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  1. Strange days

    Alpha chuckled when Oel called her traditional. In all reality she was simply practical. No shoes meant less dirt tracked inside, which in turn meant less cleaning. Alpha walked to the door of the laundry room, opening it to view the kitchen. The kitchen was classically designed with marble counters, a large island, stainless steel appliances, a dual-oven, black wood cabinets, and a white door opened to show the stocked pantry. Paintings and torn, framed letters were hung on the walls, though no were pictures displayed. She walked turned on the light and walked past the kitchen to the bar settled between the kitchen and living room. Her steps were silent and she walked with graceful ease that came from years of training. The living room had a dual leather recliner and a gray futon. No TV was present and the walls were lined with 'decorative' swords and knives from around the world. Other knickknacks lined the walls, each from different areas Alpha had traveled. Some even seemed other world in origin. "Make yourself comfortable. I'm gonna start some food"
  2. Strange days

    The interior of the house wasn't too fancy or odd, just simple modern brought together with a touch of workmanship of Alpha's part. Alpha helped Oel out of his car and over to the steps leading into her laundry room. "You'll need to take your shoes off." She told him, pausing to do so herself as she opened the door and stepped inside she placed her shoes in a box by the door, glancing back at Oel to make sure he followed her direction.
  3. Strange days

    Alpha laughs at the mentioning of cheating. She feels a pang in her chest but pushes it back no need to get emotional when they had just escaped a bad situation. Calmly she steered the car down several roads before pulling into a classier neighborhood. "My planes turn sentient so they can do a lot. As for where we're going, well..." She paused and pulled into her driveway. Strangely the garage opened for her. Inside her bike was parked in the corner, gleaming and humming with life. Alpha pulled in, parking as the garage closed behind her. She exited the car and went around to help Oel out. "Welcome to my humble abode." She spoke with a quirk of her lips.
  4. Strange days

    Alpha took note of Oel's reply as she shook her head. "Only on Mondays. Other days I like to play cards with the Mafia or play games with Moriarty." Alpha replies in a completely honest tone, only her twinkling eyes betraying her seriousness. She has long since stopped caring for others' opinions. When Oel asked her another question, this time about the guy, she shook her head. "Don't think so. I mean maybe a hood or something black, but not really. Plus my planes have no way to see...so sadly I can't get a recording from them." Turning after she answered, Alpha took note of their surroundings. She flicked her fingers to have the planes return, each one settling gently on her palm before stacking neatly. Alpha then shut the door on Oel's side and went to the driver's seat. In all honesty, thus turned out better than her last investigation. Too me fair, John had screwed that one up, and then Moriarty had made everything worse. She played no part in the mess up, no matte what William said. (No harm done. Phew, this is getting long but I like it.)
  5. Strange days

    Alpha took hold of the situation, carefully maneuvering her body in front of Oel's while she peered in the direction of the attacker. Carefully Alpha flicked her finger toward the attacker's last projectile, her eyes watching as the metal plane shot in that direction. Her fingers brushed more metal planes in her pack, the smaller ones flying up to join the first. Each one behaved like a targeting missile, their razor sharp edges slicing through several bricks on their way up. Alpha carefully helped Oel up and to his vehicle, huffing softly in annoyance. "I did not sign up for this...in fact this was supposed to be a simple vacation-case where I could relax after that stupid time at home..."
  6. Strange days

    (So sorry I didn't reply sooner. Something weird happened with my notifications.) Alpha had a bad feeling and it was only growing worse the closer she got to where she had left Oel. As a precaution, she reached into her bag and tugged out a small metal folded plane, holding it up as she focused on it. Just like the bike it seemed to spur, lifting up and rising from her palm into the air. Alpha grabbed a hold of the end, ignoring the mental squeak she received before she threw it as hard as she could into the open air. Despite being metal, the plane sailed across the sky perfectly. The sight made Alpha smile slightly, but that smile vanished as she rounded the corner Oel was left at. Her eyes widened when she noticed Oel fighting an unseen enemy, most likely the one with the weird butter ability.
  7. Strange days

    Alpha sighed when she took the keys. While she wasn't keen on allowing Oel to be on his own while injured, she needed to make sure her bike was okay. With a mental shove to get going she took off down the street toward her pride and joy. Most woman had a man or child/children as their babies. For Alpha that was her bike. It was what little she had from her brother and despite the fact that he had also given it to her she still loved it. Turning the corner she came upon the black, blue, and silver Aprilla RS4 50 parked neatly on the corner. A grin slipped over her features as she walked over, pressing her hand to the handle while thinking about her options. She figured it'd be best to just send the bike to her residence without her. With that thought in place she tapped the device she had built into the side, the seat on the bike soon being covered in flickering lights before a rather solid hologram appeared sitting down on the thing. Alpha smirked and called on her inner energy, allowing it to travel into the vehicle. Within seconds the bike was purring with life, and with a soft whisper it was taking off down the road. Alpha nodded to herself and turned to run back to Oel.
  8. Strange days

