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    A levee to stop the flow

    Where am I? He couldn't remember how it was that he had come to be here, floating aimlessly among the ruins of a dead city. There were flashes of memory in his mind; disparate shards of sight and sound that he couldn't quite piece together into a coherent narrative. Instinctively he knew he was dead, but he couldn't remember how he died, and the gap in his knowledge was impossible to ignore. Dimly, he became aware that he still had a body, albeit a spectral one, and the knowledge somehow allowed him to right himself. Once he was right side up, he felt a burst of energy from nearby, something familiar about it. Then it came back to him all at once. Lilith! Ankou took off and flew in the direction of the pulse of energy; his memory of the past few hours returning to him as he went. He had been defeated by a Peacekeeper, and been forced into his spiritual form. It wasn't uncommon for him to be temporarily disoriented after such an event, but it seemed it hadn't taken too long for him to snap back to reality. Now as he approached, he saw the other Peacekeeper, preparing to finish Lilith. Panic rose in his chest as he realized that he could not do anything to intervene in this form, but he made himself calm down enough to remember that wasn't true. There was still one last thing he could do, but he had to do it quickly. Off to the right of Lilith and the Peacekeeper lay a slain soldier, and the bodies of a few civilians. He knew that if he tried to possess the soldier that his armor would activate, and the corpse would be destroyed. So instead he picked the body of a young man next to him, and possessed it. His features were still changing the young mans into his as he picked up the soldiers sword and lunged at the Peacekeeper. The blade sank into the mans stomach, and his momentum knocked them both to the ground. Ankou didn't wait to see if the blow was fatal, instead running to Lilith. "Lilith! We have to go, now!"
  2. From what Ankou understood, the Paragons in the city probably didn't even know that their leader was in the city; a serious lapse in their security as far as he was concerned. As the ones who ran this city from the shadows, it was their job to know everything that went on here. If they couldn't even realize when their own boss was in town, how could they be trusted to keep track of anything else? He would have to have a talk with them; make them realize that more was expected of them. Once upon a time he would have simply killed them for their failure, but he felt that he had softened as late. Now he would at least allow them the opportunity to atone for their mistakes before he punished them more severely. The ancient necromancer walked into the bar, clad in the more contemporary clothing that he had been wearing since Mercury picked them out for him. It took him only a moment before he spotted Lilith, who was currently being hit on by some trash who had no idea the danger he was in. He found himself tempted to kill the man, but they were trying to keep a lower profile than usual. Still, bar fights happened all the time, so he walked over to the man and put his hand on the mans shoulder. "Get lost." The other man turned and sneered, "You got a problem, asshole?!" When the drunken man lunged forward with a predictable right haymaker, Ankou merely stepped inside and shot a quick hand into his throat. The drunk sank to his knees, clutching his throat as he coughed and sputtered. Still, there was malice in his eyes, and the man attempted to charge, only to have is face impact the necromancers knee. All the fight went out of the man after that. Ankou glanced at the bartender, who shrugged and motioned to the bouncer to drag the unconscious man outside. The lich then sat next to Lilith. "You've chosen an interesting place to meet."
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    What is your character's overarching belief?

    Sebastian Heiliger: "You can't rely on God or anyone else to solve your problems. Taking responsibility for your own life is the only way you can hope to change anything."
  4. The time had come. In the few months since he had begun his school anew, Yuyi Ren had taken an educational yet relaxed approach to his students training; mainly focusing on developing their Qi with some physical training added on. Recently he had begun to teach them some of the basics of the styles they had chosen; but he had still been fairly easygoing in his teaching methods. To their credit, his pupils had shown a good deal of development; all of them eager to learn, and each with their own reasons for desiring strength. Ren himself had felt more at peace then he had in a long while; slowly remembering the assorted pleasures and headaches that came with being a teacher. If things had kept on as they were, he might have been content to let his students continue at their slow but steady pace indefinitely. But all of that had changed at the recent festival in Hyperion; where the city had been attacked by a powerful demon that had only been fended of by the sacrifice of a god. Ren had debated getting involved more than he had, but in the end had decided that his responsibility for his students safety outweighed everything else. After the dust had settled, and he and his students were safely back at their aging compound in the mountains outside the city; the Shangdi had been troubled. The world seemed to be becoming an increasingly dangerous place these days; and he wasn't sure that his students were improving fast enough to meet it. If he had not been at the festival, might something have happened to them? It was a thought that disturbed him greatly. So last night he had made up his mind to begin their training in earnest; the way he had trained his sons so many years ago. Last night at dinner, he had told his students to meet him in the courtyard at dawn; and that he had something very important to tell them. He had asked Jin to pass word on to Rou, but given her aversion to group training he wasn't sure if she would be attending. Either way, he was pleased to see those who came and greeted them with a fatherly smile before his expression turned serious. "Thank you all for coming. I know it is earlier than we normally begin, but this is important." Ren looked at them for a moment before continuing, "I want all of you to come at me at once." @Twitterpated @Grim Wolf @Laughingmad @Narcissa
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    Leying a Foundation

