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  1. Frustration and amusement warred in Eve's expression as her opponent countered her strike. Being so easily cast aside was damaging to her pride as a trained combatant. But, it had been far too long since the arrogant men who thought to best a Valkyrie had provided her with a real challenge. Many previous challengers were sent running with a shallow cut from her blade, but it seemed this wintry warrior would not be so easily deterred. A gust of wind howls forth from the angel, concentrated on forcing back the warrior barreling toward her.1 With it's momentum slowed, Eve stepped to the side, away from the path of the blade. His forward momentum would provide an opening, allowing her to continue the weapon's initial arc, only a slight correction needed to allow it to slice into Ikzander's right side. The steel blade catches the sunlight streaming through densely packed trees, a dangerous glint soon to be marred by crimson.
  2. A melody wove through the noise of the tavern, the plucking of strings soaring above bawdy laughter and harsh voices to create a unique tapestry of sound. With lids half closed over glacial irises, Violet basked in the warmth of the chords and lost herself to the music. Silver locks fell away from flushed cheeks as the fae tilted her head toward the source of the guitar. The sway of her torso in time to the tempo gave the impression that she would fall from her stool at any moment, but the woman clad in white remained perched atop the rough wood. Music was one of the few pleasures that Violet still allowed herself to enjoy, and enjoy it she did. As the last notes faded into the din of background noise, the woman returned to the present. With a brilliant smile on her lips, she turned to search for the musician who had offered such a lovely piece, hoping to offer her praise. Meeting the emerald-haired man's eyes was a surprise, but she returned his salute with a slight bow at the waist. Gathering the wine offered to her by the barkeep, she made to move closer to the mysterious musician. It took a moment to approach, surrounded by admirers as he was. Little surprise, given his talent and looks. And it appeared that the admirers were mostly female. Taking in their attire, Violet suddenly felt as though she were overdressed. Though anyone would appear overdressed when stood next to a woman who's bosom appeared as though it would fall from her bodice the moment she laughed. Through the use of a few well placed elbows and quiet coughs, Violet was able to make it through the press of people and into the space that seemed to have formed around the man who had been playing. The woman was silently congratulating herself for not having spilled the drink all over herself, when she noticed the strange company that the musician had acquired. Curiousity lit her face as she studied the green creature hovering close to the man's face. Hesitantly, the fae stepped closer. The chime of bracelets accompanied the tentative movement of her hand toward the creature, slender fingers pausing inches from it as Violet realized how close she was standing to a complete stranger. Blushing and taking a small step back, she turned her gaze back to the musician with a sheepish grin. "Sorry, I tend to be too curious for my own good." She began, the soft melody of her voice taking a self-conscious tone. "I hope you can forgive my rudeness. I'm Violet, and you are a very talented musician!"
  3. essentia cognito name Isabella LaCroix alignment chaotic good alias Izzy demeanor absent-minded, cheery age 137 likes magic, sweets, books apparent age 17 dislikes bugs, cold, race human quirk incredibly clumsy gender female hopes omniscient marital status single fears men, darkness corpus vestis height 5’3” attire pastel dresses in strange patterns, concoction-stained gloves, knee high white boots, a white bow twined into her hair weight 119 lbs physique petite, slim eyes green armour none hair caramel blonde complexion lightly tanned instrumentum tools a full alchemy and potion-making set, a lantern, a dozen candles, flint and steel, various other odds and ends praecantatio class witch storage an enchanted satchel that never seems to fill up vocation alchemist magic foci a variety of crystals from her home, each utilized for different sorts of enchantments specialization enchantment, alchemy foci crystals familiar clockwork bird
  4. Caught up in her musings as she was, Eve missed the change in Lotte's attire as she moved past him. The gears of her mind clicked and whirred, working overtime to determine any possible motivations William may have had. The angel pursed her lips, frustrated at the lack of answers coming to mind. She simply couldn't connect the information they had gathered to a logical conclusion. With a heavy sigh, her eyes traveled from the floor to her companion. Metal scraped against wood as she ground to a halt, surprise etched into the lines of her face. "Uhm... Lotte? You didn't tell me you were a quick-change artist." The woman's voice was slightly strangled from the effort of holding back laughter. The corners of her mouth twitched and danced in a vain attempt to keep from grinning. Despite the pressing attack and strange mystery unfolding around them, the sight of the tall gunslinger decked in a rather lacy maid outfit was simply too bizarre to ignore. Eve pondered for a moment sending him back toward the inn. After all, nothing would stop the fighters in their tracks quicker than something absolutely out of the ordinary. Perhaps the Wolves would even decide that a man in a maid outfit must be too insane to fight normally, and retreat. One slender finger tapped against her chin, considering, before she shook her head and banished the thought. After all, Lotte seemed to be much more suited to detective work than she was. "I'd offer to stop while you change out of your... combat gear? But I'm afraid the longer we linger, the higher the body count will climb. Shall explore the edge of town? It seems to me that they'd keep their storage away from the busier spots." The angel quirked a smile toward her partner, an apologetic shake of her head accompanying the conclusion. Setting her shoulders and gripping her weapon once more, Eve turned toward the darkened streets that lead away from the inn. Who knew what lurked in the shadows, after all?
  5. Lyra was utterly full. Her body felt as though it would burst at the seams, and yet the drow could not stop herself from consuming even more of the ore. It coursed through her body, corrupt tendrils encircling organs and burrowing into tissue, taking control. Leaching away the drow's free will and replacing it with the half-breed's commands. The sticky substance coated every surface, covering grey skin and grey stone alike. The sight was disgusting, a scene of gluttony and greed. Before, it would have repulsed the warrior. But now? The warrior was no more. All that mattered was the ore. Rin would have to physically separate her from it, move the swollen drow from the room in order to keep her from feeding. Tottering on chubby legs, Libra could do little but follow after her new master. Even if she still had control, had wanted to run, her body was too far deteriorated for the drow to escape. So she followed, quiet and meek, behind the half-breed that now dictated her actions. As she entered the room at the end of the hall, a shiver coursed through her body. It was time. Ascension.