    (Gag! I totally spaces on this. Stupid EOCs... Thankfully Im done, so I can't finally reply.) Alpha sighed in exasperation as she watched her partner hobble his way to his vehicle, her legs pushing her forward so she could catch up. In all honesty it would be nice to use her ability right about now, and she would no doubt have to since her bike didn't exactly have a driver. Taking a glance forward , Alpha came face to face with an outstretched hand offering up Oel's keys. "Just, don't treat 'er too rough please... Ahhhh man." Alpha nodded to what Oel said, her gaze scanning him as she slipped the keys into her pocket. Oel once again winced, another cut appearing along his relatively fine leg. "I didn't see where that came from...damn...look can you keep to yourself while I run and do something? It'll be right quick." Alpha questioned. Her eyes were shining slightly as the light from the sky reflected on them.
  9. Strange days

    (Mhm. Haven't been on in a while so I was surprised.) "Well, would they happen to have or know of someone that could do something like this." Oel asked the raven, causing her to stiffen and scowl lightly. "Maybe. Don't know. Haven't talked to either in awhile." She said with no feeling. Alpha glanced to her partner before she looked down at her hands. Her ability wasn't always considered good. Even among her family it was strange and mostly against their ways. "So ummm, do you have a power as well? I do but I'm a bit hesitant to use it though." Oel wondered, causing Alpha to turn sharply as her pupils narrowed on his struggling form. "I do. I don't like using mine much either...it can be, intrusive." Alpha supplied, before she walked over and grabbed Oel's arm, forcing him to lean on her as she walked toward the exit. "Don't jar your leg too much."
  10. Strange days

    (Ahh...the joys of writing) Alpha dropped beside Oel in a matter of seconds, her brows furrowing as she gazed down at the wound on his leg. "So I think I might have a suspect now. Maybe, uhhh." Alpha barely heard Oel's statement as she glanced back up to him, her eyes shining lightly. When Oel once more asked her about non-human-humans, Alpha was unable to hold in a flinch, sighing as she reached into her back pocket for something. "Yes...I've heard about them. Happened to grow up around two I'm fact." Alpha stated as she pulled out a long scarf-like object that she handed to Oel to wrap his wound with.
  11. Strange days

    Alpha ignored the comment about her bike, figuring that Oel thought it was a pedal bike and not her sports bike. Alpha turned sharply when she heard Oel mention abilities. Her head became empty when she heard a sudden thump. Her eyes widened upon seeing Oel drop to the floor, before she felt her feet gliding over air toward her partner. (I had a much better version...but my phone acted up and I don't feel like rewriting all of it yet.)
  12. Strange days

    Alpha half heartedly listened to the reply as she slipped the papers into bags she had in her pockets, glancing toward her companion. Her right hand ram through her hair as she replied to his comment about going to her home. "Alright. I can just ride my bike over there. You'll have to follow me though." Alpha offered as a reply, steadily walking to the building's entrance.
  13. Strange days

    For a moment Alpha debated Oel's words, but as she looks into the darkened window leading outside, she felt obligated to get some rest. She had been up for days, unable to let her new case, her newest 'obsession' go. Such interest was a volley for the woman, her curiosity always getting the better of her. Now that she had someone else that was willing to help interested, she felt she could at least try and sleep. "I suppose I can read it as we leave...Im running on 36 hours of being awake, light naps in between....I could use a bit of rest. Question is would you rather check the station, or head to a flat? I happen to have one."
  14. Strange days

    Alpha paid an ear to her partner as she gathered up the papers worth looking into. Her eyes glittered with amusement as she took note of the devastation taking hold of her companion's appearance. Alpha bid her options silently in her head, before deciding. "I can read most of it if you can't. I'll gibe you the gist, you help out, and then we work through it, alright?" Alpha commented as she straightened, tilting her head to get out a crink.
  15. Strange days

    Alpha heard her partner shuffle behind her as she quickly read through documents involving odd spending habits, parts of a printed book, pages from a torn journal, scrap drawing paper, and a shopping list attaches to bills. The raven muttered at the amount of confectionary supplies on the list, as well as the odd drawing of a black paper with glowing red dots looking like eyes. She pushed the papers aside and stood from her crouched position, glancing back at her partner as she caught the end of the man asking her to keep and eye out. "I suppose...So hey, Do you know anything else about this whole job? I tried the station nearby for answers earlier...but they didn't like the thought of n outsider butting in."