    Once upon a time, the farm on which Grant Knight now looked upon would have been a picture of vitality; with fruits and vegetables springing from the ground, waiting for a farmhand to come and harvest them. Now the vegetation that once thrived here was withered and rotten, having died a long time ago due to environmental degradation. But if one looked close, the earth beneath the dead plant life was now almost pristine; the result of his mother having struck a deal with the local leyline to rejuvenate the land. He was still unclear on what exactly the terms of the bargain had been, but he supposed it was irrelevant for the time being. What mattered now was clearing out the biological wreckage left behind, and getting the farmers who still remained on Thrace back to work. Currently, he was waiting in the dusty remains of what used to be the main farmhouse, sitting upon a rickety wooden chair that he had found. The sun was shining through multiple holes in the roof, lighting up the otherwise dark structure. Soon the people he had made contact with would arrive, and he would explain to them the details of what they would be agreeing to, and what they would be doing. @Twitterpated @Hurttoto @Thotification @Sleepy Seal
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    Mykur: The thorn imperium

    Shikai breathed heavily as he ran down the crowed streets to get to the club where he knew that Cain and the others would be meeting Black. He had been out on personal business when news of the mission had spread, and he had raced to catch up as soon as he heard. The pale man was growing frustrated as he tried to make his way forward, feeling like he was swimming upstream. Finally he'd had enough, an he jumped into the air and bounced between the buildings around him until he reached the rooftops. Now that he was away from the crowds he felt like he could breathe again, and he quickly located the building he was looking for from his better vantage point. After that, it was a quick run to the club. From the rooftop he quietly made his way into the building, and soon he was on the club floor. The place was thick with the smell of sweat, booze, smoke, and drugs; and it took him a moment to pick up Cain's scent again. Once he had it, he found that it led into what looked like a private room. This proved a problem, as he wasn't sure that the guard would let him in, and he didn't want to put his leader into an awkward situation by trying to get in. For now he would sit at a table with a good view of the room, and wait to see what happened.
  7. Hey, I know its been a while, but I'm trying to get back into Zero Year. What happened to the Old Guy? 

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      He's out cold and close to dying. He needs a recharge to stay alive.😅

      And I planned to post on HTH this week, but I got this jaw infection that's been making my life a living hell. Cant sleep, cant chew food, the whole nine yards. Been surviving off of pain meds, penicillin, and protein drinks. 😞 

      But SOON as this infection clears up, your thread will be first on my to-do list!

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      Did he get carried away, or is he still on the scene?

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      According to Trevor's post, hes been carried to safety directly out of harm's way.

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    a superficial matter

    "Not long at all," Silas responded, "Once the initial formula is created, reproducing it is fairly simple. Your own alchemists should be able to replicate them without much trouble. As to how long it takes, the answer to that is as long as it takes to swallow the concoction." As he spoke, the doctor fished an implement out of his bag, an obsidian ring with inscriptions that glowed a neon green when he put it on. He held his hand above the wound, and the ring glowed intensely as it fed a three dimensional model of the nobles organs directly into his brain. So far he liked what he was seeing. "It looks like you got fairly lucky Lady Varda. The arrow missed your stomach and intestines completely, which explains why you didn't go into septic shock on the scene. No arteries either. Considering the area you were shot in, this could have been much worse." The aid he had sent away came back, and handed him a small vial of liquid. He took it, then immediately offered it to Jasper." "This is the suppressant I mentioned. Please help her drink it," he turned to Varda, "It likely won't taste good, but please drink all of it."
  9. Ah, so that was what she had been thinking about; an idea that he himself might have suggested at some point. Claudette was certainly one of the more interesting mortals he had ever met; and it would be interesting to see where her path led her. Of course, there was also the fact that under the terms of their deal, the more followers she recruited to her cult, the more power he would get from it. Really there was no reason to say no. So he didn't. "A partnership eh? Why not. I'm eager to see where this leads."
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    (ARTIFACT) A Master of Space and Self