  6. I've been trying to get words down all day and its just not working. At this point I think I'm going to withdraw from the thread, so I don't hold it up with my writers block. Sorry to leave you all hanging
  7. My post is 90% finished, but its 3:30AM and I'm exhausted. I'll have it up tomorrow.
  8. I'll be working on a post tonight!
  9. A low murmur escaped Violet as a draft crept across her skin, her slender limbs retracting as she curled into a ball to shield herself from the cool air. The young woman lay on her side, knees pulled up to her chin and ankles twined. Long eyelashes fluttered against flushed cheeks as pale blue eyes began to open. An icy gaze swept across the room without focus, thoughts swirling about her sleep-addled mind with no purpose. Blinking the sleep from her eyes, she tensed her sore body in a stretch. With a soft noise of complaint, Violet grabbed for the sheets and rolled in an attempt to cocoon herself and escape the draft pouring in from the window. A squeak of alarm escaped her as she rolled into open air, realizing a moment too late that the bed was much smaller than expected. With a loud thump she hit the floor, landing in a misshapen pile of sheets and limbs. Groaning, she attempted to untangle herself from the mess before pushing to her feet. One glance toward the window and the fae knew she had slept far too long. The sun was high in the sky, the rays that streamed through the window gilding her skin. One slender hand reached to brush the stray locks from her forehead, a slight shake of her head to clear the sleep from her brain. What was the point of visiting a place like Mageside, if she was just going to sleep the day away? With a sigh and another stretch, she reached for the clothing laid out from the night before. ~~~ Shapely legs carried the young woman across the lobby of the inn, her pace drawing a few looks from the patrons that lounged throughout the room. Violet wore a loose white dress that contrasted with her lightly tanned skin, and a three-plated gold torque circled her slender neck. Bracelets of ivory and gold glimmered around her wrists, and her feet were sandaled beneath matching anklets. Oddly pale hair had been caught up at the sides and left to spill across her back, pinned away from her face to accentuate fine elven features. The overall effect was quite lovely, if Violet did say so herself. Delicate, but her presence still drew attention. Drawing open the door and stepping through, she turned her face to the sky and allowed a smile to warm it alongside the sun's rays. Such a lovely day to explore. She was aimless as she began to move through the crowd, weaving around people as though she was dancing. Violet allowed her senses to lead her, searching for the smells of food and the sound of raucous laughter. What better place to ask for direction than a tavern? The low growl that emanated from her stomach reminded her that finding food would be high on the list, too. Careful to dodge a stray cart here or bustling townsperson there, she almost missed the sign indicating a tavern. She halted in front of the purple door, pausing to take in the sound of music that floated from within the slightly dingy building. The smell of mead and meat that followed the music sealed the deal, and the fae pushed open the purple door with a smile. Graceful strides carried her to the gruff barkeep across the room, head swiveling to take in the rougher looking patrons and grimy tables. It didn't appear to occur to Violet that she stood out like a sore thumb. Plopping herself onto a stool and placing her elbows on the table, she motioned to the barkeep and ordered whatever their daily special was. A bright smile and cheerful thanks thrown in his direction, and she turned back to look for anyone who might catch her eye. After all, it was no fun to drink alone. Especially not on such a sunny day.
  10. I've got a healer/water manipulator willing to lend a hand! Fire fighting and patching people up would probably be the best uses of her abilities.
  11. Mind blank, ore coating every inch of her insides, the being that was no longer Lyra could do nothing but continue to gorge herself on the ore. The cloying taste of the metal would be enough to sicken any mortal, overwhelming their delicate tastebuds with its richness, but the drow was no longer entirely mortal. The transformation taking hold only fueled her desires and her greed, leaving her unable to resist the sickly sweetness. Slender hands continued to guide the material to her mouth, seemingly without thought, as Lyra's mind was overwhelmed by the whispers that echoed in her head. I want more. Give me more. Golden eyes gazed at the half breed princess before her, filled with lust and wonder. This was her mistress. Why did her life before Rin even matter, now that Lyra - no, Libra - was hers? A soft smile curled the corners of her lips, still stained by the ore that fueled her. Rin's every wish would be her command.
  12. I hope that post was alright! @Puranetto Ueivuzu I figured a little bit of conflict could be fun.
  13. Lyra had been a warrior far too long to mistake quiet for safety. The stillness set every instinct to screaming. It was merely an illusion of serenity, peace and quiet hiding a malicious intent. A calm before the storm. Something was waiting for the mismatched band to relax, let their guards down, reveal their weak spots before striking swiftly and scattering them. She had a sneaking suspicion the beast they were hunting, was hunting them. The thought set her on edge, and the ruckus coming from Ominas wasn't helping soothe her unease. When she focused on what the strange ghost girl was actually saying, Lyra had to fight to keep from scoffing. A scrawny girl who seemed to change moods at the drop of a hat, lead a group of mages and hunters? A sour expression crossed the drow's face, eyebrows creasing together and lips tightening before her visage smoothed into a pleasant smile. Lyra simply couldn't help herself. Slowly, the warrior turned on her heel to face their leader. Her expression remained pleasant, eyes full of innocence and mouth curled at the edges, as she uttered two simple words in a rather singsong voice. "F*$% that."
  14. Bothering you here sorry if it's annoying :kiss: