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  1. Rin

    We need to rp again soon :)

  2. I'd be interested in this! Still have to pick a character, though.
  3. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to fight this round. I'll be giving Kasai the win as default!
  4. Since my character Kai will be destroying things with Ember in Telus Mater, she may as well end up on the quest with her! (If I ever post in the other thread)
  5. @Robbie Rotten and I fought today at 8:47 PM EST. After a fun fight, with giggles and tit bites galore, I was the winner.
  6. Yesterday i got lost in the circus,feeling like such a mess.And now I'm down,I'm just hanging on the corner.I can't help but reminisce.Cuz when you're gone,all the colours fade.When you're gone,no new years day parade. You're gone,colours seem to fade.
  7. I don't mind spending every day / Out on your corner in the pouring rain / Look for the girl with the broken smile / Ask her if she wants to stay a while / And she will be loved.
  8. A muffled giggle escaped Eve before she managed to suppress it, clamping a slender hand over her mouth. Her steel-clad form shook in silent giggles at the thought of an armoured Valkyrie smashing through a window while carrying a maid gunslinger. The mental image was odd, and utterly hilarious. The angel toyed with the idea for a few moments, but ultimately abandoned it. While her strength was better than most women, carrying her weapon and her companion through a window and into a potentially dangerous situation didn't seem the best idea. Especially since carrying Lotte would be cumbersome. "As much fun as going for a joyride would be, it might be in our best interest for me to just drop the ladder." She grinned. Her voice was pitched low, but the mirth in her tone was unmistakable. With a flick of downy white wings, the feathered limbs extended to their full 15 foot wingspan, and Eve leapt into the air. A slight breeze, prompted by her magic, propelled the woman upwards. It only took a couple strong wingbeats to bring her onto the platform, and once there she easily slid the ladder down to Lotte. The metal did clang slightly, despite her best efforts to keep it from making noise, and from within the building at her back she heard muffled voices. The warrior's whisper was guided to Lotte on another gust of wind. "We may not have the element of surprise for long."
  9. @Ataraxy and I fought at 10:20PM EST today. After a rather explosive battle, Joanna was the winner! (Though Cass still managed to get a good hit in there)
  10. After nearly two months of sending out resumes and hearing nothing back, I've heard from two possible interested companies, and got an interview, all in two days! :biggrin:

    1. supernal


      That's excellent!

  11. The demoness could not blame the others for their discomfort. Gazing into her eyes, the wicked and deranged felt the heat of the flames that seemed to burn behind the crimson stare. The fiery glow was only a taste of the sins they had committed in their past, but most men were daunted by the reminder that atrocities committed in life would be punished in death. Those who could not face their inner demons were the same as those who could not face Cassandra. After all, if a man could not acknowledge the evil within him, how could he stay strong when it stood before him? That was what a marilith was. The sins of the past, personified in the present. A hint to the despair that awaited them in the future. Most humans preferred to believe in forgiveness, a lovely fairytale of ignorance that promised happiness in the afterlife. Cassandra’s true form was a harsh awakening to those who preferred to be blind to the darkness around them, and so they avoided her to prevent their fragile reality from shattering. Koji and his yokai bride were anomalies. Intrigued, rather than repulsed. Accepting, rather than afraid. The young couple not only acknowledged their sins, but reveled in them. The arrival of companions who shared her ideals had been a pleasant surprise to a demoness used to opposition. Though boredom had drawn Cass to the budding empire, fascination had prompted her to stay. So much potential for destruction, for mayhem, for slaughter, gathered under one banner. The marilith had found a new sandbox and playmates who were willing to wreak havoc alongside her. The Empire’s denizens were as eager for bloodshed as she, and the Serpent could not wait to begin. Time to play. Flickering firelight played across the planes of Cassandra’s face as the harem raced forward. Her wild grin was morphed into something wicked by the reddish glow, the light accentuating her sharp features and the shadows creating terrifying contours. It transformed her expression from excited to savage, aggressive, bloodthirsty. As the flames flared and sparked, the wickedly sharp blades clutched in Cassandra’s grasp glinted and shone. The steel seemed to be extensions of her limbs, spinning and tearing through flesh as though she danced with the grasping undead. Her maniacal laugh was drowned out by the din of the dead, but the stretch of her lips spoke volumes to the pleasure she derived from battle. Only the calls of her fellow women kept Cass from taking her time and savouring the battle. Instead, she covered their backs, taking out the groups that got too close as the Royal Harem moved to the base of the first tower. Preserving the gifted women was a priority, after all. When the Empire fell, consumed by flames like those that raged behind her, the Serpent would take her playthings back to the Abyss to stay by her side and keep her entertained when things became dull once again.
  12. Misty


