him that it had worked. Satisfied, he looked to the Paragon next to him. "Make them ready, then set them on their way." Nodding profusely, the Paragon began to direct his subordinates, who produced vests filled with explosives, and moved to help the enthralled into them.
  2. danzilla3

    a superficial matter

    Silas smiled and nodded to Varda before turning his attention to Jasper, and the wooden prosthetic where his hand used to be. Gently, he removed the device, and went about inspecting the stub. After making a few observations, he produced a pin, and pricked a few areas on the stump, nodding satisfactorily when Jasper flinched. Then he pulled out a strip of measurement tape and took a series of measurements before putting it away, and looking up to the man with a smile.. "I like what I'm seeing. The nerve endings in the amputation site are still very responsive, and the cut appears to have been quite clean. I should be able to fashion you a suitable replacement within a weeks time; which is perfect, because that's when I would like to check the Lady's wound to make sure its healing properly."
  3. Ankou didn't flinch at Lilith's reprimand, partially owing to his stoic personality, and partially due to the tone of her voice. He knew that it was as much the hive mind of Lunar Daughters speaking to him as it was her. Lately they seemed to be trying to exercise more and more influence over the Commander of Death, and he feared that they were approaching a turning point. The current center would not hold much longer. Soon she would have to choose whether she would be a slave to her bloodline, or her own woman. It frustrate him that there was nothing he could do to help her, not yet anyway. Once she had made her choice, he would support her with everything he had, but for now he could only try to offer some distraction. He gestured toward the barman and ordered a very expensive bottle of whiskey and two glasses. Pouring one for himself and for Lilith, he slid hers over to her with a small smile. "Beer is fine, but I think this is more befitting one of your station."
  4. danzilla3

    [The Cyberpunk City] Tears in the Rain

    "I don't think a man named Parean... twice, should be commenting on other people's names." This partnership was off to a flying start. Wyatt had practically been able to feel the waves of disdain coming from the other man after the Captain had introduced him as a member of SOD. For some reason the rank and file always had a hate case against SOD, and it was something he never quite understood. Of course he wasn't blind to the fact that a lot of Sods were pompous, arrogant assholes; which reflected badly on the division. But some of it was probably down to jealousy. Sods tended to get quite a bit of attention for anything they were involved in simply by virtue of the fact that anything requiring their involvement tended to be a big deal. By comparison, your average detective working the streets didn't tend to get nearly as much recognition for their accomplishments. It wasn't fair, but when was anything in this world fair? At his partners question about bars, he pulled up a mental map and filtered out known law enforcement drinking establishments. There was an old pub style bar not far from here, which he figured was as good as any. "Yeah. Follow me."
  5. danzilla3

    a superficial matter

    Silas smiled, "Yes, but you must take it every eight hours. If it stops being effective, come see me, and we'll adjust it until it is again. I stress however, that this is not a permanent solution. The poison is still in your system, and will need to be cured; though given the magical nature of it, you'll likely need a specialist in that area to help." The doctor pulled a needle and thread from his bag, and began to suture the wound closed on the stomach side. It truly was fortunate that the arrow had missed any organs, as that would have required some delicate surgical maneuvers to patch up. As it stood, all he would have to do was suture up the entry and exit wounds, and apply a bandage. Once he had applied the bandage to the entry wound, he motioned for Jasper to help him pull the young woman up into a sitting position, and then have him hold her as he repeated the procedure for the exit wound. Once that was done, he wrapped a bandage around her midsection to keep everything secured, and then stepped back. "Your bandages will need to be changed daily, I would recommend after you bathe. If the stitches tear or come loose, have your own medic resuture them immediately. My assistant will give you the instructions for the suppressant on your way out." Now he turned to Jasper, "Now, lets have a look at that hand."
  6. danzilla3

