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  1. Will do. I'll make the introductory post for Titan Industries tonight, if that works for you?
  2. Excellent! And I am working on new missions that emphasize the underworld aspect you were talking about, so by the time you finish this there should be more for your kind of character to do.
  3. "What do you mean you lost it?" John Wilder was not the type of man who raised his voice when he was angry. He didn't smash holes in walls, or beat up on his subordinates, or indulge in any kind of theatrics when something pissed him off. But if he were the kind to indulge in such things he would have leveled buildings, such was the rage that he felt right now. Jannik Steinhauser, CEO of Prime Software, was smart enough to realize how incensed the Governor was, despite the mans lack of visual reaction. Somehow the fact that John wasn't blowing up made things even worse. "Well, it isn't lost exactly," Jannik replied cautiously, "I believe the more appropriate term would be... stolen." "So let me see if I have this straight," John began, "Your company developed this, Masterkey, a device capable of finding and exploiting undetected flaws in software in real time. Then you managed to have this incredibly dangerous piece of hardware stolen out from under your nose. Now it's loose in a city that depends on computers for just about every facet of its existence, and you're only telling me now, two days after the fact?" Jannik blanched, "I... well... we wanted to attempt to resolve the situation ourselves..." "I see." The room was deathly silent for a few moments before John got up and walked around his desk to approach Jannik. Every primal instinct the CEO had was screaming at him to flee, but his legs felt like lead. Only inches away, John stopped and regarded the man. Then he smiled and clapped Jannik on the shoulders. "Here's what we're going to do. I am going to help you fix this situation. Your role in that help, is to give the fixer I bring in whatever he needs to get the job done, Resources, cars, weapons, money, whatever he needs, you will provide it. And when this is all over, you will pay his fee, plus a generous bonus. Do I make myself clear?" Jannik's mouth worked for a moment before he stuttered out, "Of course Mr. Wilder." "Good man. Now get lost." The CEO hurried out of the room as John returned to his desk. Paging his secretary, he gave one simple instruction. "Please call Kelsey Bateman and tell him the governor needs to speak with him ASAP." @Nessuno
  4. "No need to apologize!" Shikai laughed, "We're all busy people after all. Lot's of irons in the fire!" Now he considered Black's words, "An exit strategy eh? Usually I just smash and grab, but I suppose subtlety might be a good idea with a city this big, Don't need another Joran City on our hands!" Joran city had been a successful mission; they had grabbed Mykur and an entire pirate fleet after all. But things had definitely gotten messy on the way out. They had caused so much havoc that he'd had to overexert himself to the point that he'd needed an entire week to recuperate; three of which were spent sleeping. Shikai didn't mind a bit of chaos, but The Dead favored discretion. "Hmmm. Well, we could do the old Random City Shuffle; make some noise somewhere else and then take advantage of the chaos to go unnoticed. But I'm open to other suggestions, so don't be shy!"
  5. If you're looking for a quest to get your toes wet, there are numerous available missions on the second post of this page. Just message me which one you want, and we'll go from there! But if you want to do something all your own, just run it past me and we'll get you set up.
  6. "Do we know how many are here? What their fortifications are? You think we can handle it alone, or should we take a squad?" Emile nodded, "I've scouted the place a few times now. Seems like they usually have twenty to thirty men in the camp; armed with a mix of melee weapons and firearms." The sniper tapped the map, "The outpost is located in this box canyon here, so there's only one way in, and one way out. From what I've seen, there's one main road, with a bunch of old dilapidated buildings lining either side. Seems like the bandits use them as a makeshift barracks. The slaves are kept in the mine itself, and only brought out to be inspected by potential buyers." He looked back up at Michael, "As you can see their position is pretty strong. I think infiltration is our best bet. My idea is we pose as buyers, get a meeting with the top dog. Once that's done, we'll figure out how to get the slaves out. I was hoping you might have a few ideas about that? A portal or something maybe?"
  7. John's game was a mix of strikes and splits, the latter happening when he put too much power into a swing. It was easy to get distracted as his enhanced sense of smell could pick up the cooking pizza from back in the kitchen. Wilder was a known lover of Thurgood and Aveline's cooking, and he was greatly excited for the meal. Once the final frame had been bowled, the food arrived, and he tucked in. "As always, your culinary prowess exceeds expectations my friends," he said between mouthfuls of pizza. When Thurgood inquired about beverages, he temporarily stopped eating, "Of course! What do you have?"
