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  1. Why if John Wilder wasn't taking the Wild Hearts semi-legit, this would have been an interesting conflict!
  2. "Free me." The mental command rang as clear as a bell in Ankou's mind; the words nearly stopping his heart. Lilith hadn't sounded distressed, but he knew her. For her to openly request help, even in the form of a demand, meant she was in a desperate situation. The thought caused a new kind of fear to well up within him. A helplessness that he had not felt since he was a small child, unable to save himself or anyone else. "No more." Tapping into the power of the Mind Stone, he effortlessly pinpointed his leaders mental signal. Willing open a portal, he appeared at the entrance to a cave; the entrance filled with rubble. His mind raced at how to get through before he finally settled on an idea. Drawing deeper on his Aura of Death than he had since the fight with the Peacekeepers, he also used Mori to channel energy from the Abyssal plane before unleashing a pulse of necromantic energy into the cave. Stone may not be alive, but all things decay eventually. The rubble filling the cave began to erode, turning to dust as it was bathed in his Aura. Soon the collapsed passage was once again clear. The stone had been worn away in a great circle throughout the cavern. To those who could see him, Ankou would have appeared like a specter of death. As the aura dissipated, and Ankou began to revert to his normal form, he began to explore the cave. Lilith was resilient enough that she shouldn't have been too badly affected by his display of power. "Lilith?"
  3. The Doughton operation had barely been over before Caeceila had asked Emile to accompany her to Hells Gate. She had never actually come out and said she aimed to attack the Enrele in her city, but he knew. There was little other reason for her to invite him to the Glassmann estate. He understood her caution though. While he had proven he wasn't one of the parasites, you never knew who was listening. Being the dutiful soldier that he was, he had reported to his superiors before committing to anything. Once he had informed them of Caeceila's request, they had readily agreed, and given him a new assignment. Now he stood in a corner of a room in the estate, listening to her speech.
  4. So imma post tonight. But I was wondering, would Caecilia have asked Emile to come along, or was it just blind luck? @The Alexandrian
  5. Take care of your rifle, and it will take care of you. It was the first thing taught in sniper training, and it was repeated until it became a mantra for every trainee. Whenever he found himself with downtime, this was the first thing he attended to. Sitting by the fire, he disassembled his weapon, going over every part with oil and brushes. By the time he had put everything back together, Argi had returned from his rabbit hunt. He politely declined, wanting to leave some for those without other means of sustenance. Instead, he retrieved an MRE from his pack, and ate in silence. When Aya mentioned him he spoke up, "Emile. Corporal Emile Gareau. Just for reference." After Dauner spoke, he addressed her again, "He's right. There's more to combat than just direct action."
  6. Ankou listened to the Mistress outline her plan with slight interest. He had no particular need of things like airships anymore; once he had obtained Mori he became able to travel anywhere in the world on a whim. Nor was he interested in any other treasure the expedition might uncover. But the thought of touring his homeland after a thousand year absence intrigued him. Of course he had traveled since then, but he had hardly seen everything. Besides; he had come to enjoy the company of his fellow Inner Circle Cultists. Not that he would ever admit to this out loud. "Very well, I accept your offer. Where do you want to go first?"
  7. So I'll have him be a corporal still. They can always promote him again once this is over!
  8. The Prince caught the female knights blade in one hand, not even looking at his assailant as he did so. Only once it was clear that her attack had failed did he spare her a glance, and a feral grin. "If you're going to join the fun, you need to be much stronger than this!" He lashed out with a devastating side kick that would send the young woman flying; potentially through a few buildings. Once that distraction was done with, he turned his attention back to Claudette. "Now let the games begin!"
  9. SUMMARY: Ankou Lethe arrives on Nede with three companions with the aim of usurping the throne of the current Demon Lord of the Sector. Immediately they are attacked by what seem to be mere foot soldiers; but prove to be a much greater threat. The lich quickly realizes that the Lord can sense them anywhere and everywhere on the island. The group press on and are confronted by the Demon Second, who is quickly dispatched. In desperation, the Lord sends waves of his minions to stamp out the threat. Ankou pinpoints the location of the Demon Lord, and warps the group there. Finally the group come face to face with the Demon Lord, a battle ensues during which the Lord is dispatched. Victorious, Ankou assumes the throne, and becomes the Sectors new Demon Lord. SHORT SUMMARY: Ankou Lethe leads an expedition to dethrone the current Demon Lord of the Desolation sector of Nede CONSEQUENCES: Ankou Lethe becomes the new Demon Lord of the Desolation Sector. OPPORTUNITIES: A necropolios is established that welcomes all Undead so long as they accept Ankou as ruler, Ankou may now be challenged for his throne. @Aleksei @Ataraxy
  10. Ankou nodded to his departing companions before turning his attention back to the now empty throne of the Demon Lord. The obsidian throne practically hummed with power now that its previous owner had been slain. With no fanfare, the lich sat on the throne, and he instantly felt the power flow through him. Suddenly he could feel every grain of sand, every blade of grass within his territory. All with the knowledge that he could reshape it to his will. Which he did. Finally, after a millennia of effort, he had found his necropolis.
