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  1. Predator keep sparring rooming No.3

    Awaiting the sounds of ripped flesh Archeaus stood there with his back turned . All was quiet .Confused,Archeaus whipped round to seea sword land infront of him kneeling down on closer inspection he realised but too late... BOOM! Archeaus flew into the walls of his own arena hissing with cramp all over his body he turned to see his hounds whimpering immune to the blast yet Luke was.... "No! " Archeaus yelled "I couldnt steal his soul"he said to noone in particular noticing Meiyo shake his head at his death. "C'mon take me outa here"Archeaus grumbled following Meiyo out....
  2. Predator keep sparring rooming No.3

    Growling that my attack had achieved nothing I clicked my fingers decreasing the circle size meaning Luke was now trapped. Then I withdrew a black stone and from it 4 great hellhounds coated in flames burst out snapping and yapping at Luke hungrily. I laughed "Be thankful it was only hellhounds" I said before unhooking my scythe and throwing both of my sickles at Luke's legs so fast that even the pain would take a few seconds to kick in. This should effectively pin him to the ground and then I turned around and whistled letting my hounds jump upon Luke making sure they'd keep him to an inch of his life. Attack :Subdue him with sickles whilst hellhounds devour him but not fully kill him yet only to the point where he cannot fight back. Advantage:Pinned , Speed , multiple hounds as big as Luke , hounds resistant to fire, co-ordinated group attack. Disadvantage: Given up on melee and has his back on Luke.
  3. Predator keep sparring rooming No.3

    (sorry for the lateness I could've sworn I'd replied) I smiled as I heard the squelch of my sickle hitting its mark I watched him crawl off in an effort to retrieve his swords from previously I merely floated over to him . Clicking my fingers the sickle flew out of his flesh wound into my hand. That must of hurt even more. "No more running" I said darkly as obsidian pillars surrounded us in a circle 15m wide. I stood there noticing my short sickles and the length of his sword. To compensate for thisI attached both sickes together to form a long double ended scythe. The ground shook as it touched the groung as I hovered there until I charged scythe at the ready and when the sword would make contact with my scythe I would use the unique round curve of it to shift and flick the sword out of Luke's hands disarming him. Attack:Swoop towards at speed and attempt to disarm Advantages: Unique design of scythe blade makes it easier to disarm , speed , Lukr has lost an arm and is heavily injured on the leg. Disadvantage :Up close and personal melee fighting, now only 1 weapon instead of 2 sickles , stil burnt from the fire previously.
  4. Predator keep sparring rooming No.3

    Successfully toppling him I ignored his snarky comment before he held my arm away resisting before rolling away and then... BOOM! Fire everywhere crackled Archaeus. I hated fire. Always burning for hungry fuel. I stood there the fire licking at my armour ash and smoke concealing my form from Luke. My wings smoldering even though they werent physical they were still the weakest part of my body and boy could I feel the burn.I closed my wings sharply creating a great gust putting out the fire however I was still smoldering , angry and determined my wings tired I let them rest closing them I slowly hovered towards Luke. I had no care for fancy tricks I just swept straight towards him sickles bearing he barely had the strength left to flee probably. With the strength and speed of a bullet I threw my sickle at his right leg making sure I wouldnt not miss my mark..... Attack :Sickle thrown into Luke's right leg from inside the smoke unbeknownst to Luke. Advantage:Speed of a bullet, if impacts it will pin Luke to the ground, Luke's head is staring at the ground , Concealed in the ash and smoke from the fire. Disadvantage :Wings not in operation , Burnt and annoyed leads to rash decisions , Blinded with rage , Now only has one sickle
  5. Predator keep sparring rooming No.3

    Archeaus grinned as he saw his opponent cornered. He could just hear Meiyo sighing at the dishonourablness of it. He took his opponents blindness to his advantage jumping ontop of him pinning him to the ground and suffocating him successfully. If a random tall heavy dark amoured figure pounced oon you wouldnt you feel weakened and suffocated by the sheer force upon your body.Archeaus had been tactful in where he pounced on the side of Luke missing an arm thus giving him that extra advantage. Also Archeaus had extended his wings to ensnare over Luke like a net so he couldnt roll away or escape. If Archeaus successfully pounced ontop of Luke he would try and slice off his other arm with his soul sickles..... Attack: Pouncing on him immobilizing him and if successful slicing off his other arm Advantage:Stealth, attacking on Lukes unarmed side, Speed, Wings preventing escape , Smoke slowing Luke down and draining his mana Disadvantage: A bit disorientated from reforming , using momentum to land ontop of Luke
  6. Predator keep sparring rooming No.3