  8. "You needn't worry," Iblis assured her, "I've no fear of the unknown. When you are ready to tell me, I will listen." Both of them knew that if the Djinn was truly bothered by the things Claudette wasn't telling him that he could find out. That he refrained from doing so was a gesture of trust from him to her. Should the situation become dangerous for Claudette or their unborn child, he would step in; but until then he could be patient. "As for the old couple, they were mildly interesting," he said, "It's a story I've heard countless times, but it's always interesting to see if the client will take the deal I offer. Most say yes, but not always. Those tend to be the most interesting cases." When she told him to leave he smiled, and moved closer to her. "I've no need to eat my dear, I only do so to spend time with you. Nap if you want, I will stay for awhile longer." Once Claudette had fallen asleep, Iblis would call the journal pages to him and begin reading.
  9. Want some Cyberpunk? New Everrun wants you!
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    Fade Out

    This was a problem. No, not the fact that the Governor of New Everrun was meeting with mercenaries. John Wilder was a man of the people; unafraid to walk the streets and rub elbows with every class of people, be their collars blue or white. The problem was the corpse on the autopsy table in front of him. A young man, mid-twenties at most, with jet-black hair that now stood in stark contrast to his pale skin. Holes where piercings had once been dotted his ears, lips, and nose. His expression was peaceful, but John knew his death had been anything but. "Cause of death?" he asked the grizzled old medical examiner, though he already suspected the answer. "Multiple organ failure," the man replied wearily, "I'll need to run blood work to know for sure, but it's consistent with all the others." "Tranquil," John growled. "Sixth one this week. And it's only Wednesday." John sighed, "Why to people go for this shit? Are there not enough legal drugs on offer?" "Tranquil's dirt cheap though," the coroner pointed out, "And there's no shortage of morons looking for a bargain high." "Indeed," the governor thought for a moment before turning to leave, "This needs to stop. If The Sentinels can't find who's selling this shit, we'll go freelance." "Just be quick about it," called the coroner, "Before I run out of freezer space." "I'll be sure to mention it when I meet our prospective employee. If my schedule is correct, he should be arriving at my office shortly. @Twitterpated
  11. "Oh yeah, The Dead are always in the market for an ally with a powerful army!" The Zombie scratched his chin, "Although come to think of it, I'm probably worth at least one army. The boss is worth at least two armies easy. We actually have quite a few heavy hitters now that I think about it..." It suddenly dawned on him that he was not being very diplomatic, and he immediately offered a sheepish smile. "Not that any of that makes your military any less impressive! But I have to ask... what are you guys hoping to accomplish here? And how would you like The Dead to help you achieve your goals?"
  12. John smiled politely at Aveline's advice, knowing that if he threw the ball as hard as he could that he would take out the pins along with most of the back of the building. But then, he supposed that was a part of the challenge; using a bit of finesse instead of brute force. Much to his amusement, the young woman ended up hitting the exact same spot that he'd aimed for previously. He managed to stifle the chuckle that bubbled up from his throat as he watched her pick up the spare. "A fine start!" Thurgood was up next, and he seemed to have the same general strategy as John did. His first roll had plenty of power behind it, but only managed to get eight out of ten. As soon as he too picked up the spare John sprang to his feet and grabbed his ball. At Thurgood's question, he glanced over his shoulder. "Pepperoni, extra cheese. A classic, elegant in its simplicity." Approaching the lane, this time John mimicked Aveline's swing and watched the ball curve into the sweet spot between the head pin and the second one. The pins flew, and John shot his fist skyward. "STRIKE!"
  13. HEY YOU! Yes you! Are you new to Valucre and looking for a place to make your mark? Or perhaps your an old hand looking to start a new adventure, but want to branch out from the more fantasy oriented areas on the site? Maybe you're just irritated that Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed for the second goddamned time, and now you have to wait until November to play a game that they told us was going to be out in fucking April! I swear to god, if they delay this damn game into next year I'm going to fly to Poland and break my foot off in Adam Kicinski's- Ahem. We're getting off the subject. My belabored point is that we could all use a bit more sci-fi in our lives; and more cyberpunk in particular. To that end, I present to you the City of New Everrun! Art by Shkumbin Ferizi A newly christened metropolis on the western edge of Eridanus; a sleepy little village raised from its own ashes. Imagined as a place where all people can be truly free, citizens are encouraged to live their lives as they see fit. So long as it does not victimize others or disrupt social order, any goal can be pursued. Corporations ranging from biotech firms to Private Military Companies have come to take advantage of New Everrun's lax regulations. As long as they pay their taxes and don't harm the community, these corporations can essentially do as they please. Entertainment is similarly varied. Whether its drugs, sex, gambling, or any other vice; it can be found in New Everrun. A more detailed rundown of the city can be found here: So maybe right now you're wondering how you can make your mark on New Everrun. Well in the above thread I'll be listing the first batch of missions that players can undertake for various rewards and lore impact. But that's not all! If you have an idea for a corporation, or want to set up a PMC, or maybe open up a casino or brothel, you can do that too! The sky is the limit here! Hope to see you in New Everrun! @Csl @thorspuddingcup @supernal
  14. NEW EVERRUN MISSIONS GOOD CORPORATE CITIZENS: New Everrun takes the theft of intellectual property very seriously. Those caught engaging in corporate espionage are often punished with prison time in addition to being required to pay restitution to the victim. Despite this, there is always someone willing to pay good money to get ahead of the competition. That’s where you come in. Go undercover with a corporation of your choice and hunt down the spy. Complete this mission, and you will be rewarded with both money and advanced technology. Titan Industries: A leader in the field of weapons technology, Titan has made an alarming discovery. The prototype of a new combat exosuit has been stolen. While it would be bad enough if it were taken by another corporation, such dangerous tech appearing on the black market could be catastrophic. Find the prototype, and capture the thief. The Shennong Group: New Everruns’s leader in biotech and medical science. Recently there have been a number of attempts to hack into the Groups computer systems. Fortunately, the attacks seem rather inept, and their techs have been able to trace the attack back to its point of origin. Go to the source, and apprehend the hackers. Prime Software: Tech company specializing in encryption. A few days ago they reported a piece of decryption software known as Masterkey missing. Masterkey is capable of locating zero day exploits in software and utilizing them in real time. With no leads to follow, the Head of Security has a plan to catch the thieves. THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS: Legalized gambling is one of the biggest attractions in New Everrun. Fortunes are won and lost at the slots and gambling tables of the city's many casino’s. Although the city tries to keep things fair, there’s always someone trying to cheat the system. That’s where you come in. Remind the cheaters that the house always wins, and be rewarded with money, and VIP status. Going Bust: Obviously a casino doesn’t want its patrons to win too much, but the opposite is also true. If no one ever wins, gamblers will take their cash and go elsewhere. This can often be the result of overzealous management, but sometimes it can be sabotage. Word on the street is that the tables at The Helix, New Everrun’s first all digital casino are virtually unbeatable. The owners claim they are being sabotaged, and have asked for help proving it. See if you can’t get to the truth of the matter. Preventative Maintenance: Mistakes are a part of learning. Through experiencing the things that don’t work, we eventually find the right path. This is true for people, and it’s also true for casino’s. The King’s Fountain is looking for freelancers to test its security. You will test its games, both automated and those run by employee’s. Find flaws in their system, and turn them in to management. You will be well rewarded. Fight Clubbing: Card games and slot machines are all well and good, but New Everrun also caters to those who enjoy betting on sport. The Gilded Chariot specializes in such fare, with their biggest attraction being The Gilded Cage; an enclosed arena featuring all manner of bloodsport. The Chariot is looking to crown its first ever champion, so if you think you’ve got what it takes, step right up! FEAR AND LOATHING IN NEW EVERRUN: Fade Out: Drugs of all sorts have been legal in New Everrun since day one. It’s one of the main draws of the city’s tourism industry. All purveyors of recreational pharmaceuticals must be licensed, and their products must meet rigorous safety standards. These regulations ensure the safety of the public.But even in a city where drugs are legal, there will always be someone making money selling a cheaper alternative in secret. Unfortunately, while these products are cheap, they are also often deadly. That’s where you come in. An illegal narcotic ironically known as Tranquil has been flooding the streets. Its potency is causing dozens of overdoses a day. Find out who's dealing it, and offer them a choice. Either go legit and get regulated, or be put out of business. Permanently. (CLAIMED) Slow Boat to Shangri-la: Vintage Venom, one of New Everrun’s biggest drug manufacturers, is looking for volunteers to help test new products in development. Pay is reasonable, and when else are you going to get the opportunity to get high at work? Liability waiver must be signed before commencement of tests.
