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  1. (( jesus really sorry i didn't reply! im super late)) "Oh," she said looking down at her box, "This? Yeah.., still moving in. Almost done though," She adds, flashing a smile. Faye quickly looks down the hallway and waves to her roommate walking into their dorm. She's nice, but she hopes that it won't be too difficult to live with her. Her box consists of the basics. Some toiletries, a stuffed animal, an alarm clock, and a necklace. She can't really think about another conversation topic, and really should be getting to her dorm but she finds him so interesting for some reason. She wants to know more about him. "Where's your brother?" She asks, trying to subtly pry.
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  3. She laughs, looking down at her feet shyly and then back up at the random spots she was staring at above him. "Yeah haha, sorry about that," she apologized, finally looking at him. She fiddled with her fingers and she tried to figure out what to say. "I like to know things I guess? I like to know the details, and I picked up the card and wanted to know who it was -- I probably should of jut given it to you though. Sorry about that...," she trailed off, wandering her eyes back to her box and down the corridors. "It probably doesn't make any sense." Her pink hair was chopped short right above her shoulders, some strands covering her tired pale brown eyes accompanied by dark eye-bags. She tucked part of her hair behind her ear and adjusted the height of her jeans before continuing on, "I'm Faye by the way. Faye Jaimee."
  4. hello again ?

  5. She turned around, once again setting her dainty little box by the wall, and approached the guy. Reluctantly, but surely, she dealt with her worry about being yelled at and calmly tapped him on the shoulder. "Hey," she said quickly, fumbling inside her sweatshirt for the key card. "I - erm, I think that this is yours?" She gestured out her hand for him to take it and continued on with her apology. "I kind of, well, I took it. I mean I knew it was yours, It was more like borrowing?" She explains quickly, scratching her head, "I was gonna give it back -- I was just..borrowing it. For purposes..," she inhales deeply, trying to avoid eye-contact and looking everywhere but at him. "Anyways I'm really sorry, I am. I just thought you looked interesting I guess... and sorry about bumping into you earlier..it was kind of rude. Sorry. I guess I sort of come off as a naturally rude person huh?" @DoomSparkles
  6. A box dropped somewhere in the hallway, the items it contained rattling about making quite a loud clatter. A short, skinny girl kicked it aside and picked up a small object, examining it carefully. "Kayleb Chuu..," She mumbled quietly, flipping it over and rubbing her thumb over the small photo, "Hmm." She looked up, and slid it inside her pocket, picking back up her box and heading straight to the North wing to her new dormitory. She walked slowly, looking out into the large windows showcasing the beautiful city in which she was raised, its familiarity comforting, and counted the details. "Fourteen women with children..," she said quietly, "five with husbands, two with wives, six alone...," she bit her lip while observing and looked closer, "seven people homeless in sight.. three sonic blue buildings, one yellow, the majority gr- no, dark blue..., and is that fifteen ads? I think so, alright so fifteen ads this afternoon." Satisfied with herself, she scurried past a few people, muttering "excuse me," a few times before accidentally bumping into a boy in a wheelchair. Immediately recognizing him as Kayleb, she broke into a run and yelled, "SORRY!" Before turning a corner and disappearing. She looked around, understanding she was mostly alone, and and dug through her pocket until she found the card. She threw the ID into the air and it began to hover and glow. "Research Kayleb Chuu," she said quietly, watching her device do her work quickly as it picked up a couple files about a boy who was in a wheelchair. He was attending university with his brother on a previously organized financial aid situation. She emailed herself some of the data quickly, making note of his ID number and pressed the power button. The card dropped swiftly back into her hand, and with an accomplished grin, she slid it back into her pocket, seemingly unnoticed. @DoomSparkles
  7. Basic Information --Name: Cadell Verre Porter ◥ Nickname: Elle, Ell --Age: ?? ◥ Apparent Age: 19-21 --Gender: Female ◥ Sexuality: Bisexual ◥ Relationship Status: Single --Race: Human --Ethnicity: White --Nationality: American --Birthday: July 7 ◥ Zodiac Sign: Cancer Physical Attributes --Weight: 140 lbs ◥ Height: 5'5 -- Physical Description ◥ Mid way between what is considered skinny and large ◥ Hair Color: Pastel Pink ◥ Facial Features: A couple freckles across her nose ◥ Hair Style: Long curly hair that extends down to her waist -- Original HC: Brunette --Tattoos: To ravens on the back of her neck in black ink --Body Jewelry: The occasional nose stud --Appearance: ◥ Complexion: Pale ◥ Eyes: Pale blue -- Voice: Usually light, happy and friendly Psychological Information --Personality: Free-Spirited, but can be bad ass at times if she needs to. Has never been into guys that much because she had paid attention on her sister and mother. Is looking to major in Fine Arts and possibly find a love interest. Is very caring and has a white cat named Lilly who lives in her dorm room. -- Likes: Poetry, Music, Writing, Studies of Social culture and world culture, traveling, exploring. --Dislikes: Brussel Sprouts and anyone who goes out of their way to make others feel pain --Strengths: -Art; Sketching, Painting -Short story writing -Poems -Music; Plays piano and sings -Can do a backflip if pressured --Weaknesses: Peer pressure, pressure in general --Relationships:
  8. Faye Jaimee Bonnie Jane Suki Yoko Yvonne Abrams Cadell Verre Porter
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  10. Skyscraper

