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  1. Jack wandered through the streets, covered in blood from head to toe and still chuckling softly to himself. He had chased the slavers and their clients until he had reached the edge of the market; mercilessly cutting down any too slow to escape. Eventually this had proven to be all of them. When the panicked crowd had reached the large gate that served as an entrance, the guards had abandoned their stations. With nowhere to go, they had been easy prey for him. Some had begged for their lives, while others had fought futilely against him, but eventually they had all perished. As he came down from the high of righteous slaughter, he began to wander in the direction of the flames and screams he'd heard. On his way he passed through a vision of hell. Charred corpses littered the streets; and burning buildings lent an eerie light to the dark of night. It wasn't long before he came across the sick boy and the cleric. He couldn't help but notice the look on the kids face; on that he instantly recognized. It was also hard not to notice the poor boy had managed to loose his tunic. The crime lord shrugged out of his jacket, but upon noticing that it was soaked in blood, he dropped it to the ground and began to unbutton his clean dress shirt. He felt a bit self conscious, as doing so would reveal the myriad surgical scars on his torso, most prominently the Y incision spanning from each shoulder to his chest, an down his stomach. Once the garment was off, he draped it over the boy, crouching down to look at him. "First one's always the hardest," he said, clapping the boy on the shoulder. He stood up, and began to walk in the direction of the main building in search of his lover.
  2. So the Salamander was the first to arrive. It was somewhat of a surprise to Eiji, as the mans reputation indicated that he tended to show up when and if he chose to do so. He hadn't discounted the notion that the man might skip this meeting entirely; and instead seek him out in private. Just from his entrance the Clan Leader could tell that he was something of an eccentric; but if his skills lived up to the rumors, then he would gladly tolerate them. At the mans inquiry about refreshments, Eiji retrieved a bottle of sake from under the table and placed it on the tabletop with five cups. "We have drink, but I'd like to wait for the others if it's all the same to you." The words had scarcely left his lips when yet another of his guests arrived; the ronin known as Aegis Rishagi. From the way the man spoke, he was clearly suspicious of his invitation, and Ben couldn't blame him. He hadn't gone into great detail in his invitations. But the other mans skill as a warrior spoke for itself; but his status as a ronin kept him from being welcomed into a more reputable house. Clan Shokan however valued ability over social status, and thus would welcome all who would serve. "You are here because of your talent in your vocation. The same reason you all are here." Shi was a man who could hide his keen mind behind a mask of apathy. Everything about his appearance was aggressively average; purposely constructed to appear as the kind of person you saw every day and never gave a second thought. As he came into the room, Eiji could see him sizing him and the others up. It didn't take him long to settle on him as the man in charge; and then dispense a witty remark. "We aren't trying to hide." Last to arrive was Saki, an old rival/friend from his old life, and perhaps the biggest wild card in this whole enterprise. Their relationship was a complicated one. At various times, they had fought against and with each other, and even been lovers on occasion. If she wanted to, she could blow his cover, which would cause him a great deal of trouble. On the other hand, few had a gift for persuasion and manipulation than her. He nodded to her as she came in, and then poured the sake into the five cups, and slid them towards his guests. "Thank you all for coming. I'll try to keep this brief, and concise," he began, "I have been given authority by the Emperor to create a clan. You are all here because you are the best in your fields. My clan cares little for social status, or anything of the sort. Ability is most important. No matter what your past, if you are willing to serve, you are welcome in Clan Shokan." Eiji leaned forward to bow on his hands and knees, "I ask that you join me in founding this clan, and guiding it as it grows." @dvsn @Djinn&Juice @Praetorian @Thotification
  3. From the day he had sought out Evaristus Sicamedes, he had sworn to discard the life he had once live, and devote himself entirely to his master. Truthfully, it hadn't been a hard choice. His life had been an empty shell; a structure that could never hold the things he wanted no matter how hard he tried. The truth of this had eluded him for many years before he realized a singular truth. Just as with a broken blade, he would never be whole until he was reforged. Under the tutelage of his master, he had found the fires necessary for this task. Through death, and time, and space, he had followed his master; never wavering, never questioning, always learning. Constant training had left him in control of his curses, and taken him even further than that. Evaristus was the undisputed Grandmaster of the Sicamedes school, but Jackson was confidant that he was at least in the top five as far as practitioners of the style went. Well... maybe top ten. His lessons had been intense, frequently leaving him with new scars. The tattoos that adorned his body each covered a scar he had received through his training, and he was grateful for each one. Their travels had left other strange marks on him as well. When he looked at his reflection now, he could hardly believe that the man staring back at him was once the frail boy that he had been. Though not out of his twenties, he looked at least a decade older; something he was sure he would never get used to. On the other hand, he had received a few flattering glances from the opposite sex since he had returned to Valucre, so it wasn't all bad. Having returned from a circuit of the grounds, he bowed to his master and reported, "All quiet so far Master." @dvsn
  4. The additional muscle he'd taken on made Shikai feel stronger, but the increased weight was throwing him off a bit, meaning he would have to adjust on the fly. Such was the danger of using an untested technique in the heat of battle. It could have gone worse though. Body augmentation techniques had the potential to create some nasty results when they went wrong. Good as he was, he didn't think he would be able to win with five arms coming out of his head. He certainly wasn't going to get any time from the Beast to figure out his new body. The thing was charging him, grabbing a fellow monstrosity by the skull and planning to use its horns as a spear. Shikai stood his ground and waited for the creature to come to him. When it was in range, it thrust the skull of its comrade at him. The shinobi lashed out with a jab that crushed the skull; breaking the hand that held it in the process. He followed up with a cross with the same hand, before following up with a punch to the stomach that would send the Beast flying.
  5. Sebastian's hopes of relaxing on his way home were dashed when he saw the Sheriff of Lunaris waiting for him inside the carriage. Meetings with the man were always awkward, as he'd never learned the mans name. Prior to his appointment, they had gone through two previous sheriff's; both of whom had disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Back when this one had taken the job, the governor had barely made a footnote of it; resolving to meet the man if he survived longer than a month or two. Six months later, and a combination of more pressing matters and forgetfulness on his part had meant he'd never gotten around to it. After all, the people seemed to like him, so who was he to argue? "Sheriff," he greeted, tone neutral, "To what do I owe the pleasure?" The middle aged man nodded, eyes partially hidden under his wide brimmed hat, "Just a small bit of business. I tried to make an appointment with your secretary, but I couldn't get a hold of her." "Ah. Please don't hold it against her; she's been putting out fires all day... some of them literal." The Sheriff chuckled, "I understand. I just wanted to see if there was any money in the budget to hire a few deputies. My workload is beginning to get a bit out of hand for me and the two men I have now." Sebastian smiled, "I'm sure we can figure out something-" The screeching of brakes and the carriage lurching forward brought the conversation to a stop. Sebastian was able to keep himself from flying forward, but the Sheriff was pushed into his seat. Once they had come to a stop, Sebastian called out to the driver. "What's going on?" "There's people in the road sir! Looks like a mugging. "Duty calls," muttered the Sheriff, readjusting his hat, and adjusting the tie on his crisp suit, "I'll be right back." With that, the Sheriff got out of the carriage, and moved toward the scene in front of him.
  6. Silas smiled, "You are correct on both counts. The creatures body is mostly powered by photosynthesis, but it also appears to have been capable of passive absorption of arcane energy. Extensive signs of mutation are also present. I believe that a combination of the pollutants that contaminated the area, and the magic energy of the leyline caused a mutation in the seeds and vegetation in the area. The doctor turned to fetch something from off a table behind him, "As for where the creatures were first encountered, the answer would be on this very ground. Lord Knight made first contact while decontaminating the area. Don't worry though; the area is quite safe now, and there are plenty of Enforcers on hand if that turns out to be untrue." A vibration so slight it could barely be felt went through the ground they stood on; but any who noticed it would quickly dismiss it. Silas was too busy with his lecture, as he turned around with an item in each hand. One was a sapling, the other a small jar of grey-green liquid. "But the truly remarkable thing about their physiology is this." Silas poured the small sample of strange fluid onto the sapling. The result was Instantaneous, and the plant instantly began to grow at a vastly accelerated rate. Soon the plant had grown to a foot in height, and the beginnings of fruit were evident on its branches. The doctor handed the pot to Nai with a smile. "Explosive growth, isn't it? We need to do more tests to make sure it's safe, but with this, we could accelerate the growth of crops."
