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  1. danzilla3

    Reunions Across Space

    This conversation was a somewhat unanticipated turn of events considering that up until now the longest sentence that Orange had ever said to John was maybe ten words, tops. He couldn't help but wonder what had brought on this sudden bought of chattiness, eventually coming up with an idea. It was his guess that Orange was trying to make him realize that despite his employers obvious toughness, she was still needed somebody to not just support her, but to accept her. To see her doing the things that she thought would send people running and stand firm. John wanted to be that person, so there was no question now that he was going in there. He chuckled, "You're pretty talkative today aren't you Ginger? And here I thought you didn't like me!" opening the door, John met the mans gaze and said more seriously, "Thanks for the talk." With that, he got out of the car and sauntered into the bar like he owned the place. As all eyes turned to him, he grinned widely. "Sorry I'm late fellas. I'm with the lady."
  2. danzilla3

    Leying a Foundation

    "That would be what the incinerators are for," Grant replied, "But if your asking if you can use some kind of ability or skill you have, my answer would be yes; so long as you can control it. We don't need to set off a firestorm. Dismissed." The prince walked outside, directing Linda and Gaylord to the west and east sides of the house before taking the south for himself. Gaylord seemed excited to be here, and he anticipated that the young man would make short work of his cleaning with that kind of attitude. Linda was harder to read, but she held an air of determination that told him that she would see the work done no matter what. It was fortunate indeed that he had managed to attract such people to the job. He was curious to know how Reyna and the third volunteer were getting on, but he trusted her to handle it. With that, he began to rake the dead vegetation into a pile in preparation for shoveling it into the incinerator.
  3. danzilla3

    'tis the golden hour

    Grant chuckled, "Please forgive my informal greeting, I'm still getting used to being a noble," he gratefully accepted the flowers before handing them to a servant, "I'll have them planted in a place of honor in the garden. Please, follow me." The Knight led them through the mansion and into a study that he often used to entertain guests. Most of the furniture was all polished hardwood and luxurious leather surrounding a fireplace that was currently lit. Shelves of books lined the walls, and along the far wall was a fully stocked bar. Grant walked behind the bar and retrieved a chilled bottle as well as three glasses, carrying them both over to where he had directed his guests to sit by the fire. "Thrace used to be famous for it's many winery's you know," he said as he poured, "Sadly, only one currently remains, but they are true masters of their craft. They gave me this as a gift when I became Regent, and I would love to share it with you." He handed each of them a glass and held up his own, "To friendship between our houses, and the prosperity of Ursa Madeum."
  4. danzilla3

    Visiting Hours

    Between the physical and mental processes going on, Issac was beginning to have a hard time comprehending what he was seeing, but subconsciously he was absorbing it all. Occasionally a particularly vibrant memory would break the trance, and he would find himself right in the middle of it. Such was the case of the memory of Middy's last confrontation with the Lady Blackhead. He'd no idea that Linda had gone through something so horrible, and his heart ached for her. But now he felt himself being pulled into a new memory, one he recognized as his own... "Fifty percent" Issac stared at the man in disbelief, "That's it? That's the best you can give me?" Looking around it was obvious that he was in an office of some kind. Heavy bookshelves made of hardwood, and multiple diplomas and awards lined the walls of the space. Sitting behind a large wooden desk was a man with white hair done up in a ponytail, and spectacles that lent him an intellectual look. He looked at Issac and sighed, getting up and pulling a folder from his desk. Walking around his desk, he stood in front of the alchemist. "You're lucky it's that high. I've never attempted to do anything like this before, nor have I ever seen anything like the device you outlined in your proposal. If it works, you should get what you want, and the device will replace the functions of your heart while using your body to create more Aether. But there are a thousand things that could go wrong, and nobody I can consult with. I'm sorry, but I feel that this is the best I can do." Issac looked down at the floor, suddenly unsure of the plan he had thought up. He had already destroyed all the files on Aether back at the lab; nobody was going to be replicating his work anytime soon. Logically he knew he should just let it go, let all traces of it fade away so it could never be abused the way his employers wanted. But he also didn't want to throw away something with so much potential to do good. If only he could use it, then he figured he could make sure it was only used for good. He still believed that it could be used for good, and so there was only one thing he could say. "I'll do it."
  5. danzilla3

    When Snow Falls

    It was clear to Samuel that Knox was not in good shape; the evidence of sleep deprivation obvious on his face and in his demeanor. If the man kept going the way he was, he would burn out long before they ever had the chance to accomplish the mission. He knew that him and Marcel were in a hurry, but they were going to have to find a way for the pair to get some rest. The mission they were about to undertake would be a very dangerous one, and they needed everybody in top shape if they hoped to survive. A sleep deprived soldier was a danger to himself and others, and could not be tolerated. Eventually they reached a spot that Knox seemed to find safe, and he slipped Samuel a piece of paper which he opened and read. It seemed likely that he was telling the truth, as if anyone had seen their faces, the hunters would already be on them. Still, coming back to town was a tactically risky move, but he supposed that they probably had no choice. He nodded his understanding, and followed Knox downstairs.
  6. danzilla3

