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  1. We need to rp again soon :)

  2. AFV

    As some people know, my life has been all kinds of mixed up for the past few months. Between school, work, and family issues, I haven't had very much time to sit down and write. My grandmother was given a terminal diagnosis in February, and I've been helping my family as a caregiver for her since. Now that I've started work for the summer, the precious free time I did have is in even shorter supply. Unfortunately, that means that Valucre has taken a back seat to all the other crap that's been going on. I wanted to let everyone I'm writing with know what's been going on, and apologize for being so flaky on responses the past couple of months. I'm going to have to go on AFV for now, to try and get everything back in order. I hope that, once things even out, I'll be able to come back and write with all of you wonderful people again. Thanks Valucre. I hope to see you soon!
  3. T1 Beta rule Tributes wanted- LoB

    I'd be interested in this! Still have to pick a character, though.
  4. NAT - Old is the Victor.

    Unfortunately, I don't have the time to fight this round. I'll be giving Kasai the win as default!
  5. A Dangerous Path

    Since my character Kai will be destroying things with Ember in Telus Mater, she may as well end up on the quest with her! (If I ever post in the other thread)
  6. Pictures of Us

    Ooooh girl! Those calves.
  7. NAT - Old is the Victor.

    @Robbie Rotten and I fought today at 8:47 PM EST. After a fun fight, with giggles and tit bites galore, I was the winner.
  8. Lyric Talk -- Literally

    Yesterday i got lost in the circus,feeling like such a mess.And now I'm down,I'm just hanging on the corner.I can't help but reminisce.Cuz when you're gone,all the colours fade.When you're gone,no new years day parade. You're gone,colours seem to fade.
  9. So, I agreed to do some work clearing out an elderly lady's apartment. I was not prepared for this. I didn't take a picture of the kitchen. But trust me, if you plan on eating today, you wouldn't want to see it.
  10. Lyric Talk -- Literally

    I don't mind spending every day / Out on your corner in the pouring rain / Look for the girl with the broken smile / Ask her if she wants to stay a while / And she will be loved.
  11. Eve: flying Lyra: fighting/electric Violet: psychic/fairy Kai: grass Katsa: water Cassandra: poison/fighting Sabine: fire/fighting
  12. Not a Lotte to gain.

    A muffled giggle escaped Eve before she managed to suppress it, clamping a slender hand over her mouth. Her steel-clad form shook in silent giggles at the thought of an armoured Valkyrie smashing through a window while carrying a maid gunslinger. The mental image was odd, and utterly hilarious. The angel toyed with the idea for a few moments, but ultimately abandoned it. While her strength was better than most women, carrying her weapon and her companion through a window and into a potentially dangerous situation didn't seem the best idea. Especially since carrying Lotte would be cumbersome. "As much fun as going for a joyride would be, it might be in our best interest for me to just drop the ladder." She grinned. Her voice was pitched low, but the mirth in her tone was unmistakable. With a flick of downy white wings, the feathered limbs extended to their full 15 foot wingspan, and Eve leapt into the air. A slight breeze, prompted by her magic, propelled the woman upwards. It only took a couple strong wingbeats to bring her onto the platform, and once there she easily slid the ladder down to Lotte. The metal did clang slightly, despite her best efforts to keep it from making noise, and from within the building at her back she heard muffled voices. The warrior's whisper was guided to Lotte on another gust of wind. "We may not have the element of surprise for long."
  13. NAT - Old is the Victor.

    @Ataraxy and I fought at 10:20PM EST today. After a rather explosive battle, Joanna was the winner! (Though Cass still managed to get a good hit in there)
  14. Congrats on landing the job!!