  11. @supernal would Emile have been promoted?
  12. So, question! Does this take place before or after the Doughton raid?
  13. "Understood." Mal watched through a pair of binoculars as the away team went about their jobs. He couldn't see if Saito's bombs were doing their job on the people inside the ship, but he trusted they would work. Teddy's work was a different story. One by one, the deck crew went down until there was nobody left standing. Clean efficient work. Just the way he preferred his operations to go. Upon hearing that Teddy had reached the cargo hold, Mal eased his ship through the water until it was right alongside the other vessel. Once he was in position, he would contact his comrades. "Everyone's in position Saito. You are cleared to proceed."
  14. From the center of the city rose an enormous ship, and for a moment Jack thought that it was the Sith playing some kind of trump card. But instead of coming right for them, it appeared the vessel was moving on some kind of escape trajectory away from them. That was when he noticed that the Sith forces were no longer advancing towards his crew, but turning back. How interesting! "Lusk, what the hell is going on?" "Beats me," the mercenaries replied crackled over the radio, "But shit must be going down in a serious way somewhere important for them to just turn tail like this." "Well, that suits our purposes I suppose," Jack said, a slight pout in his voice, "Though I had hoped they might stick around to play a while longer." Lusk grunted, "Your insatiable. Lets head towards the compound." Now free of any resistance, it didn't take them long to reach the building where the children were being kept. There wasn't even a skeleton crew left to meet them, and they simply walked right in. At the center of the compound they found their prize. Blonde embraced her children, and Jack smiled genuinely. He then turned to Lusk. "Let's go home." "Roger. I have a business proposition I'd like to discuss with you once we're back." Jack nodded, and returned to watching the reunited family.
  15. The trio's assault forced the Demon Lord back. In its haste to retreat, it failed to notice the portal that opened behind it, only realizing its mistake when Ankou emerged. It turned and swung a vicious back hand, which the lich avoided by a hair. Following up, it threw a punch straight at the necromancers head. Ankou never even flinched as a portal opened up, swallowing the arm up to the elbow before closing. The Demon shrieked in pain and stumbled backwards. Before it could attempt to flee, the lich called his scythe to his hand and sliced clean through its legs, sending it to the floor. As it desperately tried to scuttle away, Ankou caught it by a flailing tentacle and dragged it back. He flipped it over and put a hand to its throat. "The King is dead." A great pulse of necromantic energy was released from Ankou's hand, filling the room with the cold chill of death. Under his steady hand, the Demon Lord withered away until it crumbled into dust. Once it was done, the lich stood up. "Long live the King."
  16. Rolling for Ankou again.
  17. Emile lowered his rifle; sure that the Yuuja was dead. Yet instead of the thrill of victory he could only reflect on the tragedy the towering creature represented. It didn't want to be here. Left to its own devices the beast might never have encountered a human. The Enrele had forced it away from its home, its family, and turned it into a weapon. While he had seen the invasive species for the threat they were from the start, he had never felt any true animosity towards them. That had changed. The booming voice of the Regent had given him his next mission. He would accompany the party to Doughton, and do whatever it took to destroy the hivemind.
  18. danzilla3


    HISTORY Setting Sun A Black Day
  19. Rufus smiled slightly, "So the bugbears are still around? That's good. I was afraid the eruption might drive them away." Back when he had first lived on Misral, he had known and been known by most of the endemic wildlife on the island. The Druidic Arts made one closer to nature through their practice, and he was a master of all of them. News of Egon's eruption had left him saddened, but not surprised. For generations, his family had communed with the mountain; soothing it in times of rage. Of course he had hoped that the volcano would remain calm in their absence... but that had not been the case. "Tell your friends that Rufus Ignis Viridis has returned to reclaim his familial lands. That should help put their minds at ease."
  20. Small break, back Monday!

  21. Khaki's spear went straight through the Demon's chest; and then proceeded to pass through his throne and leave a large crater in the wall behind. Sera's was wide of the mark, but the spears had distracted it long enough for the Mistress to get close. Her punch pushed the creature back, but it was still standing. The beast growled, and the tendrils on its back began to shake. "NOT GOOD ENOUGH!" The sound of tearing flesh heralded a storm of bone-tipped tendrils that went rocketing towards the group. Each hit with the force of a cannonball, chewing up the stone columns and floor of the throne room. Ankou swiftly opened a portal in front of them to intercept the attacks, and then one over the Demon Lord. It bellowed in fury as its own attacks rained down upon it. However, one of the tendrils had gone wide of the portal, and opened a small gash on Sera's arm.
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