    A levee to stop the flow

    Where am I? He couldn't remember how it was that he had come to be here, floating aimlessly among the ruins of a dead city. There were flashes of memory in his mind; disparate shards of sight and sound that he couldn't quite piece together into a coherent narrative. Instinctively he knew he was dead, but he couldn't remember how he died, and the gap in his knowledge was impossible to ignore. Dimly, he became aware that he still had a body, albeit a spectral one, and the knowledge somehow allowed him to right himself. Once he was right side up, he felt a burst of energy from nearby, something familiar about it. Then it came back to him all at once. Lilith! Ankou took off and flew in the direction of the pulse of energy; his memory of the past few hours returning to him as he went. He had been defeated by a Peacekeeper, and been forced into his spiritual form. It wasn't uncommon for him to be temporarily disoriented after such an event, but it seemed it hadn't taken too long for him to snap back to reality. Now as he approached, he saw the other Peacekeeper, preparing to finish Lilith. Panic rose in his chest as he realized that he could not do anything to intervene in this form, but he made himself calm down enough to remember that wasn't true. There was still one last thing he could do, but he had to do it quickly. Off to the right of Lilith and the Peacekeeper lay a slain soldier, and the bodies of a few civilians. He knew that if he tried to possess the soldier that his armor would activate, and the corpse would be destroyed. So instead he picked the body of a young man next to him, and possessed it. His features were still changing the young mans into his as he picked up the soldiers sword and lunged at the Peacekeeper. The blade sank into the mans stomach, and his momentum knocked them both to the ground. Ankou didn't wait to see if the blow was fatal, instead running to Lilith. "Lilith! We have to go, now!"
  7. From what Ankou understood, the Paragons in the city probably didn't even know that their leader was in the city; a serious lapse in their security as far as he was concerned. As the ones who ran this city from the shadows, it was their job to know everything that went on here. If they couldn't even realize when their own boss was in town, how could they be trusted to keep track of anything else? He would have to have a talk with them; make them realize that more was expected of them. Once upon a time he would have simply killed them for their failure, but he felt that he had softened as late. Now he would at least allow them the opportunity to atone for their mistakes before he punished them more severely. The ancient necromancer walked into the bar, clad in the more contemporary clothing that he had been wearing since Mercury picked them out for him. It took him only a moment before he spotted Lilith, who was currently being hit on by some trash who had no idea the danger he was in. He found himself tempted to kill the man, but they were trying to keep a lower profile than usual. Still, bar fights happened all the time, so he walked over to the man and put his hand on the mans shoulder. "Get lost." The other man turned and sneered, "You got a problem, asshole?!" When the drunken man lunged forward with a predictable right haymaker, Ankou merely stepped inside and shot a quick hand into his throat. The drunk sank to his knees, clutching his throat as he coughed and sputtered. Still, there was malice in his eyes, and the man attempted to charge, only to have is face impact the necromancers knee. All the fight went out of the man after that. Ankou glanced at the bartender, who shrugged and motioned to the bouncer to drag the unconscious man outside. The lich then sat next to Lilith. "You've chosen an interesting place to meet."
  8. danzilla3

    What is your character's overarching belief?

    Sebastian Heiliger: "You can't rely on God or anyone else to solve your problems. Taking responsibility for your own life is the only way you can hope to change anything."
  9. danzilla3

    Mykur: The thorn imperium

    Shikai breathed heavily as he ran down the crowed streets to get to the club where he knew that Cain and the others would be meeting Black. He had been out on personal business when news of the mission had spread, and he had raced to catch up as soon as he heard. The pale man was growing frustrated as he tried to make his way forward, feeling like he was swimming upstream. Finally he'd had enough, an he jumped into the air and bounced between the buildings around him until he reached the rooftops. Now that he was away from the crowds he felt like he could breathe again, and he quickly located the building he was looking for from his better vantage point. After that, it was a quick run to the club. From the rooftop he quietly made his way into the building, and soon he was on the club floor. The place was thick with the smell of sweat, booze, smoke, and drugs; and it took him a moment to pick up Cain's scent again. Once he had it, he found that it led into what looked like a private room. This proved a problem, as he wasn't sure that the guard would let him in, and he didn't want to put his leader into an awkward situation by trying to get in. For now he would sit at a table with a good view of the room, and wait to see what happened.
  10. Hey, I know its been a while, but I'm trying to get back into Zero Year. What happened to the Old Guy? 

    1. zackrobbman


      He's out cold and close to dying. He needs a recharge to stay alive.😅

      And I planned to post on HTH this week, but I got this jaw infection that's been making my life a living hell. Cant sleep, cant chew food, the whole nine yards. Been surviving off of pain meds, penicillin, and protein drinks. 😞 

      But SOON as this infection clears up, your thread will be first on my to-do list!

    2. danzilla3


      Did he get carried away, or is he still on the scene?

