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  1. Alpha half heartedly listened to the reply as she slipped the papers into bags she had in her pockets, glancing toward her companion. Her right hand ram through her hair as she replied to his comment about going to her home. "Alright. I can just ride my bike over there. You'll have to follow me though." Alpha offered as a reply, steadily walking to the building's entrance.
  2. For a moment Alpha debated Oel's words, but as she looks into the darkened window leading outside, she felt obligated to get some rest. She had been up for days, unable to let her new case, her newest 'obsession' go. Such interest was a volley for the woman, her curiosity always getting the better of her. Now that she had someone else that was willing to help interested, she felt she could at least try and sleep. "I suppose I can read it as we leave...Im running on 36 hours of being awake, light naps in between....I could use a bit of rest. Question is would you rather check the station, or head to a flat? I happen to have one."
  3. Alpha paid an ear to her partner as she gathered up the papers worth looking into. Her eyes glittered with amusement as she took note of the devastation taking hold of her companion's appearance. Alpha bid her options silently in her head, before deciding. "I can read most of it if you can't. I'll gibe you the gist, you help out, and then we work through it, alright?" Alpha commented as she straightened, tilting her head to get out a crink.
  4. Alpha heard her partner shuffle behind her as she quickly read through documents involving odd spending habits, parts of a printed book, pages from a torn journal, scrap drawing paper, and a shopping list attaches to bills. The raven muttered at the amount of confectionary supplies on the list, as well as the odd drawing of a black paper with glowing red dots looking like eyes. She pushed the papers aside and stood from her crouched position, glancing back at her partner as she caught the end of the man asking her to keep and eye out. "I suppose...So hey, Do you know anything else about this whole job? I tried the station nearby for answers earlier...but they didn't like the thought of n outsider butting in."
  5. Alpha's pupils shrank as she was snapped from her focus on the papers, glancing back toward Oel as she tapped a finger to her chin. The Raven pondered the Man's words, before coming to a conclusion. "I'm not really expecting anyone...I mean it could be someone I know but they are hiding. Can't really help there. Though being bad at killing-" Alpha froze, thinking back to red eyes glaring into iris shaded in gold, blood covering the area around both of the men haunting her thoughts. Shaking her head, Alpha turned her attention back to the papers, rifling through them with ease. "Yeah, not one of mine." 'Neither of them fail...' She thought to herself, trying to get rid of the goosebumps going up and down her arms.
  6. Alpha passed her eyes over the book Oel had removed, turning her head to survey the details in the room, her feet automatically following after her companion as he began to walk away. Alpha's nose wrinkled in disgust at the state of the building, her hands itching in the gloves for the torch she had stored in her boots. Honestly, with the mess of a building being what it was, people would only thank the raven. Of course, there was still evidence, and Alpha did not want to go another month or so without pay, again. Alpha's eyes glinted as she turned away once more, humming softly while her small pupils seemed to narrow slightly while she became a bit more aware of the tiny scratches along the surfaces around her, the little impressions and the markings of dust and other substances. In all honesty, after remaining 'normal' for so long, Alpha found it quite the overload to her system to use her hyper-sensitive sight. Still, the ability helped her notice the papers stacked in a corner under some dirt cloth. Alpha blinked, her eyes shutting several times, opening each time to a more near-sighted and less-detailed view of her surroundings. Alpha dropped down to a crouch, gently lifting the corner of the fabric hiding the papers, completely ignoring anything else. Even the sudden words of the man accompanying her did not startle her from her focus.
  7. Alpha enjoyed watching Oel prance beside her toward the object of their interest, her eyes twinkling under the dim lighting as she recognized his hesitation. The man had wanted her to find him a breaker box, and yet he didn't even know if they would be able to use it. Sighing, Alpha ignored the man's question, walking forward with grace. She stopped at the box, reaching around to unlock the latch. Her hands roamed over the flips and switches, pausing to twist so the light was back on the keys. She gazed across the panel, glancing at the back where each key was marked. A gentle him broke over her lips as she found the one she was looking for. 'A-Main Central Light' Was printed across the largest switch at the bottom, a red light shining through the middle. "Neh, got it." Alpha commented, before she flicked the switch. Her eyes were forced to adjust while the sound of a thrumming engine was heard, the lights in the room blinking to life.
  8. "I'm guessing this isn't your first job dealing with instances such as this Alpha." Alpha heard the male speak, her gaze sidelining so that her orbs met his at the barest fraction, most of her attention kept to the room. She did not answer his observation, thinking back to the many cades shed been on. "Y'know most people well normal people would've acted a bit differently to a butter stick at a murder scene. So I take it you've seen similar things before right, so you'd know how they found the last guy that could this sort of thing?" Her lips tilted at the remark of 'normal' people, knowing full well she was anything but normal. The butterstick was actually surprising, but Alpha had seen a murderer eating cookies above the corpse he'd just killed, covered in blood, while trying to convince her he was innocent. Honestly not much compared. She chuckled as she rounded a corner to an access hallway where the closet with the light box was no doubt located. "This is my first time swing this thing in particular. I have to admit it's rather.. Odd, but I don't know anything more and I'm not one to back out of a job."
  9. Alpha watched the man do his work, barely catching his reply. She nodded as Oel told her his name, her gaze lingering on the crooks and cranies of the wall as she digested more information. "I suppose its odd enough." Alpha commented gently, raising a brow when Oel spit out his flashlight, glancing to her as he asked about the lights. Muttering gently to herself, the dark haired woman turned and started walking down the hall in search of a breaker box, her eyes catching details as she worked her way around the debris littering the floors.
  10. The girl hummed as the light was shined in her, squinting before her faded orbs adjusted. She turned to look at the painted wall beside her, huffing as she heard the male's question. "Of course it was. Or can you not tell dried blood from wet?" The metallic smell was still hanging in the air, however, so she guessed the blood had been there for a few days at most. "Also, I'm no 'miss'. My name is Alpha."
  11. The eyes turned a brighter shade as the startled girl turned toward the noise, a singular hand resting on the hidden handle of a knife in her pocket. Dark hair framed the fair skinned face, angelic features twisted slightly as the girl took in the new comer. "They told me they wanted all the help they could get...though I was the only one idiotic enough to actually accept." The girl nodded in greeting, shaking her head at the whole messs of things.
  12. Light crept across the darkened halls of an abandoned apartment complex, soft steps echoing along the dusty wodden floors. Light colored eyes gaze across the area with a flicker of distaste, lips settling into a grim line as splatters of red are revealed along the walls. "I always get the least sanitary jobs...Of course I just had to go for this though...I'm such an idiot."
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    Fight or flight. A strict but solid principle all but burned into Saika's mind. Two choices, and currently the latter was more appealing. The most present thoughts, pushing for the bulk of her attention, were filed behind this instinct, only Saika's strong will keeping that small demon part of ger from over ruling her cyrrent choice. Saika was too stubborn to flee until it was a last resort, and even then Saika always enjoyed a good fight against someone superior. Righr now though, the newest arrival had set hee on edge, had brpught out her demon with only a few words. It was too scary, to unbelivable to dismiss.