    The Reverie Ball (Open Hub)

    GRANT Grant was only paying cursory attention to the discussion of religion unfolding before him; as to him the whole thing seemed rather pointless. It was clear that both sides of the debate were steadfast in their beliefs, and neither of them was going to be swayed by anything the other said. Such conversations were good only for frustration in his opinion, though he wasn't about to say so. That would be the quickest way to make the women stop yelling at each other and start yelling at him, and that was the last thing he wanted. So he stood on the sidelines and waited until the princess addressed him. Slightly surprised at the request, Grant still nodded, "Of course my lady. I'll help any way I can." ISSAC "Pleased to meet you too Holy Sheathe!" Issac replied, shaking her hand enthusiastically. When Linda took his arm, he pulled her in as close as was possible, enjoying the feeling of her being next to him. It had been a long time since he'd had the time and freedom to pursue a romantic relationship, and he was very much enjoying it. Back when he was on the run, he was often alone, with nothing but his thoughts for company. He had gotten used to it, but it was never something that he stopped thinking about. Now he was lucky enough to have a lover and a great job. After a rough stretch, it seemed like his good karma was finally paying off. Issac nodded, "Sure thing!" he looked back at Holy and bowed slightly, "Have a lovely evening!" The alchemist now walked toward Grant and his group, waving as he approached. "Hi Prince Knight! Good to see you! I wanted to introduce you to my girlfriend, Linda Linda."
  7. danzilla3

    A Double Edged Sword

    When Sebastian came back to his senses the world was dark, and he could feel the distinct sensation of falling through empty space. He had no idea how long he had been falling, and he wasn't sure how long he continued to fall, but eventually he hit something distinctly liquid. The taste and smell of blood overwhelmed him to the point that it took a few moments for him to realize that he was still falling through the blood, as though pulled by some malevolent gravity. Soon his lungs burned for oxygen, and he struggled against the unseen force, desperately trying to get to the surface, but to no avail. Just as he thought he was going to black out once again, he seemingly reached the bottom of the pool and fell through, plummeting through the air again for a few moments before landing on something solid hard enough to rattle his bones. Though his body was racked with pain, he managed to roll over onto his side before starting to cough up the blood he'd swallowed while falling through the pool. Once the fit had passed, and he could breathe again, he noticed that he could see the sun reflected in the blood he'd just spat up. Looking around, he realized that he was in some kind of cave with an open ceiling, and he could see the sun and the sky through a canopy of tall trees blanketed by snow. For some reason it had taken seeing the frozen forest for him to realize that it was cold within the cave, and he instinctively began to rub his arms to warm them up. Stumbling to his feet, he finally saw something that told him exactly where he was. Stone stairs carved into the rock of the cave led to an altar which was framed by ornate statues of demons and monsters standing vigil around it. When he took a second look around the cave he realized that the walls were lined with carvings of scenes of sacrifice; victims with their limbs hacked off, eyes torn out, hearts ripped from their chests, and miles of intestine being pulled from stomachs. It was as though he had found himself in a shrine to blood and pain, and that was when he remembered that he had been here before. This was the cave where he had found the sword so many years ago. On a hunch, he began to ascend the stone stairs and sure enough, there was the blade, the midday sun gleaming off the steel. He reached out to grab the blade, only to feel a heavy blow land on his chest, and find himself flying through the air. He landed rough on the stone, and groaned as he sat up to see what had hit him. The statue that had been directly behind the altar had stepped forward and punched him, it's carved face an expression of pure rage. Now the other statues began to move, walking toward the first one to be seemingly absorbed into its body. Once all had been absorbed, the thing was at least four meters tall, shaped like a heavily muscled human, but with the faces of the various other statues that had been absorbed forming a disturbing tapestry over the things body. The main face looked at him and grabbed the sword, which let out a scream that chilled him to the bone. So this was what it was like to be on the other end of that thing... Letting loose a bellow of rage, the guardian leaped through the air, leaving Sebastian to roll out of the way just in time to avoid having his body crushed like the stone where he had just been. With unnatural grace, the statue rounded on Sebastian, whipping the sword through scything arcs that the swordsman was only barely able to dodge. There was no room to counterattack, no time to think about anything but evading the next strike. As the two danced their deadly waltz, the carvings on the wall began to ooze with blood that floated through the air, to gather on the guardian's sword. Little by little the statue was speeding up, and the swordsman knew that he wouldn't be able to keep dodging forever. But that was when he saw his moment. When the guardian brought the sword down for a vertical downward slash, he stepped in, caught the thing by the wrist, and pivoted inwards, using it's momentum to throw it across the room where it plowed into one of the carvings in an explosion of stone and dust. Sebastian barely had time to even think about trying to run when he was impaled through the gut by a streak of red energy that burst through the dust cloud. All the strength seemed to leave his body, and he fell to his knees. Numbly he reached out with his right hand and grasped the solid energy, and it was like touching a live wire. The physical pain was enormous, but worse was the sudden pressure in his head. It was like some kind of beast had crawled into his skull, and was now screaming it's fury. If he focused he could almost see the shape of it, a great beast... with... Many heads. The realization hit him like a freight train; and he now understood. It spurred him to grab the energy blade once again, fighting through the pain as he struggled to address the thing in his head. "Fight with me! If you don't, it will consume us both!" The roaring intensified with the words, but he managed to hang on. By now the guardian had picked itself up from the ground and was beginning to charge toward him, more and more of the energy running through him. Gritting his teeth, he addressed the Hydra again. "You WILL fight for me! You WILL accept me! Or you will DIE!" Suddenly the roaring stopped, and the red energy flowed off of the blade and into Sebastian's body before pouring out his right hand; glowing white, and in the shape of a new blade. As it coalesced, the Guardian had just about closed in on him. But where there was once fear, there was now only certainty, and with a casual swing of his blade, Sebastian obliterated the statue, and shattered the dreamscape he had been fighting in. Now the white energy that had formed his sword swirled in front of him to take a vaguely humanoid shape. Despite this, the swordsman could still tell he was facing the hydra. It seemed to be waiting for him to speak, and he didn't keep it waiting. "Now it's just you and me. We can fight each other to the death if you really want, but I think I've proven myself a worthy master. What say you?" Sebastian extended his hand, and the glowing form seemed to eye it skeptically. Then it looked back up at him and shook his hand as the world went white." Back in the Hydra pit, Sebastian fell to his knees before coming to his senses. He looked around and saw Carina and Marik, offering a weak smile to both of them before he realized that he could feel something on his right arm and shoulder. Rolling up his shirt, he was greeted by a tattoo that hadn't been there before. He looked up at Carina, "Not bad right?"
  8. danzilla3

    Family Friendly

    Grant smiled, "That works perfectly then. The only person you are accountable to is me, and I wouldn't have the time to follow you around barking orders even if I wanted to. And naturally we don't keep records of Web operatives or operations. We did manage to get by without you for quite sometime." The prince returned the wink and sat back down behind his desk. Bishop was a strange one, but at the same time he reminded him in many ways of his father; a good man, and an undoubtedly dangerous one. He might never have seen the man in battle, but a seasoned warrior could always recognize another. More than that, Bishop had the experience and judgement required of a spymaster. Grant was looking forward to working with him. He snapped his fingers, "I almost forgot. The man I told you about who can help with your gun. His name is Issac Graham. Ask my secretary for his address in Ursa Madeum. Feel free to take an airship if you feel like it."
  9. danzilla3

    Getting Ley'd

    Guys. Guys, pls.
  10. danzilla3

    When Snow Falls

    For the second time that morning Samuel let his temper get the better of him, and the wooden banister of the stairs creaked and groaned in his grip as he descended the last few steps. Were these brats actually admonishing him for his minor display? After they managed to get chased out of town after one of them had lost control of himself and eaten a horse? The notion would have been laughable if it wasn't infuriating. Under different circumstances he would have torn into them right there and then; shown them what it was really like when he let his anger get the better of his subtlety. But he could see they were obviously tired and they're nerves were frayed. Reading them the riot act right now was not going to help any of them. Samuel nodded his agreement and went to say so when Knox indicated he would like to speak with him privately. He nodded again, and followed the other man to wherever it was he had in mind.
  11. danzilla3

    Destruction des morts

    The Problem Solver lived up to his organizations reputation; with his quick reflexes keeping him from being skewered by the thrown sword. He moved with practiced swiftness to throw what would be a devastating elbow at his charging opponent. Shikai only had an instant to respond, but fortunately for him, he was just as well trained as his opponent. Hands blurring in a flurry of hand signs, a doppelganger of the Zombie appears in front of him, taking the hit straight in the face before disappearing in a puff of smoke. At the same time, the original takes a spinning leap through the air over PS4's head, raking at him with his claws as he passed. When he landed on the other side, he would land in a crouch and transition into a leg sweep, hoping to take the Problem solver's legs out from under him. @amenities
  12. danzilla3