  7. Yours was the first thread I was ever deeply involved in. Taen and Vel have all kinds of good memories for me. Thanks for welcoming a newbie all those years ago. I hope to see you in the threads you mentioned!
  8. T MINUS: 72 HOURS 

  9. Nobody who knew him would ever accuse John Wilder of being a man of great restraint. He had always believed in doing what he wanted, when he wanted, and with who he wanted to do it with. Sex, drugs, booze, and fighting were all vices he engaged in without shame. Life was too short to not enjoy it to the fullest, and he was determined to enjoy every second. It was just the way he was, and though he knew he would have to change to become any kind of decent parent, he knew that he would never fully be able to keep himself from his fun. But while he had never been one to restrain himself, he did at least take care not to over indulge; especially when it came to fighting. The rush of battle thrilled him more than anything but his lover. It was easy to lose himself in the scent of blood, and the collision of muscle and bone. If he wasn't careful, he could easily go wild and just keep killing, even when he should have stopped. But today that wouldn't be a problem. There were no innocent bystanders in this place; no blameless innocents to get caught in the crossfire. Everyone down there was either a slaver, or someone looking to buy a slave. Scum. Blonde had already said they were going to kill everyone there, and that suited him just fine. Tonight he was going to cut loose. When he jumped out of the craft, he steered himself toward the middle of the outdoor market, and landed right on top of an older man talking to a group of other old men. His body was crushed like an overripe tomato, blood splattering everywhere, including John's face. A stunned silence fell over the crowd, until John looked up, blood dripping from his face and whispered one word. "Run." After that, screams and gunfire filled the air as he moved through the crowd like a scythe through wheat. Blood soaked the ground, and the broken bodies of the slavers an their customers lay in his wake. Through the haze he would occasionally see his own hands smashing, and tearing, and gouging. Somehow he was able to stop himself from harming slaves, but they were the only ones spared. At some point there were no more people in front of him, and when he looked behind he saw a scene from a slaughter house; human beings torn apart, smashed to pulp, blood soaking every surface. For a moment all was silent. Then he heard the sounds of fighting from elsewhere, and went to join; a smile on his face.
  10. Today was an important day. It was on this day that Benjamin Shawcross would disappear from the public; to be replaced with Shokan Eiji. The notion that he would live the rest of his life under a name other than that which he'd been born with was still a strange one. Of course, this was really just a formality. He had already forsaken his old life when he had accepted the roll of Zen of the Omagatoki; a squad of elite warriors known only to the Emperor. Besides, it wasn't like there was much he was leaving behind. He had never settled down anywhere, and while he had done plenty of mercenary work, he wasn't so well known that anyone would question his vanishing. Now he sat inside a decrepit old tea house in the city of Jigoku, waiting for his soon-to-be comrades to arrive. The building had been abandoned for some time, but he had plans for the land, and had been happy to pay the pittance the owner had asked. Builders were standing by to begin work on the estate that would take the place of the current building. He just hoped his guests could see the same potential that he did. Eiji had invited all of them personally after learning all he could about them. There was more information on some then others; but all were top tier talent that he had desperately wanted to join his clan. Their membership was still not formalized, so all were free to go their separate ways if they decided they were unsatisfied with what he had to say. All he could do now was wait, and hope. @dvsn @Praetorian @Djinn&Juice @Thotification
  11. UPDATE NAME: Benjamin Shawcross ALIAS: Shokan Eiji AGE: 30 SUMMARY: While carrying out his duties as an Omagatoki, Benjamin took up a position as a professor of alchemy at Bronte Academy. There he met Bodice Brouchard, the schools Headmaster, who helped him get in touch with an ancient entity responsible for his families supernatural bloodline. Upon meeting the Entity, Benjamin agreed to allow it to share his mind, and the two were joined. As a result, he is now able to enter an improved Atavistic form without the aid of potions. As a reward for his faithful service, Emperor Koji of the Datsuzoku Empire granted Ben the privilege of forming a clan. To do so, he adopted the name of Shokan Eiji; known to the public as a mercenary who gained the Emperors favor. Now he leads the Shokan Clan. As a symbol of his new life, he has his ax melted down, and reforged into the katana known as Shizukesa (Serenity). EQUIPMENT: Clothing: Ben now wears the simple, but well made, outfit of a wandering samurai. On the back of his coat is a lotus, the symbol of the Shokan. SHIZUKESA (Serenity): To symbolize the creation of his clan, an the start of a new chapter in his life, Ben had his ax reforged into a katana with a lotus for a guard. The blade is heavily enchanted, and can cut through even steel with ease. IMPROVED ATAVISM: A greatly improved version of Ben's Atavistic form. All of his physical abilities are boosted far beyond even that of the previous demi-human form, and he can also use a deadly red energy to fire blasts of energy, an create weapons. However, while this state is more powerful, he can only use it for about ten minutes at a time. Ben can still access his old demi-human form, and also use it at will.