    3. zackrobbman


      According to Trevor's post, hes been carried to safety directly out of harm's way.

  11. danzilla3

    a superficial matter

    "Not long at all," Silas responded, "Once the initial formula is created, reproducing it is fairly simple. Your own alchemists should be able to replicate them without much trouble. As to how long it takes, the answer to that is as long as it takes to swallow the concoction." As he spoke, the doctor fished an implement out of his bag, an obsidian ring with inscriptions that glowed a neon green when he put it on. He held his hand above the wound, and the ring glowed intensely as it fed a three dimensional model of the nobles organs directly into his brain. So far he liked what he was seeing. "It looks like you got fairly lucky Lady Varda. The arrow missed your stomach and intestines completely, which explains why you didn't go into septic shock on the scene. No arteries either. Considering the area you were shot in, this could have been much worse." The aid he had sent away came back, and handed him a small vial of liquid. He took it, then immediately offered it to Jasper." "This is the suppressant I mentioned. Please help her drink it," he turned to Varda, "It likely won't taste good, but please drink all of it."
  12. Ah, so that was what she had been thinking about; an idea that he himself might have suggested at some point. Claudette was certainly one of the more interesting mortals he had ever met; and it would be interesting to see where her path led her. Of course, there was also the fact that under the terms of their deal, the more followers she recruited to her cult, the more power he would get from it. Really there was no reason to say no. So he didn't. "A partnership eh? Why not. I'm eager to see where this leads."
  13. danzilla3

    (ARTIFACT) A Master of Space and Self

    It had not escaped Ankou's notice that Lilith had been acting differently lately. The change was almost imperceptible, and he was certain that only he and maybe a few others in her inner circle had noticed, but it was there. She seemed to disappear into her own thoughts for long stretches of time, and more than once he had caught her muttering to herself. To most this wouldn't seem like a cause for concern, but most did not know what he knew. Lilith Reiter was a Lunar Daughter, the latest reincarnation of a long line. This meant that the presence of all previous Lunar Daughters was always in her mind, influencing her actions, and even her personality. Sometimes it was hard to tell where Lilith ended and the Daughters began. The thought that she might be struggling against them, effectively alone, made him feel a kind of pain that he had only known since he'd joined the Cult. A fear for the wellbeing of one besides himself. He had come to look fondly upon the others in the upper echelon of the Cult, Lilith especially. He had never fathered a child, but from what he understood of that particular bond, he thought that he probably felt a similar way towards her. But all he could do was support her however he could, and he would not fail to do so. He walked into the establishment feeling somewhat awkward in his new garb. At Mercury's insistence, he had changed up his wardrobe from his usual robes and cloaks for something else. He walked over to Lilith and nodded. "Ready at you command."
  14. danzilla3

    H&V Episode 1: A City Abandoned

    The sound of loud conversation was just audible to his enhanced senses, and he turned to look the way he had come to see if anyone was there. Initially coming up empty, he then switched to thermal optics, and saw three figures clear as day, standing on an adjacent rooftop. While thermal wasn't the best for picking out details, he could tell that one of them was wearing a lab coat, identifying her as a doctor. The other two appeared to be a man and a woman, though that was pretty much all he could make out. Still, they weren't holding rifles, and were obviously trying to save the doctor. It was enough to make a reasonable guess that they were Masks. "ODIN, do I have to be present for the data download?" Now that the server has been connected to the network, I can download the data remotely. Your presence is not required. A small smile graced his hidden features, "Good. I'm in the mood for a little fun. Whats the quickest route to those three?" Go out the window. Apex burst through a window and landed on an nearby roof before breaking out into a sprint to land on the next building. Eventually he overtook them, and jumped to land in a crouch in front of them. As he rose, his fingers sharpened into claws. "Prove your worth." @vielle @Wade
  15. danzilla3

    Through Sigil’s Door (open)

    Jack kissed Blonde with the same intensity that she kissed him; each preparing for the possibility that this might be the last time they saw the other. The thought made his chest ache; something like fear turning the blood in his veins to ice. But he pushed it away, refusing to let himself believe in the worst case scenario. He was going to make it through this damn it, and so was she, and those kids on the other side. The thought banished the dread in his heart, and the smile on his face resumed the same cocky, self-assured quality that it always had. He bounced on his feet like a boxer, and grinned widely. "Time to fly ladies and gentlemen!"