    Faye Jaimee

    Basic Information --Name: Faye Evelyn Jaimee ◥ Nickname: Vampy, Princess --Age: 21 ◥ Apparent Age: Around 17-19 --Gender: Female ◥ Gender: Pansexual ◥ Relationship Status: Single --Race: Human (In AU-- vampire) --Ethnicity: White --Nationality: American, (originally French and English) --Birthday: November 2, 1997 ◥ Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Physical Attributes --Weight: 120lbs ◥ Height: 5'3 -- Physical Description ◥ Very skinny due to being remotely bulimic, short but taller than her sister at 5'1. ◥ Hair Color: Light dusty violet ◥ Facial Features: A couple freckles across her nose ◥ Hair Style: A short cute bob a little above her shoulders -- Original HC: Black --Tattoos: Two leaves on either side of her breast plate, one large rose on the left of her thigh a small dear on the back of her neck the night vale logo on the back of her right ankle A small crescent moon under her right eye on her cheek a small quote on her collar bone reading, "Ce sera comme si je n'avais jamais existè." A small star and a moon crowding that on the inside of her wrist. A small flower under her breasts. --Appearance: ◥ Complexion: Pale ◥ Eyes: Brown with a sunburst and an outline of turquoise -- Voice: Usually a light tone, slightly raspy, faint hint of an english accent. Psychological Information --Personality: She is often aloof and quite poetic, and enjoys sitting outside listening to music alone. She has a good sense of humor and is generally very sweet. Until you get to know her, she appears rather cold and snarky. -- Likes: Poetry, Music, Writing, Studies of Social culture and world culture, traveling, exploring. --Dislikes: Being told what to do, being crowded, feeling helpless --Strengths: Writing, Communicating --Weaknesses: Taking care of herself, peer pressure, pressure in general, weak immune system --Relationships: ◥ Sister > Kaitlyn Evelyn Jaimee: 5 years older than Faye, they were closer when they were younger but are still generally close now.
  11. Faye peered over and smiled, waving towards Lante. "It appears we all have a habit of staring," she laughs, directing her attention towards Avvercus once again. She picked up her tea, sipping it once more, it's rich taste making her wrinkle her nose slightly. Her hands delicately wrapped around it to get any warmth that the mug could provide. She was quite cold for a reason that she did not know. Everyone surrounding her seemed to be dressed in such elaborate clothing that she, in her old t-shirt and jeans, felt out of place. Her species didn't have any very special powers, certainly not of a demon, or a sorcerer, but she figured it would give her some rank in this strange world she came upon. Where she was from an old t-shirt and jeans would do, they didn't have much business to be done besides minding their own and blending in. Killing a human here in there, or draining whatever they chose. Though she missed where she was from, traveling was something she adored and was fine not having a place to stay. @Cinder
  12. Bonnie Jane Cadell Verre Porter Suki Yoko Yvonne Abrams Faye Jaimee
  13. Oh just the usual," She responds, laughing slightly, "twenty-one to be exact but no reason to make a fuss over it." Now getting slightly bored, she spun in the chair and took a sip of her tea, observing everyone around her. She once again looked at Avvercus and decided to interrupt his meaningful conversation by tapping him on his shoulder. "Scuz me," she said quietly, "I really hate to bother you but I apologize for looking at you funny." She crosses her legs and starts laughing slightly, tucking her violet hair behind her ears, "It's just that- well- I guess I thought I had seen you somewhere before? But then I was just confused because I don't appear to know who you are so i squinted? I don't have great manners, but uh- i'm sorry. Now i interrupted you- i'm just going to stop talking now," she laughs again, a small pitiful laugh for herself, and figures that being silent would be best. You really are quite stupid Faye. It's this hard to talk to a guy? Is he a guy? He could be gay, he has a long braid.. but you're pan don't be talking..god I already probably screwed up this conversation, he is kinda cute though. Well shit I hope he can't read my thoughts because that would really suck. Now you're just looking at him weirdly. Shit.
  14. Faye looked at the man wide eyed, nodding slightly. "Oh, alright," she says slowly, shaking slightly, "Have anything for the birthday girl?" She laughs, pointing at herself. I have no fucking idea what weird voodoo shit is happening but, she thinks to herself, I might as well play along. Mention it's my birthday-- get some free shit. She takes the cup of tea and sips it, it's warmth burning her tongue. She placed it down and squinted at Avvercus, observing his face.
  15. Faye approached the small café hugging herself. She felt cold for a reason she didn't know, she felt sick, she had a headache. All I did was play the elevator game, she thought to herself, no shit Sherlock, it worked. Jesus Christ. She hobbled to the entrance, swaying side to side and opened the doors, the small bell hung above ringing throughout her ears. The place was filled with different types of people, some.. not human at all. She felt herself sawying more, becoming overwhelmed by everything new surrounding her, and quickly walked forwards so she could sit at the bar, where she was face to face with a rabbit man. The fuck? She thought, shaking her head to get a better look. Avvercus wasn't looking at her, so she leaned in to see if it was actually real.
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