    Reunions Across Space

    "Be careful my love. Don't take any chances." He would never tell her that it should be him going in there and not her, even if that was how he really felt about it. It wasn't that he doubted Patricia's ability, as he had seen first hand her prowess in combat. But for all her ruthless efficiency, she was still just a normal person under that mask. A stray bullet to the wrong spot, and she would die just like anybody else. Jack on the other hand could shrug of bullets, bombs, knives, magic of all kinds, and so much more. Seeing her put herself on the frontlines makes his heart sink into his stomach. Jack looked up at the driver, seeing the mans face in the rearview mirror; his eyes fixed on the crime lord. It occurs to him that he can't be sure if Orange is referring to the mission at hand, or his relationship with Blonde in general. Hell, maybe he meant both. Part of him resents the man for sticking his nose in his business; but then reminds himself that protecting Patricia is also his business. So instead he just nods. "Understood."
  13. danzilla3

    Have a Joyous Reverie!

    It's always possible for someone to be mistaken.
  14. danzilla3

    The Reverie Ball (Open Hub)

    ISSAC Finding the bathroom in the sprawling estate was an ordeal all its own; requiring him to ask several servants to direct him before he finally found the facilities. True to form, the restroom was all marble and brushed metal, and there was even an attendant to offer guests towels and colognes. It was almost a little intimidating, knowing that the royal family had bathrooms that probably cost more than every apartment he'd ever owned. Nevertheless, he had taken care of his business, and left to rejoin his date... only to find that he didn't know how to find his way back! He'd had to bug several more servants to find his way back, and quickly spotted Linda hanging off a woman he didn't recognize, and made his way over to them. "I'm back! Sorry I took so long, this place is massive!" Issac moved to embrace the woman, momentarily annoyed that his mask prevented him from leaning in for a kiss. He stepped back and addressed the other woman." "I don't believe we've met. My name is Issac Graham, pleasure to meet you!" GRANT Though he had never met the man in person until now, Grant recognized the pyromancer Som Basil from his fearsome reputation. From what his intelligence service had gathered, he had joined the Veluriyam army as they were preparing to march into UM out of boredom. While there, he had proven himself to be a warrior of great power, leading the charge against the Tyrant King's Black Knights. He extended his hand and introduced himself, finding the man's hand hot to the touch. Interestingly, it seemed that the young princess was smitten with the General, but he made no comment on it. Soon they were joined by Illyana Uldwar, hardly his favorite person in the world, though he supposed he liked her more than her husband; though that was a low bar to meet. Grant had experienced flesh wounds that he enjoyed more than the company of Oscar Uldwar. When the woman steered the conversation toward a Gaianist temple she wanted to restore, he could practically feel Reyna tense up. The topic of religion was a sensitive one for her, and he knew she was struggling to keep her cool. Still, she managed to maintain a formal, if frosty, tone. Around the time Aveline was growing tense, Grant himself noticed that the atmosphere in the room had changed. There was a subtle energy, like the calm before a storm, though he could not identify the source. He almost didn't notice when Teresa turned the conversation back to him. "Hyperion is doing well. I'm afraid I know little about Tazerek though." SOM The ashen haired man was about to tell Teresa that his trip from Stronghold had been fine when he was cut off by some woman that he didn't recognize. Irritation welled up within him, causing a few nearby candles to flare up for a moment before he managed to calm himself. Teresa was a princess after all; it was only natural that people would be vying for her attention. Frankly, he was impressed with the way that the young woman handled herself. He could tell that she was briefly overwhelmed for a moment, but she handled it like a pro. The pyromancer offered a proud smile. He almost didn't notice the commotion until he heard the screaming. SEBASTIAN Sebastian never made it to greet Titus, as the same strange scene that had captured Carina's attention now caught his own. On the surface it seemed like a scuffle between what he assumed was a husband and wife before the two disappeared into the bathroom, but he couldn't deny the tension in the room. Closing his eyes for a moment, he reached out through space and time to the blade that he had left back at his apartment, thinking he wouldn't need it for such an event. As he did so, the mark of the Hydra that snaked up his right arm and across the front and back of his shoulder began to glow softly under his formal wear. "Should we be worried about that?" "I'm not sure yet... but stay close just in case.
  15. danzilla3

    What is real?

    The feeling of Reyna running her hands through his hair helped to calm him, to remind him of where he was, and who he was with. Even after all this time, he still feared becoming lost in his own memories, unable to escape the horrors of his past. Going into this he had worried about it, but his lovers touch grounded him into the present moment, allowing him to remember without fear. After a brief pause, he continued. "First time I met her was in a field hospital somewhere in Genesaris. I still had my original body, and a piece of shrapnel had taken a chunk out of my right shoulder. Of course, that was all fake, cause even in the body I was born with my dad's gene's would have taken care of me. Anyway, she was stitching me up and we got to talking... we hit it off right away. After that, whenever I had leave, I'd go visit her. When the conflict was over I asked her to marry me."