  12. Nothing that he had experienced in his few decades of life could have prepared Ben for what he felt when Bodice joined his mind with the Entity. Conventional sensations like pain, pleasure, hot, and cold didn't seem to apply. Or maybe they all applied. The closest he could come was that it felt like someone had drilled a hole in his brain, and was now pouring another mind in. While it wasn't painful, it still felt like his head was expanding; straining to contain the new content. Slowly though, it felt like his mind was merging together with the Others. As their consciousnesses joined, Ben was able to see into the Entity's mind. It was like looking at a great expanse of land from on high; too much to possibly take in, but some details could be discerned. He could tell the thing was old; far older than any other being he'd even heard of. Power radiated from it like heat and light from a sun, and the depth of its knowledge was like a great abyss. Finally, as everything else had passed by, he found himself adrift in a great, black expanse. In the distance he could see a figure, but he couldn't make out any details about the thing from so far away. But then the figure started to grow closer and closer; but no matter how close it came, he couldn't get a look at it. Then a bandaged face was right in front of his, somehow smiling through the bindings. Finally. The word echoed in his head as he came to on the floor of the office. He looked over at Bodice, who he was glad to see had also returned. "Are you alright?"
  13. Here! Look on the lore page and choose your position, then link your characters profile here.
  14. Excellent! I will add him to the lore page, and our first thread will be up soon!
  15. Lol, you needn't brashly assume, it's first come first serve right now. But if you don't want to be a Branch Head, he could be a samurai.
  16. Let's do it! You have your pick of the open positions listed on the lore page!
  17. Are you a freak or an outcast looking for a second chance? Clan Shokan could be for you! As long as you swear loyalty to the Datsuzoku Empire, you are welcome in Clan Shokan! More info here! We are currently looking to fill all positions, so please inquire! Our first goals will be to establish friendly relations with the other clans, and to get our schools up and running. For the Empire!
  18. Tendrils whipped all around the ancient necromancer, gouging out sections of cliff side, and smashing into the water below. Any that got to close were incinerated by great blasts of fire. Dozens of the flailing appendages had been reduced to ash, but the beast showed no signs of slowing. Occasionally Ankou would throw a fireball at the thing itself, but it would simply swat the attack away with a beat of its wings. At some point the beast had begun to move toward him, and was now within striking range. A massive fist flew threw the air at Ankou; the giant hand creating gale force winds as it moved. The necromancer dodged over the attack, but the wind pressure generated by the strike flung him back into the cliffs with earth shattering force. When the dust cleared, he was embedded in a crater in the cliff side, and the creature was throwing a punch that would probably destroy the cliff if it hit. Ankou had lost his connection to the fire realm, but he was still able to open a massive portal in front of the oncoming blow. The limb had passed through the portal up to its elbow when the necromancer abruptly closed it; severing the massive limb. The creature made a sound unlike anything Ankou had ever heard before, and backed away from him. Black fluid poured from the severed limb, and the creature now stared at him with naked hatred. For now it seemed they had a stalemate. "Lilith," he whispered, "Hurry."