    It had not escaped Ankou's notice that Lilith had been acting differently lately. The change was almost imperceptible, and he was certain that only he and maybe a few others in her inner circle had noticed, but it was there. She seemed to disappear into her own thoughts for long stretches of time, and more than once he had caught her muttering to herself. To most this wouldn't seem like a cause for concern, but most did not know what he knew. Lilith Reiter was a Lunar Daughter, the latest reincarnation of a long line. This meant that the presence of all previous Lunar Daughters was always in her mind, influencing her actions, and even her personality. Sometimes it was hard to tell where Lilith ended and the Daughters began. The thought that she might be struggling against them, effectively alone, made him feel a kind of pain that he had only known since he'd joined the Cult. A fear for the wellbeing of one besides himself. He had come to look fondly upon the others in the upper echelon of the Cult, Lilith especially. He had never fathered a child, but from what he understood of that particular bond, he thought that he probably felt a similar way towards her. But all he could do was support her however he could, and he would not fail to do so. He walked into the establishment feeling somewhat awkward in his new garb. At Mercury's insistence, he had changed up his wardrobe from his usual robes and cloaks for something else. He walked over to Lilith and nodded. "Ready at you command."
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    Breaking Ground (Wild Hearts)

    Jack had never been to Tellus Matter before, or at least not that he could remember at any rate. A place where islands floated in the sky, and cultures from all around the world blending together into something unique in all of Valucre. For the longest time he had aspired to go there, not just or business reasons, but to experience this amazing land firsthand. Part of him had feared that Port Sun would be a culture shock for him, but it didn't. Maybe that was because the Port was a territory of Taen, and was therefore similar to Lunaris, where he spent most of his time. Or maybe it was the thugs that tried to shake him and his employee down as they made their way down the street. Somehow it was comforting to know that no matter where in the world one went, they could find the same kind of ambitious young criminals everywhere. He had asked his companion to hang back, and had then given them a sound beating; stopping just short of killing them so that he could interrogate them. Soon he had learned that the muggers were members of a fledgling gang known as the Rising Suns, and that they worked out of an old subway station. He had let them go afterwards, warning them to stay clear of the place from now on if they valued their lives. He turned to Cerebri and grinned, "So, you ready to procure some real estate?" @sorainvoked @Alexithymia @Aleksei
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    Highway to Hell

    The alarm clock on Sebastian's nightstand rang out a full hour before the sun would rise over the city of Lunaris. It had to be that way, as during certain points of the day it would be too hot for intense physical labor, and they would have to cease work for those periods. The plan for getting around this was to begin work just before sunrise, and continue until noon; break for a few hours, and then work a few more hours before evening. It would be a hard days work, but it seemed like it was the best plan for getting things done. He slid out of bed, careful not to wake the slender form of Carina in the bed next to him, showered, dressed, and headed out. As he walked down the streets, the Governor contemplated just how much work had gone into the preparation for this undertaking. Gathering together all of the necessary resources for it; the tools, the food, the tents, medical supplies, weapons and everything else had been a major test of Lunaris' government, including him. But they had managed to do it, and after that, they had begun hiring any able bodied person they could find to join them. In addition to the laborers, they also needed security forces, medical personal, and other support roles, so the total number of people was three hundred. Upon reaching the east edge of the city, he found himself in the staging ground, where men and women milled about; some drinking and eating, some catching some last minute sleep. Sebastian made his way to a raised platform in the center and called everyone to attention. "Hello and welcome. As most of you know, my name is Sebastian Heiliger, and I'm the governor of this city. We have a long day ahead of us, so I'm going to keep this short. Lunaris isn't the only settlement in Taen, but trade between them is virtually nonexistent due to how dangerous it is to traverse the Jungle Quadrant. Our aim is to build a highway that will connect all the major settlements, and foster trade and growth in all of them. You've all been given your assignments, so report to your team leaders and prepare to move out!" @Ataraxy @Csl @notmuch_23 @zackrobbman @Zashiii @Hurttoto
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    H&V Episode 1: A City Abandoned