  15. Issac didn't get many visitors, so it came as something of a surprise to him when there was a knock on his door one morning, He had just finished breakfast, and was cleaning up before going into the basement to tinker, as was normal for his days off. The surprise became a pleasant one when he opened the door and saw his lover standing before him. Lunging forward, he enveloped her in a tight embrace. "Linda!" he chirped, "It's so good to see you!" Releasing the woman, he took her hand and dragged her into his home. Once inside, he brought her over to the couch in his living room and gestured for her to sit down before doing so himself. "I wanna hear all about your trip! And just wait until you see the baby, they've gotten so big!" One hand moved to brush a stray strand of hair from The Mistresses face, "Of course there are also... other things I want to do with you too."
  16. "New friends? I love making new friends!" Indeed, it was a desire to have friends that had led Shikai to learn how to raise the dead. Of course, the local authorities in his hometown had been too closed-minded to understand, and had killed his newly reanimated friends. Then he had overreacted, butchered the entire police department and gone on the run with a cadre of corpses to keep him company. But now he had no shortage of friends of both the living and dead variety; and he was always eager to make more! Shikai grinned at his companion, "I'll drive!" Despite his enthusiasm, The General had only cursory knowledge of how to pilot such a craft, and as a result, the ride was a bumpy one. Eventually they made it to the meeting point, and he greeted their contact with Reginald. "My name is Shikai, General of The Dead. Pleased to meet you!"
  17. Li had once been taught how to kill swiftly and efficiently; causing a minimum of pain of suffering to the victim. Once he had become The Apostate, he had forgotten all of that in favor of causing his targets as much pain as possible. Now he once again found himself considering how best to limit the suffering of those who needed to die. He thought about the question for a little while, then shared his answer. "There are several nerve agents that kill in minutes. Death is virtually painless, the exposed simply fall asleep and never wake up. Damage to property is also limited with this method." On multiple occasions during his time with The Order, they had used such methods when dealing with towns and cities populated by those with unnatural sicknesses that could not be saved. Sometimes the victims asked them to put them out of their misery. Sometimes they begged them not to. Either way the result was the same.
  18. Ren didn't know enough about Port Kyros to know where facilities capable of producing the metal the fox was speaking of. Still, he thought there might be another way for him to help. "I might be able to locate the production facility if they are indeed using magic to create these counterfeits. Once I'm in the general vicinity of the forge, I would be able to sense such a powerful source of supernatural energy. Is there perhaps some kind of industrial district, somewhere where such a process would go unnoticed?" Perhaps some would find it odd that a martial arts master would randomly volunteer to help a fox and a guard break a counterfeiting ring, but that was the Tiandi way. Strength and knowledge for their own sake were meaningless. Only when used for the betterment of one's fellow man did power have meaning.
  19. "Well in that case, here I go!" John sidled up to the edge of the lane before walking a few steps back. Using his fingers to frame his target, he did all manner of calculations in his head before hefting his ball and stepping back. As he approached the edge for the second time he let his arm swing backward. Right before he hit the line, he brought his arm forward and let the ball fly towards the pins. The sphere flew straight and true, slamming right into the center pin. Once the other pins had fallen there were four pins, two on each side, remaining. "Aw hell," he chuckled, "A seven-ten split! Not a great way to start..." Once the ball came back, John took aim once again and picked up the next two pins with his next roll. As the pins were reset, he walked over to the seats and sat near Thurgood. "Show us how it's done Aveline."
  20. "I need a hat." Captain Shikai looked across the war table at his assembled council of his two most trusted (and currently only) advisors. The Mistress was a fellow member of The Dead, a capable ally whom he had worked with to acquire the fleet in the first place. Finally there was Black, whom he was not as familiar with. But he was a good fighter, and he was familiar with the operations of the fleet, so Shikai considered him essential personnel. "All of my research indicates that the best pirate captains all had really sweet hats." He gestured to a map of Port Caelum spread over the table, pointing at the market district. "Therefore, our first mission shall be to raid the market district, and get me a great hat!." The General looked up at his advisors, "Thoughts?" @amenities @Zashiii
  21. Emile eyed the Peacekeeper and scoffed, "I should be calling you that." Once the coffee arrived, he went over the mission. "So these Half-men are being menaced by a criminal who calls himself, 'The Mule.' He and his gang frequently raid the village, steal anything valuable they come across, and kill anyone who tries to stop them. Recently they've even started abducting some of the villagers. The ones they take are never seen again. I've heard reports of strange creatures fitting the description of Half-men being sold on the black market, so I think we can guess why." Now the sniper pulled out a map and spread it across the table. "One of the villagers told me that the bandits use this abandoned mining outpost as a rallying point for their raids. My plan is to go in, find the man in charge, and get him to tell us where The Mule is."
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