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  1. It had taken Emile only a minute two get down to the fourth floor, but Ram and Hart where starting from the first floor, and would take a bit longer. He used the time to locate a vehicle and get to work on it. Back in training he had assumed he would never need to remember the hot wiring techniques they taught him. Fortunately he had retained more of them than he thought he had. In a few minutes he had opened the door, disabled the alarm, and started the engine. Just as it turned over he saw his two companions appear. "Get in," he said, then looked at Hart, "Get in the back, keep low." The doctor nodded numbly and did as she was told. Once everyone was aboard, he drove them out to use the opposite entrance from the one they had come in from. He hadn't seen the officers yet, but that could change at any minute. "Are you carrying?" he asked his partner.
  2. The prison whose halls Grant now walked did not have a name as far as he was aware of. It was a government black site; the kind of place that you wouldn't find on any paperwork, and that only a handful of people could even claim to know about. Luckily for him, he had done some work for the warden a few years back. A prisoner had somehow managed to get out, and the Prince had tracked him down and brought him back. To this day nobody knew how the inmate had gotten out, and there had been no escapes since. Not yet at least. Recently the facility had taken custody of an inmate who had proved to be all kinds of trouble for them. Grant didn't know what Saito Jengtsu did to get put here, but it was instigating a riot during which he had killed three other inmates and hospitalized half a dozen guards had gotten him moved to solitary. A further escape attempt had gotten him put in the most secure part of the facility, known as the Coffin. A 12 x 12 cell of three foot thick steel; enchanted to hell and back by master wizards. No natural light got into the cell, and the prisoner was made to wear heavily enchanted shackles. On the outside of the coffin was another heavily secured room, surrounded on all sides by armed guards. When Grant arrived outside the cell, he was taken to a spot where a speech bubble had been painted on the metal. When he spoke, the prisoner would be able to hear him, and respond back. "They tell me that most inmates who get put in there go insane from the isolation within a week," Grant spoke in a conversational tone, "You've been in there for a month. Hearing voices yet?" @Chappu
  3. danzilla3