    The sound of loud conversation was just audible to his enhanced senses, and he turned to look the way he had come to see if anyone was there. Initially coming up empty, he then switched to thermal optics, and saw three figures clear as day, standing on an adjacent rooftop. While thermal wasn't the best for picking out details, he could tell that one of them was wearing a lab coat, identifying her as a doctor. The other two appeared to be a man and a woman, though that was pretty much all he could make out. Still, they weren't holding rifles, and were obviously trying to save the doctor. It was enough to make a reasonable guess that they were Masks. "ODIN, do I have to be present for the data download?" Now that the server has been connected to the network, I can download the data remotely. Your presence is not required. A small smile graced his hidden features, "Good. I'm in the mood for a little fun. Whats the quickest route to those three?" Go out the window. Apex burst through a window and landed on an nearby roof before breaking out into a sprint to land on the next building. Eventually he overtook them, and jumped to land in a crouch in front of them. As he rose, his fingers sharpened into claws. "Prove your worth." @vielle @Wade
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    Through Sigil’s Door (open)

    Jack kissed Blonde with the same intensity that she kissed him; each preparing for the possibility that this might be the last time they saw the other. The thought made his chest ache; something like fear turning the blood in his veins to ice. But he pushed it away, refusing to let himself believe in the worst case scenario. He was going to make it through this damn it, and so was she, and those kids on the other side. The thought banished the dread in his heart, and the smile on his face resumed the same cocky, self-assured quality that it always had. He bounced on his feet like a boxer, and grinned widely. "Time to fly ladies and gentlemen!"
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    Highway to Hell

    "Sadly no," Sebastian chuckled, "I'll have to leave that to you." The Governor sheathed his sword, and went to rouse the security detail from their sleep; as they still had work to do. The clearing of the forest had made things somewhat safer, but the jungle was still a very dangerous place. It was one of the reasons that he was going on patrol again, so that he could look for good places to build outposts for the Highway Guard. He'd realized that such a thing would be necessary early on in the planning process, people who could keep the road safe. At first he'd considered asking Titus for volunteers from the army, but had stumbled upon another idea. The men who were on security detail were unknowingly trying out for positions in the new organization. So far they had acquitted themselves well, and if this worked, it would also cut down on the number of unemployed drifters in Lunaris.
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    From Nothing We Start; To Ash We End

    If asked, Iblis would admit to feeling a bit conflicted as he watched the city of Everrun and its people be destroyed by the Cult. He had put quite a bit of time and effort into them after all, and now it would all be reduced to ash; scattered to the winds and erased. Part of him was even angry with himself that he didn't live up to the trust and love that the people of this city had placed in him. But he had always known that he would have to let them down one day; unless he planned to play the patron deity to a city for the rest of his life. He also took some comfort in knowing that they were not dying in vain. Those that died this day would increase his power, and help him in his goal to push humanity towards its full potential. Upon hearing Lilith speaking to him, he zeroed in on her position, and landed in front of her. "Once you have payed the price, I will summon what you have asked for. Unfortunately, I cannot do so beforehand. But you needn't worry; as we have made a pact, and I am bound to fulfill it."
  17. "Indeed, their curiosity is one of their greatest virtues, but unchecked by wisdom, it is often their downfall." Iblis grabbed another handful of seeds and scattered them, watching as down below hapless citizens picked them up; completely unaware of the danger they presented. He could tell that Claudette was apprehensive about trusting him, and he couldn't reasonably blame her for that. Djinn had a reputation among mortals for being deceitful and wicked; one that was not unearned. While he considered himself more honest then other examples of Djinn, he had still conned more than his share of people over the years. But if this partnership was going to work, he needed Claudette to trust him. "The Arcadia district is home to the seat of the Hyperion government. Your plague stands a better chance here of infecting someone important than anywhere else in the city." He turned to smile at her, "Now why don't you ask the question that is so obviously on your mind?"
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    Heroes and Villains

    Well then. Looks like I'm the Villain.
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    a superficial matter