    I laughed as I cut through his arm like butter the benefit was that it not only hurt like hell to him but my sickle would sap the strength from his soul. It may hurt him outside this enviroment aswell however I did not care. I hovered laughing "Pathetic. Humans fall apart so easily" before pausing feeling a heat swell up inside my chest and looking down surprised and with a "Oh" exploded into mist and smoke from where the sword I'd playfully embedded myself exploded. Silence was all that could be heard save for the clatter of my Sickle which lay there on the ground.... Suddenly the mist and smoke recombined forming a figure. He'd returned and you could tell from his figure he wasnt happy... He groaned it had been a long time since he'd done that a bit shaky he turned to Luke folding his wings and hovering centimetres across the ground he slowly stepped towards Luke unclasping his other sickle and picking up his original sickle from the ground he floated towards Luke a dark thick smoke emenating from him a dark aura as the smokr surrounded Luke effectively blinding him and from the darkness he said "I am the angel of death. Kneel before me and despair" I said in a low voice from the darkness preparing to swoop in and just slash his midriff. Attack: Soul smoke:A smoke with weakens the target and drains their very lifeforce away and effectively pacifies them Soul sickles: One nick with these will cause your very soul to drain away and weakening you effectively preventing you from escape Advantage: Smoke had surrounded Luke weakening and blinding him, Archeaus has the element of surprise, Luke's lost an arm, Archeaus is hidden and camoflaged. Disadvantage:Doesnt know what Luke's up to inside the smoke, slightly tired from reforming, Not flying anymore.
  7. Predator keep sparring rooming No.3

    The speed of which the human mind to process is 0.13 seconds that is the speed of the human mind.... The speed of an angel mind is phenomenally faster and like so have faster reaction times . 4 swords came at me at incredible speeds however I easily flew out the way of 2 them the 4th I tried to catch in midair however I barely seized as it grazed against my gloved hand . The 3rd sword aimed directly to my left no room for me to react . I performed the one last action I could perform.... I threw the crying bloody girl into the sword impaling her as she screamed out for the world to hear as I heard Meiyo curse. "Such a shame"I said dissapointed before turning to Luke holding one his swords "Fancy weapon this is"I commented before thrusting it through my torso . "Yet not so magically enhanced that I'd feel it" I said casually watching the blade pass through my chest like nothing was there. Drawing the sickle close to heart and the sword from previously I flew upwards rapidly before turning and flying at great speeds down almost falling through the air making a giant downwards curved thrust (like a slamdunk in basketball) . The speed of which the human mind can process is 0.13 seconds yet the speed of the human was nothing compared to the speed of him as he fell prepared to land ontop of him and slicing. Attack: Giant downwards slash with a soul sickle which burns the very soul and weakens your spirit. In his secon hand he's holding one of Luke's magic swords and likewise about to crush it on his head. Advantages Aerial Superiority, Luke is at a strain and so not as efficient, Speed and gravity bringing a greater force downwards onto Luke. Disadvantages: Unknowing of the weapon he stole from Luke . Moving too fast gives less chance of accuracy however less chance of being hit.
  8. Predator keep sparring rooming No.3

    I laughed. "If you think I created this girl you're wrong... This is a soulstone used to trap the souls of people I have slain luckily I chose an itsy bitsy girl" I laughed squeezing tighter as blood ran down her facw as she screamed into the field her eyes boring into Lukes hopelessly as he gave up on her . He bent down to look at her "See he's no heri merely a wizarding coward" he jested before being cut off by Meiyo "Archeaus please leave innocents out of this.."Meiyo pleaded however this had no effect for Archeaus turned to Luke growing bored. "Hurry up mortal... her life is slipping away. Why dont you shoot some of that tasty magic at me."I snapped hovering a few metres off the ground. Finally bored and drew a glowing white sickle holding it up to her neck and saying "Shes so young sickle and sweet"he mocked readying to slide it across her neck as he bored his eyes into Luke from under his hood noticing his heart rate had increased and his metabolism. He knew Luke had the speed advantage. Prep:Ready to kill the girl with just a flick Advantage : Could tell Lukes increased speed and will use this knowledge in battle Disadvantage: Second Strike : He'll be attacking second and so doesnt know what to expect.
  9. Predator keep sparring rooming No.3