    A Lost World

    Sebastian stood still; waiting to see how the scene before them would play out. The pack creatures were advancing on the larger creature, who responded by bellowing in defiance and swinging its tail menacingly. As the standoff continued, an unseen member of the pack had circled around behind the larger one, and now launched itself through the air. The larger sauropod responded by swatting it out of the air, impaling it with the spikes on its appendage; which detached and remained in the smaller animal as it went flying into the brush. "Looks like its over," he whispered. The large sauropod had turned in a half circle to hit the leaping one with its tail, and in doing so had lost the armament on it. While its back was turned, the remaining pack lunged, biting its tail and shredding its back legs. With a cry of pain and anguish, the larger creature fell to the ground, and was soon overwhelmed by the other sauropods. After a tense moment, Sebastian motioned for the others to follow him, and pressed forward.
  4. The young woman jumped a bit at Ram's approach, nerves frayed from the last twenty four hours. Ever since she had discovered the truth behind the inoculations she had been on edge. She turned to the well dressed man and offered a small smile. "Doctor Hart," she clarified, "Are you my uh, contact?" "Now we just wait for... the... bus..." That was when Emile noticed two CDF officers talking to another man in a suit. All three were looking at the doctor, and the snipers suspicion was confirmed when the suited one pointed at her and the officers began to move towards her. Shit. "Ram, change of plans, they're coming for her. No time for the bus, you've got to get out of there now." The guards had split up and were approaching the pair from the left and right; both with their hands on their side arms. Emile looked around for another path his companions could take, but there was only one way forward. "You need to get across the street. Meet me in the parking garage next to my building, fourth floor." Though he had hoped that things would go smoothly, Emile had learned long ago to always have a backup plan. They would have to hotwire a vehicle and try to get out of there without drawing anymore attention. Slinging his rifle over his shoulder, he ran to the edge of the roof and jumped, landing on the fifth floor of the garage with a roll. Now he just had to meet up with Ram and the doctor.
  5. The line outside the offices of the Civil Defense Force had started out small, but grown exponentially as the opening hour approached. Fear had driven people from all strata of society to que up for one of the free inoculations being offered by the CDF. None of them seemed to question the motives for the program. Why would they? The CDF were a trusted part of daily life in the city. If they were offering shots, it must be on the up and up. No need to question it further. Right? Private Emile Gareau was set up on the roof of a building across the street from the CDF offices; viewing the scene through the scope of his rifle. The Doctor they were here to escort had left word she would be waiting at the bus stop in front of the office. Now it was just up to Robicheaux to make contact. @SweetCyanide
  6. "Just take what you want," Noah said plainly. The mugger scowled and snatched the purse from Aelene's arms; but did not move to leave after he did so. It seemed like the man wasn't sure what to do; perhaps not sure how to respond to someone who was plainly unafraid of him. Noah wasn't good at feigning emotion that he didn't feel, so pretending he was afraid of a man he could kill with no effort. Apparently this was something the criminal just couldn't tolerate. "I'll do whatever I want!" Words were followed up with a backhand across his face that barely registered to Noah, As for the mugger, it seemed to take him a moment before he noticed the pain shooting up his arm. Hissing out a string of expletives, the criminal looked at his victim with confusion. Narrowing his eyes, he grabbed Aelene and yanked her forward. "Bitch, you're coming with me!" Noah stood silently as his companion was dragged away. He figured that if the woman wanted to be rid of the man that she was perfectly capable of dispatching him herself.
  7. Eiji chuckled to himself as he severed the mental connection with Shi; taking some juvenile pleasure in ignoring his complaints. The man was a fine assassin, but his personality was somewhat grating. Besides, given what he was about to do, he would take any small bit of fun he could. Lesser men would have been intimidated as they walked the path to the dock; no doubt frightened of the scores of vampires hissing and scuttling just out of sight. The Clan head was obviously above that kind of fear, but he couldn't deny the palpable tension in the air. It was an effort to keep his hand away from his sword. Even the slightest provocation could set the lesser vampires off, so he just kept his hands at his sides and his eyes forward. The Vampire Lord was a textbook case of how appearances could deceive. Frail as his the elder looked with his pale skin, sunken eyes, and emaciated build. Eiji knew that the creature in front of him was extraordinarily powerful. Until recently, he would have stood no chance against such a monster. But much had changed, and now he figured he at least had a chance of winning. "Why have you come here?" asked the Lord, voice almost a whisper. "There is a powerful airship here," Eiji replied, "I wish to claim it." Confusion clouded the vampires expression, "That is all?" "Why else would I venture here?" "You're... shadow," it spat the word like poison, "It is usurper, destroyer. A mere echo of what it once was; but even that is more dangerous than most." Eiji thought for a moment, then took a chance, "If you allow me to take my prize, there would be no need for us to fight." Silence reigned for several long minutes before the Lord nodded, and then disappeared. Once it was gone the swarm began to recede back to their lairs; wordlessly commanded by the Elder. "Can't believe that worked," Eiji muttered. Then he once more started towards the docks.
  8. Noah had seen the like of the Gypsy Market a thousand times throughout his myriad lifetimes, and he always found them uncomfortable. Too crowded, too noisy, too much going on in general. But this was where the plan called for them to be, so he would bear with it for now. "Give me a moment." Using his own facial recognition, he began to scan through the crowd, cross referencing the data with local police records. In seconds he had picked out three potential targets that would suit their purposes. The first was a mugger, ruled out for his propensity for unneeded violence. Second candidate was also ruled out for being a known sex offender. The third was a known purse snatcher, perfect for their mission. "Three o' clock, the man with the facial tattoos. Present him with the opportunity and he will almost certainly take the bait."
  9. To date, he has killed 13 people. All but two were high ranking members of the Gaianist Church, and all members of a disbanded sect known as the Order of Thorns. It was discovered that the killer himself was a member of the Order. Most of this was established in this thread.
  10. Hey, just checking to see if we're still on.

  11. Serial killer, cult leader, and all around psychopath available anytime! I gave him the bounty listed in the profile as a joke, but if he got an official one... Gang leader, drug traffiker, arms dealer, and murderer. Operates mainly out of Taen, but has branched out into Terrenus as a whole.
  12. Sure, I'm down if everyone else is.
  13. Noah had already known the name of the establishments owner before he walked in. He had run the name of the business through a search algorithm that had turned up a business license, which led to a birth certificate. A similar process had left him briefed on the gang situation in the city. The escalating gang war was pretty much the only thing the news media were talking about; and the police databases were full of references to it. Knowledge was power; and his information gathering abilities made him very powerful indeed. Extending his hand to shake hers, he uttered only, "Noah." At Aelene's direction, he turned his attention to the objects on the table. Fixing his gaze on the seemingly random assortment of items, he scanned each and every one of them thoroughly before giving his answer. "Human blood, type O negative. A search of medical records indicates that our employers husband possesses this type. Keycards all belong to the same building, though their programming does not reveal the location they belong to. Both keys appear to be fitted for the same lock. The composition of the metals used during their construction are unique to the local area. Cross referencing their customer list with known shell companies confirms that it was made for the husband." He looked up at Aelene, "My conclusion would be that these objects are meant to help us break into our targets hideout."
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