    Silas smiled gently, "Don't worry my Lady, we'll cover you up again as soon as we can." The doctor turned his attention to Varda's midsection as he carefully opened up the gown she had slipped into to show him the wound. Just below the navel on the right side was were the wound was located, and the sight of it made Silas immediately frown. The entire wound was black, with some of the darkness creeping into the surrounding veins; and the injury was slowly but constantly weeping black blood. Clearly this was the work of a poison, but just to look at it, he had no idea what kind of toxin it was. Retrieving a small vial, he allowed the blood seeping from the wound to flow into it before screwing a lid on it and handing it to an assistant. "Analyze that quickly. He turned his attention back to Varda, "The poison in your system is much more severe than I had anticipated. I fear that anything I do now could inadvertently cause the toxin to spread further into your body. A cure will take a while, but I should be able to whip up a suppressant that will allow me to continue your treatment very quickly."
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    Mr Stark I don't feel so good [Relic Quest]

    Ankou was only feet away from the bridge when the ground in front of him erupted upward, and he was thrown off his feet in the sudden explosion of movement. When he looked up, he saw that the bridge, and a large portion of the land around it had actually been the body of a giant creature that had chosen now to reveal itself. For just a moment, the lich felt a sensation in the pit of his stomach that reminded him of being a scared child over a thousand years ago. But that feeling passed like a summer storm, and he was once again thinking about the situation at hand. The creature was huge, and the damage being done to it by his comrades wasn't enough. Looking at his scythe, and then to the jade band on his arm, he decided that he would try something, even if it was reckless. With a thought, he opened a portal that would put him on the creatures head, and moved through it. As soon as he landed, he swung his scythe down into the monster's skull, the blades piercing, though not very deep. But the damage was done, and the wound began to bleed profusely, far more than its small size should have warranted. Soon blood was running down its enormous face, but it didn't seem terribly bothered by it. There was a flash of movement from behind him, and suddenly there was an intense burst of pain in his chest. When he looked down, he saw that he had been run through on one of the creatures many tentacles. But its attack wasn't over, and it lifted him into the air before slamming him down into the ground on its right side.
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    Dice Rolling Thread

    Rolling for the soul stone thread
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    Family First - A Valucre Announcement

    Hope things turn out okay, and hope you return!
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    Infinite Potential

    SUMMARY: Ankou Lethe and Khaki, and Ephah from the Cult of power descend on a small village in search of a clue that will lead them to the Mind stone. After searching through the town, they find what they are looking for in a small house off the town square. The clues guardian steps forward to fight them, but is defeated. Afterwards, the group ascend the mountain, braving harsh weather and an ambush by The Mind Cult. The group manage to defeat them, but are ensnared in an illusory trap that confronts them with the demons of their pasts. Eventually they manage to free themselves, and continue on. Upon reaching the summit, they encounter the leader of the cult, who relinquishes the stone to Ankou. Once this is done, it is revealed that he is a construct of the stone, and disappears. The trio then return home. SHORT SUMMARY: The Cult of power ascends a mountain in search of the Mind Stone. @King
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    Infinite Potential

    The small town at the base of Mount Tyrin had a name, but Ankou hadn’t bothered to commit it to memory, as he felt no need to remember the name of a soon-to-be-dead place. He and the other Cultists with him had descended onto the town like one of the many icy storms that battered the mountain frequently. However, this storm would not be weathered like those that had come before it. Already the bulk of the town guard were dead, and the citizenry were gathered in the street where they could not cause trouble. Once he had set some of his undead to watching over the captured townsfolk, he turned his attention to his comrades. Fetching a scroll from his satchel, he unfurled it to reveal an ancient symbol that in the common tongue that meant, “mind.” “Search the village for this symbol. Start with the houses. Our first clue is here.” @Thotification @vielle @King
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    Infinite Potential

    Ankou took the container and unscrewed the top before emptying its contents into his hand. Just as it had been described to him, a small, yellow jewel that glowed faintly. Clenching the stone in his hand, the lich could feel its power. Suddenly he was aware of the minds of the two comrades around him. If he concentrated, he could feel the minds of all the people who lived at the base of the mountain. Interestingly, the man in front of him did not register, leading him to one conclusion. “You’re not human.” “No. I am a creation of the stone, made to serve a purpose. Now that my purpose has been completed, I shall return from whence I came.” As the man spoke, his body began to break apart, and soon his body had broken apart into millions of tiny motes of light. The storm of sparks flowed into the stone, and the trio were once again alone on the mountain. Ankou opened a portal that would lead to a Cult of Power safehouse, and looked back at his comrades. “Let’s go home.”