    .... I paused as he did not even flinch , bored I brought out a blood red stone and from it swirled many wisps of white one of which swirled into being to form a little girl who stood there petrified it seemed as I landed next to her clawed gauntlet on her head ready to crush her at any moment whilst she cried her heart out. "Hurry up hero or she'll be crushed that you'll die" he said pun fully intended.One hand still remaining on his handle of something. Prep : ready for an attempt to save the girl Advantage : He could crush the girls life at any second the battle is in his favour
  10. Predator keep sparring rooming No.3

    As I sat there I noticed him in some sort of mantra and I smiled to myself 'A mage user simply delightful' as I sat there . He wants me to make the first move doesnt he... He thinks he's safe over there he thinks he has time to prepare. I laughed deeply. Swoosh my wings appeared from under my cloak . Great long wispy white they werent wings of a beard they were wings of a ghost it seemed. Then I swooped of at tremendous speeds to reach Luke in a matter of seconds as I towered over him hovering in the air.... Waiting for him to strike most people would be awestruck by this point. Prep : Hes on guard ready to strike at a moments notice Advantage : Airborn:hes in the air giving him ample manuverabilty. Awe: A towering dark angel floating over you would make people stop in their tracks.
  11. Predator keep sparring rooming No.3

    As I looked at the grassy woodland landscape I grinned nothing fancy and plety of room as I spotted Luke at the other end plotting an attack. I simply stood there hands on handles ready for him to strike first whilst motioning for him to come closer. Prep:Ready for anything alert and hands ready to draw weapons
  12. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    I stared hungrily as I stepped inside the portal curious as to where my soul was or even if I had a soul . I was so used to stealing others souls I wasnt even sure anymore. As I stepped through the portal I awaited the landscape to which I could listen to the screams of Luke before I felt Meiyo behind me. "Just incase"he mumbled "Ive never understood you mortals and your compassion."I growled before turning away "I have no compassion. Its just I need him for later when I can beat him... A rivalry if you will" to which I tutted awaiting thesimulation to begin and the landscape to generate. Shooin Meiyo away as he watched a spectator.
  13. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    (This is Hand Of Honour) The dark figure grinned maliciously. "I have one of those in my bag yet it sucks the souls of demons. Does this mean I'll get to kill you?" Isaid darkly before gesturing for him to lead the way whilst giving Meiyo the evil eye .Meiyo kept a still face knowing they were safe inside the soul enviroment but then again Meiyo knew how I dealt with souls.
  14. [ToL Quest] Some Other Doctor's Monster

    As he tensed himself watching Lawrene fall he watched in a kind of curious interest as his energy armour techno thingy lit up and he could feel its power severing the damn beast slicing it in two. The impact scatteredd stones, pavement and shattered windows from all sides the energy was overloading even I could sense that as Lawrence flew back straight into a concrete building with a sigh I flew over picked him up bridal style and said in a deep voice "Cheers love ,the calvary's 'ere"and I smirked under my hood and flew him out of a nasty head injury to fly straight up near Eve once high up I spotted Vex's figure next to a crumpled figure which must of been Sikko and I flew over to where Vex had took Sikko . Once arrived I lay him right next to Sikko and brushed my arms on my scarred armour "There we are didya have fun watching that little light show . I know Lawrence did the beast got sliced in half didnt see what happened next probably crawled off or regenerated curse it" I said to Vex (eyyy the crews back)
  15. [ToL Quest] Some Other Doctor's Monster

    After rwcieving his instructions to save Lawrence if things got messy I turned to Sorvantes and let my mind wander as he tried go annoy me but failed miserably. I chuckled as I sensed Firebolts discomfort of the coldness of Eve's altitiude and I stretched my wins as I saw a dark streak zoom across the streets no doubt Sorvantes I thought as I lifted off and sped with incredible speed followong the black streak in twists and turns until finally reflex kicked in as I skidded to a halt I noticed Sorvantes had ran into the beast and knocked it into a building . I noticed Sikko a few hundred yards away and I flew over to inspect him overall he looked okay just knocked out as I kneeled down as the beast seemed to be pinned down and I was ready to swoop in grab Lawrence and fly away with Sikko ontop if he didnt recover. Then I looked up to see Lawrence faling he looked terrified and exhilarated at the same time .Then I readied myself for extraction hoping that' Lawrence might even kill the creature.