    { Sabine } Sabine was flung fully formed into the world of Valucre during a massive volcanic eruption. Washed ashore on the coast of Terrenus, just outside of the city of Last Chance. Little more than ash clung to her skin, and her only memory was heat and fire, magma and rock. She had no idea of what purpose she had been born to serve, beyond one word that seemed to ring through her mind: fight. Born in the flames of chaos and destruction, as a warrior whose presence on a battlefield can turn the tide, the spirit struggles with forming an identity outside of her skill in combat. Due to her lack of upbringing, she does not speak more than a couple basic words and her name. Sabine’s form takes after that of the indigenous peoples who reside near her volcano. Curvaceous hips and strong legs, but she is rather petite through her torso. Muscle is visible in both her arms and legs, giving her the distinct look of a brawler. She appears in one of two ways. In day to day life, her hair is an obsidian shade, a purple so dark it's nearly black. However, when particularly emotional or engaging in combat, it is as though lava erupts from her roots and flows freely past her waist. Unlike her hair, Sabine’s yellow eyes are always luminous and have no visible pupil. ESSENTIALS Name Sabine Title Luminarie of Mars Age Unknown Sex Female Race Volcanic Spirit Class Lancer STATUS Alignment Neutral good Demeanour Reserved, curious Quirk Selectively mute Fears Large bodies of water Likes Battle, books Dislikes Rain VITALS Height 5’6 Weight 130 lbs Eyes Yellow, pupiless Hair Midnight or Lava Complexion Dark Laterality Ambidextrous MEMOIR Affiliations Seven Sacred Luminaries Parents Pele, the Volcano Goddess Siblings Unknown Birthplace Outside of Last Chance Current Residence Terrenus Status Wanderer CAPABILITIES Statistics Strength: high Defence: average Speed: high Agility: average Endurance: high Intelligence: low Skills Dance: Taught on her travels, Sabine practices a couple forms of dance. Her grace from battle and knowledge of her body's movements translate well, making her a natural. Meditation: To balance her mind and prepare for combat, the spirit uses a simple meditative ritual similar to Tai Chi. She can and has lead others through the ritual, though the process can be tough due to her lack of vocalization. Innates Molten Core: Sabine’s nature as a volcanic spirit results in an abnormally high internal temperature. She radiates warmth, and has been known to accidentally boil water while angry. Magmatic Meltdown: Sabine’s emotions manifest as physical changes. ARMAMENTS Weaponry Spear that Scorches the Earth: By pouring mana into this spear, Sabine can create lava or superheat the area around her as form of defence. It functions as her primary weapon in close range combat, and can be used as a thrown weapon as well. Accessories Lava Crystal: A glowing jewel that appears to be made of magma. Sabine stores mana in it when she can, and uses it as a backup when running low during battle. Bangles of Stone: Matching obsidian bracelets and anklets with glowing red/orange flowers blooming in them at regular intervals. The flowers bloom when Sabine is using her mana. Attire Headwear: An obsidian crown, streaked with fire as though a volcano is constantly erupting atop it. At its centre is a lava crystal. Upper body: A corset made of volcanic rock that still allows for some freedom of movement. Lower body: A silk wrap-skirt, cut open on one side, whose colours move and change like magma. Feet: Bare.
  13. I'd love to attend with my character Violet.
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