  19. Here it is! It still needs a bit of work, but the basics are there.
  20. danzilla3

    Clan Shokan

    CLAN SHOKAN The Shokan clan was created by Shokan Eiji. a former mercenary who fought beside the Emperor; displaying great loyalty and courage. As gratitude, the Emperor has made him nobility, and given him permission to assemble his own clan. Shokan welcomes all who wish to join, so long as they pledge loyalty to the Datsuzoku. Even those who have known dishonor; ronin, disgraced nobles, bandits, can all find a new start under the banner of the Shokan. Clan Shokan only has one goal; to further the interests of the Datsuzoku Empire in any way that they can. Acting as soldiers, diplomats, and assassins, they will do whatever it takes to ensure that the nation that has become their home thrives. Shokan is always willing to help other clans, as they view them as fellow servants to the Emperor. To this end, they are willing to teach their diverse array of skills to all who serve him. |Heraldry| The Lotus is the symbol of the Shokan clan. As it symbolizes rebirth, the members of the clan are reborn from their past lives into their new ones in service to the Empire. |Credo| "Redemption through service." |Organization| The Clan is made up of three branches; Sento (Warefare), Surveillance (Kanshi), and Diplomacy (Gaiko). Each branch has a leader who oversees their division's operation, and reports back to the leader of the clan. All branches have a school that teaches their particular skills to others. Sento is responsible for the clans military duties. Kanshi handles covert operations such as spying and assassination. Gaiko trains their diplomats who interact with other clans, and on behalf of the Datsuzoku. |Divisions and Offices| SENTO (Warfare) The Sento branch is responsible for training and managing the clans samurai and other warriors. In addition to multiple martial disciplines, this branch also is responsible for teaching things like strategy and tactics, as well as battlefield medicine. In short, if a skill could be considered vital to surviving on the battlefield, it is taught here. KANSHI (Surveillance) The Kanshi branch mages the clans intelligence operations, and trains and manages the clans shinobi. Here members and allies can learn spycraft, assassination, and other covert arts. While all branches are open to any who would join, potential members of Kanshi are scrutinized more harshly then candidates for other prospective branches. GAIKO (Diplomacy) The Gaiko branch houses the clans diplomats known as Daijin (Ministers), and are responsible for relations with the other clans. Like the other branches, they teach diplomatic skills to other members of the clan as well as its allies. |Rank, Reputation, & Advancement| CLAN HEAD The leader of the clan. All other members report to him Currently held by: Shokan Eiji BRANCH HEAD The leader of one of the Branches, responsible for overseeing their Branch. SENTO (The General): Aegis Rishagi KANSHI (The Spymaster): So Chan GAIKO: (The Ambassador): Odokizashi Saki SAMURAI/SHINOBI/DAIJIN The most experienced and skilled members of the Branches. They are often put in charge of squads of apprentices (Minarai) SENSEI The rank given to the instructors at the three schools. This rank is equal to that of any of the three ranks above. MINARAI An apprentice, the foot soldiers of each branch. They have gained enough skill to no longer be considered a mere student, but are not skilled enough to be a Samurai/Shinobi/Daijin. Minarai Kanshi: Shi Ku STUDENT The lowest rank. Every new member starts out here, unless they can present a reason why they should be allowed to skip ahead. |Indoctrination| Message danzilla3 |Allies and Enemies|Primary Location:Affiliations:— Allies: N/A— Enemies: N/A— Neutral Parties: N/AGoals and Activities TBA Accomplishments TBA Current Plans TBA
  21. I will have my lore, and first thread up Monday.
  22. Jack glanced over his shoulder at the woman interrupting his moment with his lover, eyes cold, face expressionless. Anyone who knew the man would know that this was a sign that he was angry. Those with basic self preservation instincts would just realize continuing to annoy him would be a bad idea. In truth, the fact that Viera was right only served to make him angrier. He took a few seconds to compose himself, and then gave a small smile. "Not all maladies are physical my friend," he said softly. He turned to Blonde and whispered, "You know where I'll be." The crime lord turned to go, stopping by the sick boy briefly. He couldn't think of anything really meaningful to say, so instead he simply clapped the boy on the shoulder. No need to worry about the sicknesses the boy carried. With his healing factor he was all but immune to sickness. "Chin up lad." And with that, he was gone.
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